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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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bateman is also a republican. >> i think he should resign. >> isn't it you're not guilty until you're proven guilty? >> that seems more credible an an after the fact recounting of it. >> until a judge says otherwise, are you guilty? >> it's how you live your private life -- how you live your private life is how you live your public life. >> i'd say most people that call 911 are not making it up. >> ron bateman said today, he will not resign. and in fact, he's even going to run for re-election. lesli? >> yeah, more twists in this case for sure, deb. thank you. and to enshower -- ensure an independent investigation, the state county will take the lead on the case. new tonight, surrounding missing firefighter, nicole mittendorf called in sick, one week ago today.
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>> reporter: nicole mittendorf's husband has lived in this neighborhood for more than 10 years. after the two married in 2012, she moved in. but friends and neighbors tell us that she hasn't lived here for months. they say she moved out months ago. >> reporter: and they wonder why that hasn't been outut out -- put out there. we just believe, given the fact that we have a missing person with no lead, it's important to report all the facts. >> i know she loved working out. very committed to her job. >> they said 31-year-old nicole mitten dover called in sick before she went missing last week. after she was reported missing friday, her mini coop was found over the weekend. and search teams have been out
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combing the mountains. >> we hope you find her and everything is fine because she's sust a great person -- such a great person. >> she was separated from her husband, steve mittendorf. they said that any information about their marriage is -- meanwhile, family said they will reveal several files downloaded by mittendorf, shortly before she disappeared. >> nicole mitten dover is -- mittendorf is an avid runner. and they think maybe she downloaded some running maps. >> a vigil is being held for her
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>> the seven is intense -- search is intensified in shenandoah park for mittendorf. nicole last contacted her family by text one week ago. wusa 9's andrea mccarren is live on skyline drive with the latest there on the search on the ground. what do you have? >> reporter: adam, there are just so many lingering questions tonight. why was nicole mittendorf's car, found at the white oak canyon trail head? did anyone actually see her in the park? and how has she seemed to disar peer without a trace? -- disappear without a trace? >> reporter: searchers are navigating rough terrain. covering as much ground as they can. >> we know she was a very fit person. she was a marathoner. >> reporter: then there's more places you can go. >> reporter: nicole mittendorf's fitness has broadened the scope. it began
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discovered. >> we had searchers looking from that standpoint. so yes, it is a very challenging terrain. >> reporter: the rugged white oak canyon has a 2500-foot vertical drop. six waterfalls, countless trails and wildlife. >> it's terrible. awful that somebody -- the reasons, i hope nothing bad has happened. >> reporter: state police from across virginia have joined the search. along with nicole's colleagues from fairfax college fire and rescue. many specialize in grid searches and are methodically scouring areas, six miles long and roughly six miles wide. so many of us are familiar with shenandoah national park and skyline drive. but maybe not the specific location of white oak canyon. let's take a look at this park map for perspective. let's start up here. this is front royal. the north entrance of
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a very popular one. and we are located now where the heart of the search b42 miles -- about 42 miles south. just south of the thornton gap entrance, had is just west of speryville, virginia. no luck, we are toll, in today -- told, in today's search. reporting live from shenandoah national park, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> that is tough terrain to have to go through. we have several breaking news just into our newsroom. the same man allegedly shot and killed a teenager at the deen wood metro in march is now charged with the murder of an off-duty secret service officer. police say 17-year-old maurice bellamy was attempting to rob arthur baldwin, when he shot him in december. court documents show the victim was sitting in his vehicle on the 4700 block of first street southwest, when three men approached him and robbed him.
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bellamy and three more times by another person. and three people are recover negligent hospital right now, after each of them were shot in southeast just a few hours ago. d.c. police say three men walked into the united medical center in southern avenue. that's in southeast, just before 3:00. all of them suffering from gunshot wounds. they were all conscious and breathing. the location of the actual shooting was in the 1800 block of bruce place in southeast. to live video now from sky 9, over this house fire in silver spring. this is happening very close to the wheaton glen mont metro station. this is along berry street. we're told that this is a two- alarm fire. and the fire department saying there was heavy fire in the home. these are single-family homes and duplexes. we don't know much else except what you can see. you see the white smok
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fire is out and we'll get details and pass them as they become available. also breaking a death investigation. it happened this afternoon at round tree park on anon dale road. investigators say they were trying to help a man who was reported missing. there was some kind of struggle and during that struggle, the man suffered a medical emergency of some kind. crews perform cpr in an effort to save him. but he passed away. soon after arriving at the hospital. fairfax police say they will provide more information as the investigation continues. magnified by first responders. first responders from as far as toronto, canada came to honor the 37-year-old prince george's county firefighter. he was shot to death by a homeorn he thought -- homeowner he thought he was there to save. scott broom has more on this. >> reporter: yeah. it was a sad and impressive display today. hundreds and hundreds of firefightersm
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full honors for firefighter john olmschneider and some anxiety and second-guessing about the way he died. >> reporter: heartbreaking moments as they follow the casket. carried to the fire truck he served on at landover hills. followed by his wife and the couple's 2-year-old daughter. >> the one good thing is that we're a family. >> as shocked as everyone else, at how the firefighter everyone called skittle, died. >> i actually ran into a guy. he's a pretty solid guy. and he was a little shaken up. we do the same thing. and it's just hard. >> reporter: olm schneider was shot to death in temple hill friday, when he and colleagues broke down the door of a man they feared unconscious. a brother had called
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because he couldn't get solved. the man has not been charged. olmschneider's sacrifice is viewed as heroic and unsettling. they grew up with the high school and loved farming when he wasn't saving lives. >> another firefighter, 19-year- old volunteer kevin swain was also injured in that shooting. and the gunman's brother was also wounded. olmschneider's young colleague is still badly injured, was unable to attend this goodbye funeral today. reporting live in saint mary's county, maryland. scott broom, wusa 9. >> and prince george's fire chief said those rescuers did
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the first woman to appear on u.s. currency in more than 100 years. that is according to the treasury department. the 19th century leader of the underground railroad will replace the 7th leader, andrew jackson on the $20 bill. and this means alexander hamilton will remain on the $10 bill, which is a victory for people who opposed the initial plan for his removal. there will be more changes coming. we'll tell you about that at 5:00 ask 6:00. new information on the plane crash we told but yesterday. investigators have released the victims' names. they are 63-year-old richard hess. and 56-year-old janet mets, both from ellicott city, maryland. hess was at the controls when the plane crashed and burst into flames tuesday. federal investigators are working to determine what brought down that small plane. to the campaign trail now. last night, donald trump is gearing up for a stop in maryland. trump is scheduled to
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burlin, maryland. which is not too far from ocean city. it's an event scheduled for 7:00. and of course, maryland's primary is set for next today. trump is now 73 delegates short of clinching the nomination. ted cruz admits he was stopped. hillary clinton won last night. she is holding two events in pennsylvania tonight. and after last night's win, bernie sanders is nearly mathematically eliminated from the race. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. topper? a spectacular day. and really a nice evening, in fact. here's your planner. temperatures near 70 at 6:00. 64 at 8:00. and about 60 by 10:00. we'll come back ask issue a yellow weather alert for friday. we'll tell you why. also ahead, preparing for terror. what d.c. bars and restaurants are doing, in case of an attack. criminal charges filed against three
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flint water crisis. and after the break, we'll hear from a hero, in a prince george's county fire, who may have saved lives with his quick
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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to prince george's county, with 30 adults and nine kids, who were forced out of their homes after an apartment fire. firefighters had to help some people out. but no one was hurt. thanks to one neighbor who pulled the fire alarm. wusa 9's delia goncalves has more on what happened in district heights. what happened here, delia? >> reporter: well, that good neighbor, carlos brooks. he said he smelled smoke around 10:00 this morning. he walked out of the building to investigate. he saw flames shooting from a basement apartment. now that, basement apartment is in the back of the building. but the fire was so intense, you can see where es
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that basement apartment is where brenda carol called home for two decades. >> i was devastated. i was just shocked. i just stood and looked. my mind went complete to blank. >> 20 years of memories gone nan instant. >> all -- gone in an instant. >> all of my pictures that i had just set all the grandchildren. my sister's wedding. >> brenda carol and marjorie just left the house for a funeral when a friend called. >> she said, our apartment is on fire. where are you? where are you? >> what goes through your mind? >> thank goodness i was not driving. i was praying the whole time. >> i went back inside to grab my phone. and at that point, smoke started to come inside of our building. >> so it moved quickly? >> yes. very quickly. within a tt
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minutes, firefighters rushed to nearby apartments. crews from d.c., montgomery county, even baltimore city. here to help in prince george's county, during the funeral of fallen firefighter, john john olmschneider. >> i'm thankful my children weren't there. >> it f the tv is -- if the tv is ready. >> they salvage what they can and hold onto their memories and keep moving. >> all i can do is sape what they tell me. >> and firefighters indeed do tell us the cause of this fire was electrical. they believe it started in the living room. where we're told that tv was located. we're live tonight, delia delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> firefighters say the blaze cost $250,000 in damage.
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the lead-painted water. crisis unfolding in flint, michigan. and two men who worked for department of environmental quality. and supervisors at the water treatment plant. they are accused of concealing the test results of water samples and tampering with the evidence. >> they had a duty to protect the health of families and citizens of flint. they failed. >> reporter: michigan governor rick schneider calls the charges deeply troubling. he said the focus now is pursuing the truth. and when asked if anyone in his life should be charged, schneider said, they are having a tough getting people to cooperate fully. uploaded to youtube. remember, you're not supposed to dry your drone in the national park. the 4,000 acre blaze forced a closure of trails and skyline drive, as helicopters dumped tons of water on the flames.
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officials believe someone started the fire. however, they have not determined if this is a case of arson. >> beautiful day united states outside today. but hard to know that there's a yellow alert? >> we're looking forward to friday. didn't want to do this. thought the showers might be out of here by the time the nats game gets out of here. it's a great time to download the app. >> you're going to need that come summertime. >> yes, sir you are. we went 70 for a high. i think that's going to hold up. we will let you know tonight at 11:00. we're looking at temperatures, even if it were 70, above average. look at the dew point in the 20s. relative humidity is 18%. now, we did have should fire, red-flag warnings yesterday around the metro area, which means it's very, very dry and susceptito
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so keep that in mind, don't burn any brush. clear skies. a bit chilly tonight. bus stop temperatures, 42 to 60. so it warms up pretty quickly. then very, very nice tomorrow. yes, there will be a few clouds in the afternoon. but a really, really nice day. and yellow weather alert friday, showers. time suggest such, i think the morning commute is going to be okay. i think now the evening commute, the nats game and your plans friday night. especially for outdoor plans, will be affected. tonight, 9:30, 10:00. temperatures still mile. upper 50s, low 60s. clear skies. but by morning, they fall quickly. 44, frederick. 6:00 a.m. 40s in the bushes. -- burbs. notice the clouds building out to the west along i-81. by 9:00, we're back in the 50s. 57 downtown. 58 in silver spring. 58 in fairfax. and a few clouds rolling through. my goodness, as temperatures
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southerly wind. by 6:00 in the evening tomorrow, 75 downtown. maybe a little warm. but 75 in manassas. i think everybody hits at least 75, or 74. couple of showers possible cumberland west, certainly across great dwaid divide. tomorrow night, a lot of clouds. but essentially, we stay dry tomorrow night, into friday morning. temperatures, lock at this. by midnight. temperatures are still in the 60s. almost like a june night tomorrow night. okay. for tonight. not so much like june. clear skies and chilly. 42 to 52. and winds out of the southwest at about 10. winds will pick up a little tomorrow. but that will drive some warmer air in here. clear skies to start on the day planner. 50. of course, 40 in the burbs. and 65 at 11:00. and 69, almost 70, by 1:00 p.m. now, the next three days, there's the yellow weather alert on friday. good news, warm. 75. other good news. nothing crazy heavy. i mean, isolated chance of
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but if they're just light showers, nats are going to play. of course you can watch it here on 9. beautiful, beautiful on saturday. 70. next seven days, we have not monkeyed around with the 7-day, still beautiful on sunday. 72. upper 70s on monday. another system approaches. maybe a shower monday night. better chance for showers tuesday. 74. nats are still in town. and cooler wednesday. but gorgeous, highs on wednesday, near 70. >> sounds great, topper. thank you. straight ahead, why president obama's trip to saudi arabia might be a little tense. another automaker under fire for cheating on a test. and no wi-fi might not be a problem for people looking to watch shows on netflix. now i've got your attention. that's up next in our consumer alert.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. president obama is in saudi arabia for a persian gulf summit. he met with saudi's king alsad. he is expected to appeal to others and gulf allies with more on the help in the fight against isis. this
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strained saudi relations. the saudis are against the outreach toward iran. they're also skeptical of his approach to syria. let's talk about consumer news. mitsubishi said its employees manipulated the fuel mileage test. the tire pressure data on those mini car models was changed so that the mileage ratings were actually better than the actual results. the vehicle was impacted. >> and we learned volkswagen has reached a deal with the u.s. government for their issues. they're going to spend over a billion dollars to compensate the owners equip with cheating software according to emigs. -- emissions. the automaker will pay each of those owners of those rigged vehicle about $5,000 apiece. you may be able to take in an episode of house of cards or another show next time you ge
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instead of having to stream the shows, you would have the option to preload those netflix problems onto your twice, without a network connection. >> yes. take a look here at little prince george. haming it up in this newly released picture of the royal family. buckingham palace, releasing the photos ahead of the queen's 90th birthday tomorrow. she looks great. the picture was actually taken last year in the white drawing room at the bals. and you know the kids -- room at the palace. and you know the kids. >> still ahead. a warning tonight about picking up used toys for kids. and a new way for cops to track fleeing suspects without endangering the public. >> and right after the break. are d.c.'s bars and restaurants prepared in the event the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe"
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that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edsdwar said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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are d.c. bars and restaurants prepared for a possible terrorist attack? >> the department met with dozens of nightlife business owners to talk about having a plan in place, in case terrorism hits the nation's capital. ellen brian spoke. >> that's right. we've seen it happen in the past. like paris this last november, when terrorists target a large
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enforcement to ask, what can we do here in d.c.? what can bar owners do to prevent the same thing from happening here? >> a typical night in adams morgan will draw thousands of people to restaurant patios and bars? >> the bad news is we're living in the western. >> he actually brought up a video from isis. and al qaeda that specifically asked their people to target d.c. >> what they tell us is there is no credible threat. >> i -- they want to know how to get customers out in case of emergency. >> they said that's our needed floor plan. i'm like, come
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burger. i'm not a hamburger, chargeingham burger hill. this is crazy. >> i think living in the city long enough, you just kind of learn to live with some of the risks that are more inherent here. >> i feel like life is meant to be enjoyed. and i'm planning on living my life. and whatever happens was already in the cards. >> the last thing we want to do is start becoming paranoid of people because of what is happening. vigil, yes. but terrible and suspicious, no. >> bar owners also point out they check ids. and look inside purses and bags. >> the d.c. nightlife hospital association said they plan to continue this training with additional security preparedness training. a man tried luring three children into his vehicle. police said the kids were playing hide and seek around 7:30 last night.
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away and get help. the man was driving an older model, navy blue pickup truck. anyone with information is asked to call arlington police. a man, today a judge sent romeo helman to jail for more than nine years. investigators say an undercover fbi average downloaded 82 lewd files from an i.p. address associated with hillman's computer. and they found about 13,000 images and videos on that device. to prince george's county now, where more than 100 suspected bad guys are off the streets after a weekend roundup. the sheriff's office worked for the handful different agencies to stop the suspect. these crimes were accused of charges like rape, assault, and child abuse. montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy has announced he has been diagnosed with neck cancer. his sual
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treatment options. while he is expected to go on medical leave, mr. mccarthy is confident that he'll be fully recovered by this summer. d.c. lawmakers want to change the slogan on district license plates to push support for d.c. to become the 51st 51st state. they say the new logan, end taxations without representation would reflect a rallying cry for equality. numbers are staggering. about 12,000 people have died during police chases. and some of them are suspects. but thousands are police officers and innocent bystanders. bruce leshan is live on the beltway, with plans for a high- tech solution to reduce the carnage. bruce, tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, lesli. maybe it's happened to you. you're on the beltway. a suspect, fleeing poli
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zooms past it, darting in and out of traffic. high rate of speed. in his incredibly dangerous -- but all too common. so how do we stop it? >> reporter: across the country and here at home. high-speed police chases all too frequent. and deadly. an average of about 30029 people kill -- 329 people killed a year. and about 13139 police officers in the last 30 years. -- 139 police officers in the last 30 years, including prince george's county officer morris. >> tens of thousands more injured. >> every day, someone like you, me or your parents are killed. every day in the united states. >> the owner of a company called starchase thinks he has a solution to cut way down on the deaths and injuries.
5:35 pm
laser-guided gps. to tackle a vehicle on the run. >> we've had no loss of light. we've had no injuries. and we've had no property damage. >> reporter: every three seconds, this gps tag transmits the vehicle's location and speed to a satellite. other officers dispatchers can monitor that in realtime. the device is not cheap, as much as $5,000 apiece. but police say suspects almost always slow way down, once they think the cops are off their tails. ask with the tracking device in place -- >> yes. >> they can follow them home and arrest them when they're ready. now, another challenge here. police have to get within two car lengths, in order to fire that yard and tag the vehicle with the gps. but star chase said if it propelled those darts darts
5:36 pm
distance, it would risk hitting the wrong car. live on the beltway, near silver spring, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> a loof factors to consider when you use these devices. about 100 police devices are using the gps tracking. but so far, none of them are in our area. tracking now. whole foods fights back, after being accused of putting an anti-gay slur on a cake. a rapper's concert rider just might be ludicrous. get it? >> get it. and the picture turning heads. topper, what say you? >> i say the pollen is high. in fact, if you're having problems sneezing, eyes watering. the tree pollen is high. but the oaks are off the chart. that's the main cul culprit. low for grass. low for weeds. we'll come back. good news for you pollen sufferers. that's going -- it's going to shower. but bad news, yellow weather alert friday.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you;
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glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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all right. guess what is trending tonight. >> make is comfortable. >> whenever you're ready. >> whole foods is fighting back
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who claims he was sold a cake with a homophobic slur on it. >> jordan brown said the cake was supposed to say "love wins" on it. instead, he claims a slur was tacked onto the end and filed a lawsuit. the bakery worker, it turns out, is a member of the lgbtq community. said she wrote the original message on the cake and nothing else. basically calling the pastor a liar. whole foods is now suing him, accusing him of defamation. just a day after it was announced that michael strahan was leaving, kelly rippa was a no show on the michael and kelly show this morning. according to the daily mail, rippa is angry about being blindsided about the news, and she won't be coming back until strahan is gone. he co-hosted the show with sn
5:41 pm
hope it settles down ask works out. all right. so what does it take to get rapper ludacris to put on a show? >> 65 thousand, a box of condoms, two bottles of his own label cognac and a seemingly never-ending grocery store list. that's according to the university of georgia, needed a last-minute performer. and a last-minute trip to the grocery store. and ludacris apparently took fuel advantage of this in negotiations. tonight, we're hearing from the homeowners who say they were taken for a ride by a popular home makeover show. >> love it or list it. it airs on hgtv. in each episode, the home is renovated and the owners get to decide whether to love it and stay or
5:42 pm
they say they have yet to move into another home. >> this is not a free makeover? >> no, not at all. we got a substantial lone for this -- loan for this. and put our own money on top. >> this show, i watch it quite a bit, but have not seen this one. the couple has filed a lawsuit, claiming the contractor did shoddy work. the show said they have done 250 homes without expwsh that the couple's complaints are without issue. congratulations to maury on this one. a woman named seersdy -- searsy. appeared with a son. while the boyfriend did turn out to be the daddy, well, it turns out seriousy bears a striking resemblance to ted cruz. maury actually put this on his facebook page. >> she looks a lot li
5:43 pm
>> people are like -- the washington capitals. hoping to bust out the brews tonight against the philadelphia flyers. hoping the flyers don't bust out anything on our team. coming up, we'll have a live report. >> we need to calm all that down. plus, some experts claim the failure to act on climate change could be damaging to our health and the environment.
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sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting ♪ sfx: crowd cheering ♪ sc johnson, a family company
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on this so-called holiday for pot smokers, lesli was unable to stay off. >> are you kidding me? i didn't even know what 420 meant. >> she didn't. a new poll says more and more americans believe marijuana should be legal. 26% think pot should be legalized. 36% say marijuana should be against the law. that's down 7 points from last year. today, of course, is april 20th. 4/20, is the code for marijuana use in cannabis culture. >> thanks. >> i just know because i read a lot. most think of environmental and political issue. >> but now, a group
5:47 pm
health effects that need to be addressed right now. >> reporter: american college of division swarming, climate change will have devastating consequences on everyone else, unless aggressive action is taken. >> we will bear the brunt of taking care of most of the conditions that result from a rise in climate. >> reporter: the a.c.t. says the science is clear ask compelling. that climate change can cause potential health problems, including heat-related illnesseses. respiratory illnesses, like asthma. as well as water-born diseases. >> we've had more incidents in the past few years than in the last decade. lymelime -- lyme disease, malerria. >> reporter: there are also concerns that risi
5:48 pm
temperatures and natural disasters could lead to behavioral and mental challenges. >> more stress, more anxiety. post traumatic stress guard disorder. >> the group hopes it will convince others that the dangerous are very real. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. >> and the report says people who are held elder -- who are elderly are most vulnerable. rain has stopped. but some houston neighborhoods are still under water tonight. here's the problem. there is tons of water and no place for it to go. some residents evacuated. they are not taking any chances. but as you can see, i mean, here's the damage. those cars just swallowed up by the waters that are still flowing into many homes, too. >> tough situation. it's been a little bit of a bowl. good news is, couple of showers and forecasts tomorrow in houston. but nothing crazy. live look outside. it is gorgeous
5:49 pm
winds are very, very light. for tonight, because we have clear skies and calm winds and a dry air mass, it will be chilly. in fact, bus stop temperatures, 42. to about 60. it will warm up rapidly. might want a sweater on early in the day. few clouds in the afternoon. and then, yeah, we had to do it. didn't want to do it. yellow weather alert on friday for showers. it appears showers will move in closer to game time as opposed to getting out of here during game time. 9:30, 10:00. still mild. upper 50s, low 60s. 59 also fairfax. then by morning. clouds begin to gather out toward the i-81 corridor. temperatures back to 47 now gaithersburg. and 47 in fairfax. by midmorning clouds. temperatures in the 50s. and by lunchtime, still pretty nice. 68 in
5:50 pm
and near 70 downtown as well. we're in the low to mid-70s pretty much across the board. even hagerstown. and tomorrow night, we just sort of stay partly to mostly cloudy. i'll take you now into friday evening. this is why we issued the yellow weather alert. now we have showers showing up at winchester. and these could roll through during the game. game time is at 7:05 on friday, which you can watch right here. >> okay. day planner looks like this tomorrow. a few clouds by 7:00. 55 by 11:00. and 69 by 1:00. thursday, clouds come in. and we're dry. here are your showers. and perhaps, a thunderstorm on friday. there's the yellow weather alert, 75. good news is, the morning commute should be dry on friday. and beautiful saturday. sunshine and 70. we're not tinkered with the seven-day. next seven days, still great on sunday. 72, nats in town.
5:51 pm
maybe a shower at night. a few showers tuesday. and that's in town tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperature in the the midcents on thursday. and beautiful, a little cooler tonight, near 70, with sunshine next wednesday. well, the far side. scores. 6-1, washington. set a franchise record, with five power play goals. >> oh, what a night it was. the capitals went into hostile territory monday and had no problem picking up their third win against philadelphia. well, former capitals michael noticebert will be in tonight. can the caps finish the job. our frank hanrahan is at the city of brotherly love, where people are talking about a sweep. frank? >> reporter: yeah. well, fans certainly hope that is the case. it's been a very lopsided series so far.
5:52 pm
their first ever series sweep tonight against philadelphia. of course, fans on both sides have differing opinions of what is going to happen later tonight. capitals are going to win easily. no problem. >> i want them to win tonight. so you avoid a sweep. >> i predict they're going to have a sweep. they're going to be able to pull it off. going to be at least, i'd say, 4-1 games. don't give him his money. >> yes. >> there's still some hope. . >> always hope, man. always hope. >> the cascade 3 victory, there was some unfortunate incidents on the ice. in fact, the philadelphia fans were penalized for thoughing too many items onto the ice. it was an ugly scene in the capitals victory. >> i find myself descending. and honestly, there's not like much i
5:53 pm
it's disappointing to hear about. it's the narrative. it's unfortunate. and for like small percentage of them, ruin it for the rest of us. disappointing. >> yeah. we shall see how the philadelphia fans react tonight. just after 7:00. they look for the serious sweep against the flyers. >> all right, frank. now, the players, of course, saying this is going to be the hardest game to get. philadelphia is back against the wall. caps win. series is over. but it's going to be really tough. and i think the rest of the players would like it to end so the players can rest up for the next series. wherever namay be. >> going -- that may be. >> going to have to be careful. >> well, frank had the broom out in the parking lot. and the flyers fans weren't too happy to see that. they were tellingim to put it away. -- telling him to put it away. growing calls for
5:54 pm
anne arundel county, after 911 calls. by his wife become public. we'll have more on the fallout. on the money. move over andrew jackson. harriet tubman coming to a $20 bill.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
parents may think they're getting a deal when they buy toys and other items second
5:57 pm
online. >> but some of those products may be dangerous. >> buying used items for kids is anything but child's play. >> their first model here didn't have a seat belt. >> reporter: this early model was recalled because children were seriously injured or killed after falling out. just one of the thousands of dangerous, even deadly kids products, sold second hand, after they were recalled. ebay and amazon use technology that blocks people from selling recalled items. and sites like craigslist have policies in place. but recalled items often slip through the cracks. >> reporter: some of the most recalled items are some of the things children either sit, sleep or play in. >> reporter: amanda bower says avoid buying items children can fall out of. also, stay away from choking hazards, like small toys and wires. this wall lamp was recalled after children were injured and killed, strangled by the long cord. >> and think twice before buying a secondhand car seat. also check th
5:58 pm
they generally expire after six years years and never buy car seats that have been in an accident. >> you should only buy cribs designed after june 2011. >> they are required to have a date on them. >> reporter: julie wass for cbs news, san francisco. and there are ways to check to see if an item has been recalled. >> yeah. you can g to the consumer product safety commission website at cpsc important gov. right now -- right now, a chance that they're still in it to win it. a plea for help. the release of a 911 tape has some anne arundel lawmakers. firefighter missing now for a week. we'll have the latest development in the search in shen an doe on. >> good even -- shenandoah. former slave owner is being replaced with a woman who helped free
5:59 pm
harriet tubman. >> former president andrew jackson is being moved to the back of the $20 bill. getting a loud response on the changes. >> reporter: outside of the african american museum history of culture. some people were yelling at me with excitement. even as they walked by. >> it's wonderful. >> as a black woman, i think that's saying a lot. >> it's important to recognize the work harriet tubman did. and it's about time a woman was recognized. >> reporter: they announced the first female to break the front will not only be a woman but a woman of color. anti-slavery activist and conductor of the underground railroad, harriet tubman. the mother of two young girls. >> we need to know more people like that. unfortunately, i don't think our kids need to know much about these kids in the world. >> reporter: not only will the $20 bill change.
6:00 pm
recognize members of the woman's suffrage movement. the $5 bill will have president lincoln and historical events that took place at the lincoln memorial. showing marion anderson and eleanor roosevelt. >> pretty cool, you know? >> not everyone is a fan. some comments are racist or sexist. others want tradition. lana cooper wrote on her facebook page. faces you should be limited to. >> the kind of response i got. think big. says currency isn't just exchanged here. >> only thing is you're going to see harriet tubman here first. that's because the new york times says the new bill won't be debuted until 2020. we're not going to see them until the next decade. >> harriet tubman. born into slavery in dorchester county, maryland. and she once said, i freed a


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