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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 22, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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don't need to i got a sonometer. >> it can blow out a candle. >> james: no, it can't. wait there. you are telling me this can blow out a candle. >> yes, it can. >> james: all right, let's find out. happy birthday to dear sonometer, happy birthday to you. do you want to do a harmony? should we do a harmony? >> i will dot harmony and you just do. >> okay. >> james: happy birthday dear sonometer, happy-- happy birthday to you. >> james: sok happy birth-- no, no, happy birthday to you. >> i'm a terrible singer. >> james: birthday to you. >> no, cuz you just-- happy birthday to you. ♪. >> i really c't
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birthday. >> you're so close. happy birthday to you. make a wish. dude, make a wish! >> you got to turn it back on. >> james: well, we wouldn't have if you could harmonize. yeahie! happy birthday! well, john, i reckon i've got this. so why don't you go out and just send in my first patient. >> keith, you can have a seat. >> james: hello, sir, how are you doing, james, optometrist. wiping, wiping, wiping, wiping, wiping. great. okay. keep your eyes shut. and just relax. clar i fie.
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the clarifying-- approximate 360. get ready for clarifying. kacey clarified. you have been selected for the clarify experience. keep your eyes shut, and enjoy the ride. place your hands in the air like you just don't care. this is clarify. are you ready! to clarify! if you are ready, say clarify. >> clarify! >> james: say clarify the eyewitnesses clarify the eye. >> james: and get ready! cuz it's gripped, it's locked. and now i want you to just fall back and trust mee, trust mee, fall back. >> you better catch me. >> james: there it is. be clarified. >> all right. open your eyes wide as you can.
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really wide, stop blinking, stop blinking. stop blinking! stop it! >> i'm not-- . >> james: i can't concentrate if you're going to-- kacey, meet me halfway. open your eyes as wide as you can. okay, say-- stop blinking. thank you for coming in, sir. >> thank you for-- . >> james: i appreciate it very much, get out. i crushed that. >> you think it went pretty well. >> james: how could he not. hang on, you've got some-- wait there, look at me. i just moved it off your face. and realize how handsome are you. when i came in it was about this, and i was like who is this dude. this guy sut o be on the town. this say different dude. i got to tell you. this guy is not crying all night saying why haven't i got a girlfriend. okay. get out there. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you
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>> james: i'm very, very well. what is your name. >> ariel. >> james: i'm james corden, og, oh god. all right, put your eyes in there. okay. what about there. >> yeah. >> what about that. >> what do you see if i. >> a lot of power. >> james: what do you see are. >> e, s, t. >> james: one last test. and what i want to you do is read where it says here. >> james corden is a hunk, boner patrol. >> james: you have perfect vision, and perfect taste. thank you so much. all right. see you soon. didn't see that, did you. >> thank you. >> james: thank you, ariel t was wonderful. >> thank you for giving one of our associates a nice lonely break. >> yeah. >> james: are you back? >> i'm back. >> james: you're back? thank you so much. i had a blast. get back to work. see you soon. >> james: cheesier guys, see you later.
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>> james: a huge thank you to everyone at lens crafterrers for being such good sports. i am joined by john, everybody. (cheers and applause) how are you? >> i'm doing pretty well. >> james: right. i can't help but notice that you haven't taken my advice hairwise. >> so i did take your advice. >> james: right. >> i've gone with the half-and-half approach. >> james: talk to me n what way. >> i wear it half the time i wear it up, half the time i wear it down. >> james: i just need it off this face. because look, am i right, gang? look at this beautiful man and when you-- light that, i'm sorry, john, like that, am i wrong? even off the ears. there we go. that, ladies and gentlemen, that is a star, thank you for being here, thanks for being such a great sport. we'll be right back with chris pine and imogen poo
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my favorite student? gwen? yeah! it's gwen. yeah, gwen's the best.
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>> yes, the last time i saw you was i met your friend dominic cooper and. and we were in need of some cash because he needed to tip the valet and he didn't have any. and you swung around the corner in a soccer mom car and
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>> james: i am just basically at the bek and call to help dominic out of any situation. he called me, dude, any cash, where are you. i drove around, gave him like $10 and drove off. i didn't throw cash, i would never do such a thing. now thank you for being here. chris, coming back to see us. >> of course. >> james: this is true which i didn't know, you have lots of people right now are making fun of the way that you hug. talk to me about this. >> now i'm feeling very self-conscience about t i talked about it so much, i feel like maybe there is something wrong with me. >> james: what is it? what is the beef here? >> all right, my friends make fun of me, stand up. my friends make fun of me because they say, so it's like we're walking down the street. and it's like, oh, hey, james, good to see you, man, good to see you. (laughter). >> james: oh. >> they think i'm an ass out hugger. i am trying to do a
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now-- there we go, see, see how that happens? you see it coming. >> st like a couple of-- . >> james: i'm the opposite, i don't tug hug at the top. i just go shoulders and crotch. hey, how you doing. good to see you, man. so good, how is it going. >> that's great. >> james: are you good, how's the family. >> really fantastic swrzing everything all right. >> you look fantastic. >> james: so do you. have you been working out. >> exfoliating. your skin looks so smooth. new haircut. >> james: t zone i think i just have-- lost a little bit of weight. >> oh, sure. >> james: that's how you do it. (applause) told me, because i do the same thing, just in general, you have to make sure your bum is in line, the pel advice thrust tilt. >> i do that too, my friends make fun of me because they think i walk like that. >> james: you are
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your mick jagger. all right, guys. do you have anything that your friends tease you about? >> well, i used to back brush my entire head of hair when i was at school. >> what does that mean. >> just tease t tease the whole thing up into one, because i thought my nose was big so i thought it would help prot portions of my face. if i teased my entire head of hair. and i was called poodle. >> james: you do it-- you don't have a big nose, why would you think that. >> i did at the time, it was before my face had expanded out. this is when i was more stream lined. >> how old are you. >> 17. >> before the expansion face expansion. >> yeah. >> the new movie are you about to do. >> yeah, adolescent face expansion. >> me and zac efron. >> you swap faces. >> we swap faces. ness but it is also a deep crime drama. >> james: pretty dark. they expand big. we've actually got a picture of you, nicholas. you are not just big, you are a big air kisser. >> no, thats
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that is me going in for full man cheek kiss. >> james: cheek kiss, lips to chick, cheek to cheek. >> look, watch. you see that? >> what happened, where am i? >> let's bring the evidence back here. what is happening is i am saying john, hey, hey, john, man, you look fantastic. i go and dot cheek kiss and he's looking at me like what the [bleep] is he going to do. and in that look, now it looks like i'm trying to make out with him. >> that is a lovely picture it does look like-- he looks kind of blown away and into it and kind of wants to see where it goes. >> sure. >> see what you want to see, yeah. >> are you affectionate with your costars. >> there is not much time because i'm always in the bathroom, apparently, what i heard on my last job, that i was always in the rest room. whenever someone was looking at me, they call it 10-1. >> james: are you always 10-1. why? how much f a
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>> a lot, a lot of fluid all day long. >> james: what are we talking litterrage. >> a lot of bottles of water, coffee, tea, i'm always in the bathroom and everyone thinkses its suspicious but i'm really just doing doing what you got to do. >> just peeing. >> all day long. >> james: people think you might have some sort of drug problem. >> absolutely, 100 percent. or just time alone, you know, take a break. >> i do that too. >> chill. >> in the stall. >> james: i get a point where i can't go to the bathroom without my phone because that is the moment. >> it relaxes you. >> james: i'm a sit down weeer. >> you do pokemon go. >> james: i am a sit down wee guy, are you a stand up wee guy or sit down wee guy? i don't mean-- i don't sit in the urinal. >> no, that would be weird. i mean i go in the stall and that's the time where i will just. >> hands free.
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letting it all happen. >> wait, have i to wrap my head around this. you have always urinated sitting down? >> no, not always. i'm not judging you. >> james: i think i would always rather sit down than stood up n my life, really. >> do you have a japanese toilet, is this why you are doing it because they are insane. they have like a music system, there is like a-- . >> james: no, i do not have one of those but i'm hoping that one day someone would buy me one as a gift, thank you very much. stick around, more with these two when we come back. ahhhhhhh ♪
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i am picking up some kind of signal. >> magnify mr. su lu. what is this?
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>> red alert. (cheers and applause) red alert, red alert. red alert a bort, abort. do not, do not. >> james: that was a clip from star trek beyond which is in theater this friday. you have to go and see it, congratulations on the movie. >> thank you, thank you very much, thank you. >> james: you are as always brilliant in it. what is going on with captain kirk right now? what do we see in the movie? >> you know, the first two films, this is our third film. the first two he is kind of the impetious maverick, angry young man dealing with living in his father's shadow. and he's kind of railing against the system that essentially killed his father. is he three years into the five year mission and he's con tell plating what is next for him if there is anything else for him. >> we had zoe saldana
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the show the other day. and we've worked together. you and her, and we both have something in common to talk about. and she said this about you. >> i love chris. but he's always hungry. this man eats, like his stomach is like a bottomless pit. >> james: it's insane. >> and he is like i can't sit the way he sits. chris sits like he has a superhuge package. he sits tall. >> james: you are absolutely right. this is. >> and then it's like-- then it's like-- food everywhere. (laughter). >> james: i mean-- the question i got is do you care to address. but this is true, right? how and why do you eat so much? >> so many crumbs on your suit. >> james: how do you stay in
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sh shape eating this volume of bread? you didn't think this through, did you. >> maybe it could be a softer baguette. >> you got some. >> good god. >> all right. (laughter). >> james: imogen, are you a big eater? >> yeah, i eat-- i do eat from time to time. >> james: reggie is eating a salad, you are jumping into this, what's going on? (applause) >> oh, no. >> james: i can't, i'm on like a diet where i can't eat bread. >> oh no. >> james: yeah, not oh no, look at me. i need to do something. now you're about to go on a summer break. >> yes. >> james: do you-- you're about to go on a summer break, what do you do on your summer break, what is a poots summer break.
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something that i have got to works on, has to do with my [bleep] because. >> imogen. >> when i tell a story-- . >> you w it std fiep-- five second rule. >> james: you're absolutely right. >> nothing is wrong with it. >> james: is this the problem. >> basically if i ask for something, don't know like a bottle of water or something and i confuse people because it is a convoluted thing of saying can i have a bottle of water. so i say can i have a bottle of water and people look at my hands and are confused what i mean. so i have to work on sitting on my hands. (laughter). >> james: like you are playing henry the 8th. look at this. that say turkey leg. >> i don't know if you ever checked back behind this, there are like fow incredible mini fridges. >> james: i never have.
2:04 am
i have never gone near it. >> this say whole-- yeah, this-- . >> james: that's just sensational, that's a-- amazing. >> it is a turkey leg. >> james: that's one of the best things have i ever put in my mouth. it's absolutely incredible. so yes, that is your problem. you can't even-- you have got crumbs all over you. (cheers and applause) >> oh no. >> james: that's why it's so tight. but you are, in your time off are you going to do something. >> i've got to work on one tricep, i met a guy maimed elliott, i name is ellis, you you have to be in someone's crotch, when you do that. >> james: what do you mean. >> someone squats down, they are always in very close prox imity. >> who are you training with. >> this guy. >> james: where diou
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that is like. >> in lost encounters. >> james: where did you find him? >> my gym. and he told me, it is called like a skull smasher but said don't drop the weights otherwise you will smash your skull. you have to-- it's one of those things. chris, you know what it is. >> james: why just one tricep. >> give it a go, see how it works out. >> james: you want one huge arm. >> you don't want to go totally inment you just want to try the one arm. >> james: have you ever done that thing with the ropes? >> no. >> keep on doing that. >> james: if someone is watching. >> ten more seconds, jaimsz, you got t nine, eight, seven, six, five, you got it! you're a machine. a machinem. >> james: more with them when we come back.
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