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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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announcement as early as we're doing so now. i think all would acknowledge, this race, if anything, is unusual. >> reporter: after five losses last night, cruz can no longer win the nomination. but he hopes announcing fiorina will give him the boost he needs. >> i'm not getting to 1277 delegates and donald j. trump is not getting to 1277 delegates. >> fiorina vowed to fight. >> i've had tough fights all my life. it doesn't worry me a bit. and this is a fight worth having, worth winning, and with your help, we will win this fight. >> reporter: trump responded with a tweet. saying he agreed with a short video of fiorina criticizing cruz, back in january, when she remained a candidate. >> trump delivered a speech on foreign policy. >> america first willbe
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major and overriding theme of my administration. >> some foreign policy experts criticize the speech for its lack of detail. trump attacked both president obama and republicans for failures abroad and promised a measured approach as president. he occasionally veered offschipt. >> too much destruction out there. the power of weaponry is the single biggest problem that we have today in the world. >> now, tonight, fiorina does two things right away, that should help ted cruz. she changes the subject away from those losses last night. and becomes something of a super surrogate, who can attack trump relentlessly. but the selection also gives trump yet another opportunity to attack his rivals, as desperate and willing to try absolutely anything. no matter how unusual, to try to stop them. reporting live, garrett haake. wusa 9. >> we shou
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moment. he's holding a rally tonight in indianapolis. other side, hillary clinton is honing in on the democratic nomination, after winning four of five states in yesterday's primaries. she's set being her sights on the general election and taking on donald trump's accusation that she is playing the woman card. >> if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> clinton and rival bernie sanders both campaigned today in indiana, ahead of next tuesday's presidential primary. sanders told supporters that he's in the race to win as many delegates as he can. but politico reports tonight,; for the latest on the campaign trail and election alert, download our free wusa 9 app. he was once among the most powerful politicians in washington. today, former house speaker
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the house, dennis hastert was sentenced in a case involving long-seeking accusations of sexual abuse. paula reed reports from chicago. >> reporter: dennis hastert arrived in a wheelchair at the federal courthouse in chicago to hear his sentence. the former spoker told the court he was deply ashamed -- deeply ashamed. he admitted sexually abusing former wrestling students and apologizing to the victims. saying nothing is worse than using speaker of the house and child molester in the same sentence. because of the statute of limitations, hastert cannot be charged with sexual abuse. the charges stem from breaking banking laws laws to pay off one of his accusers. >> we brought the charges we could bring. and through that, mr. hastert's legend and leg assess are -- legacy are gone. and in its place are a broken, humiliated man. >> reporter:
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still in his wheelchair, while the judge shared the sentence. his face was drawn and his shoulders hunched. >> reporter: prosecutors say hastert abused at least four students while working as a high school coach outside of chicago. one of the accusers spoke through tears, describing how hastert massaged him in the locker room and tried to perform a sex act. hastert's attorney had asked for probation in light of his poor health. instead, he becomes one of the highest-ranking politicians in u.s. history. paula reed, cbs news, chicago. and in addition to his prison sentence, hastert must also pay $250,000 to a crime victim's fund and undergo sex offender treatment. the supreme court appears likely to throw out the corruption case of virginia's former governor, bob macdonald. today, justices expressed skepticism about the rationale, cautioning that the case presented a slippery e
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criminalizing politicians' behavior when it comes to support for investors. mcdonald was criticized for taking gifts from a businessman in exchange for something. mcdonald said that he didn't do anything that he didn't do for others. >> they don't know where the line is. you know, governor mcdonald said many times, i thought i understood where the line was. and now, it's been moved behind me. >> reporter: seemed to go your way in there pretty much. what do you think? a lot of questions seem to be in your favor. >> i have a lot of faith in my lawyers and in the justice system to get this right. >> a decision on whether to uphold or strike down that conviction is expected this june. tonight, terror suspect, salah abdeslam is in solitary confinement in a french prison, after appearing before a judge, to face charges connected to last november's attacks.
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abdeslam was captured in brussels. transferred to paris today, under very tight securi. he's the only known survivor of the group accused of carrying out the attacks that killed some 130 people. the suicide bombing has injured at least 13 people in the city of bursa, turkey. authorities say the bomber was a woman in her mid-20s. the blast went off in a mosque in the market in the historic part of the city. just yesterday, the u.s. state department issued a warning to traveling americans about credible terrorist threats in tourist areas in turkey. the fbi says tonight, it won't go public with how it hacked into the iphone, used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. the bureau will only say that somebody came forward with an idea to gain access to that phone, and it worked. the feb paid that person a million dollars. but admits the agency did not purchase the rights to how the iphone was hacked. >> now an update to the
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ohio. he said he personally inspected four homes where eight members of the same family were shot and murdered last week. he said the murders were carefully planned. they were a sophisticated option carried out by would cold-blooded killer or killers but would not say whether investigators have narrowed down who could have done it and why. get used to the cold damp weather for the next few days. >> meteorologist topper shutt is tracking light showers. we lost 30 degrees like that. feels like fall. here's a look at the radar. last fall. everything is south of town. into southern maryland. and also into fredericksburg. all light activity. but enough to wet the roads if you're going down 301 or 5 into southern maryland. light activity, to the west of mechanicsville. everything is light. a little light activity and that's about it. let's talk about the game. the game is going to be played. just bundle up. temperatures in the 50s. mid-50s
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board. a slight chance of a sprinkle. but the game will be played. by morning, look at this. more showers roll in. low to mid-50s across the board. we'll come back and track those across the afternoon. and tell you why we had to issue a yellow weather alert for friday. coming up, musician kid rock has choice words for a 911 operator after he calls for help at his nashville estate. coming up next, the white house makes an noan
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president barack obama will travel to flint, michigan next week to get a firsthand look at the water situation there. the president plans to meet with neighbors and brief the community on the federal effort to clean up the city's lead problem. three officials are facing criminal criminal charges and the scandal to switch flint's water supply that resulted in lead-contaminated water. for the second day in a row, the secret service had to put the white house on lockdown. a man threw his personal belongings over the north fence of the white house. security guards immediately took him into custody. he is the second fence jumper they've arrested in two days. yesterday, they arrested a man on 17th and g streets. president obama was at the white house both days. a trust company has been appointed to temporarily oversee prince's multimillion dollar estate. a judge in minneapolis made that decision after a telephone conferce
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musicians possible heirs upon his sister, tyka nelson believes that is the best arrangement. she believes her brother did not leave a will. prince died at his home near minneapolis. no word yet on the cause of death. we are now hearing the emotional call that performer kid rock made to 911, after his assistant died in an atv crash. the singer is clearly frustrated as he tried to get the dispatcher to send an ambulance right away to his nashville estate. get in the ambulance now! >> tell me exactly what happened. >> i don't know. there's a polaris. my polaris is off the driveway. and looked [ inaudible ] [ bleep ] i need an ambulance. >> i'm going to send you an ambulance. but i'm having a hard time hearing you. your phone is breaking up. >> what part of send an ambulance don't you [ bleep ] hear. send a [ bleep ] ambulance now!
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finally arrived, the man identified has michael saca was already dead. only on 9, a woman beaten for asking a teen to turn down her music on metro, shares her story with us. coming up next, area first responders are
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some incredible acts of bravery were recognized in prince george's county. 48 first responders got awards for valor. >> here's some of the stunning incidents that were caught on video. valor award winners here in prince george's county, said it was all instinct that got them on stage today. >> it's not something that we expect recognition for. >> that's police officer nicholas clayton on the grainy dash cam video, running towards a burning car. clayton and his colleagues knew a man was trapped inside last september. through the flames, they broke the windows and dragged the victim out, whose clothing was burning. today, clayton and fellow police officers jeremy birch, daniel collins, michael morris, and luis got medals of valor for it. clayton said they were just reacting. >> when it happens to you, are you thinking, i could
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killed here? >> no the drrks -- adrenaline just sort of flushes that out of your mind. you're just going because you get up to do every day. >> reporter: clayton was among the rescuers. people who did everything from facing down gunman to crashing through pond ice. today's deaths were more poignant. by deaths of two officerses. police officer jaky colson, killed during a gun fight with a suspect. and firefighter colson killed during a gunfight with a hom owner. -- homeowner two rere minders that -- reminders that valor is not just a word. at least a dozen lives were saved by the prince george's valor recipients. well done. one year ago tonight, days of unrest, erupted into violence in the streets of baltimore. while.
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police commissioner anthony battings -- bats was fired. but he doesn't feel like he let down the city. >> what did you feel the night the riots erupted? whose idea was it not to engage? was it the mayor? was it you? did you go along with her orders? >> that never happened. >> what happened? >> there was rumors and innuendos that there was some type of standdown order. and that was put out by the union. >> you said that never happened. >> no. there was no stand down order. never happened. >> baltimore's mayor said she fired bats because the focus on the police leadership was distracting the city from the city's crime-fighting efforts. >> a man charged with the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter, after leaving her in a hot car is out on bond tonight. we're also learning 31-year-old dakwan fields, who is from anon dale, has a rap sheet, including grand larceny. prosecutors say he should never have been behind the wheel.
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suspended for the fourth time. sources say fields may have been under the influence of alcohol, possibly marijuana that day. attorneys are still waiting for toxicology results. a woman is dead, a man in surgery, after both were found stabbed in tacoma park, maryland. police were called to the cambridge apartments. they found the man bleeding near the elevator. e they found a man and a woman in an upstairs apartment. the woman who is 36 years old, died. we don't know her name yet. police have not made any arrests, but they do say there is most likely no danger to the public right now. >> only alt 9:00 tonight, we've learned of a board metro. it happened because one passenger was asking another to wear head phones so her loud music would not be heard. jenny brooms was on a green line train. she said she videotaped a suspect after a metro employee on the train and at least one other in the navy
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failed to assist her. >> i'm like, help me metro people. help me. i was just beat on the metro. i had blood running down my face. i could feel it. and they didn't stop her. >> she needed several stitches above her eye and suffered several bruises. the teenage suspect was arrested and the charge was assault. metro tells us, its employees are not law enforcement and cannot perform law enforcements duties. wooden railway bridge burst into flames yesterday in the town of mayor thorpe. plumes of black smoke billowed into the air. check out this video. it's incredible. the bridge was destroyed. police are calling that fire suspicious. 16 fires have broken out in that same area over the past week. pretty sparks. >> that's awesome. >> go out there, buddy. >>
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>> need to build a fire here in the new studio. >> yes, we could. >> it might be against the law. forget that. forget that. >> i have a space heater here that is running. we've look at temperat, ures about 15 degrees below average. and somehow, it's not going to get much warmer. 3-degree guarantee. are you crazy, top? i think it's going to come out okay. because it's a midnight to midnight high. live look outside. it is our michael and son weather cam. kind of dreary, and yes, more like fall. 56 remember we were 86 at this time yesterday. here's doppler. most of the activity is south of us. all of it is light. couple of sprinkles back to the west. the game should be fine. the activity is light toward dahlgren now. south of la plata, headed toward colonial beach. headed to leonard town and solomon. chilly tonight. some showers, more to the south. nothing heavy. bus stop temperatures 56 and damp.
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yellow weather alert through friday. and probably again sunday. hmm. an umbrella and a jacket good idea through the weekend will 10:00 tonight. a lot of clouds. not too much in the way of shower activity if you want to go after dinner. by morning, more showers and rain rolled in. light rain. looking at 52 in gaithersburg. 52 in silver spring. 9:00, more showers. heavier activity to to the west. and this warm, unstable air. moves through early through late afternoon. with temperatures struggling to get to 60. on the day planner, 57 at 11:00. 60 -- only 60 by 1:00 p.m. most of the burbs hold it in the 50s. we do it all over again friday. rinse and repeat. 61. maybe a shower. but certainly the two of the better weekend days. more rain sunday. only 60. rain ends monday. then we're in a little better shape tuesday
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after spending a year on the beach, scott brooks is back at the helm of a basketball team. and the washington wizards hope this latest chapter will be a long and positive one for the franchise. the team brass introduced their new head coach today at the verizon there -- center. brooks brings with him plenty of experience. both as a player and a coach. visit a reputation for developing young player. i asked brooks today why he
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him. >> great ownership. great leadership and earning and his staff. ask a talented roster that's been in the play-offs that had play-off success. it's going to continue to improve in the flexibility we moving forward. and also in the great city. >> he was our number 1 target. let's be aggressive. and ernie grunfield locked him in a hotel room for a couple of days. and 'tdidn come back for a handshake that they would have a deal. >> they are gearing up for their next layoff. they are opening against the long-time rival pittsburgh. the coach has an idea of what we can expect. >> these next few games. >> if you're looking for star power, looking for speed, creativity. looking for strong special teams all that. you're probably going to see all of those elements in the series. >> sit. and going on for a while.
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this is going to -- you know, both guys are playing really well right now. should be a lot of fun. >> reporter: 2015 was an incredible year for the navy football program. cornerback keenan reynolds was named for best athlete. then they beat both army and air force. today, they paid a visit to the white house, something that is becoming quite a frequent occurrence. occurring they have now won the commander in chief trophy, 10 times in the last 13 years. president obama presented a nice oversized ring. obama said, they should just add this date to the schedule every year. >> he probably knows some of the seniors by name. >> beat army, beat air force. >> we're out of time. >> cbs evening news is next. and we're back with your only
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>> pelley: the trump foreign policy: speak softly and stick to the script. >> it's time to shake the rust off american's foreign policy. >> pelley: ted cruz tries to shake up the race with a running mate. >> carly, carly! >> pelley: sentencing day for dennis hastert. a judge calls the man once second in line to the presidency a serial child molester. [bell tolls] parents who lost their son to heroin go public to save lives. >> when you look at this picture, do you see a junkie? >> pelley: and female sports reporters confront hate head on. >> she's a self-important, know-it-all [bleeped]. >> this is ca


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