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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 5, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. miranda lambert at the break, the look at me moment, stealing the spotlight at the acm awards. >> you it got to rock what you got. >> new boyfriend, check, hot body, oh, yeah, incredible performance, you better believe it. and she's only opening up to me. >> i got more to write, i got tons.
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>> and taylor's style weekend? >> i have the most amazing person to come home to. >> declaring her love for calvin, but why is she dis'ing bieber? what we saw backstage at the i heart music awards. >> plus so many weekend red carpets, so many looks. our fashion expert joe zee brings back the dos, don and the overs. >> and drew barrymore moves on after her sclit. >> and behind the scenes with daisy ridley and who knew she could rap? ♪ in the desert now for april 4, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> taylor is putting it all out there. she is 100% crazy in with calvin har >> in the
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might, dolly parton and katie perry. and chris stapleton's >> what's interesting here, is we have heard plenty from blake and his new gal pal gwen stefani. >> she was with a new man, showing a lot of cleavage, no dobt all eyes were on mir >> you came toniggt and i got to say, you looked stunning on stage, you arrived beautiful yellow dress, you look very happy. >> thank you, i am happy. and yellow is a happy color. i hardly ever wear it, but it has some rock 'n roll to it. and i had some h with a gun and holster on them. they're like hot pink with a tiny gold pistol. >> yep, miranda was locked and loaded for her after blake look at me moment.
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official debut, powerful performance, you know it. >> you're showing off a little something else going on here, cleavage. >> you got to rock what you got. >> i love it, rock what you got, it works. >> and congratulations, with lucky number seven, female sbachber of the year. -- entertainer of the year. >> miranda lambert. >> number 7. >> i can't really relate to that. >> what's next? >> i got tons, i have kind of gone into creative mode. it's a good balance, but i got to get on stage tonight and sweat a little. and that's good. >> you go through a bunch of stuff and you've got more to write. >> that's right, absolutely. >> talented for sure. and how about blake? he kept it low key, skipping the red carpet, and parking his bus right off stage to avoid the back stage crowd. but some say this was awkward. shelton opened the show with a song abous t hinew girlfriend
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go -- gwen stefani while miranda was in the audience. meanwhile gwen was in new york this weekend. that is she arriving at the "snl" after party. she was the show's musical guest. she also performed a hilarious out of this world sketch with host petyr. >> that was an all fighter a plan. >> jet set gwen flew from new york to vegas early sunday and she joined blake at a host acm denver. ♪ 9:00 to 5:00 >> and another acm highligh dolly she dazzled in duet with pop superstar katie perry. >> i can't talk right now. >> what was it like when you first met each other? >> it was fun, like you would expect, we just go, oh, how come we never met before now, and all that stuff, but she was very
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winner. >> chris stapleton. >> the breakout country singer performed. ♪ she mow me what you got >> and tied an all-time acm record receiving six awards and i had the honor of presenting him with male vocalist of the year. chris stapleton. how does that feel? >> it's a crazy thing for sure. >> it's got to be something mmre than just crazy. >> i don't think there's any words for it. >> speechless, is that what you're saying? >> speechless. yes. >> he's actually written more songs than any big country artist and he has a so on adele's 21 album. >> i was a little jealous, sitting home in bed. but great presenting. a lot of people are talking about taylor swift, she w big winner at the i heart music award. >> and if you werev
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that she's head over heels in love, there's confirmation now. >> for the first time, i had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and the crowds were all gone. and so i want to say hi to my boyfriend adam for that. >> taylor's love story confession, gushing over boyfriend adam wild, aka calvin harris. the couple who just celebrated their one-year anniversary, had date night holding hands and celebrating chris's five wins. >> my still very young and very prolific friend, taylor swift. >> taylor thanking justin timberlake via instagram for his touching tribute. as selena surprised her bestie with the award for best album of the year. but taylor's rumored bad blood with bieber is also getting ♪ zz. the biebs winning in blon dreads
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here's the moment caught on camera, just as the breaks into applause for the opening performance. taylor pauses clapping to take a drink. a lot of people think she's a nonbelieber. friday she hit disney california adventure with victoria secret angel little -- lily aldridge. and her saturday was full of surprises. >> my friend ruby rose. >> taylor brought her new friend ruby rose for being a -- >> calvin harris. >> sunday the love fest continued at i-heart as taylor beamed after harris's big win, even after he forgot to thank her. >>
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come to the shows. >> iggy azalea bringing her best friend instead fiance nick young of the lakers who was calli i caught reported cheating scandal last week. >> you're messing up our seating arrangement. >> the 25-year-old still wearing her engagement ring opening up to our special correspondent elvis duran. >> i think it's more fun to make it like a girls thing or a friends thing, its just more fun. more laughs. >> in nick's defense, he was busy working last night. lakers had a game so he couldn't attend the awar michelle joins us with the latest on drew barrymore's breakup. >> yeah, guys, over the weekend, drew announced that she and her husband have split there's no laying low for that is not how s
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she got right back out in public. drew was all smiles this weekend, pouring rose at food and wine festival in carmel. no clue at all that three-year marriage has crashed. then on saturday, drew's totally casual, hair undone, oversized tunic, cubs fan and a french purse. >> this is a gorgeous place to be. >> what about the two kids? olive is and franklin is almost 2. she said, quote, we do not feel this takes away from our family, our children are our universe. reportedly the kids will likely stay in new york where olive is in preschool. although "e.t" had heard rumblings of marital difficulties, just last thanksgiving, drew posted this cute shot taken by will. >> you and your husband were adorable on the carpet. >> and who could forget their
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in montecito. >> it happened right overrthere. >> the then happy couple shared the moment later with oprah. >> i don't want to not be engaged to this woman for another day longer. once i had ring and i knew it, i wanted her to have it. >> they actually looked so happy back then. by the way, oprah and drew neighbors. i didn't know that, they live about a mile apart from each other. >> while they seem to be handling the split very gracefully, beth frankle and her ex, they have been at w we have the latest on her divorce drama and a held scare. two big awards shows means two tim the fashion for our style guru joe zee, find out who
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we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> tomorrow on "e.t," is the honeymoon over for bachelor ben and lauren after just three when something big comes along we say it's the biggest thing since... and that's how we all felt about wendy's 4 for $4. a junior bacon cheeseburger, four nuggets, fries and a coke for just four dollars. back to you voiceover.
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or the new crispy chicken blt, it's like having the awesome choice between flying... bye flying guy. or the power of invisibility. dude. it's the biggest thing until... so choose wisely. mia barton was all smiles posing with the fans outside of her dancing rehearsal. but the pressure is on for her tonight. >> she could be the next one to go home. in this battle, look what happened, her vintage cadillac broke down. >> hopefully her dancing is not going to break down tonight. >> i'll be there to find out in person. but meanwhile, lots of drama in the life of housewife bethany frankle and her thheal scare. >> the word is that you had cancerous fibroids. >> i don't havecancer, io
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there. i have a couple of differen female issues going on at the same time that have created kind of the perfect storm. so i am dealing with it. it's really important to stay strong for my daughter. when you have a health issue, and you have a child, it makes you think all these things you would never normally think. >> bethany can't help but get emotional when she talks about her 5-year-old daughter brin. and while her health is a concern right now, she does have something to celebrate, her bitter divorce still isn't final, they're still fighting over property. >> i want it to be over, because this has been a big chunk of your life. >> this has been by far the most difficult thing i have ever been through. it's really brutal. it's not over, but when it is over, we're going to party like it's 1999. >> it's hunting season. >> the real housewives of new york city are
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eighth season on wednesday so it looks like the skinny mogul and the new housewives have had friction from the start. >> you can come into the lion's den, just know there is a lion there. >> we see you in the first episode on a date for the first time in a long time. were you hesitant to put your love life back on tv? >> i didn't put my love life on tv because i'm not in love. it was just very natural. >> she found out the hard way, that't is hard to have relationships on tv. meanwhile she sayssshe'll never get married again because it left a bad taste in her mouth. >>er nev say never. coming up, gold, feathered and leathers. charlize hemsworth shows off some fashion from the new huntsman. plus our fashion experts joe zee is here to give us his do's and don'ts and do overs in this weeks end'big award shows. >> she looked like she was about to burp a wash cloth.
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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welcome back, everybody, and with me now is joe zee, yahoo style editor-in-chief and co-host of fab life and our fashion guru tonight. welcome,
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fun. >> you're going to break down the dos and don'ts and do overs in both the awards and the acm aw >> we had a little bit of country and a little bit of rock 'n roll. i'm going to start with my dos. aacms, i l carrie underwood, that gold beading wiz almost monotone on her golden skin. and i heart radio, selena gomez. that orange jump suit with a cutout, i thought it was a great new way to do cutouts for her. >> i want know since we're talking about pants suits, what did you think of tswift's black pants suit? >> i love that she did it. i'll be honest, the first time i looked at taylor swift, i was like, oh, i'm not sure but i absolutely loved it. and that black sequinned sparkle, just so you kn
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friday, the head designer said he was leaving so this m actually be the last thing that anyone wears on the red carpet from eddie. >> taylor swift being the one, pretty good choice. >> a big do last night, miranda lambert, can you just say wow? >> you know, the plu neckline, the leg, i mean talk about, i'm stepping out and i'm showing it all off. >> time now for what was a don't? >> it was a crossover ni we had pop st katie perry over at the acms. and she was anything but a little bit country. i think she was a lot of country. i think she went almost overboard, she was almost like a cartoon character of a cowgirl. i think she was just having fun with fashion, she was trying to play up a theme, but i think you can take a theme too far and you can go overd.
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>> now i want to know your worst dress of the night. >> i actually have two ladies improved with a few simple en tweaks. so i want to start with iggy azalea at the i heart radio awards. with that piece of fabric over her shoulder, it looked like she was about burp a baby. i would actually make that into a sfr an then on the top, i would actually shorten that an inch, just to show more skin. but actually it's about proportion. and the second person i want to talk about is demi lovato. i would actually remove the top flap and let it be more exposed so you can see more cleavage and make it simple. and i think i would shorten the sleeves because i think it makes her look a lot more stretched outt i think it's a much mo flattering silhouette, with a
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more body hugging. >> thank you for being here with your expertise. you're not going to believe this, from who? kevin frazier doing >> don't be afraid to call me fashion daddy. watch out, joe, here i come. i want you to check this out. the ca of the huntsman's wizard's war, charlize theron, another day, another stunning outfit. that white dress is dior, because i know fashion, nancy. last summer i actually traveled to london while they were filming and was blown away, but wait until you see the costumes, i have the story behind these azing one of a kind creations. >> i rule the w >> is this like the ultimate dressup? >> oh, yeah, i have never done anything like this. >> i mean the fantasy e of this really allows us to really push it. >> that fantasy comes to life in the extraordinary fashions by three-time award winner
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colleen atwood. colleen and her team created more than 1,000 designs for the film. >> from the little details, like how the beading is on this little stretch, it's just incredible. >> my huntsman. >> i got a personal tour of colleen's massive shop outside of london, it's where emily's silver metallic which is actually made of took three full-time workers more than a month to make. >> i wanted something equal to the feathered cloak that charlize wears. >> i'm stronger than all of you. >> it's black feathers with gold leaves. this is kelley's costume she wears when she comes into the final act. >> co >> colleen glammed up blue gown and this very unussal accessory. >> the design is also practical. >> she made me
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costume, but knowing there's a lot of waiting too. >> meanwhile all ch hemsworth needed was comfort. it's hot, it raises the temperature 10 degrees, for some reason. >> they need to do a lot of high kicks and climbing and action. >> what colleen atwood did wi these costumes is magical. she'll go to tibet for the right piece of leather. >> i have never seen yo so worked up over an outfit before. >> you know, of all in, daisy ridley makes big splash in "star wars" episode 7.
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celebrating is birthies, robert downy is celebrating his birthday. >> we all know that daisy made a big splash in star wars episode 7. >> jay you have it at blu-ray. >> but we got our hands on it first. >> we got our hands on it first, here's a listen. ♪ we owe it to the desert ♪ because of our diet ♪ we can't eat anymore
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>> nancy cordecht s, thank you very much. there is a breaking news story tonight. five people have been killed after a sight seeing helicopter crashed in tennessee. they were on a tour of the great smoky mountains southeast of knoxville. the chopper went down. burst into flames. but woo have no word yet on a cause. the cbs overnight news will be right back.


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