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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7. a father explains why his son threatened to blow up a baltimore tv station. >> and police praise the security guard that kept his cool. a fire chief calls for action after cyber bullying were posted by a firefighter before she committed suicide. a mosquito emergency in maryland. how the state plans to take the sting out of the zika virus and what you can do to protect yourself. >> the search for this missing woman that turned into a homicide investigation in prince william county. thanks for join us. police have found what they believe is the body of an alexandria woman that
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college in maryland. police have closed off a site where mola lenghi has the latest. >> reporter: it was next to this room of townhouses where a homeowner found the body down this hill in this drainage ditch believed to be lizeth lopez. she had been missing for ten days. reported missing by her sister after she didn't pick up her niece from school on april 19th. now one neighbor here on cotton mill road in lake ridge whose husband found the body after the dog kept barking. the woman worked as a counselor and her body was found a few days ago. we spoke with the neighbor
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>> i am really sorry for the family. i can't imagine how they feel right now. i hope they find the person because it is dangerous. >> lopez's sister tells wusa9 that she doesn't you understand this, that he sister had no enemies. police have no suspects but with the new developments in finding the body in the drainage ditch, they plan to reinterview everybody that they have already spoken to. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. and that body will be transport to the medical examiner's office to determine an exact cause of death. >> we are hearing from the father of the young man threatening to blow up a bomb tv station. ed breezy says his son, alex, suffered a mental break down. >> he had a breakdown a couple ofks
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was that he had communications with god and the world was going to send june the 3rd. whatever came to his head was real to him as anything. when something comes in to your head when you are willing to risk your life for, it drove him to where he lost all sense of reason. >> he showed up in an animal costume. police shot him. in the hospital recovering. today police display his fake bomb vest. parts from a smoke detector with wires sticking out from candy bars. bomb police commissioner kevin davis praised the security guard that kept him from getting in the building. jay apocka leese called 911 while talking to him. he said he would be pp
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talk with him and help him out and quietly alerting the workers to get out of the building. commissioner davis was so impressed and he said he was going to try to get him a job on the police force. >> i can't say enough about what he did. he is a hero. >> mr. davis was not kidding about trying to hire him. a fox 45 reporter tweeted this photo of jay holding a challenge coin. the top cop gave it to him encouraging him to apply for the force. more yellow weather alerts on top but the weekend is not a toll washout. topper shutt is tracking the small window where it will be somewhat okay. >> it is a low bar, i will grant you that but i think we will be able to do some stuff outside, gardening, maybe not cut the grass. i widen the radar and it is still snowing in denver, and
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this is rain from the deep south that will roll in here. notice nothing between here and us. we have a little bit of time, it may drizzle but you will be able to do stuff outside. by 10:00, i think futurecast done wit but suffice to say light showers possible by ten and 55 in gaithersburg. umbrella and light jacket standard fare tonight and for a while. by 7:00 looking at temperatures in the 40s. 49 in la plata and 47 in gaithersburg. cloudy and not much in terms of rainfall. by 10:00 temperatures in the mid-50s. we will come back and track future track to saturday night and sunday. a reminder to download the app and get it before the rain rolls in tomorrow and sunday and go to the wusa9 app it is free and we will send you alerts for
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you can have the doppler radar as well. the reward to help police to track down a killer is getting bigger. 21-year-old heather holmes was found murdered. police have not arrested anyone. the family is pleading with anyone that knows something to come forward and there's $2500 for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction. >> a student that admitted sucker punching a student that ultimately died may not go behind bars. he will serve 3 years probation and if he commits a crime then he will serve six years probation. in the chaos, he said he punched jack godfrey in the head. he recovered but died
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a year-and-a-half later. the autopsy proved it was due to the fatal punch. >> he won't be able to get married and have children and go on to a life that many thought he would be successful. >> the godfrey family expressed disappointment at the sentence that the defendant received. lin net mundy was sentenced to three years ' probation for fraud and theft. the jury found she lied about her income to get free school lunches in a program intended for low-income families. mundy and six other employees at the government accountability office were charge. nicole mittendorff has been laid to rest. a fire chief is launching an investigation about a post. chief bowers says if he finds that any county employee made the post on fairfax under ground he will hold
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accountable. he did not know about the posts until the news media reported them. searchers found mittendorff body after he committed suicide in a shenandoah park. he wants the owner to take down the posts. >> this social media stuff and the blog stuff that is anonymous is ridiculous and i'm appealing to the person that host this site to take down the lewd comments and certainly consider shutting the site down. >> now virginia state police did find no evidence that the online posts led to her death. the owner of fairfax underground will take the posts down if ordered by the court. he says there are others on facebook. college signing day in prince george county and
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scholars with assembly. they worked with the college summit that teaches the value of positive peer pressure to keep kids on track. many of the soon to be freshmen will be the first in the families to go to college. >> i have learned about optimism and resilience and everything else. i am confident it will work out no matter the pressures. you will be fine. doorsey is attending dartmouth on a full college. the second one to attend on a full ride, he will double major in neural science and music. >> we will be working for him. how the new partnership could save live across the world. >> and prince's death shine more information that could impact you or your loved ones
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one of the top stories on wusa9 is how prince's death highlights a fatal flaw in the aging 911 system. when you call from a cell phone, 911 does not automatically know where you are, even if the phone has gps. the transcript of the 911 call from prince's paisley park complex illustrates the problem. the caller said they were at prince's house and didn't know the address. crucial time passed before the caller was able to figure out the exact location. right now on the wusa9 app you can read how companies are working with the federal government to try to fix this problem. today hundreds of protestors converged on a hotel near san francisco hoping to block republican presidential candidate donald truck from getting inside to speak
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california go p convention. >> protestors scrambled over barricades and clashed with police. the secret service crossed the highway by foot and no protestors made it inside that convention and despite the pushing and shoving by the demonstrators police made a few arrests. >> the pope made a call to global middle for cancer research. >> called it a problem that needs attention. the pope comforted biden over the loss of his son. and there is a campaign to find a cure for cancer. >> we should be doing everything possible to accelerate cancer treatment with cures. the vice president hopes support from the vatican will encourage companies to share research and data. as we head to mosquito season. local health officials have advice for what
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help the zika virus from spreading. that's all next. not quite as cool tomorrow and generally will be dry. we don't have the yellow alert for saturday. 63 downtown for a high and 65 in leesburg and 65 in frederick and 64 in gaithersburg. we will put futurecast into motion and take outthrew saturday night and sunday and that's a different story. >> kidnapping high tech and no device is safe. they lock you out of your computer and hol you hostage or destroy it unless you
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ransomware tonight at 11. mosquitoes somewhere plenty of places to lay their eggs. with the threat of the zika virus headed this way. health officials are urging all of us to clean out birdbaths and clean out the gutters and even your lawn furniture can provide puddles that are needed for mosquitoes to breed. >> with these outdoor chairs, whether they are this way or this way they will collect water. you take a drill and drill holes in the back of the seat so that when it runs, that water will just drain out and you won't have a problem. >>e
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birth defects to babies in brazil. 30 cases in maryland, d. c. and virginia, all are travel related and do include some pregnant women. maryland officials say they plan to start spraying most counties for mosquitoes in two weeks. >> today is yellow weather alert day. here is first alert weather. this weekend is not going to be a wash out. the azalea festival is tomorrow and always sunday. 9 to five and free. and they have the second most variety of azalea on the eastern seaboard. the only place that has more is the biltmore it is free. we are looking at an okay day tomorrow, i know the bar is
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and that yellow weather alert look on sunday. the rainfall there is a silver lining, we are below average in terms of rainfall, over nine- and-a-half inches so far but we should be closer to 12-inches. we are about two inches below average but we will get one to two inches tomorrow night and sunday morning. tonight chilly with showers and drizzle and fog. saturday the best in the week end dry and you can do stuff outside. weather alert on sunday, so i will see you tomorrow at the azalea fest and sunday in middleburg for the point to point and sunday, morning rain and then afternoon storms and milder. there may be a respid between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. before we transition from rain to thunderstorms. >> tonight futurecast is hog while, light drizzle or showers and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. by 7:00 in the morning, a lot
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in the suburbs can chilly. by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, dry, the soccer games will be played. 55 downtown and 54 in manassas and by 1:00 close to 60s downtown. still upper 50s in the suburbs and friday night at 5:30, showers off to the south and west. watch what happens tomorrow night, the rain comes flying in, 6:00 on sunday. heaviest rain, midnight to about 10:00 a.m. on sunday. and you see the yellow and oranges that isgood. and the temperatures in the low 50s. it will be just rain. no thunderstorms and that rolls through for the milder air in the west to roll in here and that could produce thunderstorms late in the day. but it will warm us up a little bit. day planner for tomorrow, again a low bar, hey, we are happy, all clouds, yes, but no showers falling. temperature around 60s. sunday morning rain afternoon storms, sun,
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monday and ending by mid- afternoon also 70. next seven days, a morning shower on tuesday mainly south, 70 and some showers possible wednesday and cool thursday but dry and a little bit more like it, mid-70s on friday. caps great game. >> it was good and they needed it. >> it was good. a preview of what is to come it will all be good. game one during a rather eventful night, we
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. >> we figured the series between the caps and the penguins would be a good one. they feature the two faces of the nhl, topper with a hockey stick. just making sure two of the best teams in the conference and topper wants to play hockey. if last night was a preview of what is to come, we are in for some fun! we are having fun already. the
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crosby, the 3rd leading scorer and unleash the man called oshie. highlighted by tj oshie's what trick in overtime and you can tell the players were having some fun on the ice as well. it is fun. and it is two really good teams battling it out and playing good hockey and i imagine it will be like that the rest of the series. >> it is a lot of fun. enjoying every second out there and the fares -- atmosphere. >> it will be a war. two teams that don't like each other and that is what we will expect. ilit wl be a fun game and some guys stepped up big and a huge win. the capitals got a big break when tom wilson was not suspended for his knee to knee hit on sherry but he was fined $2400
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participated in the team's optional practices. tjs on tjoshie. and a stick lodged in beagle's helmet. >> he didn't know what to do. he said i got a stick, what do i do? he was trying to get off of the ice and i was waiting to him to get through the door and the stick got caught and went flying down. >> it was weird. i never had that happen before. i don't know if it ever happened. a weird play. i mean this is the nightest way possible
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has something on its head. >> it looks painful. >> it looks dangerous. >> it is dangerous. >> i know what to do with it left handed. >> tomorrow will be okay? >> tomorrow okay but not pretty but you
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more awkward moments on live with kelly and michael >> so you got an award. >> the drama continues with caddiness and new digs when she makes it clear who she wants to replace michael. >> would you take the job if offered? >> i'm very happy at cnn. >> and an epic star studded bash filled with juicy gossip and jaw dropping fashion. taylor swift partying with ex-john mayer? where was calvin? and who got all the celebrities to hang out in one room. >> plus how taylor swift went from this to this. secrets buying her evolution as she prepares to host the biggest fashion event of the year. >> and fashion do, don'ts and do overs of the week. >> the best and worst star looks


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