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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news to bring you. emergency vehicle on the scene as a car crashes into a hotel. this is along laural road. still waiting for word on whether anybody was hurt or arrested in the crash. will give you the details as soon as they come in the newsroom. >> expecting word at any moment about noah's law. the legislation would require convicted drivers to
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interlock in the car and named in honor of noah that was run down by a suspected driver. >> tonight was just minutes left in the legislative session. lawmakers busy on the 18th working out language that would strengthen it and monitoring the back and forth and the clock fits closer to midnight. any indications of how this will go. >> adam, yes. we are told that this language does exist and supporters of the bill including the officer's father are cautiously optimistic and will come to the floor in a few minutes. in part because they know the backlash against lawmakers were failing to pass a bill with such popular support would be enormous. this bill had
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and it ping-ponged back and forth. a separate conference committee set out to work out those differences and been hammered out. and getting the bill on the cameras and i spoke to officer leona's father that told me he is of course and incredibly frustrated that the house and senate and no other job in this state or viewing area can wait until the very last second to get so important down. >> i just don't quite get how it took this long for these legislatures to understand that this is a righteous legislation. i said it in my first time of a press conference. not a controversial law. not a democratic law and not
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republican law. there is no drunk drivers railing against it. i am being told as we speak that bill is going to come up to the senate floor and we will listen to that debate. his father told me if this does pass, one of the first things he wants to do is go to his son's grave and tell him his death meant something and he saved lives. we will have this conversation tomorrow gauge we will monitor the situation and guarantee you if the vote happens in the newscast and bring you the results as soon as it happens. stay informed and for the layest developments download the free wusa9 news app. >> a weather alert in effect. a clear night out there. comfortable out tonight. right? but showers and thunderstorms headed this way for tomorrow. and let's go to chief meteorologist topper shutt.
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[000:03:59;00] the umbrellas. >> a tricky day and a jacket. here is a look at the radar. the rain is still pretty far away entering a couple of sprinkles to western maryland. that's about it. this will race in here good enough for yellow weather alert for rain and showers and slow the morning commute. here is a look at future cast by 6:00, rain and showers. if you are coming down to 70s and coming down to 66 and we are looking at rain and showers. temperatures mild and 59 downtown and 56 in silver spring. by 8:00, heavier activity down to the south to southern maryland and you see the orange and the yellow. heavier rainfall and 8:00 and we still have showers to leesburg and frederick and 9:30 showers over 95 to haggers town and we will talk about when the sun will reappear and talk about a little change of the pattern over the weekend and a
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reminder to downlo storms and rain with us tomorrow morning and we will send you notifications and, of course, a three degree guarantee in n the seven day outlook. police arrested 400 peaceful protestors that had a sitin on the steps of the capitol building. the group was brought away by police. they want an end to redistricting in ways to help incumbents win elections. new developments in the fatal stabbing after metro station. the 15-year-old was identified and they are still on the look out for a suspect.
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let's get out to allison rb latest. allison are we learning anything more. >> right now police say that is still ongoing and as you said we still know the victim's name. a 15-year-old named john evans. officially police aren't saying anything about what possibly led up to this deadly stabbing but sources here at the police department tell wusa9 that the victim may have made the first move and punched the suspect. >> he was a student here and they demonstrated endless potential and the arts and spelling bee category and phenomenal kid. >> i am hurt that these things happen and nobody is getting upset about it. >> a teen between the ages of 14 and 20 stabbed and killed, 15-year-old john evans as he walked out of the metro. investigators released this photo. he has a medium build and
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dreadlock and braces. this is police wrapped crime tape around the station. >> two weeks ago 17-year-old maurice bellamy shot and killed devontae washington when his family looked on. >> the same station in two weeks. we now have to come out here for the presence. >> sick of the violence. the angels said they called them minutes after the morning after the stabbing. >> they are frustrated and when the people come home they are afraid to walk across the street especially at night. you need more police officers, just not enough. >> the garden angles plan to be at the dean wood metro station for the foreseeable future. if they see any criminal acts they will step in and notify police. i'm allison barber. wusa9.
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and mayor bowser spoke a senseless act of violence. if you recognize the man in that photo police want to hear from you. there is a reward of $25,000 for information that leads to a conviction. a an are 7-year-old girl was injured and walking home with her family. the 7-year-old michael wiggins unarrest. the woman was hit in the stomach along knox place. they say wiggins opened fire and the 7-year-old was in fair condition at the hospital last check. ronal bateman is on leave charged with assaulting his wife in an argument. it happened sunday evening in pasadena. elise bateman says her husband threw her against the wall causing her to hit her back of
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her head. he says he did hold and that alcohol was involved. prosecutors referring it to outside the building. >> a woman is accused of stabbing a 3 month-old girl. airington charged with suspicious wounding, the baby was crying and airington stabbed the woman with a kitchen knife. another member called police and the baby was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. hillary clinton and donald trump hold the leads. both count og a victory to help them clench a nomination. but ted cruz is fighting for it as well. >> ted cruz says in june it
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will be the final before the convention. >> california will decide the nomination. >> it takes so many delegates to lock up the nomination and donald trump is way ahead but if he doesn't hit the number there will be a fight for the nomination at the convention and delegates could change their allegiance. >> we are millions of votes ahead of cruz. >> donald trump is mad because he says that ted cruz is playing dirty politics to take delegates from him. >> it is a rigged disgusting dirty system. >> if donald trump makes it to the general election and faces hillary clinton he could be in for another battle. a new poll shows americans want hillary clinton over trust on a range of issues from health care and immigration. a win in new york could reinvigorate hillary clinton's momentum. bernie sanders has won 7 of the last 8 states. >> under the spotlights in new york bernie sanders has had
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trouble answering questions. >> he is clinton. >> we can run a campaign without wall street. also today vice president joe biden confirmed that neither here nor president obama will endorse a candidate before the democratic convention. >> donald trump won't kids won't be voting for him in the new york primary because they did not register in time. donald trump says they were unaware of the rule. stay informed. find out the rules and get the latest on breaking news and election alerts. down load the wusa9 app now. it is free. teachers have the most important job in the world, right? and we have to equip them. what is the impact of the recent violence on young people in our community?
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we take an inside look at how d. c. schools are getting before us here tonight. well tonight ncis was out shooting at the white house and word is that the first lady will be making a special delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived
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in a region that was poor. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen,
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and i approved this message. showed up. yellow weather alert on your tuesday. we will be tracking rain and thunderstorms for your morning commute. weather and traffic on the find. get ready for the day ahead with more weather updates and the most accurate forecast guaranteed. wake up washington, tomorrow morning. the 15-year-old stabbed to death and a 7-year-old girl shot and injured are just a few of the recent incidents involving d. c. children. >> and just a few of the traumas that are making it impossible for some students to learn in d. c. schools. wusa9 has more on that story. >> reporter: when you or someone you know have been the
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victim of a violent crime or having problems at home or are homeless and happen to be a grade school student it makes it difficult to focus in school. >> in the last three weeks three d. c. teenagers been killed, two shot and another stabbed. friday a 7-year-old girl was shot and injured and possibly traumatizing incidents for violent crimes to hunger thousands of schools are way down from trauma. >> there are moms and dads not coming home at night and not knowing why to actually just being hungry. >> the traumas getting in the way of learning. julian taught 1st and 2nd and 3rd grades before administration. she says many of the student dealt with traumatic experiences. >> it is a remarkable big problem. >> the district educators learned how to address trauma hosted by david grasso and a panel of experts from what red
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flags to spot in students and how to open up a dialogue designing a lesson plan and how to properly punish considering the stress some students face. >> teachers have the most important job in the world and we have to equip them. >> if they don't understand what trauma looks like and they don't understand what the kids that experience trauma needs they will label them as bad kids. >> a school mother and therapist says it could manifest in different ways to not paying attention and then violence. >> one student is ready to come in and fight and then you would have student to come in and will want to fight the teachers. >> by addressing this and they hope to equip the teachers. >> they are ready to learn when this go into the classroom.
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>> another layer to this is the stress that is put on teachers live in northwest, i'm mola lenghi. family and friend and fans of wil smith have been paying tribute leaving flowers and mementos at the scene where he lost his life. police say he was shot in the back by 28-year-old cardell hayes and now we have learned that it appears smith was walking away from a fight when he was gunned down. several neighbors heard the shots. two groups of people got out of the vehicles and started to argue. and the last thing i heard somebody say was something about my car and then the shot. >> smith's wife was shot during the incident. hayes' attorney says the shooting happened after a fight and that his client feared for his life. he is being held on one million dollars bond tonight. high school has pull into 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> mark har more than, the star of the hit series ncis says a hollywood crew has been in town
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to shoot scenes at the white house and first la obama will make an appearance. all of this according to our editorial partners at the washington post. apparently a store spotted harmon at the white house on sunday and he spilled the beans. >> nice to be out there. >> even now it is windy. is my hair okay. >> you got good product in there. >> i do. winds out of the south and tomorrow cooler in the afternoon. take a jacket tomorrow. three degree guarantee. that fooled us. we went for a high of 69 that seemed perfectly reasonable. managed to make it to 73. and now tomorrow, it is going to be weird. i'm going to go 67 because it will be a midnight high. pretty sure because of the 66 right now on the weather cam. winds out of the south at 14. a warm wind and some clouds but it is dry.
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still several anything rolling in. sprinkles west of cumberland so it will be awhile before the storms. good enough for the yellow weather alert. bus stop temperatures, 52 to 60. it will be wet. in fact the heaviest rain will roll through between 6:00 a.m. and nine a.m. when you are walking the kids to the bus stop. the rain and showers a slow commute and then sunglasses in the after nonand jacket. it gets cooler in the afternoon. 6:00 in the morning. everyone has some form of showers. 59 downtown and 56 in sterling. by 9:00 heavier activity across 95 and southern maryland and saint mary's county. mild and 58 downtown and 50 in frederick and 52 in leesburg and by lunchtime, generally dry and the exception will be southern maryland but cool with temperatures in the mid-50s and
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by evening we get in hagerstown and stafford 56 and 57 in silver spring and by fairfax. temperatures will fall quickly tomorrow. dryer and cooler air moving in and setting up camp for a while that is not a bad thing. it just is that the temperatures will be like march than april. on the day planner, 50s and showers and rain and by 1:00, the breaks in the clouds and temperatures back up to about 58 degrees. the next 7 days look like this. looking at the nats in town through thursday. cooler and night games and keep that in mine. low 60s but look at the weekend, upper 60s, saturday and low 70s sunday and mid-70s monday. make the weekend plans now and wash the car tomorrow afternoon. getting better. uh-huh. that sounds good. >> a virginia woman had no idea what she was in for when she advertised for volunteer baby goat ... >> she had to have an idea.
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>> she wanted someone to up getting 2,000 response. >> gayle runs a goat cheese farm and this time it is a busy time. they got 100 goats born and goats that are cuddled are calmer when it comes to time to milk. and gayle says they need help with the hugging. >> we put on it facebook. >> and the thing took off. >> went viral as they say. >> yes. i didn't even know what that meant. >> people of all ages come to the farm to hug and not sure who needs it more. the goats or the people. they are smiling. >> and pretty happy. >> you know who else is smiling? >> yes. >> it has to be the caps. >> this is a great time. >> it depend if you are going to the game and phoning it in maybe not but they are in the
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playoffs. >> buty past this one. >> could this would be the year. and prosports is on the
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built for business. now, wusa9 game on sports with diane roberts brought to you by xfinity. >> the possibility was there when the season ended for the terrapin men's basketball team. diamond stone and sophomore sensation trimble might leave. both are leaving for the nba draft but not the same way. stone is declared for the draft and hired an agent. and they represent players like tim duncan and stone 2nd in scoring to teammate mellow trimble. wants to test the draft waters but will not hire an agent and doesn't like where he ends in the draft he may go back to the
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team. they led the terps for time. final road game for the wizards. first pick kelly u bray in 92 minutes, wizards win 129-111. the national season getting start. the nats start a four game set with the 0-5 braves. coming off a win yesterday in a rain shortened weekend. they sent matt scherzer to the mound. best day weather so far on the home stand. in the first daniel murphy, oh, yes. must think it is the post- season. the reigning mv p clubbers the ball and gives the nats a lead. big game for wilson ramos two rbis for him. nationals go onto the 6-4 win. you can get your nats fix on wusa9, the next nats on 9 game sunday afternoon, 1:35 in philadelphia.
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orioles up at fenway park for the chris davis not inclined here for this. three run bomb and birds win 9- 7 and 6-0 now. the capitals getting ready for the verizon center and painted with the stanley cup logo. game one thursday at 7:00 and the 5th time they have met in the post-season. >> bryce harper is about to do things his own way with the bats keeping it 100. 99 home runs and waiting to get 100 and he put the but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland.
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cigna. together, all the way. we got breaking news. we learned that noah's law has passed anonymously the senate
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and the house and on its governor hogan's desk. >> he says he will honor it. still trying to find out when the law will go into effect but it has passed in the maryland house and senate with 30 minutes left to go in the general assembly session. and we will have more on wakeup washington. before we leave you, the forecast. >> yellow weather alert for the morning. showers and in good shape, cool and dry and milder over the week end. sounds good.
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