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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> a seven-year-old boy is shot in dc not far from a baby shower at a church. and police are looking for the gunman. hello, i'm debra alfarone. a little boy is the victim of dc's latest shooting and right now, the seven-year-old is in the hospital. he was caught in the cross fire tonight at 12th place in southeast. wusa9's pete is live there right now. >> reporter: the boy victim just seven years old. police have left the scene, but there is plenty of anger here tonight. this time, a boy was shot in the shoulder. the call came from the 2500 block of 12th place southeast at 5:30 saturday night. >> this is very concerning and very upsetting it is taking place over
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>> just last month, the seven- year-old girl was shot not too far from here. a stray bullet hit her. >> this is constantly going on in southeast. >> reporter: the gunfire came within earshot of a church. those at a baby shower inside prayed for the young victim. police tell us the boy's injurys are serious but he will survive. pete muntean, wusa9. >> thank you very much pete. and there is a detour for drivers in one northwest washington neighborhood after a tree came crashing down. neighbors blame the wet and rainy weather for the fallen tree there. the 60-year-old oak crashed
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into a toyota tacoma. they say the whole situation could have been a lot worse. >> we are glad it happened on a saturday and there is an elementary school. that is where a lot of parents drop off and pick up their vehicles. it was an empty vehicle, a saturday afternoon. we are thankful nobody was hurt. >> ironically, they had planned to trade in that suv tomorrow for another car. well, let's check out and see what is going on with the weather for tomorrow. meteorologist howard bernstein is outside for us. >> we were well into the 70s today. tomorrow, we will be lucky to get into the low 60s in many areas. all that rain in the afternoon, tonight the winds and colder air are moving in. as we go up toward pennsylvania, we see some showers here. we will see
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make it to winchester. in the mountains, we might get a wet flake. cumberland 46. the low 40s with some windchills actually below freezing right now. so tomorrow get ready for a much colder day. a blustery day. sunshine to start. upper 50s and low 60s . we lo come back and talk about when the good days will be and i have more wet weather as well. see you in a few. >> thanks howard. on the campaign trail tonight, donald trump continues to face questions over the release of his tax returns. as well as a mysterious spokesman who may have been the businessman himself. >> reporter: donald trump says he is still not ready to release his tax returns. >> what is your tax rate? >> it is none of your business. you will see it when
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it. >> reporter: he is waiting for the completion of an audit. hillary clinton released a new online ad attacking trump for years of withholding them. >> maybely do the tax returns when obama does his birth certificate. >> i would like to run for office, i will produce my tax returns. >> reporter: every presidential nominee since 1976 has released their runs but trump insisted friday they wouldn't show much saying he pays as low a rate as possible, but doesn't use offshore tax haven. trump also faced questions on this 1991 people magazine interview with his supposed spokesman john miller who sounds a lot like trump himself. the washington post published this audio. >> i know somebody that knows. and i think somebody he trusts and likes. >> reporter: miller spends much of the call discussing trump's love life in unusually frank terms. >> he is living with marla and has three other girlfriends. >> reporter: he conceded it was him on the call, bu
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>> it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me on the phone. >> reporter: but linda stossyie who got similar calls says it is trump. >> yes, of course it's trump. >> reporter: cbs news, new york. >> ted cruz delivered his first speech today sips dropping out of the race. he did not endorse trump. and of course you can stay up to date 24/7 on developments to the road to the white house with our free wusa9 app. this is the one month anniversary since a young journalist was shot and killed. stephanie ramirez reports from southeast. >> reporter: this is the surveillance video from the night of charnice mill ton's murder. many a dozen potential witnesses drive by, and almost a year later, not one arrest. >> it is a frightening feeling to be in
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people actually sheltering murders. >> reporter: philipp is the one who plastered these posters. >> it looks as if a war was going on. and it is a war going on. >> this looks like the issues we agreed on. >> reporter: today, they will help solve these murders. various clergy members are meeting saturday organizing to get dc leaders involved. they believe the next step is to get the photos to air on dc's public access channel. the hope is once candles go out, the community will remember who they lost and maybe as pannell put it, decide to protect their entire community instead
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person. two weeks will be the one year since charnice milton was killed. her body used in a human shield as a shooting. the pain is still very real for her mother who chooses to celebrate her daughter's life instead of dwell on her death. but that doesn't mean she doesn't hope for justice. >> so many people are going through the same thing now. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> in 2015 alone, police stats show the city saw 162 homicides. more than half of those murders are still unsolved. a wealthy washington family and their housekeeper were brutally murdered inside their mansion. they were all found murdered along with housekeeper veralicia figaroa. they had been beaten,
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chairs, set on fire. one year later, on one person has been charged in that. darren whint faces first degree murder and several charges. he is due in court in august. a church calling attention to a local gun violence victim. this weekend, 200t-shirts went on december play outside saint mark's presbyterian church. they are a memorial to loved ones lost to gun violence in maryland, dc, and virginia. each shirt bears the name of a gun violence victim from our area. >> we obviously know that this is a political issue but our issue is not political. our issue is actually trying as best we can to prevent the death of people through the use of guns. >> the t-shirt memorial will remain on the ground of saint mark's until june 5. we are hearing from a professional sky diver who
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crash in lodi, california. sebastian alvarez and 16 others were on a small plane headed out to sky dive when the plane suddenly took a nose dive, clipped a truck, and crash landed upside down in a vineyard. luckily, everyone made it out alive. one harrowing moments captured a helmet alvarez was wearing at the time of the crash. >> we never panicked. put our seat belts and helmets back on. we are ready for an emergency. you realize oh wow. it's like wow. this just happened. and i'm alive and everybody is alive. >> the pilot suffered a bloody nose but everyone was able to walk away from that crash scene. a pilot is killed when his plane crashes during an air show north of atlanta. this happened during good neighbor day at the peach tree
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performing aerial acrobatics when the plane suddenly web down and burst into flames. >> they had been doing some pyrotechnics but it is pretty obvious people crashed. the announcer came on and said there was a crash. and he told people to turn like, turn their kids away from the crash. and the fire department was probably just a little ways away and they got there in about 15 to 20 seconds. they immediately started spraying water on it. it was fully engulled. >> flags lowered to half staff to honor the pilot who died. the ntsb and faa are investigating the cause of that crash. and in russia, a brawl at a cemetery leaves three people dead and close to two dozen others injured tonight. police in moscow say as many as 200 people were involved in this fight. apparently, all over a turf war about who controlled burial
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witnesses say those involved uses guns, shovels, steel bars, and baseball bats against each other. two of those killed were hit by a car as the driver tried to flee the scene. well still ahead tonight on wusa9, a family of ducklings survive a tight spot thanks to the help of a young man. >> and how you can sample the best of the world while staying right here in the district. >> and if your sunday plans include a visit to one local monument, you may
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>> good samaritans come in all ages and a south dakota boy was on his way to the park when he noticed a duck by a storm drain. now after taking a closer look, the boy noticed that some ducklings were trapped by the storm drain's grate. a neighbor stepped in to lift the grate and the ducklings were soon rescued and reunited with their mom. >> so then we grabbed the ducks out and took them to the river and set them free. >> all 1 ducklings were okay after their ordeal. the washington monument will be closed tomorrow because of power issues with the elevator. the national park service made that announcement earlier this evening.
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malfunctioned causing it to close twice. no word if the monument will be open monday. always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> so what should we do instead of going to the monument? it will be breezy. speaking of running, you know how the european union embassies were open? there was a group of runners that went embassy to embassy. it was a pretty good day for that until the showers and stops rolled in around 3:00. >> i saw diane roberts was stuck in the rain. >> a lot of folks got stuck in that. if you have the app, download that. weather wise, three degree guarantee. before the storms came, it got on the warm side here this afternoon. temperatures at 76 which,
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guarantee. we had a forecast high of 73. i'm going off with 62. much cooler. once again it rained. you have seen this graphic. we are just updating it. it has been an incredible stretch of wet weather from the 27th to the 11th. we have a 15 day stretch. now, with yesterday and today, that is 17 of the last 18 days we have recorded measurable rainfall. yay. right? hey, observe ties. mid 70s here. 79 in fredericksburg. lots of low 70s in the valley. and the weather came through with the front and that dropped temperatures big time. it is 55 in swan point now. that is south of waldorf. 49 in hagerstown. and we have windchill kicking in as well. national airport kicking in. winds still gusting to 28. so gust to
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hour. the winds will be breezy. look at all the cold. 30s and 40s now. across parts of the great lakes. there's a big broad upper level storm spinning in ontario. this is just really dragging unseasonably cold rain now. snow, a couple of flakes falling across pennsylvania and the colder air. we had all the wet weather. the stormy weather that pushed through earlier this evening so tomorrow will start off sunny, chilly. the northwesterly winds will be in the 40s and the 50s in the morning. midday looks okay. burr in the afternoon, look. 3:30. clouds and even spotty showers that may come through the metro. better chances in the higher elevations north and westment and cold enough that we may see a few wet flakes mix in above 3500, 4,000 feet. very chilly sunday night into monday morning. we will have some temperatures cold enough, west of i-81 on the high country for frost by monday morning. then as we get into tuesday, yeah, more rain heads
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monday. monday will be the day to play hooky. 47 degrees. northwest winds 10 to 15. gusts 20 to 25. we will have a sunny start to the day. breezy, brisk. but the afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy. a spotty shower. 57 to 60. that's it. it will be unseasonably chilly. average high now is up to 76 degrees. monday looks great. 69. tuesday, yellow weather alert day. looks like we will have more unsettled weather wednesday. showers, 65. thursday and friday look pretty good. right now, unfortunately next saturday looks like a shower threat as well mainly in the afternoon. highs around 70. so turn the heat on. you will need it at least until monday morning. >> i think i left my windows open. yikes. >> brisk when you get home. >> i'll say. you were talking about the embassies. it's an annual event that could only take place
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to residents and tourists as part of the european union open house. it featured a rare look inside the embassies and the cultures of the countries they represent. >> the whole point is we give something back a bit to the dc community, to people living and working in the area. they might drive past every day wondering what goes on. this is their chance to find out. and it allows us to show off a a bit too. >> howard's wife went today. today's event was part of the month long passport dc celebration highlighting the district's culture. other events include last sunday's national asian heritage festival followed by the chef gala challenge. maryland tomorrow, local dentists are providing free dental care to families without insurance. the second annual sharing smiles day will
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school smiles dentist on university boulard from 9:00 a.m. until noon. free children services include dental exams, fillings, crowns, and extractions. buoy, maryland celebrating centennial with events. hundreds of people are expected to go to the community picnic. heritage take play is at the bel air stable from noon until 4:00 a.m. the picnic at 5:00 p.m. at allan pond park. you can bring picnic, lawn chairs, and blankets. local school groups including the marching band will perform free concerts. my favorite story of the day now. this is sportsmanship. at this week's invictus game, steve simmons and an australian racer
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same time. but at the end, steve became exhausted so mark pushed steve across the line to take the goal. that clip went viral. and prince harry mentioned the touching moment at the closing ceremony. sportsmanship at its best. >> a lot of heart. nationals looking to take two straight against miami. a day night dip double header. bryce harper not
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>> wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> bryce harper in fact did accept his one game suspension after all. after going after that umpire this past week. so the superstar would sit out the second of a day night double header against the miami marlins. check out the first pitch. you see who that is? that is kirk cousins without the helmet. solid throw of course. he didn't bounce it. he will not go viral for any of the wrong reasons. love the mascot there. now to the game itself. a bunch of regulars. marlins put up seven on the
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nationals as dc loses. first game as we rewind a little earlier. it was the tale of two weathers. it was sunny, warm, a beautiful day. then it was raining. right, wilson ramos provided the thunder. first homer of the season. as the nationals win. they split the double header against miami. all right, what do they say? you never get a second chance to make a first impression? big time opportunity for the redskins rookies to show what they have at rookie mini camp which wraps up tomorrow. out in ashburn. all eyes on the first round pick. josh dodson. they hope he can contribute right away to the offense this fall. >> you don't want to overdo it. i'm not comfortable. right now, we are probably about 75, 80%. coach told us to run and get a feel with it. as
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steady on the incline. and we get to training camp. >> he has done a great job so far. he has been pretty impressive. his demeanor, his work ethic. his ability to learn. and we e arhappy he is where it is. >> of course, the redskins already have a guy we just saw. kirk cousins. this player has a shot at being number three. vernon adams, an undrafted quarterback out of oregon being invited to training camp. >> super different. i went to oregon. didn't call plays from the huddle. so, but i just did a mini camp with seattle last week, so some of the terminology was the same. i was a lot more prepared this week than last week. >> is this the year maryland men's lacrosse breaks through and wins the national title? been on the doorstep many seasons but fallen
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they are the team to beat. no pressure, runners up a season ago, another chance to be crowned champs. >> so if we can get back to there, be fortunate enough to do that, what i'm hoping is we are a little deeper team and we built a deeper team and we can go to more people because i thought we were pretty tired in that game. >> women's nba turning 20 years old this season. opening night for the mystics looking to exact revenge on the team that actually knocked them out of the playoffs last summer in the new york liberty. stephanie dulson and the mystics taking off. their 19th season. not bad. caps head man barry trotz and his son nolan in attendance. bigger night for former hoya player sugar rogers. she had 19. they drop the opener. so big pitcher coach mike teebo
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>> our mantra is be 10% better than we were a year ago. every player agreed to come back better. and you know, it doesn't have to be 50% better. everybody gets one more rebound. or everybody makes one more free-throw. all of a sudden your team gets exponentially better. >> so 10% bet. >> i like that. very understanding coach. when we come back,
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>> tomorrow. >> bundle up. >> bundle up! >> 40s and 50s in the morning. 50s and 60s in the afternoon. maybe a spotty shower, breezy. monday, play hooky. looks great. >> are you going to write people a note? >> i can't write notes. who will take a note from me? tuesday and wednesday not to great. and looking better thursday and friday. so advertised 76. >> okay. >> friday. we are getting
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>> we will try to get a little bit of spring. >> can we play hooky thursday and friday as well? >> if you can get away with it. >> all right. sounds good. you can get updates any time on our wusa9 app. thanks so much for hanging out with us. have a good night! taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals.
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