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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  March 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this is wake up washington. >> authorities ramping up their efforts to track down terrorists in belgium. >> the sun is rising and people around the tidal basin don't want to miss it a live report coming up. >> and we start with a sunny saturday but some clouds could hinder your easter plans tomorrow. your first alert forecast is coming up. >> thank you for waking you to wake up washington. here is jump start your saturday over the next hour. sounds like a promising start. >> it does. we are getting lucky with this. we he have the showers -- we have the showers out. >> timing
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of the two days out there. we have the many capacity -- camera moving. you can see a lot of people out and about a lot of traffic going to be a problem because the weather will be nice today. the cherry blossoms. we are at 41 degrees. there is a north wind driving in cooler air. you will notice it this morn. we have a lot of 30s north and west. 42 in frederick. it's by the end of your easter sunday when we start to talk about shower chances streaming in to
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high thin clouds possible this afternoon. today is the better out of the two weekend days. temperatures this morning are chilly. there will be winds that will be lighting up into the afternoon a light north and easterly breeze. temperatures, lunch hour, 52 degrees. will continue to climb into the low 60s this arch with plenty of sun. talking about more clouds on the way for tomorrow. we will have details on that coming up. >> we start with the latest developments from the brusse ls terror investigation. dna evidence confirms one of the suicide bombers was in fact the 24-year-old seen here on the left pushing a luggage cart. is he suspected of making the bombs in the paris attack. >> reporter: this video shows police dragging a man from a tram stop friday. police noticed he was carrying a suspicious package. they told him to drop it
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shot him in the leg. he was one of three detained in the raids in the same neighborhood where police found bomb making equipment and explosives used in tuesday's attacks. it was the second raid in the area in two days. the last official day of mourning was friday. people are trying to get back to normal. there is still a lot of concern about a potential for more attacks here and elsewhere. officials in paris say thursday's arrest is what led to the string of raids in belgium friday. they say the 34-year-old lived in the same suburb as many of the paris attackers and that he was in the advanced stages of planning another attack. he was a past terrorism conviction in belgium and was linked to the suspected ring leader of the paris attacks. explosives similar to the ones used in the nova tacks were also
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kenneth craig. >> and several fbi agents are involved in the paris investigation. moriah carey is canceling her brussels show. isis possibly losing one of its top leaders . officials believe united states forces killed the number two man. he was described as the finance minister of isis. isis also claiming responsibility this morning for a deadly bombing in iraq a video on twitter shows the moment that suicide bomber blew himself up at a soccer stadium. this is just outside of baghdad where the stadium is. 29 people were killed. 60 wounded. isis has been waging a campaign in and around the capitol. back in the district. metro transit. metro transit
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safety officer has resigned. low -- lou brown was on the job seven months. we are told he left on his own, that he was not forced out. some say that the new gm is heading in a different direction. also today we are hitting the peak cherry blossom tourist season this morning. the trees in full bloom meaning the district is full of crowds to see them. we are back at it again live along the tidal basin with everything you need to know if if you are going that way. >> reporter: we are in peak bloom. this is the day. look how beautiful these flowers and the blossoms are. people want to get this picture perfect look with the jefferson in the background and the monuments. at 7:00 you see all of these effects here including joe and emily. you guys are local. tell me
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>> absolutely. excited to be here. >> reporter: tell me what you think. >> it's amazing. we never could have imagined without seeing it in person we thought it would be great too see the sunrise. >> reporter: are you surprised at the crowds at this hour? you came early. >> yeah we got up early. we came down here. the joggers, photograph ors everywhere. it's really a unique tradition that makes living here fun. >> reporter: how long have you lived here? >> little less than a year. >> it's not like 20 years and this is your first time. you see all those people. it was dark and you could see all the flashers of the flashing -- the flashing of the cameras. >> yeah. we can see it as we were driving around. it's great to be here with everybody. >> really a lot of fun. >> reporter: all right. thank you. first timers here at the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin. you can expect of course large crowds. if it's crowded now you know later in the day it'll be
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well. security will be tight because we have also dc united playing. opening ceremonies is today and the caps are play agent the verizon center. plan early and take metro. live here. wusa9. >> tell you what, the tidal basin the place to be to start this saturday. much appreciated. >> reporter: you got that right. when we return, a controversial abortion law struck down. >> and on the court the wizards go to double overtime with the twolves. why it may have ended their playoff hopes. >> and your weather wake up call this morning. looking really nice today but tracking more clouds for your easter sunday. i will have your first alert forecast coming up. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more.
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the sun is officially risen over the district. beautiful start to the day. wyatt us a picture with the hash tag a new tradition we will start here. if you are going outside to snap that shot. >> you need a jacket. >> maybe i need a second jacket. definitely is pretty chilly out there. in comparison to what is normal for this time of year. it's pretty chilly. we are talking about a sunny, really pleasant first half of the weekend. your east every sunday will stay mainly dry. we are going to deal with more clouds. out of the two days, today is the better day to head out and take easter pictures. here is a look at michael and sun weather camera. it's a clear start to the day a pretty start to the day but it's chilly. 41 right now. look what it feel its liking outside. we have a breezing north wind at 14 miles an hour. though we he are in the 40s
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to freezing outside. here is just another wider picture to show you that. these are the temperatures. it's 39 right now. factoring in the wind its feeling like in the district we are at 33 degrees. it feels like 34 this morning. the jackets needed this morning only a very light jacket for some of the kids, temperatures make it in to the 60s and we will keep a quiet first alert live doppler. will be nice. we get the sun out. temperatures right near average. all in all today the more pleasant of the two weekend days for sunday. time outside. here is the day planner we are in the 40s and 30s but it's a quick warm up with dry air overhead. other's by lunchtime. low and mid50s and we will continue to climb into the low 60s and that's about avram for this time of year. we keep the sun around today. easter sunday look ahead. we are talking
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clouds. today is the sunny day. more clouds build in tomorrow. we will hold off the showers until easter night and they will continue monday. will be unsettled for you. here is future cast. we have plenty of sun. the winds be he come more northeaster i will. we will stream in a few clouds but it's a sunny start to the day. look what happens by tomorrow morning. we have the clouds increasing the south and we are socked in to the clouds for most of the day on easter sunday and they will hinder the temperatures from getting much warmer than they are today. morning sunrise. there will be high thin clouds building in. temperatures in the 40s. 61 midday for any easter egg hunts in the afternoon and then if you are doing any plans, evening time tomorrow, temperatures will be falling in to the upper 50s and we are looking at those showers arriving tomorrow after midnight. mainly and they will continue into your monday
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here is your seven day outlook. 62 today, easter sunday more clouds building in. it's a mostly cloudy day and then showers in to your -- sunday night and into monday. ahead a postal worker weighs in about his arrest that went viral and the new approach doctors taking when it comes to treating elderly cancer patients, specifically around the area. that's still ahead on wake up inwashgton.
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welcome back. making news right now the united nations has deployed a team to investigate allegations of sexual abuse in the central african republic of its congo. allegations involving its peace keepers. nearly a thousand troops have been accused of raping women and girls in the country. 42 have been charged. the victims say the troops are in charge of handing out food in the war torn country and with hold food unless sex was exchanged as payment. the nypd plans to review an incident where four plains clothes officers and a lieutenant handcuffed a postal worker. the confrontation was captured on cell phone video . it shows the officers telling him to stop resisting even though it doesn't appear that he is. hearing him he said he was driving his mail truck when the unmarked police car nearly hit him he shouted somethg
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his window. the officers stopped and demanded identification. he wound up handcuffed and put in the back of the police car car. a judge in alabama struck down an abortion law that required abortion doctors request admitting privileges. the judge said it would cause clinics to close and create a hurdle for women seeking legal abortions. this decision out of the supreme court case where a similar law is in texas. age is just a number but there is new approach to the treatment of older cancer patients, specifically it could help millions in the coming years. >> reporter: brett has great affection for i had 1965 mustang. it's in great shape and still has a lot of miles left on it. when fred he was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer he was hoping doctors would look at him the same way though he did have some nc
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getting chemo. >> i was 70 at the time. they said you -- normally we don't treat anyone over 65. >> reporter: but he isn't anyone over 65. he is still very active. he golfs, chops word and manages a farm. when it comes to cancer treatment many set age limits. >> we know that older patients benefit from chemo. we know that older adults under treated. >> reporter: a doctor and her colleges changing that at ohio state. one of the first clinics in the country it's now open and dead indicated to treating patients on their overall health, not their age. in one visit patients can see up to six specialists to look at everything from their physical to mental health to their nutrition. way. we are doing is really to be able to put a plan into place and put the structure together so pati
7:19 am
minimize the chemo. >> reporter: researchers also looking at a protein in the lab called p16 that may show how healthy you have been throughout your life and help determine your treatment. for fred it was chemo and a temperature cell transplant. today he takes a pill for maintenance, all of which may not have been an option anywhere else. >> i'm going through this with flying colors. i was the model student. up there on that floor at that time. i really did well. >> reporter: wusa9. >> and given the number of older americans expected to receive a cancer diagnosis in the next few decades doctors believe we need guidelines regardless of age. other health headlines. mammograms can help detect breast cancer but now researchers say the tests could be useful to identity women at risk for heart disease. they say the presence of calcium build up in the breasts which can be seen du
7:20 am
can predict early build up of plague in the heart arteries. heart attack patients getting younger more obese. despite increased awareness many patients have preventable risks such as smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes. new evidence this morning showing high levels of stress may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. doctors at massachusetts general hospital looked at medical imaging of nearly 300 patients. they found the more activity in the stress center of the brain the more information in the artery walls and bone marrow. here is a lighter story a little girl in southern cap california has mastered some nba moves on the court. >> we are about to see some skills here. >> reporter: she practices hours ev
7:21 am
in southern california. >> strong fingers. let's go. >> reporter: her mother is her trainer >> all the way back. good job. >> reporter: when did she start playing >> when she was 13 months old. i bought her a little tyke sport. >> reporter: since then she he has been unstoppable. picking up moves from watching her favorite nba player seth curry and other legends of the game. >> michael jordon and kobe bryant. >> reporter: her mother said she has the work ethic of an all-star. >> before she goes to school every morning she does two sets of 50 push ups. >> reporter: all that hard work is paying off. her instagram page is full of basketball trips shelf was featured on the top ten place of the day on espn. >> sweet. >> i was excited. i was like wow. we have been working so hard. >> reporter: why does she
7:22 am
it so much? >> it makes me happy . >> reporter: she wants to be the first female point guard in the nba but has a fall back saying being a vet would be okay too. >> kid has game. >> cute. >> she is fighting to be the first woman point guard in the nba. >> with those ball handling skills what could stop her? >> she is driven. i love her personality. >> we will track her for years to come. up next everybody reports to the dance floor. we are talking college basketball and a trip to the elite8. >> and a live look there from the michael and son camr. a nice saturday ahead. your first alertec forast is coming up. 
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among the elite. the wahoos dancing their way to the elite8. they had to get past ohio state. anthony gill saying would come down to a battle of wills. gills was strong. flexing in the first half. had virginia up 14 from the jump you knew they were feel it when this happened. fresh off the block. thompson breaking out the behind the back pass. virginia doesn't do behind the back passes take another look a nice little boop. finds him there. we are looking at more of the same. cavs plus ten. hall pushes the floor. mr. gill with the check mate. 84-71 the final. uva on its way to the elite8. >> we have got then far because we play as a team. i defer when other people are playing really other, other guys defer when i'm playing
7:26 am
him is the fartherrest we have gone in 20 some years. we are blessed to be in this position >> we know they will face syracuse on sunday. the elit8 tips off today with a pair of 1-2 match ups. we have oregon and oklahoma and then kansas and nova with the night cap. in the district washington's house of guards looking more and more like a house of cards. falling part last night in a game they needed against the twolves a game defined by missed opportunities. here is two of them. the final seconds, john wahl can't close it out. neither can bradley with the three ball we head to overtime. final seconds of overtime the ball is in wahl's hands. no, can't get it to fall. to double ot we go. wizards need a three to keep it going. beale returns to dudley who fires a dud. that's the
7:27 am
games back. back with this loss and the road doesn't get easier they head now to a five game west coast swing. other end cavs are cruising into the postseason. lacing them up against the devils and it's carlson coming through in overtime. breaking up the scoreless tie. miss me much? you better believe it. light the lamp and let's go home. the cavs win. 15,000 people streamed in to safe co field >> and cruz and trump respond to a story about cruz's alleged affairs. we are back after this.
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7:30 am
emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. the tidal basin lined with thousands of people there to see it this morning on a beautiful start to this saturday. welcome back. >> that's right there in line. map you almost need a wint
7:31 am
out in the 30s but we get sun and to the 60's this afternoon. that's kind of the good news there. it'll be very crowded regardless. thousands, upon thousands of people i'm sure this weekend are going to be out at the tidal basin checking out the peak boom bloom of the cherry blossoms many good friday was yesterday. it feels like 33 degrees. that's what are you dealing with this morning. not much in the way of cloud cover in morning. 37 -- leesburg 37. martin burg 34 and 37 at andrews. first alert live doppler quiet today we have the sunshine in the forecast. that wind will die down and
7:32 am
low 60s. we will have a check of the easter forecast and help you plan out your easter sunday in just a bit. turning now to the latest in the race for the white house. 15,000 people lined up for hours at safeco field to attend a sanders event. that was his second largest rally in less than a week as he tried to energize voters. he also made a stop in oregon. tim becker has more. >> reporter: senator sanders sat down to talk about how he is trying to connect with northwest voters many he is a big fan of the 15-dollar an hour minimum wage and the vote by mail system. >> our goal is to have one of the highest voter turn outs, not one of the lowest. i say congratulationses to them. it's innovative. >> reporter: he has said all long that he is for ordinary people a theme he hammered home friday. >> who
7:33 am
believes we need a political revolution to take on the billionaire class? >> reporter: supporters frequently roared their approval as sanders told them trump will never be president, pledged to create a free health care system. >> he will pass legislation in congress three months paid family and medical leave. >> reporter: and make free college tuition a reality. >> this is not a radical idea. >> i believe the idea that public education has to include tuition free universities. that's something i think people here appreciate and all over this country. >> i make minimum wage and would love to have a higher paying wage to be able to do more and i would love to be able to go to school for free and he will do that for me. >> washington and oregon can help transform
7:34 am
let's do it. thank you very much. >> we will see. the primary is may 17th. the top republican candidates denying having any role in a sex scandal story. . the claim is that senator ted cruz ha at least fiv affairs. former advisor to trump is quoted as saying rumors have been swimming around cruz -- swirling around cruz. >> this national enquirer story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. it is a smear that has come from donald trump. >> trump responded by e-mail yesterday saying that he had absolutely nothing to do with it. didn't know about it and hasn't read it. he went onto say though the tabloid broke the john edwards story he
7:35 am
as lying ted cruz. larry hogan said if trump wins he may consider voting for someone else. he said that he isn't a trump fan and doesn't think he should be the nominee. you can follow the race 24-7. just down load the wusa9mobile app. on tuesday mark kirk is scheduled to meet with merrick garland and he could be the first republican senator to sit down with him. that's making headlines. also this. emotional final salute to a young officer killed in the line of duty. thousands turned out to pay tribute to the officer. as allison barber reports his mother said she believes her son is
7:36 am
>> reporter: 28-year-old officer cowl officer coulson studied business and economics. u. a large part of my growing up was spent with him. he was just always there for me. >> reporter: he started his career as a police officer four years ago. >> he loved what he d. he loved serving in his community. >> reporter: and 12 days ago he was a hero. >> march 13th 2016 is one of the darkest days in our county. our brother drew fire away from his fellowors. >> reporter: today he was loved. >> we grieve with you, >> he was an angel from god. >> he was special. he was special. >> reporter: in between the tears and the good-byes there was hope. for him. >> i'm letting you all know to be absent from the body
7:37 am
be present with the lord. >> reporter: and the department he left behind. >> we weep but not to give up. we weep to keep moving forward. daily we choose to is step in to the abyss. today we risa new. god bless my hero and our hero. >> reporter: on monday he will finally be laid to rest in pennsylvania. wusa nine. >> really powerful tributes. today a process is expected for a new gun store. expected to be one of the -- the group is holding a rally at 10:30 about a half mile from the gun store. residents say they oppose the
7:38 am
residential area. if you plant it they will come. thousands of people paying dc a visit to see one thing of course. you know t the cherry blossoms. parking at the tidal basin and it looks like standing room only. >> reporter: you got that right. 1.5million people are expected to come visit these beautiful cherry blossoms. half of them are already here. they are beautiful and they are attracting a ton of people. just look around me. it was getting crowded around 6:00 this morning for folks trying to get that perfect sunrise picture as they just frame the area. what do you think about it? >> it's so pretty. it's great. >> i love it. >> reporter: is it your first time? >> it is. it's really -- with sunshine it's really pretty
7:39 am
there would be so many people? >> i was here at six and i -- i thought i was the only one but no, there were a lot of people already. >> reporter: thank you. this is a huge day. there's also family day. that happens all day starting at nine until five. you can learn about the japanese culture and history. if you want to come down you want to prepare for the big crowd and take metro. wusa9. >> timing everything in this department.
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michael and sun camera. it's already busy. traffic out there and cherry blossoms are in full bloom. 41 right now but feels like 33 degrees. there's a breeze you will notice. that breeze takes the feels like temperature down close to freezing. you really don't need much jacket with those temperatures in to the 60s. it's 32 frederick. 36 in culpepper. factoring in the winds, we all feel like we are near freezing if not just below freezing. it's sunny today its going to be pleasant but a little cool this afternoon. temperatures near average in the low 60s. clouds return tomorrow. we will hold off the showers until tomorrow night. your easter activities
7:44 am
afternoon, sunrise service in the morning. cloudsclouds to contend with but we will hold off with the rain showers until sunday night. your day planner. really nice. we are cold this morning. those winds will calm down. those it's breezy this afternoon expect the winds to be light out of the northeast. 52 at lunch hour. into the late afternoon it's the low 60s but watch what happens tonight and heading in to sunrise services tomorrow morning. we are talking about clouds increasing from the south throughout the overnight and then we will have shower around as we head into sunday night. easter sunrise you will have high thin clouds and then in to the afternoon, we will call it mostly cloudy. 61 degrees for any egg hunts. then your evening plans, dinner, we will keep a mainly dry forecast ic
7:45 am
shower in the picture tomorrow evening. on the consumer front did you know the secrets of discount shop something could be just questioning. according to a new study only 20% of people ever ask for a discount. that could help you get what you want. >> reporter: i have found this to be a great strategy and i use it all the time. consume ear fairs offers this advice. if you want a deal on an item or service be direct. ask for it. credit cards aren't the only category where you can ask for and get a deal and you don't have to be a senior to get them. you can get a break on your auto insurance by asking. i have used this approach to save on change fees for airline tickets and even items i see online. before you get an extra fee for pay the full price, do this. just ask the person on
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other end if they would be willing to waive that fee and give you a deal, and do it nicely. leslie foster. also a judge has given vw until april 21st to file a plan on how they will bring about 600,000-dollars in to compliance in the wake of thee mentions cheating scandal. the recall involves the tourig. vw said its contacting affected owners. netflix said its been lowering the quality of it's video for those on at&t and verizon. they said they don't want customers to receive data caps.
7:47 am
tmobile and sprint because they have more consumer friendly policies. the new york auto show is underway and one car on display can be unlocked by using your smart phone. >> only a matter of time right? jill wagner tells you how soon the technology could be in your garage. >> reporter: missy fraser always has her cell phone in hand. her car key, not so much. >> have you ever lost it? >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: how frustrating is that? >> very. >> reporter: with that in mind volvo is making their physical keys digital. >> imagine being able to leave your key at home and still get in your car. >> reporter: the app lets you sense your car. if unlocks the car, drive off. anything you need to do. >> reporter: jim nick manies shows me how it works. >> as you approach, it knows are you close fluff and that way you can just pull on the handle and have the door unlocked. >> reporter: it could start the car? >> absolutely. just like you
7:48 am
regular key fob. >> reporter: the app lets you send a digital key to friends and family who are borrowing the car. nickels said technology is a big selling point. especially for young people. it's not just automaker who are taking notice. star wood hotel's new app lets people open a hotel room door with a phone. other companies creating wireless entries for homes. fraser likes the convenience but worries about the safety. nickels said the digital key is more secure than a physical one. if you loose your phone or the phone gets stolen you can go online and disable this. >> reporter: the keyless cars expected to hit the market next year. in new york. jill wagner. cbs news. >> and they said driver who prefer an old fashioned key can still get one. i don't know . >> you smell hacking. >> i think that's hacking waiting to happen. >> don't drop the
7:49 am
>> yeah. just a matter of time right? just a matter of time before we got the pet pictures. you knew this was coming. who do we have here? gizmo? >> snow from last weekend on him. >> there we go. during national puppy day. he so cute. there are three of them. how cute. enjoying the spring sunshine. >> that is how it's done on a saturday. send us your picturesw. he will be sure to post them throughout the weekend.
7:50 am
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at the tidal basin. we are in peak bloom and folks coming down here. you can see all the crowds. no drones, no picking the flowers but selfie sticks allowed. so enjoy, come on down. take metro. you ll
7:53 am
with a puffy, pink and white blossom. live here, wusa9. >> no drone zone. also quite a few community easter egg hunts knocking out today. here three of them. leesburg residents posted six hunts. there you will find face painting, treats and games. the center opens at 1:45 and then the hunt starts at 2:45. the city of falls churches will hosting an egg hunt at ten. it's at cherry hill park. this is a free event but you do have to bring a basket in order to collect eggs. be mindl of that. and then the wax museum hosts it's fifth yearly hunt and the president's gallery of the museum. the countdown is on. you may want to get moving. include the petting zoo and of course the visit from the easter bunny. the rolling stones trending morning. they rocked cuba
7:54 am
tie ever on friday. >> tens of thousands turned out to see them. chris martinez is there. >> reporter: this is a moment of rock and roll history. the rolling stones made their debut in cuba, rocking the crowd of hundreds of thousands of screaming fans. >> it's amazing it's great. it's amazing they are in cuba for the first time. >> great show. i don't want to loose it. >> reporter: the stones opened with jumping jack. preforming in the island nation where rock and roll, including their music was once outlaw lawed. this man said this is a great gift because the cuban people have never had a show of this size. this massive crowd is not just with cubans but with ston
7:55 am
around the world. some of them overnight here. hoping to get a story. >> jimmy buffet was also in the office. this is the greatest band in the world. i'm happy to be here. >> reporter: they believe more entertainers will follow the stone's lead a prediction many hope will come to pass. chris martinez. >>s news. one of the more hiy ghle anticipated movies of the year is here. batman verses super man dawn of justice pits the heros against each other. in the movie batman blames super man for his battle many metropolis. so far the reviews not so good. and this one being promoted as fresh and funny twist on the classic houron movie . it's
7:56 am
show sets up shop in a remote village. the trouble starts after they -- they interrupt the private religious ritual of the village. then this. my biggest, fat greek wedding a sleeper hit back in the day turned cult classic. today we have my big fat greek wedding 2. much of the original supporting cast and a if you new ones the critics saying die hard fans will enjoy it but everybody else would be better off not attending this one. yikes. >> i liked the original. i can recite the lines. >> see what you got? >> put some w index on that. >> it'll be nice today. your easter sunday we are talking about clouds biling in to the day. morning services in the 40s. afternoon temperur
7:57 am
low 60s and then rain arrives by the night. we will keep the showers around for your monday morning. especially, then it's a little cooler tuesday. we warm back up again by later in workweek with highs in the 70s. not a perfect easter sunday forecast but it'll be try for egg hunts in the afternoon. >> there we go and finally feels like spring. if does. >> and i know a lot of people at the cherry loss ams action down at the tidal basin. lucky with the weather. >> soak up the sun. enjoy that day. see you tomorrow morning can't thank you enough. enough for waking up with us today.
7:58 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward."
7:59 am
and i approve this message.
8:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. the hunt to take out suspected terrorists in brussels intensifies. u.s. forces kill the isis money man. details on the strike that took out the organization's second in command. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in three contests today, while ted cruz accuses donald trump of planting a tabloid expo say. the rolli


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