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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 13, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, june 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the world stands in solidarity with victims of the worst mass shooting on american soil. we'll have new stories from orlando of heroism inside the nightclub. >> did the gunman display any warning signs? new details about what led to his allegiance with isis, and we ask donald trump and hillary clinton what they would do as president to prevent such tragedies from happening again. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this was an act of terror and
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we are united in grief, in outrage, and in resolve to defend our people. >> america mourns with orlando after the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the united states. >> it is most difficult for thoseil famy that areti sll waiting for information on their loved ones. >> i don't know where my son is. no one can tell me where my son is. if he's been shot, if he's dead. no one knows. >> there's still families caing their loved ones because they haven't heard from them. they're hoping someone will answer. >> for this to happen is ridiculous. it's horrible. >> i'm happy that i was unharmedt, bu i feel bad because there were so many people. so many people. >> do everything humanly possible to prevent these types of tragediesm frour occring again. >> it's going to happen again, right. orlando's not the last one.
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around the world. >> all of our hearts are with orlando. >> the sport world paused to recognize theas devontati and grief at events across the sports landscape. >> all that -- >> this video shows hundreds and hundreds of people lining up in florida waiting to donate blood. and it kind of reminds you that that terrorist [ bleep ] is vastly outnumbered. >> and all that matters -- >> all we can say is you are not on your own right now. your tragedy is our tragedy. hate will neverin w. together we have to make sure of that. >> on "cbs this morning." >> when something bad happens, we have three choices. we let it define us, we let it destroy us, or we let it strengthen us. i urge you, orlando, to be strong, and we will be with you every step of the
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[ applause ] welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. we are in orlando near the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. it happened just a couple blocks behind us at a gay nightclub called pulse. you see it back there. isis is claiming responsibility. people in this city and around the world gathered last night to mourn the victims. tributes extended from san francisco to santiago and to our nation's capital. ♪ we shall overcome >> outside the white house,
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sang "we shall overcome" and also the national anthem. >> this morning we're learning the names of the 50 people who were in the club at closing time and did not survive the horrible attack. they range from the female bouncer to a worker at the harry potter exhibit at universal studios then to a man who loved to go cruises, they say, wearing a tophat. 53 other people were wounded. a surgeon at the hospital that is treating a lot of the victims warned us that the death toll is likely to rise. now details this morning about omar mateen, the gunman who declared his allegiance to isis in a call to police during the shootings. josh elliott is here to begin our coverage. josh, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the first shots tore through pulse, a gay nightclub, at around 2:00 a.m. it was just after last call. three agonizing hours later,
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were dead. the massacre was carried out with a hague and ar-15 semiautomatic rifle. >> this is probably the most difficult day in the history of orlando. >> reporter: the gunman, 29-year-old omar mateen, parked his rental car next to the club, walked inside around 2:00 a.m. and opened fire. [ gounfire ] >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this video appears to show the gunman firing 29 rounds in seconds. >> there was blood all over me. i didn't know if it was my blood. >> reporter: at 2:02 a.m., three police officers, one engaged in security, engaged the shooter outside the club but he slipped inside. >> i have ballistic vests for any individuals entering the red zone. >> reporter: at 2:09 a.m., the club posted "everyone,
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of pulse, and keep running." many of the roughly 300 inside escaped, but dozens more remain trapped. >> i've called him, and he's not answering the phone. >> reporter: nina justice's son eddie hid in a women's bathroom with several others. he texted his mother, "he's coming." >> he said, "he's going to kill us." that was it. >> reporter: eddie was confirmed dead this morning. around 5:00 a.m., a police s.w.a.t. team punched several holes through a wall in the back of the club and stormed the building. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: in the ensuing fire-fight, one officer was hit, but his kevlar helmet likely saved his life. >> there were at least 30 saved during the rescue. >> reporter: mateen, who call e 911 during the siege and pledged allegiance to isis, was dead. his childhood friend said he never saw
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>> part of me wants to hate him, and i hate his actions. it's difficult for me to separate the friendship we had as a child, as children, with the person who committed these acts yesterday. >> reporter: a total of 11 police officers fired shots at mateen, whom it was thought perhaps was wearing some sort of explosive device. as for the firearms he used, the rifle in question, that ar-15, it was the same kind used by the shooters in newtown, connecticut, aurora, colorado, and san bernardino, california. >> thank you. heartbreaking to hear that the woman received the worst possible news. we'd been watching all afternoon, asking for her son -- >> reporter: hoping against hope. and she found out just this morning. >> very hard to hear. thank you. we're also learning this morning about the lives of victims killed and wounded in yesterday's attack. the city of orlando has officially identified two dozen people that were killed at the pulse nightclu
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many family and friends are still waiting for word from their loved ones who were inside. this morning they did not know. jamie yuccas is outside the orlando regional medical center where dozens of the wounded are receiving treatment. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. this level-one trauma center admit 44 patients who were shot, one person was able to go home. i have to tell you, we still don't know dozens of names of those shot or killed at pulse nightclub during latin night. and as each name is released, the pain runs deep. >> we're all friends. we're all family. we all treat each other kindly. we all love each other. we all have to look out for each other. >> reporter: pulse nightclub was filled with a community of friends who became family. kimberly morris was killed. according to "the orlando sentinel," the 37-year-old worked as a bouncer at the club. 22-year-old peter gonzalez-cruz, also among the dead. 32-year-old edward sotomayor died ie
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video 23 minutes before the gun began. in video posted on social media appears to show the last moment of 25-year-old amanda alviar's life. nicholas perez and angel torres were inside the club with their friend, brenda mccool, who posted this video to her facebook page early sunday morning. during our interview, perez received a phone call saying mccool was killed. >> she was there -- she met us there. from what we heard, she was missing. we just found out that -- >> she's gone. >> the gunman came back to look at all the people on the ground, started shooting people on the ground. yes, the gunman came back around, shot at my son. >> reporter: angel's con survived three gunshot wounds. >> one more time, i thank god. i thank god for this. god has protected him. >> shot after shot after shot. it felt like i
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>> reporter: jason gonzalez managed to escape by jumping a fence. his friend is hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. >> our community gets judged just for the people that we love, and they don't see the person that we are. for this to happen, especially in such a tight community in orlando, is ridiculous. it's horrible. >> reporter: the orlando community as a whole is reeling. people not even connected to the shooting or the nightclub are showing up here at the hospital with flowers, they're conducting prayer services with family members and providing hugs. i hahave to tell you that famil is saying the hospital is telling them they have more than a dozen patients who haven't been identified yet. family members are just waiting to know if their loved ones are alive or dead. charlie? >> thank you very much. a picture is emerging this morning of the gunman, 29-year-old omar mateen. he was born in new york to afghan parents. he had no
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record and was working as a security guard before the attack. mateen was married for a second time and had a 3-year-old son. jeff pegues has a closer look at his background include something possible warning signs. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there were signs omar mateen was unstable and a threat to people close to him and others. during the mass shooting, he wanted everyone to know that he was responsible. cbs news has learned that he was in contact with 911 dispatchers multiple times pledging his allegiance to isis and even invoking the names of the boston marathon bombers. omar mateen had been contacted by u.s. law enforcement at least twice in recent years. after traveling to saudi arabia in 2012 to attend the hajj, an annual pilgrimage to mecca, he surfaced on the fbi's radar a year later. in 2013, co-workers said he'd madenf
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terrorist ties. the fbi's ron hroppe is leading the investigation into the orlando attack. >> mateen was interviewed twice. ultimately we were unable to verify the substance of his comments, and the investigation was closed. >> reporter: in 2014, he came to the fbi's attention again. this time because of contact he had with moner abu salha, the first american suicide bomber in syria. mateen was again cleared. despite fbi ininquiryies, he was not on any list that prevented him from purchasing a weapon. >> he purchased two firearms, a handgun and long gun, in the last two days. sitora yusufie had married him but only for four months saying he had become volatile and abusive. >> four months after we were married,
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and would get mad out of nowhere. >> reporter: mateen's father has posted long rambling videos on line regarding afghan politics. he told cbs news he visited with his son the day before the shooting and saw no sign that he so far, there is no evidence mateen's actions were directed by isis, but his pledge to the group suggests that he was at least inspired by isis ideology. cbs news has learned that mateen previously worked as a security guard for a gated retirement community and for a florida court house as shown in this photo obtained by local station cbs 12. the fbi is reviewing mateen's calls to 911 and digging deeply into his life and associations for more answers. gayle? jeff, thank you very much. the fbi spent the night here combing back to you omar mateen's home in ft. pierce, on
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florida's atlantic khocoast. the gunman lived two hours from the scene here in orlando. investigators also seized evidence from mateen's father's home in port st. lucie, florida. we have more on the latest. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. we are a few miles from where are you at the crime scene. this is'e0 where the fbi say man who committed the worst crime in american history lived. this complex is where the gunman lived. it is a fond descript apartment. -- a nondescript apartment. there's a wreath on the door, but nothing that would draw your attention. it took a while for fbi to get a search warrant. we're told no explosives were found. we have video from overnight and earlier in the evening when the fbi made entrance to the property of the apartment but then backed away out of an abundance of caution to make sure there were no explosives, maybe a booby trap
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set up to harm investigators or people who lived in the complex. neighbors were evacuated. a robot was brought in to check for explosives. none were found initially, and none have been found since. south of here where we are in the city of port st. lucie, there was a property we're told that is connected to the mateen family that was also searched by federal investigators. several bags of evidence were taken away from the property, as well as a mac computer. we're told three vehicles at that property were searched. back here where we are this morning, this toyota camry has fbi evidence stickers alongside of it. this vehicle was also searched by the fbi. and when we looked in the front window, there's a search warrant seizure sheet that actually lists some of the articles that were taken. the fbi has left the scene. it is unclear if they will come back. as of this morning, they have not detailed exactly what was found. >> thanks, vi
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florida governor rick scott is with us. he just, he just has requested an emergency declaration from president obama. governor scott, good morning. good to have you here. the world is looking this morning and feeling the pain of florida and orlando, florida, and the people injured and dead. i have three questions. they want to know what happened, they want to know about the victims, and they want to know about the gunman. tell me first it you seeking an emergency declaration. >> sure. i called a declaration, emergency declaration yesterday to make sure we had all the state resources. we wanted to make sure we had the federal resources. the fbi has worked hard with local law enforcement. they've worked very hard and worked together very well. this is clearly terror, and you think about the families, this is -- we have a list of people, there's a big puerto rican community.
7:17 am
other day, and one of the victims worked there, louis gomes. you feel sorry for the families. >> the horror of this is the victims, and the horror of this is how long it went on. >> you have to appreciate law enforcement, fortunately they had an officer off duty working at the time. you know, we lost so many lives. think of how many more lives could have been lost. and the thoofrs we-- the office that went into the building not knowing what was going on in there. they put their lives at risk. we saw one get hit in the helmet. two inches lower, he would have been dead. >> i do keep thinking, to charlie's point, the horror of this. you join the roll call list nobody wants to be -- aurora, san bernardino, certainly newtown. after newtown people thought finally something will change, we'll get the assault rifles
7:18 am
the streets somehow. you have a good record with the nra. are you rethinking your position on banning so-called assault weapons? >> right now is a time to mourn and think about the families. we'll have plenty of time to think about what we do after the fact, how we constantly try make our society a better society. i've got daughters. i even have grandchildren. i don't want anything to ever happen to them. how do we always improve our society? right now we need to mourn with these:3 families. all the names are being released. families are getting to be -- think about what it was like yesterday not knowing. >> why are you letting them know, there was one victim there, i want to find out about my friend. how can you accelerate that? >> all of us want information. talked to the fbi about it. as family members reached out and i talked to family yesterday, they wanted information like we all want information. >> we all do. >> they're putting out more
7:19 am
of names. every individual is a story and a family. >> and you said you know the street, you know the area and the people. >> i'm on the street driving through orlando a lot. i've had businesses here. >> okay. >> it's frustrating. >> governor, thank you. our sympathy for the people of orlando. flags at the white house this morning are at half staff in the hours after the attack, the president expressed his condolences. >> this a sobering reminder that attacks on any american regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us and on the fundamental values of equality and dig night that define us as a country. no act of hate or terror will ever change who we are or the values that make us americans. >> this morning the fbi
7:20 am
and homeland security secretary will again brief the president with latest on the investigation. >> one orlando shooting survivor says that he hugged a bleeding victim all the way to the hospital. ahead, there are many stories of lifesaving acts of terrorism. we'll share them. first it is 7:19. time to check -- 7:20 right now. time check the local weather. ♪
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s! tributes small and large honoring the victims of america's worst-ever mass shooting. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we of course are live if orlando. and the big headline in the local paper says this -- "the orlando sent nell," really more of a promise, is says "our community will heal." unfortunately, we've seen this headline many, many times. >> you do get the sense that a lot of people in the tragedy knew each other. and there's a sense of trying to deal with the horror of it all and community coming together. this terror attack dominates the front pages of newspapers. that's just an example of one. it's also across the country. 50 people died
7:31 am
attack on a gay nightclub. >> the gunman who was killed by police, omar mateen, he had pledged his allegiance to isis during the attack. he was carrying a rifle and a handgun that he bought legally in the past week. >> after the attack, donald trump tweeted, "is president obama going to finally mention the words radical islamic terrorism? if he doesn't, he should immediately resign in disgrace." the presumptive nominee joins us now on the telephone. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> let's begin with this in terms of what you are saying should be done right now in the after makt of this attack. >> we need just, we need vigilance -- we need justice, we need vigilance, we need great intelligenat
7:32 am
we started to have them and let go. we had them in new york city as an example, probably the best in the nation. the mayor of new york city, the new mayor, just broke it up and disbanded it. he thought it was inappropriate. it's unbelievable. that was one of the best of all systems. and we need intelligence gathering like never before. interestingly, the community, the muslim community, the community where this maniac lived and where others lived -- as an example in san bernardino, they found bombs all over the apartments and all over the floors. many people saw that. they don't report these people. the people know who the bad apples are, where the bad seeds are. they don't report them. there's very little reporting of people like this. you'll find out shortly, you'll find out that many people knew he was bad. many people knew he had some idea for an
7:33 am
happens all the time. almost all the time. we need much better intelligence. >> we are trying to find out as much we can. obviously the fbi and law enforcement authorities -- there are two things here. number one, you have said and made known your program to eliminate and stop muslim from coming into the cotry. this and other incidents have involved people already in the country and what is happening to them and how they are radicalized. >> right. right. they're becoming radicalized by people coming in. they're also becoming radicalized by family members and others. you saw that with san bernardino where we had somebody in the country. he became probably radicalized through her when he married, probably through her. she came to the country. we have to stop people coming in from syria. hillary clinton want a 500% increase of people coming in
7:34 am
to the country now who are just as bad, if not worse, than the main amtrak that did this -- maniac that did this horrible act. if we don't get smart, like very smart very fast, we're going to have these acts taking place all over. we have to start having a tremendous -- sadly -- a tremendous control situation. if we don't -- we're fighting an enemy without a uniform. there's no -- >> let me ask -- let me interrupt -- let me interrupt you for a second. >> we're fighting a war without uniforms. >> donald trump, we hear you, donald trump. this is the problem that a lot of people have with your words -- the ban that you're calling for, these people were already here. they worry that your words just inflame a situation and get people who weren't even thinking about doing these kind of acts, turning them against us. do you worry about enflaming an already very
7:35 am
situation? do you worry about that? >> well, did you see what happened yesterday? they weren't about my words -- >> yes. >> look at the people that were killed yesterday. and this will -- this is just the beginning, okay. this is going to get worse and worse. i see yesterday where they announced on isis radio -- can you believe they have a radio station, they actually have a radio station that we haven't talken out. by the way, those are the things that enflame. they use the internet better than we do. they create radio stations. how are they allowed to have these things? and those are the things that enflame. and we better get smart to it because believe me, all i want is safety. i want safety for this country. what happened yesterday will happen many times over with the president like obama that doesn't even want to use the term radical islamic terrorism. he doesn't want to use the attorney general. and clinton won't -- term. and clinton'
7:36 am
hillary won't use it. the reason she won't use it, she's afraid to offend her boss because she doesn't want to go to jail. >> obviously a lot of people differ with that suggestion. >> a lot of people agree with it. >> let me thank you for coming. >> before you go, you used to be? favor of banning assault weapons -- you used to be in favor of banning assault weapons. are you rethinking about your position? >> i changed positions because we need protection in this country. we need protection. we have to have protection. people have to be able to protect themselves. the bad guys have them. the bad guys have them, we need protection in this country. >> what are you going to say in your speech today? >> i was going to talk about hillary clinton, which is very easy to do for me. i understand her. >> okay, but -- >> and she's -- >> what are you going to say? >> now we're going to be talking about -- i think it was
7:37 am
now. i had a massive rally tonight in new hampshire. i've canceled that, but we're going to make a speech on the event yesterday and what we have to do to prevent that. >> thank you very much, donald trump. >> thank you very much. thank you. heroism amid the tragedy in orlando. >> ahead, how a survivor of the massacre put his safety on the line to help a wounded victim. plus, what role did isis play in this horrible night of terror? former cia deputy director michael morrell explores the ties to terrorism.
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it's always the case in these stories -- mixed among the chaos and confusion in orlando, there's their are stories of heroism and sacrifice. esstincts kicked in for some who
7:42 am
risked their safety to help saves the lives of others. "cbs evening news" anchor and manager scott pelley has that part of the story. he spoke with witnesses carrying the weight of what they saw. you've been here since yesterday afternoon. good morning. good morning. great to be with you on "cbs this morning." every time these things happen we talk about the hate that fills the heart of the people who perpetrate these things. this morning we also want to talk about the courage exhibited by ordinary people in the worst of circumstances. >> it seemed like it wasn't going to stop. >> reporter: shawn royster was with friends on the back patio of the pulse nightclub when the shooting began. what were you seeing and hearing in that moment? >> screaming, yelling, they were like dragging bodies, people that were wounded. just to get them out
7:43 am
sorry. sorry. probably the worst i've felt in my entire life. so i don't know -- there shouldn't be that type of hate. >> reporter: in the face of that hate came acts of heroism. >> i was about to run for the safe zone. >> reporter: josh mcgill and ashley somers ran and lost track of one another. mcgill found shelter behind a car. >> i hear someone mumbling, help, help. >> reporter: a few feet away, 27-year-old rodney sumter jr. lay wounded and bleeding, shot in each arm and once in the back. >> i only saw the one bullet at first. i was like, we need to stop the bleeding. he was like, okay. i took my shirt off and tied it around as tight as i could. and then i saw his other arm had been shot. i took his
7:44 am
around that one. >> reporter: the two hobbled to police at the scene. >> it police officer turned to me and said, okay, this is -- this is what the deal is, you're going to lay down in the back of the cop car, and he's going to lay on top of you. and i want you to bear hug him and try to keep all the pressure on him as you can. so i did, and they were also like, keep him conscious. >> reporter: mcgill held sumter all the way to the hospital. >> i was like, i don't know if you're religious, but i feel like i need to say a prayer. i was like, you're going to be fine. i got you, man. >> reporter: we understand that rodney sumter jr. will be having surgery later today. charlie and gayle, about half of the victims have been identified so far. >> yeah. >> that's the horror for people who have friends, they don't know where they are. >> reporter: exactly. i was talking to marco rubio who was at the scene yesterday. he said the haunting thing was
7:45 am
could hear all the cell phones going off inside. the cell phones of people who had been killed. and their loved ones are still trying to call them -- >> they would come every saturday and all knew each other. >> yes, a very popular club. 300 people there at 2:00 in the morning. >> i'm haunted, too, of the scene of the cell phones ringing. you talked to a survivor this morning -- it's one of those cases where you hope no news is good news. in this case, you hope that that's the case. it's scary while you're waiting. last call, last dance, everybody was winding up getting ready to go home. the music stopped, but the bullets did not. very hard. >> about 25 families still this morning don't know whether their loved one is in the hospital or in the morgue. >> in the end, it is a massacre, as the paper said, "usa today." a massacre. the sense of people simply coming for a good time being a hostage and then shot. >> terrible, terrible tragedy. hospital respond to a
7:46 am
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[ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. the tony awards went on as they were dedicated to the victims of the orlando attack. host james corden began the show with a somber tribute. >> good evening. all around the world people are trying to come to terms with the horrific events that took place in orlando this morning. on behalf of the whole theater community and every person in this room, our hearts go out to
7:51 am
atrocity. all we can say is you are not on your own right now. your tragedy is our tragedy. theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, is embraced, and is loved. hate will never win. together, we have to make sure of that. tonight's show stands as a symbol and a celebration of that principle. this is the tony awards. >> some tony winners offered their condolences in their speeches. some even wore silver ribbons to honor the victims of this terrible attack. >> what's amazing to me is what the president said, too. this was about terror and hate. >> hate, yes. >> we're feeling a sense of how could this happen with that hate. >> it was interesting that he chose those words to put together. he also said it is up to us -- it i
7:52 am
decision on how we want to handle this. by doing nothing is also making another decision. >> and we hope to find out from all the investigations why did this man go to this place and do this deed. >> at this time. a lot of questions remain. hillary clinton says that violent people like the orlando gunman should not, should not be able to get guns. we'll ask the presumptive democratic nominee why she believes tougher gun laws could have stopped this. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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8:00 am
it is monday, june 13th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the response to the orlando terror attack. people around the world mourn the victims while investigators try to confirm a motive. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the first shots tore rules are atro aund 2:00 a.m. >> three hours later, dozens were dead. >> we still don't know dozens of names of those shot. as each name is released, the pain runs deep. wa cbs news has learned that he s in contact with 911
8:01 am
dispatchers multiple times pledging his allegiance to isis. overnight, the fbias w able to access the apartment after waiting several hours. they needed a search warrant, and it took some time to get it. >> the horror of this is the victims, and the horror is how long it owentn. >> you have to appreciate law enforcement. we lost so many lives. think of how many more we would have lost. >> look at the people killed yesty.erda this is just the beginning, okay. this is going to get worse and worse. >> we talk about the hate that fills the heart of the people who perpetrate these things. this morning, we also want to talk about the courage exhibited by ordinary people in the worst of circumstances. >> when senseless acts of tragedy remind us that nothing here is promised, not one day, we rise and fall and light from dying embers, remembrance that's hope and love lasts longer. and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.
8:02 am
♪ i'm charlie rose with gayle king in orlando. norah is off. we have new information this morning on the deadliest terror attack in america since 9/11. a short time ago, the fbi revised the death toll to 49, plus the gunman. people around the world paused last night remember those shot to death at a gay nightclub here. officials have identified all but one of the 49 victims. all the bodies have been removed from the club. another 53 people were injured including a police officer who tried to stop the gunman. >> officials say that omar mateen pledged his allegiance to isis during a 911 call during the shootings. he carried an 5
8:03 am
he had apparently bought them both legally within the last week. a third gun was found in his car. mateen apparently had no criminal record and worked as a security guard. the fbi had investigated him twice about possible terror ties, but they had cleared him. police say mateen parked next to the pulse nightclub at around 2:00 and walked in and started shooting. they had just issued the call for a last call, last dance. around 5:00 a.m., after a three-hour standoff, police stormed the club and killed the gunman. this video shows the heavy gunfire that took place. [ gunfire ] >> isis claimed responsibility for the attack. and this morning, it is praising the man in a radio broadcast. >> in a statement after the
8:04 am
redouble our efforts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad." she also said, "weapons of war have no place on our streets." the presumptive democratic presidential nominee joins us on the telephone. secretary clinton, thank you for coming this morning. a morning in which the world is mourn being what happened in orlando, simply a block and a half from here where 49 and the gunman lost their lives. you have said we have to redouble our efforts. what does that mean, and how do we do it, and what is the urgency? >> well, charlie, first of all, i want to extend my condolences to everyone who lost a loved one. and i also am thinking about those who are in critical condition still in the hospital. and even as we figure out more about what happened,
8:05 am
to defend our country from the so-called lone wolves and work with our allies to dismantle the global networks that fuel this kind of radicalization. it is a complex challenge, but i am convinced we're up to it. we have the resources, the relationships, the experience to get it done. i think this is a moment for statesmanship, not partisanship. we should be coming together. we should be trying to figure out the best way forward. i had said that we've got to go after the issue of self-radicalization. i would set up a team exclusively dedicated to detecting and preventing lone wolf attacks. that does mean more resources. it does mean making sure we're integrating all the information from every law enforcement agriculture and strengthening our communication. we'll have to work even more closely with ourh
8:06 am
to prevent online radicalization while we take the fight to isis to defeat them in syria and iraq. >> it is troubling that in this case this man was on the radar, had been interrogated twice by the fbi. how do we make sure there is the capacity and the tools to do something and the laws with respect to respecting the constitution, at the same time recognizing where danger is? >> that's absolutely right. this can all look obvious in hindsight. i'm not going to rush to judgment on the decisions made by career law enforcement professionals who get up every day trying to defend our nation. we have to wait to see what the investigation bears out. if we do find there are things we can improve, we should. i think it's really important, point that you made in your
8:07 am
whatever manpower, whatever technological abilities are needed, we have got to provide them. this is a different threat, a different kind of challenge that we face. and i want us to be sure that we're focused on providing everything that can make a difference. you know, we may find out that this was a -- a threat from this man or information about him that of followed up on. there's a lot of other threats on the radar screen that have to be followed up. what more can we do? how can we have a better data base where all of this is in there? i go back to saying that congress needs to pass the provision that prevents people who are on the no-fly list from buying guns in america. we need to make sure that people who come across the attention of
8:08 am
so there's just a lot this we're going to have to focus -- a lot that we're going to have to focus on. i want to make sure that ear doing everything humanly possible to equip and support law enforcement in meeting this threat. >> the people who are gripped with pain, we saw some on the streets this morning. they don't care whether it's a hate crime, terrorist crime, a mental health issue. yesterday president obama took to the airwaves again becoming consoler in chief. people have said we've heard the words, been in this situation too many times before, and nothing seems to change. what in the world is it going to take? >> i think it's going to take everything we were just discussing about upping our efforts and having an even more intense focus terrorist threats. it's also going take
8:09 am
we don't know all the details. what we're hearing is that this gunman used a military-style weapon to shoot down all of these people. they are using guns as they did in san bernardino, as the shooter did in orlando. we've got to make it harder for them to do that. we've got to keep weapons of war off our streets like the one used in orlando, as well as blocking suspected terrorists from buying guns. this man, you know, bought those guns legally. he was even a security officer it's reported who had access to guns. and you know, if you're too dangerous to fly in a plane, if you're too dangerous to buy a gun, if you're brought to the attention of law enforcement because of your comments about supporting violence to terrorism, you know, maybe this should also go in a data base.
8:10 am
this. this is not an ordinary time. we need to act with a great deal of urgency in order to protect the people who have every reason to wonder why, why is this happening, you know, why is this kind of hatred being put into action through these weapons. we've got to have a very clear mission here what that we address on the terrorist -- here that we address on the terrorist side and the gun side. >> thank you very much, secretary clinton. it shows, again, much more work to be done. thank you, secretary. the new york time this morning -- "the new york times" this morning, looking at the orlando massacre today and looking at the gunman's possibl
8:11 am
a public outpouring, the call for b
8:12 am
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♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. the fbi thi
8:16 am
about 100 leads in the orlando investigation. former cia deputy director michael morrell is a cbs news senior security contributor, and he joins us now from washington. thank you very much for joining us on a very, very sad day. >> good morning. >> we all heard the gunman reached out and called 911 and pledged his allegiance during this incident. i want you to talk about how unusual that is and why is it important twlon it was a directed or inspired attack? what does that mean that he called during the attack? >> gayle, i think that's very significant because isis tells its followers that they must pledge allegiance to isis before they die. we saw this in san bernardino, and now we've seen it here. i think it's very important because it shows that he was in touch with that isis messaging. we still don't know whether this was a lone wolf attack or whether heas
8:17 am
directed, but we still don't know that. >> one thing that's interesting to subcommittee how much preparation must have gone into the organized way that he went about this. >> there is no dhut he spent some time -- no doubt that he spent some time thinking about this. it appears that he surveilled the location ahead of time. he must have thought through that 911 phone call. so this was premeditated in every meaning of the word. >> mike, he had been on the radar screen of authorities since about 2013 for making inflammatory comments about his co-workers. when does it go from hate speech to a threat that you need to pay attention? they investigated him and cleared him. >> so they investigated him twice. the fbi literally investigates things like that, thousands and thousands and thousands of times. they simply found nothing to follow up ono
8:18 am
investigation. >> thank you very much. first responders in orlando employed training that they never thought that they would need. ahead, the overwhelming public effort to help after the massacre. are you watching "cbs this morning." for your heartburn? try nexium 24hr. now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour. grain free pet food committed to truth on the label.l when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back.
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8:22 am
dozens of the 53 people injured in the orlando shooting are still hospitalized. hundreds answered the call yesterday for blood donors. mark strassman is outside the orlando regional medical center where most of the injured are still being treated. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as horrific as this massacre was, many of the wounded got lucky in one respect -- this hospital, which is a level-one trauma center, sits a half mile from the nightclub. those wounded got every fighting chance to survive. the slaughter at the pulse overwhelmed first responders. victims outnumbered ambulances. some wounded were rushed to emergency rooms in police cruisers or any available vehicle. >> they were putting people in the back of trucks because they couldn't get the ambulance or get enough people to come in. so those that were tagged yelled oh, they were loaded into
8:23 am
trucks. >> reporter: nine admit to orlando regional died sunday. in all, three orlando hospitals were in crisis mode. >> we immediately activated our mass casualty incident plan. we brought in six trauma surgeons to responds. we have spent the morning operating on a number of victims. >> reporter: some frantic family members got frustrated when they first tried to get information from the hospitals. patient confidentiate laws known as hipaa slowed and even blocked information from people desperate to learn whether loved ones were okay. >> i reached out to the white house to see if we could get the hipaa regulations waived. the white house responded through appropriate channels to waive those so that the hospital could communicate with the families. >> reporter: hours after the shooting, hundreds of donors showed up at blood banks. people handed out cold water in florida's summer heat. >> everyone asks what they can do to
8:24 am
this is one of the biggest ways. they need a lot of blood. it was my way of contributing. >> reporter: by early sunday afternoon, the blood bank's supply was at full capacity. the need for blood will remaybe main high -- remain high, and people have been urged to continue to donate all week. at orlando regional, 26 patients went into the operating room. some will need more surgeries. >> we are encouraging team make appointments and come see us tomorrow and the next day. we'll continue to replenish the blood supply. >> reporter: some blood donors ran into confusion and frustrati frustration. federal law prohibits sexually active gay men from giving blood. there was a false report yesterday that rule had been lifted. it was not true. many showed up here hoping to help and were turned away. gayl gayle? >> i heard people say that's the least that they could do. thank you very much. tomorrow, orlando's first openly gay
8:25 am
sheehan, shares thoughts in the wake of this horrible traged
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:30 am
mourners around the world are grieving for orlando's victims. dozens gathered at new york city's historic stonewall inn to honor the dead and wounded. the bar's exterior became a memorial. hundreds got together at vigils in boston to express solidarity with orlando. their message was one of love and acceptance. supporters in san francisco held a nepal city's plaza. the city's rainbow pride flag flew at half staff. and in paris, members of a gay community mourned the victims just about a mile from the theater where a terrorist killed dozens last year. so we are here thirn
8:31 am
one more insane act. >> yes. i mean, it just shows you that as horrible as this story is, people somehow figure out a way to come together and say, you will not take us down. hate will not win. and in the end, love will win. when you're going through this, it seems very hollow at this point. you're at home missing someone that you love dearly. tough story. >> you want to know what happened -- >> what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we spoke earlier to one of the orlando survivors who was asking those very questions. his name is luis lopez. he was inside the pulse nightclub when the gunman opened fire. he made it out. he says he hid under a table. some of his friends did not. >> the guy was there for a little while before. i didn't realize who he was. i was wondering, who is this person. when the bullets were being shot, i didn't see the person. the next day when i see the public of omar
8:32 am
him? >> i remember him. i was like, how are you in there having a great time with us and then turn around and start shooting. >> reporter: was he partying with people? >> yeah. he was there. i didn't see him with other people. i remember spotting him. i remember i saw him -- >> why did he stand out to you? >> i don't know. i just remember seeing him. it was like when i look at the picture in the -- picture, i'm like i never seen him. i remember him standing at the front. like i feel like if you were there, you were enjoying your time, how you going to turn and end it in such ape crazy way. >> this is the morning after? the morn -- the way it is the morning after. >> everything's shocking. i can still replay everything in my head. i can still hear people yelling, the gunshots repeatedly firing over and over. itld
8:33 am
one or two, but it was over and over and over. and you can hear it start again and then all over again. bullets being fired over and over. i couldn't believe what i was listening to and seeing. >> how do you feel in 2016 to know that you could lose your life? that he just didn't like gay people. you think what? >> like i can't step outside my house. just leaving my house is a risk. the place i always. was comfortable to go to, now i have to doublethink everywhere else i can go to. can i go to the mall and not have anything happen there? it can happen anywhere. >> is it hard to speak out now is? little, yes. it's very hard to get everything and figure out what happened and cope with everything and know how it happened and how everything went. >> thank you. it's a difficult
8:34 am
thank you very much. we never thought we would meet luis lopez, and he done want to meet us. he's waiting to hear if some of his friend are okay. he also told us thaty had had never heard -- that he had never heard gunshots in his life. at first they thought it was part of the music. then you find out that you're in a situation that you never thought it would be in. >> everybody who's been touched by this, all the questions we have, they have more. >> yes, they know these people. patty sheehan is orlando's first openly block commissioner, and she joins us. we're sorry to see you under these circumstances. >> i am, too. this is a horrible day for victims and families. not all the notifications have been made. for the folks out of state, we're trying to get notifications out. some of the poor families -- >>
8:35 am
this is the largest crime scene we've had to process in noirld. the fbi is the lead investigation. we have to follow the proper protocol. >> it's at largest mass here we know. you were telling us that you know pulse. what can you tell us about the club? >> this is a great club, a nice clay. a lot of gay clubs could be seedy. but the owner of the club wanted to make this really nice pause it was in honor of her brother who passed in age. she's a wonderful person in this community. the fact this this happened in her club. she's devastated. >> you've been there. >> many time. we've had political fund-raisers this. area very supportive of the lgbt community. wonderful people. it's heartbreaking that someone would pick this club in the heart of our community to do this. this is the main street district, blocks in city hall. >> do you worry that it's turning into a political issue? does that bother you? >> i've heard a lot of politicians talking that did not support hate crimes
8:36 am
supporting my community. if they want to have a change of heart, i nung that. if this -- i understand that. if this isn't an example of how people with hurt and harm, nothing will change their minds if this doesn't. >> can you tell us anybody who saw the gunman and what they toldy? >> yeah. because i had a young man that talked to me saying at first he thought it was music and that -- then people started scattering. several had gone in a remember that and dressing room. that's why may much trying to get away from the gunman. >> we heard people freed only after someone ripped the air conditioner out. they were climbing out -- >> yes. >> then they would say there were moments of silence when you stop voog shooting -- stop shooting, and he was reloading the clip. >> reporter: people were
8:37 am
dead so they wouldn't be shot. police say he asked crunch who won't athrive put your hand up. >> luis lopez saw the gunman in the club. he seemed to be enjoying himself because it was a welcoming community. >> i had heard he was in there previously, too. >> it may have been at this cloub that particular day or evening. >> i've heard that he hates the gay community and things like it. >> you hear that and think what? >> why, why? we're just good people. these are young people out trying to have a good time. when i was their age, i was out at this club and others in the city. i just don't understand how anyone could do this to my community. i'm heartbroken because i didn't know them personally because they're younger than me, but they're members of my community. i feel heartbroken over
8:38 am
supporting the legislation and thinking about the victims. were there reasons they didn't go in until they did? >> yes, there was a hostage situation. of the -- >> by 91? yes, they were trying to negotiate him to release people. then they decided to do what they did in terms of breaking the law. >> have you heard how it turned into a hostage situation some i heard he went out and came back in. started to go back out and went back in the building. >> shave you heard the tape? >> i have not heard any of it, no. >> what can people do -- i'm so happy that you told me it the valley view bridge else. here in orlando -- the events happening. ary in or
8:39 am
worship, do what they need take care of themselves. >> hold off on vigils -- >> in orlando. right now, if you look down the street, there's still hundreds of officers on the scene. >> yes. >> eventually we'll have to open the street back up. again, this is not the time for vigilance. but give blood and money to proper organizations, to what you need to do. we'll hold off on the vigils and have something later. i think we have to make it about the victims. this should be an hodgeage people who were killed by a mad its -- by a madman. >> we're sorry for these circumstances. the tony awards, they took a stand against hate last night. ahead, how broadway's biggest stars paid tribute to the victims of the orlando
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
the tony awards dedicated its broadcast last night to victims of the orlando shooting. the night showcasing the best of broadway carried some very emotional undertones. we have more from the beacon theater in new york city where the tonys
8:44 am
reactions from stars of the stage. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yes, when news of the shooting reached broadway, tony award producer made some quick changes to the broadcast to properly recognize the tragedy in orlando and to highlight the diversity this theater community has long celebrated. >> good evening -- >> reporter: first-time host james corden began the broadcast with a tribute to the victims of the orlando shooting. >> on behalf of the whole theater community and every person in this room, our hearts go out to the all of those affected by this atrocity. >> reporter: the awards show was not somber. ♪ >> it remained a celebration. >> should an event like this go ahead on a night like this? of course it should because not to go shaed to give in. >> reporter: as expected, "hamilton" was the biggest winner. when the show's creator, n-
8:45 am
the victims with a tearful sonnet. >> the show is proof that history remembers. we live through times when hate and fear seem stronger. we rise and fall, and light from dying embers, remembrance that's hope and love lasts longer. and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love. >> reporter: there were signs of solidarity throughout the show. silver ribbons could be seen on those in attendance. while muskets were noticeably absent from a "hamilton" performance. >> the tony goes to "hamilton." [ applause ] >> reporter: the show won 11 of the 13 categories for which it was nominated including best musical. for "hamilton" producers, it was a long-anticipated victory on a day of unimaginable loss. how do you feel tonight? >> i feel full of joy, and i feel a little bit of pain in my heart that our country continues
8:46 am
at the same time we try to celebrate art, citizenship, democracy and our greatest values. ♪ [ applause ] >> reporter: in another of the evening's eloquent moments, actor frank langella set in his acceptance speech, when something bad happens, we have three choices -- we let it define us, we let it destroy us, or we let it strengthen us. charlie? >> thank you. >> james corden had a very difficult job last night. he was pitch perfect -- i was watching on the plane, he was pitch perfect from when he opened the show to when he closed the show. >> i didn't see it, but i've read about it. there was a sense of artists do what they know what they know how to do. use their language to help assure us that we can get up tomorrow morning and go forward even though we've had such an extraordinary
8:47 am
>> and for frank langella to say allow it to strengthen us. coming up, final thoughts from orlando.
8:48 am
8:49 am
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8:50 am
we're in orlando where they've experienced the worst mass murder in the history of the united states. this morning we are one heart, one heart about the victims and one heart to ask ourselves how do we work together, work together to see that these awful things, these awful crimes stop? >> the man who drove me this morning, charlie, his name is muhammad. he's a muslim. he said he was watching the news yesterday hoping against hope it was not a muslim because he was worried about the implications of that. just a day before, he'd been
8:51 am
ali. he said it made him proud to carry the muslim faith. today you have a crazy person, he says, who did a crazy thing. please don't let this taint orlando, he said. please. >> i'm glad i was here with you this morning. >> me, too. me, too. that does it for us. be sure to tune in to "cbs this morning," also scott pelley will be here tonight from orlando. and we leave you with one final look at the sounds, responses, and images from the orlando twar attack. we'll see you tomorrow here. >> i don't know where my son is, no one can tell me where my son is. if he's been shot, if he's dead. no one knows. >> the first shots tore through pulse at around 2:00 a.m. >> three agonizing hour later, dozens of club-goers were dead. >> reporter: so how it the morning after? >> i can still hear yelling, the gunshots repeated lie firing over and over. it would be different if it was
8:52 am
over and over. >> reporter: we still don't know dozens of names of those shot and killed. as each name is released, the pain runs deep. >> you have to appreciate law enforcement. we've lost so many lives. think of how many more lives could have been lost. >> we talk about the hate of people who perpetrate these things. we also want to talk about the courage exhibited by ordinary people in the worst of circumstances. >> i was like, i don't know if you're religious, but i feel like i need to say a prayer. i said, you're going to be fine. i got you, man. >> draw inspiration from heroic acts. >> make sure to hold his hand, telling him he was okay. >> friends who helped friends, took care of each other, and saved lives. >> i'm happy that i was out of harm and stuff. at the same time, i feel bad because were there so many people. like it was -- so many people. >> i urge you, orlando, to be strong. and we will be with you every step of the way.
8:53 am
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good morning, my name is markette sheppard. we have a whole new cast
8:59 am
friends joining us this morning. they look a little different, same show. chris has the day off. i am joined by-- >> frank. >> welcome back. >> i hope chris is enjoying his time off. i enjoy getting up 6:00 a.m. to see you. >> wasn't that fun? >> right. >> you know who gets up earlier? >> andrea roane and mike hydeck. >> it was tough weekend but great day washington, we are all about highlighting people and things that make things so great. we don't want to over shadow one person's bad action, and not have time to talk about all these wonderful people who are here today but we do want to get an update of the latest from you 2. >> absolutely. here we go again. the latest is identified 24 of the 49 now victims, and authorities say gunman omar mateen killed 49 orlando club goers at purse, the nation's worst mass shooting. >> this morning manyam
9:00 am
friends of those still inside that pulse night club are waiting for word of thaur loved one's-- their loved one's fate. >> one by one the bodies of the victims were hauled from the pulse night club sunday night. earlier anxious family members sobbed as they learned the fate of their loved ones. police say 29-year-old omar mateen armed with an ar-15 semi automatic assault rifle and hand gun opened fire in the crowded gay club 2:00 sunday morning. >> officers made entry while the suspect was shooting and engaged in another gun battle with the suspect. forced him to stop shooting, and retreat to the bathroom where we believe he had several hostages. >> club goer, shaun roister escaped during it. >> bodies, people wounded, um, just to


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