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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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thing and was all a misunderstanding. >> reporter: one day after, fourth grade teacher, martin rye brown admits he wanted a "hookup." >> i have good cable at home and air conditioning. it was a craigslist. i didn't know what she was. >> reporter: that's when prince george's county police moved in. they say as part of a sting, a detective arranged to meet a woman at the red roof inn in lanham who agreed to have sex for money. police say they found brown's driver's license in the room and him down the hall. he admits it. >> i rented the room to the human trafficking agent. >> it's a whole misunderstanding. >> yes. >> but police say this was a prostitu.
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we called the school and several people at prince george's county public schools to ask about brown. they goodnight get back to us, but e-mailed the statement, saying they're aware of the arrest and won't tolerate this kind of conduct. >> did you know you were entering that it could potentially be a prostitute? >> i thought it could be. but i wanted it not to be. i love my job. i can't imagine. >> brown will answer to the charges in court on july 29th. >> prince george's county school. pending the outcome of this investigation. perhaps the biggest defeat today. grt the prosecution in the fred caay se, a baltimore judge acquitsed the driver of the -- acquitsed the driver of the police van all charges against him.
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gray case. right now, bruce leshan is live in baltimore. and what happens next in the case against the remaining three officers? >> reporter: what happens next really, bruce, is the big question here. the prosecutor is now 0-3. comparing this defeat to waterloo or gettysburg. now under a whole lot of pressure to dismiss the charges, the outstanding charges against four other officers. >> a huge win for officer caesar goodson. inside the courtroom, he hugged two of the other officers still facing charges. and outside, some of his fellow police, forward -- guarding the courthouse, smiled and shook hands. the judge said prosecutors had simply failed to prove their case. failed to prove goodson had deliberately given freddie gray a rough ride in the back
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van. failed to prove, goodson knew or should have known that he needed medical attention. >> a shawl group -- small group of people said they were demonstrating. >> it was an injustice to all the people out here. because he should have been judged by a jury and not a judge. >> this was likely prosecutor marilyn mosby's strongest case. if the van driver is not guilty, how can she convict any of the are the officers? two of them are suing her for defamation and potentially malicious prosecution. michael blemish is their lawyer in the civil case. >> i think the state is going to have an exceedingly difficult time going forward. and the time is now for marilyn mosby to step up and dismiss these charges against the remaining officers. >> reporter: civil rights activists are urging residents to protest but remain calm baltimore police commanders have canceled all leave out of
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of caution. >> people wanting more justice. >> reporter: now, marilyn mosby looked down as the judge issued these not-guilty verdicts. she seemed to sigh and then walked out to security. if she drops the charges against the other four officers now, she's basically admitting defeat. but if she continues with these cases, she could well end up with more tough days for her like today. live in baltimore, bruce leshan, wusa baltimore. >> police patrol the area, looking for any signs of trouble. >> live in west baltimore with reaction from residents. and what are they telling you, tealia? >> a -- delia? >> a lot of folks anticipated the verdict today. they are heartbroken. they are hurt. but they say they're not going to learn our lesson.
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epicenter of last year's riots. and you can see here. we have a group of demonstrators who have just arrived in the last few minutes. of people protests so far. but you can see that police have reacted and have come out here in full force, covering each and every block. but i can tell you, so far, the mood in the city, calm and controlled. >> i don't think it's going to be no ride. i think it's going to be hurt in the heart. >> the hurt and memory of freddie gray runs deep in his neighborhood. downtown winchester. >> i love my city. >> tobias sellers saw the arrest last april. >> i seen the officers come up. >> i don't know if i should say this. but i'm figure to say. i just feel as though when the family settled for that $6 million, i feel as though that was the state goal. >> tributes the 25-year-old at nearly every
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avenue. the city has not forgotten. at northern pennsylvania, residents say they expected a not guilty verdict. >> i'm glad it ends peacefully. you know? >> we say enough is enough. we're going to stand up. we have protest peace at least. you know what i mean? and when election time comes around, we need to stop talking and show action. >> if you want change, you gotta start doing this. >> meanwhile, back in winchester. >> no one is held accountable for it. >> now, back here live at north pennsylvania. police have been at this intersection all day long. but certainly, i would say in the last half hour, they have increased their presence as the protestors have come to this block as well. now, interestingly enough, we're here next to a construction site. and take a look
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up concrete here. a short time ago, right before police increased their presence, we actually saw a dpw city crew, removing the rubble, debris and the rock from this area, presumably they were trying to keep any projectiles away. just in case this turned ugly. but of course, everyone hoping that this will remain peaceful and calm. tweeted earlier today, gray's death is a tragedy, not bound to be a crime in court. but a wake-up call for the people in baltimore. we're live in west baltimore tonight. delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> police commissioner released a statement, thanking residents for their peaceful demonstrations. he said, i have no doubt he will continue to exhibit behaviors that represent the very best of baltimore. our wusa 9 facebook page, valerie writes, i'm speechless. so far, nobody
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samuel said there is no judge that can convict them based on the evidence. it was smart to go with the crowd and jury of their peers. that would be more emotional. we have a lot more comments. we want to hear from you. you can do that 24 hours a day. democrats state the latest battle over gun control is over but the war goes on. >> 26-hour protest. forced a vote on gun control. georgia democrat, john louis. an icon in the civil rights movement. that he and his colleagues are far from finished. >> one step of when we come back here on july 5th, we're going to continue to push. to pull. to stand up. and if necessary, to sit down. >> that's the democratic side. now, republican house
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stunt. he said democrats will raise campaign money on the senate side. coming up at 5:30. how social media played a big role in the lawmakers broadcasting their message in the past 26 hours. this story, kind of nasty. and it's not for the kids. and a warning, it might gross you out, quite a bit. police are looking for this man. they say he was riding a blue line train last month when he put a condom on a woman's shoulder. and yes, there was something in it. we just don't know what it was. harris was supposed to turn himself in this morning. he didn't show up. he faces assault charges. metro's safety overall -- overhaul.
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now commuters -- wusa 9's transportation director, pete monteen is reporting on this. >> the fourth full day of the orange, blue and silver line. those trying to get around the shutdown are going to others to lay down like len fant plaza. >> tired of waiting. today, took the green line. her normal plan. >> it's unreal. >> metro says, with the shutdown, more people are transferring trains. lenfant plaza. and commuters here are getting cranky. >> it's probably three times more crowded than it normally is. >> joe has been riding since 1992. he's never seen l'enfant as crowde
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>> i think we're having additional crowding and unpleasantness. >> very annoying. . >> as for badu, she'll keep taking the green line so she can get home. >> i'll just be be glad when it's over. >> metro says there is no way of knowing exactly how many people will transfer through lenfant. >> okay. thanks for the information. right now, on our wusa 9news app. we have a complete list of the shutdowns and how to get around the congestion. we are just getting started. president obama after the supreme court blocked his controversial immigration plan. also coming up. cops slap the cuffs on a man accused of touching a young girl. and nasty weather splits this tree in montgomery county. wa
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tonight's yellow weather alert. and we're live. out with mother nature in the first round of the tournament.
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woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough.
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♪ stand by me. a man is now accused of inappropriately touching a girl at a target store. police say he's 19-year-old brendan cordova. we showed you these images from surveillance video earlier this week. we said th
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recognized cordova and the man in the video. >> the supreme court dealt a huge blow to president obama's immigration man today. that 4-4 tie blocks the president's executive action that kept up to 5 million undocumented workers from being deported. donald trump praised the ruling. president obama is clearly disappointed. >> i think it heartbreaking for the millions of immigrants who made their lives here. who have families here. who hoped for the opportunity to work for the military and fully contribute to this country we all love in an open way. >> in another ruling, the justices uphold the ruling saying it is constitutional for the university to take race into consideration as a factor in admission.
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morning delayed the first round by more than two hours. they were able to get things under way. but will they be able to finish? mike hydeck kicks off the team coverage. mike, how are the skies looking above now? >> so far, so good, bruce. overcast, but no rain. things are moving along just fine. that heavy burst of rain this morning, though. trying to reschedule all of those. but, if you have the wusa 9 app and you look at the radar, you knew how to at least the first half of your day. the second half. fingers were crossed that we could get everything else. >> umbrellas, ponchos, and prepared fans. round 1 of the quicken national. >> traffic. heading out here. >> sloping around in the mud in sandals and tennis shoes. >> and what was your
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>> beautiful. the course is beautiful. there's no mud anywhere. >> reporter: the early morning downpour posted a few challenges for the players, once they got under way at about 9:15. water on the fairway. but that disappeared by midday. improves the courts. for former champ, bill hoss. for others it was another kind of issue. the weather proved to be perfect for hild gard and her daughter. no rain and her husband jonathan just happens to be at the top of the leader board. >> are you prepared for rain if things change quickly? >> i'm going to stay back at the house. >> things will continue. another good sign. the quicken loans are above us. they don't fly when inclement weather is on the way. so that's a good sign, too. highlights from round 1. there is a very familiar name near the top of the leader board. he's been there
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for now, live at congressional. mike hydeck. back to you. >> looking forward to getting back to you. and lightning is blamed for splitting this tree and half of kensington. neighbors heard a loud noise that sounded like an explosion. and about a 30-foot portion of the tree, just missed the house and a neighbor's car. >> the storm passed. really not much of a storm yet. it really shows you that there could be a potential threat. it was just a random lightning strike, away from everything else. >> that tree took down some power lines. crews had them back up within an hour. neighbors tell us someone had just purchased that house. but they hadn't moved in yet. oh. painful. >> yeah. the issue always becomes, who is responsible for that? >> the person who bought it. >> you don't see any rods. yes, does look like lightning. lightning has been known to strike 10, 20 miles away from the parent storm. i
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>> thunder? lightning? >> thunder roars, get indoors. >> exactly. get inside. >> weatherwise. still the weather alert up. not completely convinced that we're out of the woods just yet. even though it's going to be a lot less than what we saw this morning. look at all. that activity. firing off to our south and southwest. in kentucky and west virginia and southwestern virginia. plenty of thunderstorm warnings, flood warning. tbofl ball size -- golf-ball sized hail. moving to the southeast. one little shower, thought was going to make its way. it just fell apart. as it crossed into i-81. this is the reason for the yellow weather alert. all of this activity is going to be tracking across west central pennsylvania. harrisburg is getting a thunderstorm right now. this also. see it fall apart here. near bedford. this is also a tough time moving southeast. but we're going to watch this for a few
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there's certainly a potential for a few showers. isolated thunder for this evening and tonight. one positive. it's going to -- didn't get too warm today. temperatures now on the 70s and low 80s. in fact, it's a rain-cooled 60s and 70s. 81 in easton. and 78 in waldorf. plenty of clouds still going on. michael and sons weather camera. that dew point near 70 now. and temperature up 79. but a lot better than any other area in the country today and tomorrow. forecasting a high of 83 tomorrow. mid-90s from bismarck down toward dallas. and of course, the high heat and the desert southwest. all taheat, with the big ridge of high pressure. storms right over and above it. you can see the northwesterly flow. closer to showers and storms east and southeast. well, it's this activity that is up in pennsylvania again. that is a chance to click parts of our area, especially north and northeast of us. let me show you th
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you see how we get a couple of showers here around midnight. things settle down for the most part. even in the morning, can't rule out a few showers in the afternoon. rumble of thunder friday. before we see nice clearing and sunshine building in as we head in through saturday. and that's going to be the case on sunday as well. heading toward the beach. looks like a pretty good weekend. tomorrow, mid-70s. and then upper 70s with sunshine, saturday and sunday. careful, you can burn easily. we'll number the 60s tonight for lows. isolated showers. it's going to be muggy. tomorrow morning. 70s, mostly cloudy. a few showers. probably drop the yellow weather alert later this evening. marginal tomorrow. 80 to 88ful as i said, the weekend looks great. 84, saturday. 86 sunday. talking about nighttime lows. mostly in the 60s. a front approaches with the chance of showers and storms. high of 88. tuesday, warm and dry, near 90. a
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observe chance of storms on wednesday. >> great, howard. volkswagen pays out billions to settle cheating claims. and what set some costco customers on a social media rant. i'll tell you all about it in our media alert. and why, after the break. did led zeppelin rip off the intro to one of the most iconic songs? the judge rules on the stairway to heaven case next.
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♪[ music ] led zeppelin comes out on top. the jury rules today that the band did not steal stairway to heaven. in a statement, band members robert plant and jimmy page said they're happy with the jury's decision. >> amazing, you asked to hear the song and they played it for you. it's the bruce johnson effect. consumer news. volkswagen will pay about $10.2 billion to compensate more than
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people who brought their two- liter diesel engines. emissions software that can cheat on tests am they will get between $1,000 and $7,000. and that, of course, depends on voe age of the car. aglkswen will pay the penalties to the government with the portion of that money. some small suvs, including crv may not protect you in some crashes. only the 2016 hyundai tucson got a passing grade of good in their crash test, involving the front right corner. the 2015 rav 4 received the only 4 rating. customers are not happy about costco's switch to advica. on facebook, some say they haven't received the new card. others say their rewards points are missing. and they complain of long waits to get through citibank's customer service. costco says it is working on the issue and citi bank apologizes for the
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concerns about the flu vaccine nasal spray. and a prince george's county woman said she was assaulted while sleeping in her own home. plus, using the power of social media to broadcast their plus, using the power of social media to broadcast their been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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house democrats, after more than 24 hours. and while they lo
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floor. congress stepped in, mastered social media and kept that sit- in on the air. >> ileana diaz live on the air. social media played a big role yesterday. >> that's right, bruce. it definitely did. and it shows the power of a smart phone, pretty much anyone with one of these can go live any time, any place. and it's because of that that democrats were able to broadcast their sit-in to millions of people all over facebook, periscope and even snapchat. >> we will not leave the floor of this house until this congress takes action. >> reporter: democrats took over the house chamber for a sit-in for gun control. >> reporter: but it's not what they're sitting in there for that caught the attention of millions. it's how. when republicans called for a recess, the house cameras shut off. that's when democrats turned to social media. texas congressman aired short clips on snap chat. then switched over
5:31 pm
more than 360,000 views. >> the american people are with us and people around the world. thank you very much. >> reporter: congressman scott peters took his live feed to periscope. he tweeted that he just downloaded the app and was still trying to figure it all out. millions of viewers started tuning in. giving praise to congress, with tweets like this one. but there were some technical difficulties, and user error. some used twit tore give congress advice. in this tweet, one man said, turn it sideways. another suggested giving the phone to someone under 30. eventually, these congressmen turned cameraman got it down. you can see it here. and tweeting, i got so much better. >> reporter: now, the sit-in may be over. but the buzz over social media continues. and a lot of people are coming out on social media, admitting
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cspan nonstop. and they're really not that into politics am but they they were learning to adopt and use social media. because quite frankly, it was entertaining. >> ileana, thanks a lot. democrats vow too keep pushing for stricter gun control. the polls are now closed in the uk. where voters are deciding whether the united kingdom should remain a member of the european union. the remaining camp claims that british families will be about $6,000 poorer. polls are showing a dead heat. bookies are calling for a stay- in. we're learning more tonight about a frightening sexual assault. a triangle woman said she was asleep inside her home wednesday morning when somebody came in and sexually assaulted her. this happened on kilmer
5:33 pm
not too far from route 1 and ram park road. the woman said her attacker was a man with a medium complexion. now, 5'to 5'2." and unshaven face. prince williams county police want to know from you if you know anything about this case. the man who walked into a baltimore tv station, wearing an animal costume and a fake bomb. a judge said allen frizzy should be treated for schizophrenia. and that judge ruled that he was not responsible for his actions. he survived after officers shot him multiple times. the water is running again. but the road is still shunt down after -- shut down after a water main break in alexandria. crews still need to repair that road, after they dug out to fix the water main. there is a boil water advisory in place for people who live in the area.
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details. so someone stole the ke of a d.c. councilman today. tommy wells said it happened at north capital and h street. here's a picture of the bike. and they even got to see video of the guy who took his wheels. the crook was wearing neon reflective green work pants. a blue sweater, dark baseball cap. and wells, of course, is now the director of d.c.'s department of energy and the environment. the emergency call ercent opened a new lab today to test the next generation of 911 calls. >> emergency, 911. >> in the next year or so, officials say you'll be able to tag first responders in d.c., all at the same time. this means 911 operators won't have to try to describe the suspect or the scene to our police officers and firefighters. it's a really big deal. but be able to see it for themselves before they arrive.
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provide what is known as the coordinates. >> right now, you can tell me that you're at -- or, -- oh, you're at mlc, but i don't know if you're on the first floor, second floor, or third floor. indy 911 will provide that. a second body has now been found in the search for a missing florida family. their sailboat disappeared off the coast of southwest florida. a father and his three teens left for fort myers sunday morning. in addition to the two bodies, the coast guard announced that it found a kayak that matches the description of the one being towed by the missing boat. flu shots are in. flu mists are out. the cdc says there is no evidence, none at all, that the nasal spray flu vaccine used to treat children works anymore. an advisory committee is telling doctors and pediatricians to skip the mist and reach for
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>> two of the last three seasons, it hasn't worked at all. at least in our hands. we haven't seen any data to show that it is effective. >> earlier data found that nasal flu sprays were actually more effective than shots for children. it's not clear, he alth officials say, why or how that changed. ever wonder how people who are blind handle paper money? >> yeah. the government tries to make it a bit easier for people who are seeing impaired. right after the break. a former attendance champ will lend a hand to injured veterans. and traffic and storms. that's why the yellow weather alert. big area of storms to the south. not a problem. but the stuff in pennsylvania. we'll have a closer look at that and your weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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a prince george's county woman is helping injured veterans in a unique way.
5:40 pm
champion understandings some of their challenges firsthand. our wusa 9 service dog in training bring you tonight, salute to service training report. >> that's your single blind. >> who better to inspire wounded warriors than brenda gilmore. paralyzed in a car accident at the age of 27, tennis changed her life. >> built my self-esteem and confidence so much. and it became like an ice breaker. >> brenda went on to become a nationally-ranked wheelchair and tennis champion. now, she wants to inspire injured veterans. >> push and follow through. >> my freedoms here in the united states. it's the least that i could possibly do. >> started playing tennis in her native puerto rico at the age of 5. she was
5:41 pm
suffered traumatic brain injury. >> most of my memories are gone. >> she had to relearn the game, through tears and frustration. >> now i can hit the ball. it's like having part of my life back. >> step forward on that left foot, orlando. >> doing this, it makes me take my mind off of what is really wrong with me. >> a former boxer champion, who won the national golden gloves title. tennis is his new challenge. >> that's what it is. that competitive side of me. i always feel like i'm the champ of whatever i do. >> in the end, the game of tennis is secondary. restoring confidence and the sense of community comes first. >> all i can say is god bless america and thank them all for their service. >> in germantown, andrea mccarren. wusa 9. >>
5:42 pm
if you'd like to learn more about brenda and the great work she does in our community, we have posted a link to her tennis foundation on our wusa 9 news app. trending now. a dad supports his sick son and ends up being called father of the year. you've got to see his story. we're also going to tell you about kfc charred up chicken. and the bear that walks like a man, steps out again in a jersey neighborhood.
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we checking out tweets from the campaign trail. isis threatens us today, according to donald trump. and from hillary clinton, today, heartbreaking heartscotus. we must do better. the bear that became an internet sensation. making the rounds once again on social media.
5:46 pm
>> dangles there. and that's why. >> and that's why everybody is giving these a whole lot of room to do his thing. like you stay over there. >> he came and said, are you not real? who is in there? perhaps you're hungry for chicken? and the batteries are dying on your cell phone. >> well, kfc has something that is particularly good. a takeout box. and a lot of people are checking us out on facebook. so the colonel calls it -- it's available for a short time. a kansas dad might be father of the year for how he is supporting his son. >> gauge shows his battle of cancer. has a scar on the left side of his head after
5:47 pm
heartbreaking for his mom and dad. >> as a parent, that hurts. to have your child feel like everybody is staring at him, they're scared of him. and that's not the case. >> i didn't like himself calling himself a monster. to me, he's beautiful. >> josh schulz called a local tattoo artist and got a scar tattoo to match his son's. the picture of father and son is being shown around the world now. gabe continues to fight, knowing his dad will be there every step of the way. >> we are pulling for gabe. oh, my goodness. what a remarkable story. today, here on the ground right beside her. >> all right. several tornadoes tore through illinois last night. at least four of them reported in the northern part of the state. debris slammed into the car of a storm chaser. >> they were lucky. >> yeah. he called it 30 seconds of chaos, howie. high winds ripped up homes.
5:48 pm
hole. just torrential rain fell on fans at chicago's sorely feel. you know what it's like to drive. it's in the eye of the storm now. >> and that severe weather. that same compislex what brought us our rain this morning. that messes up the morning commute. of course, we didn't have the severity of the storms we had in the midwest. but we're still dealing with the energy. look at the severe warnings now. in south central virginia. back into a tornado watch. this is staying away from us. if you're traveling down 81, down toward richmond, keep that in mine, it's going to be there for a few more hours. activity in pennsylvania. see some new activity here. it pulls together. maybe another hour or so. could be down for i-68 there. just west of hancock. you're going to watch that. showers in the altoona area. this is the stuff again, moving southeast of 40. temps, low 80s. 3-degree guaee
5:49 pm
and annapolis. we're at 79. rain-cooled 68. cloudier. 76 in fredericksburg. we still have plenty of clouds showing up on our michael and sons weather camera. feels like 82 due to the stickiness. a lot of heat. south central, southwest and even north central part of the country. coming around, that big ridge of high pressure. and heat. all the showers and storms. and still, i'm watching this area. came out of michigan. moving into pennsylvania. and this is what -- probably taking more of an aim toward northeastern maryland. but can't rule out the possibility. especially north of town. that we'll see a couple of showers. maybe rumble of thunder. through the evening hours. tomorrow, this front is still too close. so we'll pop a few more showers in the morning. then in the afternoon. not going to yellow weather alert tomorrow. but marginal. and then we'll see clearing. and then saturday. so much better around here. the weekend. i think you're going to like it. we are late june.
5:50 pm
65 to 70 tonight. isolated showers. muggy. northeast winds at 5. could even be a patch of fog. tomorrow, 70s in the morning with a few showers here and there. and then in the afternoon, a few shower, rumble of thunder. 80 to 85 degrees. we're up to 85 for the average high. by the way. saturday, beautiful. 84. sunday, beautiful. 86. and not going to be humid this weekend. going to feel great. now, monday. should be final for the last couple of nights of the tournament. monday, the nats are back. could be an afternoon storm. and looking good tuesday. especially wednesday. and another chance for storm by thursday afternoon. guys, back to you. hopefully the rain holds off, for the golfers at the quicken loan national. what's it looking like out there, guys? >> well, the clouds are rolling in. it's getti l
5:51 pm
in today. ricky ballard just did the great t shot. crowd liked it. sitath one under. bian interesting day because of the rain. everything got pushed back. but some of the big hitters liked that rain. >> ernie els. the big easy. he loved the fact that there was rain this morning. sometimes, the guy who has got the touch, likes the conditions where they're at. els, pushing 50. birdie on 60. this is a long boir. 29 feet. and he drains it. then els closes out his round with another birdie. but els is in contention. tied for third. at 5 under. kegan bradley on point. on the 18th. and near 50-foot putt. seems to have no problem. good for birdie. bradley tied it for 38 at 1 under. john rom. remember this name. he is the clubhouse
5:52 pm
packed in for birdie. now, ron, making his pro debut. last week, made the cut at the u.s. open. so a strong start for him. >> so he made the decision. i'm going to play for money. and he's in contention. this is his first professional tournament. and aplayingly, he's in -- amazingly, he's in first place after the first round. >> i hit the driver extremely good today. i was hitting it really, really straight. and hitting it long. really comfortable. something that really doesn't happen too often. >> you can't but help yourself. thinking back. 20 years. seen a lot of work. and winning a major has a special place. like congressional. every single hole is a moment. you know, back in '97.
5:53 pm
love seeing els in contention. thursday. it's time for inside pitch. nats wrap things up in los angeles. >> lost five straight on the road. they're still on the road. and the way they lost last night to the dodgers. you see sadly. in little league, it was a walkoff inside the park's homer as michael a. taylor. first player to do that this year in baseball. he let the baseball run under has glove. inside the park. walked off homer. and the win as the nats get swept by the dodgers. day off thankfully today x. they'll be in milwaukee tomorrow. >> we got plenty more golf coming up at 6:00. a look more at how they did today, despite the weather. hopefully it will still be clear. >> all right. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed for you. >> nats losing 5 straight. >> that is painful. imagine getting a memo that says you're going to have to work the same hours for less money. >> that's what happens. teachers in our area.
5:54 pm
also ahead. gun coal control at the nation -- gun control at the nation's capital. democrats sit in in the house of representatives. and setbacks are making it harder for the blind to handle cash. we're going to dive into that issue up next.
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a civil rights group has filed a motion in court to get the u.s. treasury to start printing money that is easier for blind people to handle. our john henry brings us the story. >> florea ducket serves at the center for the blind and visually impaired. she's been blind much of her life and says dealing with cash has always been an issue. >> in order for me to use the money, someone will have to identify them to me. >> reporter: but that can take time. on top of that, ducket said she's also susceptible to handing over too much money when at the grocery store. >> i've made mistakes in giving people the wrong things. >> i
5:58 pm
department of treasury to begin printing denominations of money that people like ducket could decipher by touch. they were disappointed when a series of delays and mixed deadlines would not be printed until 2026 at the earliest. >> just seems to me, it has not been the priority it should be. >> reporter: so what would the american council of the blind like to see? there are a number of suggestions. for starters, you have larger dollars. you can also have raised symbols in corners that can help you differentiate between 5s, 10s and 20s. >> in the meantime, there are a few things you can do to help the visually impaired. this will help you tell what bill you're hagging. -- handling. the group filed a motion. >> follow what the court order said. >> meanwhile, ducket just hopes she'll get some answers in
5:59 pm
wusa 9. >> and the american council of the blind said the u.s. treasury told them, counterfeiting delays. now with people protected boy a presidential -- by a presidential order, be deported. democrats gave up their takeover of house control. and a verdict of not guilty on counts for the baltimore police officer, facing the most see veer charges -- severe charges. thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. freddie gray case, charged with murder. his name was cesar junior. >> the 25-year-old suffered a severe neck injury in the van, died a week later. since the verdict was read this morning, things have been relatively quiet in the city. nothing like the rise last year. bruce leshan is live in baltimore, with tonight's top story at 6:00.
6:00 pm
>> yeah, bruce. as you say, the city quite calm at this point. no sign of the rioting that followed freddie gray's death in 2015. and in? ways, really this verdict did not come as a big surprise. the judge had telegraphed fairly early on that he was really skeptical of these charges. >> reporter: a sweeping victory for police officer caesar goodson and a stinging defeat for state's attorney marilyn mosby. right after the judge found goodson not guilty on all counts. he hugged two of the officers who are still facing charges. the prosecutor is now zero-3. having failed to win convictions against of the police she charged, as complicit in the death of freddie gray, in the back of a transport van. [ indiscernible ] >> mosby is now under intense pressure to drop charges against the four remains officers.


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