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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we again this friday night with breaking news a child shot in the south in southeast d.c. thank you for joining us. we're told the victim is a7- year-old girl we are live in southeast, matt is standing by there live. what are you seeing out there on the scene. >> police do say that a 7-year- old girl was shot here on the 23030 block of hartford street, being transported to the hospital but sh
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and didn't know where she was hit. we have an active scene. police got the call around 9:41 p.m., we do not have any information about a possible suspect but at least a dozen officers are on scene. if you take a look at this white vehicle in front of us you'll notice the back window has been shattered we don't know whether that was caused by a bullet if you look beyond that, you may see flashlights the more police gathering that's where hartford street is and the crime scene. obviously we have an active scene out there we'll continue to monitor it for you we'll update you where in the newscast or website wusa9. back to you guys in the studio. thank you. we'll of course bring you the latest developments on this breaking story as they come into our newsroom. stay informed 24/7 by downloading our news app, you'll get breaking news alerts when you need them. also new at 11:00, people in the dmv a bundling up as the temperatures go down. so get ready for
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wind, and even snow. so brace yourselves. >> going to be a challenging weekend if you have plans for sure. a weather alert has been issued for tomorrow. we're tracking this rainy cold and top snow really are we still saying snow ? we issued a yellow weather alert we have expectations to be able to go outside on this saturday. not so much tomorrow. through pittsburgh just about to enterga garrot county in western michigan, bringing arctic air, it will pass to our north south of philly we're looking at some accumlating snow towards philly across the mountains and across the divide accumulating snow. conversational snow, kind of depressing for know. we'll have breaks in the clouds
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even sunshine late morning and early afternoon, showers in the 5, 4:00 hour, we still have showers and snow showers as far south as tyson and fairfax, i think we'll see snow showers all the way down with temperatures in the mid-30s to low 40s. we'll come back we'll talk about some strong winds behind this clipper. remember go to the app store search for wusa9 and download our app you can watch the broadcast and breaking news if there is severe weather you'll know about it first. we're learning more about the day care provider charged in the death of this baby girl. 43-year-old was supposed to be watching savannah wright but instead police say she killed her. >> it was just 9 month old. we have more on this story and what experts want every parent to know. >> police say the day care manning ran was called little giggles it was illegal and as soon as they heard about it state of
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>> they be happy to see her going to get him from school and all that. this home is where police say she ran a day care and also say where she killed savannah wright nearly four months ago. according to documents the 9 month old died from nonaccident blunt force trauma of the head while in the soul custody of manning. police told wusa there were no prior calls to the service, and child protective services didn't have any cases relating to manning or this address but her day care was unlicensed or illegal. >> if someone is in that child's care outside of that child's home more than 30 hours a month that person is providing child care and needs to be licensed. jennifer hofmann works for the prince george's child resource center says if someone is a licensed child
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number of tests. >> they have first of all gone through criminal background checks all the space is inspected by the fire marshal to make sure it is safe for children each health care provider whose lines had gone through extensive training making sure that they have first aide and cpr. license provider are continuously visited by specialist from the state office of child care. some parents hofmann says don't know that a facility is unlicensed but always ask. >> the first thing would be to ask for the child care license because every child care provider should have that on site and be able to produce it. >> or check online. >> in maryland all licensed child care providers can be found that >> saying the cost isn't worth the risk. if parents are turning to daycare options, there is
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child care subsidy, and similar to that in every state. reporting live in palmer park. wusa9. police say it took manning at least 45 minutes to call 911 after the 9 month old was injured. she is charged with assault and child abuse. tonight, prosecutors charged a massage therapist secretly recording one client in the nude. >> garrot brings us the story. sheriff deputies arrested a massage therapist working at this location charged him with secretly video taping while she undressed. a woman receiving a massage noticed a red blinking right in the room. when it ended the light turned off she discovered it was day's phone, to
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over to investigators that same day. deputies arrested the masseuse earlier this week and received multiple other recording devices from his home. teams are examining those devices looking for any additional video that might exist. an investigation described as very much ongoing. >> he has been a license massage therapist since 2011. the corporate office told me they were appalled by the accusation. say he got a call this week telling him his masseuse had been let go. >> i'm kind of shocks he is really passionate about what he does, it is not every day you find someone passionate about what he does. i was definitely surprised to find out that he would do something like that. >> trying to track down daye, i ended up speaking with his mother by phone, she said she did not believe the charges against her son, that he is studying to become a minister. daye
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court hearing next week in virginia the charge of secretly recording someone while they were nude is punishable with up to a year in prison. reporting from stafford county virginia. he was in prison for 33 years and didn't do it. virginia supreme court ordering the release of 60-year-old keith allen after dna evidence cleared him of a rape and murder committed in 1982. just 10 hours ago he walked out behind bars a freeman. >> i think i was going to die in prison, the parole board wasn't going to let me go because i wasn't going to commit a crime that was committed and i didn't do it. i said, i would rather live in prison knowing i didn't do it or being executed knowing i didn't do it. it was the innocent's project that helped win his freedom he was convicted based upon bite marks on a rape victim since linked to a man in prison who died years ago.
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on record saying the commonwealth got it wrong they are sorry and working to make it right. to a dramatic involvement with car crash involving teens and alcohol. sam pleaded guilty that killed two of classmates. ellis' lawyer says he is devastated and filled with remorse will be sentenced in june. calling the guilty plea bittersweet. they intend to keep pushing for stiffer penalties for adults who allow teens to drink in their home. you can read the emotional statement about the loss of their son on our wusa 9 app. he got drunk stole an ambulance and slammed into 10 cars killing one man today sebastien isaacson was sentenced to 16 years behind bars of that 2014 crash on green belt road in prince george's county. in the district a 24-year- old ma
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dui after hitting and killing a man in northwest. , driving out of thomas circle headed down the access road when she hit a man on the 1,300th block of massachusetts avenue. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. five men arrested after linked to last month's bombing in belgium they believe one of the man is the so-called man in the hat we've seen on airport surveillance video at the brussels airport. that suspect was the last identified suspect at large from the paris attacks. investigators are trying to figure out if he is the same man in the video. >> belgium police made 5 arrests friday ultimately nabbing the only remaining fugitive from the paris terror attacks. 31-year-old muhammad. >> muhammad was arrested. >> last seen in november at a gas station
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suspects salah abdeslam just two days before the terrorist attack. authorities say the pair rented rooms in alfordville last november. >> some of the suicide bombers stayed. >> he was a childhood friend and believed to have spent time in syria last summer. authorities are trying to determine a possible role ins brussels bombing. >> investigators are verifying if he can be positively identified as being the third person during that attack in brussels airport. >> the arrest came 24 hours after releasing this video showing the man in the hat walking away from the airport and returning to the neighborhood where the bombs were belt. >> police also arrested a suspect believed to have been involved with the brussels subway bombing. these bar stools are probably filled up tonight we'll tell you why
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george's county strip club ordered to shut down are actually up and running anyway. a free weed give away set for tomorrow in d.c., but not everyone is going to be able to get out there and pick up some pot that's the plan still ahead. we'll go back to the scene
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. your weekend with wake up inwash, gtonmelissa is on snow watch and new tips to safeguard your smartphones from hacker. get your day started with news you can use wake up washington. tomorrow morning. . we're going to go back to our breaking news about that little girl shot in the chest in southeast d.c. let's get right out to the scene with matt in the 2400 block of hartford street, matt, what do we know. thank you. we are still out here now over to my left there is residents in
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to gather police are not allowing them into the scene right now as they continue to investigate looking for additional clues obviously they have not given us any suspect info yet, we are waiting for updates to gather the information all we know right now is that she has been transport today a local hospital she is still breathing but do not know where she is hit. we are live in southeast working the scene. wusa9. thank you. well a campaign photo op may have backfired on hillary clinton, why you have seen this video of the presidential candidate in the big apple in a subway station headed for one of the trains. chatting it up with riders in the press, well, the thing is, it is against mta rules to do any public speaks or campaigning on the subway cars the rule is mainly for street performers, apparently extends to politicians. new york votes in the primary in just under 2 weeks. police are racking
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strip clubs. officials ordered 12 different establishments to stop providing adult entertainment by no longer than 5:00 before he headed out on the breaking news, showing us how one business might be breaking the law. >> mustang says it is a legit business not going anywhere, tonight they are bearing it all an stage, one tells us why. >> i think it is messed up a lot of people be out of a job. it is to help provide for kids and save up for a home. pay their way through school. she disagreed with the county's decision. >> there are women in here that actually, actually need the money and this is their way of doing it so if you take that out then what else do they have. >> the county isn't telling these women they can't couldn't their work, they just can't do it here in the zoning areas.
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because they are if different parts the club i'm at now, not near a school, not anywhere to where we're loud, it is not bothering anyone. people that live near by and shop at the ball across the street disagree. >> are you happy they are closing? i have kids. i don't want them exposed to anything, they get exposed to everything all the time. you don't need to have it right inure neighborhoodcops, it is nasty you have the kids back and fourth, there are constantly kids going back and fourth in this area this needs to go, should have been gone years ago. the department of permit found other clubs violated laws in 2010 and 2011. >> doesn't matter who is first more about what's better for the community. >> businesses that only offer adult entertainment have to close. >> a spokesperson for the department
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services expects some of these clubs to appeal the decision to shut down adult entertainment in residential areas. in the meantime they'll be fined in tay don't owe bay. wusa9. free weed for veterans a few local groups plan to be outside the veterans affairs medical center on north capitol street tomorrow afternoon the organizers are going to provide them, it is legal in d.c., to gift and to possess marijuana. >> we know we have a whole thing on the we for tomorrow, over the past week and a half, we've within dealing with a lot of high winds. >> it's been ridiculous, for april, i can't remember such a windy first start of the month in fact a little graph thanks for that i appreciate that. this is a great graph. last six days you ready for this? high wind gusts 58 miles per hour on saturday, you might remember that, my front door open actually. we go through the weekend still 50il
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sunday, 34 on monday, 41 tuesday, our quiet day was wednesday with 30 miles per hour winds, 36 on thursday we had a 31 miles per hour wind gust today, probably have a wind gust tomorrow in excess of 40 miles per hour. that is crazy. if i can dig up data and compare to this other early april, i will. 3 degree guarantee. good thing i went from 58 to 57, you remember that guys? it was 54. by the skin of my teeth you made that one go to a high of 47 for tomorrow. a live look outside at 48 right now that actually would be a good number too. dew points in the 20s winds are calm but begin to kick up by morning and by tomorrow afternoon, yellow weather alert for saturday, windy with rain and snow showers a hard freeze tomorrow night i think the winds will subside and produce a hard freeze tomorrow. still chilly on sunday, but at least more sunshine. so if you have to pick a day better the two days will be sunday, do a walk on th
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7:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures 4 frederick, 37 in silver spring. and by 12:00 we have breaks in the clouds which is one reason why i think the soccer games will be played more showers develop by 4:00, sterling, and by 6:00 we still have snow showers all the way down to la plata. there is a chance someone sees a snowflake at one point in the day tomorrow. 10:00, temperatures 31 in frederick, 34 in leesburg we are headed for the 20s downtown. day planner these are downtown temps around 40. snow showers here and there, more snow showers by 1 p.m. next seven days, chilly on sunday, but that's the better of the two days 52 hopefully hot chocolate, showers on monday but milder rain on tuesday and cooler then fiy
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little more like early april, low 60s mid-60s upper 60s wednesday with sunshine wednesday, thursday, friday. good day to stay in doors and watch some golf. >> one of the survivors of the florida wildfire is getting extra tlc tonight. >> his name is smokey junior he has quite a bit to say about his experience. >> okay. isn't he just the cutest? when they are that little firefighters rescued this bear club from the flames that burned so homes in lake county they think he is only a couple months old there was no mama bear in site. that cub is being cared for by wildlife officials. >> he has some minor burns looks like on the bottle to of his feet maybe on
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certainly survivable if cared for. >> poor little guy. wildlife officials say smokey junior is going to be just fine. >> that whole time i hope they were looking for mama bear. >> combusting out of the forest, what are you guys doing? >> they had to make it happen. do or die, hope is alive we're in detroit, did they do or die? we shall find
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. now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hammerhan brought to you by xfinity. we expect the wizards, they are in a full blown must win situations, lose the season is over and no play offs could the wizards get it down without the injured guard john, the team's best player? things look promising, morris has the half court shot to make it a 2
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reggie jackson, 39, wizards will not be playing in the post season after losing 112-99 season over game over. game of the week at northern virginia, 24,000 votes for this game, in the right place at the right time, scores. natalie will counter by adding the lead at the cavs go onto win 3-1. >> we expected the opponent to be very physical and that's how it was that we did a really good job. >> we did a good job getting in behind the defense. we do need to do a better job finishing, needed to be a little more aggressive. >> certainly passed with young guns like jordan
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is week at the masters. beautiful club, rory mcilroy making moves today, the birdie putt on 13, and 9 to finish at 3 under, here is one stroke behind this guy jordan spieth the two number ones will be the last pairing tomorrow and spieth is looking forward to it. >> it will be a fun round tomorrow we enjoy playing with each other. we've both played well, both played you know, poorly, just seem to be both on our games right now and really obviously focused on this week with a lot ofel fantastic players behind us. tomorrow night after wusa9 we have a masters special, chris sits down in augusta tomorrow right here on wusa9. they always have
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lullaby music. >> plus we have the
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . cold, wet, snowy. it is going to get better, yellow weather alert tomorrow rain and snow showers, winds over 40 miles per hour tomorrow evening, better than today, sunday low 50s and grab your umbrella for monday. >> you've been warned have a great night masters update coming followed by the late
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