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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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called on americans to honor the american men and women that served in the service by caring for the families. >> he made remarks today but it was a sentiment echoed in tributes throughout the country. mark albert has more. >> reporter: president obama layed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetary paying tribute to thousands of men and women that died on the battlefield and never identified. in his last memorial day as president, he calls for improved services and health care for veterans and their families. >> for us, the living. those of us that still have a voice it is our responsibility and our obligation to fill that silence with our love and our support and our gratitude and not just with words but our actions. >> here at the world war ii memorial a ceremony paid tribute to the more than
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members who died between 1941 and 1945. >> a 100-foot american flag was flown in new york city. and wreaths were thrown in the hudson river. at the white house the powmia flag flew at half-staff in memory of the more than 82,000 u.s. service members since world war ii who are still listed as missing. mark albert cbs news, washington. close by our own mike hydak was the emcee at the world war ii memorial. the number of survivors from that war is shrinking and that makes the ceremony more important with each passing year. today's school children from france were urfeated to tell the stories of how american gis helped to save their country. one group paid tribute to fallen heroes by walking 60 miles from har per's ferry to arlington national cemetary. called ruck to remember. and it is a mission of remembrance for a founding mari
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remember a fallen friend but it has grown from there. >> it is about sacrifice. it is about honoring those that have gone before us and empowering those coming home with the wounds of war. >> the 5th annual ruck to remember and jolly hopes it gets bigger every year. and one identified woman somehow shattered the memorial day piece at the white house. the secret service says she threw a metal object over fence. it happened at noon. hazmet crews determined that the object was not dangerous. normal operations returns at the white house. no information about the woman's identification or motivation. the prince george's county where arson investigators are interested in security camera video that captures a deliberate attack on a woman's home using powerful explosive fireworks. scott broom is following up with a video and the damage. >> reporter: on this video
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prank but it may turn out to be felony arson. caught on video. a pair of shirtless teens, one lighting an explosive firework on a front step and then ... the damage left behind on the front step of this home on 67th avenue and riverdale park is disturbing. the vinyl siding caught fire and the front and storm door pushed back by the power and one of the women is so intimidated she didn't want to appear on camera but willing to share her terrifying story. >> right now i don't know what to think and i don't know the reasons why they would target us or use our house or do this to examine. we have not been able to sleep. i have two little dohags tt are nervous now. every little thing they are barking. it is just -- i think we -- i sleep during the daytime now because it
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>> the residence have been the target of juvenile pranks like late night doorbell rings and one reason they purchased a system that recorded this very dangerous attack saturday morning. the case is in the hand of prince george's county arson investigators. no arrests have been announced. in riverdale park, scott broom, wusa9. and we might add possession of illegal fireworks is not legal. a young woman found beaten to death in the laundry room of an apartment building and police are trying to find leads to the killer. the building sits along the 7400 block of 18th avenue in adelphi. the woman's body was found at 9 this morning and some residents avoid that laundry room because outsiders can come in there and sometimes they do drugs. there is like one way in and one way out. if someone comes in with a weapon and stuff,
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can't get out, i mean you are screwed. we are still waiting to learn the victim's name but friends say she has a 3-year- old son and she did not live at that apartment building. dc police looking for the person that shot a teenager at the anacostia station. it happened at 7:30 last night. the victim approached police saying that she was wounded. investigators say they are actively searching for a suspect. police are looking for the gunman connected to a homicide in woodbridge virginia. 23-year-old johnny camaro was killed outside the bab by lon hunga lounge. fire broke out after last call and neighbors are understandably upset. >> gunfire broke out. upset because it is too close for comfort. it is too close to my neighborhood. >> police confirmed that camaro was arrested in
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shooting a gun in a fight at a nearby high school. this is the 10th homicide in woodbridge this year. unionized verizon workers striking since mid april will be returning to work with a pay raise and bonus. the workers will be receiving a signing bonus of $1250 and a three percent raise. it translates into a raise of 11% over on four year period and hundreds more and profit sharing payments. verizon is committed to 1400 new employees. most of them will be in the call in centers on the east coast. the nation's largest memorial day parade was right here in washington. thousands of people paid their respects to those that died serving our countries by lining the parade route on constitution avenue. it included musical performances and veterans
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>> we have a stronger bond because we have been through so much and that is for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. hundreds of gulf veterans walked in the parade, the largest reunion since the 1991 parade that welcomed them home. a parade of cars meanwhile on the way back from the beast this evening. on this way maryland transportation authorities say that the delays on the westbound lanes of route 50 begin prior to route 404 in maryland. if you are waiting on someone to return from the ocean this evening it could be awhile. coming up on wusa9. we are going to introduce you to veterans that found a unique way to cope with postwar stress. muggy day today. a lot of rain at the beach, not a lot here although there is a shower off the east side of dc and showers and i am tracking them from west cumberland and berkeley and cross junction and
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your way in the next couple of hours. we will have the time of arrival and we will have also a look at more rain chances coming up. great time for a shiny floor wax, no?
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donald trump has come under fire for money raised from fundraisers. bernie sanders has been in california raising money. next week is the big prize in the race of the democratic nomination. obviously if we don't do well in california it will make our path much harder. no question about it. rival democrat hillary clinton scaled back on this holiday and marched in the memorial day parade in new york. a unique program helping veterans with postwar stress. patients say it can be difficult to seek help but a farm has had a calming effect. one retired marine that suffers from ptsd a former horse named clayton helps him cope. i had a
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a sergeant in the marine corp it is expected to do your job well when you are on that edge a little bit. the problem was carrying that at home. >> sometimes you have to find a way to deal and it is not always helpful, you think it is but it is not but the horses offer an opportunity to let down your defenses. they don't ride the animals but they learn how to handle stress and begin to feel at ease through walking and grooming the horses. still ahead on wusa9 news. the cincinnati zoo under fire for shooting a gorilla after a boy finds his way into
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lots of people questioning whether cincinnati zoo keepers did the right thing when they shot and killed a gorilla in order to save a boy that had entered the animal's end close. cell phone video captured the silver back gorilla dragging the boy. the mother could be heard calling to him. >> mommy
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>> that child's life was in danger. and people that question that are monday morning quarterbacks or second guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. >> zoo officials had a press conference this afternoon. they say the exhibit barrier is adequate but officials are looking at ways to improve the security. meanwhile an online petition is more than a thousand signatures that say the boy's mother should face charges. who would loot sacred ground. that is the question for people that dug up scores of holes across acres of the peterson national battlefield south of richmond. and rangers suspect that the looter or looters used metal detectors to search for relics to be sold for big money online. >> i think this is sacred ground and to desecrate it is appalling. >> the looting of national
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continuing problem but rangers at petersburg say coming on memorial day is an especially big and egregious effort. a maryland mom finding a unique way to bond with her sons. turning to tae kwondo and her sons are her biggest critics. we go to a marshall arts studio. >> is there a tougher job. and a department prosecutor. and a tae kwondo student. >> i love it. >> it is pretty good. she shows the judges made up of her classmates in bethesda that she is ready for her green belt. >> my first time judging anyone. >> first time that dillon marquez was judging his mother. melissa takes this class with her two sons, black belts. >> i am trying to keep up. >> on this night the table is turned and
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mom's fate. >> how does that feel to tweak mom. >> sweet. mom go over there. >> you have to realize how good a student is doing and how well they are progressing and have to know how good their techniques is. >> ryan a and dillon have been helping their mother prepare. >> they are very technical and very critical. so they are getting their opportunity now to tell me what to do. >> and this busy single mom gets an opportunity to bond with her son. >> it is tough but i think you got to make time for yourself and being able to do this together and to get their help in preparing for their graduations have been wonderful. >> this is humility and consistency and developing good habits. >> of course she is ready for her green belt. she has had training. being a mom which pretty much prepares you for anything. >> what did you think of your mom. >> pretty good. >> we have been working with r
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>> mom won't mind this. >> and be careful, you have to go home to that mom who is going to be doing everything for you, right? of course mom earned her green belt and she is working towards catching up to her son's black belts and i'd say she is on her way. as they say ... >> would you do it? >> no. >> exactly. exactly. >> you have to be humble. >> that's right. she is both. weatherwise. we got storms rocking to the west. it has been a relatively quiet day in dc and a wet one towards the atlantic beaches. we start with first alert doppler because bonnie, we told you about bonnie becoming that tropical storm. minimal tropical storm and a post tropical depression. i think it has problems. weatherwise it is bringing up the moisture in the atlantic right across the outer banks. southeast virginia and you can see how the tropical moisture is right over ocean city and dewey and stephanie, most of the day. in town we had aow
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popped up and it lasted a little while and oranges and reds and fallen apart there. just north of walker mill. and a couple of sprinkles left over right now up towards white house heights there and over towards dean wood park. what i'm tracking now and this will be the biggest show we'll have for the next couple of hours. this activity which had lightning and now it is pulsing up moving down towards northern frederick virginia. cloud tops or storm tops i should say and sometimes over 40 and close to 30,000 feet now. that is producing some very heavy downpours. obviously although this lightning that you are seeing and this torrential downpour will be moving to the southeast about 20 miles per hour. if you are in berkeley springs. 3634 and across junction around 7:30 towards the marlinsburg area and good news in northern st. mary's.
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compared to what you have been having. the dampness continues. low 80s and sun more than we did. down to 76 with a trace of rain, that don't count as measurable. so far 19 days with measurable rain in washington and look at that. low 70s where the rain has been falling. it is not a bad evening to be on the water here in washington. 76 south wind at ten, dew point 71. it feels more like miami than d. c. storms once again in the northern plains and this moisture will continue. it will cross the carolinas in the next few days as it meanders, what is left of bonnie will be damp. the bulk of the moisture stays to the southeast and as you look at the futurecast, things will settle down and patchy fog and an isolated shower for you on tuesday. doing better tomorrow. 62 to 69 tonight. we will see the showers taper off and patchy fog and
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little early fog. 60s and 70s. then partly sunny with isolated showers in the afternoon. warm, in the mid-80s on tuesday afternoon. wednesday, 82 degrees with an isolated afternoon shower. thursday, mainly dry and warm. 83 and hate to tell you this, friday and sunday it looks like it has good chances for showers, highs of 80s. that's a week away. an old poll comes out. forgot about that. it is a big trend and would this be the year that terps win a title? last time was 1957 that the terps won it, would they ad
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now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hammerhand. brought to you by xfinity. >> maryland lacrosse was staffing for a title. not acquiring one since 1975. a chance today to get it done in the finals against north carolina. up in philadelphia. coach john tillman. he would love to be the captain of the ship to end this drought but it was not a good start actually for them. they got down 4-5 and this one to rambo means maryland is up in the 3rd quarter and that was until four minutes left and then here the equalizer from pak
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carolina comes up and down with a man advantage and chris kludei scores. the 5th of the game. yeah. unc national champs. maryland denied again. kristen berset is in philly for more. >> reporter: an incredible season for this maryland lacrosse program. lots of tears and emotions off of the field as they finish in 2nd place, they wanted this championship for the 12 seniors leaving the program. >> we are all sad and to see the seniors especially, it is like the worse feeling you can imagine. unc fought hard and we fought hard and that's what a championship game has the two best teams in the country going at it and sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way. >> you judge your team and championships are great and certainly something you
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about and you love to get for the kids but certainly you want to do it the right way. i think we got the right way part. now it is just getting the other part. >> the terps look to rebuild next season and end that 41 year championship drought. today's day will go down in history as one of the best we have seen in college lacrosse. kristen berset, frank, back to you. a fantastic game unfortunately for north carolina, maryland had a two goal lead under four minutes and handed a man advantage in overtime with the ball and did not score. those opportunities are going to haunt this will -- them for a long time. got to feel for them. that's wusa9 at six. and we will be back with more news at 7.
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>> quijano: the rush is on to escape the rising rivers in texas after days of torrential rains. >> it's crazy! >> quijano: also tonight, they are the best at sniffing out bombs. >> sniff, please. >> quijano: but there is not enough to protect every airport. did the zoo do the right thing by killing a gorilla to protect a 4-year-old? >> the child's head was banging on concrete. >> quijano: and a marine faces the ultimate challenge for fallen comrades. >> i pushed my body to the ultimate extreme and came out victorious. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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