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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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but popular synthetic drug known on the streets as k2. >> the message to young people, never give up on your dreams. >> reporter: throughout the day they trickled in. the death ends the legacy of marion barry, who died in 2014. like his father, christopher struggled, sometime publicly, with drug addiction, which led to more than one arrest. a police report says he collapsed and died just over a week ago after smoking k2 in his apartment. >> just kind of taken our community by storm. if anybody is dealing with any kind of struggle, we're here. you have people that care. >> despite whatever you're coming through, have a good heart. >> reporter: mourners prefer to remember how chris tried to become a positive influence, empowering
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construction business and running unsuccessfully to replace his late father on the d.c. council. >> my father's legacy is a legacy of helping the people, helping the poor. >> reporter: the fear now is that the synthetic marijuana that killed chris could become more attractive to young people. >> chris just died but you'll have so many people around here saying, oh, that's that killer, so that's what i want. >> even though it's killed? >> yeah. they want to get -- that's attracting more people to get high. they'll want to run and find the same stash that chris was using. that's not a way to go. >> barry at times struggled with being the only son of marion barry. but his was a life of privilege thd a lot of young people in
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less. christopher's mother died of cancer in 2007. virginia's governor restored voting rights to 13,000 felons and announced that today. one of the people affected is joshua cagney, convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a dui wreck in 2003. he spent seven years behind bars and now he's a fitness instructor and mentors inmates at the louden county jail. he says the right to vote should be an important part of reconciliation process and becoming a contributing member of the community. >> i will not stand down and allow discriminatory state laws to destabilize our communities. >> i work with inmates every week. one of the things we talk about a lot is how to play a positive role in the community in which you live. voting is one of those things that's nt
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month after the virginia supreme court threw out the order for clemency for 200,000 felons. today he laid out plans to restore voting rights to the rest of the felons not included in today's announcement. some heated social media threats in the wake of a murder of a young rapper have police concerned at this hour. >> police tell us there is no evidence the ambush killing of rapper dirty swipey is not linked to his girlfriend. police are now in the middle of a very intense investigation. >> reporter: police want to put an end to have the threats to stop any additional violence. there is no doubt that rapper dirty swipey was set up ambush style in this killing early yesterday, sparking immediate spateculion among his fans and followers that it was
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douglas brooks was only 18 years old and rising in the rap world. >> he was all act peace and love. >> reporter: it came to a tragic end early sunday morning as he walked from a birthday party at the parkway terrace apartments, rushed in at least two directions but up to five attackers with guns blazing. brooks was dead before his rap career could soar. >> you have people on social media saying different things about him just because he's on the radio. >> reporter: his family says they have no idea what the motive was, but that's not stopped a barrage of threats on social media directed at a girlfriend and her acquaintances. police this afternoon tried to clear the air. >> we have spoken to the girlfriend. we have interviewed her twice at this point. and we have absolutely nothing i
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involved in this case. not even veiled threats, but the threats on social media should stop. >> hi little brother wanted to do the best, he wanted to be the best. >> because he worked for something that he deserved, you got people that want window to take it away from him. >> reporter: and brooks had been rapping since the age of 12. >> music fans an people concerned about violence in the region took to social media after brooks was killed:
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it was the first day of school for many young people in the washington area. and a new all male school opened its doors to 110 young men. the ron brown high school serves mostly latinos and african-americans. >> if they're empowering each other, they're lifting each other and it becomes a brotherhood. >> school starts tomorrow for students in prince georges county. it's coming but it will take about two years before people will have improved water
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today officials announced construction on a new water tower to begin in a few weeks. that tower will replace an existing structure built in the 1930s. the new tower should be in service sometime in 2018. a waitress slammed by a message of hate is getting plenty of love today. two customers wrote on the bottom of their credit card slip, we only tip citizens. her grandfather posted the receipt on facebook and it blew up. there are now thousands of messages of support from around the world, and people coming into the restaurant in downtown harrisburg, virginia. >> there's no reason for anybody to treat anyone, you know, uncivil or inhumane. >> to have somebody come in here, which is a staple in our community, and pick
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was born here. on facebook some are suggesting the receipt is a fraud but the restaurant manager says he has to whole thing caught on surveillance tape. we have been unable to get the couple involved but they raised such a fuss at the restaurant after the story broke that the manager had to call police. a florida toddler survived a boat crash by floating in a pocket of air in a capsized vessel. and people all across the nation are talking about this. the girl and her parents were thrown into the water when their boat crashed then flipped over friday night. officers rushed to the area and rescues tammy and her husband. but it took them nearly an hour to get to the baby, and her mother is beyond thankful to all who helped. >> thank you for saving our world. i can't
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i just can't imagine. god was with us. >> that little girl is supposed to be here. everyone is fine. medics rushed the family to the hospital where they were all evaluated and released on saturday morning. coming up, new fallout from hillary clinton's private e- mail controversy. donald trump's image makeover, coming up before the forecast. >> tonight lows in the 60s downtown. we have only had two nights with temperatures in the 60s for lows. we'll come back and talk about
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. video after a deadly shooting in milwaukee will not be released until the decision whether or not to charge that officer. >> police say smith had a gun and refused to drop it. the attorney general says releasing the body camera footage would now compromise the ongoing investigation. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky was back in court today asking a judge to overturn his conviction for child sex abuse. he is arguing his defense attorneys didn't do an adequate job during his trial and says grand junction leaks tainted the trial. he
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60 years for sexually abusing ten boys. police in northern australia are looking for a group of teens that let loose three crocodiles in a school administration office. this was last night's break-in, four suspects seen climbing through a window and set the crocs loose to roam around the office. fortunately nobody was hurt. wildlife experts set them free outside town. looks like the ac can take a break tonight, cooler weather for the next few
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. today the state department announced it is looking at thousands of previously undies closed e-mails by hillary clinton. >> reporter: the state department is going through nearly 15,000 e-mails recovered during the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's private e- mail server. >> we still don't have a firm sense of how many of these 14
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seen before. >> reporter: the department expects to release the first batch of messages before the november election. the latest tracker shows clinton with a 6-point lead over donald trump in ohio. they are tied in iowa. trump appeared more disciplined, spending last week sticking to the campaign's message. >> i think he's shown maturity. i think that he's growing in his role. >> reporter: on monday trump attacked the host of msnbc's morning joe: . >> they hate it he's laser-like in criticisms of specific people and specific things. they find him me
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insulting. >> reporter: his new campaign manager says he doesn't hurl personal insults unless he's attacked first. >> and colin powell is pushing back against her claim that he suggested she use her nonprivate account for nonclassified messages. powell said clinton's people have been trying to pin her e- mail scandal on him. today students returned to school in miami beach, florida, where zika virus cases have been confirmed. the school system has encouraged students to wear long sleeves and pants, and even provided free clothes. today the miami-dade school superintendent made it a point to dress the part. president obama travels to louisiana tomorrow for a look at the devastation there. >> cleanup is beginning ac
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and the water is still high in areas like ascension parish. officials want to cut into the levy to allow water to driven but they have to wait for water in the northern part of the parish to recede. >> need to. got people still with a lot of water in their yard. right there by the bridge, my friends, they got about 8-foot of water. >> because is water is receding so slowly, officials don't know how long it will be before they can try and open those levies. . we are still talking about that even after katrina, issues with levies. what to do. >> we are looking at a nice stretch here
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this and showed you earlier, low temperatures tonight. we were 69 this morning, the second day so far this month we have had temperatures in the 60s. we had two in july and 24 in june. remember from july 4th all the way through the 8th of august, we had a record 35 nights of temperatures 75 or higher. live look outside, down to 84. dew points still in the 50s, wind out of the north-northwest about 14. any time we talk about dew points, you can probably open the windows. cooler tonight, probably rest the ac. tomorrow's bus stop temps, cool with 58 to 74 but a gorgeous day. in fact, just perfect tomorrow. still nice on wednesday,
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warmer, then hot again on thursday and friday. 10:00 tonight, clear skies, mid- 70s downtown but already upper 60s, 67 in gaithersburg, 70 in fairfax. by morning we'll have some 50s, which is nice. by 9:00 we're only in the upper 60s and low 70s. lunchtime, perfect day to eat outdoors, lots of sunshine, comfortably warm, low to mid- 80s by 1:00. by 6:00, 24 hours from now, temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. by tomorrow night at 10:00, not as cool, temperatures by 10:00 only in the low 70s downtown with upper 60s in the northern and western suburbs. 70s to start, 79 at 11:00,
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with full sun at 8:00 p.m. we have 91 on thursday, hot again. the best chance of storms will be friday with the cold front. it's pretty toasty on friday, too. saturday and sunday, mid-80s. monday we have showers and storms returning. football is starting and the
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it's been pretty obvious that something's been ailing stephen strasburg. he was having a career season but over the last three games struggled dearly. we learned today he's on the 15- day disabled list bee causof soreness in his right elbow. this comes after giving up nine earned runs in less than two innings of work. dusty baker says they are not too worried. the injury bug hit the burgundy and gold already, matt jones out for the rest of the preseason after suffering a separated shoulder in friday's exhibition game. he was out of practice today, getting some electrical stimulation treatment for the pain. he's expected to be back for the start
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season. but where does this leave the running game? in the next two week, you can expect to see rookie backs to get the majority of carries as they fight for a roster spot. >> i don't think it's a competition. i'm just trying to find a spot on this team. while he's out, i'll try and step in and help the team till he gets back. >> a lot more reps this week, trying to take advantage. >> some things here and there in the passing game where they get nervous about certain things. i see him getting better and better. so we get work in the next two games then the coaches make their decision. >> they have competed really hard over training camp. i'm excited to see how they do, especially with the prime time. >> folks are excited football is back in l.a. over
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the first two preseason games. but it looks like others are trying to capitalize. $50 for parking. we have seen that at big games. remember, it's preseason. that's a bargain. $80 to park for preseason. >> really? >> it gets better. $100 for an exhibition game. i know it's los angeles, but come on. >> haven't had football in a long time. >> and people are obviously paying it. >> driving a mini bus. >> ten bucks each. >> there you go. see you tonight at 7:00.
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