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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. breaking news tonight, donald trump campaign manager will reportedly not be prosecuted for a battery with an incident of a reporter in florida. more details not to press charges are expected tomorrow afternoon in palm beach county. tonight the woman seen in this video being grabbed says she has not officially heard anything from the prosecutor's office. tweeted that she was contacted a week before but has not heard back. thank you for
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i'm leslee foster. that has the first votes in maryland will be cast now in less than 10 hours the state is expected to be relevant this year as we saw today with the visit from one of the republican candidates. wusa john kasich's town hall in savage maryland live with what to look for as the primary approaches. adam remember new york actually votes next, voting on tuesday but none of the republican candidates were there all three skipping ahead to either maryland or pennsylvania laying the ground work in a clutch of northeastern states. >> donald trump promises to revive the local economy in pittsburgh tonight. >> bringing it back, we're bringing it back. >> like maryland bennsylvaniavotes april 26th to
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remaining gop candidates. ted cruz in erie marks for the angry response marking all of colorado's delegates last weekend. >> the simple reality is anytime people vote against donald he screams the voters are stealing the election. well that's actually how elections work. >> i thought i liked maryland before now i love maryland. >> this afternoon ohio governor john kasich became the first republican candidate to campaign in maryland getting up close and personal in a 400 person town hall. mathematically cannot win the nomination out right explains he'll need the delegates to swing at the convention. >> they'll be in there and get in there and realize who actually could be president and secondly they are going to try to figure out who can actually win in the fall.
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facing this question before they cast their vote. do you think he can win here? >> i don't know honestly. it is a very unusual year, that's all i can say. >> this is the kasich paradox. moderate voters like him but downtown necessarily want to vote for him if they don't think he could win making it more than the one before how he -- despite the fact it shows him being the strongest candidate against hillary clinton. wusa9. no one is out of it yet until somebody gets to that magic number. the democrats have also turned to intensify their efforts in maryland. former president bill clinton was at leisure world in montgomery county to campaign for his wife hillary, saw to an audience calling his wife hillary clinton a change maker. >> the
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the society is one where there is a shared sense of community and where we share political responsibility instead of fighting with each other all the time. >> they have about 8500 residents, regular stop for political candidates because voter turn out there usually far exceeds other parts of the state. washington square park in manhattan tonight for a bernie sanders rally, sanders and clinton set to debate in new york tomorrow night. the cnn hosted event being dubbed a battle in brooklyn tomorrow a grand opening celebration. here is a reminder for people in maryland early voting starts tomorrow and runs through april 21st the maryland's primary is april 26th. we've got all the information you need on our wusa9 app
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candidates polling locations, sample ballots and lots more. in prince george's county,police are investigating an assault the victim was approached by the suspect inside the mall and he followed her as she left pulled a gun on her, a knife i should say on her, and dragged her into some woods along the 590 block of cherrywood terrace. that suspect is still out there tonight. right now fans are reacting to words as a major league baseball player has been charged in an incident in northern virginia. >> the braves lost just hours after atlanta braves outfielder was charged with assault and battery, it is arlington county live outside the ballpark where the braves just lost again tonight. >> that's right. did not take the field tonight after mlb handed down their punishment, a punishment that came even before he was charged with a crime
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convicted of one. >> often accused of being slow moved quickly as major league baseball placed them on leave for involvement in alleged assault. before the arlington county police. >> seems unfair to me, i think they did the right thing. >> for kids who are watching you, role models. >> police aired the brave's star around 7 a.m. at the hotel in pentagon city after a woman who authorities say he knew but was not in a relationship with accused him of assault at the hotel. >> should be innocent until proven guilty but seems mlb has taken a different stance. >> look even if he is innocent being in a position as a major figure in national sports where you potentially could be accused is part of your responsibility. >> this kind of
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happens. >> last year a major league policy went into policy giving authority to impose suspension in cases just like this before a player has been convicted. >> and i think that our society is coming forward a little bit. doorways for women and children of domestic violence organization says mlb's quick action is a sign of progress. >> there is an incredible awareness to prove and prove and prove we don't want to overly punish, don't want for the balance in the other direction. posted a $10,000 bond and was released from the arlington county jail tonight. major league baseball is investigg
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31 years old, defected from cuba and signed a $62.5 billion contract with the los angeles dodgers before being traded to atlanta this last summer slated to receive $4 million which will continue to get while on that administrative leave. new information about the zika virus, strong words today from the centers for disease control. and there is no longer any doubt about a strong connection between zika and severe birth defects. researchers are scrambling to find out what other kinds of damage zika might do. >> the cdc says confirmation the zika virus causes micro cefely, an under developed brain at birth, it is the first time in history a virus transmitted by mosquito bites found to cause birth defects. this doctor is with
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have a severe form that is oftentimes associated with other problems in the brain that can be seen on imaging, on ct scans or mris that makes really concern. based upon mounting evidence images released by researchers where the virus is widespread shows severe brain damage in babies with micro cefalie, the white areas are signs of calcium, inflammation and scarring and tissues of the nervous system. the researcher said the damage was extremely severe indicating a poor prognosis. >> this is not something that will go away and something you'll have to live with the rest of your lives. researchers are just at the beginning of learning about the dangers of zika infection. >> typically we find out about the tip of the
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learn more sometimes it takes year to understand the full spectrum. >> this news reenforces the cdc's recommendation for pregnant women to avoid travel to areas where zika virus is spreading for partners to have traveled there to abstain from sex or use protection. we know the name of the officer who shot and killed last month outside the district 3 station in land over that officer taylor crouse, name was revealed in a court hearing and the three brothers charged with starting a gunfight. fired at a person he thought was attacking the station. his target turned out to be an under cover detective in plain clothes who had been himself firing at the attacker. >> it is not need, it's corporate greed. th
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walking a picket line that stretches up and down the east coast and across 7 officer centers in maryland and virginia. the communications workers of america say they decided to strike after 10 months of getting nowhere with verizon and reaching a new contract. the employees say they want job security, better health care benefit and they are prepared to stay out there for months if they have to. people have to show unity. the more numbers that we have out here, the shorter the strike. >> you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. at some point you have to stand for something. offered a contract with health care benefits a wage increase and continues retirement benefits and says the strike benefits no one. the company is bringing in nonunion employees to take on some of the workload. >> tense questions over money and safety. coming up i'll tell you more about metro's day on the hill. the beetles, they
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you need is love. >> tonight, using those words to take a stand against north carolina. another cold night with scattered frost, and the kids at the bus stop 34 to 44 at 6:00, mid-40s to low 50s by noon we're back up to 56 at 60 degrees with pretty much pure sun we'll come back we have showers on the seven day
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. every year high school teens head to the prom borut f some it is out of reach, how you can help that dream become a reality. . metro's new general manager headed to capitol hill to answer questions about the transit system's budget and safety maps. no surprise things got a little heated. wusa9 joinings live with more. some people like her
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it is chronically under funded today we saw not everyone on capitol hill agree. >> somber music played outside of one of d.c.'s busiest metro, on capitol hill there were fireworks. >> i am not going to bail you out, i am not going to support bailing out the district of columbia. >> it is bailing out. >> metro questions from the house and the senate. >> you have the communication system underway they also talked all i'm asking is $300 million which is your fair share given the fact that we
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it is the type of back and fourth. >> the whole system is just ter. this year the budget is $3.1 billion, the proposed budget is the same asking thing from government to contribute $4.5 million, do they need them? >> they have $5 million where did that money go? >> as long as they use it in good way. >> just, inreparable right now. >> one of the biggest critics at that hearing was a congressman from florida, we spoke to him earlier, if he took the metro and said he has a metro card but doesn't use it very often because he typically s
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allison barber, wusa 9. this is something we'll follow and it will continue. metro is the second busiest transit system in the country. ringo star has joined bruce springsteen with a law with the lgbt community the so-called bathroom bill, hb2. star posted on facebook that he was sorry to disappoint fans, we need to take a stand. a joint statement from two music trade organizations condemns north carolina and other similar legislations proposed in tennessee. sometimes the commander and chief also gets to be the scientists in chief. today president obama got to welcome hundreds of kids to the white house science fair. president talking about the incredible ingenuity, curiosity, and brainpower on display from america's next
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also jokes about robots. >> none have caused me any harm startled me a little bit. i understand today that we have a live chicken here which i'm sure. the secret service needs a ton. president obama launched back in 2010 says they provided some of the best moments that he had enjoyed as president. there is some science behind these 3 degree guarantees you're on a roll. >> i tinkered with it last night, i went 60 and decided to lower to 59. my fifth grade teacher said trust your first impression that's normally a good sign. today it worked out okay, went high
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average high is 66. live look outside, we're down to 50. a dew point in the 20s this is a dry air mass for april with the dry air mass for march we have calm winds clear skies that's a recipe for another cold night there are frost advisories fort and west a cool finish but beautiful finish tomorrow, bus stop temperatures 34, 52, 90 in the morning gorgeous thursday and friday yes a shade below average, pretty darn nice. milder and warmer over the weekend milder on saturday and warmer on sunday and dry. right on to the weekend. 6:00 tomorrow morning, hate to sound like a broken record these numbers are high mo like 34 in frederick, 35 in, and in silver spring. 46, fairfax,
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fredricksburg. clear by 1:00, maybe not quite 60 in frederick, calm sun and light winds very a comfortable afternoon. evening back in the low 60s. 62 downtown, 62 also in fredricksburg it will be cool tomorrow night and then chilly in the burbs but not quite as cold as tonight. clear and cold we have a frost advisory north and west, low temperatures 34, 44 winds northeasterly at 5 to 10. the day planner, 30s to start, 40s downtown, 49 by 9:00 back to 56 by 11, 60 degrees with full sun by 1 p.m. next seven days, they are in town with a 4:05 game. a beautiful afternoon for baseball by 7:00 just take a little light sweater. look at this gorgeous on friday, 66 on saturday, 70s sunday mid-70s, okay
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showers on wednesday. that looks doubtful and 65. >> don't tray to call in on monday. >> maybe tomorrow. >> kristin is here the beginning of a season for one is looking very bright however the end of a season for another. one that we thought might be bright. the washington wizards closed the books on a disappointing season. what is the last for randy whittman? the head coach sp but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws
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ootprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us
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i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message. . the washington wizards entered the season with such promise after two straight appearances in the second round of the play off many thought this year's team would finally get over that hump tonight's game against atlanta was 82nd and final game of the season was this also randy whittman's final game as wizard's head coach? we'll see first-round pick, 26 with this driving dunk, but sessions led all scores tonight with 22 points wizards win 109- 98 to finish the season with a 500 record.
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afterwards, though, randy whittman seemingly a little defiant. i took over four and a half years ago this was a side show, right? we slowly changed the culture of this team and we had a slip up, i'll be fhereirst thing in the morning if you want to come by, i'll be here. watch the capitol kickoff against philadelphia to get fans ready the team hosted a rally for friends, starting play offs with the best regular season record in the nhl. nationals tonight hosting the esbrav happy birthday thomas jefferson looks good for 273 years old. if you blinked you missed all the runs three batters apart, that was pretty much it. nationals with the braving 3 and 0, and 6 and 1. a finale
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two, jackie with the ball to right. comes around to score brock holtz. scores twice and goes onto win 4-2 birds 7 game win streak is over. all right when d.j. retired to takeover a university of maryland football team that had three wins in 2015, he threw away the chart and put every player back on even ground. this weekend we get our first look at who was starting to separate themselves from the rest of the pack in this new era. this spring red and white game is this saturday at maryland stadium all though this team hasn't had too much time to practice, the coach has had time to see how far the team has come already. we are learning how to meet and function at a team and get better every single day. that's where we're at if we keep doing that, if we have
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that way i think that record will take care of itself. we had a better practice 13 than practice 12. i want a practice 14 than 13, continue to get better. >> saw his enthusiasm on the practice the intensity but brought the enthusia delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. ranking from top to bottom. company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded.
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. breathe in, breathe out, your moment of zen, we take you to japan for a beautiful study in contrast. >> 500 cherry trees in full bloom at a park snow covered mount fiji visitors have been making their way up a hill, even visitors with a tail. >> a little frosty
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sunshine and 62 tomorrow and 65, 64 on friday, a nice weekend make your plans and enjoy. >> we're welcome. >> for the first time in a couple days you have rain on the second day. >> even that looks kind of dubious on wednesday. a week from today we'll take it. >> get out doors. >> priorities. >> thanks for watching us tonight we'll be back here tomorrow see you then.
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