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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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somebody out there knows who the person is. distinctive hair, wall, clothing from that evening. tracking metro tonight, normal service has resumed along the green and yellow lines. the cavalry pl., chinatown station was shut down during the evening after smoke started pouring from
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onto the platform. crews had to extinguish a smoldering bolt on the tracks. passengers none too mac please.>> it is awful given the fact that people rely on the metro. to have the system go down like this where people cannot get out of the city is kind of awful. and heinous. i can't believe i paid money for this.>> reporter: metro says crews corrected a problem at gallery place. service resumed at 9:45. commuters are hoping things like this are not the norm. we know that the efficiency of metro evacuating stations and the response to smoke incidents has come under fire since the death last year. let's look at social media response. liz was in the area
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the gallery. this is gallery place right now. look at that crush of people trying to offload. the next one here, no fire alarm rain during the fire at gallery place. evacuation orders were only shouted by transit officers. another, video had to walk through six metro cars due to a fire. the last one here, this has got to stop. the smoke incidents. big job cuts are on the horizon for metro. paul meter feld has sent a letter saying 500 jobs are going to be eliminated over the next few months. he did not specify which workers will lose their jobs. some vacant positions will not be field. metros money problems are to blame. join us this thursday at 7:00 p.m. for a live wusa nine mission metro special. i will be hosting an hour-long town hall style event. the agency's new bo
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commuters just like you. we want to hear back from you so pose your questions on facebook or use the # wusa nine on metro on twitter. fire broke out tonight at a construction site in north bethesda along grand park avenue next to the i-10 weedeater. firefighters had it under control and minutes. the fire was kept on the upper level of a large building under construction. no one was hurt. to the district, mayor muriel bowser has signed a bill raising the minimum wage. right now it's 10:-- $10.50 an hour. it will climbing steps to $15 an hour by 2020. obama issuing a statement commending the districts action and calling on congress to raise the federal minimum wage, which is right now at $7.25 an hour. tomorrow is sentencing day for codefendants in the murder of a local hotel manager.
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washington was convicted of murder. he faces life in prison this happened back in 2013 at a clarion hotel in austin hills. the bar manager was shot to death during an attempted robbery. the trigger man, deandre weems, is serving a life sentence. pro-choice supporters celebrating outside the us supreme court. the court boating down controversial texas law enacted in 2013 that requires abortion clinics to have the same standards as outpatient surgery centers and it requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals. the court says the law pose an undue burden on women. today's ruling is expected to have an effect on other states with similar laws. and another ruling, the supreme court overturned former virginia gov. bob mcdonnell's public correction coti
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guilty of taking gifts and loans from a virginia businessman in exchange for selling the procedure of the governor's office. the supreme court said instructions to the jury were so broad they could cover almost any action. a former congressional delegate, walter fauntleroy guys behind bars, a story bruce johnson broke on twitter's today. he was arrested this morning at dulles as he returned from spending the past four years in the persian gulf. the 83-year-old was taken into custody on a warrant from prince george's county, charging that he wrote a bad check for more than $50,000 to help pay for a presidential inaugural ball that fizzled in 2009. at a hearing tomorrow, he is expected to wave extradition and be turned over to authorities in prince george's county. a montgomery county elementary school teacher
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been charged with five counts of child sex abuse involving two 211-year-old girls. john bittner of silver spring was a third grade teacher at cleverly elementary until he was placed on leave in february. every parent received a letter about the arrest. the states attorney for cecil county, there he is, he has been charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. that's edward rollins the third. the charges stem from an incident that happened last wednesday in ocean city. police responding to a report of a naked man on a hotel balcony. they took rollins into custody. we have learned volkswagen has agreed to pay nearly 15 volkswagen has agreed to pay nearly $15 billion to settle claims from its omission cheating scandal. this impacts owners of half 1 million volkswagen vehicles. it could mean up to $10,000 each. terms of the settlement are expected to be
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judge tomorrow. coming up, a federal lawsuit in virginia breeds -- breathes new life into their effort to stop donald trump before the convention. we will check on the delegates next. a poster on how to be cool at the pool is being called super racist. tonight, an apology from the red cross. look at this. the cowboys rioted in new york city and ends up with a ticket. the story behind the man, his horse, and
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tonight, virginia lawsuit is breathing new life into the efforts of blocking donald trump. >> a winchester delegate is now suing to defend his right not to vote for trump at the convention. this has other delegates continued to distance themselves from the presumptive nominee. >> reporter: this starts with a brand-new wall street journal and nbc new poll
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that shows only 45% of republicans say they are satisfied with donald trump. more than half would've preferred someone else. some of those people who will be directly responsible for nominating trump are revolting against.>> first of all, it's not legal, can't do it. a delegate finds donald trump so unpalatable as a possible president he files a federal lawsuit friday. >> virginia has taken it upon hymns -- itself to say if you don't vote for trump, we can put you in jail. we can find you.>> reporter: law requires delegates to vote for the candidate that got the most votes. that's trump. that's not acceptable to boeker rel. >> the world is staged to have someone so prone to anger, mocking. it gives me great pause as to whether or not this person has a temperament to be
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in-chief.>> reporter: john kasich and florida sen. marco rubio split the primary vote. christian wehrly backed case then and still hopes to boeker met the convention. >> i want us to pick a candidate qualified to run the country.>> reporter: sources say as many as half of the delegates are committed to other candidates even if the party demand stay back trump.>> dc voters rejected donald trump and they deserve a delegation reflecting their views, to oppose donald trump at every turn.>> reporter: a free the delegates campaign claims 400 support of delegates fighting to vote their conscience come cleveland.>> maryland is solid. i just don't see it.>> reporter: likely none of them come from maryland where trump swept all the delegates.>> people always support the rule as long as it goes their way. suddenly the they want to change it. i don't support
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reporter: both donald trump and the rnc have called this entire never trump movement silly. they say it is basically a media creation that is going nowhere. according to a treat from the republicans top strategist calling it a media creation, we expect to see a little bit more fight out of this before it's all said and done. garrett haake, usa nine. on the democratic side, that same poll is showing those numbers perfectly split. the nbc wall street journal survey shows among democratic voters, satisfaction with clinton as the nominee is at 52%. 45% would've preferred someone else. elizabeth warren often -- offered a passionate endorsement of clinton and a campaign event in cincinnati today. she wasted no time going after donald trump.>> a small, insecure money grabber who fights for nobody but himself.>> reporter: she
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temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united states.>> warren was one of the last democratic senators to endorse clinton. some are calling the event a high profile audition for the vice presidential role.  we will keep you posted. the red cross is apologizing for a swimming pool safety poster in colorado that a lot of people saw as racist. have a look for yourself. the poster depicting behavior at the pool that is cool and other behavior that is not cool. critics say the not cool kids seem to be children of color.>> i kept staring at it and thinking, it looks like they're trying to do something here that shows all kids together of all different backgrounds, but there are clearly -- they are clearly not hitting the mark.>> when i saw the poster, i felt like this is an
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step back. >> the red cross has issued a statement apologizing for any misunderstanding. it's says it's not the organizations intent to offend anyone and it is committed to diversity and inclusion in all it does. we're talking 3 degree guarantee around here. how did you do?>> well.>> you don't usually say that.>> we went 87 and the high was shall we say very close to 87? it was 87. >> look at that.>> we got 37 of the last 40. i don't see much difference tomorrow. we are going to go 87 tomorrow. the yellow weather alert tomorrow. 77 downtown tomorrow, it is muggy out there. winds light out of the southeast. here is radar over the last hour. essentially along i-95 and east and south, nothing severe, heavy downpours possible, especially in
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alexandria. this will move off to the south and east. it will hit the airport towards mel would at 11:44. south down towards lake ridge, this is also moving east, could hold together get a waldorf by 11:51. for the most part they are waning and then they will rebuild tomorrow. yellow weather alert on tuesday. some morning and afternoon storms that could linger through 10:00 tomorrow night. wednesday is great, lower humidity, lots of sunshine. a few storms thursday and friday. a better chance of storms friday. showers possible again, don't get hung up on the exact location, but there are showers and storms in the area that could be just as easily north to dc or to out east towards leesburg. then we get into the 9:00 hours, showers and storms increase
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especially to the east according to future cast. la plata, 75. buoy, 76. by lunchtime, more showers and another line of showers back to the west along i 81. we will stop this at 6:00, a couple of showers to the west. we are in the mid to upper 80s at this point. the pretty one day tomorrow. another line of showers and storms, stopping it 10:00. 24 hours from now we have lingering showers and storms in parts of the metro areas. the second front will lead to a great wednesday. it breaks down like this. the day planner. light showers possible early. maybe a thunderstorm by nine. we will break at 11. more thunderstorms at one. don't be surprised to see sun tomorrow between storms. wednesday, beautiful. thursday is okay, pleasant, isolated storms temperature in the mid-80s. the next seven days, we are pretty good on thursday,
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isolated storms. friday, a couple of storms. saturday, isolated storms. sunday in the fourth look nice and even under nine.>> that's something to look forward to.>> there's something about soccer that brings out the crazy and everybody.>> we witnessed one of the greatest upsets in all of sports, david taking out the life. there is a reason why iceland is celebrating with alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month.
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now wusa nines game on sports with frank hanrahan brought you by xfinity. afterward that strasburg will missed time due to up back injury, it's good to be home for the nets despite their struggles with the three game lead over the mets. the gnats were in an early hole, but the bottom of the third, they charge back. randall wood a base not to right-field that would score to. in the fifth, stores coming through on
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night. he scored two more. three stolen bases, three runs scored. the gnats when 11-4. a big night tomorrow for lucas feeling of. he is the best prospect in the minors. he makes his debut against the mets. excited to see what he can do. home is not where the heart is for kevin durrant. the nba free-agent has no plans to talk with our wizards. the dc brass had hoped he would play for his hometown team. he said up with -- meetings with six other teams, not one of them is the wizards. to update you on that gofundme page set up by paperboy prince to bring katie to dc, still standing strong $84, the goal was $20 million. we had the
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in 2016, it was iceland with one of the greatest upsets in sports history. iceland only has 330,000 people. that country knocked off england at the euro cup in the round of 16. england is up one-zero early. iceland with the equalizer. a great ball in and the score. it's time at that one-one. roy hobson who makes for an a half million dollars a year resigned after the match. iceland's manager is a part- time dentist. iceland goes up to-one and pull off leash fungus upset and advanced to the quarterfinals. the cool part, the celebration afterwards. it's appear. pretty cool.>> i couldn't figure it out. i googled it.>> great
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you don't see this every day. a cowboy raised eyebrows as he wrote across the outerbridge from new jersey into staten island.>> doc mishler was on one horse pulling another. the port authority stopped him and sighted for trespassing and impeding traffic. but they did let him finish the trip, much to the chagrin of those new york commuters. docsis he is a cancer survivor writing across the country raising money to fight hunger. >> my dream is to write across the country and let everyone know we have enough money to feed every child in the world.>> he was on his way to a cowboy gathering in queen's. the port authority did not charge of the toll because he wasn't in
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vehicle.>> i don't see him tying up traffic. >> you have to get over bridges at some point.>> the other -- yellow weather alert tomorrow, even early tomorrow night, pretty toasty and upper 80s. gorgeous wednesday, okay thursday, storms friday and saturday. the third and fourth look okay right now.>> i like that.
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