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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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cbs news, greensboro, north carolina. >> the greensboro coliseum estimates it lost more than $100,000 from the canceled concert. >> canadian rocker ryan adams canceled the show later this month in mississippi because of a similar law there. saying yes to noah's law. a deal could get tough on drunk drivers in maryland and it goes down to the wire. for the second time in more than two weeks a teenager has been killed at the deanwood metro station. donald trump has a warning for party leaders who want to keep the gop nomination away from him. i'm bruce johnson. i'm jan jeffcoat. the breakthrough in d.u.i. laws that honor noah leotta, killed by a suspected -- drunk driver, they want to pass a bill to keep drunk drivers of the road. bruce leshan is at the general assembly with latest developments. >>reporter:
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dead after months of lobbying in a last-minute snag, is all but convinced the maryland legislature will finally pass a new tougher drunk driving law in memory of his son. >> it's a stronger bill, it will honor noaa. >>reporter: it will mandate emission interlock devices on the vehicles of anyone caught driving with a blood alcohol level over .08. the devices prevent people from starting their cars if they've had anything to drink. the house of delegates and the senate have been skirmishing over whether to require the interlocks upon conviction or as soon as someone is arrested. early in the afternoon, noah leotta's father, rich, was worried they would kill the bill. >> they
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on marilyn roadways if this failed. >>reporter: officer, noah leotta, was allegedly killed by a drunk driver while standing next to his cruiser on the rockville pike. >> i said, officer down. >>reporter: by late afternoon, host conference committee members all but agreed to the tougher senate language. >> something will happen. it's going to be strong. >> absolutely. >> on the other end, i have to live with the devastation of a hole in my heart. this can't fill that. it can't feel what i'm missing for the rest of my life. it can give me some solace, that his sacrifice wasn't in vain. >> that was bruce leshan reporting. governor hogan said he supports the tougher bill and criticized those that would play around with it and might keep it from passing. the general assembly has until midnight to finish the work on the law. strong words from terry mcauliffe on the use of the electric chair. >> i personally find it reprehensible
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beings and strapped them into a chair and then we flood their bodies with 1800 volts of electricity, subject taking them to unspeakable pain until they die. >> what prompted those words as a bill that would let virginia use the electric chair when it cannot find a lethal injection drugs. the current policy allows condemned inmates to choose drugs or the chair. governor mcauliffe proposed an amendment that would give virginia authority to purchase lethal injection drugs with deep secret names of pharmacies that supply the drugs. and anne arundel the sheriff's deputy denied that he assaulted his wife at their home. sheriff ronald bateman was charged with second-degree assault after investigators saw minor but visible injuries on lc bateman. she called 911 sunday night and sheriff bateman had his gun confiscated and put himself on administrative duty wallop special prosecutor reviews the case.
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the teen stabbed to death today at the deanwood metro station that happened this morning. the principal tell stephanie ramirez he was a rising ninth grader at richard wright charter school. stephanie? >>reporter: i can tell you this school got a flood of phone calls. they cannot identify the victim until they successfully notify the next of kin. they spoke with the school. >> i'm really, really frustrated to know that this happened in my own backyard and when i say my backyard, i'm talking about my kids. i'm hurt. >>reporter: the doctor showed us a painting by the students saying he excelled in art and was a rising star, and he said the student he is morning is the same teenager fatally stabbed outside the gate
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deanwood metro station earlier today. he was stunned to learn that the victim may have started the fight by throwing the first punch. the victim was stabbed in the neck and police released a photo -- a photo of a person of interest. >> the question is, what are we going to do about it? >>reporter: dr. clark said the victim would have been a ninth grader this year but didn't attend the school this year. he left last year to be with family and they are preparing to have grief counselors at the school tomorrow. live at the deanwood station, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. you will recall another teen, 15 years old, was shot to death at the same deanwood station. this victim was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital and they said he was leaving th
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station. anyone who recognizes the person in the photo should contact dc police, immediately. 27-year-old michael wiggins was arrested from southwest washington in the shooting of a 7-year-old girl friday night. the found a gun that was used in the shooting. the 7-year-old was shot in the stomach and the 2900 block of knox's place in the southeast. she and her family were walking back from dinner when they got caught in the crossfire. mayor muriel bowser visited the area this afternoon. neighbors were adamant that they wanted more police patrols. >> my kids fear for their life. they don't want to go outside. >> police and press can make a difference. the usually back off, or something like that. >> the 7-year-old girl is in the hospital in fair condition and police are looking for anyone they can find in the investigation. the man accused of killing will smith the new orleans has appeared before a judge.
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he is held on $1 million bond, cardell hayes. . new orleans police say cardell hayes shot will smith and his wife after a traffic accident late saturday night. the said ms. -- they said smith was shot in the back and side and his wife were shot in the leg. she is recovering. jury selection is under way in the case of a father charged with killing his 22-month-old son after investigators said he purposely left him in a hot suv. police said cooper harris died after spending seven hours in the suv on a hot day in june 2014. defense attorneys call the death a tragic mistake and prosecutor said the father, 35- year-old, justin harris, researched the death and look for an escape from a bad marriage. you might want to look for more wet weather for your morning commute tomorrow. back we are tracking showers and first alert live doppler. showers in pittsburgh and west of morgantown. if you have stuff
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be fine. by morning, different story. the yellow weather alert goes into effect tomorrow morning. at 6:00, showers across the whole area part -- clock -- across the area, and some could be heavy. we will have the downpour with by 8:00, the backend of the precipitation is south of frederick and lawrenceburg. the good news, and moves through quickly and by 10:00, most of the activity is east of 95 with clearing to the west. we will talk about when everyone sees the sun tomorrow and the pad to the week with changes and looking to the weekend, we will talk more. teacher arrested after cell phone video services showing her slapping a student across the head.
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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dc police are on the hunt for a real-life hamburgler. surveillance video showed him, and a parent burglar, heating up the grill and fixing a hamburger. investigators said he slipped into the five guys last month after a delivery person left for the night. the hamburgler was seen on tape leaving with a sandwich and no fries and a bottle of water taken from the restaurant.
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suspected burglar was accidentally shot by police officer when the gun went off by mistake. this at the and ivan -- they said the unidentified cop was startled responding to a break- in at the food market on fourth street on sunday night. the wounded suspect is 20 years old and that is all we know. police said he is out of surgery and in stable condition. there rested a 15-year-old teen running away and he was released to the custody of his parents. we are learning about a navy commander is -- accused of espionage. edward lynn is accused of passing military secrets to china. he worked as a flight officer on the nasal -- of the naval aircraft which conducts eavesdropping operations and they now have to decide whether there is enough evidence to court-martial him. of the meantime, he is held in a navy brig in virginia. high school mascot has been charged with assaulting a student.
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cell phone video was posted online that shows 63-year-old mary hastings slapping the student several times and golding for being disruptive. a statement was issued saying it does not condone employees abusing any child. federal health authorities warned that the zika virus is spreading wider than first expected. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. th ey usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards,
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ted cruz had a victory in colorado. it's already in the distant passed as a candidates from both parties focus on the delegate rich states ahead. >> one of the prizes is new york. three of of the five claim it as home turf. jamie yuccas reports from the action in port washington, new york. >> we are supposed to be a democracy. >>reporter: donald trump warns the republicans not to play games with delegates. he said voters won't tolerate the nomination being given told
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-- being given to someone who didn't win the mace -- the most votes. >> they will have a problem. >>reporter: trump is battling for 95 delegates in new york ahead of the primary next tuesday. his rival, ted cruz, focuses on the june primary in california and it's 172 delegates. >> just like in 1980, it will be california that decides. california will lead the way. [cheers and applause] >>reporter: john kasich worked on courting voters in upstate new york. >> you've got to go out on delegates and that is part of what this is about. >>reporter: polls show hillary clinton leading bernie sanders. she spoke about gun violence. >> for killing 33,000 peoples a year, we would be mobilized. >>reporter: in binghamton, sanders criticized hit -- clinton's partnership trade deal. >> hillary clinton did not lead the opposition. she came on board at the very end of the process. >>reporter: sanders has a rally scheduled for tonight at the university of buffalo. jamie yuccas, cbs news in port sh
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>> two people who won't vote for donald trump in new york are his own children. trump told foxnews that his son eric and daughter ivanka failed to register in time. for the latest on the election, download our free wusa9 app. president barack obama has an approval rating that is the highest it has been in three years. for the first time since 2013, 50% of americans approve of the job that he's doing. many giving the president higher marks these days like improving the economy as the main reason. top u.s. health officials say the zika virus is scarier than initially thought. the biggest concern is for pregnant women and their babies. seeker has been linked to microcephaly, abnormally small heads and other complications such as prematurity, i issues and other similar problems. >> the virus is likely to be a problem
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pregnancy. , not just the first trimester. >> the virus is found in 30 states in the white house wants to use $1.9 billion in emergency funds and is trying to pressure congress to approve it. testing is on target to start in september. members of parliament grilled reddish prime minister david cameron over his ties to the panama paper scandal. he said his late father set up an offshore firm for investment purposes and not to avoid paying taxes. chairman has been under fire since his father was named as a client of the panama law firm that specializes in helping the wealthy reduced tax burden. goldman sachs reached a $5 billion settlement for lending practices that led to the 2008 financial crisis. the money will resolve state and federal brig
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federal investigations. the rest of the money will pay civil penalties and relief for distressed borrowers. unions representing more than 36,000 verizon workers threatens to strike. the landline and cable workers say they are ready to with the pi lcketine's on wednesday morning of the company does not agree to a new contract. verizon and union workers are at odds over pension and health care issues. the less verizon strike was in 2011 and lasted for two weeks. parts of downtown manhattan were shut down with steam erupting from 58th near sixth avenue around 9:30 this morning. the burst caused part of the street to buckle and repairs are under way. it warmed up today. that is good news. many folks held 40s on saturday with snow showers into southern maryland. yesterday, 50s. a live look outside. still 73 right now and the winds are out of the south, southwest and gusting up to
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it was a windy month but that is a warm winds, if you will. for the doppler, the rain goes to pittsburgh, cleveland and columbus, it is several hours away and won't get here till the predawn hours. we will have a yellow alert for the morning commute and then will be okay. it will be canceled around noon. dustup temperatures, 48-56 and it will be wet. that will be part of the showers and isolated storms, between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. everything will end by noon. you will need sunglasses on the ride home. 10:00 tonight, warm and low 60s. southerly winds are due south. by 6:00 a.m., temperatures in southern maryland and la plata back to frederick and the i-80 corridor. some of the showers will be heavy and by 9:00, the heaviest activity is in southern maryland with ov
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cool. only 53 downtown and 54 in silver spring and fairfax. the northwest winds will feel cooler than that was temps rebounding by evening, upper 50s, maybe 57 57 in dell city. keba jacket handy. rain and showers and sunshine. partly cloudy and 58 and a really nice pattern, albeit cool. lows in the 40s, 30s downtown and upper 60 saturday and low 70s on
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now, wusa9 game on sports with diane. fans hope this is the after getting knocked down after the first round in years passed. and the team who led the league for most of the season continue winning ways? they have to get through the physical flyers. philadelphia is one of the wildcard offerings. to do tim's are no strangers to postseason action, having met each other five times in the playoffs with plenty of physicality. many say this team is dominant because they are big, fast and strong. they look forward to the matchup. >> the matchup is pretty good. they've got really good depth and a defensive team and players that are game ready.
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that is what we look for. >> it's going to be an extremely tough opponent and they play well. we know we have our home ice and we take care of it. >> players get ready for the game and work crews get ready for the players. they are putting finishing touches on the ice at verizon center. they host game one of the best- of-seven series thursday at 7:00 at the phone booth. the national season is getting started. they welcome the 0-fave braves tonight. they finished up a weather shorten two amset with the marlins yesterday, splitting the series. there was a run in the seventh inning with a 4-to win and the team is settling down and getting into a routine and a rhythm. they have different start times and all that goes with it. players are happy to get back in the groove. >> today is the start of the season. we start to play at 7:00
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have three different start times and 45 minutes with stuff to do before the game and do things the way you do them all year, it starts today and we go from there. >> we leave he was something memorable and disturbing. a girls soccer goalie laid a hit on an opponent like you would see in a football game, not soccer. casey will be suspended for two games for the hit on riley barrett. luckily, she was able to get up and leave the field on her own power. officials concluded after the game they should've called a flagrant foul and that calls for two game suspension and the girl will be suspended twice. she was literally flying. i've never seen that in
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>> pelley: the c.d.c. makes an urgent appeal for more must be be -- money to fight zika. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought. >> pelley: also tonight, the 9/11 findings locked behind those doors. pressure grows to reveal the secrets after a "60 minutes" report. highway hazards you never see coming. >> reporter: how often do you sea driver who is medically unfit cause an accident? >> all the time. >> pelley: and new kids on the block playing with the kids next door. [screaming] captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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