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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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in frederick, louden, across montgomery county people are cleaning up what last night's storms left behind. this is
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a lightning strike split a branch in half sending it crashing to the roof of a home. that clean up will be slow going. for some, it's another brutally hot day. first at noon, more on the dangerous heat on this yellow weather alert day. good afternoon. i am in the weather center with first alert meteorologist allyson rae. >> we don't have that excessive heat warning today. today is a heat advisory. it's going to be dangerous for those sensitive to the heat, elderly, children, your pets. today we are looking at heat advisory until 8:00 tonight, 105 up to 110. it's already warm out there. on sunday we have
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over 110. today we are -- the heat advisory will carry on as heat indices sky rocket. even if you are not in the advisory in frederick, it will be 101. 96 martinsburg. this can be the last day that we deal with the heat advisory. it will be hot. we'll get to the numbers. as far as records are concerned, our record is 102. we have three days of triple digit heat temperatures. that's the first time since 2012. it's been a while, and it's very hot. we'll let you know when the heat breaks. you can track the latest weather on our wusa9 app. new information on a breaking story you saw on wake up washington. a man shot by a sheriffs deputy at
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the shooting hammond late last -- happened late last night. we are joined live with the latest. what happened? >> reporter: the press conference just wrapped up and this is what i can tell you. this started last night at about 10:00 right outside a hospital. a 29 year old man was being released from the hospital, was escorted outside by security officers to the bus stop so he could go home. that's when security officers say they received several calls for a suspicious person with a weapon. another security officer got there and that's when they found the man. he had a metal post in his hand they ripped from the ground, if you can look at the picture of the metal post. this is what the man was holding. police say the man hit the security officer with the post. he actually had to be treated at the hospital. an owe duty sheriffs deputy
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the man threatened the deputy. the deputy tried to get him to drop the weapon but he refused and charged at the deputy. the deputy fired several shots hitting and killing him. >> there was guard duty last night and the deputies were doing guard duty. so they were monitoring the security radio from the hospital and that's when the deputy responded to the incident. >> reporter: it's not ear at this point why the man was being treated at the hospital. all we know about him is he was 29 years old, a hispanic man. we don't know where he is from. sheriffs deputies tell us it is clear that the man was having some sort of mental episode at the time of the altercation. neither the sheriffs deputy or suspects' names have been released but the sheriffs deputy has
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with the department. >> thank you. gas testing resumes on the site of the deadly silver spring apartment explosion and fire as investigators continue their search for what they believe is the 7th and final victims. the children living in the nearby community center take a much needed break from the tragedy. >> reporter: in the midst of the tragedy, it's important to take care of the children's needs. physical and emotional. kids have to be kids. that's why they're coming here to camp at the ymca. >> being in the facility like they have been for the last five days, a takes a toll. >> kids put on their backpacks and file into a van where they head to camp at the silver spring ymca. >> we are providing an opportunity for them to take a respite from what they're going through, make new friends, learn something new, have fun and kind of just get a ch
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a chance to be kids. >> the executive director says about ten of the displaced children ages 5 to 10 have joined them at the camp. even after the season is over the outreach will continue. the y teams up with dhs and the school system in a program they call linkage to learning. they'll provide longterm support for the children and their families as they rebuild their lives and try to recover from the tragedy. >> we try to focus on making sure that we are responding to the community. we do individual, family, and group counseling. we are going to manage the cases as they come in and are appropriate for as long as they need. >> camp scholarships are possible because of donations to the y send the kid to camp program.
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>> download our free wusa9 app today for news alerts and coverage when you want it. the united states gets unlikely help in the fight against isis or is it just another complication? ahead, a round of air strikes against the terror network could cause headaches in washington. >> in louisiana the flood waters are starting to recede and massive recovery operations are moving in. we'll have a report from baton rouge coming up. >> a dramatic late night transformer fire leaves a section of downtown d.c. in the dark. we'll have more on all these stories just ahead. you are watching the news at
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patricia wilson expected to plea
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in connection with the disappearance of two sisters in maryland 40 years ago. she's accused of lying to a special grand jury, examining evidence in 1975 disappearance of catherine and sheila line from wheaton. in 2014, prosecutors said her husband was a person of interest in the case. a chunk of downtown dc is in the dark after an underground transformer caught fire near 18th and 11th street northwest. we talked to businesses in the area about how they will handle the power problem. jarkko the flames are out for the team needs to figure out what caused a transformer fire. even as the investigation goes on is more than 100 people without power this afternoon. >> a late-night trustmark fire sent flames and smoke into the air. this video was taken by dc fire and rescue moments after they got the fire under control. hours later, a different scene, foam cs
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businesses nearby are without power. >> i don't know when we can come back. >> reporter: is a parking garage feet from the fire. without power he can't allow his customers to park there which means he's out thousand dollars in business today. >> that's a lot of money. jarkko morning shoppers out of options in this section of town that able to grab the morning cup of coffee or pastry. this is posting signs telling customers, closed for business because of the fire. people affected are taking it in stride, they know things like this doesn't happen often so now they wait. wait for answers and lights to come back. do not sure when they can get the power turned on whether working on it. the second step from the north metro station for the power problems do not extend to metro. af
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through louisiana, the injured -- will have an update from baton e rougahead. is not what tim kaine said it's what he did after the speech is making headlines. you'll see for yourself. we know it's hot and humid. this is adding to our storm chance. coming up, where the storms will be today.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. here's liquids making news across the globe and around our nation. massive flooding in louisiana has triggered the vaguest disaster response since
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at least eight people are dead, 11,000 more are homeless. we get more on this in baton rouge. >> we're going to stay until the end. if an axis down will get back up and rebuild. >> reporter: overnight, voluntary evacuations were underway in ascension parish as floodwaters from the overflowing river poured into the community. on monday, national guard helicopters to more people to safety from the unprecedented flooding. winter long as it took us on a search and rescue mission into the flood zone. >> we're flying over denham springs louisiana. this area is covered in water right now. >> reporter: 90% of the home have flood damage. the city's main highway is washed out. christina and her boyfriend return to their flooded home for the first time monday.>>
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this is my entire life in its washed away. >> it's like the end of your world. having to start over. >> reporter: more than 11,000 people have been first into shelters. 20,000 rescued since friday in large part due to the help of volunteers. greg's home is a loss is thankful for what he still has. >> we are homeless today but we are hopeful. we will rebuild and get back. the flood fears are not over. the waters flow south of baton rouge affecting communities there at this hour. louisiana governor will meet with federal leaders for an update on disaster relief later today. overseas, a delicate domenik dance. russian warplanes bombed isis strongholds in syria. most planes took off from it
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air base in a run. this is the first time russia has used a base in the fight against the terror network. russia is targeting isis has long supported the regime with syrian dictator. russia and iran expanded ties after most of the sanctions against iran related. in rio, the us attitudes metal count as of now, american athletes bring home 75 medals, 26 gold. among them, us rockstar simone biles. she snagged bronze on the balance beam, her teammate claimed silver. files those for gold again the floor exercise which is her specialty precocious for metal so far my three of them gold, tonight is her last event. during the campaign 2016, hillary clinton pulling away in virginia, the numbers from our washingtos
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this comes as both candidates talk of foreign-policy. we're the latest from the campaign trail. donald trump continues to blame the rise of isis and president obama and hillary clinton. questioning his opponents ability to lead. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. >> reporter: hillary clinton was joined by joe biden and scranton. clinton argued trust proposal to fight terror vary by the day. >> he talked about letting syria become a free zone crisis, he talked about sending ground troops, an american ground troops. that is off the table as far as i am concerned. jarkko biden's son who passed away in 2015 served a year in iraq. vice president says he wouldn't have allowed his son to serve overseas
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presidency. >> away from my body in front of him to keep him from going if the judgment was based on trump's decision. >> reporter: clinton will be in cleveland and is that the talk about her economic plan. trump will campaign in wisconsin. democratic vice presidential nominee virginia senator tim kaine held a rally in asheville last night after the start for barbecue. he says he always has a harmonica in his pocket. he pulled it out and joined the planned for couple songs. he travels with his own harmonica, six of them in fact. he's ready. >> that's a guy you might to the party for the wii brady for more dangerous heat?>> here we go again.
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i don't mind the heat and humidity but when it's this bad, it's unbearable. i mentioned before, this has been record-setting. we broke records friday saturday and sunday and with hundred degrees. we got to 100 so we had three consecutive records days of reaching triple digit heat. this has only happened six times at reagan national. this is the first time since 2012 so we don't get this hot this often. it's something to take note of and hopefully we can say goodbye to these 90s. we will say goodbye to the heat but we will say goodbye to dangerous heat in the days to come. that's something to look forward to. looking 86 degrees, feels like 96. under the heat advisory. it will be very hot for some parts of the afternoon. the weekend
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periods of time. went out of the southeast, a gets reese from time to time but it's adding more community. hundred two. upper. 105 today. you'll feel close to 110. as we head to tomorrow, it will feel 100. the site heat advisory worthy. we will be tracking storms tomorrow. that might be yellow whether the words -- alert worthy. were not in the danger zone and we get a break. dangerously so today, stay away from peak hours of the day. we have storms to track like yesterday we will see storms that could be strong and severe. as
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humidity, will be more isolated today than yesterday. the further north you go, the better chance you have a seeing stronger storms. this is a hyper local model. its aggressive but it does a good job of getting the idea we see storms develop this afternoon. areas north of 66, stronger storms and yesterday they were slow moving. that's an added a lot to the rainfall total. good downpours during the middle of the afternoon, in the meantime, it's baking. by 730, things are ending faster than they did last night. as we head through wednesday and thursday, not as hot and humid, take a look at this. louisiana keeps seeing all this rain. it will slowly meander
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wednesday into thursday, sought out so that gives us a good chance of scattered showers on wednesday to go another good chance on thursday. i'm not getting rid of our thunderstorm chance. over the weekend, low 90s, we break the 80 side monday. are working on a breaking news story, dc police chief reporting she's
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breaking news dc police is leaving the force, just of the metropolitan police force for 26 years, th
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going to work with us to work for the nfl as senior vice president of security operations. she was appointed chief 10 years ago by the mayor and she is often the most popular political figure in the dc area, sometimes even more popular than the mayor. our breaking news that police chief cathy lanier will be retiring from the force and going to work for the nfl as senior vice president of security operations. much more on this story on our news at 5 o'clock and you can follow it on our mobile app. is going to be hot today, we'll talk storms you contract the honor usa nine avenue and online as well. it's national bad joke day. did you know that?>> i love telling bad jokes. asa tell them all the time
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i was addicted to the hokey pokey but i turned myself around. >> okay, she plans. thank you, we love it. that's it for us, we back at 5 pm with ac
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>> phyllis: summer, we love you. >> summer: no [stammers] just stop, okay? you said that you supported me and my marriage to luca. was -- [ scoffs ] was all of that a lie? >> victor: we had concerns, okay? >> summer: because you hate luca. >> victor: no. i did a background check on luca, as i would do on any of my employees. >> summer: luca is not just an employee. he is the man that i love. the man that i want to be a part of this family. how could you do this to me? >> phyllis: of course you're angry, because we went behind your back. and we are sorry for that. but our goal is to look out for you, and to protect your happiness. >> summer: yeah, well, you both failed. >> luca: i doubt victoria cares much, if at all, what happens to you now that she's back with her ex, billy. >> travis: it's fine with me if victoria's back with her ex. we ended things before i left. >> luca: that's a brave face. but i think you do still care.


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