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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 6, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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♪ taylor's fourth of july fireworks inside her epic red, white and blue bash. over-the-top hiddleswift's pda, new star squad mmmbers. why did bestie selena diss with the party. >> who was jorm and amal's famous third wheel op their fourth of july date? plus christie ble
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 that's take-away number one./ they're really into each other. they kiss and held hands.0x tom showed off temporary tattoo that matched taylor's, a red heart with a t in the center. he wore a tank top that read i heart ts. "snl" tk
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my boyfriend went swimming in a tank top that said i heart ts, the talk would be all, i want to you cultivate your own life. >> a piggy back ride with tom. taylor was snapped in a similar pose with her ex, calvin harris, at last year's fourth of july party. taylor's got the best beach party pad, an aerial of the $17 million seaside mansion in rhode island, complete with an xr inflatable red, white and blue water slide right next to her next, number three, taylor's all-american swimsuit style. the 26-year-old rocked this bikini from forever 21. the top goes for $17.19. and the swifties quickly snapped it up. it's sold out right now. taylor wore this patriotic bikini that had her totally twinning with gigi hadid. take away number four? ryan reynolds and his mysterious tattoos. the actor and his wife blake lively hit the beach with
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she showed off her baby bump an we a glimpse of ryan's mog art. aisng h tattoos, a six of hearts playing card on hisht rig leg. finally number fiv bestie, selena gomez? selena skipped taylor's bash and held her own. posting this instagram from the party which ended with her falling into the pool. but this really got twitter talking. ♪ ♪ >> selena and her pals sann and panced along to "fireworks" sung by katy perry, taylor's rumored enemy. >> in fairness, selena was on tour in colorado. that's a long flight to take just for a party, right? >> sure. we have more stars celebrating the stars and stripes, likk ben affleck and jen garner. doesn't matter. on the 4th they're at home, kicking it with the kids at a parade. >> after a whirlwind weekend for jen, she's in paris and she was reunited with her "alias"
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it was an affectionate smooch between old friends. jen got to know brad pretty well when th were on the show together. held at the stock exchang paris, the two sat next to each other for the atelier versace haute couture show where his love, supermodel irina shayk was strutting her stuff. jen met with donatella versace after the show and naomi campbell broke in on the backstage reunion. front-runner at the giambattista valli show. the looks were flowy and feminine, celine had a harr time picking her favorite look. >> they're so beautiful, i want them all. it's a big problem.y@ >> will smith and 15-year-old daughter willow created a stir at the chanel show. the stately grand palais was transformed inside to looke lik a design studio.
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designer karl lagerfeld, while jessica chastain gushed over the workmanship. >> you forget how many hours are spent on the beading and intricacy of the embroidery.i7 of each piece. >> not only the fashion, but the shows themselves. i love checking out hairdos and makeup, awesome. nischell turner is here fresh from new orleans talking o. >> lady o as in omg. oprah looks fantastic. i headed to new orleans for the essence festival. opr celebrating her o.w.n. series. >> we have to talk about this figurr and this lady and this dress. you look amazing oprah. i mean you really -- i got to stand back for a second. yes, honey. you look so good. she lost at least 30 pounds & since last august. thanks to her weight watchers regimen but oprah is keeping mum on her goal weight for now.
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where i really want to be. i had a rough week last week. 27 people in my house every day, there was breakfast, lunch and dinner. i was just trying to hold on and not gain weight. >> how much do you want to do? >> i don't have a number. i just have a -- a feeling, you get to the point where -- i can go to the store. i can pick that size, it's available. i don't have to be like have it altered and all that stuff. >> she looked amazing. but there's another milestone in the oprah universe that' a little misty-eyed. >> in september it would have been 30 years since the premiere of the "oprah winfrey show." it would have been 30 years, oprah. >> yes. >> i know. >> are you trying to make me cry? >> i'm about to cry. >> i'm oprah winfrey and welcome to the very first national "oprah winfrey show"! >> do you ever look back and say -- should i have stayed? 30 years? >> no.
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i never wanted to be the person for whom people would say, that show was so good two years ago. i never wanted to be the person who didn't know when to exit the party. it was the glorious, most amazing platform anybody co have to speak to millions of people every day. and i think i exited at exactly the right moment. >> essence, hello! >> the queen of o made her very first appearance at the festival where she delivered the keynote speech. >> anything you hear about me that feels good, ounds good, you think about, i wonder what oprah is doing, how is she doing? >> i am living the dream. >> she celebrated the premiere of her latest project, the tv drama "queen sugar" set to debut on own in september. all episodes of the series will be directed by winfrey. want to be an empowered woman?
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that lives with me. >> what's the best piece of advice that she's ever given you? >> i was talking with her during a difficult time and she told me this is not happening to you, this is happening for you. it really changed the way i thought about all the obstacles and challenges in life. >> also at the annual festival that celebrates empowering women? tyra banks and beyonce's mom. but no one matched mariah carey's intere >> i'm very happy to be here. >> you know it was a great turn-out. i love the essence festival. 250,000 people in one place, partying, family reunion. people went crazy for ma saturday night. guess where she went when she left new orleans? italy. >> of course she did. >> she's celebrating the 4th on the island of capri with her fiancé, james packer and her twins. johnny depp is back from his european tour with his band, hollywood vampires. is he sending a very interesting message to his estranged wife amber heard?
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>> johnny jamming with his vampires band as they rock atlantic city. but the focus wasn't on ooeding, but rather his tatt fingers. depp's right-hand digits used to read slim, his nickname for amber. the altered tat now spells "scum not the first time that depp has had a taatoo doctored after a break-up. after his break-up with winona ryder, he changed his "winona forever" tat to "wino forever." christie brinkley's holiday weekend in the hamptons got a little crazy. christie claims a in need of a bathroom decided the sand and rocks surrounding mansion would do just fine. the woman to us christie sprayed her with a garden hose to make her leave. quote the fact is she sprayed m& no reason. she said -- it's my rocks, it's my sand, you have to go. christie said she was cleaning
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spray the woman. ♪ ♪ >> finally, j. lo asked "hamilton" creator and star lin manuel miranda to partner with her for a benefit for the victims oo the pulse nightclub massacre. lin manuel raps while jennifer sings "love makes the world goo round" is a song expected out this week. lin manuel posted a taste of the tune on twitter. ♪ >> the song isn't new, jennifer has had it for a while she wrot it, but didn't record it and after the orlando massacre, she felt it was perfect for this moment and said she wanted a latino partner, so lin manuel was perfect. so many of the victims in orlando were latino. up next, how do the stars not in taylor's squad celebrate the fourth of july. her ex calvin, miley and liam george and amal, and no, did again. and mila kunis opens up
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rob lowe is heading to primetime this fall as a new doc oncbs's
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welcome back to, lots of stars celebrating and hangin out on the fourth of july. you know not everybody made the trek to rhode island to kick it at taylor wift's mansion including her ex, calvin harris. what broken heart? the newly single deejay hits the bootsy bellow's party at nobu, malibu. miley and liam partied next speaking of sparklers. miley was rocking that ring while behati was rocking the bump alongside hubby adam levine and also hitting up the bashes, scott disick in blue suede shoes, partied with kendra while big sis kim sat the party out to maintain her pre-baby bod.
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snapchat, i stayed home because i couldn't tempt myself. two weeks crazy strict atkins diet. kourtney k. killing it in this one-piece. other 4th festivities, chrissy teigen and john legend found time to relax in the hamptons. but you can't chrissy down. she got playful with friends in a hash tag throatie. >> brad and angelina made a quick stop in the grocery store. angelina wearing a white sheath and gray wrap while brad looked cool in a fedora white gett into a tesla. they were possibly heading to party to celebrate. amy schumer saluted the holiday in a black bikini calling herself an american treasure -- we got to agree. what o you mean, justin? the biebs taking a brief break from his purpose tour. the 22-year-old leaving little to theimagination, showing off his calvins and wakeboarding skiln
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i want to point out that he does own a bathing suit. he was wearing board shorts earl >> it's like he needs more attention. maybe that's the kind of attention you don't want. >> still ahead, hollywood's summer bay boom is on as three celeb couples welcome newborns. mila kunis on the mommy workout that left her in tears. >> i can't stop crying! plus theresa and melissa give us a look inside the o cfo emotional new season of "jersey housewives." >> you're so strong krnd krnd -- captions by vitac --
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every day, brian drives carefully to work. and every day brian drives carefully to work,
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he's been paying more for car insurance because of their bad driving for so long, he doesn't even notice them anymore. but one day brian gets snapshot from progressive. now brian has a rate based on his driving, not theirs. get snapshot and see just how much your good driving could save you. congratulations another girl for emily blunt and john krasinski. he made the announcement yesterday via twitter writing what better way to celebrate the 4th than to announce our fourth family member. two weeks ago we met our beautiful daughter violet. crazy how the couple weee able to keep the baby secret. >> boy for "code black" star ben hollingsworth and his wife broke the news to "e.t." with these photos of hemingway o nash. weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces. ben plays a doctor on a cbs show. art became reality when the hot doc got to help deliver his son. the proud papaatweeted -- this little man n o
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and "bachelorette" fans favorite sean and katherine lowe welcomed their new son, samuel thomas. the first-time father tw while cctherine posted a pic from her hospital bed captioned, i think i'm in love. ♪ >> couple's love story is played out in public since meeting on "bachelorette" in 2012 and marrying live on abc in 2014. but don't look for any behind-the-scenes with sam. >> we're not going to throw our kids in front of the cameras and do crazy stuff like that. like i think -- i think that chapr, that next chapter of our lives will probably be pr pettyrivate. >> more baby news, remember jamie otis and doug hehner, from "married at first sight" where complete strangers get married? jamie was so unhappy at the sight of her husband, doug, at their wedding, she cried and crumpled to the floor but now they're expecting their first child in december. congratulations,
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mila kunis is expecting her second child with ashton kutcher and the key to making it all work? >> i like to do a move called the geriatric dinner, 5:30, 6:00 p.m. dinner, that's my favoriie, my favorite. put my daughter down at 7:00, in bed by 9:00. it's so nice. >> that's mila describing her perfect night in. getting candid for her cover story in the august i "glamour""magazine, the 32 stuns in bottega veneta, gets playful in an oversized coach acket, fx goes makeup-free for a gorgeous back cover and dishes on everything from working out to trump to pumps. >> i have been meaning to upgrade the breast pumps because i think everyone sounding cow can get old. but it did save me. i pumped in the airport. i've pumped on the side of the road, i've pumped everywhere. >> mila opens up about her 18-year relationship with now-hubby ashton kutcher sayi
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quote, there's nothing we don't know about each other. because we've known each other for so llng. the ugly, bad, the good, it's being married to your best friend, cheesy, but true. >> i have an amazing support system in the house, meaning my husband is incredible. >> mila and ashton are going to be paren for the second time. >> besides chasing after her 1-year-oll daughter, wyatt, how does this mom stay in shape? one word and according to mila, it ain't pretty. >> i hate the word burpis, it's like ptsd for me. my trainer loves burpies so much and he said we're going to do 20 burpies, and i start crying. i hatt them. >> i'm crying just thinking about them for her. she's right, they're terri i don't like crunches, but mila, you're looking awesome. nischell is back, talking about tough ladies, the "jersey housewives". >> i was binge-watching all the
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old episodes this weeken we know the big story line, theresa giudice's return home from prison and ohio her ffmily is coping. we got teresa to sit down and ask after other tough questions with her sister-in-law. >> i watched the first episode, i cried. >> did you cry when you watched it? >> it was hard for me to watch. >> for the past 11 1/2 months. >> an emotional homecoming for theresa after spending 11 1/2 months in jail for bankruptcy fraud, her husband, joe, started his jail time in march. >> you're so strongg >> we get to see joe when he has to leave. >> when we're walking out. >> joe's serving a 41-mont sentence. the couple is still managing to keep things spicy. >> are there any x-rated emails going on? >> that's funny. i mean, i don't know if i want to hear this. >> i guess you have guys -- i'm not going to say what the emails say.
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>> are you sending any like -- >> no, he is. yeah. you know what. we're married 16 years and -- i just can't wait for him to get home. >> it's been a trying tim the whole family. and even though they haven't shied away from sharing personal moments on camera, the housewives tell us their kids always have a choice. >> just people out there know, that if our children don't want to film, we do not. >> yeah, yeah, not at >> if they're in the mood, they can come in the room if they're not in the mood, they don't have to. >> these sisters in law are getting along better than ever. but still plenty of drama w the "new jersey housewives" return on sunday. >> i know how to play nice and i know how to play not nice. >> there will be a fight. >> what's one word -- you would use to describe this season? >> i would say it's a crazy season. >> i don't like that you're getting in her face like [ bleep ] oh, my god! >> who do you think got it the most? >> i think you and jacqueline go at it a couple of times and jacqueline and i go at it. >> [ bl].
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>> the show needs drama, right? somebody is always stirring it up behind the scenes. >> also causing trouble? two new housewives, ziggy and dolores. >> everybody hates on my friend? >> obviously dolores we've all known her forever. and i think ziggy is like in the room. she's here, she's going to be like i am here. hear me roa >> why can't it be sunday already? i need this in my life. ziggy is a relationship expert. dollres is a divorcee. i'm sure, kevin, that it's no accident. >> they'll bring the crazy we'll be right back with fabulous 4th. hanging with nick jonas and demi lovato.
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p?p? o?gv
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before we go, nancy o'dell had a great fourth of july, right? she was in boston hosting the annual boston pops firewor spectacular on pbs. >> she was hanging with hundreds and thousands of her closest friends, and also nick jonas, the band little big town. take a look. >> my brother came out here to be with me. he has a ridiculous outfit on. >> let's hear it! ♪ ♪ >> can you even believe that we're going to ing with the pops? >> probably the best fireworks spectacular in the country? >> to celebrate everybody that's been working so hard for us. ♪ ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea
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mentioned. director said that wasn't so. more than 100. secretary clinton her staff was careful. the director said that wasn't so. the system wasn't as secure as gmail. he said a number of work e-mails were not turned over, undermining clinton's transparency. trusting a president there are two qualities to look for in donald trump, and hillary clinton. how will they behave when no one is looking? will they be truthful when everyone is looking. as the the state department inspector general found, hillary clinton's server was set up outside the spirit and letter of the law. her answers after it was disclosed have not stood the test of examination. on those two fronts, voters will have a lot that has been left unresolved. >> john dickerson, jan crawford in washington. thank you verych mu. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪


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