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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  April 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this is "wake up washington" on wusa9. at this a run "wake up washington," prosecutors say former house speaker dennis hastert sexually abused four boys. strak virginia man convicted of a crime he didn't commit is free -- is free 33 years into a life sentence. winter is back at it again with some of the white stuff. a four letter word to start your saturday, snow, rain, take your pick. we appreciate you waking up with us. a snowflake has been spotted, melissa? there have been spots north of the beltway we've seen with some snowflakes, wet snowflakes mixing in with some rain.
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a chilly rain and snow that will turn colder and windy the further through the day that we go pick there is a yellow weather alert the cause it is going to be nothing like the middle of april. it is feeling more like february outside on your saturday. live doppler shows the first of what will be two waves of precipitation moving through the area. places closer to the metro, your temperatures are in the mid-40s and it is all rain showers. you can see this differentiation up to 70. we are getting some wet snow mixing in and further in, too the bout ray, it is light rain showers with if you areas of yellow that may be wet snowflakes mixing in and further north, too dayton, with got a little bit of snow mixing in, wet snowflakes and temperatures are sitting above freezing. it is melting on impact and
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this is april. we are dealing with this? unfortunately, we are for today. we have more wrap around snow showers from the backside that will move in later this afternoon and there is another chance for rain and snow showers later today. it turns windy later and even though we may dry things out for a couple of hours, you need winter jackets. bundle up in many layers. we sent surae chinn out. have you seen any snowflakes in germantown? >>reporter: we haven't seen any snowflakes, and we are in a bit of a low at this point. coming from northwest dc up to 70, it was pouring down rain and right now, we are clear. right behind me we see blue skies and sun coming through mostly cloudy with dark clouds in front of the camera. right now,
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conditions and mild, as well. i'm sure we will see a bunch of games going on. we are at raiders part of century boulevard and 270. lots of puddles. moms and dads, you may have a nice leisure breakfast because a lot of these little league games will be canceled this morning. back to you. we will continue to look at conditions and our eyes are to the sky. as you mentioned, the windy conditions will come later. back to you. covering prince george's county, police tell us a nine- month-old baby girl was killed by her unlicensed daycare provider. according to the medical examiner, savannah wright died on december 2nd from a nonaccidental blow to the head. investigators charged 43-year- old, beatrice manning of murder. they say she was operating
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of her home on temple hill and it was a legal. >> she's good with children. >> they were happy to see her. she went to get them from school. i don't believe it. specs savanna's mother said her daughter was a perfect baby who smiled at everything. a developing story, new revelations made against former house speaker, dennis hastert. the chicago tribune cites sources for report that hastert sexually abused four boys when he worked as a wrestling coach in yorkville, illinois. he will learn his sentence for violating banking laws and may have to pay more than $3 million to keep someone quiet about the abuse. sentencing is scheduled for april 27. after more than 33 years, a man wrongly convicted for rape and murder is free. keith allen harward, a former navy sailor was released yesterday from nottoway
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correctional facility. dna evidence cleared him of raping a woman and killing her husband in 1982. we are back in a minute as the manhunt wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are.
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always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. welcome back to "wake up washington." we are on snow watch 2016 spring edition. are you kidding me? i'm almost laughing. really, after the 80s, this week has been a roller coaster. some snow showers around this morning. >> the winter that won't go away. >> we will get drive time but the winds will pick up in the temperatures don't rise much so
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continue to stay in the low 30s. if you are going to it a soccer game or baseball game, little league, if they weren't canceled for today, the kids need to dress in many, many layers because it will stay windy and cold this afternoon. we can handle the cold but when you factor in the wind, it will feel uncomfortable outside for april, after we've seen flowers blooming already. doppler shows the first wave of precip moving through, most of it is a chilly, light rain. we have areas of yellow showing up with this blue collar and that shows -- blue collar shows extra energy with wets snowflakes moving in. silver springs to the north of that and in the district, another band of light rain will track and shortly and that will be chilly. further north and west, and closer up 95, more rain-snow mix showers.
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upper 30s and anything falling to the ground will not be sticking, especially on roadways because ground temperatures are too warm to get anything to sit. here is the culprit for the change to winter. a clipper is moving in to bring a cold arctic air and you can see the first wave moving out with wrap around moisture that means more rain and snow showers later today. the headlines, yellow weather alert day to day and rain and snow showers. one batch this morning and more later. the winds pick up and that will be the problem factor later this evening for plans. they could be gusting to 40 plus miles per hour. we have a wind advisory and effect with a hard freeze tonight. low 20s tomorrow morning and chilly tomorrow afternoon but the sunshine will help things out a little bit. futurecast,
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variable clouds and there could be a spotty rain or snow shower through the midday our. later this afternoon, more moisture working in. 4:00 p.m., chilly rain showers mixed with wet snowflakes and we keep them through the 7:00 p.m. hour. the winds are picking up and with that, the windchill values stay in the low 30s. it will turn pretty chilly as we head through the rest of today. the actual temperatures make it into the 40s and more breaks in the clouds, mid-40s with spots that have cloud cover and 41 in hagerstown and dc, right around 46 this afternoon. factoring in the wind, here are windchill values at 5:00 p.m.
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low 30s. lots of layers and look where the windchill values dropped. by 10:00 p.m., they fall to the low to mid-20s and then dropping into the teens into tomorrow morning. sunday morning early service, if you are going to activities outside, a lot of road races. dressed in multiple layers because it will feel like we are at 21 degrees tomorrow. technically, the lows tomorrow are a few degrees above it but we have a hard freeze for much of this. temperatures tomorrow morning may break records. 22 is alone fredericks tomorrow morning and in the district, upper 20s. factoring in the winds, it will feel colder with a freeze warning, areawide tonight and that continues to tomorrow morning. gusty winds this afternoon that start to go up to 40 miles an hour and they stay windy tonight into tomorrow and we see the wind su
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41, but feels like 38 with the winds nothing like they will be this afternoon. in gaithersburg and frederick, 36 and 37 in manassas. temperatures are above freezing. they will not -- the snowflakes will not be sticking on the ground and we keep the chance of rain and snow showers in the forecast. one way of this afternoon and a yellow alert continues. tomorrow, a cold start and temperatures in the 20s and tomorrow afternoon, into the 50s with showers and temperatures in the low 50s. the seven day forecast, temperatures climbing into the low 60s and a dry stretch, which is unheard of, recently. later in the work we, temperatures in the 60s. on deck, will they pry in your conversations? the
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new information about the panama papers. the law firm at the center of the lake, mossack fonseca, allegedly set up more than 1000 shell companies in e
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more than 600 were set up in nevada, alone. this news raises more -- raises more questions about americans and the hiding of money from tax collectors. new developments between apple and the fbi. senators are drafting a bill to make it a lot to help break phone encryption. the bill is backed by senators from both parties that would force companies to help the government get data from phones and computers without a warrant. supporters say no individual or company is above the law. a manhunt is over for a violent mental health patient in washington state. 28-year-old murder suspect, anthony garber broke out of a mental facility and was captured in spokane, hiding under a pile of debris in the woods. the boss is backing out of a trip to north carolina. bruce springsteen canceled concert in greensboro saying the bathroom gender law is an attempt to overturn progress. the show was going to be sunday at people who bought tickets will get refunds. >>
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two reports are out of public health, globally and nationally. the first from a global perspective, finds the number of adults with diabetes has reached 422 million, worldwide with increases in low and middle income countries. from 1980-2014, the prevalence of diabetes more than doubled for men in india and china and globally, more men than women now have diabetes. obesity is the most important risk factor for type 2 diabetes in adults and the study in the journal finds attempts to control rising rates of obesity has not proved successful. the report concluded identifying people who are at high risk of type 2 diabetes should be a priority since the onset can be prevented or delayed through lifestyle changes, diet or medication.
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despite tremendous improvements in health, americans live shorter lives and suffer worse health outcomes than people in many other high income countries. working to change that is what national public health week is about. the official activities and on sunday but a growing movement of people, organizations and communities are collaborating to take action to create the healthiest nation in one generation. we have a link if you would like to take the pledge to help create a healthy america. find it and more information on today's health alert on our website at or download our free wusa9 mobile app for apple and android devices. other health headlines, researchers in boston identified a new set of genes that may be responsible for causing stroke and dementia. dr. said the finding could lead to therapeutic or preventative strategies. and new studies suggest screenfo
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obese women. they found babies of obese mothers with gestational diabetes were already excessively large six months into the pregnancy and most testing for this happens after the six-month mark. most states dropped the ball for keeping students active and fit. in the report found 62% of states allow students to substitute other activities for gymnasium class and only 19 states set a minimum amount of time for education. guidelines recommend at least one hour of physical activity each day. talking about early retirement? ♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleaes a deadly killing force to kills fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae,
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the wizard still have three games on the schedule bu
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it is a formality at this point. the season effectively ended last night at detroit. they had to win without john wall to stay in the play of conversation and overcome an 18- point deficit and. morris threw up her prayer and it was answered at the buzzer. it 20-point third quarter for morris made it a two-point game but not for long chair -- for long. 39 points leading the way to a 112-99 pistons win and the wizards were eliminated from playoff contention. in the district, you thought rain was bad for business in nats park? as you heard, snow may have a say in how game 2 goes against the marlins, and we will keep tabs on that all day long. on the heels they became one, in 85 minute delay thanks to the weather, dusty baker called the rain a downer.
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taking a tour of the bases in the seventh inning. it wasn't enough to stop the nats first home game of the season ending in the first loss of the season. the first pitch is 4:05 and we will keep you posted if anything changes on that front. we know there's no stopping moving day at the masters. the question, can anyone stop jordan spieth? rory mcllroy closed in with the one under 71 and round two. considering 75 of the scoring average on friday, spieth struggled to hold on to his lead. he went from five strokes up to under one. the par savon 18 kept his name on top of the leaderboard for six straight round. put that in perspective, that was matched only by arnold palmer in 1960 and 1961. spieth and mcllroy make up the final pairing. >> we enjoyed playing with each other. we've had -- we both played well and played poorly. it seems to be that we are both
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focused on this week with a lot of fantastic players behind us. >> four of the last six majors have been one by one of those two guys. wusa9 is your master's headquarters. stay with us from augustine national, tonight, following the third round of action. we will see if spieth can stay on the leaderboard for record seven rounds. >> golf is a sport? it used to be a tongue in cheek question. players are hitting the gym as much of -- as much as the driving range. the game has changed and we are shown how from augustine national. >>reporter: three-time masters champion gary player made a hole in one in this year's part three round in augusta. at age 80 he's a role model on the course and in the gym. >>
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people to look after the most important ingredient in your life, your health. >>reporter: not all champions have been physically fit. >> jack nicholas is an incredible athlete but was 25 pounds overweight at his prime. >>reporter: golf is much more athletic and for the pros, heavy metal is important. this trainer showed me how he keeps raining masters champion jordan spieth in shape. he said it is little details that can maximize the golf game. >> mobility is first with us and then we work on fun things like hitting with strength and the core strength. >>reporter: many said the focus on fitness started with tiger woods but there are also dangers. spect that have been injuries to the back and other muscles and joints from the gym than the golf course. >>reporter: rory mcllroy was criticized for a spread in men's health magazine. some said he was too big. advertises for big opportunities. >> companies want their endorsement.
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the more fit they are, the more marketable. >>reporter: goddard said the key is balance on the course and off. jamie yuccas, cbs news in augusta, georgia. still to come on this morning, more terror arrests made overnight in belgium and former football player at vanderbilt will spend the next few decades in prison. temperatures in the 30s and rain showers. not really comfortable to be outside this morning but the winds picked up and it will feel
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this is "wake up washington" on wusa9. taking a live look outside, the calendar says of spring. the forecast says otherwise. we welcome you back to this saturday edition of "wake up washington." melissa nord, a snowflake has been spotted in the middle of spring? there have been snowflakes further north of the immediate metro area but it is cold and will turn windy later today. >> we've seen a string of windy days. >> yes. we've had winds gusting every day above 30 miles an hour and today is no exception. -50. >> there we go. >>
7:30 am
i'm tracking six stories -- 60s later in the forecast and we have to wait, not this weekend. right now, we have rain moving in. it was raining on the weather terrace and we will see the next band of cold rain tracking through into the i-95 corridor and we will say brakes with the wind picking up and more rain and snow showers in the middle of the afternoon. it won't be one of those pleasant spring april days to be outside. the doppler shows this alert day, the leading edge of the next band of chili rain showers is moving in in college park and silver spring. also, pushing out of the district very shortly, out to district heights. alexandra having chili rain showers and you see the brutal yellow colors with wet snowflakes or a mushy ice pellet mixing and as we see the next
7:31 am
germantown, up to 70, mainly chili and rain showers. it's possible as you go north that we have some wet snowflakes mixing in. actual temperatures are in mid- to upper 30s with low 40s. it's cold enough to where we could see some wet snowflakes mixing in. it is saturday and you can sleep in and don't have to go to work today. we will deal with wind that will pick up. for saturday evening, it won't be very comfortable outside. it is 41 right now. it feels like 36 because of that might reason the winds later today pick up and will dust 40-50 miles an hour. the next batch of snow showers moves in and as those move in, it will start to become uncomfortable outside. the winds are not bad right now but let's check out how the activities are going on at sports fields. we have surae chinn joining us from gnt
7:32 am
you have a ball field and a puddle of water? >>reporter: not ideal conditions. we have pedals on the softball shield. raptor foot ballfield. most of these games are canceled. soccer wouldn't be good for the field. these are conditions that will be uncomfortable with the wind later in with snow and colder temperatures later. right now, we are seeing a bit of a lull and the heavy rain and it looks like's guys are trying to clear up. most of the area, up above, it is very, very cloudy and we have some dark areas where we are expecting more rain throughout the day. calm conditions and very wet
7:33 am
also, you can check out every condition, especially with yellow alert day on the wusa9 at. back to you. belgian authorities said they arrested the last known fugitive tied to the paris attacks. is john bigley on reports, they are investigating whether he could also be the man in the had seen at the brussels airport the day of the bombings. >>reporter: belgian police made five arrests on friday, ultimately nabbing the only remaining fugitive from the paris terror attacks. 31-year-old, mohamed abrini. >> mohamed abrini was arrested. >>reporter: he was last seen in november at a gas station with terror suspect salah abdeslam, two days before the paris attacks pick authorities said the peer rented rooms last november. >> some of the suicide bombers did this before then.
7:34 am
was believed to have spent time in syria last summer. and they are trying to determine his role in the bombings. >> we are trying to see if he can be positively identified as being the third person present during the tackett brussels airport, the so-called man with a had. >>reporter: a brain's arrest came 24 hours after police released in this video showing the man in the had walking away from the bustles bustles -- brussels airport and returning to the neighborhood where the bombs were built. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news in london. the was another arrest made. a suspect believed to have been involved in the subway bombing and brussels. former vanderbilt football player, he was just convicted of raping an unconscious woman in 2013. corey batey was found guilty of aggravated rape, 2-ounc
7:35 am
facilitation of rape and sexual battery, also. he was one of four former commodore football players charged with gang raping a drunk student who passed out in a dorm room. the aggravated rape conviction carries a prison sentence of 15- 25 years. corey batey should learn his sentence around may 20. arlington police are looking into a stocking incident involving two kids. investigator said a boy and girl were walking around eighth road around 4:30 and they said a man tried to get him -- try to get them to come home with him. the girl said she noticed the man watching her on three separate occasions. police to repeat -- police believe he was driving a blue or black pickup truck. that is all the information we have and we will pass along information as we learned. a former masseuse is accused of secretly videotaping a woman while she undressed for massage pick deputies said 41- year-old,
7:36 am
his cell phone to record her at a massage envy location in stafford. he was charged with recording and nonconsenting nude person. the corporate office told wusa9 they were appalled by the accusation and fired him county is cracking down on strip clubs. the con is trying to limit them to commercial areas. we are shown how one business might break the law. >>reporter: galaxy dance provides -- galaxy dance is to provide for her kids. she disagrees with the county's decision. >> there are women in her that need the money and this is their way of doing it. if you take it out, what else do they have? >>reporter: the county has been telling the women ey
7:37 am
continue their work here. in zoning areas, there are becoming more gentrified. >> i understand certain clubs because they are in a different part. the club i met now, it's not near a school or anywhere where it is bothering anyone. >>reporter: people that live -- people that live nearby disagree. are you happy they're closing? >> i've got kids. i don't want them exposed to this. they get exposed to everything all the time. we don't need to have it right in the neighborhood. >> it's nasty and you have a kids back and forth. there are kids in this area. it needs to go. it should've been done years ago. >>reporter: prince george's county found 11 other clubs like mustangs violated zoning laws established in 2010 and 2011, after the clubs open for business. >>
7:38 am
better for the community. >>reporter: businesses that offer adult entertainment have to close and this includes upscale ballroom and club ecstasy. a spokesperson said they expect some of the clubs to appeal the county's decision to shut down adult entertainment and more residential areas. in the meantime, a will be fined if they don't obey. wusa9. catholics around the world react to pope francis new guidelines on family life. a document released yesterday is called the joy of love and calls for the church to change in emphasis from doctrines of emphasis to murphy. they said to look to your conscious instead of rules when it comes to the boards. >> we don't want to keep people away from coming to the church. there are many misperceptions. if i'm divorced, there is not a place for me in the church. if i married but not married in the church that is not a place for me. he said that is not true. is a place for everybody in the church. >> a pope francis shared views on divorce,
7:39 am
marriage, remain in line with the church's teaching. catholic university had some views about the letter. >>reporter: he said that we need to love everybody. and people we talked with at catholic university agreed pope francis had a consistent theme of no judgment that runs throughout the document. >> he said, let's not be judgmental. let's let god be judgmental. let god worry about that. is a community of catholics, let's welcome everybody. >> is consistent with what he has been saying the past two years. nothing surprised me. >>reporter: john likes that the document sticks to church history. >> i like is getting back to basics of the church. >>reporter: others said they hope changes down the road. >> i don't feel comfortable with it. i don't know.
7:40 am
>> it's an evolving conversation. there's more to talk about. >>reporter: ellen brian reporting. the diocese in washington said the document is a call for action for people to figure out a place for everyone that wants to be a part of the church and the document, pope francis said there are no grounds to consider homosexual unions and calls on the transgender community to accept humanity as it was created. bernie sanders plans to visit the vatican, we've learned, days before the new york primary. he will attend a conference on social, economic and environmental issues. it's not clear if he will meet with pope francis. in the meantime, sanders seems to have softened his critique of hillary clinton. earlier this week, his said she was unqualified to be president. >> respect hillary clinton as a colleague in the senate and honor her worst -- on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than either republican candidate.
7:41 am
>> a new associated press poll finds 55% of americans say they have a negative opinion of hillary clinton. a campaign photo op backfired on her. the former secretary of state wanted to show new york motor she can walk with the common man and took a highly publicized ride on the subway. it's against empty rules to do campaigning on subway cars. no word if she will face a fine. the new york primary is on april 26. are you willing to spend more on food to help fund education? leaders in one county consider a new quality-of-life tax and we will tell you about that. a merger would make marriott the largest hotel
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i'm larry miller. if you are going out this weekend, the roads are expected to be slippery, if not dangerous because of the changing weather conditions. take it easy -- give yourself plenty of time and plenty of space between you and the driver in front of you. we expect a lane closure on the outer loop of the 95 ramp. the cruise will be painting that. watch out for that this weekend. regular service on the metro, and that is your best bet if you plan to be going out. use the twitter handle @wusa9 traffic. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. and fortunately, nothing like spring in this april weekend. rain and snow flakes mixing in. on live doppler, the winds are picking up
7:45 am
tonight and wind chills in the teens, all coming up in the next 24 hours. a busy weather weekend. we have a yellow weather alert day for those unseasonably cold conditions. it could impact a lot of your saturday afternoon plans and i'm sure a lot of sports and tiffany's outside for little kids, might be canceled later today because of the winds picking up. here is the live doppler showing this wave of mainly cold rain showers mixing with wet snowflakes further north. it is working through the i-94 corridor right now and most of it is a chilly, chilly rain. there could be somewhat snowflakes and ice pellets and that will be the case. you can see moisture working in toward strassburg and woodstock and along i-80 one. this will move east in about 1.5 hours, over to manassas and fairfax, you will see the next round of rain and snow showers tracking. that is first alert live doppler and here is the culprit for this changing weather situation.
7:46 am
it is this clipper that is bringing cold arctic air to the area and you can see the snow -- you can see the snow showers over the mountains and we will see more of these working in this afternoon when the front passes through with wins picking up. we have rain and snow shower potentials and the wind will pick up and that takes wind chills this afternoon down to near the freezing level. hard freeze tonight with temperatures near record lows tomorrow and sunshine tomorrow but it stays chili -- chili. futurecast shows that we see more rain and snow showers possible and it will turn quickly past the lunch hour with the winds going to be gusting 35-40 miles an hour and cold rain showers mixing with wet snowflakes into later this afternoon and early evening. skies clear tonight
7:47 am
temperatures are dropping in a hurry and the forecast highs, a lot of us are in the low to mid- 40s and factoring in the winds, it will feel like upper 20s to low 30s around dinnertime. the field -- the feels like temperatures will drop to the teens and we will be in the teens tomorrow for the feel like temperature, in the 20s and the winds subside after we get past sunrise tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the low to mid-20s with a hard freeze tonight and a freeze warning areawide. keep that in mind if you have sensitive plants out doors. bring them inside, don't cover them up. it will be that cold. rain and 41 degrees and feels like 37 with wins picking up later this afternoon and more rain and snow shower potential today. tomorrow, we turn the corner with sunshine and the picture and more showers an
7:48 am
here. a dry stretch with temperatures warming to the 60s. let's talk about consumer news. a new restaurant tax, leaders and fairfax county won voters to approve it to make up a $50 million school deficit. state law said counties have to let voters decide on the mill tax. it could be on the ballot in november. advocates of fairfax county, they say it will lower classroom size and raise teachers pay. >> i think it's important. we are running out of money in the county. i am for an increase in property tax. the mill tax is a pretty good idea. >> we are taxed enough already. the fairfax school budget is quite large, close to $2 billion. that is sufficient of the funds are handled properly, too fund our schools. >> county supervisors may decide whether to put a meal tax referendum on th
7:49 am
posted. marriott is one step closer to becoming the world's largest hotel chain. yesterday, marriott and starwood hotels shareholders approved the sale of starwood for $14.5 billion. the deal has been approved by u.s. regulators and now has to meet european union and chinese approval. the cost to binge watch netflix is about to go up. two is a common netflix raise prices to $9.99 for new customers and existing users enjoy the older rate of $7.99. that. is going away. in may, 17 million users grandfathered in will get bumped up to the new price. closing things out on a good note, its time to queue up pet pictures. >> pet snuggling in the cold weather. >> we are about to find out.
7:50 am
>> wait for it. >> anticipation is mounting on the pet pictures front. >> we will have pet pictures of my cat. mike hydeck the proud owner of a new puppy. specs send your photos to us and use #petpix9. here is the first one. rose is awaiting treats this morning. very cute. >> stubborn about looking at the camera and refusing to smile. >> probably just mad about the cold weather. [laughter] >> final shot, sophia is lounging
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles.
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sometimes american history is found in strange places. in the arizona sun or under repair on the tarmac of a private airport in bridgewater, virginia? >> one man's heroic effort to reclaim a national treasure. >>reporter: air force one, and awe inspiring symbol of american power. it started as a much smaller aircraft. >> the sense of history in this airplane is phenomenal. >>reporter: the first air force one was this lockheed constellation. president eisenhower flew it over the american troops in korea. >> president
7:54 am
this toilet. [laughter] >>reporter: you can see at the tail number, 86-10. in 1954, with eisenhower, air traffic controllers got this plain confused with an eastern airlines flight 86-10 and the secret service had a breakdown and they came up with the unique identifier, air force one. >> he was at this chair and a very nice table. >>reporter: dynamic aviation, in the shenandoah valley, found the first air force one rotting in the arizona desert. >> it had been there for 13 years. >>reporter: the air force sold it with four other planes in 1972 a crop dusting company for scrap. >> yes. >> cannibalized. >> to see pictures of this airplane sitting on its tail with no engines. >>reporter: it has take
7:55 am
again. in the next 2-for years, he plans to completely refurbish it and make it a flying tribute to america of the 1950s. in bridgewater virginia, bruce leshan, wusa9 news. spak pretty cool up close look. you might find this next story comforting. first-time drivers in the district have new rules are getting the license. affective may 1 come all first- time drivers have to take a drivers education course before taking the road test. 30 classroom hours and eight additional hours after. you have six months to get a license after you pass the course. dc residents can take this in the district, maryland or virginia. a few local groups plan to park outside the veterans affairs radical center on north capitol street and organizes will provide cannabis to better and struggling with physical and mental issues. the goal is to educate
7:56 am
it is legal to gift and possess marijuana in dc. here's a look at some things pending right now. spacex is among the top things this morning. the company has resumed space station deliveries for nasa. >> spacex stopped cargo flights after an accident on the launchpad in june. last night, it was all systems go. >> five, four, three, two, one -- engine ignition and liftoff of the falcon 9 rocket. science for today and for deep space exploration tomorrow. >> well said. the spacex rocket is caring the first ever inflatable room built for astronauts. it will reach the space station tomorrow and we will keep you posted. this video out of prince george's county is making the rounds. a manager set a guinness book of world record for the largest
7:57 am
human domino's system. they used 70,000 square feet and it took 13 minutes and 782nd dish seconds for all the mattresses to tumble. they will be donated to charity groups around the area after a moment like this. >> something to do indoors on a saturday. >> i love that story. >> they all fall down. they all fall down. weatherwise, not really ideal. rain and snow showers and more this afternoon with winds picking up and wind chills in the teens with a hard freeze, areawide. bundle up. it will be called. will the next
7:59 am
8:00 am
captioning funded by cbs new terror arrests made in belgium but did authorities catch the called "man in the hat"? >> plus how the terror attacks in europe will soon affect you. details on the new security searches in the airports in the united states. >> why more and more colleges are accepting students which have short video. a night of rock 'n' roll ends on a


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