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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 6, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ >>on> tight, amy schumer's plus-sized problem. >> when you take your clothes off, you don't want people to say you're brave. >> calling out "glamour" magazine after being included on this cover celebrating curvy girls. hear how she's fighting back. >> i'm not going to apologize for who i am. then, janet jackson nearly 50 and having a baby? >> i have to rest up. doctor's orders. >> we break down her surprising new announcement. what a fertility expert told us. >> it's important that i do this now. >> a "modern family" star's romantic vacation. we have the jaw-dropping photos. ariel winters' teeny white bikini. making out with her boyfriend, but who invited her tv brother? and just before "american idol" finale the "e.t." flashback. >> i don't think god would give me anything i can't handle. >> we new the contestants before they knew how big they would be. >> i'm ready for
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a hold of me and tell me what to wear and what to do. >> nnw for april 6th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." amy schumer slams "glamour" magazine for implying she's plus-size >> "glamour" is learning the hard way amy don't play that. >> here's the story. "glamour" magazine just came out with its new plus-size issue. they name check adele, melissa mccarthy, ashley graham, and am >> and that was the mistake according to amy. >> i'm probably like 160 pounds right now. somebody on the red carpet was, like, do you feel out of place? and i'm like no, of cours >> but now amy believes her passionate mission of self-acceptance at any size without labels is being undermined by the special edition of "glamour" featuring plus-sized model sash lee graham. taking issue being alongside melissa mccarthy, adele, and ashley, for the issue focused on plus-sized fashion. she instagrammed, "plus size is considered size 16 in america.
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i go between size 6 and an 8. young girls seeing my body type thinking that is sized, not cool, glamour." >> it's been a struggle for me my whole life. sometimes i'm a size 6, sometimes i'm a si what if you were just comfortable in the skin you're in? >> an empowering philosophy. amy had opened magazine's 2015 women of the year awards. and she was last august's cover girl. "glamour" which partnered with plus-size fashion house lane bryant for the special issue tells "e.t.," "we believe her passionate and vocal message of body positivity is inspiring. the edition did not describe her as plus sized. we are sorry if we offended her in any way." >> i'm tired of talking about the word pluse sizd. i just wish people wouldn't think about it so much. >> with many preferring the words plus-sized not to be usedo to describe anybody, lane bryant's ceo linda heatley says the intention was to highlight amy for her mind over matter. >> i can only say she was called
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other women, particularly embracing the humorous sides of all of our conditions. >> when you take your clothes off you definitely don't want people to say you're brave. >> and there's no doubt she unapologetically embraces herself as is. she confideetly stripped down for the pirelli calendar, and her comedic style is all about the unrealistic expectations placed upon women with a self-deprecating twist, of course. >> they're just like is that a fat tumbleweed? like what -- [ laughter ] my body there, my arms register as legs there. >> so leave to amy to get in the last word by posting this video running on the beach with a bikini with ttis simple message, "these labels are unnecessary." you've got to love her. the another celebrity not loving a magazine right now. kerry washington isn't happy about this new "adweek" cover. she says it doesn't look anything like her and isshe just tired of being photoshopped. rocking helmet hair and a striped gown, kerry's april 4th
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a scandal. >> i need to do your >> in a lengthy instagram post kerry says in part, "look, i'm no stranger to photoshopping. it happens a l but i was taken aback by the cover. it felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what i look like when i look in the mirror." "adweek's" editorial director james cooper released a statement to "e.t." admitting, mae de minimal adjustments elsolr y focothe s ver'gndesi needs." like she said, this isn't the first. kerry was reportedly photoshopped on the cover of "lucky" in 2013. and her lighter skin on the cover of "in style" last year sparked debate. >> i'm grateful that there's a conversation, that the conversation is going on. >> let's be real for a second. it appears "adweek" did a lot more than minimal changes, and you notice they don't say why they made the changes. >> it looks like they morphed her face with scarlett johansson's face. >> kerry washington is one of the most beautiful, elegant ladies on the planet. why do you feel thh need to change her? >> i don't know.
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i'm a little confused about tha what about the big news that janet jackson is going to be a mom at 50? >> she made the announcement today on social media. we're so happy for janet, but the message was a little cryptic and left us with more questions than answers. ♪ >> i thought it was important that you be the first to know. my husband and i are planning our family. >> titled simply "a message from janet," the 49-year-old shocked fans with the news she'd be postponing her "unbreakable" world tour to plan for her first child with her husband of four years, who's reportedly worth a billion dollars. >> it's important that i do this now. i have to doctor's orders. >> so what does this mean? is she going t have a baby via surrogate? or is she planning on getting pregnant? she turns 50 next month, and at that age it would certainly pose some risk.
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pregnant naturally, which is very unlikely, there's a very ghhi chance of a miscarriage or having an abnormal baby. >> our fertility specialist dr. catherine deugarte breaking down janet's possible path to baby. >> the other scenarios are they use an egg donor through the use of in vitro fertilization. with or without the use of a gestational surrogate. or you can get pregnaat with yoembrs or eggs you had frozen in your younger days. >> i'd love to have kids. >> yeah? >> i'd love to have kids. >> janet has had some health issues lately. she underwent unspecified surgery in december but dr. deugarte says if she's under t care of a doctor there's a good chance she's already on her way to motherhood. >> once you are pregnant, especially if you're pregnant with one b your chance of delivering a healthy baby is just as good as somebody who's younger. >> i think she's going to be a great mother. remember right after michael passed away, how janet stepped in to help with his children. >> she was really the one who took control. >> she did indeed. speaking of michael's kidsok, lo at paris. she just turned 18.
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handwriting, "queen of my heart," and captioned it "to everyone else, he was the king of pop, to me, well, he was king of my heart." >> we'll never forget paris at his memorial service. remember this right here? >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagi >> i will never forget that moment. i know we were both there and that was such a heartwarming moment. "modern family's" ariel winter is 18 too, and after a childhood filled with body images and a recent breast reduction she is hitting the beach innthe bahamas with her boyfriend, showing a lot of confidence because she's showing a lot of skin. showing off some sexy curves and looking like her namesake mermaid, ariel was never too far away from boyfriend laurent gaudette an posted a tweet of this kiss with hashtag "my love." there she is throwing down some moves on vacation including "modn family" co-star nolan ulgod. even he couldn't help checking out his tv sis as she walk
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it's no wonder, though, whether she was sipping a cool dr striking a pose in the sand, ariel had us doing a double take over her white hot string bikini with gold chains. if you're looking for your summer suit sthrks one will set you back about $245. the most revealing part, one of her three new tattoos. this one is written in greek and says "love risks everything and asks for nothing." her other beach look, a flirty red onesie. this one is less than 100 bucks but it seemed to have laurent's full attention. that makes us glowy inside. and looking totally in looe the couple strolled on the baep, took in the ocean view, and acted full-on tourists with the camera. they even spent quality time with the dolphins. now, ar kind of our hero for her healthy body attitude and she's been very open about her breast reduction surgery last year. she told us the remaining scars don't botherrus one bit. >> i actually didn't even remember my scars were there. i knew i had scars but they didn't even cross my mind i should cover them. they are part of us. they mak u
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they're not going away and we shouldn't be ashamed of them. it does make us look beautiful. >> you go, girl. >> check out ariel's "modern fami co-star sofia vergara. she is not on vacation. she's actually lugging boxes on a shopping trip in l.a. although shopping does kound ind of soune a vacation. ed o'neill was one of the stars checking out the wizarding world of harry potter last night, the new attraction at universal studios hollywood. >> coming up next, we are behind the scenes of mother's day. hear kate hudson's emotional moment on set with her son. >> i remember being that little kid. and later, meet the stars of the newest "real housewives." >> oh, no, these are some crazy [ bleep ]. >> oh, my. the dallas housewives' recipe foamr driaa, dmonds, boots, far, and fights. don't go away. >> closed captioning provided by --
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chat with the couple" stars during tomorrow's premiere. lindsay sloan and yvette ni brown will be live
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when are you getting married? >> a lot of people are wondering when taylor swift is going to settle down with calvin harris? >> did you notice we're wearing the same blouse? >> i didn't, but hold on. let's look. you know who wore it better? >> stop it. back to whether taylor's going to have a baby or
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girls. victoria secret angels lily aldridge and behati prinsloo. they were all out to dinner last night. lily has a 3-year-old and behati has one on the way. maybe she's getting baby fever. >> maybe that's it. meanwhile, jennifer aniston is not pregnant. she's playing a mom with julia roberts and kate hudson in their new movie "mother's day." >> all this mother's day stuff. >> you haven't aged that much. >> thank you. >> mom of two had a very special on-set experience with the movie's direct garry marshall, who has known her since she was just goldie hawn's baby girl. >> when i was on"overboard" as a kid he likes to let the kids yell out, you know, action or rolling. and i remember being that little kid on his set. and i watch ryder and he's sitting with garry and we both sort of had a bit of an emotional moment and garry just went -- >> congratulations. >> i'm not a contest winner. >> why am i ugging you? >> julia plays a tv host and best-selling author who forfeits a family for her career.
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this is the fifth film they've done together. >> we should just continue off into the sunset. it's so great. we've been doing movies together. it just makes it quite comfortable and fun and familiar. >> and jason is raising two daughters on his own in the movie. causing him to ponder the unthinkaale. a world with no moms. >> i don't know. it would be a bunch of kids running around with golf clubs and chainsaws with no mothers. right? that's little boy's like when moo's gone. that's not a chainsaw. it's like a hedge clipper. >> i like giving the mamas credit. >> it's all about the mothers on mother's day. >> "mother's day" opens april 29th. what happens when you mix "real housewives" with a little bit of alcohol? >> oh, boy. >> you want to watch and see this. >> i'm ot a trophy wife. i'm a lifetime achievement award. >> whheen t cocktails started flowing, the gossip got going. plus, our "american idol" flashback. we all know about kelly and carrie's success.
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losers? >> you worked on a cruise ship. >> yes. theedisney wonder. and which stars are rocking thel alm denilook? that's coming up next.
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now stars rocking denim head to toe and making it work. vanessa hudgens' forever 21 look now trending. she balances her $34.90 romper with some long sleeves and seriously long legs. emma roberts a retro ruffled halter top and high-waisted bottoms scoring major throwback points. this loose-fitti jumpsuit a fave for leenn ssrimeand ellen pompeo. the swatch factor and the casual kick keep it current. hilary duff's old-school overalls get a stella mccartney makeover. this silhouette costs $895. and taylor's sophisticated
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taylor service station jumper a big trend with the help of sexy stilettos. and now a fashion fla remember justin's canadian tuxedo and britney's denim gown at the 2001 amas? katy perry updated the look 13 years later at the vmas in custom versace. well, denim has always been big in texas but the look was a bit dressier when we met five f women from there. they are tv's new "real housewwves of dallas." our reality expert from bryce sanders got them all together for cocktail hour. key words, cocktail hour. yep, the champagne was flowing. we wanted to know if they had what it s taketo become our next housewives obsession. >> ready for a little game? >> mm >> yeah. >> this is called bring-o or hell no. anyone going to a drink in anyone's face? >> bingo! >> don't cut me off! >> listen. >> table flipping.
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>> we are too classy for that. are we going on vacation? >> hell, yes! >> bingo! >> are we going to see a blowout fight on that trip? >> bingo! >> haters going to hate. >> add some big hair, some southern charm and a bunch of mean girl moments and you have th ingredieets for another potential runaway hit. "the real housewives of dallas." >> i think once bravo previewed some of the episodes they were, like, oh, no, these are crazy [ bleep ]. >> yeah, housewives. >> we met up wi newest housewives on the broadway block with lisa vanderpump at sur restaurant in l.a. former dallas cowboys cheerleader brandi redmond is a full-time mom and bffs with philanthropist stephanie hallman. >> do you want a glass of wine or anything? >> yeah. >> our husbands are best friends. we do aal of our family vacations together. room nurse married to a plastic surgeon. >> have these ladies dropped by dr. duber's office? >> you'll have to wait and see, you'll have to wait and see. but, i mean, i'm sure --
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>> no needles to my face. >> tiffany hendra is a ffrmer actress and now a lifestyle blogger. >> double dog dare you. >> i've lived in the fast lane. >> and then there is leeanne locken. she grew up on the carnival secret and was a miss usa pageant top ten finalist, also the unmarried one. >> you are the only unmarried -- >> yes, i live in sin, baby, and it is a good sin, let me tell you. >> we see you shot a camera at one point. >> don't put that camera face if i'm and don't want you there. okay? -pall right. >> isn't that what they signed up for? >> i just want to go back to the fact that she grew up on the carnival circuit. >> okay. anyway, tomorrow night is the end of an era, the finale of "america >> at its height around 30 million people were tuning in each week, which is really unheard of numbers in today's tv world. >e > thshow also launched the
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today are household names. >> and the cool part is we were with them from the very beginning. >> in the summer of 2004 a nervous farm girl from oklahoma awaits her big chance. >> i'm carrie underwood, i am 21, and i'm from oklahoma. >> she was an eager hopeful with no idea of what awaited her. >> i'm ready for somebody to get a hold of me and tell me what to wear and what to do. >> carrie underwood! >> just under two years later, we shared with carrie her f real taste of superstardom. >> you are a grammy winner. i >> am. i lo sing before but can't get anybody to pay attention to you. "american idol" is my way in for people to start taking me seriously. >> and tomorrow night carrie returns to the "idol" stage where it all began. >> definitely very bittersweet, but i know it's going to be a really great celebration. i'm just glad they have continued to let me come back. >> congratulations. >> oh, my gosh, i'm so on a cloud. >> we also witnessed kelly clarkson break through at the grammys. paula abdul was our special correspondent. di>> d you meet madonna? >> i did.
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gorgeous..o cf1 o >> wow, yeah. and she's tiny as w >> kelly clarkson. >> it's so exciting to win and stuff, but i'm still going to call my friends every night when i get home and my family. >> as the first winner in 2002, kelly had no roadmap to follow. >> are you ready for this? >> oh, yeah. i don't think god would give me anything i can't handle >> but what current finalists dalton, laporsha need to know. >> ruben stuudard! >> there's no guarantee in winning and there's no shame in losing. >> clay aiken, c-l-a-y. >> clay aiken sold 6 million albums. >> tomorrow i have to fly to new york. tomorrow -- i've never been to new york. >> you've never been to new york? it will be your first time? >> yeah. >> taylor hicks! >> where do you go from here? >> i'm going to tty to ride this thing that we have as much as possible to open up as many doors as i can for myself. >> second place finisher katharine mcphee now a star on
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>> i would love to make an album to tour, just to keep singing for people. >> adam lambert, second place, and s chridaughtry, fourth place, have sold over 11 albums between them. >> you worked on a cruise ship. >> yeah. the disney wonder. >> but the queen of landing on her feet has to be seventh-place finisher jennifer hudson. >> what's up next for you? >> i want to do some theater. i want to be jennifer holiday. >> as for that dream, the rest is hi ♪ yes, you are >> it's a blessing and a lesson for others. when i didn't have the faith, the rest of the world did. keep the faith, you see. >> yeah. it turned into an oscar. >> didn't it? by the way, more details leaking about tomorrow night's finale. jennifer lopez will perform her new single "ain't your mama." a lot of people are wondering who she's talking about. maybe you should ask meghan treanor because she wrote the song. >> it starts at 6:00 p.m. pacific and you can
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when we come back, we remembe country great merle haggard. time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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plus, colt coldplay's chris martin wishes his son moses happy birthday in the most epic way possible. check it out at >> travel considerations provided by -- as you know, at the end of each show we usually celebrate the birthdays of the stars but it's a little bittersweet this time because merle haggard passed away today on this, his 79th birthday. >> you don't have to be a country music fan to know merle haggard. his stuff is the stuff of legends. he served time in san quentin before he turned to music. he landed 38 number one hits on the country chart, including classic "oke from muskokee." >> he has such admiration from the young country music stars. miranda lambert talked the otr
7:57 pm
day at the acms. right after she did the collaboration with billy givens. i said who else do you want to collaborate with? she said, "merle haggard is my dream." >> carrie underwood called him a true entertainer, a legend. there will never be another like him. >> so very true. good night, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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ter for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v "survivor," after the merge... >> congratulation, everyone. >> jeff: ...brain and brawn were trying to court brewty over to their side. >> it's great to have options. >> jeff: debbie waste nod time. >> i want to get in an alliance. >> jeff: aggressively trying to secure the numbers. >> it's a done deal. i seem to be one of the few people that plays offense. >> jeff: but things backfired. >> debbie takes strategy in her hands for wthehole tribe. >> jeff: alienating the brains. >> we're screwed because of it. >> jeff: leaving the beauties with an easy decision. >> we're going with brawn. >> agreed. >> jeff: to unite with brawn. >> we're just shoving geeks in erlocks right now. >> jeff: for the brains, things went from bad to worse. >> uh-oh. >> jeff: when neal fell victim to the


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