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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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are you looking at me? family members say that the teens didn't know one another. >> it's shock can, it's scary to see the look at another person and see their life meaningless. >> bellamy is charged as an adult. the victims' loved ones and police say this is a senseless murder. >> this is what really happens. this is what's going on in d.c >> photos from surveillance video helped police nab the suspect. devante's autopsy showed he died from two gunshot wounds. reporting at d.c. superior court, stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> that suspect, 17-year-old maurice bellamy, will face a judg
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and 66-year-old dawson is in critical condition after he pulled a pellet gun on police. he is a former funeral director from tennessee and we learned that a judge committed him to an intuition about a decade ago after police found himnot guilty of because of insanity after he wrote a gill letters. he said that he had opinion commanded by god to get her pregnant. >> it was the word of god, he said, that made her write to this 158-year-old girl. >> any time you are a minister of god and he gives you a direct command to do something, you have to do it. >> reporter: federal prosecutors charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. police
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package at the visitors center and another one at the library of congress across the street. police shut down one entrance to the visitors center but the center itself and the capitol building remained open. police examined the packages and determined they were harpless. within an hour of that initial scare, they gave the all clear >> no word on where the washington monument will reopen tomorrow. this is after the the elevator got stuck halfway up. 19 people were in the elevatorrings another 23 were at the to. everybody got out safely but they all had to take stairs to get down. the national park services didn't say what happened to the elevator. the washington monument was closed for several days last months when the contractor accidentally damaged the elevator control box. happening right now, a protest outside of the headquarters of loundoun county school system. parents and teachers are rallying against the board to consolidate low income
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students into two elementary schools. most of the students are hispanic and some parents call it sore yes economic segregation the school board members who support the plan say that the move will bring in more federal dollars for those schools which would benefit the children. sky 9 was over the scene in oakton as firefighters tried to put out flames over this large residence. they discovered the flames in the garage and spread into the house. crews manned long ladders as they fought the fire through the roof. nobody was injured. nobody was at home. day 2 of the compute are attack which crippled two of the biggest computer systems. mallware attacked the system and getting basics like e-mail may take longer to
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some patients reported canceled appointments and delays when staff tried to write down information on paper >> they got everything on paper, doctors, nurses, staff. it's been a huge inconvenience. >> medstar said tonight that the patients' permanent information was not compromised and parrot safety was not threatened. an fbi source says that the aiming si is investigating the incident as a possible ransomware attack. at least two other systems in the united states have been forced to pay money to redwayne their data. new from the presidential campaign trail. donald trump is defending the actions of his campaign manager, cory lewandowski now charged with simple battery involving a news reporter. surveillance video shows lewandowski
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trump says that field was grabbing at him and his campaign manager was trying to protect him. >> the d.c. fire captain now facing charges. what he is accused of stealing from this burning house coming up later. toper. >> bruce, clear skies, winds diminishing, low humidity. that spells a cold night. 32 in gaithersburg, 31 in fredricks. many of the burbs will be below freezing. coming up. we'll have look at the forecast. and a fair farewell to an actress who made an impact on and off the
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it's been a week since terrorists attack brussels
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security remains tight in intrils. the airport where two bombs exploded is still closed health throw trains are only stopping at about half of the stations. belgian police trying to look for one of the suspected bombers. they thought they had caught the man in the white hat but that suspect was let go after a judge ruled police had the wrong man. so far, investigators do not believe that terrorism had anything to do with this morning's attempted plane hijacking in egypt. he told the pilot that he was wearing a suicide vest and diverted the plane to cyprus. he let all who isages out free. the man is now in custody. today, the entertainment mourn patty duke. she played identical cousins and played helen keller in the miracle worker. that role landed her an oscar when she was just
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duke spent much of her latter years as a mental health advocate after revealing that she suffered from manic depression. her agent said she died from an infection from a ruptured intestine. her son, actor sean austin posted on facebook that she closed her eyes, quieted her pain and ascended to a beautiful place. if you have a tough time keeping track of those passwords, stay tuned. we'll tell you how you can soon use your smiling face instead. >> and then karaoke that shattered the internet. tonight, late, late show with james corden goes prime time. he's going to take a ride down memory lane and add a new guest in the passenger seat happening right here at 10:00. we are back after
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awards aren't everything. but when they come from your customers, they mean a lot. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. right now, get super fast 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. a d.c. fire captain is off the job tonight and charged with stealing a book while on the job. investigators say that the alleged crime happened at this house fire last night on gates road in northwest. d.c. fire captain alan nestke is accused of taking an airline
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book valued at 1100 bucks. he said that he didn't do anything wrong. he told the homeowner he moved the book about 60 feet from that house. he is now on paid administrative leave. >> every website has it own password requirement, some more complicated than others. pretty soon, your face could replace that. we'll show you how sety feature can make life simple >> reporter: microsoft is putting a new face to passwords. >> hold, this take my picture and there it goes. i can do it again. it goes quick. and then it shows -- >> i was going to say that's really quick. >> really quick >> reporter: instead of typing in a new word, the new mastercard id check lets you use a selfie to confirm purchases. >> the technology assigns values to the shape here of the
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yes metric authentication from the fingerprint reader on iphone. >> it's a little weird, giving over your physical personal information to a business and it can feel a little invasive but, yes, it can be a lot more secure. it's very hard to fake bio metric information. >> reporter: the mastercard selfie feature has users link. >> it can't be somebody taking a picture of you and putting it in front of the camera. it makes you blink. >> reporter: many banks will be providing mastercard technology to its online customers as well. marla hall, cps news. and this could be related. just a couple of weeks ago, several banks, including chase, wells fargo and bank of
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plan to introduce cardless atms this year letting customers use a digital card to order from their phone 0 order money or deposit checks. one of the apps that allows to us peer into live events into the world is turning one year old. periscope launched a year ago. it has hosted 2200 live million broadcasts with half of those happening in just the past three months. enjoying the final spring break, a lot of college seniors are thinking about their future -- maybe not. maybe it include, where are they going to find that first job. nerd wallet, if they go to school around here, they won't have to go far to look that first job. it ranks arlington, virginia, as the top job market in the nation for soon-to-begrad. madison, wisconsin, came in third, followed
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state. >> i have been called a lot worse than nerds. >> absolutely. >> and by a lot of people in the newsroom. >> looking a nice stretch of weather, not much wind tomorrow and we are looking at changes over the first weekend of april. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. we had a high of 61. that is average for this time of the year. how did we do? we'll have the official numbers for you in tonight at 11:00 and you can download our app and track it that way. it is free. even today, we had 35 mile-per- hour winds. right now, we are at 58. dewpoints in the 20s, this is a very dry atmosphere, pretty dry air mass and wind are still gusting to 25 but they will subside here. winds diminish tonight, colder, low temps below freezing. bus stop temperature, 30 to 50. so jackets probably are a good
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nice tomorrow. you'll end up carrying the jackets home but that's one of the things that happen with spring. very little wind to. same temperature, pretty much the same air mass which is very little wind and will feel more comfortable. windy and warmer on thursday. afternoon showers are possible. better chance thursday night into friday. we will monitor those periods for yello weather alerts. in the men time, of a dinner. 51 downtown. by among 6:00, cold. we are looking at 33 in haggerstown, 33 in cumberland and 34 in gait thers burg. 31 in frederick and 31 in fairfax. by mid-morning, we are clear. temperatures low to mid-40s. that's it. by afternoon, 1:00, maybe you can take lunch outside. with the lack of wind, 57 will feel pretty nice if you are in the direct sun. 57 in gaithersburg. 57 in bowie and 57 in dumfries and dale city. by 6:00, everybody
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stafford, 63. not a bad day at all, probably the best day of the week with light wind. tonight, clear skies, colder wind diminish, lows 30 to 40 and winds turn now east- northeasterly at 10:00 -- at so on the way to a southeasterly wind tomorrow. thursday, there are your afternoon showers. we'll monitor that for a possible yellow alert weather day. 55 on sunday, more like march even though we are in april. chilly to cold rain possible next tuesday. >> thanks, topper washington redskins linebacker ryan carrigan is trying to make a stay at the hospital a little less painful for a lot of children. he came to inova
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called carrigan's corner with video games, laptops. this is part of carrigan's blitz for a better foundation which provides for people in need. good for him and baseball season is not too far away. there will be food, new hot dogs, revamped field of greens menu. and then there is the new thread, including the new batting practice hat. the net behind home plate will extend to the end of each dugouts. >> fans going out of their seat, not enjoying the game, we have different things for them to experience. different knocks and crannies around the time. >> great time out, i don't care when you go. the home opener is next thursday again the miami marlins. you will be able to
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right here at 9:05 p.m. >> we'll have a special pregame before the game. >> and if you need help down the field, we can be there. >> you guys are welcome to join us. >> how is your bracket doing, bruce? >> not good. >> you probably didn't have syracuse in
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so far this year's ncaa basketball tournament has lived up to the moniker march madness. and provided us with another cinderella team. they are the fourth double digit team to make the final four. one of the others, of course, was george mason. it's been ten years since the patriots made their cinderella run to the big dance. the clock struck midnight in the final four but former head coach jim larranaga who is now
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patriots dream began to unfold. >> i believe it was october 30th in 2005. we invited dr. bob rotell to come speak to our team. he is a sports psychologist and works with all the top professionals in the sports world. he asked our athletes to put their heads down on their desk and dream. and he asked for a volunteer to share the dream. and lamar raised his hand and said, i dreamed that we'll make it to the l finafour. so long before march madness arrived, that team was thinking and dreaming. >> just driving around, the bus going into d.c., those nights for practice and a game that you could see people all the streets wearing george mason, this is bizarre at that time. one time after wards, you know, i was out and we walked by the hudson news and there are george mason shirts
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i thought, this is really crazy. >> a fun time for them. now we'll see if syracuse continues on. our producer dori has them in
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tonight a big "e.t" exclusive. >> did you ever kiss marcia clar did you have a thing for marcia clark? would you say that you guys dated? -- simpson prosecutor chris card on dishes on the rumors about his relationship with marcia clark. >> he'srefused to watch even one second of the show. but oh, he is now. i got him to look at this infamous scene with marcia, we'll show you his priceless reaction. a trump wig, a fake mi >> the hot couples that have saying omg. >> and kaley cuoco's new mystery man. plus is courteney cox back together with her ex-fiance. james cordiv


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