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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 18, 2016 1:35am-2:35am EDT

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000. it's his personal thank you to you. you take it, you leave tonight. you tell jackie you had some issues in florida. and why would i do that? oh, well, to be blunt, peter is going to be governor, and he thinks you're using his mother. oh. what's going on? nothing. abernathy is on a sciatica walk, and the guard won't let us in until he's back. go ahead and sleep. ♪ lumina ♪ come and wrap around me... you broke up with laura? no. she with me.
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you're still friends? i don't know. i think she thinks i was getting between you two. ♪ eve took a train ♪ went to see her man... that kiss opened up something between us again, didn't it? i don't know how to close it. i know. but if we pursue it, it'll just be like last time. what was last time? i don't know. it'll be worse. i'm with peter, and i just... ♪ take me through the snow... i can't figure my way out of this one. ♪ eve took the fruit, eve bit the fruit ♪ ♪ juice ran down her chin ♪ babies who put things in their mouths ♪
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♪ never heard of sin... oh, god. (sighs) what do we do? (knocking) ♪ lumina ♪ open up the cities... this night is over, we talk. we can't. to hell with the bad timing. we talk. (car door bell dings) psst, judy? judy? (laughs) yeah. uh, so, i imagine your field trip was productive. yes, your honor. and when we left, you were ready to decide. actually, your honor, we do have one more witness. oh, not poor nana joe again. i think she was ready to collapse. no, a new witness. jordan kallahaleycar... jordan karahalios? i'm sorry, your honor. we have to object to this on the grounds... alicia: he was fired from the florrick... and how many months did you work for mr. florrick's campaign?
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so you have some insider information on the issue of this ballot box? i do. uh, at a meeting on february 18, eli gold and i discussed ways to sweeten the vote if the election was close. and what were mr. gold's thoughts on this sweetening? a drop box. objection, your honor. this witness is doubly biased. he was fired by our client, and he works for the third party. then you can argue that in your cross. patti: and did you argue against this drop box? he likes the third-party candidate. i did, strenuously, but i was overruled by mr. gold. it is almost 5:00 a.m. now. the polls will be open in one hour, and i find myself humbled in the face of this decision. as has been said by many of you at various times, there is a sanctity to the voting booth, but... uh-oh. ...that sanctity is not absolute. it needs our constant vigilance.
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it needs our confidence that the votes are, in fact, true. i hereby am ordering that these 30,843 votes be excluded from any vote total, and that they be provisionally preserved for a possible appeal. and good night. get some rest. (gavel bangs) i'll start the appeal process. i better go tell peter. sad to think you can lose an election in court these days. is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle
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a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have or may have had pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. (birds chirping) why the hurry, huh? the place is gonna blow. yeah? (grunts) (men grunting, car alarm wailing on tv) (man screams) what time is it? 5:45. polls open in 15 minutes. (men screaming)
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what are you watching? hostel 3. (screaming continues) i love horror movies. do you know why i love horror movies? why? because they're awesome. (chuckles) (man screams) we're gonna lose, aren't we? yes. is peter prepared? he's adjusted his thinking. you ran a great campaign, eli. (chuckles) (men grunting on tv) he'll need you. he loves you.
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(whispers): zach... wake up. mom... what's up? shh, shh, shh. i have an idea. i need your help. thank you, your honor, for hearing one of our witnesses again. your honor, i think i speak for the whole world when i say can we please all get some sleep? patience, ms. nyholm. zach, you're still under oath. so you've been working for the florrick campaign these last seven months. yes, in the i.t. department. abernathy: ah, good morning. we've sent out for bagels. thank you, your honor. now jordan karahalios stated that eli met with him on february 18, and told him, over jordan's objections, that they needed to consider a stuffed ballot box. are you aware of this testimony? i've been made aware of it. and do you know this testimony to be false? i do. how doou know that? because eli wasn't the campaign manager on february 18.
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he had been replaced by jordan. so jordan couldn't have been overruled by eli? or anyone? jordan: not true! eli gold was still consulting with the campaign. mr. karahulois-isis, please take your seat. so, jordan was the campaign manager at that point in time? he was the boss? yes, that's correct. i tender the witness. so let's return to your arrest, shall we? no, counselor. we've pretty much bounced every way we can on this witness's reliability. thank you, mr. florrick. you may step down. uh, you'll have my revised ruling in a few hours. (gavel bangs) you were great. thanks. robyn: hey, what you watching? video. can i ask you a hypothetical? no. so let's say i'm approached about leaving the law firm, and joining a small start-up firm, right? and i'm offered more money than here. but i like it here. and i'll also probably like it at this law firm, too. so do you make your decision
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based on money or loyalty? um, how much more money are they offering you? in my hypothetical? in your hypothetical. it's a good amount-- 20% more. hey, what do i do? you should go with cary. will, you'd better see this. kalinda... i was up all night. i know. so was i. will. will: that's outside the polling place. kalinda: yeah. a surveillance camera across the street. jim moody. he works for the florrick campaign. where'd you get this? talked to the mini-mart across the street.
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are there any other copies? no. just this one. peter: i heard it went well in court. it did. your son did good. but you have something for me? (door opens, indistinct chatter) can you just give us a minute please? thank you. (door closes) kalinda found some evidence. no one else has seen it. and you're telling me this why? i want to know what to do with it. well, you're the lawyer. you decide. this decision needs to be the client's. why are you doing this? i need direction. no, if you needed direction, you'd have given it to alicia to show me. i didn't want to hurt her.
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you've really handled this poorly. that's possible. she's my wife. then punch me. (sighs) it shows your 30,000 votes are fraudulent. if it goes to the judge, you'll lose. then i'll lose. this seems to be some kind of a lesson in mutual hypocrisy which i'm not gonna participate in. so you want me to bury it? do what you want. you want me to lose, show it to the judge. you want me to win, don't. i'm not owning this decision. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy.
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and a donkey. (sighs) what the hell, i'm too tired. judgment in favor of the defense. the votes are to be admitted. we did it. (chuckles) thank you. thank you. it's a good thing. (chuckles) it is. (loud cheering, whooping) (cheering, whooping continues) oh, my god. i didn't think that would happen! and did you see the totals? hey! you won by over a half million votes. what? yeah, yeah. oh, the polling was off. we didn't need to go to court, and fight tooth and nail. (laughing) hey, where's alicia? i have to find alicia. no. you got to be downstairs in the ballroom in 15 minutes. and you-know-who's here. he made it? yeah, yeah, he's here for a meeting of his, uh, reduce gun violence coalition. peter, congratulations. or should i say condolences? (laughing) with the deficit you're gonna have to deal with. eli. eli, nice to see you. this is my deputy mayor, patty harris. nice to meet you. listen, i've got tickets, uh, any time you want them
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for the cubs world series. that's a pretty safe thing to offer. (laughs) thank you. thank you very much. jackie: peter. mom! i am so proud of you. oh, i knew you could do it. i knew it. congratulations, mr. florrick. uh, thanks, cristian. have you got a moment? yes. (softly): eli talked to you, right? what? eli talked to you, right? oh, he did. we had a very good talk. yeah. well, he gave you the $25,000 check? yes, i cashed it. thank you. no... no. that was so you'd leave. no, i don't think so. yes, it was. well, i don't want to go. it's not about what you want. (laughing): yes, it is.
1:54 am
hey. you startled me. florrick won the governorship. yeah, i saw. what's up? don't ever do that to me again. do what? lead me on with a salary proposal and then go to robyn. kalinda... go to hell, cary. and good luck with robyn. kalinda... kalinda. (loud cheering, whooping) (laughing) hey, there you are! congratulations! zach! zach, come here, come here. you really helped me out. you know that, don't you? dad, it was nothing. it was something. it was something. mom... alicia's in the bedroom. okay. it's my life. it's not yours. don't mess with it. ever. congratulations, son.
1:55 am
(chattering, cheering continue in other room) peter: there you are. we did it. (alicia laughs) thank you. oh, no reason to thank me. you did it. how are you? good. how's it feel to be the first lady of illinois? (laughs) odd. odd. i need to freshen up.
1:56 am
yeah, i'm good. just... un-fresh. (chuckles) hi. congratulations. oh. (laughs) (sighs) hi. one second! do you still want to talk? meet me at my apartment. i'll... i'll get away. right now. (exhales)
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(door opening, keys clatter) (door closes) (bach concerto playing)
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(music continues) is this stupid? (exhales) (knocking on door) thanks for doing this here. no problem. what are you thinking? (exhales) i'm in. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota. no you're not, you went first last time. why are those lines on my floor? a distance contest. i already made it from this line.
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♪ jennifer aniston's tabloid takedown. fed up with paparazndzi a pregnancy rumors. hollywood weighs in on the body shaming controversy. >> everybody needs to stop tearing young women down. >> then taylor swift puts her ex on blast. why calvin harris is slamming swift and why he's bringing her alleged arch nemesis katy perry into the fight. >> we celebrate the emmy nominations with the stars. >> it's your first emmy nomination. >> who made history? let the
2:04 am
>> movies celebrating with leroy champagne. >> then we go inside the all new jfk jr. documentary. what you never knew about his love life. >> i think it's fabulous. >> plus -- >> had a rough week last week. >> oprah on her new weight loss struggle and how spice girl mel b. dropped 30 pounds so fast. >> then we're backstage with garth brooks for his big new york city return. >> and -- why julianne hough is ditching dancing for the wild. [ scream'll ] >> now in our 35th season this is "entertainment tonight." inside the awards show excitement after this week's emmy nominations. thanks for joining us. samantha harris is off. nischelle turner here with me. >> we're going to get into that emmy buzz. but first something else that swept hollywood. the swift reaction to jennifer aniston's op-ed about body shaming. this has tinsel town talking. >> all of the rumors
2:05 am
interesting to me. >> i can see it now. >> there's truth to a lot of things. that's i'm sure something the press sort of writes because there's nothing really crazy to write about. i think they just make it up because they've got to say something nasty. >> "i am not pregnant. what i am is fed up." those are jen's own words in the 873-word huffington post essay she posted, basically taking aim at all of the things women are told they should find their worth in, pregnant or not, married or not. not thin enough. too fat. >> whatever defines happiness for you is what defines happiness for you. that's also if you wanted to have a kid or not have a kid also. or how you want to have a child. >> what prompted it all? well, bikini photos last month which had some wondering if jen was pregnant. aniston says, "i resent being made to feel less than because my body is changing and/or i had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and therefore deemed one
2:06 am
things, pregnant or fat." >> so much better. how are my little triplets doing? >> jen spoofs all the body image scrutiny in this ad. and in her op-ed she says "we are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. we get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our body." >> i agree 100 thousand billion percent with that. everybody needs to stop tearing down women. i think it needs to stop. >> on to another celebrity drama. taylor swift and her ex calvin harris. >> are you still upset over hiddleswift or are you going to let that go? >> calvin ignored questions abt tay's new guy on tuesday but boy, did he rip into her on wednesday. it was after taylor's rep revealed that swift wrote the lyrics to calvin's hit "this is what youe camfor" which was performed by rihanna. ♪ he tweeted "i know you're off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like katy, et cetera, but i'm n
2:07 am
sorry. i won't allow it." that's a nod to katy perry, rumored to be the subject of taylor's song "bad blood." ♪ now we got bad blood and then katy stepped into the ring. first she tweeted this oh really gif of hillary clinton and then retweeted this quote, "time, the ultimate truth teller." ♪ this is what you came for ♪ht ligning back to calvin. he composed and produced the hit song "this is what you came for" with rihanna. taylor wrote it, but he says she wanted to keep it secret. then calvin added "i figure if you're happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex-boyfriend down for something to do." >> right now as we told you earlier, the nominations were announced this week for the 68th primetime emmy awards. >> we were out in full force talking to the new and familiar faces we'll be seeing going for the gold on tv's biggest night.
2:08 am
"blackish" creator kenya baird with champagne and then congratulated fellow nominee tracee ellis ross. >> would you present your tv wife with some flowers, please? >> all right. congratulations on your first -- your first of many emmy nominations. and wins. >> and get this, anthony learned he was nominated while co-hosting thursday morning's announcement. >> the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series are -- anthony anderson -- >> whoo! hi, mama! >> i saw anthony's name and i did that. and then when he said my name. >> tracee ellis ross! "black-ish"! >> i called my mom. >> when you call diana ross with an emmy announcement what does she say in. >> i didn't call diana ross. i called my mom. she said i'm going to call you right right back. i said mom you have to wake up. she goes why? what's happening? i said i'm no, ma'amed for a
2:09 am
she said i can't go back to sleep. >> the people versus o.j. simpson. the fx show was nominated along with its stars john travolta, sarah paulson, courtney b. vance, david schwimmer. >> it's your first emmy nomination. >> he played chris darden. >> you guys had a total of 22 nominations. how does that make you feel right now? >> i'm so happy for everybody involved. to see it come to fruition, to see how critically it's been received. to see how popularly it has been received has been overwhelming. >> next, snubbed. julianna margulies who had an impressive final season on "the good wife" was shut out. and surprise, no major noms for "the big bang theory." and julia louis-dreyfus nominated for her role on "veep." if she wins this year she'll be the first to claim five in a row in that category. and back to
2:10 am
>> the hell with it. >> boy, did anthony get a laugh out of the champagne we brought to toast. >> only on "black-ish" will we celebrate with leroy champagne! it says it right there on the label! >> you bought it? >> leroy. she brought us leroy. or it's fancy. we're drinking le-roy. >> i'm going to give you a sec to get your calendars out. the emmy awards will air live sunday september 18th. we'll be there for all the action. this weekend at the box office it is all about the ladies of "ghostbusters." kevin frazier sat down with melissa mccarthy and the cast. he was also with them at their big hollywood premiere. >> of course that was before melissa and hen err tyne squad took over the empire state building. >> my kids are playing with our action figures today. and i just saw it. i
2:11 am
>> there are people dancing and there's ghosts. it's bananas, yeah. >> hollywood boulevard, haunted. the fashion -- >> it's very hot. >> kate mackinnon in versace. kristen wiig in jenny packham. melissa in one of her own designs. >> it is so elegant and beautiful. >> i wanted to wear yellow. and then a baby is born. a dress baby. >> but all eyes were on leslie jones. yeah that drama where leslie couldn't find a designer to help her with her dress. >> i'm mad as hell. >> we're kind of glad it happened because it brought her together with designer christian siriano. >> there's only one person whose outfit matters. >> i'm not going to tell anything. >> oh, really? that's the picture we'll be seeing around the world. >> i'm like, i have been exercising. i have been -- i can't be
2:12 am
perfect. >> yep. she nailed it. a red carpet win for leslie. >> b . >> pow! pow! >> you like it? >> it looks incredible. >> it takes a real designer to design for a real woman. >> let's go. >> oh, no. >> the ladies are of course giving the reboot their own twist including some unexpected comedy from chris hemsworth. we hear he's got a surprise at the end of the movie. >> don't listen. >> i won't. >> what was it like when he starts dancing? are you guys standing on the side roaring with laughter? >> i mean, everything about it was just like -- it kept getting cooler and more surprising. >> and when you're in a big action movie there's all that merchandising. >> what's it like when you first get your action figure and you start to play with it? like what do you do with your action fire
2:13 am
around in pigtails. >> of course playing a ghostbuster doesn't mean you believe in ghosts. does it? >> do you believe in ghosts? >> i do. i know enough to know i don't know. i don't believe that anybody hasn't walked into a room or been somewhere where they're just like, that was weird. >> this reboot of the 1980s comedy classic is a hit with those original ghostbusters, including dan aykroyd. >> concepts like this are sound. they stand the test of time. >> what does it mean to be at the end of this journey now? >> it's amazing. i always think it's bittersweet. it's been so fun. now we're putting it out there in the world. >> now here it goes. >> yeah, nower he it goes. >> coming up, our "star trek: beyond" exclusive. on "e.t." is on set with chris pine. >> then do hollywood mothers have it as rough as the rest of us? the when you've got... ...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea! nausea, heartburn, indigestion,
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sintartg thursday, "e.t." takes you inside the comic-con chaos. >> it's like c, razyright? >> with hollywood's hstotte stars. it i've never seen anything like before. >> fans losing their minds. >> starstruck celebs. >> look, it's will smith. >> we're in the middle of the madness. floor to ceiling coverage over multiple platforms as it happens live. >> are we live? >> if you're not hanging with "e.t.," you're not a part of the action. >> comic-con! >> next week on "e.t." >> our comic-con coverage is going to be amazing. >> it's going to be crazy. >> while everyone waits for it, we have a "star trek: beyond" exclusive. >> fans are freaking out. they are so eager to get the first look. especially now that star john cho who plays sulu has revealed that his character is gay. it was supposed to be in honor of the original sulu, gay activist george takei. but when we talked to george he told us he's not really into it. >> i'm pleased that they're dealing with the gay idea. >> but it shouldn't be sulu.
2:17 am
film? >> oh, of course. i'm eagerly looking forward to it. and i think this publicity is going to help the box office. they're all going to go to see the new gay sulu. way baby. >> when we were on the "star trek" set john cho who plays sulu gave us a hint about the anything news from "star trek: beyond." sulu is gay, married and a father. >> sulu has a heartache for his little baby and has brought his picture to his console. >> and cutting. >> thank you. >> and just this week in london john spilled even more on his new family. >> they live on the base that's in danger. it's a bit of a personal journey for him this time. >> other changes within the franchise, the powerful theme song from rihanna. >> "star trek" has been a part of my life since i was a little girl. my dad really is the one who introduced me to "star trek." it just took me one episode to fall in love with this other
2:18 am
but i felt like i could relate to. ♪ i hit a wall >> rihanna transformed and used elements of the film for her video for "sledgehammer." ♪ i hit a wall >> besides swarm ships and floating rocks -- >> action. >> high-octane action. brand new aliens and one of the best-looking casts you'll see this summer. still feeling the love after nearly a decade since the first movie, something they all mentioned when we hung out behind the scenes. >> we really have grown to love one another. >> i literally feel like we are morphing into the orange many cast and we've really grown close and we're like a family. >> we missed zoe saldana, mom of twins who was at home with a sick baby. but the real question is does captain kirk change diapers? >> oh, yeah. family man. i'll babysit. i'm not that great with kids but i can figure it out. >> you can help out. >> sure. >> now despite all the changes it is still the 50th anniversary of "star trek" so
2:19 am
expect a lot of throwbacks to the original in this film. >> lieutenant nichols, that's my girl. that's my name, don't wear it out. "bad moms" is out july 29th and kevin frazier got an inside look at the lives of the cast. the ladies all got together for a candid chat about parenting and their men. >> i have a really great husband. i really do. no, no, i really do. there hasn't been enough time for me to be like pay attention. he's still like -- he's still super present. and we only have a 21-month-old. we're very new at this. >> mila and practically perfect hubby ashton kutcher are expecting baby number two. but the truth about motherhood, it's a tough job. >> what was it like the first time post children you got to go out? >> it was great. and then i was exhausted. >> my husband and i went to -- he took me to the cure concert for my birthday right after my daughter was born. and we fell asleep.
2:20 am
tuesday night. >> struggle is real. the mobad ms in the movie go where most of us only dream to. >> don't punish your kids. don't say no to your kids. >> how do you balance all this craziness? >> it's never going to be perfect. and then you don't beat yourself up if you feel you've chosen wrong. that's a key part of it. >> i'm so tired of trying to be the perfect mom. i'm done. >> i would say just the mere fact of having so much pressure you put on yourself and constantly being disappointed in your own self is something i had to deal with very early on. i'd battle with my daughter all the time, how do you raise a kid in today's society that's not going to turn out to be [ bleep ] -- >> one other thing. i did not know that moms still do like the hot dads out there. >> we had kids. we're not dead. >> we appreciate a fine figure. >> absolutely. >> we're not immune. >> as my mother would say, just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu. that's what i've learned from my mother.
2:21 am
case in point, hot dads. right here. >> where? >> coming up, we're inside yankee stadium for garth brooks' new york takeover as we flash back to his record-breaking central park contest. >> that was sweet. >> if pe opleshow up great. >> then i'm sitting down with spice girl mel b. telling me the surprising and sexy way she lost 30 pounds. >> that's great. i think that's the kind of thing people want to hear at home. >> plu $5 sonic boom box gives you a lot for $5. yeah, and abraham lincoln would be very proud of this. it's an honest deal. and they named one of the sides - after his wife. - no, they didn't. yeah, mary tots lincoln. the $5 sonic boom box featuring a loaded cheddar dog, junior cheeseburger, - side and a drink. - [click, whoosh]
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2:24 am
what are you talking about? >> i don't know. >> i talked with mel b. right here on our set after the 20th anniversary of the spice girls hit "wannabe." ♪ i tell you what i want, what i really really want ♪ >> there seems to be a couple people missing in there. >> yeah. >> how's that going to work? >> they're there in spirit. but we have like a few little surprises that hopefully everyone will be excited about. >> not like there's any fighting inside the spice girls -- that would be such a buzz kill. >> we come from girl power. we're all about girl power. we started it as five. and you know, in spirit all five of us are always going to still do that. >> in case there are some spots that are available, we have a fantastic possible substitute. >> who? >> mel, i love you. and you know if one of the girls is not coming, i'm going to be that missing spice girl. i'm going to be sweetie spice. >> sweetie spice! what do you think? >> i sit next to heidi during "america's t
2:25 am
high-pitched voice you've ever heard in your whole entire life. ♪ i love you to bits, heidi, but maybe next time. >> "america's got talent." number one show in the summer ten years in a row. what do you like most about it? do you like watching the talent act? in your hot clothes. or simon? >> he created the show. it was the first show he ever created. so it's nice to kind of have the original person as part of the crew. and i'm glad that i'm not fired yet. >> i can't keep talking about all this without mentioning the fact you that look amazing. if you had to give me three things that helped you the most to get back into shape, what were the three things? >> sex, sex, and more sex. can we say that? >> that's great. i think that's the kind of answer that people want to hear at home. 1997, we have a clip. >> oh. >> spice girls' very first "e.t." interview. you've got to see it. >>
2:26 am
>> we're the spice girls! >> and we're going to bring girl power to your station! anytime, anyday, anywhere. >> beware. >> i've got a question for you. what does a guy got to do to become a spice guy? >> don't try and control your woman. >> whoa. >> i love that. >> you got a little serious on that. don't try and control your woman. >> all right. and i love the fact we all talk over each other, which we still do to this day. >> i've got some rapid-fire questions. >> oh, good. >> do you still keep any of your old spice girl costumes? >> of course i do. i have a whole storage bay. >> favorite judge on agt. >> myself of course. >> what would you rather double date with? are you ready for this? kim and kanye, mariah and her billionaire fiance james packer. taylor swift and thomas hiddleston. >> i'd have to go with taylor swift. i want to know why she changes her boyfriends so much. i want to live vicariously -- >> would you ask her -- go ahead. >> how did you do it and why did you do it? >> you know i
2:27 am
scary spice for halloween. >> i have to see that photo. >> me and my crew were the spice girls. i'll show you that picture in private sometime. >> i loved talking to her. >> she's a lot of fun. it has been of course 20 years since "wannabe," but we've got another music milestone for you. how about garth brooks playing new york city for the first time in nearly 20 years? our jennifer was back there with garth and his wife tricia yearwood talking about playing the venue. >> right there! ♪ >> are you excited? do you get nervous? >> yeah, you get nervous. and yes, i'm excited. of course. >> nervous and jittery? >> yeah. he's a pacer anyway. he doesn't sit. >> we didn't have new york on the world tour schedule. because how do you come back from central park? when the phone rings from
2:28 am
of course. >> garth is the first country music act to ever perform in yankee stadium. but we were with garth back in 1997 when nearly a million people jammed central park. >> my job anywhere i go is to make no matter what size the room as small as i can. i'd never seen that many people in my life. i just remember how beautiful the weather was. >> not the case last weekend, where rain seemed to play along with the "thunder rolls" singer. ♪ thunder rolls >> one of the things out here is the weather. everything's on a ramp here. so if it rains, that's not good. >> the fans didn't seem to mind. everyone still sang along. ♪ i've got friends in low places ♪ and you can sing along with garth on his upcoming sirius xm channel. no doubt you'll here garth's new album when it arrives in the fall. >> as the tour starts to wind down, this radio channel will start to kind of take over. so i'm hoping they'r
2:29 am
for the long haul because that's what we're hoping for. >> and by the way, this week garth launched "inside studio g," a monday night conversation which of course you will want to check out every single week. it gives fans a live look at the creation of garth's new album. i love him so much. >> i know you do. >> "no fences" was my very first album. and that music still holds true today. >> still ahead, preparing to marry her shark tank billionaire. >> this is the first time i've tried on wedding dresses. >> what a bridezilla. >> and julianne hough dangling from the edge of a cliff? can the dancing darling survive in the wilderness? >> there's a snake right there. i'm not going to eat that. >> closed captioning provided by --
2:30 am
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2:33 am
her rep tells us she's not commenting on this latest money drama. >> just cause i'm an actor, just because i'm on tv doesn't mean that i don't make financial choices that aren't good. >> number 4, dr. phil sues the tabloids. the suit claims a.m.i., publisher of "national enquirer," "star" magazine and radaronline, has published more than 80 false articles about the mcgraws. in a statement to "e.t." dr. phil's attorney states, "many of the articles have focused for years on allegations that doctor and mrs. mcgraw are on the verge of a divorce or have decided to file for a divorce." his lawyer also states the couple of nearly 40 years are "role models for the happily married." the publisher's response? "a.m.i. looks forward to successfully defending itself against dr. phil in a court of law." number 3, the new emmy nominees. >> would you present your tv wife with some flowers, please? >> all right. >> from the "black-ish" crew to the cast of "the people versus o.j. simpson," we
2:34 am
stars celebrating their nominations. ph phillip k. brown played chris darden. zbluf a total of 22 nomionnatis. how does that make you feel right now? >> i'm so happy for everybody involved. >> number 2, taylor swift. emmy nominee tom hiddleston denied rumors their relationship is fake telling "the hollywood reporter" taylor swift and i are together and we're very happy. it's not a publicity stunt." this after a war between taylor and her ex calvin harris after smith's rep confirmed taylor secretly wrote calvin's hit song "this is what you came for," which was recorded by rihanna. and the number one story this week, jennifer aniston's op-ed on body shaming. "i am not pregnant. what i am is fed up." bikini photos last month had some wondering if jen was pregnant. she points out, "we are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. we get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our
2:35 am
>> i agree 100 thousand billion percent with that. i think everybody needs to stop tearing down women. >> go to for the latest. how is the relationship developing? >> well, we'll see after the dancing's over. she might be a totally different person. she may turn. >> oh, she turned all right. she turned right into your fiance. just months after our interview "dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson and her partner from season 20 "shark tank's" robert herjavec locked it down and got engaged. >> love, love. their wedding is a couple weeks away. this bride to be, she's got to get a dress. >> the key elements i'm looking for in a dress is elegant and timeless. >> kym johnson looks good in anything. but what exactly does a "dancing with the stars" professional wear when she marries a millionaire? >> i think people see me on "dancing with the stars" with the rhinestones and this and that and think i'm going to go with something sparkly. but i feel like i'm going to go with something a bit more


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