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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 6, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is monday, june 6th, 2016. this is "cbs this morning." we're in the hometown of muhammad ali with preparation for his final fares. daughter laila and george foreman and evander holyfield join us to celebrate ali's impactin and out of the ring. charlie d'agata ducks for chofr near the front lines fallujah. iraqi troops close in on isis with help from devastating air strikes. tropical storm school inthreatens to -- tropical storm colin threat tones dump up to eight inches of rain in the northeast. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.
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i've wrestled with algators. i've tussled with a whale. i've handcuffed lightning and put thunder in jail. you know i'm bad. >> the world says good-bye to the greatest. >> muhammad ali is home. his body is back in louisville, kentucky. >> who he was as a person was greaterha tn his legend which should be all of our goal in life. tropical storm colin is gaining strength in the gulf of mexico. warnings stretch from western florida to coastal georgia. thousands of southern californiarens ain makg their way back to their homes after fleeing a huge brush fire. iraqi forces backed by u.s. stair rikes are said to be advancing on fallujah. >> they cleared the area a few days ago. what does the mexican heritage of the judge in the trump university case have to do with anything? >> i say he's got bias. i want to build a wall. >>m going to build a wall. what trump oiis dng is trying to divert attention from the serious fraud charges. a u.s. journalist
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translator for national public radio has v been killed in an attack in southern afghanistan. video from southeast alaska capturing the moment things went very wrong for the massive cruise ship. all that -- >> a new jersey couple gets a star-studded surprise as their own swift love story unfolds. ♪ the 28-foot line -- steph curry. >> golden state! what an impressive performance! and all that matters -- >> miss usa 2016 is district of columbia! >> deshaunrba baer traded her fatigues for a gold and silver sequinned gown. >> although i'm small, i'm powerful. >> reporter: on "cbs this morning." the three-time heavyweight champion transcended boxing, transcended sports, transcended politics, race, and religion. >> the greatest of all time! >> once the most dynamic figure in sports -- >> arguably the most famous person on this earth.
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[ cheers ] welcome to "cbs this morning." the world is paying tribute to the legendary heavyweight champion and humanitarian muhammad ali. his family says he was a citizen of the world, and they know the world grieves with them. ali died friday in a phoenix area hospital. he was 74. a chartered flight yesterday brought ali's casket to louisville, kentucky. there will be a public funeral for the champ on friday after a private service for his family. jericka duncan is outside the muhammad ali center in louisville where flags throughout the city are at half staff. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. muhammad ali, as you know, spread his message of perseverance, strength, and civil rights to
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why he was known as a citizen of the world. in louisville where the man once known as cassius clay got his start, you see fans are putting out flowers, cards, photos, and even boxing gloves. >> i think it's going to be over. it's all over! >> reporter: he was known as the greatest of all time. with physical jabs that stung just as much as the verbal ones. >> i can run through a hurricane and don't get wet. he'll pay his debt. >> reporter: the three-time heavyweight champion fought until the end. how did you guys become friends? >> we wound up practicing trainings together. >> reporter: victor bender first met ali, known e then known as cassius clay, when they were 13. they remained lifelong friends. what are you going to miss most? >> his friendship, his happiness, his telling jokes, and just enjoying being around people. he loved people. >> reporter: on sunday, ali's body
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arizona, hospital and came home to louisville. at the baptist church ali attended, before converting to islam, his younger brother, rahman ali, wept in a service in his honor. >> a wonderful man. >> reporter: a steady stream of people stopped to pay their respects. at a louisville mosque, those at an interfaith service remembered ali for being a symbol of strength. >> i am muhammad ali -- >> reporter: this is a local muslim leader. >> at this time when islamaphobia is at its height, when hate rhered and bigotry is politics, we need one more than ever. >> if he was looking down, he would say, i'm still the greatest. i'm still the greatest of all
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>> reporter: among the speakers scheduled to speak at the public service friday are former president bill clinton and comedian billy crystal. when you think about ali's death, think of this -- in an interview that ali gave when he was just 35, a young boy asked the boxer what ali planned to do when he retired. ali said by doing good deeds, he was getting himself ready to meet god. gayle? >> thank you. muhammad ali bragged about his speed, his power, and then he demonstrated it in the ring big time. in his heyday, his wit and charisma were unmatched. >> i whooped him so bad he had to go to the hospital, and i'm still pretty. what you gonna say about that? i cut records. i sing, i can fight, i can do anything. that's why i say i am the greatest. that's the name of the album, "i am the greatest." yell, scream, throw peanuts, but whatever you do, pay to get in. now someone with color, someone with dash, he brings fight fans
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this brash boxer is something to see, the heavyweight championship is his destiny. i have a lot of speed and a lot of endurance. when i meet foster he'll need more insurance. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. rumble. he's not the active top man recognized by the people of africa, asia, london, red, black, christian, methodist, baptist, he's not recognized by them people. >> you're still number one that. >> i am the man. all over the land. if you don't believe it, just interfere with my plan. >> i don't think i'd want to do any interfering the way you wave those arms around. >> you're not as dumb as you look. [ laughter ] >> laila ali fathered her father into boxing and became a champ herself. she retired with a perfect 24-0 record. she is now a host on the cbs sports network. laila, good morning. thank you for getting
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early. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. >> the world mourns for your dad, as i know you and the family do more deeply. help us appreciate him from your perspective. >> well, i mean, there's nothing i can say that hasn't already been said. you know, my dad was not only the best fighter ever but also such a great man, and there will never be anyone else like him. and i think that anywhere you go in the world, people recognize him. not only recognize him but love him because of the man that he is. because he stood up for his beliefs. he fought for those who couldn't speak up for themselves. he'll truly be missed by all of us. >> where do you think that confidence came from? >> i think that's something that just naturally comes from within, and then people who -- first of all, you have to have confidence and believe in yourself. then you have to work hard to prepe.
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from preparation. it's not something that you go around saying, oh, i'm going win, just because. you do the hard work when nobody's watching to make sure that you win. to back it up. >> one of the wonderful things i heard and read over the weekend was the idea that when it was time to go, his heart wouldn't stop beating. >> yeah. i'm not -- i'm not personally myself, i'm not comfortable talking about his last moments. what i will share is that we were all there, all of his kids had the opportunity to come and be at his side when he passed on. you know, so, i'm happy that we had the opportunity to be there with him. >> and to say that it -- do you think he was ready? they said, i know the people that loved him weren't ready. do you think that he was ready? he fought the battle of parkinson's, probably the fiercest opponent, for so long. >> it's hard to say whether or not somebody's ready. but i do know
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do understand the circle of life. at some point, we value to pass away. obviously i'm sad. i'm going to miss my father. but i've been sad for a long time because my father's been struggling with parkinson's for a long time and hasn't been, you know, who -- himself for a long time. so i'm happy knowing that he's no longer struggling, and that's what gives me comfort. so again, you know, i'm sad that he's not here. i'm sad that i can't hug and kiss him, and my daughter, sydney, who has a special relationship with him, doesn't quite understand yet that papaw's gallone to heaven. he's not coming back. again, i feel like i have to be strong because for one, i know no other way. but i have children i have to teach. it's a part of life, and -- obviously we're all going through a lot, and we're all going to miss him very much. >> he did not was you to box, laila ali. he was very concerned. what was his
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did you convince him? >> well, obvious reasons. the same reasons i wouldn't want my kids to box. he tried to talk me out of it indirectly. but obviously i did what i wanted to do, and he knew i was going do what i wanted to do. and he had so much respect for the fact that i did what i believed in, just like he did. i'm his youngest daughter. i'm a girl. >> you're pretty. you look just like him. >> thank you. >> i guess he loved 24-0, too -- >> 21 knockouts. >> can you do the ali shuffle, laila? >> no. i never -- i never even tried because i knew in the beginning of my career when people -- like if i start trying to be like my dad now, i'll never be able to stop. you know, i went about my own career in my own way. you know, i love my dad. i love him. but i love me, too. so i wanted to do my own thing. >> thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. i know
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day for you and your family and all of white house love muhammad ali. thanks again. >> thanks for all the love. we appreciate it. >> there's a lot of love coming your way. our special look at onemuhammad ali's life are coming. ahead george foreman, evander holyfield, and james brown. a tropical storm is barreling toward the southeast this morning. heavy rain and severe flooding threaten much of the florida coast. tropical storm colin is churning in the gulf of mexico. it is on a track to hit the southern united states with winds around 50 miles per hour. david begnaud is in clearwater beach, florida. good morning. >> reporter: charlie, good morning. forecasters say we could start feeling the effects of -- of tropical storm colin in the next two to three hours. near clearwater, it's quiet. the winds are nearly still. not too heavy in the waves. people at the beach. i'm looking at surfers there right now. overnight, we saw about an inch and a half r
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bay area. already sandbags have been handed out. the concern will be flooding and the potential for isolated tornadoes. we also found this out -- overnight, hurricane hunters in a plane went special the tropical storm. in the far eastern side of the system near the key west area, they detected winds as high as 77 miles per hour. that was at about 5,000 feet. as you come lower to the ground, we're told the winds, as the storm makes landfall, will be between 50 and 65 miles per hour. we're told this will be a rain event for the next 24 to 48 hours. >> thank you very much. donald trump faces new criticism from republican leaders for racially tinged comments about the judge overseeing a trump university lawsuit. the presumptive nominee has repeatedly said the that judge gonzalo curiel can't be impartial because of his mexican heritage. he defended his stance yesterday on "face the nation." >> how is his mexican heritage have to do
7:14 am
>> he's a member of a club or society, very strongly pro-mexican. which is all fine. but i say he's got bias. i want to build a wall. >> if it were a muslim judge, would you also feel they wouldn't be able to treat you fairly because of that policy of yours? >> it's possible, yes. that would be possible, absolutely. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell rejected trump's comments about curiel and said he could not disagree more. and paul ryan called the comments out of left field. it's reasoning i don't relate to. i completely disagree with the thinking behind that. hillary clinton could wrap up the democratic nomination tomorrow. voters in california, new jersey, and four other states cast ballots tomorrow. a new cbs news battleground tracker shows clinton with a big advantage over bernie sanders in new jersey. she only has a two-point lead in california. nancy cordes has a closer look at the crucial contests. gorge. >> reporter: good morning. of the six state that vote
7:15 am
delegates up for grabs. clinton only needs about 26 of them to clinch the nomination after a blowout win in puerto rico yesterday. and yet, her opponent says publicly at least that he's not going anywhere. >> if there is a high voter turno turnout, we're going to win. >> reporter: this weekend sanders insisted he would fight on regardless of tomorrow's outcome. >> the democratic national convention will be a contested conventi convention. >> reporter: the stats are not on his side. he trails in nearly every poll of california and new jersey, and she's already racked up about three million more votes nationwide. >> donald trump has run a campaign based on insult. >> reporter: clinton's focus remains on trump, and she's making the case that he discriminates. >> judge curiel is as american as i am. >> reporter:
7:16 am
of mexican descent. >> he is personally attacking a federal judge who was born in indiana. >> reporter: there is a division in the sanders camp about the path forward after tuesday. some want to prolong the battle through july, keep the focus on his platform, while others say it's time to put party loyalty first. while they sort that out, the campaigns have begun quietly communicating about how to work together eventually. >> eventually. thanks. >> thank you. a rare look at the american warplanes backing the ground fight against isis in iraq. cbs news cameras on board the "uss harry truman" captured planes taking off. their air strikes are paving the way for iraqi forces advancing on fallujah. charlie d'agata was close on the front lines west of the capital and saw the effects. he's now in baghdad. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's now been two weeks since the battle of fallujah began. and we watched as government
7:17 am
miles of the city's center. they've had to fight every inch of the way, and it's only going to get harder. we cut through the dust to reach the southern outskirts of the city. we're just on the front lines of the iraqi special forces, as they're moving into fallujah. they just cleared the area a few days ago. they say the entire thing is mined. they say the entire area was mined with homemade bombs.
7:18 am
speaking -- those are air strikes. >> usa. >> reporter: usa air strikes. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's going to get harder to rely on those punishing air strikes as pro-government forces close in out of concern for tens of thousands of civilians who remain trapped inside the city. the fight then will be street by street. this sergeant said it's an all-or-nothing fight. >> when you go inside, you have two choices. if you kill him or he kill you. >> reporter: iraqi commanders told us isis fighters have been targeting civilians, opening fire on them as they tried to flee. and norah, aid agencies here confirm a number of civilians have been shot dead trying to get away. >> charlie d'agata in baghdad, thank you. two journalists, one an american, have been killed on assignment in afghanistan. veteran npr photographer david gilke and his
7:19 am
were killed yesterday in helmand province. they were traveling with an afghan army convoy when it came under fire. two of gilke's npr colleagues survived the attack. gilke won numerous honors for his coverage of the war including an emmy and edward r. murrah award. saying, "david brought out the humanity of all those around him." well liked and so skilled. >> and a reminder of those who go in harm's way to tell us what's happening. >> always tough to hear that kind of story. george foreman says that muhammad ali is the most exciting person he's ever met. ahead, the heavyweight champion who lost to ali talks about his rival and very good
7:20 am
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a crowning achievement for a member of the u.s. army reserve. >> ahead, how an emotion miss district of columbia beat out 51 other contestants to claim the title of miss usa. >> the news is back in the morning righter he on "cbs this morning saturday". to help protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. with the performance you expect from a monthly topical in a non-greasy collar... seresto® kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. seresto®. from bayer. it'sdinner party,lian every outback, every day and we've got big steak news... now, every sirloin here is center cut the most tender sirloin of all! >>want our new sirloin? a size bigger on us! the free bigger size's only till june 21st, go online & claim yours!
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a man like george that comes out with those big -- [ laughter ] >> that's where it draws him back. from the left. from the right. get ready, come another left. that's what i hear when i'm throwing them. so i don't believe that i'm going to be knocked out and pushed around. experience is why i know i'll win. >> almost nobody believed that muhammad ali that day in new york city, they don't believe what he had to say. a few months later, he made it happen. knocking out george foreman to reclaim the world heavyweight title. >> rope-a-dope. >> he was a big trash
7:31 am
coming up this half hour, george foreman will be with us. hello, there he is. he and ali became great friends. i can't wait to hear what you have to say. called the greatest man, period. the new miss usa is no stereotypical beauty queen. deshauna barber is a u.s. army reserve captain. ahead, why she's getting extra applause for something she said at last night's pageant. it is time to show you some of the morning's headlines. "the new york times" reports the navy has banned alcohol for more than 18,000 american sailors based in japan. it follows the drunken driving arrest of a sailor in a crash on okinawa. two people were hurt. relations worsened after a former marine there was arrested in the death of a japanese woman. the "wall street journal" says a startup may soon be the first private company to launch a mission to the moon. u.s. officials are expected to approve a plan by moon express to land a 20-pound package of
7:32 am
scientific hardware on the moon next year. the mission could potentially open the door to for-profit ventures throughout the solar system. and "the sacramento bee" reports on the nba's tribute to muhammad ali. a video honoring the champ was played last night before the final game in oakland. the oracle raeb -- arena crowd observed a moment of silence. they won over cleveland 110-77 and lead 2-0. muhammad ali's boxing life was full of great nights. one of the greatest was 1974's rumble in the jungle. ali fought heavyweight champion george foreman. he was undefeated and a heavy favorite to win that night. ali shook up the world again with an eighth round knockout. >> another right hand. [ wild cheers ] >> two, three, four, ,
7:33 am
-- >> after that fight, ali and foreman became really lifelong friends. george foreman is with us. he joins us from his home in texas. george, we thank you very much. it's good to see you this morning. >> good morning, and thank you. >> did it feel like a rumble in the jungle to you? i've heard you say it's hard to fight somebody that you admired and loved. >> yeah. it was like i was mugged in the jungle. went there with two title belts. i came home with none. muhamm ali was as smart as charlie rose and as pretty as gayle king. >> you charmer, you. what was it like to be hit by muhammad ali? i heard he said, george, is that all you got? what was it like to get a punch from muhammad ali? what did that do to you? >> it was strange. i thought i'd knock him out in one or two rounds, but about the third round, i hit him. he fell on
7:34 am
it. he started screaming, "that's all you got, george? show me something!" i knew then i was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> did the trash talk get to you? what was the line you said, norah? >> he told david frost, "if you think the world was surprised when nixon resigned, wait until i whip foreman's behind." >> did that trash talk get to you? >> you know what, he could have continued with the trash talk if he hadn't hit me with that straight right hand. that did it. >> yeah. >> on the canvas, the most embarrassed -- the most embarrassing moment of my life. >> they say it was the rope-a-dope that did it. that he avoided you by the rope-a-dope, and tired you out. once you started to fight, you had nothing. >> yeah. i thought -- like i said, i went out for the first and second tround clean it out and get it over quick. i didn't have any idea that that fight was going to continue rounft
7:35 am
you know how the ladies walk around with the ring card? i was thinking, please don't come back in here. stay out. it was a terrible day for me. >> george, i hate to be laughing at you, but you're hilarious. >> you are. >> after that fight, you sort of gave up boxing. you walked away. were -- >> became a preacher. >> did it affect you that much? >> yeah -- yeah. in '77 i walked away and became an evangelist, which i am. i moonlight as a boxer and grill salesman. in reality, i walked away from it. you end up with ten kids, you got to box. >> let me say -- >> let me say that the george foreman grill is a very fine grill indeed. yes. you have said no one loved living more than him. what are some of your favorite memories of him? >>
7:36 am
every morning he woke up -- didn't matter what situation he was in. he was going to try to find a way to be joking and laughing. once he came up and said, "george, one day you're going to have this when you're heavyweight champ of the world. wait here." came back in a couple of moments with a briefcase. i thought it's $1,0 -- $1-00,00. he opened it, it was an old telephone. like a fool, i went out and bought one. it was pre cell phones. he loved life. >> he did. the more you watch and see his life, it's amazing the things i learned. people describe him as not just a once in a lifetime athlete but once in a lifetime man. you agree, don't you? >> he was the greatest man i ever met. to say he was the greatest boxer is a putdown. he was bigger than boxing. he was bigger than anything.
7:37 am
and went to see muhammad ali, you'd become a better movie star. a better lawyer. a better doctor. he was truly the greatest. >> but take us to the ring at least once in terms of what his skills were. how fast was he? how hard did he punch? >> you'd describe him -- i got into the ring with him, he didn't have the best power, the best anything. but his presence. you got in the ring with him and knew this is something different. and you couldn't beat it. you may as well forget hitting him in his face. he was not going to let you do it. he said, i came in pretty, i'm going to leave pretty. the sad thing in it, he was. he was. >> he was pretty. he was. >> no one could deal with him. his greatest power was his presence. and i wish everyone would have gotten a chance to meet him just to know who i'm talking about. >> i know.
7:38 am
somebody who beat you up so badly? how did that happen? >> you beat me up like he did, i'd be your friend, too. >> george got jokes this morning. >> ain't nothing like it. >> george came to play. you know, he once said he wishes everybody loved each other the way that they loved him. he had great compassion for children and for other human beings. i think that's what struck me a lot this weekend watching the stories about him over and over and over again. >> he made me feel so important. if you sit around him, you felt important. you really felt like you were something special. and he'd sit there and make you think, wow, he's paying some attention to me. and he wouldn't yawn much. he'd just listen to you. >> he was so brash and arrogant. very unusual for a black man at that time speaking his mind the way he did. what are your thoughts about that? >> you know, i didn't want to hear anymore
7:39 am
after africa. that's all you got, george? show me something. i'm the greatest! you don't have any business in the ring with me. i didn't care much about his conversation. >> all right. >> george, it's great to have you. >> really great. thank you very much. we really appreciate it, george foreman. >> thank you. >> evander holyfield's coming up. we'll tell him you said hey. >> give him my love. >> thank you. evander holyfield will be with us next. he'll talk about how muhammad ali inspired him as a child. and a member of the army reserve shows her strength on a glamorous stage. what makes this newly crowned miss usa stand out from her competitors. and if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital divide. ahead, "forbes" reveals its new list of the most powerful women. we'll be right back.
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morning. deshauna barber was crowned mis
7:44 am
she's the first-ever military member to win miss usa. and we show how her strength and confidence overshadowed her beauty. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. miss usa's parent organization has suffered a number of controversies in the past year including a breakup with former owner donald trump and miss taking the winner of miss uni-- miss taking the winner of miss universe. the applause of last night's winner may help shape up the competition's image. >> miss usa 2016 is district of columbia! >> reporter: the title known for beauty and grace looked to guts and glory sunday night. >> as a woman in the united states army -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: deshauna barber joined the military at 17. she's now an army reserves logistics commander in ft. meade, maryland. when asked whether women in combat impedes the u.s. military's performance, barber didn't flinch.
7:45 am
in a moment many believe clinched the victory over her opponents. >> we are just as tough as men. as a commander -- [ cheers ] >> as a commander of my unit, i'm powerful. i am dedicated, and it is important that we recognize that gender does not limit us in the united states. >> reporter: other contestants had trouble mustering as much firepower during their own interviews. >> i think that the rich need to -- >> reporter: runner up miss hawaii punted when asked whether she would vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. >> what we ned in the united states is someone who represents -- those of white house don't feel like we have a voice. those of white house want our voices heard. >> i have to apologize -- >> reporter: comedian steve harvey appeared in a video at the show's start poking fun at himself for mistakingly confusing the winner of the miss universe pageant. >> under no circumstances
7:46 am
say miss columbia. don't go nowhere near it. >> reporter: she will go on to compete in the miss universe pageant. the associated press says she'll take a break from the army reserves to manage her new duties. >> i love it. i love that they chose a woman of substance and style. >> and when she said gender does not limit us in our accomplishments. i loved that a lot. >> yeah. >> she's impressive. >> i think so. >> i wanted to hear the rest of that, what the rich were supposed to do. >> i don't think she finished the statement. i think it trailed off, and crickets took over. >> no one does well under the gun like that. >> it's tough. >> certainly. one of the most famous moments in "60 minutes" history features, guess what, muhammad ali. coming up, how champ yacht ed bradley -- champion caught ed bradley by surprise. he made the world laugh at this.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
ali, ali, ali? touch him -- >> sometimes he does that. >> yeah? >> it happened after the frazier fight in manila. >> what happened? >> i don't know. i wasn't there. but ever since the frazier fight in manila, muhammad will -- sort of like narcolepsy. he'll start sleeping -- >> i love this. "60 minutes" cameras captured a classic moment between ed bradley and muhammad ali. the boxing legend appears to fall asleep. ali's wife tells bradley what's happening. >> so he's not putting on when he's doing this -- >> no, this actually happens. and the doctors told us ton really try to wake him if it does because he might end one a heart attack because it might frighten him, so i don't. i get up and move. that's -- that's
7:52 am
you have to sort of -- [ snore ] [ laughter ] >> how great was that? >> what's great is that they're all in on it. >> except ed. >> except ed. 20 years ago, guys. 20 years ago that happened. >> ed's so serious. yeah, yeah. >> priceless. generations of athletes found a role model in muhammad ali. we'll talk to james brown ahead on "cbs this morning." not yet, i'm... folding the laundry! can you? no... cleaning the windows! the living room's a disaster! (vo) most insurance companies give you every reason to avoid them. plants need planting! well the leaves aren't going to rake themselves! (vo) nationwide is different. hon, did you call nationwide to check on our claim? (vo) we put members first. actually, they called me. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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8:00 am
good morning, it is monday, june 6th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including the latest tributes to muhammad ali. we're going to ask james brown why so many looked up to ali and why his legend goes far beyond boxing. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> muhammad ali, as you know, spread his message of perseverance, strength, and civil rights to millions. >> help us appreciate him from your perspective. >> well, i mean, there's nothing i can say that hasn't already been said. you know, my dad was not only the best fighter ever, but also such a great man. we could start feeling the effects of tropical storm colin within the next two
8:01 am
hos. the concern will be flooding and the potential for isolated tornadoes. >> there's six states that vote rrtomoow. tharere are nely 700 delegates up for grabs. clinton only needs 26 of them. government forces advanced to withinwo t miles of the city's center, but they've had to fight every inch of the way. miss usa's parent organization has suffered a number of controversies in the past year. but the applause for last night's winner may help shape up the competition's image. let's start with the rumble in the jungle. did it feel like it to you? >> it was like i was mugged in the jungle. i went there with two title belts. i came home with none. muhammad ali was as smart as charlie rose and as pretty as gayle king. >> oh. smarter and prettier. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. muhammad ali is home in louisville, kentucky, this morning as millions around the
8:02 am
life. a champion who transcended the sport of boxing died friday in arizona. he was 74 and had battled parkinson's disease for nearly half his life. ali's family will hold a private funeral on thursday and then a public service on friday. >> muhammad ali burst on to the boxing world stage more than 50 years ago with an unorthodox style and a very sharp tongue. >> let me see you close your mouth and keep it closed. keep it closed. >> i'm the greatest. not going to lose. i never think about losing. i'm fast. i'm a better boxer. i'm prettier. i can drown a drink of water and kill a dead tree. wait until you see muhammad ali. every time you open your mouth, you should be arrested for air pollution. >> the greatest of all! >> that famous line started as a simple brag, but few people today dispute it. ali won 56 fights. 37 by knockout.
8:03 am
heavyweight championship three times. >> he was more than just a brilliant boxer. ali was also an entertainer, an activist, and a humanitarian. >> the challenger is jabbing all over body -- right hand. >> in 1964, few people gave muhammad ali much of a chance against heavyweight champion of the world sonny listen. >> that might be all, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: the 2-year-old still -- 22-year-old known as cassius clay pulled off an incredible upset winning the gold medal and becoming the world champion. >> who's the greatest? >> you are! >> a string of memorial possible bouts followed. the fight of the century at madison square garden against joe frazier. the rumble in the jungle where ali's rope-a-dope style helped outlast george foreman. >> ali with the knockout!
8:04 am
>> and the thrilla in manila when he beat frazier by a technical knockout. >> it's all over. [ cheers ] >> when he fought joe frazier for the first time at madison square garden, each man got the unheard of sum of $2.5 million. that was one of the things that opened the way for larger purses and larger salaries and n all sport. >> reporter: thomas howser wrote numerous books about ali. >> ali was the first in a new wave of athletes who were both big and fast and coordinated. >> reporter: ali's words could be just as brutal as his fists. he elevated trash talk to an art form. >> i had a dream when i got to africa, i had one hell of a rumble. i had to beat tarzan's behind first for claiming to be the king of the jungle. >> ali was rapping before people were rapping. a lot of the poems that he wrote, you could
8:05 am
today. >> first thing he taught me was float like a butterfly -- >> and sting like a bee. his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. >> rumble, young boy, rumble. that's what i've always lived by. >> today ali is a beloved icon. it's easy to forget he was a polarizing career for much of his career. as a member of the nation of islam, he famously changed his name from cassius clay. >> muhammad ali. muhammad means worthy of all praises. and ali means most high. >> he was a draft dodger and conscientious objector to the vietnam war. he was stripped of his title and banned from boxing for 3.5 years. lennox lewis was the last undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. >> i think of what he stood for. what he sacrificed. i think that makes him a special man just outside of the ring. >> i'm the greatest. i'm a poet. i'm a movie st
8:06 am
i'm an actor. i'm a fighter. and most of all, i'm pretty. >> reporter: ali retired from boxing in 1981, having taken an estimated 29,000 punches to the head. three years later, he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. over the next three decades, his strength and his ability to speak. two of his greatest gifts were slow slowly disappearing. >> you look at queens, princes, queens, everyone knew muhammad ali around the world. >> many of the biggest names in sports say there was no one bigger than ali. michael jordan, wayne gretzky, tiger woods, and eric jeter all say he was the greatest. their tributes illustrate how ali's fame went far beyond boxing. special correspondent james brown was also inspired by ali's example. good morning. >> reporter: looking at that, what a transcendent figure he
8:07 am
was. and i know oftentimes people say there will never be another like him. this may well be true in the case of muhammad ali. >> you say that because? >> you know, he transcended sports. look, as far as athletes are concerned, they have the highest regard for him because he was the best in his sport. but it transcended that because of the depth of convictions of the man. even that brash marketing exterior, if you will, that came, as you well know, from the wrestler gorgeous george. he was a showman in that regard. off camera, out of the spotlight, he was a quiet, pensive man. and as i listened to that array of sound bites and all he was about, he called himself a functional illiterate because of how poorly he did in school. they'll have to redefine it because the guy was brilliant. >> one of the nicest tributes i heard over the weekend, somebody said he didn't set out to change the world. it's just that the world changed because he said and did what he thought was right. it's unusual for a black man to
8:08 am
he was 22. brash, arrogant. now the people that vilified end up thinking he was a hero. what deuce about that? >> -- what do you say about that? >> right on point. i couldn't have said it any better. that's why he became such a beloved figure. early on he was reviled because of his stance about the vietnam war. it was the depth of his convictions. that's why he was stripped of his title. was not able to box for some three years. alvin patrick, my producer, and i were talking about this. for five decades this guy was the best-known fleet around the world. while -- athlete around the world. while michael jordan and others were pointed out. he flew to plays and was well known around the globe. >> he
8:09 am
speaking out. >> he did. that's why people like him and respect him. even if they disagree with his position. he had the strength of conviction that it cost him at the height of his career. boxing for three years, being stripped of i had title. but you have respect for somebody who will stand on their beliefs, gayle. >> he was as agile with his words as he was in the ring, j.b. i mean, that made him so likeable and that confidence which i think added to his appeal. >> which is why i use the word brilliant to describe him, even though he called himself a functional iliteral. the guy was -- illiterate. the guy was masterful. i listen to the rap he did before rapping became popular. when he fought sonny listen, he was flat-out scared, ali. that's why he was hyper in the ring. they thought the guy had lost his mind. the same way as i listen to george foreman talking to -- by the way, he did forget to talk about norah's beauty, a
8:10 am
he complimented charlie and gayle, but he's got to throw norah in. he was always well prepared in the ring. >> what did he mean to you personally? >> the last time i saw him was eight years ago at fight night in arizona. he was always respectful of other people. but he had a regal air about himself, but he showed the greatest degree of respect for all others, as well. and i simply revered him because of who he was. >> j.b., thank you. especially good for us this morning and yesterday on sunday morning. very eloquent. we thank you. >> beautiful. >> thank you very much. god bless you and gayle and norah. >> former heavyweight evander holyfield grew up idolizing muhammad ali. he remembers the man who inspired him to do great things. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." and only on "cbs this morning," "forbes" reveals this year's list of the world's most powerful women, including one who
8:11 am
8:12 am
first on "cbs this morning," best-selling author and conspiracy show host brad meltzer in studio. how you doing? coming up, he will reveal a national secret he says is one of the biggest of his career. what is that? >> ooh. >> that's a tease. yeah a little further back. there you go. which urgent care do you want to try this time? uhh, this one's only a mile away. oooo, and it's in-network. this is our best idea yet. steve! steve! steve! so close. it's not always easy to control your enthusiasm. but with unitedhealthcare it's easy to find quick care options and compare costs. that's my husband. let me try this. second time's a charm. oh there goes mine. unitedhealthcare
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only on "cbs this morning," we're revealing the annual "forbes" list of the 100 most powerful women. the 2016 picks include 11 billionaires, 32 ceos, 25 political leaders, and a record 12 world leaders. more than double the number in 2005. at five, the ceo of general motors. fourth, medical and gates, co-chair of the bill and medical and gates foundation. third, janet yellen. hillary clinton is second. for the sixth year running, angela merkel is number one. and executive president of "forbes" medoi
8:17 am
good morning. i always look forward to this list. it's remarkable to see this. and angela merkel, she's not only the most powerful, but staying power. >> staying power. she's been number one for ten of 11 years on the list. she's someone who's defied existential political economic crises, not just in germany but saving the eurozone and also dealing with huge issues such as the immigration crisis. she has staying power and resilience. >> she's also barack obama's favorite head of state. >> not surprising. i mean, she's a woman at the helm of the fourth largest economy. you can't dismiss the type of power and staying power that she has. >> hillary clinton's number two even though she doesn't hold office. >> she doesn't technically even have a job. but she's someone whose career is defined by historic milestones. first lady to run for office. first female senator of new york. potentially the first woman to hold the highest office in the land. >> and you took the celebrity category off. what was the decision
8:18 am
that? >> we wanted to look for women in more high-power rules. six women are new, heads of state. we're seeing women ascend globally with nearly half the list from outside the u.s. including a quarter from asia. >> does that mean you don't think people like beyonce or taylor swift are powerful? >> for sure they are powerful, but they are women shaping culture. that's not to say that that is not power. it's a different type of power. we're looking at more hard power, controlling nations, huge corporations, and finding them transforming the world we live? >> what about who's off the list? ceo elizabeth holmes? >> she was on the list for the first year and what a duffs a year can make. we estimated her self-made fortune last year, $4.5 billion. this year at zero. she's -- >> zero? >> zero. at zero. she's someone who's faced huge challenges, huge scrutiny, questioning the fundamentals of her company. she took a lot of
8:19 am
and she's someone whose future is very uncertain. will she bounce back? we hope so, but time will tell. >> power is fleeting. >> for sure. >> power is fleeting. a little scary. who was on the list that you think we should know about that surprised you? >> one woman whose name you may not know, the founder of lens technology. it makes the glass for smartphones and tablets. her company ipo last year, worth an estimated $8.4 billion. what we love about her story is she was from poor rural china and is an incredible, incredible success story. >> how oiled, children? >> 46 years old. she's young. she speaks to a lot of ascend ants that we're seeing in china. outside of the u.s., china has the most number of power women on the list. >> children? i always wonder about how many women with children. >> the majority -- you know, can they do it install. >> and you can. >> and you can. the majority of the women on our list do have ch
8:20 am
building multibillion dollar businesses, saving millions of lives around the world. and their power only increases year to year. >> well, due to -- kudos to "forbes" for highlighting. >> a fun list and amazing women. >> always good to see you. what taylor swift didn't make the "forbes" list, she tops it -- very top you could say with a pair of newlyweds. what did she do? next, swift's wedding day surprise after a heartfelt plea. you're watching "cbs this morning." fall in love with a new daily fiber. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others, mirafiber is less likely to cause unwanted gas. love your fiber. new mirafiber.
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8:24 am
♪ that face one day ♪ >> taylor swift crashed a new jersey wedding over the weekend. she performed "blank space" for the newlyweds. they slow danced to the hit tune which carries a special meaning to them. swift planned the surprise with the groom's sister who sent a letter to the star back in april. she wrote how their mother was dying, and that "blank space" was picked for a mother and son wedding dance at the hospital. swift also gave the couple a handmade card that reads, she knitted this herself, embroidered it, "so it's going to be forever." a lyric. i'm glad they picked it. the next line are s, "always going to go down in flames." not good at a wedding. >> goose bumps. >> special to them, so i get it. just that taylor came is nice
8:25 am
we love taylor swift. there was never anyon
8:26 am
8:27 am
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♪ novak djokovic collapsed after achieving something no man has done in nearly half a century. his championship win yesterday over andy marick helped him complete a career grand slam. the tennis star has won four consecutive major championships. he said the win was perhaps the greatest moment of his career. his next career goal is to hold all four major league titles simultaneously. he's already on track to achieve that this year. >> pretty good. >> maybe on his way to becoming the best ever. >> heard you say that about him. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, former heavyweig
8:31 am
holyfield, real-deal holyfield. hello, evander holyfield. >> how you doing? >> it's okay to smile. that's okay. let us see a smile. there you go. he remembers muhammad ali as his childhood hero. >> she intim dates everybody. >> he's not scared of me. we'll find out how ali inspired holyfield to become a champion and his confidence in the ring. will smith pays tribute to the champ. my conversation with the actor about his portrayal of the boxing legend. how smith says ali's greatness reveals something that exists in all of us. time to show some of this morning's headlines. new york's "daily news" reports on chaos at a popup concert by kanye west. more than 4,000 fans mobbed the outside of a concert hall in new york city after midnight. west announced the show after a scheduled appearance at a music festival was canceled because of severe weather. then he showed up in a car appearing through the sunroof. the venue stopped
8:32 am
because the crowds got too big. "business insider" reports on mark zuckerberg's social media accounts getting hacked. the ceo of facebook had his twitter and pinterest accounts briefly hacked yesterday. hackers claim they got his password from an old linkedin breach. zuckerberg reused the passwords, dadadada. you can tell little kids in the house. babies' first words are da da. he doesn't talk to me about % passwords or anything else. his facebook account was not affected. >> isn't gayle fun? >> yes. >> you know what i mean. >> i know. >> da-da -- and "sports illustrated" announces that muhammad ali will again grace its cover. this week's issue will feature a shot of the champ in his prime. it will be his 40th "si" cover. it focused on his career f
8:33 am
more than 50 years dating back to 1963. only michael jordan with 50 covers has been featured more often. >> cool. >> surprising. >> muhammad ali held the record for most heavyweight championship titles until evander holyfield took it away. holyfield surpassed ali's three titles in 2000 after a fight against john luis. he was inspired by ali as a child. evander holyfield is with us from his home in ft. lauderdale, florida. got up bright and early. we appreciate it. good to see you. so the story i hear about you is that a boxing coach said to you at 8 years old, you could be like muhammad ali. and you thought that was great. but you had to ask your mom first. true? >> yes, i had to ask my mom because -- had to get the okay. my f my mom didn't say i could be it, i couldn't be it. >> what did it mean for you to be compared to ali at that age? what did you know about him at 8? >> i knew he was a champion.
8:34 am
and i wanted to be a champion. and everything in life, people told me i wasn't going to be anything because i was from the ghetto. they told me i wouldn't succeed. >> what was it about him that inspired you? >> because he said he was the greatest. and it was amazing just -- the word greatest means that you're the best. and i wanted to be the best. and i thought to be like ali i could be the very best. >> did he have the best skills or the biggest heart? >> well, you know, now as an adult he had both. you know, he had skills, and he had heart. it took faith to succeed. >> you know, it's interesting because everybody who knew muhammad ali said he had confidence in and out of the ring. did you learn something about confidence watching him? >> of course
8:35 am
i know practice makes you perfect and hard work and perseverance. there's always going to be something that don't work out for you. you have to have the right attitude to overcome it. >> what did you admire most about him? >> that he's a man that followed up. if he said he could do something, he would do it. it wasn't just -- it's easy to say but hard thing to make it happen. and ali was the one that when he said something, he backed it up. >> some people look at ali with such awe and admiration and at the same time say, you know, that's what i don't like about boxing, what it might have done to him. >> i didn't hear the question -- >>
8:36 am
admiration. at the same time, they look at the parkinson's and its toll on him. they say that's the problem with boxing. do you share that. >> yeah. i would say that's -- you know, howard cosell had parkinson's, and he didn't fight. there's a lot of bleep have parkinson's -- of people have parkinson's didn't get hit. you know that it's not because of boxing. but, you know, that's a whole big point of have having thing -- he did things for parkinson's, for someone to find out what is the problem, how do you catch parkinson's. when you don't know and say because he got hit -- you know, there's a lot of people got hit and didn't have parkinson's. >> did you ever get a chance to spend much time with him? i'm curious if you have any personal memory and wha
8:37 am
thought when you heard that he had passed away. >> well, actually, you know, that's been a long time, you know, with ali after '84. got an opportunity to years and years -- i went to his events all the time. he was a man with a lot of heart. a man that wanted to please everybody. it was a man that had given out and kept giving. so at some point in time, you know, it's aspiring on everything. we all got to meet the maker. >> yep. did you think he was pretty? >> well, you know, as a man, i don't usually call nobody pretty but a woman. but you know, as a man, you tend to be handsome. leave it at that. >> okay. >> well said. well said. >> before you go, do you have a favorite ali quote? a lot of people have been quoting him. do you have a
8:38 am
>> you know, float like eye butterfly, sting like -- float like a better fly, sting like a bee. that was it for me. when you're floating, they can't catch you. >> all right. thank you very much for taking the time. >> thank you. >> thank you. will smith captured some of the champ's magic in the 2001 movie "ali." >> he's going down in five. he talk a little more, i might drop him in four. >> smith earned his first oscar nomination for that role. i spoke to him on my pbs program three month after ali was released. he shared the challenges and lessons from playing the legendary boxer. >> the one thing that i truly tried to communicate and the interpretation of ali is the complex simplicity of greatness. >> yeah. >> and how greatness
8:39 am
wonderful esoteric, elusive godlike feature that only the special among us will ever taste. it exists within all of us. sitting with nelson mandela, with ali, it's very simple. this is what i believe, and i'm willing to die for it. >> wow. >> wow. >> well said. >> yes. i tribute on smith's facebook page has about 1.25 million likes. smith called ali "my mentor and my friend. you changed my life." >> he changed a lot of people's lives. >> everybody has a story about muhammad ali, black, white, male, female, has a story about how he affected them. you, too, charlie. everybody does. first on "cbs this morning," best-selling author brad meltzer returns to sdi
8:40 am
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you know brad meltzer as a best selling author of mysteries. his novels have sold more than 11 million copies in the u.s.
8:44 am
alone. and he has a children's series featuring figures such as abraham lincoln and helen keller. "the house of secrets" is the story of a fictional tv host secretly working for the u.s. government and a daughter's search to find the truth. first on "cbs this morning," brad meltzer joins us at the table. welcome back to studio 57. >> thank you. good to see you. >> good to see you. this "house of secrets" is the first in a me to seares? >> yeah, "house of secrets" starts with a woman who wakes up in a hospital with no memory. an accident killed a father of a conspiracy tv show. the fbi tells her that there's been an accident, and the amazing part of this is the fbi says the last person seen with her father is dead with a priceless object in his chest, a book about benedict arnold. she doesn't remember owning guns, she has scars, she doesn't know how they got there. she reas
8:45 am
this murder can she figure out the truth about her father and, more important, who she is. she's the mystery. and she's full of secrets. >> this is hazel nash? >> hazel nash. she's the secret. >> inspired by your daughter? >> i was looking -- >> is your daughter's name hazel? >> my daughter's name is lila. when i was writing a female protagonist, we all know jason bourne and others and i said i'm not teaching my daughter to be a victim. i teach my daughter all the time that no one's coming to rescue you. you're going to rescue yourself. that's why i wrote "hazel." i wanted to have a strong female protagonist who would be unlike any other. >> how old is lila? >> she will tell you now she's 10 and very, very close to 11. >> that matters. >> it matters. >> this benedict arnold and betrayal with benedict arnold and george washington is key to this book. why does that resonates with you so much? >> it's true. one of the last moment between benedict arnold and george washington are some of the most
8:46 am
amazing in history. what happens is they say george washington is so devastated by his friend's betrayal, it's one of the only times they see him cry. here's what happens is alexander hamilton brings a letter to george washington from benedict arnold. letter has three things in it. it says, one, don't kill my wife. she didn't know i was going to be a traitor. two, don't kill your staff, they didn't know i was a traitor either. this is the third part, the craziest part. he says, "i want you to make sure that you please send me my passionage." -- "baggage." to this day, nobody knows what is in that bag the gentleman george washington actually sends back. he actually does send it back. but no one knows to this day what's in that baggage. i won't ruin my theory, i won't ruin chapter 85, but it's -- >> don't ruin it. >> yes, what you said is true. >> it's absolutely true. this is all real. i use it in the book, but then i show you my theory in chapter 85. >> there was a great line about what did benedict want
8:47 am
you said the same thing we all want. what is that? >> for someone to give a damn about us. everyone thinks that benedict arnold is the bad guy. sometimes he's just the complicated guy. >> how did he make that case? did he be tray the country or not? >> of course he betrayed the country. but you want to see everything black and white, you'll see benedict arnold as the worst guy in the world. he's a complicated guy. like anyone who's good or bad, there's another part of the story. the interesting part to me is is benedict arnold really doing something bad. and there's a theory that maybe he's not the bad guy. that maybe, just maybe he was working for us the entire time. >> and on that very note, you in researching -- >> best transition i've seen. >> i know. found an interesting story about a former dictator that was on, what, the u.s. payroll, working for the cia? >> i'm researching the book. i talked to a military intelligence officer who tells me that years ago there was a dictator who through one of his top lieutenants was working for us, a spy for the united states.
8:48 am
all -- >> money? >> no, for his family. for his family. what happened is the lieutenant had a sick child -- >> you have to live us on that -- >> it's a cliffhanger. >> tell you the name -- >> i can't tell you. he's still alive. eiffel tei'll tell you that. >> "house of secrets "goes on sale tomorrow. and years ago on "face the nation," muhammad ali talked about the impact he wanted to have on the world. we'll be right back.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. people know about you in every corner of the earth. what is it that you want to do after you've stopped fighting? >> well, i figure that we only have so many hours a day to do whatever we have to do. submarine years to live. -- so many years to live.
8:52 am
hours a day, we travel, we watch television. a man's 50 years old, he's lucky to say if he's had 20 years actually to live. i would like to do the best that i can for humanity. i'm blessed by god to be recognized as the most famous face on the earth today. and i can't think of nothing no better than helping god's creatures, helping poverty, working for good causes where i can use my name to do so, to help this country and other countries where we're having various problems, where my influence might help. >> that was muhammad ali on "face the nation" in 1976. five years before his retirement and eight years before his parkinson's revelation. ali spoke of his ambitions outside the ring. >> one of his friends said don't cry because he's gone. smile because he was here. >> a remarkable man who gave up a lot, at the same time brought so many gifts. none more important than the idea of conviction and standing for what you believe in.
8:53 am
see you tomorrow on "cbs this mornin
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good morning, my friend. nigh name is
8:59 am
>> and i'm markette sheppard. chris, happy belated birthday. >> it was my birthday yesterday, it was wonderful. >> you're operating with a full deck of cards now. [ laughter ]. >> she's trying to say i'm 52. >> good for me. >> no applause for 52. [ applause ]. >> oh, no. you don't have to do that. i have to pull it out of them sometimes. >> hey? >> what. >> do you love life? >> every moment of it. >> i feel the same way. you discover something new and i know you're into life. >> yeah. i love life. we're living in. yesterday was my birthday, i celebrated, i went to a baptism, i haven't been to a church in god knows -- i'm catholic. no applause whatsoever. this guy comes out and starts doing the sermon and he blew me away. helping prisoners going from prison and getting a mentor system and he was rocking.
9:00 am
am i in a catholic church. someone try to get him on here, he was wonderful. >> interesting. >> his son is robert white. >> running for dc council. >> something like that. that was a fun start. i had a really good day. >> that's great. i want to tell folks at home, changing subjects a bit, we -- this morning we're remembering "the greatest" there ever was, boxer and legend muhammad ali. funeral plans are coming together this morning for ali who passed away on friday of septic shock. he was born cassius marcellus clay in louisville, kentucky in 1942. in addition to be remembered as a champion boxer and olympic gold medallist who could float like a butterfly and sing like a bee, he will also be remembered as being one of the most prolific celebrity activists of the civil rights era. you might find it interesting to know what he actually planned his own funeral and his dying wish was to have a celebration of life service that would be open to


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