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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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them to get privacy so they could mourn. there certainly is a lot of that going on in orlando. our adam longo is anchors the coverage from orlando and joins us on the latest and what you are seeing behind you there. >> reporter: we are by orlando health where most of the victims are being treated. the nightclub itself is just about five blocks to the south of here on orange avenue, one of the busiest thoroughfares through the main part of orlando. investigators are still at the club working to find out more about this american moslem, american born moslem named omar mateen, they know he made a 911 call pledging allegiance to isis before the shooting and expressed sympathy and solidarity with the boston bombers. >> at the islamic
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force pierce people that prayed are horrified. >> this board member last saw mateen at prayer friday night and no indication that 29-year- old was about to carry out a deadly attack. mateen was on the f.b.i.'s radar. he went to saudi arabia in 2012 to attend the hodge. f.b.i. says he was interviewed at least twice and once in 2013 after co-workers said he made inflammatory remarks about terrorist ties and in 2014 after contact he had with abdul, the first suicide bomber in syria. he was cleared. >> we are going through the killer's life and his electronics to understand about his path and whether there was anyone else involved in directing him or in assisting him. >> most of the 49 people gunned down have been identified, several are still hospitalized in grave condition. police say it was an awful
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bodies and lots of blood. >> reporter: as of yet not a commune gathering for people in the orlando area to remember the friends and the victims of loved ones that they lost but here outside of the hospital, orlando health they are making a prayer chain. they have this construction paper with markers and writing prayers and linking them together leaving memories for those that are left behind and injured and for those that have passed away. for more on the victims and the folks that have been out in support of them. let's check in with andrea mckaren in the dr. phillips center about a mile from our location where friends and family members are gathering. hi andrea. >> reporter: hi adam, touching today to see the random acts of kindness. there are people giving out water bottles and trained grief counselova
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that may need them. >> it doesn't feel real. >> reporter: after shock and disbelief, the reality of what happened in orlando is slowly setting in. >> it was almost like instantly everybody realized it was too late not to hear from him. >> a commune of musicians held out hope, their friend shane robinson was still alive. >> the hardest part is saying to get flowers from our friend shane. >> the christophers brought their friends to the area and tried to ask difficult questions. >> he understand that there is bad guys. >> heart broken residence sprawled messages of support on the brown paper duffed the love banner and taught their children and grandchildren about unity anid
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is because everybody is coming together as a community and i am proud to be citizen of orlando. >> just because they are from some other place, they are here and they are americans. i am 3rd generation irish and i know where the flag comes from. >> reporter: and in less than an hour from now, there will be a candlelight vigil right here including members of the community and religious members. reporting from orlando. andrea mckaren wusa9. so many questions about why this had to happen. >> jet blue will provide free seats for family members and domestic partners of the victims. >> president obama met with his national security team about the orlando shootings at the white house. the shooter
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extremist information on the internet it is said. >> this is certainly an interest of the home-grown extremism that we are all concerned about for a very long time. >> president obama added that he thinks the nightclub is similar to the shooting in san bernardino. tonight the candidates weighed in on the attack and speeches delivered in swing states. hillary clinton and donald trump layed out different descriptions of what led to the attack in orlando and how to prevent future bloodshed. we have more. darren. >> reporter: it is all about choices and rarely do they prevent such clear differences between two candidates. donald trump and hillary clinton spoke on the same tragedy in orlando that we have been watching unfold and there were different lessons from them. donald trump traces the problem of american born mass killer
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the immigration of his parents from afghanistan more than three decades ago. >> the bottom line is that the only reason that the killer was inamerica in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here. >> trump used his speech in new hampshire today to attack hillary clinton. and renew and expand upon his controversial call for a ban on moslems. >> i will suspend immigration from areas of the world that there's a proven history of terrorism from europe or allies. >> hillary clinton never said the word immigration and the name donald trump. her policy prescription from preventing attacks, a new call from banding assault rivals like the a r15 and used in orlando and sandy hook. >> i believe weapons of war have no place on our streets. >> donald trump said ... >> her
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abiding americans, a abolishing the second amendment and leaving only the bad guys and terrorists with guns. >> the two also had words with clinton averaging that donald trump does lasting damage. >> inflammatory rhetoric and banding millions of moslem business people and tourists from entering our country hurts the vast majority of moslems that love freedom and hate terror. >> reporter: trump's biggest applaud said when he said he would never be political correct. our twitter poll we asked you, who you thought handle the response to the shooting better and 75% of you backed clinton. reporting live garret haake. donald trump tweeted that he was revoking the media credentials beca
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inaccurate coverage. >> the senate observed a moment of silence this afternoon for the victims of the orlando massacre. mitch mcconnell joined for silence. jimmie is going to boycott democratic representatives near sandy hook where a gunman killed people in 2012 and call for tougher gun control. >> there was debate about a homosexual man to give blood. the f categorically banned blood to be given from a man that had sex with another man. now that restriction goes for one years, that means the organization like the red cross must turn this group away. >> it is based on risky behaviors and it is based on issues with th
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>> i understand medically but that doesn't mean i can't do my part. >> the fda says the 12 month waiting period is necessary to prevent the spread of hiv. >> the shootings from the orlando is being seen all around the world. >> and what is coming out of it from orlando and the lgtb community. here is a look at the pollen index, high for trees and moderate for weeds and
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unsettled. messages of condolences from the orlando massacre coming in from around the world. the bridge over sidney harbor in australia was lit up with rainbow colors. in israel the facade of tel aviv flashed in solidarity. >> in paris rainbow banners flew among french and american flags. britain's queen elizabeth sent a message to president obama saying she and her husband are shocked by the events in orlando. virginia tech dozens gathered at the april 16th mem to the 32 people kill on the blacksburg campus until yesterday it was the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. >> that's a mantle that we never wanted but we obviously never wanted to give it up because we never wanted anybody
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else to go through what we went through. >> the virginia tech campus stood in solidarity with orlando and paused for a moment of silence for the victims and their families. >> people on social media have been paying tribute to orlando using the # orlando united. twitter user says prayers continues for friends and family, may god hold them tightly. >> unbowed and unbent and unbroken. # orlando united. >> johnny says we have come together not as a commune but as a nation. the amount of donations, love and acceptance and support my community has received thh roug all of this is truly a blessing and warms my heart. thank you. and christina says there is more love than hate in this world, i still believe in love. coming up tonight. dc area bars and restaurants, hopefully a lot of other
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new aerial footage aerial
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pulse nightclub, the scene of the worse casualty shooting in u.s. history. the investigators doing their due diligence. you can see from the aerial the whole blown out of the side of the building. the thoroughfare in front of the club and media has gathered to report on these unfortunate events. earlier f.b.i. and law enforcement officials met with local bars and restaurant owners to talk with them about security. now in light of the tragedy that meeting is happening again. wusa9 ellen bryant talking to people on q street good evening. >> reporter: good evening. i have been talking to the bar owners. you can see the signs from pride weekend. the rainbows up and down the streets. the bars and restaurants packed and as the owners heardbo
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themselves to ask would we be prepared if something like this happened in dc? >> it was horrifying. before you could even conceive of how you better prepare your open place, you immediately rushed to what on could have been a nightmare. >> this bar manager says watching the coverage of the shooting ... >> a lot of people. >> was being hit by a sledgehammer. >> these are places that people have gone to to feel safe and that is what they stole for one day. >> and made him think about security at the restaurant and bar he manages and wonders what it would take for complete safety. >> airport security at a bar would alienate more people than it would save. all public spaces are vulnerable today but what is different here is that we are taking steps all the time to insure the public safety. >> they ud
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and personal visits from law enforcement to see what businesses are doing. >> you can't let the fear of events like orlando can't stop you from living your life. >> i think about it but it would not stop me. >> and as a community they are making changes. >> we share our stories and we don't forget them and we honor the victims and rise up again. >> when i was talking to them. some of the changes were gun control and the next presidential election would have a big part. reporting live in northwest, ellen bryant, wusa9. d. c. police say if you see something suspicious at a nightclub speak up and don't forget the police chief says fight, fight. one of the six officers charged in the death of freddie gray testified at the trial of another officer, caesar
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goodson. he is charged with murder. he drove the police van that was gray was riding in when he suffered a fatal next injury. he testified that gray asked yes when asked if he needed to go to the hospital. porter said he relayed that to goodson. >> a judge has turned down dillon's roof request for a bench trial. so a jury will judge him. he is accused of killing 9 people in charleston south carolina. his murder child is set for january. police are searching for the gunman that shot at drivers heading down a very busy mcclain virginia road and fortunately no one was hurt. >> that's right. it happened saturday night at midnight on old dominion drive on falls run road. neighbors say it is scary since
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up until now. >> to hurt someone, you don't know these people and it is impersonal and it is terrible thing to do. >> reporter: the suspect's vehicle is a white sedan and possibly an audi. >> metro has more money for its federal transit administration. it is allowing metro to take some 20 million federal dollars in capital reserve funds and use that money for safe track. metro's general manager says it will cost about 60 million- dollars. you are watching numbers too. in fact you are watching three of them. how is the three degree guarantee going. >> we are ok. and on a bit after roll. 25 or 24. average high is up to 84 and climbing. we went 81, seems pretty good and the only trouble was the
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dry airmass and they heat up quickly and cool off quickly. leer is a live look at the cathedral. humidity 38% and the dew points in the 50s. winds northwest at 15 and calming down from winds over the weekend. nice for nats game. 75 to 80 and bus stop nice. 56 to 74 and terrific tomorrow. not humid and we become unsettled, showers return wednesday and thursday and friday and not wash out days but be advised for a yellow weather alert. 10:00, temperatures in the low 70s unclear to partly cloudy skies and by morning 65 downtown and 63 in buoy and comfortable just about everywhere in gaithersburg and 53 in fairfax. by mid-morning 70 and 66 in romney and we are
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temperatures upper 60s towards andrews. upper 80s by 1:00 and head for the low 80s. day planner looks like this. 60s to start and 70 by 11:00 and 78 by one p.m. next seven days, nats in town anshowers possible wednesday. still need to get the game in, showers thursday and friday and storms ends friday afternoon and setting the stage for a
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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now, wusa9 game on ts
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with frank hammerham brought to you by xfinity. >> jonathan papelbon the dc strangler. the nats closer was the goat in the victory over philly giving up a homer to papal bond in the top of the 9th. werth and company coming back to saying him and papal bond trying to win the fans back. nats getting ready for the caps and sticking with papal bond despite his recent struggles but how far are they ready to go with him. >> we start chicking away at the guys confidence and then you don't have the same guy. you know? it is easy to put somebody else in but what if they don't do it, do you say i was just kidding. >> i love dusty. >> less than two weeks away from big time golf play at the quicken loan. tiger woods is not goi
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play as he recovers from a back injury. the last time tiger woods played competitively was last summer and he won't compete this week and who knows when the former number one player will be back. his recovery is not there yet but tiger woods is still an intimate part of the event. we are proud of the charities for the community. will tiger woods every come back. >> and the warriors without green, will they win? >> no. >> they totally can. that's the news at 6.
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>> pelley: the latest victims of terror. orlando identifies the 49 who died. >> cory is that guy that captures your heart, and once he has it, you'd go to the end of the earth for him. >> drew: the desperate race the save lives in the nightclub. >> we set up an explosive breech in the other bathroom. >> pelley: and at the hospital. >> we had gunshot wounds to the chest, gunshot wounds to the abdomen. >> pelley: new details about the killer. >> it appears that the shooter was inspired by various extremist information that was disseminated over the internet. >> pelley: and the marine corps veteran hailed as a hero. >> i wish i had done more, to be honest. there are a lot of people that are dead.


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