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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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about 10 minutes after it started, the flow stopped. the station reopened last night. today it was business as usual. metro says there were no injuries, no damage to the system. >> dramatic pictures. a prince george county family is reeling over the shocking death of their daughter and sister. >> shannon marie's inspiring life ended. andrea mccarren is live outside the hospital where she was a volunteer. >> reporter: her work as a volunteer rape and sexual abuse counselor inspired the trip to guatemala. she wanted to improve spanish to do a better job helping those in need. >> no one could meet her and not love her. shannan's dream was to help victims of the sexual assault. she traveled to guatemala for a two-week crash course in
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>> she realized a lot of people spoke spanish and she couldn't. she wanted to fix that by learning it like that. >> this photo of shannon by a lake was taken sunday night. it would be the last portrait of her alive. >> she had a lot more to offer. she had so much potential. >> reporter: that potential came to a tragic and sudden end on monday when the bus in which she was passenger hit a median and rolled over. shannon was killed instantly. >> right before she left to go to guatemala she stayed behind class, said i'm off, threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. >> reporter: at the domestic violence and sexual assault center, she was about to complete a six-week training program. >> she was so passionate, so driven to do everything just right. >> she was going to do great things. she would see the world and make an impact. she made an impact
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people's lives. >> her family is focused on getting her body home. the state department is trying to expedite her return home. >> it won't feel real until she is back home. not going to feel real. >> she is a bright star that was shining and we are going to miss her terribly. >> reporter: shannon was one of three sisters born and raised in prince george county, a graduate of merry mount university. she had just learned she was accepted to a program to get her master's degree in cheverly. >> just so tragic. andrea, thank you. shannon was due to return home tomorrow. her family planned a party for her 25th birthday on saturday. now they are planning her funeral. shannon's family tells us she was a long time volunteer for rain, the largest organiza
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violence. dramatic stories after a fire tore through an apartment building in southeast d.c. the call came in around 7:45 for a fire on second street with people trapped inside. two residents jumped from the third floor to escape the flames and firefighters used a ladder to rescue two kids and a woman. >> the children came first then the adults and then the rest of the crew went in to help with the other crews and try to put the fire out. >> the people who jumped as well as an 8-year-old child were treated at the hospital. a firefighter who was burned on her hands was treated but she has been released. in all nine families and 28 people are out of their homes tonight as a result of that fire. >> now to a developing story out of the nation's opt. a -- capital. a water crisis far worse than flint, michigan. 42,000 children in d.c. have been affected by dangerously high levels of lead from the
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finding elevated levels in public libraries. delia goncalves is live outside one of the affected libraries. she tells us why we should be concerned about this. >> reporter: that's right, bruce. why are we after a decade after the water crisis, this is one of the libraries with elevated lead in waters. >> the lead in the water problem is pervasive. >> reporter: the news is enough to make any parent concerned. >> we do brita. >> reporter: a brita filter won't remove the lead that experts say is leak into the tap water. >> it's everywhere. everywhere there is a lead pipe coming from the big pipe in the street to your home or if you have lead in your pipes and plumbing in your home, that means you got a
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>> reporter: paul schwartz says lead in the district's water is a decades old problem and ignored for just as long. lead leeches from old pipes. while d.c. water worked to partially replace the pipes, in many cases that only made the problem worse. lead poisoning can cause irreversible brain damage and behavioral problems. >> a study from harvard university showed a close relationship between lead in water and homicide. >> are you linking the crime rate to the lead? >> in part. it's hard to make a direct causal linkage to say that one thing caused one person to murder someone but it's clear in the literature. >> reporter: what we know, d.c. public schools tested water in all schools and rec centers after a dozen buildings turned up with high levels of lead. they will install special filters to remove the lead. we are learning that filters will be installed in the
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but the filters are just a band- aid fix. we need to replace the old pipes. he said d.c. water should ban the practice of partial pipe replacement and tear up all the old pipe. it's a costly proposal but one that will save lives. we are live in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> what should you do at home? get your levels tested and if you need a certified lead removal filter, do so. michigan's attorney general is filing lawsuits against two companies that are being blamed for the lead contamination in flint. following yesterday's storms, neighbors are helping neighbors and insurance companies are surveying the damage in maryland. >> it's a mess in howard county. they suffered the biggest blow when a confirmed tornado touched down. it traveled nearly 13 miles in 20 minutes and
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debris 500 yards wide. linda vacull iran to her payment for -- vaculli ran to her basement for cover. >> after they emerged from the basement, they found a tree had fallen on their homes. there was a close call across the street where another large tree toppled as a result of 80 miles per hour winds. we got another yellow weather alert on tap for tomorrow. topper shutt is live in the weather center. will we do this again? >> it's a similar situation. instead of a cold front dropping south we have a warm front pushing north. a flash flood watch in effect for hagerstown and points west. i think this will probably be
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maybe leesburg and fredricksburg. heavy thunderstorms by dawn tomorrow. so, our impacts, here is what we are thinking. wet commute, moderate. the flooding high, hail moderate and strong winds moderate. similar to yesterday. here is the futurecast. 6:00 in the morning, we are okay unless you are west of town. trying to get in from i-66 to the i-81 corridor, you have heavy rains and you see the red that is heavy rain between winchester and luray. this is just updated. futurecast took most of this south of town. now it's up to gaithersburg. i would not be surprised if we see the flood watch expanded. that is 8:00 in the morning. we will come back and track what could be a second round in the afternoon for thursday night. all right. mission metro time. new ways around
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down. some of the systems are in the map jour ways. >> folks want to get on the orange line at new carrollton but can make it as far as minnesota avenue. buses replace trains to eastern market. now it's causing other problems at greenbelt. >> that's how bad it's getting. >> reporter: she knew safe track would change the commute but did not expect this would be part of it. >> i had to park farther and farther away each day since last saturday. it's a little bit more of a walk but i'm still trying to manage. >> reporter: metro's parking lot at the greenbelt station is just about full. metro says ridership at the start of the green line is up 34%. many typically take the orange line. >> a little more of a trek from my home, 15 minutes out of my way but i got to do what i got to do to get
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>> reporter: he made the switch and is trying to beat rush hour in the parking lot. >> in the morning it's fine. it got more crowded here. >> reporter: colleen has to wait 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot. she plans to go back to the orange line when the shut down ends july 3rd. >> i'm looking forward to safe track being over. >> reporter: other green line stations are facing a similar problem. suitland saw a 40% spike in ridership this week. >> check out our wusa 9 news app for breaking information and schedules for metro's epic maintenance plan. a surprise pro southeast by some -- protest by some congressman members today. >> georgia representative john lewis and more than 30 other democratic lawmakers took part in a sit in today demanding that republicans allow a vote on gun control legislatio
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leadership of the house to bring common sense gun control legislation to the house. give us a vote. >> north carolina congressman mark walker tweeted his response calling this a sit in is a disstraight to woolworth. they sat in for rights, temperatures are sitting in to strip them away. paul ryan says there is no upcoming votes on any gun control legislation. donald trump was holding nothing back. during a speech in new york, he called democrat hillary clinton quote, a world class liar and perhaps the most corrupt person ever to run for president. trump said clinton almost single handily destabilized the middle east during her service as secretary of state. >> her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism where she touched. >> trump's speech comes one day after clinton slammed him for his business prce
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speech laying out her goals for the economy. she said she would make the investments needed to create good paying jobs. we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. teaching teens about sexual consent before they head off to college. >> and we are live in bethesda for the quicken loans tournament. when tiger woods will be back on the greens. letter
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tonight we are learning more about orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen. cbs learned he was a frequent user of online da
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relationships with men and women and men and women have been contacted by the fbi -- or they have actually contacted the fbi, i should say, claiming to have had relationships with mateen. that includes one man that said he had a two-month relationship with the gunman. univision interviewed the man and said investigators have questioned him. mateen killed 49 people before he was shot by police. it turns out a colorado prison inmate is not prince's son and is not entitled to the late singer's fortune. the associated press says a person who has seen the dna test results says it found that carlin williams is not related to prince. he claims prince and his mother had a brief encounter in 1975. bethesda, maryland is about to be invited by the pga tour. >> the rain is out of
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thankfully. went is pro am day. mike hydeck kicks off our team coverage. did you see any stars out there? >> reporter: we did indeed, guys. of course the tournament host tiger woods is here. ricky fowler is here and we got a chance to connect with future baseball hall of famer ken griffey, junior. more in a moment. first, the biggest question everyone is asking, when will we see tiger woods back on the course. it's tough to host a tournament of this caliber and not play in it. he is the face of the tournament. for so long he was the face of golf but he is waiting for his back to heal. >> it doesn't feel good. the i can't do that. i have to sit on the sidelines and watch. i want to be out there. i feel like i should be able to compete against these guys.
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i have to sit on the sidelines like even else. >> he will continue honoring troops with the wall of heros. they are expanding the number of scholarships and he creates an experience of a lifetime for local high schoolers. members of the first tee get to play with a pro. >> are you nervous? >> a little bit. >> what is your concern. >> keeping them straight, in the short stuff probably. i have my issues blocking right. other than that we will have a great time. >> reporter: just like the rest of us golfers, blocking it right, in the short grass. that's a taste. in a bit you will hear from ken griffey, junior and his new role with major league baseball. and don't miss kristen's 101 interview with ricky foul her and coverage of the pro am. >> thanks a lot. you don't
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are picking up tips. >> you are jealous. >> i am. if you can take ken griffey's baseball swing and turn it into a golf swing it would be butter. >> what is not butter is hail. >> not so great. >> it's unusual that we had such frequent instances of hail and so large. we will explain how that is possible. this is a picture we showed you yesterday. this is about 3 inches. howard said there is unconfirmed reported of 4 inches at hyattsville. that may be the biggest hail stone in maryland. this is 3 inches. that is big. well, here is the deal. remember, thunderstorms have up drafts. the up drafts keep circulating around and around. remember, it's also rather cold. 80 degrees at the surface, maybe 60 at the base of the thunderm
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below zero up only about 30,000 feet. that is a tremendous temperature change in a short vertical distance is the reason we get extreme weather. eventually the stones get so large the updraft can't support them and the hail falls to the ground but to have 2, 3, 4-inch hail diameter means the up drafts are incredible. they have been incredible storms. we sliced one 60,000 feet in the air. that is a huge storm for us. the next threat we are concerned about flooding than hail but hail is a possibility. live outside michael and son dew points in the 50s. clouds tonight, thunderstorms by dawn. if you have plans wednesday night until midnight you are fine. yellow weather alert thursday morning commute is wet especially west of town. i think flash flooding is going on west of town. flash flood watch
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to 2:00 p.m. it will probably be expanded to the west. 10:00 a few clouds. temperature 75 in silver spring. 76 bowie. clouds inside the beltway if you are an early commuter. out to the west trying to get east you will have problems. i'm looking for red. these are big time thunderstorms between luray and winchester. the exact location we can't expect futurecast to be perfect but heavy activity on 81 before it moves eastward then it races eastward by 9:00, boom. temperatures in the 70s. 73 frederick. about 73 in per serville. it will be cloudy by lunchtime. a break in the action. temps in the low 80s before more thunderstorms develop again tomorrow evening. the frontal boundary, a cold front brought us the storms last night. this moves through as a warm front tomorrow and brings us storms in the morning. tries to turn around and comes back
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night and could produce a second round of vary weather. 70s to start, storms early. then a break. a couple of thunderstorms possible by lunchtime. mainly a little later than that. good shape friday. isolated shower or thunderstorm but not bad. 85 saturday for round 3. gorgeous, upper 80s sunday. 90, 91 monday and tuesday. nats back in town. a couple of thunderstorms. we fall back to the mid-80s by wednesday. >> cranking it up. straight ahead, the dream of homeowner ship might be out of reach for more americans. >> we will tell you about a neighborhood initiative in prince george county.
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prince george county is sharing ongoing work to improve neighborhoods. they celebrated progress for the transforming neighborhoods initiative or tni. it started in 2012. the project brings community leaders and government together addressing the biggest challenges
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to suitland, corral hills. >> i believe that this is the way future governments throughout, whether you are in a city or county. this is the way you get government to respond to the people quickest. >> responsive government. we like that. the oject is working improving schools increasing public trust in local government. the initiative project will expand to woodlawn, forest hill and silver hill. in consumer news, harder to obtain. a new harvard report finds the american dream of owning a home is alive and well. many of us simply can't afford to do that. the study points to rising student debt as an obstacle to the goal. homeowner ship is at a 48 year low. apple will doll out $148 million to e-book customers including some in the district. it's part of a settlement against apples, amazon, barnes
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companies of alleged price fixing scheme. so, if you purchased an e-book between 2010 and 2012 you could get a 1.57 credit and nearly $7 for "new york times" best sellers. you can attach longer videos to your tweets. this is twitter's latest vemo to take on facebook and snap chat. they can post 140 seconds of video along with the 140 characters to describe it. video publishers on vine will be able to make money for their encontt. twitter hopes all of this will revivee theffort to get you to use the service. straight ahead, bernie sanders gives the strongest indication yet that he has accepted that at the won't be the democratic presidential nominee. >> a celebration in cleveland as a million people pack the streets to celebrate the cavs big win. >> no means no. we head to fairfax county where teens ar
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contest means before they head to college.
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oviding winning ways to save. the wave of sexual assault campuses is leading to changes in the area's largest school system. >> peggy fox shows us the new videos that will help to teach fairfax county juniors about sexual assault and consent. >> reporter: sex ed
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part of the curriculum for a long time but there is something missing, discussion that can give boys and girls the tools they need to avoid sexual assault. >> my idea of rape was someone snatching me up in an alley, a dark alley, a stranger, not someone that i date, not someone that i trust. >> in this video, produced by human relations media in new york, three sexual assault victims tell their stories. >> i had like a big crush on him. we ended up playing games and board games and hanging outweigh later than anyone else. i sat down on the bed and i remember pushing him off me and being confused what was going on and i am saying it this is rape, this is not okay. >> the video defines sexual assault as rape. inappropriate touching orphaned willing or other types of penetration. it defines what
5:31 pm
most importantly, clinical psychologist says the videos provide an overlooked fact about sex assault. >> illuminating the fact that at this time eye not a stranger most times. it's somebody you know, talking about what puts you at a greater risk, alcohol and drug use makes you more vulnerable. >> there are approximately 300,000 incidents of sexual assault each year in the united states. one out of five women report they have experienced sexual assault. the video was shown to students at mclean high school and a dozen of their parents. they thought it was well done and they are recommending that it be put into use next year. in mclean, peggy fox. >> the fairfax county school board approved the new plan on sexual assault. they will hold a final vote next thursday on using the videos. grim discovery in prince george county. a man's body was found on glenn dale road in bowie. how he got th
5:32 pm
mystery. the unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene. it's early in the investigation. they are searching for answers at this point. staying in prince george county, police are on the hunt for a clerk who has ripped off four stores threatening employees with a screwdriver. take a look at this surveillance picture. the stick ups have taken place over the last two weeks. most recently yesterday at a 7- eleven store in baltimore on college park. bernie sanders has said he will not be the democratic presidential nominee. he made the comment in an interview today with c-span. >> it doesn't appear that i will be the nominee. the i won't be determining the scope of the convention. >> he said that he is not being vetted for vice president but he suggests if hillary clinton should pick a progressive running mate. last year senator marco rubio promised that he would become president or return to private
5:33 pm
candidate confirmed that he will seek reelection in florida. he says he is worried about the prospects of either hillary clinton or donald trump becoming president. he goes on to say that control of the senate may come down to the race in florida. a million people packed the streets in downtown cleveland. about a third of the whole area's population as the city celebrates the nba championship. lebron james grew the biggest applause. he promised the title afternoon returning to cleveland two seasons ago. the first tight until 50 years in any professional sport. it's unstandable people were packed several feet deep. the james confirmed that he would be back in cleveland next year to defend the title. celebrations are for the long suffering fans in cleveland. here in washington, fans can
5:34 pm
must be feeling. >> reporter: it may not be your city but just for a minute, picture yourself in this city. >> a glorious day in cleveland, ohio. >> reporter: try to understand why these fans -- >> i am shocked, numb. >> are on these streets four hours ahead of the reason for being there. >> we have been down here since 6:30. >> amtrak came in about 5:35. >> 52 years. you expect the town to rock. >> let's go cavs. >> 52 years is how long the city had gone without a professional sports championship. now they have one courtesy of the nba's cavaliers. filing in for the victory parade, one million clevelanders. >> we wanted to get a hotel room but they were booked. >> this is our turn. >> for many the sports represent the city. this city has for 52 years stwrawg lettered beyond
5:35 pm
court. >> i have been -- struggled beyond the court. >> i have been here my whole life. '. >> reporter: it's recovering. a rust belt city whose residents describe each other with the same words. >> we work hard, play hard. >> people are started to notice. if i had a beer i would toast. no beer. >> reporter: the parade brought the champions into nearly uncontainable crowd. >> unreal. >> reporter: if you picture yourself in this city, the people who live here would say you would be proud to see it shine. >> so many people are holding on to this. >> reporter: in cleveland, matt pearl. >> reporter: some judges suspended court appointments to get to the parade. washington is in the top ten of most suffering sport cities. did can you know that? i feel it. minneapolis which last hosed a parade in 1991 tops many of the lists. >> you hear stories like
5:36 pm
and you feel hopeful. a chance for us one day. airbnb will meet with civil rights leaders in d.c. they will share ideas on how to combat discrimination. the meeting comes after nationwide reports of discrimination on the site against minority groups. some joyful noise at the house of hope. >> early one morning peter opened the gate and went out into the big green meadow. >> i was honored to narrate peter and the wolf. the nso performed for children, families and staff at the medical research center. this special concert happens each year as part of the sound health initiative. it brings music and joy to the ears and hearts of all who attend. it was great to see the kids. they were so excited. >> you were looking good, too. >> thank you, bruce. that is nice of
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trending now, taylor swift and nearly 200 other artists want protection from youtube. >> keeping tourists safe from aggressive costume characters in time's square. a prank involving the head of barnie goes horribly wrong for this teenager. >> yellow weather alert thursday in addition to a flash flood watch for our friends to the west including hagerstown and winchester, luray. my hunch it will
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let's get to what is trending. a practical joke turned into a nightmare for this teen. darby wide near found --widner found a barney head. then she couldn't get it off. they graced her -- greased her up to try to get it off. she was taken to a fire department. they contained their laughter enough to put a few cuts in the head. >> i thought we were getting ready to have the chewbacca lady. but if you can't get
5:41 pm
it's not funny. taylor swift and 80 other artists are taking up a fight against youtube. >> they want lawmakers to update the copyright act to keep unlicensed copies of their music off the site. president provision protects web sites from legal action if the sites do take down the content when notified about the pirated works. artists say the take down concept doesn't work. tourists enjoying time's square can do that without being accosted by the costume characters. they took action after a number of incidents that involved actors fighting with each other and other people visiting. there are designated areas where tourists can relax and the performers can do there thing. sell may blair is -- selma blair is apologizing for her erratic behavior on a plane. she admits that she did mix meds with wine and that caused her
5:42 pm
out wild comments. plenty of smiles and golf at the quicken loans tournament. we will head out for a live report. >> a lifesaving law that a lot of drivers do not pay enough attention to. after the break, why it's important to move over when cops are on the highway.
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checking out sweets from the campaign trail. no major company has filed for chapter 11 more often than donald trump's casinos. from donald trump, crooked hillary refuses to say that she will raise taxes beyond belief. she will be a disaster for jobs and the economy. only on 9 an inside look at the dangers of the road. you are about to see officers on a highway in virginia narrowly escaping being struck by drivers. >> they say they were breaking a law that could means the difference between life and death. >> debra alfarone road with deputies. >> reporter: the move over law requires drivers to move to the left of an ge
5:46 pm
flashing lights is stopped on the right side of the road or to the right if they are on the left. it's simple. we saw driver after driver break this law. you are about to meet deputy josh who says he knows firsthand the difference between being alive or not boils down to mere seconds or inches. >> out of the middle of nowhere, bam, i just got rear ended. then i see this car, this minivan scraping the entire side of my cruiser. >> reporter: he always keeps his head on a swivel, his words because he says drivers are more distract than ever. >> how did can you not see me. my lights are on. she didn't see me. >> reporter: this therefore didn't see this cruiser either. this crash happened in 2013 on route 28 in loudoun county. the deputy had to jump the median to avoid being hit. >> do did you know why i'm stopping you? >> reporter: he invited
5:47 pm
over law in the same place. >> i'm stopping you because you failed to move over for the emergency vehicles on the right. >> reporter: our camera rolled as driver after driver failed to move to the left. we showed the video to drivers. >> drive in the left lane. >> i drive for a living and i see it all the time. >> if you see emergency lights flashing you have to move over or slow down. >> there are a lot of distracted drivers. >> if you are in traffic and you can't move over, the law requires that you slow down. >> that is not just dangerous if you get caught breaking the move over law twice it's a class 1 misdemeanor. you could get hid with a $2,500 fine and possibly jail time. we issued another yellow
5:48 pm
that's pretty much all day. here are some of the impacts and threats. wet commute in the morning. almost a high risk for a wet commute. flooding will be high, hail moderate and strong winds moderate. high side of moderate. two rounds of storms tomorrow. three-degree guarantee today. we went 88 despite the clouds. a little cooler air. >> we will let you know how we did at 11:00. we are feeling confident about the number rand we are feeling tomorrow will be a tricky forecast. we will go from the warm sector, cool sector to warm sector. tomorrow is tough. live look outside at the michael and son cam 82. humidity 52%. that is a good evening. winds out of the northwest about 10. clouds tonight. thunderstorms by dawn. yellow alert tomorrow. morning commute wet, especially out to the west, loudoun and out to fauquier and i-
5:49 pm
thunderstorms. flood watch 2:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. i think that will be expanded to include the metro area before it's said and done. 10:00 tonight we are okay. pleasant to walk the dog. 79 downtown. 77 in upper marlboro. 76 fairfax. by morning, look what happens. by 6:00 a.m., boom, big time storms out to i-81. quiet inside the beltway. between 6:00 and 9:00, futurecast has become very aggressive in pulling all the activity due east. originally it was to the south a bit. that will be a tough commute if it gets to that point where it's to gaithersburg at 71 and frederick at 72 with heavy rain. look at the red in southern maryland. flooding will be a big concern tomorrow morning. we get a break by lunchtime and a few flecks of green. a couple of showers. not bad. 83 manassas. 83 dale city, dumfries. by 5:
5:50 pm
again. now we are 84 in sterling and 81 in annapolis. by 10:00 i wouldn't put too much stock in the exact locations but another round is possible late tomorrow evening and tomorrow night as they begin to drop to the south. tonight we are fine early, mostly cloudy and mild. showers or storms possible by dawn. low temperature 66 to about 72. some will have heavy rain and flooding is an issue. 70s to start. 78 by 11:00. 82 by 1:00 p.m. next seven days, getting through tomorrow, good shape. isolated storm tomorrow for 2284. nice on saturday, mid-80s. great saturday, upper 80s. remember the sunscreen. 90 monday and tuesday, maybe a thunderstorm monday. early shower on tuesday then beautiful next wednesday. nats in town monday. by
5:51 pm
mid-80s. such a great day for golf after yesterday's storms at the quicken loans tournament hosted the pro am day. >> kristen berset has more. >> reporter: leslie, bruce, yeah, today so much quieter than yesterday. plea sanity out here for this time of year in this usual golf tournament. pro am day. players are having fun taking selfies with fans. ken griffey, junior was out here smacking the golf ball. the headliner, ricky fowler was joined by chris pully to debut the shots for heros where spectators get a chance to win $10,000 for themselves and operation home front. ricky says the partnership with quicken loans is one reason why
5:52 pm
he enjoys coming to congressional. >> it's fun to be partner, not so much a sponsorship but to be a part of what have they do was -- they have a shot at glory, raising money for the military vets and stuff they do like that, a lot of fun to be a part of that. with the tiger woods foundation, being a part of the tournament and help run the event, it's definitely nice to be a part of company's or foundation that do things away from golf and raising money and making a difference. >> now, tournaments like this wouldn't be a success without the volunteers. at quicken loans there is over 1300 of them helping out throughout the week. i met two of them on media day and followed them. cliff and dotty from springfield, virginia, they are the marshals on the 10th tea. they have been doing -- 10th tee. they have been doing it
5:53 pm
2007. they manage the crowds. get them to calm down. he has been marshaling for 30 years but this is the favorite because they are huge fans of the tournament hosts and they hope to see him back on the course soon. >> no doubt fans with tiger woods as soon as he came out on tour and we continued to be fans of tiger woods. so, it's great to be in a tournament that he sponsors. >> we see the golfers that we like to watch. it's interesting. and supporting tiger woods foundation which we support. >> they are just the sweetest couple. they enjoy working together. they are part of a contest by quicken loans that gives two volunteers a chance to present a $10,000 check to tiger woods. quicken loans nominated cliff and dotty to represent them. i think they are in first or second place. thery vote donates a dollar to
5:54 pm
chance to finally meet tiger and get the pick tear with the golf -- picture with the golfer they love so 67 much. much more at 6:00. guys, back to you. >> let's hope so. they are a devoted couple. >> let's hope they get the picture. a federal employee is under federal investigation. >> still ahead, homeland security employee. the was he plotting an attack against the agency leaders. >> business stopped at the us house of representatives as democrats take a stand by taking a seat.
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a northern virginia mother is grabbing attention for a popular product she made in her home. it's the type of tool that could help many athletes and parents put an end to a smelly problem. >> a hot summer day in northern virginia. it should be no surprise these lacrosse players are sweating it out a bit at practice. but things are different than they have been in the past. you see wherever practice would end the sweaty gear would go in duffel bags and minivans stinking it up. >> car rides, carpool everything was crazy. >> reporter: thanks to christa woods that is no longer the case. >> i decided to invent something. >> reporter: after smelling her son's gloves she got the idea
5:58 pm
kill the bacteria responsible for creating odor in athletic gear. >> he went to home depot and bought the material. >> reporter: this is what they got. >> these are the glove sticks. >> put them insides of gloves, cleats or helmets where they fight with antimicrobial solution. >> reporter: jackson tried them out a little over a year ago and saw potential. he was like, mom, this is good. i know people will buy these. >> reporter: he was right. wood says she sold close to 10,000 units. the glove sticks were highlighted on "the today show" and qvc. jackson beams with pride. >> amazing. i never expected it to become this big. >> reporter: in the end, there is no way she could have done any of this without her family. >> it's not just me. everybody played a role. >> a happy ending to a story that began from the most unlikely of places. from ashburn, john henry, wusa
5:59 pm
>> she said her product is sold in 22 force across the country including here in the d.c. area. right now at 6:00 health concerns in the district. tests show high levels of lead in the water in dozens of buildings frequently used by kids. >> security questions. did federal agents stop an attack plot inside homeland security headquarters. >> taking a stand by sitting down. democrats bring the house to a halt with a call for action. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. the democratic sit in is happening right now. >> they are planning to hold the floor until republican leaders schedule a vote on gun control legislation. garrett haake is on the hill. >> reporter: the group of several dozen democratic lawmakers began the act of civil di $0 billion yens about six hours ago. they will stay in the house chamber for as long as it takes
6:00 pm
john lewis launched the sit in demanding action on gun control. >> sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary. >> reporter: with a group of democratic lawmakers by his side the civil rights icon vowing to stay there until they get a vote. >> we are calling on the leadership of the house to bring commons sense gun control legs slayings to the house floor. >> mark walker tweeted his response saying, quote, calling this a sit in is a disgrace to woolworth. they sat in for writes. temperatures are sitting in to strip them away. prior to the protest speaker paul ryan said he had no plans to add any. >> we are waiting to see what the senate does before proceeding. republicans ordered c-span cameras to be turned off. th


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