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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  April 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now at 7:00, a body has been found in woodbridge, virginia. investigators now work to determine if that's actually that of a missing college student at the university of maryland. and here's a live look. we have gotten more rain on the way but your weekend doesn't start off totally soggy. we'll time out when the wet weather returns coming up. and tonight is the night. the last laugh belongs to president obama when he speaks at tonight's white house correspondents' dinner. the news starts right now. all right, we're here, welcome to the weekend friends. glad you could start it with us, nick giovanni alongside melissa -- >> the nick and
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the day. itself -- start to the day. let's just be real. >> it doesn't feel like the end of april to say the least and unfortunately the next week doesn't either but weekend -- either but the weekend, it's your sunday that looks rather sloppy outside. let's take a live look right now from the michael & son weather cam this morning. hey, today is not a yellow weather alert day. that's something us. we had yellow weather alert day after yellow weather alert day after yellow weather alert for four days in a row and now today break and unfortunately tomorrow, we have another one coming into the area. 51 degrees right now. we have got winds out of the east at 9 miles per hour. it's feeling really cool outside. we've got some areas of fog still a couple of sprinkles out there and that will be the case for most of your saturday. and we'll be socked in with some thick cloud cover but what is on the way for tomorrow? that's going to arrive from the west and still we're starting to see some of those showers making their way towards west virginia this morning. the rain, for the most
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holds off until we get towards tonight. it's 51 right now. in washington. your day planner today takes temperatures steamy 60s. we'll talk about when that rain arrives coming up in just a few minutes. nick? all rightment starting now with the developing story out of northern virginia. a missing person investigation just became a homicide investigation. prince william county police have found a body they believe to be that of a missing college student at the university of maryland. 36-year-old lizeth lopez. she was last seen on surveillance video at a cvs more than ten days ago. the day after she was reported missing, police found her car parked where she worked at a youth counselor. then yesterday this woman says her husband found a body in a drainage ditch. >> we are in danger. if this people -- anywhere, it is dangerous. >> lopez just earned her bachelor's degree in criminal justice from the university of maryland. her family says
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graduate next month. an autopsy on the body will be performed soon. and we will be standing by for those results. to anne arundel county now where police are investigating a police chase that ended with a deadly crash. started when police tried to stop a car in glen burnie. instead of pulling over investigators say the driver took off. eventually crashed head-on into another car along aviation boulevard. killing that driver. the suspect has been identified now as 31-year-old jonathan sims. sims is being treated at baltimore washington medical center. now faces multiple charges. three years probation was the sentence for a former university of maryland student who admitted to sucker punching a fellow student back in 2013. the punch that ultimately caused his death. video released yesterday shows affusion outside cornerstone grill in college park and amid all the chaos a -- he punched jack godfrey in the head. godfrey recovered but died suddenly more than a year
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half later. an autopsy shows it was due to the punch. happening today, you may see lights flashing and sirens sounding at reagan national. fear not. just a drill though we're told. surae chinn is covering it for us live from national, so what exactly is about to happen out there surae? >> reporter: nick we haven't been actually told what the exact scenario is, but there will be a lot of activity. there are prep work going on right now. volunteers are setting up checking in, and also we have about 120 volunteers who are now getting ready. they're getting makeup done because there will be various levels of injuries. some of them will be the walking wounded as we say. but thinks will be happening in a remote area of the airport and they want to make this as real as possible. they want to put their emergency plan into action. we have the authority spokesperson rob yuengling here to
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a scenario. can you reveal it many. >> it's an aviation disaster and we didn't give the specifics of it to the many agencies that will be responding from around the area because we want to have it be as real as possible to them. without advance preparation. there's been an internal team that's planned the exact scenario that involves an aircraft, some vehicles and another piece of aerial equipment. but it will be up to those responding to prioritize how to respond to it, how to investigate it. and practice working together. this isn't a test so much as it is an exercise we put all the plans into play. >> reporter: they have to make sure they can talk with each other, all the different levels of jurisdictions. another point that they want to be clear is that there will be no delays at the airport. no flight delays. you may hear some sirens and see a little bit of smoke and fire but again it's happening at a remote area of the airport. but not to be alarmed. there are
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announcements being made that an exercise is being done. between 9:00 and 12:00 today. live here at reagan national, surae chinn, wusa9. >> all right good to know. we appreciate that. certainly a very detailed exercise you are talking about. if you plan to hop on the red line this weekend, give yourself some extra time. the gm of metro has ordered a surge maintenance. crews are about to use thermal imaging to find out where water is leaking into the system. they're going to take a close look at the track, cables and insulators. this all comes after multiple issues on the line in the last week, the work is supposed to be completed by sunday night. so hollywood, the press and the president. they're all in d.c. tonight for the white house correspondents' dinner. it's that time of year again. the one night of year when the commander-in-chief gets to play the role of stand up comedian. roasting reporters who cover him. this will be president obama's eighth and final performance of course. to set the stage here's a highlight from last year's
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focused on some big challenges like chime change. >> -- climate change. >> california is bone dry if you haven't innocented. it looked like a trailer for the new "mad max" movie up in there. you all they that bradley cooper came here because he wants to talk to chuck todd? he needed a glass of water. [ laughter ] come on. >> some memorable moments indeed. that was comedian keegan- michael key telling it like it is playing the role of the president's anger trainingslator if you recall. the comic timing a hit with the audience last year, we'll see how the president ends up following that up with a last laugh tonight and joined by host and comedian larry will more. when we return on "wake up washington" the bald eagle may have some competition in the national symbol department. the new push to have one specific mammal become a new symbol. >> and it may not be raining right now, but it's still kind of a damp chilly
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day. we'll track it into the weekend and let you know when the umbrellas are need ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, and let you know when the umbrellas are need the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy!
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all right, it's weekend. so we're taking a glass half full approach. not weather alert days. >> and all those people who are suffering from allergies and kept complaining about it and complaining about it, this is for you. >> wash it away huh? >> we washed it out this weekend and hey -- the numbers i don't think they're going to be coming up anytime soon because we are going to keep rain in the forecast the next week looks pretty unsettled. not going to see any pure sunny bright, warm days outside. but we are going to have some dry times. let's start out with today. we're starting out with a gloomy gray kind of hazy foggy look at your michael & son weather camera this morning. temperatures are struggling. we're sitting for most of us that are in the upper 40s and low 50s.
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and with that fog, there are some areas with reduced visibility. it's most spots of visibility dropped down to about one to two miles in many locations especially west of i-95. you can see leesburg over to gaithersburg, frederick the visibilities right now running one to two miles and down to a quarter mile visibility in winchester. so there are some spots that are going to see reduced visibility this morning. showers, today remain isolated. it's tomorrow that we see rain increasing across the area from this next system. and once again this is going to bring a lot of rain think back towards thursday, that's the kind of day we will see tomorrow. but it's going to be mixed in with some thunderstorms as well. only isolated showers today and tomorrow is a yellow weather alert day for the rain and thunderstorms on the way. and it stays pretty unsettled to start the workweek as well. you can see much cooler air here in place and we're keeping this cool pattern in place for the next day. tomorrow a warm push of air and see temperatures crack into the 70-degree mark tomorrow which we haven't done
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let's talk about today when the rain arrives. keep tilted throughout the morning. and then into the afternoon. the clouds will be fairly persistent today. that's an improvement from where we were yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. it's by tonight that the next system tracks in. watch where we are tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m. we've got rain moving across the area. we're not only going to see rain but we're also going to see system scattered showers and -- some scattered showers and thunderstorms breaking out into the afternoon and that should help bump temperatures up into the 70-degree mark for a lot of us. your day planner today looks like this. we're going keep the clouds around and a stray sprinkle or shower. most of the rain though holds off until we get towards later tonight and into tomorrow. the next seven days tomorrow is a yellow weather alert day. we're going to see showers lingering on your monday, more shower chances on tuesday. and wednesday. and thursday. and friday. so you'll notice not every da
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there will be shower chances here and there. keep the umbrella on hand. >> all right, sensing a trend there. thank you melissa. well, do stay with us, up next a mosquito emergency in maryland. how the state plans to take the sting out of the zika virus. and what you can do to protect yourself.
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♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. welcome back to "wake up washington." we're trying to take a nook at the national harbor this morning. rr
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distance, not sure how often that's going to be spinning today and this weekend with much more rain on the bay over the next 48 hours. here at 7:15. the bald eagle better watch out. it may have some company in the national symbols department. the senate and house both approved a bill that would make the american bison the national mammal of the united states. now to the president to sign the legislation which would officially put the bison on its level with the nation's official bird. the supporters say elevating the bison recognizes the historic significance of the american adventure. to shenandoah national park now, where rain over the last few days helped crews get the wildfire under control. investigators say the rocky mount fire is now 90% contained. more than 10,000 acres have been scorched though. so fortunately again, going back to the rain theme though, i guess that would be more good news coming their way melissa? it would. certainly. the next week it looks like we're going to stay unsettled. so those going to be some rain chances pretty much each day but the days don't look
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wusa9 app on hand and your umbrella close by as well. here's your day planner for today. keeping that stray shower chance in the forecast. be we've been talking about this late weekend system coming in that's going to bring rain likely and some thunderstorms. the timing has slowed down just a bit. so i think most of your saturday now stays dry. but look as we go past midnight into tomorrow morning, rain overspreading the area. and then we'll have more scattered showers and thunderstorms into tomorrow afternoon. so it's going to be a yellow weather alert day tomorrow. hey but the good news, we're going to track the 70-degree mark -- crack the 70-degree mark tomorrow. monday low and mid- 80s with some showers lingering and going to unfortunately see more rain chances for the rest of the workweek. good morning, in today's health alert, it's a weekend like many have never had before. just a few minutes ago, thousands of walkers set off from the washington monument
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avon 39 walk to end breast cancer. you'll see them today and tomorrow all along major routes in d.c., bethesda and chevy chase. after overnighting at the maryland base camp the 39ers will make their way back to the monument grounds for closing ceremonies sunday afternoon. can't do two days? how about one day, one change for health? a community health fair sponsored by the metropolitan d.c. chapter of the lynx incorporated opens today at the raymond recreation center on tenth street northwest from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. get complementally health screenings and meet specialists and plus learn how you can give the gift of life with just the swab of your cheek. i'll be there hope to see you too. for more information on today's health alerts, we have links on our website at or download our free wusa9 app. i'm andrea roane. al
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test for the zika virus was just given the green light for emergency use in the u.s. could be available as soon as next week we understand. food and drug administration gave the authorization yesterday. the test was developed by quest diagnostics, the first u.s. death from zika in puerto rico happened. he did have some other health problems. meanwhile local health officials are doing what they can to prevent the spread of the mosquito borne virus. the state of maryland has announced the plan to spend $700,000 for zika awareness and prevention. montgomery county's top public health officials walked around to show her -- what you can do on her home. you should regularly dump out any standing water where mosquitoes can be bred. if you have a birdbath, need a scrub it out weekly because the mosquito eggs can live in algae. >> this is the
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we've actually had a mosquito vector that can transmit a birth defect. i actually want all protect women -- pregnant women to use insect repellent to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. >> and crews in the state will also be -- starting to spray in about two weeks for those mosquitoes. topping news around the world this morning, a deadly car bomb in baghdad. we understand based on the latest reports at least 17 people are dead. 35 hurt. the officials say a man driving a car detonated the bomb in a southeastern section of the city. this comes as thousands of shiite worshipers from across the country are expected to walk to a holy shrine in the city. also investigators are examining the black boxes of yesterday's deadly helicopter crash in norway. 13 people died in that crash. the chopper was flying workers actually from the oil rig in the north sea then it went down. major rescue operation was launched but it wa
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rescue operations are now underway in nairobi, kenya after a six story residential building collapsed. the red cross official says emergency workers were in contact with a number of people still stuck under the debris of the multifloor residential building. it's believed it collapsed due to highway rain and flood -- heavy rain and flooding and seven people so far have been confirmed dead. tensions build between north korea and the united states, but the north's main ally is stepping in. china's ambassador to the united nations says the u.s. should consider north korea's offer to halt its nuclear program if the u.s. defends its military exercises near border. the statement comes just days after north korea reportedly launched another two missiles rather that ended in failure. and terrifying, new surveillance void owe from eastern china shows a man on a motorcycle narrowly missing and escaping a major accident. you can see a truck
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come slamming -- wow, into his bicycle. the motorcyclist jumps off the bike right before the impact. no one died in the crash, one person did suffer minor injuries and a expected to be okay. slick roads are being blamed for accident. >> i tell you what a close calm. it's draft day number three, the redskins about to be on the clock again. we're going to take a look at the class they already have. >> we are getting set for game two tonight between the caps and the penguins, we'll have more on
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well, how's this for the opening act? game one between the caps and penguins played out like a dream for tj oshie, the game inaner overtime. just dish winner in over-- winner in overtime. just like he envisioned when he was a kid. how long can the dream last for the caps? they take a series lead into game two tonight an
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again, they'll try to hold serve on the home ice. this time, also with trying to avoid being outshot by the penguins like game one 45-35. puck drops at 8:00. starting at noon, redskins are on the clock again for day three of the nfl draft. so far they've grabbed another weapon for cousins in round one with dobson wide receiver out of tcu. last night redskins' gm scot mccloughan got defensive and picked up cravens out of usc in round two. he's a 6'1" linebacker/safety as they call him. then in round three, redskins kept it in the commonwealth. fuller db out of virginia tech the fourth kid in his family to play for the hokies and now get this, the fourth in his family to make it to the nfl. and our cameras were there when sean davis got the phone call of a lifetime. the fo
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second round. happy tears flowing afterward and for good reason. much more on his story coming up in the 7:30 half hour, we'll hear exactly what highway had to say about the will he had toy -- he had to say about the long roads to the nfl that's now led him to the steel city. and season so young but according to ryan zimmerman the nationals are about to find out what they're made of on this week's road trip especially after they were swept out of nats park by the phillies. first stop this week is st. louis. michael taylor, not intimidated. booked a round trip in the 1st inning and gets the party started. then in the top of the 4th. espinosa likes what he saw there. says i'll that as well. following taylor's lead, pretty much to the exact same spot over the right field wall. two run shot here opens up 5-2 lead. nats hold on 5 of 4 to open up that road trip. still ahead on "wake up washington," hershey chocolates on the health food craze. >> plus, have you
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apple may soon have a solution to that problem. >> another yellow weather alert day on the way for tomorrow. we'll talk about when that rain will be around coming
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taking a live look outside
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kind of a good news bad news situation here to start this day as we welcome you back to "wake up washington." nick giovanni, alongside melissa nord. the good news being you are not going to be trapped inside today. weather-wise. >> it will be dry times. >> yeah. bad news? >> not sunny. >> there it is. >> unfortunately, yes. the weekend doesn't look great. but it's not a washout for today. tomorrow we're going to be dodging not only rain in the morning but showers and storms by the afternoon. so get ready for it. you don't need the umbrella necessarily all day today. but tomorrow, you are going to need it. and tomorrow will also be a great day to keep that wusa9 app on hand as well while we track showers and storms into the area. all right currently yeah we have clouds and mist and drizzle. not the prettiest start to the day. we have the cool east northeast wind. we call that a wedge situation. where we've got that cool air coming in being trapped up against mountains and that's kept us cloudy and cool and showery the last several days and unfortunately today we're going to keep the cool
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once more but the rain chances today less than they were the past few days. 51 right now here. we've got 48 in gaithersburg. frederick also 48 degrees. and sitting at 50 degrees all the way from martinsburg down to front royal along i-81. report, so today -- all right, so today doppler 9000 shows a mainly dry day but we're going to keep the clouds around, it's the showers that are approaching charleston, west virginia right now. that's the leading edge of what's going to bring rain here tonight. and into the day tomorrow. all right your day planner today we're going to keep just that stray sprinkle, mist drizzle situation in the forecast through the afternoon. but most of the day is dry. it's just not a pleasant day to be standing outside for a long duration of time. temperatures finally crack 60 degrees today. we'll get into the low 60s. we'll talk about our rain on the way for tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. nick? all right, melissa thank you. at this hour there's a cruise ship on its way the baltimore -- to baltimorwi
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port in norfolk yesterday after it was turned away from bermuda. more than 100 passengers are sick since it set sail a few weeks ago. a british company we understand owns the ship. and most of the passengers on it are from the uk. the cdc is expected to meet them in baltimore to evaluate conditions. also following up on the investigation into the young man accused of threatening to blow up a baltimore tv station. this morning we're hearing from that man's father. ed breezy says police did what they would to do. when they -- they had to do. when they shot and wounded his son alex on thursday. he says his son recently suffered a mental breakdown. >> he came to me and said -- he said i got a vision from god. and jesus. he says the world -- you know something catastrophe is going to happen. i think the world is going to end on june the 3rd. >> and police say alex breezy shopped up at -- showed up at fox 45 in an animal costume
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station. police shot him after he failed to surrender. he's now in the hospital recovering. in fairfax county, fire chief bowers has launched an investigation into offensive online posts about firefighter nicole mittendorff. as she committed suicide earlier this month. her body was found in shenandoah national park. bowers says if hee finds that -- he finds that any county employee or volunteer made the hostile comments on the forum. he will hold them accountable. >> when you have anonymous posts and people can say anything, and it's not factual. it's not true, it's wrong. absolutely wrong. >> bowers says he did not know about the posts until the news media reported on them. the chief wants the website's own tore take them down -- owner to take them down. the owner of fairfax underground will only do that if requested by the court or
7:34 am
community members gathered in prince george's county to remember a fallen firefighter. killed while performing a welfare check earlier this month. a somber ceremony, the fire department added his name to memorial for firefighter -- memorial for firefighters who died in the line of duty. kevin swain was shot in the same incident and survived. his parents also attended. >> i'm very proud of my son. i'm a mother. and so i don't think there's words for what i feel. i'm beyond proud. >> and ohm snider was laid to rest last week, he was 37 years old. the indiana presidential primary is only three days away now. and that's where some of the candidates are campaigning this weekend. democratic front runner hillary clinton for one holding events with her husband, president bill clinton in fort wayne, and gary, indiana later today. bernie sanders meanwhile in spdianapolis last night.
7:35 am
-- union workers. >> brothers and sisters, we are going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just ceos of large corporations. >> and just yesterday, indiana governor mike pence endorsed ted cruz. he was saying in -- staying in california today for the gop convention there. that's also where as many as 20 antitrump protesters were just arrested. you can follow the latest on the race for the white house by downloading our wusa9 mobile app. we will keep you posted every step along the way. happening today you might see a large presence of emergency vehicles at reagan national. the airport is conducting a full scale emergency preparedness exercise this morning and that's where we find surae chinn live at reagan national for us this morning where the event is going to get understood way if -- underway in about two hours? >> reporter: less than two hours an hour and a half from now. there will be the full scale
7:36 am
preparedness emergency scenario happening starting at 9:00. 120 volunteers will be here. acting out certain types of injuries. the metropolitan washington airport authority has been doing these types of exercises for years. last year, some video we have from dulles airport. another mass casualty scenario an airplane accident, fire, smoke, similar scenario here today. and i also have one of the volunteers -- participating. jay boucher coming into the emergency response team. tell me you've been through this before, talk about that. >> it's a very exciting experience because we're getting to help first responders practice and also learning at the same time how they respond and it helps us as members. >> reporter: i want to ask you, does it help -- you're done this before. to have confidence in our first responders and emergencies and how they actually talk with each other and respond to your injuries? >> complete hi. it's one of those things where they're practicing so in a real world emergey
7:37 am
exactly what to do. of course every situation is unpredicteddable but we like to be able to help them practice. so they can avoid bigger disasters in the future. >> reporter: make sure people know this is a fake -- this is not -- fake injury. this is all makeupment tell me what -- makeup. tell me what are you supposed to be doing today? >> once we're out in the field we act injured. let the first responders triage us and transport us. and basically save our lives for some people. we have different levels of injuries. some people are more critically wounded and some people like myself are more superficial. so then we get to practice the extraction and treatment. >> reporter: all right. thank you jay boucher a volunteer here for today's scenario and exercise at reagan national. lit happen between 9:00 and 12:00 p.m. and no flights will be delayed or canceled. you may see some emergency response and some sirens around the airport. but not to be alarmed. live here at reagan national, surae chinn, wusa9. >> all right, really looks like a realistic drill er
7:38 am
through. so i appreciate you bringing that to us. well, if you're looking for something to do on this kind of dreary weekend, the new dupont underground exhibit opens today. the new interact i exhibit features -- interactive exhibit features the same bulbs that filled the beach exhibit last summer. guests can mix, match and recreate the structures seen at the building museum. josh and his wife nancy came up with the idea. they etched out four other finalists to win dupont underground's competition. >> so it's kind of like -- building sand castles right by the water's edge. and the tide comes in and it warns away the sand -- washes away the sand castle but then the next day a whole new series of beachgoers come and build new castles. >> that is really cool. the exhibit will be open for one month. ideas about future of t
7:39 am
works. the event features over 400 family-friendly activities games and exhibits. talking cooking demonstrations, gymnastics and acrobatic showcase. robotics, a basketball autograph signing and chances to win prizes, what more? parking and admission are all fro. the event starts at 10:00 a.m. but even before all that, terms had -- terps had reason to celebrate last night. one being defensive back sean davis. taking in the second round by the pittsburgh steelers as the 58th overall pick. this is the latest chapter in what's already become a remarkable story for this guy. talking about a young man who grew up in prince george's county. and his senior year of high school. sean was offered football scholarships by dozens of schools but he chose maryland to stay close to home for his dad who was battling cancer and still working two jobs. >> i'm -- i can't believe it you know. people and me what i do. i'm in
7:40 am
i've been waiting my whole life to say that now it's happened it's a blessing it's amazing. >> not too far away. it's on the east coast, and i think a tremendous asset to the pittsburgh steelers. >> you can see there, tears flowing and a wonderful moment for sean and the terps' family. maryland has now had a player selected in 21 of the last 22 nfl drafts. ♪ i've been so many places in my -- in my life and time ♪ oh you got to love the sound and soul of aretha franklin. she sang last night at the white house, the president and first lady hosted the international jazz day festival. the concert also featured award- winning musician -- including herbie hancock and other jazz bands. just getting that party started white house correspondents' dinner. to make your uber driver wait, may end up costing you. still ahead what new fee you'll actually need to watch and look out for if ta
7:41 am
the big apple. >> we'll stay mainly dry on your saturday. but it's going to be cloudy and cool outside. we'll talk about when rain returns for your sunday coming up when "wake up washington" return
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good morning everybody. i'm larry miller and logan's run is the 5k will be taking place today to raise awareness about transverse myl atis. it's going to close near randolph road. the close yours should be done by about 12:00 the afternoon and not a major impact on your commuting around town. meantime, we are going to be single tracking on metro as they work to repair a lot of
7:44 am
the issues that have contributed to significant delays as well as a few arcing insulator accidents, a tracking on the red line between medical center and friendship heights on the orange and silver line between fallston and east falls church. and on the yellow line, single tracking will be taking place between l'enfant plaza and pentagon city. remember if you see something that we don't over the weekend, you can always hit me up on twitter. use the twitter handle @wusa9 traffic. >> he runs a lot. >> much respect. >> in the rain? in the cold. >> can't stop him. can't stop won't stop. how's that going to work out though today? >> it will be mainly dry today. it's the second half of the weekend that if you have outdoor plans that things get a little bit dicey out there. not only going to see some rain around tomorrow morning but also we're going to see some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. so it's going to be yellow weather alert day tomorrow. this morning, we're starting
7:45 am
there. we've got cloudy skies, some areas of mist and drizzle and even fog. reducing the visibility so it doesn't really feel like the last day of april outside. 51 right now we've got that east northeast wind creating that -- we call it cold air damming effect against the mountains where it just keeps us socked into the clouds, the cool temperatures and damp feeling outside. and also that is leading to the fog around this morning. we've got some visibilities in spots that are reduced now to about a mile or so. so just keep that in mind this morning. use some extra caution on your drive wherever you're going. frederick, gaithersburg, a mile visibility and winchester right now showing half mile visibility. all right doppler 9000 today. we're going to keep shower chances at just isolated for most of the day today. and that's because the front that was giving us showers day after day this week is a little bit to our south. this system that arrives here tonight and tomorrow, this brings a return of rain. you can see that right now. a huge swath of
7:46 am
through illinois into western kentucky and tennessee and that is all tracking in our direction. so that's going to bring an unsettled second half of the weekend. so we keep the shower chances today and keep the coverage pretty isolated tomorrow is a yellow weather alert day. for the likely rain in the morning but then showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. so you're going to notice tomorrow afternoon, briefly we might actually get some breaks in the clouds and temperatures to soar to around 70 degrees and that will bring the energy for some of the showers to become thunderstorms. all right today we're going to stay pretty much cloudy and we're going to keep that stray sprinkle in the forecast. but temperatures make it above 60 this afternoon. i think by lunchtime today we're in the upper 50s and then because we're going to change wind directions tonight, into late afternoon, we might briefly see a southeast wind that might bump up the temperatures into the low 60s this afternoon. not by much. let's talk about futurecast. when the rain returns to the forecast. you notice this afternoon we
7:47 am
and there's just that isolated shower chance and it's going to be pretty minimal for you. it's as we get past dark tonight we start to see some showers increasing from west tracking towards the east. here's 11:00 p.m. still a mainly dry forecast, drier than yesterday. then past midnight into tomorrow morning there come the showers tracking into the area. the sunday morning activities likely going to be wet and we'll continue with not only showers but also some thunderstorms into tomorrow afternoon. here we are 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, you can see some brief moderate to heavy rainfall possible but look at temperatures tomorrow afternoon. we get into the upper 60s and i think a lot of spots will make it into the low 70s as well. rain potential going to stay pretty light through tomorrow morning. less than a quarter of an inch and then we'll add to that tomorrow afternoon. if you briefly get a moderate to heavy downpour that could put down some good rain amounts and help add to the deaf --
7:48 am
rainfall wise. highs today in the low to mid- 60s. tomorrow we're in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees and some spots south of d.c. going to make it into the low to mid- 70s. more showers linger monday and you notice we stay unsets ld all the way into the end of the workweek. all right, on the consumer front if you open up your medicine cabinet right now. the question is a it filled to capacity? left field left field has some -- lesli foster has some ways to safely clear the space. >> reporter: today is national drug takeback day. and no matter where you live, there is a place where you can turn in your expired and your unwanted medications. this day was launched as a safe and convenient way for you to toss out those unneeded meds and really decrease the rate of prescription drug abuse. there are locations that will help you to get rid of the substances in a way that's safe and environmentally responsible. typically, when people toss their meds they can end up in local landfills and water supplies and we'll have a link to put in your zip code
7:49 am
your area on our wusa9 app. lesli foster, wusa9. show up or pay up. that's the latest memo from uber, the company is testing a pilot program and customers have to pay a fee if the driver has to wait more than two minutes upon arriving at pickup location. driver will still wait for up to five minutes. but will be charged a fee ranging from $5 to $10 in certain cities including phoenix and new york. testing the pilot program. no word on when the program may start in d.c.. prepare the pay more for your health care costs. that's because many of the nation's largest insurers are planning to boost health care premiums. the companies say the affordable care act is draining their coughers. consequently the double digit hikes will come in 2017. the white house calls them premature and overblown. get this, hershey's tells the "wall street journal" they plan to sell
7:50 am
not chocolate, but meat bars. they will be made of dried meats and other end gradients -- ingredients like quinoa and beef jerky. the goal is to tap into the growing market obviously health minded people. and how about this? apple could be tweaking the autocorrect feature onup phones. the tech company filed a patent for a system that would let your friends know when app autocorrect has done its work. so you can't blame it on autocorrect potentially for too much longer. billionaire investor war unbuffet is going -- warren buffett is going to live stream the meeting of his company berkshire-hathaway toddle also wanted to increase the access and he partnered with yahoo finance to bring the event to the web. coverage will begin at 10:00 a.m.. a live stream will begin at 10:30. and the washington ballet needs your help to provide a good pair of
7:51 am
campus. the school is starting a fundraiser on monday to do just that. the goal is to make sure every dancer has a new pair of shoes for their -- just in time for their annual spring performance at the end of may. as a ballerina can tell you, any ballerina, pointe shoes which have a wooden box at the top are not cheap. >> usually, the shoes by themselves are like $90. then you have to buy like -- the ribbon and the elastic. sometimes when i buy my shoes they can get up to at least $120. >> wow. right now, 59 students need new pointe shoes, the washington ballet is hoping to raise $7,500 from the fundraiser. for more information, on how you can donate. visit the wusa9 app. that's free to download for the smart phone. and not only are they expensive but they run through them rather quickly and break down is this have to
7:52 am
and have to replace. guess what? it helps to have friends in high places when promoting an athletic event, did you know? >> it is the case certainly for prince marry. coming -- harry, coming up a look at
7:53 am
with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! ♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kills fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new flea infestation.
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no wonder frontline plus is recommended by vets for killing fleas and ticks. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. welcome back to "wake up washington." you know the invictors games are just about a week away now. the sporting event for wounded military men and women and a new video posted to twit
7:55 am
lady show prince harry they're not messing around. >> message? from michelle. over in the united states. we look forward to working together. >> hey prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the games? >> careful what you wish for. >> oh really? please. >> that was phenomenal. compete with a mic develop from prince harry with a little help from queen elizabeth. the president jokes via text be careful what you wish for. you heard it there. this takes place in orlando, florida coming up may 8th through the 12th. and 15 countries going to be participating and you talk about -- some power couples there. just exchanging words a little trash talk. >> a little comedy. that get people more excited about them and interested in taking part in bein
7:56 am
with it. >> the queen and everything. taking part -- oh. that is phenomenal. i can't wait. the warrior games if quantico last year prince harry here and i mean there was just a lot of excitement surrounding it. and talk about what hype this up. before we check the forecast back the surae chinn who's -- to surae chinn who's live at reagan national airport for us. >> reporter: we are an hour away from the full scale emergency happening right here at reagan national. emergency personnel at the ready. we have first responders from all across the region. i saw loudoun county firefighters waking across here and we also have -- walking across here and we also have shuttle bus between 9:00 and 12:00 today. folks may hear some sirens and some smoke. this is a mass casualty event. concerning an airport accident. but there will be no delays at the airport. and no one should be worried because this is only an exercise. live here at
7:57 am
surae chinn, wusa9. and right now, hundreds of men and women are taking part in an almost 40-mile walk in d.c. to help fight breast cancer. the avon 39 walk is raising money the go the lughole argue -- to go to local oranges that help women through -- organizations that help women with breast cancer through treatment. and over tomorrow because tomorrow is going to be a wet day. so yellow weather alert day. but today we're just going to be cloudy and cool outside. and those temperatures today make it to the low 60s. >> all right, certainly a big day in this town. the white house correspondents' dinner today. we'll have full coverage of that tomorrow. but thank you so much for joining us
7:58 am
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. good morning it's april 30th. 2016. welcome to cbs this morning, saturday. trying to stop trump anyway they can angry protesters force the republican front runner to sneak in the back door for his latest speech. plus, john kasich gets into a heated exchange with a voter over whether people are born gay. a superfan of csi solves a murder using what she learned on the tv show. will farrell drops out of


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