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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 13, 2016 1:35am-2:35am EDT

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(whispers): fassel's lawyer. okay. your honor, if we're sinking to this level of ludicrousity... "ludicrousity"? braddock university leases the garage from illinois trust, and is thus entrusted to patrol it. not the second and third floor. how do you know that? i don't know how i know half the things i know. politi: mrs. florrick? yes, your honor. the university does not lease the second and third floors. it only leases the... first and the fourth. ...the first and the fourth floors. the second and third floors are for bank customer parking only. ms. tascioni was arrested on... the third floor stairwell. the third floor stairwell. okay, here's how we're doing things. the four of you get all of your whispering out of the way. go and discuss everything you want to discuss outside the court. come back in here in 20 minutes with your best arguments. and ms. pine? i have to say this. i'm inclined to toss this arrest, 'cause i, too, think it's stupid.
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so, anna buday gave a urine sample on the 20th of july 2012 at 7:00 a.m.? yes, that's what my intake form states. good. and that was the sample that led you to conclude that anna had a contrail, oui? well, that she had a burst of icsh. similar to the notorious six. ah. no more metaphors. good. and when did the technician give the sample to your designated shipping company? i don't know. well, hopefully this will refresh your memory. it is a receipt for the shipping of the sample. can you see the time and the date there? would you read it? july 21, 5:18 p.m. rule 44g, subpart m of the aadl code states, "all samples shall be shipped "via approved courier on the same day that they are collected." i am aware of the code. "any unexplained delay in shipping "will constitute a break "in the chain of custody, and the test must be discarded." occasionally, a technician is unable to mail the sample on the same day, usually because the courier is closed. there's no violation as long as the sample
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remains in our facility. you're right. that is why we, um... merci, mademoiselle. that is why we checked the log at your testing facility. it was closed. it could not have remained in your facility. it must have remained with this technician. plunkett: objection. this is a respect of form over substance. i thought there were no objections. plunkett: there is no scientific way the delay in delivering the sample could create a false positive. one moment, please. (speaking french) judge villapique says the sample should still be allowed. why? the delay was a technicality. diane: the italian judge is for us. the german is against us, but not as strongly. (speaking french) villapique says this is what comes from these rambo tactics. what is it with him and rambo? does anybody even watch rambo anymore? (speaking french) diane: he is suggesting a 30-minute recess to discuss this further.
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where's tascioni? here we are again. with your argument this time, ms. pine. while the state continues to maintain the campus police's jurisdiction included the parking garage-- all levels of said garage-- their arrest on the third floor also qualifies for the hot pursuit exemption. your honor, please, if i may borrow the asa's word "ludicrousity..." politi: you may not. i'm banning that word. alicia: um... politi: mrs. florrick... the hot pursuit doctrine applies only in emergency situations when the officer doesn't have time to alert another jurisdiction. neither of these elements existed here. geneva: the defendant threatened a guest lecturer at the university. he fled, she followed him, verbally assaulting the victim while he was trying to get to his car. okay, okay. thank you, everyone. i think we're gonna make history here today, spending more time on less. and yet, i have come to my decision. afterward, you can all appeal to the supreme court. he's gonna rule against us. politi: it was a legal arrest.
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us police-- loath as i am to give them any kind of a win-- did step out of their jurisdiction, but with cause. and on that note... your honor, we request that you allow ms. tascioni to be taken to bond court currently in session down the hall. geneva: no, your honor. respectfully, this court lacks the authority to overrule a skokie psychologist's determination on her mental state. your honor, it was in skokie that they determined that my client was too risky for transport, yet here she is. if you rule against her, they will take her back to skokie and then drive her back here again on monday. this is bureaucratic insanity. and yet, it's the law. what is even more insane is this emergency hearing, which was just deployed to get the defendant here in the first place. your honor, all we are asking is that you allow my client to walk down the hall. we request that ms. florrick be sanctioned. oh, my god. (gavel slams) stop it. seriously, stop. please, go find some criminals to prosecute and defend. jim, please escort the defendant down to bond court so she can post bail. geneva: your honor, that is not... come on, ms. pine. when the law is an ass, someone has to kick it.
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the ruling stands. so, they're guidelines now? (speaking french) elsbeth: i'm coming! hi! i'm here! i'm here. hello? i'm coming. sorry. (laughs) i was delayed. uh, pardonnez-moi, messieurs. puissionsnous confèrent un instant? we are ready, your honor. we have a new lawyer joining us. ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. okay. sorry. je tiens à appeler un autre témoin, messieurs. we're conducting this in english, elsbeth. ah, well. yes. will! hey. oh, thank you. and diane. oh... what an elegant dress. (laughs) thank you. uh, i've just been really moved by you guys doing this... excuse me. we have a hearing. ah, yes. (giggles)
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m elsbeth tascioni, and i am late because i was under arrest. but i have one more witness: dedrick klein. mr. klein, the cyclist? why is he here? to speak regarding the cas rule application. i don't think we need this witness. pourquoi? pourquoi ne pouvons-nous entendre klein? (conversation continues in french) uh, uh, uh, gentlemen? gentlemen, please, please. we ask for a consensus. par un vote à main levée. elsbeth: judge villapique, you're outvoted two to one. thanks for coming, mr. klein. welcome. two years ago, you were accused of using banned substances and suspended from cycling. did you appeal like anna? yes. my arbitration was in lausanne. and can you tell us what happened? yes. there was no evidence,
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judge villapique convinced the egyptian judges, which is wrong. excuse me. this is not relevant. so, judge villapique was on your panel? klein: yes. villapique: i think mr. plunkett makes a very good observation. the relevance has not been established. uh, you were the one? the witness is excused. you pushed our cyclist out? mr. klein's arbitration was confidential. elsbeth: except if the athlete chose to waive confidentiality, which mr. klein just did. she's correct. elsbeth: mr. klein, who convinced the egyptian judge to vote against you? judge villapique. and when you were stripped of your title, who was the runner-up? xavier lanier. xavier lanier, who is french? klein: yes. this has nothing to do with it. i'm appalled by the insinuation. antoine, you should have recused yourself. he cheated. he didn't deserve that medal. (speaking french) (panel arguing in french) i just realized...
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you're rambo. peter: president obama promised a discussion on race in this country. well, now, why would i want to hear that? because it went viral. because people are calling you brave, standing up to special interests. let's wait till the polls come out tomorrow. yeah, let's wait. the polls will prove what the editorials are saying. this is your sister souljah moment. eli: you spoke truth to minority interests, so when those two asas go public, they'll be seen as sour grapes. you inoculated yourself. yeah, that's some win. winning by pissing off minorities. here's a thing that some people just never learn. we are not teaching a fifth-grade ethics class. we're here to win. win pretty, win ugly-- it's still winning. (door opens and closes) go easier on him, eli. why? because we need him. why? do you want to get into this now? i want to know why we need him. are you being investigated?
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then you know why. elsbeth: to my friends. thank you for getting me out of the suburbs. will: no need to thank us. especially once you see the bill. (diane laughs) eli. what are you doing? nothing. okay. what are you doing? you know i'm being investigated? yes. and you know i'm being edged out of the campaign? no, i didn't know that. and you guys can't represent me because you're being investigated. yes, i had heard that. i need a lawyer to represent me. ms. tascioni? got a minute? sure. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota.
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♪ muhammed ali's final farewell. >> he lived the perfect example of how a human being is supposed to live their life. >> we're inside the funeral as hollywood says goodbye to the greatest. >> didn't he make all of our lives a little bit better than they were? >> and we unlock the "e.t." vault to show the champ's lasting legacy with the stars. >> i've been a fan since i can remember. then, is richard simmons living his life as a woman? >> richard simmons doesn't copy people. excuse me. >> our time with the star, and what we know about the reports he is transitioning. plus, beyonce drops the mic. and blue ivy steals the show. how queen b.
1:54 am
this. >> all while jay-z's rumored ex-mistress was just feet away. a boy band flashback cruising the high seas with new kids on the block. >> as long as one new kid can go shirtless during the tour, we're in good shape. and we get real mariah carey wedding dish from our secret weapon, sharon osbourne. >> was it love at first sight? >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." boxing legend, father, humanitarian. muhammed ali was all of those things and a whole lot more. thank you, everyone, for joining us as we pay respects to the champ this weekend. >> we are opening our "e.t." vault to show you our own 35-year history with ali. but we begin with his final farewell. >> nischelle turner was in louisville as the world said goodbye to the greatest. >> ali, ali, ali! >> what does it mean to you to be here today to celebrate the champ's life? >> it's absolutely beautiful.
1:55 am
a two-hour outpouring of love. i learned a really valuable lesson about how the moment of the end of a life illuminate house it was lived. >> serious and respectful as he carried ali's casket into the hearse. but later he was smiling, calling this a celebration of ali's life. he spoke with me just before the service. >> he lived the perfect example of how a human being is supposed to live their life. it was beautiful. >> will plays the champ in the oscar nominated "ali." at the movie's premier, he told us about ali's impact. >> we found that every place in the world we went, all you have to do is say muhammed ali's name, and you're doing something for muhammed ali or with muhammed ali, and people show up and are excited. >> laila told me when i talked to her that when she watched you and ali, there were times she forgot she was watching you. she thought she
1:56 am
dad. what is a compliment like that? >> you know, for me, it's just humbling, you know, to be able to be here with the family. and the meaning, value. just to be able. we all sat around lennox lewis and ali's family. and for about an hour, we told the stories and our memories. >> comedian billy crystal told mourners about his bond with ali that went back decades. >> it's very hard to describe how much he meant to me. you had to live in his time. >> this was him with the champ back in 1992. only "e.t.'s" cameras were behind the scenes at the rehearsal of a tv special celebrating ali's 50th birthday party. crystal was famous for his impressions of the champ. >> i am now muhammed ali. >> he was a tremendous hero for all of us. because he stood up for what he believed in. >> the greatest force title meanth
1:57 am
cannot be free. >> it just an honor to ali because i think he was great motivation to all of us. >> it is amazing. i met him years and years ago. he made you feel like a million dollars. >> there will be another, right? >> yes. greatest of all time. thinking has been a great event today. i was so glad to be here for the sendoff. >> hollywood, of course, has long idolized the champ. some of the biggest stars on the planet were humbled in his presence. >> he has a really big heart. he is wonderful. we should all be like this. >> have i more photos of muhammed ali hanging in my home than anyone else. including my family. >> he is a champ. >> i thank you. thank you so much. you are an inspiration. >> in 1984, he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease, and five years later, it began to affect his speech. >> how are
1:58 am
he and michael j. fox became close as they worked together to find a cure. >> how does it actually feel to have muhammed ali's arm and big hand around your shoulder? >> it's a lot better than feeling his jab. we're both on the same team. we both want to accomplish the same thing. and, you know, i've been a fan since i can remember. so it's always an honor to spend time with muhammad. and we both really feel there is a bright future ahead. >> for his 50th birthday, we were there at rehearsal as whitney houston prepared to sing. ♪ >> that famous song actually came from a movie about ali's life, aptly titled "the greatest." ♪ they can't take away my dignity ♪ >> i love the song as i love muhammed ali. this is the first time i've had the opportunity to sing to it the greatest -- one oef th tegreast men of all. i love you. ♪
1:59 am
>> sharon stone also loved him. the champ made a profound difference in her life. >> i met him when i was 17. >> yeah. >> i was in the miss pennsylvania pageant. and he was in hershey, pennsylvania when i was there, and i met him. and then he called my father and offered me a part in his film that he was making. and my father said she is not going to be in film. and he told my father you may think that she is not, but she is. you cannot hide that girl under a bushel basket. her life is too bright. one time i said to him you know i head you when i was a teenaged girl. and he turned to me and he said "yes. and you were wearing a blue
2:00 am
>> the lesson ali passed along to sharon? make the world a better place. she was doing just that as she helped raise $400,000 and counting hosting the hotbed gala. >> most live in shelters or in the streets. their moms were living in refrigerator boxes in the alleys behind the shelters. so we realized we had to help their moms. so we then made a homeless camp for the kids and their moms. >> sharon was the auctioneer. and just check out her mad skills. >> i can do an auction at the drop of hat. i could auction off a handbag. >> i have a pen. can you auction this pen? what would you do? >> this could be a meal. it could be an overnight stay for a homeless person whom. will give me $5 for this pen? i have $5 there. ten? every time you write with it, you're going to know that you have changed the lives of the person that you are helping by buying this pen. every time you pick up this pen, you have changed your own legacy. do i have $60? i have $60 there.
2:01 am
do i have 150? you will have changed the lives of probably three people who will sleep inside tonight, who will eat. children who will not be hurt or abused. and every time you sign your name with this pen, know that you have left a legacy not only in your live be, the lives of three chil.dren thank you very much. >> sharon stone! >> impressive, right? moneymaker sharon and i talked everything -- aging, dating at 58, and sex with strangers. >> i read the article where you were talking about finding a boyfriend. i don't want to take the time-out to just go on a date or have a sex with a stranger. are you in a place where you're like i'm cool if i don't have a relationship? >> i bought a dog, which i think was the best move ever. because you need a buddy. so i don't want to just be with someone to be with them. >> but you're still open to it? >> yeah, i'm dating. and when it happens, i'll be with it. >> right now the men in sharon's life are
2:02 am
and oh, there is this guy. leave it to james corden to create this rap video to help sharon score a quality date. ♪ she is a hollywood icon with a nobel prize show got a genius brain and a banging size". >> he came up with this and said i'll do it as long as i can have a grill. they said okay. we did it in 45 minutes. it was like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. ♪ what's your name? >> i'm sharon stone. >> sharon is such a good sport. i love how she is game for anything. let's move on. we're going to talk about this headline. richard simmons is now a woman, according to the cover of a tabloid now on stands. >> it is explosive. it really has everybody buzzing. now we have a very long history with richard. we have spoken with his team. and have richard on the record about the transition rumors. that and more covered in this week's know and tell. the national enquirer cites a source suggesting richard has
2:03 am
received breast implants, undergone hormone therapy and goes by the name of fiona. but what is really going on? we dug a little deeper. first of all, it's not exactly a revelation that simmons has had a lot of fun cross-dressing. >> this interview is over. >> in fact, during his last "e.t." sitdown, richard dressed up in a pink wig to promote his new video "hairdo." ♪ ♪ something girlie >> i like to make people laugh. and you know what? i don't care if they're laughing with me or at me. >> it's also important to point out that it is a popular misconception that because a man dresses like a woman, he wants to have sex reassignment surgery. we reached out to richard's reps about the story. they told us, quote, he is not transitioning into a woman. this is such nonsense, even for the enquirer. here is what is baffling, though. why is richard simmons, who used to love being this the public eye in hiding?
2:04 am
there. >> are strong fears for the safety and well-being of the star. >> his last public appearance was in january of 2014. in a march phone interview with "e.t." rigid denied rumors he was ill, in hiding or being held captive. >> it was time for me to take some time to be by myself. i've just really been taking it easy. no one should be worried about me. next, blue ivy steals the show. ♪ there is beyonce's girl get her finger wag on as she waves off the paparazzi. the adorable 4-year-old holding hands with dad as her mom wins the fashion icon award. check out blue waving and catching it all on her giant iphone. >> when we were starting out in destiny's child, high end labels, they didn't really want to dress four black country curvy girls. my th
2:05 am
wedding dress, my prom dress, my first award dress, and my first grammy dress. >> showing up an hour late, beyonce slayed in her givenchy suit. the suits may be inspired by michael jackson's rock with you video. but who wore it better? beyonce or model bella hadid, who paired wit a silver french top in cannes three weeks ago. now did you catch the secret message they had with her appearance? my marriage is fine. jay smiled watching her on stage. and there beyonce has her wedding ring on. the one that everyone kind of freaked out about because she wasn't wearing it during her concerts. ♪ he better call becky with the cool hair ♪ de this is also the first time signer rachel roy, jay and bey were all in the room together since lemonade dropped. while rachel has denied she is becky with the good hair, it seems the three avoided any possible awkward encounter. >> strange. >> look
2:06 am
>> oh, i know. i know, that buddy. this guy. >> then -- >> who are you going to call when your movie gets slammed on social media? aykroyd. thinking lady here. she brings home. she delivers the film. >> the original ghostbuster was camera bombing, and on the defense. >> seen the final cut. >> did you love the movie? >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah, absolutely. >> and unlike some people out there on social media, do you love the casting? >> who on social media? these are people that can't believe there is a supreme court justice that is a woman. come on. >> yeah. >> always like oh. please go get some friends. get out of your mom's basement. go get a job. >> make some friends and you won't be so pent up. >> coming up, ellen takes us behind the scenes of "finding dori. why she was at her lowest point when she first played the fish. a new wedding
2:07 am
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did he ask you to the prom? >> yes, i did. >> i thought we were going together. >> that is how many remembered freddie prinz jr. as a '90s heartthrob in "she is all that." but his father was a legendary comedian from chico and the man. >> and as our senior editor found out, his dad was very close to muhammed ali. >> as a kid growing up in spanish harlem, i used to watch muhammed ali on tv all the time. >> my dad and ali were great friends. and he used to go to ali's house a lot. and my dad fooling around with ali one day and he cracked ali in the nose with a left hook and ali falls on his couch with a bloody nose. my dad runs to the bathroom, gets a towel,
2:10 am
off, brought the towel back and framed it. it says june 19th, 1995, ali's blood. you thought he won a were medal. >> freddie's dad only lived to the age of 22. he is a hands-on dad himself now with two kids with wife sarah michelle geller. and turns out he is white the amateur chef. is your wife, is she a big fan of your cooking? >> yeah, that's why she married me. i cook probably four nights a week. >> sarah co-starred with robin williams in the crazy once and freddie and robin ended up friends. >> robin williams and you became close. you got to do a thanksgiving family dinner together. >> we always talked about having this dinner. and the types of food that he liked and the types of food that i love to create. oh, next week, yeah, next week, yeah, next week. and then one day he was just gone. and we never got to have that meal. >> freddie's new cookbook "back to the kitchen" features family friendly recipes. married for 13 years, he has a bone to pick with howard stern because of
2:11 am
>> you're going to cheat. >> no i'm not. >> you are. >> i'm not. >> you're going to end in divorce. >> i'm not. >> i bet you a million dollars sarah and i would divorce and break up in five years. so you owe me a million dollars, bro. >> first of all, that's just mean. >> you got to pay up, howard, come on now. >> put your money where your mouth is. >> freddie said he always wanted to open his own restaurant, not to make money, so he could be back there cooking for his friends. >> pretty fun. >> he can the that at home tire, that's true. have everybody over. good for them. up next, the making of "finding dory." which big-time prime time co-stars are joining ellen for the sequel. and then is charlize vin diesel's love interest? >> i'm a potential you know, you know. >> that's coming up. but first -- ♪ whoa, come with me now >> with 48 million youtube views, come with me now with a big hit for congo. now they're back wh
2:12 am
>> we wanted to find a way the make a cool video, but also add some goofiness and tongue-in-cheekness to the idea offie egomania and our heads inflating. >> and the four brothers originally from south africa, johnny, dylan, danny and jesse are on tour through the fall and explain why they love being on stage. >> as much as we like opening for bigger bands. >> it's when you put on your own show that the pressure is on you, but you also have the freedom to creatively explore where your album and where your live sound is going to go. ♪ hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back.
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moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. you and i were friends. >> no. >> it was so much fun because i would tell you a story and you would completely forget about it and i would get to tell it to you over and over again. >> ellen degeneres is back. i was at the premier this week. we got a sneak peek at the making of the movie. and ellen also told me how her life was changed by that forgetful fish with the memorable motto. >>
2:15 am
swimming, i didn't write that line, but that's an incredible line that was written for me. and the fact that when i was asked to do dory was at my lowest point. like i hadn't worked at all. >> in the late '90s, ellen seemed to be at the peak of her success with the top rated sitcom and an emmy to show for it. >> the show is hilarious. what is funnier than being gay? >> in 1998, the show was canceled. and ellen was left searching for her next career move. it seemed like hollywood didn't have her back. >> of course i was angry at the time. >> but then one role seemed to turn things around. >> do you, do you, do you? >> in the time that my show was canceled, while i was doing nothing, andrew stanton had heard my voice on tv with how rambling i was and how i never stayed on topic. and he wrote dory with me in mind. >> you seen i seen this before? i use fore, which means i'm remembering something. what was i talking about? oh my goodness, nemo, are you
2:16 am
sequel to "finding nemo." i didn't think it would be "finding dory." that was the surprise when i got the call 13 years later. >> i remembered something. that's not possible, it? sorry, i suffer from short-term memory loss. >> in case you need more reasons to see this movie, other than ellen is in it, there is the "modern family" connection. >> i play this disgruntled octopus hank. >> sorry. i like chatter and questions. how are you, oh, i'm fine too. >> bailey is sort of a neurotic beluga whale. he just lacks confidence. >> i'm right here. hear every word you're saying about me. >> i showed the cast our special dory emoji. >> that's fantastic. >> what do you think the caption should be? what is she thinking? >> i don't have eyeballs. >> the whale is smarter than ty. >> what are you thinking? >> leave me alone. >> i'm very drunk. >> you forgot to put
2:17 am
her. >> we're no pixar. >> no, you're not. but you're great entertainment. >> everything had to be perfect. right down to dory's freckles in this exclusive new clip. >> i remembered my mom, my dad. i have a family! they don't know where i am. >> we got an exclusive look inside the recording booth where director andrew stanton spent over 218 hours with the stars. >> give that one try. >> not out of breath. >> try not to be out of breath. >> he is right there. >> where did you go? >> you were the one to go. >> i saw you walking the carpet with portia. does portia ever request you at home to do dory? >> i will be honest, no. >> never? >> never happens. >> that would be very weird. i think i would leave her that would be the end of our relationship. talk real to me! ellen also posed with her mom betty. >> did they give you a voice in this movie? >> why didn't we think of, that >>meron?
2:18 am
this. >> what is your tag line? >> just keep breathing. >> as if ellen had to worry about her voice changing, the actor who place nemo, alexander gould was only 8 years old while filming the original. he is now 22. fans remember him as mary louise parker's son shane. and hayden plays nemo in the sequel. >> lucky for him. all right. let's talk about another movie. "fast 8" that is the next installment in the "fast and furious" franchise. it had charlize theron playing the villain, which means she is taking on dwayne johnson and vin diesel. a hint of the fireworkses we can expect. >> charlize theron. is there potentially a little, you know? you know. [ laughter ] >> charlize started filming on the set of "fast 8" last month, and vin posted this crazy body morphing video of the pair. >> yay!
2:19 am
i'm finally on the movie. >> that's just a little glimpse of how much fun vin has on movie sets. carly was with him while filming the third insmetallnt of the xxx franchise. xxx doesn't stand for anything dirty. it's the nickname for his character, an extreme sports athlete turned government operative. >> "e.t." back in the danger zone on xxx. >> what's up? what it is. what's good. >> once again, vin is back doing all his own stunts. underwater on a motorcycle, and all up in a harness, upside down, flying through the air. >> you threw your back out. >> i did throw my back out. well, you saw the stunt that spelled back problems for life. >> the co-stars including ruby rose. they have fun pulling pranks on each other. but the best thing is they got a
2:20 am
of three. >> he is just such a bundle of warm, fuzzy joy. >> he is just a big teddy bear. and i want my kids to be exactly like these guys. how do you make them so well? >> we love the cute pictures you posted with your kids on set. >> they love, love, love, love. they just want me to be safe. >> do they realize what a major movie star dadzdy is and how col he is? >>ho at me i'm just daddy. >> on the way, mariah carey. meet our secret weapon. >> what should i wear inhe t wedding? >> i'm in a bridal gown. >> see how the bride to be fares facing sharon osbourne. hungry for a wedding scoop. >> how can you ask me that question? that. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by --
2:21 am
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what aremaking a cake!ht now? ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do? (doorbell) what's that? swiffer wetjet. so much stuff coming up. this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. stop cleaning. start swiffering. if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number
2:24 am
tony award preview. ♪ everything is beautiful as a ballet ♪ >> yes, that's from "star wars" sharing the mic with barbra, who is returning to the tonys this weekend for the first time in 46 years. >> i wanted to work with some women on this album. so i have to have good actresses who can sing. >> also singing the classics from a chorus line, a very pregnant anne hathaway. ♪ he said maggie >> when you came into the studio, i was so happy to see her looking radiant and glowing. no makeup. but with the beauty of a woman about to give birth to a child. >> the song is for barbra's upcoming album. number 4, bachelorette jojo dumps bad boy chad. >> i'm going to say goodbye to you here. sorry. >> even though jojo finally had enough, previews for the next episode showed chad returning to the house after his
2:25 am
do you want to go outside right now? >> chad really likes to present himself as this alpha male. but he also very much reveals that he considers himself a victim. and in a way to fight against that, he compensates by being violent and volatile. number three, bristol palin marries her ex. we have the exclusive photos of the newly married couple on their honeymoon in a secret location. and in a statement only to "e.t." bristol and dakota say, quote, life is full of ups and downs, but in the end you'll end up where you're supposed to be. we're so happy to share the wonderful news that we got married. number two. the richard simmons headline, he is now a woman. the national enquirer cites a source saying richard has received breast implants, undergone hormone therapy and goes by the name of fiona. we reached out to richard's reps about the story. they told us, quote, he is not transitioning into a woman. this is such nonsense, even for the
2:26 am
why is richard simons in hiding? his last public appearance was in january of 2014. in a march phone interview with "e.t." richard denied rumors he was will, in hiding or being held captive. >> no one should be worried about me. and the number one story this week, the funeral for muhammed ali. the boxing legend was laid to rest in louisville, kentucky, on friday. ali's star will smith served as pall bearer. >> he lived the perfect example of how a human being is supposed to live their life. he was beautiful. >> go to for the latest. ♪ >> mariah carey is still going hard on stage at the colosseum at caesars palace in las vegas. get this. she is also planning a wed, and she is gearing up to debut her docuseries on e! later this year. we got the diva, the talk sharon osbourne to sit down and dish with mariah. let me just say this. she has methe
2:27 am
>> what should i wear this the wedding? >> i'm in a bridal gown. [ laughter ] >> okay, okay. >> so do you think that you've got time this year to actual actually -- do. >> that? i mean, that's the goal there is a lot on my plate. >> i know, it is, isn't it? was it love at first sight? >> we didn't really -- he was dealing with his stuff. i wasn't like on the prowl like what are we doing. you know what i mean? you meet people and oh, this guy is really fun. it was nice. >> we all know mimi likes to call the shots. but will she when she becomes the miss success to billionaire businessman jame packer. >> you do what you do and he does what he does, is he going to wear the trousers? >> oh, darling, how can you ask me that question? of course he'll wear his trousers. and i'll wear whatever i'm going to wear. [ laughter ]
2:28 am
♪ >> i've got say you're in amazing shape. you look fantastic. >> well, likewise to you. but i've been working hard. >> you look amazing. >> you know the funny thing? with me, i would always be oh, i gained weight. because i'm muscular. so i don't really -- sometimes i don't even notice it. and now i've been pretty consistent with this lead diet i'm on. okay. ♪ >> that diet is working, and mimi has never looked erbett. she is back at caesar's palace with her residency that continues through the summer. >> what is going on with this? who makes it? >> at first i was like three shows a week? how am i going to handle that? like it was every other night or something. but really, i do need -- >> but you've got to rest that voice. >>
2:29 am
always looking fab from head to toe. >> if i would have got the note about bringing sunglasses, because these diamonds are like blinding me. >> they're my best friends. i had to bring them. ♪ happy birthday to you >> her twins moroccan and monroe who she affection fatally calls dem babies have grown up in the spotlight. mariah rarely lets her guard down, but she got very real talk about raising the 5-year-olds. >> they have strong personalities. they're pretty amazing. they make me laugh. they're great. >> and they make you cry? >> they trufrustrate me sometim but they're great. >> now the curtain will be pulled back. her docuseries airs on e! later this year. >> it's the most important event that has ever happened. >> it's really been kind of fun. because i had an interesting yet great time on tour.
2:30 am
so that committed for me the rest of my life. >> how real is mariah's world? >> when is the last time you went grocery shopping? >> to a real grocery store? grocery shopping? very bad lighting in the grocery store! have you not noticed? it's fluorescent lighting. tell me you go to the grocery store. >> [ bleep ] no. >> exactly. why the heck would i? >> those two together just gold. >> they're very good. straight ahead, we're going inside another show. dancing max and val going on tour. so excited about this. what they plan to do on the road, and will max have to slow down after peta's rumored pregnancy. then ca,elin taylor, rihanna inside some of the exclusive celeb hang outs. >> can you call and get a ♪
2:31 am
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powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. join the international fund for animal welfare to engage children, teachers, parents, whole communities. the animal action education program is good for animals and good for people too. [male narrator] protect whales, [female narrator] polar bears, tigers, [male narrator] elephants, [female narrator] companion animals, and the environment we all share. protect. [goran visnjic] find us at i-f-a-w dot org. oscar winners just want to have fun too, right? reese witherspoon and nicole kidman getting their party on last weekend with their big co-stars at their wrap party for the upcoming hbo miniseries. >> how much fun does that look? i love seeing them let loose there are dozens of venues for that in hollywood. how does one spot turn into the place to hang
2:34 am
our senior news editor found out from the man who plays host to the a-list every night. >> look at that smile. >> from that craziness, the typical night outside the hottest celebrity hangout in hollywood. the nice guy. selena and all the kardashians have made this their go-to spot. so why does every a-lister want to hang out at the nice guy? >> every person is different. you set up special everything. and we have their likes and their needs and what they -- we have their profile basically on file. >> happy birthday, baby girl. well all love you. >> the place for star-studded birthday party taos where celebrities like kendall and gigi recently got to celebrate theirs in private. >> not allowed in there, right? >> no pictures. they can be on their cell phones, but no pictures at all. and it's very strict on that. >> co-owner john did take our cameras inside the nice guy's sister club, the blind dragon, a high-end karaoke lounge with a
2:35 am
paparazzi-free zone. >> you literally are in a parking garage. no paparazzi can get in. it's private property. >> you literally walk through the kitchen to get in. walk through the garage, through the refrigerator, through the kitchen to get into blind dragon. >> and the other hot spot lucy bellows they have drawn big crowds, but it's the vip back room where the real party happen thinking room is very loungy. it's kind of a lounge vibe. it sometimes gets wild and fun. and often this room is the main place that people do kind of private -- very private events after album releases or concerts or every major person has come through and done their party here. >> do you have to walk through the main club to get through to the back room? >> you do for some people. and there is also a direct private entrance for celebrities. >> so people can really sneak into this club and no one will ever know? >> oh, most of the major people are in and out without anyone ever knowing. >> whoa dou yo think you have such successful nightclubs here? >> i think the succe


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