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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7. the deadly amtrak crash. what investigators discovered after reviewing the plane's video recorder. >> addressing d. c. the push to make products tax-exempt >> the 6 month reality show starts now. here we go >> play ball. the nationals start the year swinging a brand new skipper in the dugout >> una yellow weather alert as april showers make their way through the metro. good evening and thanks for joining us. the showers are over for some but others are getting hit hard. chief meteorologist topper shutt talking about the rain >> east of i-95, that's the heaviest activity. about to move acro
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but if you are not of 95 and montgomery county and fairfax shall the showers and rain are over with. that is good news but you are still trying to get home to southern maryland or to baltimore you still have rain and showers everywhere. alexandria and old town and clinton and waldorf but notice generally shades of green so it is light to moderate. further south, in indian and mount vernon has showers. the showers will linger to southern maryland. charles county and southern charles county and st. mary's will have showers to 8 or 9:00 and the rest of us, showers will linger, temperatures in the 50s by 10:00. not bad for the walk and by 10:00 in the 40s and 49 in gaithersburg and 49 in silver spring and everybody in the 40s. colder air gi
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the metro and we will talk about the possibility of a freeze tomorrow night. you can get the freeze warnings on your phone. go to an app store and download the app for free. it is good stuff. and before that rain did start today. strong winds through bethesda where mickey met a homeowner with a massive tree >> a 100-foot tree fell. it used to be here and fell over here on top of their bedroom where they were sleeping. the man was knocked unconscious and his wife able to wake him up and help him up. he was hospitalized for a concussion but expected to be okay. he came home to this mess while crews are out working hard to remove the debris now, the damage is so bad that they can't live here for at least 6 months. >> it is pretty odd when friends and family came up and saw what
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later in the day, it was -- all of us were visibly shaky because it was crazy >> several other homes in bethesda had massive trees fall and in all of those cases everyone is expected to be okay. nikki burdine. wusa9 trees are being removed still from the home. the husband and wife staying in temporary housing for the next six months >> the fierce winds over the weekend knocked over this large tree in arlington. it fell at north harrison street and the tree missed the house. it did take down wires. the national transportation board has just released new information on yesterday's deadly amtrak derailment. a train headed from new york to savannah hit a backhoe that had been rolled back on the tracks south of philadelphia. the engine derailed and two amtrak workers near the backhoe killed. 30 people on the train
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injured. the ntsb has been reviewing the recorder. >> the video shows there was construction equipment on the track and work train equipment on the track immediately adjacent to the amtrak train's track. and so why in the word was that equipment there. investigators are trying to determine that. the ntsb says the train was going 106 miles per hour which is still a few miles under the speed limit. they say the train operator's put on the brakes five seconds before the crash three people were stabbed in a nightclub. martinez club at two a.m. security men and two others with stab wounds. expected to survive. phillip hearington stabbed the men during a fight and then stabbed the guard. police want you to take a good look at this photo. they say
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evans, jr. is charged with engaging in sex acts with a 14- year-old girl. investigators say he met the girl when she responded to a molding ad he positioned on craigslist and then traveled an hour to meet the teen at her montgomery county home three times >> i couldn't believe it. what he has done or what he is doing. it is just goes against her personality >> we have her from my generation, don't have that computer in the bedroom with the door closed. have the ability for parent to look over your shoulder and somehow we forgot that with the smart phone >> police are concerned there could be other victims. evans, posted bond and is now out of jail. turn to go to race for president, wisconsin has the primary tomorrow on the
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republican side. the latest cbs battle tracker shows cruz leading and donald trump and then john kasich. bernie sanders in front campaigning across wisconsin in recent days. hillary clinton campaigned in new york that holds the primary in two weeks new proposed legislation to get rid of sales tax on diapers and feminine products. in most states items that are necessities are exempt. prescription drugs including viagra and pacemakers and artificial limbs and wheelchairs are all exempt >> it is strange to pay taxes >> it should be repealed because women should not have to pay for necessities council will hear the bill tomorrow. if it passes the new law will take effect in 6 months drivers can speed up their trip to 70 miles per hour in maryland. the state highway administration
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signs and a few exemptions. otherwise the higher eespd limit stretches from u.s. 29 in howard county all the way to the pennsylvania border. bobby play in hot water. later why his restaurant is closed >> a one-way ticket to cuba and rowing his way back to florida but the trip
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hurt now. police alert for somebody that is buying something from craigslist. officers are noticing how people are speaking getting ripped off. twice yesterday the victims responded to an online ad for a car that was for sale. when they arrived at a meeting place. police say you can avoid the becoming a victim by meeting at a public location and going with a friend >> a mayor from central florida has tweets to make before setting out on his 90-mile journey from cuba to the florida keys. clint johnson plans to row 90 miles alone in the make shift raft because he wants to understand what cuban migrants experienced. he tested his make shift vessel but not quite sea worthy. one oar broke already. however he says nothing will stop
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guard that has urged him to dock his little boat >> i am doing it. >> johnson will take his raft out for two more times before the trip walmart is apologizing with the terrapins t-shirts. it has terps with an outline of massachusetts. not maryland. customers tweeted walmart to point out the mistake and they have apologized to the washington post and the company says it is removing e thshirts from its stores and working with the manufacture to determine how that happened. >> ranking america's airlines. why customers are complaining more than they have in years sun on the western horizon and a little shower. let's talk about highs, colder air into tonight. most of us, most of us stay in the upper 40s. that is average for late february. we will come back and talk about
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>> new tonight at 7, anyone wanting to go to bobby flay's burger palace will have to find other dinner plans. the department of health closed them because they ha
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and other conditions that could be dangerous. bobby flay posted late tonight that it is working to fix equipment issue and hope to reopen tomorrow massive document leak dobbed the panama papers called the wikileak secret >> how they may be hiding billions of dollars >> an anonymous source provided 40 years of documents from a law firm in panama that establishes offshore bank accounts for the world's healthiest people. the tara bytes of damage contain 11-and-a-half million documents including five million emails providing a wouldn't to 213 companies >> this told us how the offshore financial system works and about who are the kinds of people that are using it >> michael hudson is one of hundreds of journalists
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research the documents and what is likely the biggest leak of information in history. >> the same system that politicians and the mega wealthy and billionaires are using to move money is being used by criminals, drug king pens. >> among the 12 current or former heads of state named in the investigation, the presidents of ukraine and argentina and the king of saudi arabia and not name directly, the documents show allies to russian president vladimir putin shuffled two million dollars through banks. it has been called a crime and related that they have no responsibility in how the companies were used. don't taylor, cbs news new york the leak of the confidential documents was part of a plot to destabilize russia. no u.s. politicians or
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in the documents >> today governors signed off on a $15 wage. coming to thousands of workers in new york and california. california will hit the $15 mark in 2022 and in new york coming by the end of 2018 with other states in the future another merger in the sky. act air group announced plans to buy virgin america, if it goes through we could see more alaska air flights on the east coast and reagan international. the deal would be more than 2 million-dollars virgin and act did well in the quality ratings. virgin mary came out on top and alaska ranked 5th and spirit airlines is at the bottom. the complaints dropped 34%. even though flights
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have reached the limit on the extra fees the race to get more astronauts into space. there was a recent flies to west texas. if more tests go as planned there could be space rides in two years the calendar says spring but winter is not over in western new york. take a look at the snow that fell in buffalo and making topper happy. april snowstorm could dump up to a half of a foot of snow in boston and southern new hampshire. please tell me we are over with this stuff right here. i'm done with it. >> a couple of things. i do have something on saturday different story. what is amazing it is hard to get snow and maintain it during the day. temperatures held in the 20s from hartford to boston and providence. four to six inches. >> it is kind of unusual and as cold as an april business in 1982.
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hard to hold temperatures in the 20s. >> we are close to summer. >> so a trace this saturday? >> a snowflake. just a flake. it will be cold this saturday. >> let's look outside. the showers are moving out and with that colder air rushing in. getting sunshine. we have it on the deck and a couple of rain showers and down to 57 and the winds will pick up. not the damaging wind, 20 or 30 or 35 miles per hour wind gusts. everyone essentially i-95 east and south and pretty good shape, i will rule out a sprinkle but for the most part this is where the showers are. st. charles county and mechanic'sville and further south in the net. huntington has an extra patch of yellow. it won't last long but it
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gotten home yet. further south. down to montas pushing off to the south and east and south of the valley in the next 20 minutes. freeze likely tomorrow night. not worried about it tonight. freeze warnings and not worried about a freeze tonight but tomorrow night. and worried about the nats game on thursday. it has not changed much and here is the forecast. mile. that's the silver lining. 60s 4:00 showers and rain and 51 at rain at the border. right during the game will be the heaviest point of the rain. we will keep you posted and it will stay feeling like march for a while. looking ahead as long as the first half of the month. 10:00 tonight. everybody is in good shape except for southern maryland. showers and upper 40s trying to walk the dog after dinner >> six a.m. notice the noes
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morning at the bus stop. that sounds crazy and still you want 30s and by 1:00 walked to lunch tomorrow and a heavy coat. in the mid-40s. 43 in manassas and 43 in d. c. and 44 in silver spring. this is a more like february. 30s across the board on the day planner and silver lining here. clear and sunny and 43 by one p.m. next seven days there is the rain on thursday, maybe some showers on friday, 55. nats in town on saturday and sunday and there's the snow flurry 46 and 51 on sunday and finally back in the mid-60s on monday but with showers late in the day today the washington nationals cheering on delta customers headed to atlanta against the braves. there were freebies and merchandise and autographs
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great game in atlanta. the nats showing their love for
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity >> the washington nats lost a few favorites but they added key pieces, daniel murphy, second base man that had a home run today but there are still questions about the talent in the bullpen. they did struggle today but the offense got going this afternoon. let's take a look at today's season opener against the before or afters. in atlanta, here is the good, bryce harper got the nats going early with the home run in his first at-bat. the 4th career opening day home run for harper. plenty of more to come. fast forward to the 9th inning. nats down one and bases loaded and michael taylor hits one to center and shallow and jayson werth and a j pierzynski can't hang on and
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will check on his knee. tied at 3 and headed to extra innings. we hope you join us at 3:00 this saturday for a special pregame show counting down to the game. we will try to stay dry. this marks the start of the dusty baker area in washington d.c. after last year's disappointing failure to meet projections, the nationals enter with lower expectations than we have seen. this squad has had successful spring training and they are the underdogs to the favorites, the new york mets and the other teams rebuilding mode. bee nats have a good chance to a contender in the end. here is general manager mike rizzo and how he expects it to turn around with dusty at the helm >> he is a motivator and communicator and a player's manager. he really knows not only the clubhouse culture but the xs and os of
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miranda lambert at the break, the look at me moment, stealing the spotlight at the acm awards. >> you it got to rock what you got. >> new boyfriend, check, hot body, oh, yeah, incredible performance, you better believe it. and she's only opening up to me. >> i got more to write, i got tons. >> and taylor's style weekend? >> i have the most amazing person to come home to. >> declaring her love for calvin, but why is she dis'ing bieber? what we saw backstage at the i heart music awards. >> plus so many weekend red carpets, so many looks. our fashion expert joe zee brings back the dos, don and the overs. >> and drew barrymore


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