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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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a forecast that is heading in the right direction. we are tracking when those temps won't be so dangerously hot. but first tonight d.c.'s top cop is stepping down. today chief cathy lanier is stepping down. colleagues lined up inside of mpd headquarters to give her a hug and say thank you and congratulations. during her tenure, the district saw a 23% drop in violent crime. chief lanier says she leaves this city a safer and stronger place and she is pretty torn to
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>> are you happy, chief? >> it's tough to say. i love this place. i've been here my whole adult life. >>key lanier will move to new york to serve as security chief for the nfl. the league reached out to her and she decided to take the job just yesterday. her last day will be on september 17th. some of chief lanier's harshist critics are inside her department. wusa 9 aioli son barber. >> reporter: the d.c. chief is one of the chief lanier's biggest critics.  over 1,000 officers or members of this union said they had no confidence if her ability to lead the department and keep the city safe. unsurprisingly the union says a lot of their members here
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down. >> she ran this department how she felt was best to one this department. and a lot of times that clashed with the officers. >> reporter: still union secretary jimmy white says the news is a shock. >> we got the e-mail today. and we're just as surprised as everybody else. >> reporter: every officer is handling it differently. >> there is a mixed bag of reactions that i have gotten from my members. a lot of them are excited. a lot of them are looking forward to new beginnings. >> reporter: but the first official reaction from the police union came on twitter. with treasure greg pemberton tweeting my phone is blowing up with members few gnatically excited. people are thrilled that this nightmare is over. he also said that moral is skyrocketing. one officer i spoke to said when they heard the news this morning, they felt uncertain. they wondered what it would mean for the department. they quickly pointed out this is a presidential election year that means there will be very big events en
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in d.c. and chief lanier has a lot of experience handling them. reporting at d.c. police union allison barber wusa 9. >> and on the facebook page, dozens of people had nothing but well wishes for chief lanier. karla wrote d.c.'s finest great job chief latherer. and billy posted, we will miss you and the work you did for d.c. and the surrounding areas. enjoy your new job. we invite you to leave your thoughts and parting words for chief lanier on the wusa 9 facebook page. the latest round of storms is moving out, but it's still plenty hot out there. we are tracking weather and the threat for storms is over. >> i think we can sound the all clear now. i really do. i want to share this picture with you. this is earlier about three hours ago. that shelf cloud out toward virginia. pretty impressive storm. but it just fell apart as
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moved across the river. here's the radar. that is what is left of the storm that is sprinkling in baltimore. it was a monster in western louden county. the watch has been canceled. that said it is toasty. temperatures right now 92 downtown. cooler to the north where you've had some showers. 92 inwaldorf, 92 in fredericksburg. it is pretty humid so the heat index is 102 downtown. 106 waldorf. we are going to the go in the right direction. we will talk talk about the heat index tomorrow at 2:00. lower. still may be triple digits downtown. mainly in the upper 90s in the burrens. by 1:00 heat index only 92 downtown. we will go in the right direction but still one fairly hot day tomorrow. remember, we can push you alerts if there are severe thunderstorm warnings. for ex
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you just download our app and give you access to our radar ensheathe-day outlook. we are learn learning more about a man shot to death outside of a fairfax hospital. sheriffs deputy had just been released from the hospital. security guards had escorted him to a bus stop where witnesses saw him waving a metal sign post. he hit a guard and threatened that deputy. and that is when the deputy fired. authorities are withholding his name until they can contact his family. cell phone video is going viral in the area after a d.c. police officer was caught grabbing a woman by her arms and lifting her off the ground. in the video, the officer is heard asking the woman if she was a prostitute. the woman denies that allegation and tells wusa 9 she was waiting at the bus stop with a friend when police hopped out of the car and approached her. the woman did not want to be identified but she did spea
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this on camera. >> i don't know what is going on. and you assume somebody is out here doing something negative. >> the woman says she hired an attorney and is is in the process of filing a claim against police. the officer did not give her a ticket or arrest her. and police are investigating. no other bodies were found or identified today from the apartment buildings that exploded and burned last week in silver springs. six bodies have been recovered but one person is still missing. and more people came forward to say their complaints about leaking gas were brushed off before the blast. federal investigators say a comprehensive report on the cause of the explosion might be ready by the end of the week. meanwhile some residents say they are traumatized and stressed. >> that night just constantly plays every single night. you just have fear. and you can't fall asleep because you think back
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again. i need to stay up. i need to be ready. >> managers at the apartment building say they are working with officials to find vacant units for families who lost their homes. we are tracking metro now. and another change to big safety plans. this weekend the red light tracks between gofer and shady grove will be shut down. three buses will be there. and the fda is ordering metro to fix a different problem on the track to make it safer. metro operators have run red cig malls 68 times since 2012. this is according to a new report by the federal transit administration and it says train operators rush and they don't always know where the cig that -- signals are. >> it's very terrifying. because all it takes is one second to make that kind of a mistake. >> the
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make 11 changes. it wants signals to be more visible. right now in fairfax city council members are deciding when to hold a special election for mayor. former mayor scott silverthorn resigned last week after police arrested him for a drug and sex sting. john mclaughlin was imitated. mclaughlin hosted that political round table for 34 years. many of them right here in our wusa 9 studios. he missed his first show ever last week saying he was under the weather. the show's official facebook page says details of a memorial service will be posted there in the coming days. if you feel like you have spent an eternity sitting at red lights, one car maker is about to make that
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little bit more bearable. >> and gift card thieves stealing money before those cards can even be used. we'll tell you how the crooks are doing it and how to stop them. you're watching wusa 9 and your only local news at 7:00.
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an important consumer alert tonight for sprint customers. the phone company is having service issues throughout the viewing area so even if you try to call 911, you might not get through. police say if you get a busy signal while you call 911, use a cell phone from another provider or landline. customers have reported issues in arlington, alexandria, prince georges, montgomery, fairfax and louden county. thieves messing with
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thieves have figured out how to drain those cards before you use them. >> it was rejecting the card. and he didn't understand why. >> reporter: and neither did alex stevenson. >> it was actually a birthday gift from my sister. >> reporter: the $200 card she just received for her birthday had a zero balance. a surprise to the teacher that hadn't taken it out of the wrapper until she had gotten to the store. >> this card was most likely in the store for a period of time. >> reporter: chief george says for years criminals were copying the numbers off gift cards and returning them to the rack. they wait until the card they are activated and drain the balance. sometimes even before the recipient has received their gift. one of the tricks of the trade, zebra sticker has can be used to cover up scratched off security panels so the buyer doesn't realize the card had been tampered
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are also getting the numbers throed that breaches and -- through data breaches and hacking into the store's information. best buy says the card was drained the day after it was purchased. the safe way to buy gift cards is directly from the retailer. after we contacted best buy, they gave alex a new $200 gift card in san francisco i'm julie watt. ever feel like those red lights in d.c. take forever to change? audi wants to help you see that different think. they are introducing new technology that will let you know how long you will have to wait until the green light. it is brand new technology for the auto industry and it will be available starting next year in some new audi vehicles and only in certain cities but good news d.c. will be one of them. okay. i will not comment on that. let's talk about the
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we will talk about that. we have a break on trees, break on weeds, and a break on grasses but boom, mold spores in the high range. you can access this on our website at we'll come back and talk about a slow temperature improvement. >> and they may have finished dead last, but these women are some of the real winners in rio. the uplifting story of how they embodied the true olympic spirit. that is coming up
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in louisiana tonight it's all about location, location, location. flood waters are receding in baton rouge, but the water keeps rising further south in the town ofsore reason toe. many homes there are already flooded and officials say the water could rise another foot this evening. at least eight people died in the storms and the floods and 40,000 homes are damaged. right few a man is behind bars charged with starting a massive wild fire 90 miles north of san francisco. investigators say the fire started allegedly and destroyed nearly 200 homes and businesses. 4,000 acres of land and caused $10 million in damage. thousands of people are still out of their homes while firefighters try to keep those flames from spreading. and now they have to deal with this.
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another wild fire in california. this one in da hone near san bernardino. this fire started this morning. it has exploded in size. covering nearly 6500 acres. we are in that season where they just can't get a break. you've got the fires there, you've got flooding in louisiana, all of these extremes. >> and we're in pretty good shape now. we can sound the all clear. but talking about that, we have triple digits yesterday. kind of put us in rarefied air. we had three days in a row of 100 degrees weather. it hasn't happened too often. yesterday was the only sixth time in history. we talked about this last night at 11:00. we were 97 on thursday. 99 untried and saturday 101. only the sixth time in history we had three consecutive
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okay. our three degree guarantee today. i think we are all right. we went pretty high. we went 97 for a high. i'll let you know what we did tonight at 11:00. you can track us by downloading the app. live look outside at a peaceful site. it's down to 92. dew points are still miserable in the mid 70s. humidity 55%. winds out of the south at 14. got an e-mail from someone i explained dew points to. on the surface, humidity at 55% doesn't sound that bad. but when you know dew points in the mid 70s are horrible, then you know right away uncomfortable. and it is uncomfortable. storms are gone. just another warm and muggy night. heat index tomorrow either side of 100. better than 107. and high temps around 90 thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. which is a bit above average but still an improvement if you will. tonight we're okay
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cloudy. look at this 87 at 10:00 tonight. walking the dog tonight, you will probably work up a sweat. 82 in gaithersberg. by morning the sub burrens will fall in the 70s. showers beginning to percolate out to the west of us. and then we get into the afternoon hours, will will be a very weak cold front pushing through. it will generate a few showers and temperatures about 24 hours from now in the mid to upper 80s. look at the heat index. talked about this earlier. tomorrow 100. that is it. tomorrow afternoon. look what happens. by 2:00 on tuesday on thursday rather, heat indexes only 94. that we can certainly enjoy. we'll scoff at that. day planner 80 to start tomorrow. 88 by 11:00. and 91 by
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92 isolated storms on friday. we spike a little bit back up on friday but then we go down hill. it will be hot for the burgundy and gold. 90 on saturday. 89 on sunday. 87 on monday. we are going down. and then finally no storms on tuesday. highs only in the mid 80s. >> well, thank you. trending out of rio today. one of the most inspirational stories of the game. american runner abby fell during the heat of the women's 5,000 meters this morning. when she went down she brought new zealander nikki hamland with her. the runners who never spoke before, helped each other up an even though abby was clearly hurt and could barely walk, they finished that race together. they finished last and second to last but since that fall was not their fault, they both advance to the finals. you don't hear stories like that all the time. >> i know she said to her this is the olympics, we have to finish. >> and they got there by hook
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you are each playing for your country but it is the olympics. >> and the fact they both get to go to the finals. >> yeah. that is the silver lining in that. we will switch gears and go to college football because we are getting closer to the season september 3rd is the terps opener. it was a picture perfect my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are.
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while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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we are t-minus 18 days from the start of college football season here in the dmv. it's a new era, a new chapter in college park. the terps have been working diligently. today was their official media day. picture day with focus on becoming competitive in the big 10 conference. but of course much of the success of this years team will depend on who he chooses as starting quarterback. it appears perry hills is the front runner but he knows exactly what he's looking for. >> a guy that
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right decisions that will help us. you have to take care of the football. he has a football in his hands every down. if you don't have a good decision maker there, and then you put that ball at risk, you can't win games that way. decision making number one and leadership. i think that is one of the things it's hard to put your finger on. but you know when you got it. so we're just trying to figure out who the guy is to best lead our team, make the best decisions. >> and since that news out of cleveland while robert griffin iii has been focused on getting his nfl position on track. he has filed for divorce from his wife after three years after marriage. of course they were college sweethearts. griffin telling coaches and teammates that their marriage has hit a wall. two married in july of 2013. had that adorable baby girl. so after three years, griffin filing for divorce. >> the kind of drama he doesn't need.
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we'll talk more about the weather tonight. >> we will. and lowering heat indexes. >> thank goodness. that is it for us at 7:00. see you at 11:00.
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tonight, hollywood's nastiest divorce battle comes to an abrupt end. whyer amb heard dropped her domestic violence case against johnny depp. >> it's been reported she's going to get about $7 million. >> what the embattled exes are saying today and did amber have an affair with billy bob thornton. > >>juhas 'sstind feuwith selena gone too far? why she's apologizing now and what you need to know about ebbier's new gal pal. and why justin timberlake is crashing weddings. plus -- hot stars, shirtless workouts. yes, please. >> okay, here we go. >> why are these celebs all doing push-ups? now, for august 16th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"! >> johnny depp and amber heard have settled their divorce case a day before they were supposed to face off in court.


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