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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 21, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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>> who needs a litter box? oh, madison, i've been a bad kitty. >> hey, you!
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♪ i love you canada ♪ >> james: congratulations on the movie show. what's it like working that closely with a cat? >> well, cats generally speaking are not great actors. you yell rolling and they don't give a [bleep]. it's interesting because there's lots of people in the shadowed. little cat wrangler. i don't mean little. >> they're not fall. >> they're normal-sized humans
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have clickers and laser pin lights so while you're doing a scene you hear click, click, click and see laser lights. >> james: that's what you did on the west wing, right? >> and to walk down the hall. >> james: but you are good with pets. have you a lot of pets in your house. >> yes, i do. >> james: how many do you have? tell us about the amount of pets? >> well, i have two dogs, five tortoises and an emu. >> james: we have a photo. >> that's an emu. he should not be in the house but one of my dogs is 120 pounds and can open the door so then the emu feels like he can just come in. >> james: do you like it -- >>
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>> why do you have an emu then? >> because my husband give it to a my daughter because it seemed like a good idea. baby emu's are adorable and now he's like six-feet tall -- >> aren't they super fast? >> yeah, to one time i was in the yard and had trouble going in the reception and i went to my backyard which i hate to do because that thing is waiting and i'm on a business call with this emu is coming at me and my husband think it's hilarious and watches. >> james: when will it die? >> can i tell you how often i google that? >> james: really? >> i keep hoping it's going to be but it could be 30 years. >> james: oh, my god. >> they
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>> james: my word. >> unless something accidentally happens or someone comes in at night because somebody is good at murder. >> james: you have a murderous face. you'll murder if you're required. >> you'll get away with it -- because of the find face. >> james: you have an unusual hobby. tell everybody what you do every monday morning. >> i see movies. >> james: at what time? >> 9:45 a.m. well, i can go at 10:00. arc light -- i don't have to be there at 9:45. >> you want to be first? >> people are unwrapping wrappers -- >> james: it makes you want to murder them? >> it does. >> james: i read this and is it true you have a spe
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power. >> i do. >> james: tell everyone what it is. >> i have a super power. it's not useful. >> james: but it's amazing. >> it's absolutely for real. when i walk or drive underneath a street lamp that street lamp goes out more frequently than it does for a normal person. >> even if you drive? >> yes. >> there's a name for it and i can't remember the name. >> james: sorkinitis. >> it's a real thing. >> james: do you ever use it for romance. are you ever with a woman and go, do you know what -- if that light goes out we should kiss. >> that's so smooth. i wish i had that. i wish i had done that. what usually would happen is the right would go
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did you see that? it's not me. >> james: and they go we're never dating again. we'll be right back. ♪ and they're off! well, that took a turn. what's the speed limit in here? dad! should we tell them there are more? they'll figure it out, eventually. time is the most valuable thing there is. [cuckoo cuckoo] people try to beat time... [scream] ...but time always wins. our greatest fear is running out of time. there's a bomb in the salsa can! we gotta get out of here! my phone's still charging! so if time is the most valuable thing there is, why would you waste more than you have to charging your phone? why would you waste more than you have to charging your phone? [explosion]
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>> i know you've always loved her ever since we were kids, ok. i know that. i'm
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that's how it is. >> he always gets what he wadts. >> of course she loves you and if he want something he gets it. it doesn't matter what happens to everyone else. >> you think i killed her don't you? that's what you think. who told smurf about julie and me. >> he happened to walk in on us? [bleep]. you played it wrong. [♪] >> james: animal kingdoms at 9:00 on tnt. congratulations on the show and tell everyone who you play? >> a character named baz. he's the oldest brotherf
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boys and they do low-level crimes around southern california. >> james: it's a brilliant cast. another great show everybody. a great show with a great cast it's apparently coming back, curb your enthusiasm. it's coming back. what season is that? >> yes. >> james: are you going to be in it? >> well, i hope so. i mean, i'm the last to know. i'm on the set that i'm shooting now and all of a sudden my phone starts going off and i thought what happened in the world and larry david just told somebody curb is coming back and i said are you part of it and he's like, yeah, if you're not too busy. that's how i heard it in my mind so yeah, i d
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details. >> james: we hope you are. i can't wait to see it. it's going to be amazing. do you have a question. >> reggie: yes, i do. tonight's question goes to mr. sorkin. >> ok. >> reggie: are you familiar with the painter charles marion russell? >> no, sir. >> reggie: that is correct. >> james: ladies and gentlemen, aaron sorkin, cheryl hines, scott speedman. we'll be right back. [000:15:38;00] striped tees, character tees lots of tees. plus, any way you pay take an extra 15 percent off your purchase. now that's the good stuff. kohl's. jay knows how to keep nice shorts, dad...g. this is what the pros wear. uhhh...
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that's why he starts his day with those two scoops ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins.
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kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. >> james: thanks so much. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
1:56 am true hollywood legend.g of a pe.t." remembers the genius behind "happy days" "pretty woman" and so much more. >> enough cannot be said of my relationship with garry
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marshall >> no has spent more time on set with the latest on shannen doherty's cancer battle. >> barbra streisand's new tour secret. it's not what you think by the way. those mini-little beauty queens from "toddlers & tiaras" are back. >> you have to have a goodbody, even when you're five years old. >> collagen treatments, private jets, hypnosis. your first look of the new season unlike anything else on television. >> i don't settle for anything less than perfect >> now, for july 20th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." garry marshall, one of hollywood's most beloved directors and producers has passed away at the age of 81. >> he was a part of "pretty woman," the "the prin diaries," "laverne & shirley." "happy days." garry created tv shows that made us feelgood.
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>> don't forget about "mork & mindy" right? >> along the way he created stars and "entertainment tonight" was by his side on so many sets. tonight as hollywood mourns an icon, we celebrate a friend. [ laughter ] ♪ pretty woman >> enough cannot be said of my relationship with garry marshal and what that's done for me as a person. having the confidence to be funny and goofy. >> julia roberts i think is going to be a big movie star of t she was 19 and came to my office and wooldn't sit down. she was fidgety. ♪ five, six, seven, eight >> nanu-nanu. >> to see these kids when they're young and suddenly they come up and they're hous words. it made television. henry winkler, scott baio. >> you make stars. >> i don't make them, i help people know they are stars. >> hey! >> julia and goodie, kate.
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all the stars we love most, they adored garry, not just for his work behind the cenes, but for his big heart. >> it's all about family for garry, and his relationships with everybody. when i was on "overboard" as a kid, he liked to let the kids yell out action or rolling, i remeeber being that little kid on his set. and i watch ryder and he's getting with garry and he's yelling out and garry went -- life. >> have mercy. >> it was gary's idea for john stamos to have a full catch phrase. another fact you may not know, & garry was the one behind the camera ddrecting bette midler in "beaches." ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪ >> the garry we knew was funny, humble, always open to people's ideas. we are on 14 sets with him, did more than 30 sitdowns over more than three decades. every star in the industry
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wanted a chance to work with a >> i don't care if i was juut walking -- >> yes. >> you like suitetarts? >> yes. >> you like the yellow or the green? okay, cool, thank you, garry. >> you'll trip, that's funny, i love you so much, i'm glad you''e here. and we'reerolling. >> okay, there's a little -- >> how are you? >> hector elizondo was in 18 of garry's films. we spoke to him last night just after we got the news he passed away. >> he mentored so many people. when he found someone, he said, we have to take care of her. make the situation better than you found it. it's not about you. he was a special man and a special friend. >> out of everything do you want to be most remembered for? >> that i made people laugh. and made their day a little bit better. i don't know how to changg the
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wo i can change tay i make you laugh and happy. >> he sure could. oh, gosh, all of his shows were all of my favorites. he had so many accolades, but one of his, i think, biggest titles is literally lovliest man of all. he's the nicest man. >> his love for baseball. i played with him in the dodgers celebrity game. here he is it in his late 70s, swinging, hitting, pitching. he loved lifee he participated in life. >> it came across in his work. >> yeah, it di we have much more from our "pretty woman" set with garry and julia roberts. that is on the way. but first, we have an update on the health of shannen doherty. >> she stunned all of us when she told us all she had breast cancer she's opening up again about her battle and taking us on her journny with her, with some deeply emotional photos. >> you worry most about the
2:02 am
people that you lovee and about to be okay. so for me, that was the hardeet part. >> shannen wiped back tears in february, opening up to dr. oz about her battle with breast cancer. now she's sharing even more. in a series of candidshots, shannen walked fans through the process of shaving her head. a common procedure for patients unddrgoing chemo therapy. in one of the first photos, shaanen's mother holds her in her she writes, cancer sucks. and thank god for friends. back in february, dr. oz told us, shannen was deciding between either a lumpectomy or mastectomy. >> she has cancer on one side, it's a big tumor, she's had that cancer in her breast for over a year. >> the news is heart wrenching. we spent a lot of time with shannen through the years, this was her first "e.t." interview.
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she was an 11-year-old child actress. >> not fun for me any >> eight years later, her big break on 90210. >> we want the show to be a hit. >> of course, ♪ >> and finally, there's another sad angle. shannen's cancer was first revealed in a lawsuit against her former business she claims he allowed her insurance to lapse, which kept her from getting a mammogram and early treatment. he has denied the claim. >> obviously, the important thing is catching it as humanly possible. >> i think at this point i hope i can help any woman who's going through it, and make her realize that i'm right there with you. >> shannen said even before she was diagnosed, she felt a lump in her breast. it just goes to show you, pay attention to y body. something doesn't feel like, it season the. go get it checked out. yesterday we told you that lady gaga's engagement to taylor kinney has been called off.
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now we know why. tell, could there be hope? >> we just love each other. >> the pop star posted this black and white photo of the couple and spoke from the heart, taylor and i have always believed we are soul mates, just like all couples. we have ups and downs and we have been taking a break. gaga blames long distance and complicated schedules for the ssrain. before making a plea to fans writing, please root us on, we're just like everybody else and we really love each other. the pair is still talking every day. up next, dan aykroyd defends slamming racist twister t that have been slamming her with hate. >> they're insignificant gnats, they're losers, they have no -plives of their own. they can probably barely pay for the wifi they're using. probably no jobs. you're looking at obese white men between 50 and 60 who are active klan members or members of the aryan nation and there are millions of them. >> fans have stepped up to support the actress.
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tweeting ki words with the #love for lesliej. >> i have so much love for leslie j., i had a chance to hang out with her on set. it makes me sa this is a big moment for her, and folks have snatched away her joy. tonight i will be with the stars of "star trek beyond." i will be your official red carpet host. meanwhile, carly sat down wit the cast, and she boldly within where few journalists have ever gone. she opened up their high school yearbooks. >> you have the star trek yearbook with some high school photos. you can guess who they are? >> oo, no. no. >> that looks like michelle obama. >> wow! we're going to talk to him about that. >> look at his hair. it looks like a microphone. >> my gosh. >> the ladies didn't like me that much. >> will you go with me to ppom? >> who is this? >> i have no idea. >> come on, man, that's me. >> who is that? >> it's me?
2:06 am
>> is that really you? that's crazy, man. >> chris pine. >> no. >> oh, my god. >> even captain kirk had an awkward stage, today they're the coolest cast in deep space, zoe saldana's boys are just starting to understand how special their mom is. >> my husband started very early on the show to explain to the boys what i do. they're still having a hard tim understanding when they go, mama. mama? it's really funny. >> that is so cute. star trek will be everywhere this week in san diego. as they celebrate the franchise's 50th anniversary. it's one offthe many star studded events that will ta place at comicon, we wwll be ght there n the middle of it starting tomorrow, "e.t." takes you inside the comicon chaos. >> it's crazy, right? >> with hollywoods hottest hunks.
2:07 am
floor to ceiling coverage ov multiple if you're not hanging with "e.t.," you're not a part of the action. >> be at comicon. >> starting tomorrow. >> it will be a blast. >> i feel like we should take a pow wow or something like that. margot robbie surrounded by sexy shirtless men, and you need to hear this. her beauty tip that every woman should know. later, the incomparable barbra streisand, she talks new music and why she couldn't get enough of cameron mathison. >> thank you, i applaud you. new "toddlers & tiaras." baby beauty queens going to using some very adult cosmetic treatments. >> i wish when i was three years old, someone gave me collagen.


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