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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight it is all about idol. >> i'm at the dolby theater revealing everything you want to know a tboutonight's top secret finale. some surprises in store. >> the tears, the flash backs and f theashion, how is j- going to top lastnight's sexy sheer dress? >> i found out which former judges are showing up and who's not. >> plus we look back at the idol drama behind the desk. >> nikki versus mariah, mean simon and train wreck paula. >> and details on taylor's n date night with calvin. are they playing
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selena? and is cameron diaz pregnant? fabulous in her 40s, who is this mom of four rocking an incredible beach body. and celebrities giving up their actual weight. how they're getting back in shape. now for april 7, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> it is official, idol fever i on. >> last night, almost 11 millio people tuned in to see laporsha and trent move on. one of them will be your next american idol. well, this is the end of an era, it truly it is, it is the last american idol show, we were backstage last night at the dolby theater in hollywood today to capture the pandemonium of this epic farewell. >> ido winn from seasons past have been making their way here for the performance tonight. security is
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are going crazy and jennifer lopez is determined to make this one a night you will never forget. j-lo just released a tease of the new single she's debuting tonight. >> it will be the first time i'm performing it. it's a really high energy performance and it's all for the finale too. it wt asn' ajustbout the single, asit wut abo f thee inalas well. >> is idol fashion has already been flawless. >> so much sparkle how are you going to top this tomorrow for the big fin fally? >> i don't know, we'll see. >> last night's cosmic chic dress is right off the run way. and talk about dazzling. ♪ >> idol is now down to the last two finalists in the show's history. >> breaking down in tears at the end there, what was going on? >> all i thought about was my daughter during the song because that song is dedicated to her, it's about us in my mind so i was just so thankful to america
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♪ >> i keep saying, like, this is the stuff that they write, it's a movie. two mississippians, from their respective states, whatever state it might be, make it to the top two of the last season of the greatest competition ever. >> you just have to vote for who you like. >> it's hard to pick a favorite. >> it's hard. it's like apples and oranges. >> and of course tonight is about nostalgia, the ending of an era. exppct to see some of the former judges here, we are betting on the original, simon, brandy and of course paula we spoke with her this morning. >> of course it's going to be emotional. it's the end of a legacy and i'm so proud to be a part of this that changed so many people' -plives including my own. >> idol alumsod
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media before their performances tonight. taylor hicks and chris daltrey in rehearsal. and ww're outside the dolby. >> and two-time runner up is here with me today. >> tears ton >> for me, i'm going to be in the moment. if tears happen, tears happen. just to be a part of 15 seasons of something that's had such a profound impact, it's going to be an honor. >> i can't wait for tonight. it's going to be a huge show. what was your all-time favorite moment? >> besides the cory clark can zal, i have to say fantasia singing >> oh, wow. >> that moment made my wife cry. your favorite idol moment? >> adorable david arquette singing "imagine."
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were hanging with selena gomes and apparently she's tired of being a third wheel, her girl, her bff taylor swift. >> taylor and calvin, hook a girl up already. >> when is she going to set you up so that you can go on double dates? >> i think that's the llast of his worries. >> selena solo at the day that celebrates young ppople making a difference. just hanging out with these kids, it makes you re-evaluate your life sometimes, what am i doing every single day, we're changing the world, they're the next general ration coming up. >> night, betty and bo couldn't keep their hands off each other at their dinner date. >> taylor's ex, joe jonas, also at today's event and we're guessing a little bit of taylor's getting over it writing about it therapy may have rubbed off.
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could their split with the subject of some of his upcoming music? >> i need to ask you about a tweet that you sent out and you said it's always fun writing a song that's going to piss someone off. >> yes. >> will fans know who it's about? >> maybe, as of right now, you definitely know who it's about, but sometimes i have to sugar coat it so it's not so obvious. >> well, what is obvious, i love these shots. veey cozy there. spot the baby bump, it's practically an olympic sport in hollywood and now all eyes are on cameron diaz. >> oh, god absense is disgusting. >> so pregnant or not pregnant? cameron very cleverly avoided drinking any alcohol on the tonight show last night with a game of drinko with jimmy fallon. >> i'll do those. >> you do whatever you get. >> we can't say for sure, but
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book show fashions have all been flowy tops and loose fitting coats. we would love to see cameron and her rocker husband with a baby bundle. and now on to a couple who's way pregnant. nick carter and his wife lauren is due any day now, and we gaga over these pics. the couple celebrated at their home with their friends and family. they're keeping the little one's name under wraps for now. >> it's a very strong name. and it's something -- >> we like it. and finally, a big brother double bombshell. >> i'm pregnant. >> boom. >> what did you just say? >> andn i case you haven't noticed, we are also married. >> okay my gosh. w>>e are, b we got married in beverly hills at the courthouse. ee>> kping it classy. >> the couple had been planning a big wedding until they got the news, now they'll be sharing
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youtube channel. let's keep moving, we ha little coast to coast star tracking to do let's start with lena dunham in new york. >> we're ready to rock this night out. >> lena dunham and her creative part her rocking the party for the hollywood's reporters 35 most powerful people in new york making the list, megin kelly, in royal blue. and check out julianne moore and her director husband bart. lena making a powerful statement in her ripped from the run way fashion. it was the same one she wore on late night with seth meyers. >> kardashian tweeted about us last .week >> speaking of the kardashians.
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were at home--kiley cheered on boyfriend tyga who was struggling on the slopes. the couple snap chatting their way home. >> i'll wear that title proudly. >> nicki making quite an impression in the movie out on april 18. sort of like the one michelle made on minico-star michelle aenz. >> when was the last time you had one of those? >> i had one when you just walked into the room. see, that's what she was fishing for. >> i was not fishing. anthony. >> there's a lot going on in that room.
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>> there sure is. they would be cute together. let's go back to nikki menaj for a second. >> remem her crazy american idol fights with
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look back at her time on the show and some of the other stars you may have forgot. >> and how much do some of your favorite stars make? and movie star mogul mad mom? why she's picking on her own parenting skills, that's next. celebrating an "e.t" birthday today, bill bellamy is wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but t nowith democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra
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she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. happy birthday, everybody. here we are at the o magazine. >> we turned on the full southern charm for this party for these women all decked out in a lifestyle brand.
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at draper james. there was fried chicken, biscuits, all renditions of recipes from grandma and it was delicious. >> it's not easy being a mommy mogul. just ask kate hudson. >> today we are shooting all couture. >> channel, valentino, barefoot in dior, kate covered in couture for the new in style. >> i love the john batista floral. >> the -y36olear-d getting personal saying sometimes i feel like a bad mom. the single mother of two confesses, quote, some days i find myself doing strange things. i don't have any purpose in far away corners of my house and i realize i am literally and deliberately hiding from my children. there's no such thing as perfect balance. >> >> kate said that although she does home work with her kids, there are sometimes when she would prefer to watch "the baor
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and i think a lot of people can relate to that. >> kate who's worth $ million has been busy promoting book "pretty happy" and tells us she's been falling short in the cooking department. >> he's like, yeah, mom, gwyneth made this roasted tomato with melted moz rel la and i'm like, you know what? shut up. >> i'm feeling her pain. >> we have two more hot star moms. coming up, finding out who we caught in their bikinis looking fantastic over 40. >> ladies, would you tell the world your actual real weight? >> n >> we have the stars who are doing it. pl>> us our american idol flash back with the judges stealing the show. >> and which celebrity made the most money this past year? stay tuned to find out.
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okay, we're just going to say it. ishat one hot beach body, even in a modest retro suit, nicole is putting the rest of us to shame. just look at her the ea
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check out her phat midriff. nicole usually covers up when she's out in the sun, but we're glad she showed off her fab figure this time. heidi klum who also has four kids on the beach yesterday showing off her body in a sexy snake skin bikini on their trip. they're simple not shy about a little ocean site pda. with a body like that, heidi and there's some other stars who are determined to get back into bathing suit shape. gayle king is losing weight now. and i love you so much right now, because he is showing us the numbers on her scale. >> starting on december 12, i was 184.5. and my last post, i was like 159-something. knock on wood, so far, so good. >> way to go, gayle, showing off
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her 25 pounds lost so that her 936,000 twi and 129 ,000 instagram followers can relate to her milestones and struggles. >> hello my name is gayle. please be my heroine. >> and her besty is celebrating. >> yay oprah. >> that is oprah with me last month and now she is eight months into her weight watchers program. >> i love bread, i now just manage it. >> and she tells us how boyfriend stead is supporting her. saying, quote,steadman loves counting points. he's doing it to stay healthy, he doesn't need to lose weight. >> she too likes to engage and we thought, wouldn't it be fun to do an issue that's all about social media. >> that issue complete with selfies and family photos is on stands april 20. >> state your name, height and weight.
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6'1". >> rob kardashian is now sharing his fitness plan on snap chat with the help of blac chyna. your weigh i right now 248.4, do you give me permission to train you every day for the next five weeks? >> i do. >> nobody said it would be easy, rob. >> how was your first workout? >> and you know who's actually responsible for putting all the kardashians on tv? ryan sechrest. and he producings her show. >> i think he learned how to deal with dysfunctional folks wooking with the american idol judges. >> let's look at all the judges, the good, the bad and the ugly. >> i'm in a position of most women, in fact all women with envy. >> in this shot just for "e.t," is simon finally showing a softer side? but shots like this were a typical example of how the
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judges were often bigger story than the contestants themselves. >> horrible, useless. p> for instance we often talked about simon's realty checks the singer's performances. >> that was shockingly bad. we're always being told by the producers, you can't say this, you say that, you needed a notebook. >> as for paula, it was all about her ditsy side. >> fans started to wonder if paula had a more serious problem when this confusion occurred back in 2008. >> it made me feel like you're not fighting enough to get into the top four. >> it was just on the first song. it's just the first song. >> oh, my god, i thought you sang it twice. >> everyone in the world looks at this show and they never find. i'm wearing a microscopic -- mag nying -- >> micro
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ssgla. >> microphone? >>'s shert pa of our family and we love her. >> in a dispute over money, she reportedly wanted to triple her pay package, paula was soon gone. >> i'm not afraid or embarrassed to say it, i'm really happen. >> what happened then was a revofling door of judges, ellen replaced paula, but she stayed only one season, saying it was one of the worst decisions i have made. simon also left that year to start x factor, getting j-lo and steven tyler. >> i only wanted to do this for one season and ended up doing it for five. >> if she calls me something that starts with a b and ends in an inch, i rebuke it. i think my thing is i have to be my >> during season 12, nikki and mariah were constantly at each pther's throats. >> i'm not making comments, i'm ngtryi h toelp her as opposed to -- >> there's no feud.
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>> maybe i should just get [ bleep ]. >> reportedly producers were considering bringing in former judge jennifer lopez to replace mariah during the season, but she returned the following year instead. but like she always said, s goodbye to the contestants allays the hardest part. >> i didn't expect it. i'm a very emotional person. i really do see myself in them. i know what they're going through. and it hurts. >> of course we will be tonight at the idol finale. carrie underwood will perform, and check this out, that's garth brooks with carrie's husband, ♪ i will sail my until . the river runs dry ♪ >> he sounds good. >> he sounds grebu
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said she was jealous that mike got to sing with garth f >> but she's going do pay him back and find wayne gretzky and sing a song with him.
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anhip ymore. >> why she's suddenly rejecting the label but still has a ring on her finger. it's all on parade magazine has released it's annual list of what people earn. the numbers are remarkable. for instance taylor swift made a reported 80 million bucks last year. >> that's amazing, isn't i had to find out how she spends all that money. >> i invest it, i try to be careful with it.
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>> taylor earned more than >> his star is really on the rise. >> on the rise? no, he's there already. two separate issues of parade will hit stands the 10th and the 17th. >> bye, everybody.
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