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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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first tonight at seven new information in the story we first told you about on wusa9. we are getting our first look at the man wanted for possibly trying to kidnap a child outside of washington's air and space museum. good evening. i'm bruce johnson. here is a look at the suspect still wanted by police a picture to keep in mind as we enter the tourist season in the nation's capitol. allison barber first broke the story and has where the man just may be tonight. >> reporter: bruce police say they believe this man often travels from israel to canada and the united states and while he is here he may stay in the area of new york city. park police say this
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photograph of the man. the 6 of 0-year-old describe as having dark hair and light blue or green eyes. it's a man who has a warrant issued for his arrest. police say he is one of the men in this video taken out side skin side the air and space museum on the morning of march 3 march 3rd. that day police receive awed call for a report of an attempted kidnapping outside the museum the caller said they were at the museum for a school trip. they were standing outside getting ready to leave when a man grabbed the hand of one of the young students. he allegedly walked a few steps before someone noticed asked what he was doing a police source said that he told the adult he was sorry and liked kids before running away. park police say the man who grabbed this girl then fled and got on a white tour bus they say they are working with the department of homeland security
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down. as for the second suspect a spokesperson said they haven't identified him yet but are pursuing a number of leads. reporting live at the air and space museum. wusa9. >> thank you. thank you if you have information about where he is right now or the other man in the video police would like to hear from you. we have put a -- we have the information on the tip line and the photographs and surveillance videos posted on the free wusa9. right now police in george mason university are investigating two rapes involving students. late last week a female student reported that a man she knew assaulted her and that she may have unknowing i will taken a drug before the incident which she said happened either in a tomorrow room or at a off campus apartment the other report came in monday morning many a female student reported a man she met through a dating app raped her in
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and in howard firefighters are trying to tackle these brush fires which have put a hold on some mark trains. we were over the scene just about a half hour ago you can see some of the flames are close to a mark train railroad take this is near the dorothy station in howard county. mark said all traffic is on hold until fire crews put ott the flames. we have new information on a man shot several times and set on fire. police have identified him as a 32-year-old rashard garnet tate. he was found under a bush. several neighbors say the sound of gun fire woke them up just after midnight. >> you can just say about eight shots. >> i'm frightened. i am frightened. >> we wouldn't expect nothing like this it's a school right at the end the block. bullets hit at least two homes and a car. police report in other injuries. the police officer
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in a fatal shooting has been identified tonight. is he a three year veteran he is on administrative leave during the investigation which started with a traffic stop. police say the suspect, a 33- year-old travis blair refused to cooperate and drove off, dragging the officer 600 feet. the car crashed into a ditch and blair took off and ran. the officer caught up with him and tried to stop him. then the officer's weapon fired hitting hitting blair in the leg. he died at the hospital. >> he obviously knew that there was a warrant and that it was going to be an issue. so, or why else would he have tried to take off from the police? >> virginia state police are investigating whether the officer meant to fire his weapon or if it was an accident. investigators now say at least four men carried out yesterday's bombings and one of them probably made the bombs in the paris attacks in
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the man died in the airport blast. police say his dna also was found on belts used in paris. only one of the four suspected bombers survived yesterday. police are be log for that man in the white jacket right now. they believe he ran away from the airport bombing. the secretary of state will travel to brussels on friday to talk about the attacks. state department said it doesn't have a firm number on the americans missing in the attack. the family members are searching for s ib lings, they are from new york. they called relatives to let them know they were at the airport for a flight home. then a loud explosion and the line went dead. one small piece of good news. embassy workers have found two others. they are alive. their brother said state department just told us they were found. we don't know their injuries or what hospital they are
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the president said united states will not single out muslim communities for more surveillance in the wake of the attacks. republican presidential candidate ted cruz said law enforcement should be empowered to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radical. reflecting on his trip to cuba the president said that surveillance of citizens is just a bad idea. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance. surveillance which by the way -- the father of senator cruz escaped. >> i will apologize to nobody for how i will be as president. fighting rat cal islamic terrorism . >> reporter: trump agreed with cruz's proposal but kasich and two democrats disagreed. it's a lot of back and forth. the pepco merger has the stamp of approval. today'
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the deal can go through only if they agree to its terms. which include more than $70 million for customer discounts and energy conservation. they have a month to decide. news of the deal sent shares of washington based pepco up 27%. looks like we are in store for a longer peek cherry blossom than normal. >> reporter: the park service first forecast today as the peak but the trees are no various stages of development so that means they need a little more time to reach their peak but when they do the blooms will last longer. >> it came from japan. >> reporter: 8-year-old serenity on a field trip with her second grade class. >> some cherry blossoms could be apple cherry blossoms . >> reporter: and the others? >> they are just plain cherry blossoms . >> reporter: and how can
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-- there may be some ripe apples. >> reporter: while our 2,000 cherry trees don't produce fruit they do produce pale pink petals now expected to reach their peak thursday through the weekend. that's when 70% of the trees will be in full bloom. >> they were supposed to bloom today but not yet. it's very important to cherry blossom because there is a [inaudible] and it was kind of like a gift to washington. >> reporter: the trees in fact were a gift from japan planted in 1912 by then first lady helen taft and the wife of the japanese ambassador. >> the festival runs until april 17. . the park police remind visitors to remain aware for trouble. it's a great day to check out the cherry blossoms. here say
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basin. >> frayed inspect the main enemy is rolling in. this is our wind gust tracker at 6:00 tomorrow winds will gust over 30 miamis an hour that's not a good thing we will come back and talk about what that means and a cold front on the map. we will tell what you that means for easter weekend. >> and the terps prepare to take on the number one team in the ncaa tournament. you will hear about this. >> and these aren't your normal easter eggs. we will explain why members of a local bomb squad are warming them up. hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes?
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paperwork that would exempt them from providing coverage the ruling expected in june. montgomery is looking for voter who can take their civic duty a step further. needs registered vote tores work at polling places you don't even have to live there. plus you will get paid. anyone who is interested should check out the state board of elections website. members of the bomb squad put their experience to work making dozens of easter eggs for children who are visually impaired. the parts wrote donated. the evenings have been donated to the vision program, part of the school department of special education. she was just a few feet from where a bomb went off. later you will hear from the woman who took out her phone and captured the raw emotions just moments after the explosion. >> and coming up a spring blizzard makes travel dangerous across codo
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compelling pictures the attacks in belgium. she is a reporter was inside the airport just a few feet away from the attacker when the first bomb went off. she thought she was in a movie and then another explosion. >> i saw all -- people wearing blood. they were -- all on the floor. floor without leg. it was my first photograph. on my i-phone. time is -- [inaudible] i'm very sorry they left them on the place. i wanted to -- help them but i didn't know what to do. i took the photograph and are you okay? i told -- i [inaudible] but she was speechless. >> she took all of these photographs in less than two minutes she said the image also stick with her for the rest of her life. right now the president and the first lady are starting a
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it's a live look at the event. tonight's dinner caps a full day of events since they landed this morning. today deborah was a key note speaker at the fbi washington field office for women's history month. also on hand kim who relationships the nonprofit organization the training source to help people develop job skills. kim and deborah both spoke to the crowd of about 50 fbi employees about how they got to where they are today. summer just got shorter for students and they can blame it on topper -- and the blizzard the storm canceled classes for at least a week. today the school district announced those missed days will be made up in mid-june you knew this was coming. class will be in session from june 15th through the 17th, plus monday on the 20th. those last two days
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springtime blizzard making travel dangerous in colorado. several roads and a section of interstate 70 have been closed to the denver area. the colorado state patrol is asking people to stay off the street so snowplowings can clear the lanes. no reason to lead to the airport right now. the airport no flights leaving or arriving due to low visibility. >> it snowed about two inches an hour. >> didn't they have great weather? >> it was 70 yesterday. >> that's denver for you. like new england. the kids in the school -- i thought if it were a state of emergency they usually wipe the day away and everything stays on schedule but i guess not. >> trying to keep the peace. >> sorry kids. >> they still of logisti you. >> sorry teachers. >> let's talk about the three degree guarantee. little worried about this. i thought 71 was a good number. guidance was going. 68 to 73. i pick 71 but i drove in today. it was a little warmer than that. let you know how we did
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live look outside. the there is the airport. down to 68. winds out of the south at 11. they will kick back up tomorrow. they were breezy today. they will kick back up. tonight mild and then a warm day tomorrow. showers pushed back. mainly good friday in the morning. maybe in to the early afternoon. then easter sunday still looks great. that said it'll be a little on the cool side if you are going to go to the sunrise service. temperatures between seven and ten will be 38 to 52 a beautiful day. one will be around 65 a sweat certify a good idea in the morning for the kids, highs eventually 67 to 72. that's pretty nice for easter. here is the future cast. tonight also nice. 60s at ten. 6 -- 64 in sterling. by morning, not that cold. still 50s mainly. maybe 49. sterling and maybe 46 in frederick. everybody else in the 50s. by nine, everybody is
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50s. 57 already in fredricksburg. by lunchtime boom. we are 70. notice the arrow. winds continue to drive out of here. that will continue all day. in fact the wind wills become kind of an issue by late in the dinero day. by six we are 74 -- 73 in fairfax. what a day. by tomorrow night 11:00 a few clouds start to roll in. temperatures still in the 60's. wind gust tracker. one tomorrow. snap shot in time this is a forecast. how strong the winds could gust. 25-mile an hour wind. 25 in fredricksburg. by six winds could gust over 30 miamis an hour not good for the cherry blossoms. hopefully some of them will still steyest in bud. 70 by one. friday there the showers in the morning we raised temperatures to 74 on friday. cooler on saturday. low 60s. that is still a good deal. sunday near 70. showers on monday and then we
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and wednesday. temperatures in the low 10's again. thank you. march madness returns tomorrow and friday night which means the news at seven will only be seen on bounce tv or the digital channel 9.2. one of those big games you will see on wusa9. we will have the terps going against the jay hawks. we are with the team as they prep for the big game. >> reporter: yeah this is one of the most important games they have played in a very long time. it happens to be against their coaches alma materw. take a walk down memory lane
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welcome back we are live. inside the y young center. the maryland head coach will try to do something he hasn't been able to do. isat his alma mater.
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head coach. however, it really is the furtherrest thing from his mind at had this point he want this is trip that his team is on right now to continue. he wants them to enjoy the experience of the tournament. today during their shoot around there was plenty of smiles and fun to be had out there on the cot. the guys looking at top seeded kansas just like any other team. >> he hasn't focused on it so much he wantses to go out and just relevant initiate the moment. just play as hard as we can and he hasn't talked about that's his former school or alm action mater. he wants to go out and play hard. >> we have done really nice thin. there were a couple things we are were up tight, up tight against hawaii. we played pretty loose all year and played well. i just want them to enjoy the moment. >> reporter: now the coaches very familiar with each other. while at kansas he played
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then self was an assistant at kansas. today he was asked about what he remembers about the player. >> he was a good player he wasn't very big. he got about all the talent he had out of that 5'10'', 160- pound frame he possibly could. you know i did play against him a couple of years -- our program wasn't quite at thee little bit level that kansas was. he definitely won a couple more than we did. >> reporter: and they square off tomorrow night around 9:40. you can see that game here on wusa9. mark be back at it again. this time as coaches and bill said -- to never understatement. bruce, i'm of loving your hometown. >> have a good time. go to the museum. you are not far
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it's a great place. go through there. look at you. mid-70s tomorrow but strong winds, 30-mile an hour winds. get ready. that's all for the news. we will be back at 11. have a great evening. this price can't be right...
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oh, boy. embarrassing. >> hulk hogan in tears after his $140 million lawsuit victory over his sex tape. >> there's a lot of celebrities that have had sex tapes released. why do you think you got such a big pay-out? >> what made the wrestling star break down in our interview? >> why is justin bieber refusing to meet fans? surprising new messa beliebers? >> i've been having a lot of cries lately. >> what happened to david letterman? less than a year after leaving his late show. where we find dave, nearly unrecognizable. >> latest plastic surgery trend, women with hair transplants >> we are seeing a lot of celebrity clientele. >> "e.t." is inside the o.r. for the shock prague procedure. >> did nick cannon dis mariah carey before her next wedding?


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