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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. c1 right now at 11, a convenient store clerk loses his life in a robbery gone wrong, and tonight the community is concerned about a killer among them. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm adam longo. police in prince george's county are on the hunt for the person who gunned down a store clerk and didn't get away with any money. ellison barber is live in clinton where the tributes continue to pour in tonight. ellison? >> reporter: if you look over my shoulder, you
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see a balloon. there's a memorial back there that has been growing all evening. people who didn't know the man have stopped by to bring flowers this is in front of the 7-eleven where he worked and lost his life. in front of the balloon, there's a number of wanted posters plastered across the window. >> that young man, i'm hurt. >> we are all hurt. >> i'm hurt. >> this is where we live at. >> it's affecting every one of us. >> reporter: at 4:50 a.m. on saturday, police say someone wearing a mask tried to rob this 7-eleven. they didn't get any money, but they shot the victim in the back twice. >> he was trying to put bread on the table to feed his family, and it's just sad. >> reporter: many customers know odowalet. >> he was down to earth, always cool, always had a smile on his face. >> reporter: now the only place you will find the smile is in a photo. the person who took his life
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outside in a car. the pair drove to a hotel nearby, and roughly 10 minutes after shooting him, detectives said the person with a covered face robbed the hotel. they released this surveillance video today hoping someone recognizes the distinctive backpack. that's what a nervous community hopes for, too. >> hopefully they find out who it is. >> you don't find out about that going on in the neighborhood. >> i could have been there, the police, the dogs, everybody was there. i knew something was wrong. >> i just send prayers out to his family. >> reporter: and now one community member we spoke to today said they are trying to organize a car wash to have here on saturday afternoon, and they said they want to raise money to add it to the ransom that police are offering. police and fbi are offering up to $50,000 for information that leads to an
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wusa 9. sad, tragic, and unnecessary. >> he was shot one in the store and then again in the parking lot as he tried to run away. police would like you to call in any information. police are looking for the people who ambushed an up and coming rapper. douglas brook with the stage name dirty swipey. he was shot down yesterday outside of his mother's apartment building. up to five people rushed him from two different directions as he left a birthday party. we don't know what led up to the violence. prince george's county police are also asking for your help in finding a missing teenager. 13-year-old destiny sedebey. she was last seen on eastern avenue last wednesday about 6:30 in the evening, and destiny is 4'8", 120 pounds, black hair and brown eyes, wearing a red shirt, black leggings, and black shoes, and she has a burn mark on her right arm. if you have seen her, call prince george's county police. >> tonight the virginia department of health
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has identified two more cases of hepatitis a. linked to a popular smoothie restaurant chain. >> that's leak they determined frozen strawberries from egypt carried the virus. all the suspected strawberries have been destroyed, and now the tropical smoothie chain and medical officials are trying to contain the damage the strawberries have caused. >> reporter: there's now 12 cases of hepatitis a. linked to frozen strawberries across the commonwealth. today i spoke to a woodridge woman who regularly had strawberry-based smoothies from this location and spent 4 days in the hospital with hepatitis a. >> the 58-year-old woman asked us not to use her name, saying the department of health linked her hepatitis infection to the strawberry kiwi smoothies she enjoyed here. she was too exhausted to move or
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about in virginia. the number could grow. it incubates for 15 to 50 days, meaning people who ated infect strawberries -- infected strawberries may not even feel ill yet. the risk of exposure has ended. >> it's a benign disease. >> reporter: stephanie williams took multiple calls for concerned patients over the weekend. >> i have had a few patients, and we have them checked if they have had the vaccine, and if they haven't, we recommend they get it. >> reporter: her recommendation matching that of the department of health. check your vaccine status. >> eat better, feel better is not just a slogan. >> reporter: the tropical smoothie ceo apologized directly to the customers. >> we take this issue very seriou
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our top priority. we want you to have confidence we source high-quality products so you will come back again and visit us soon. >> reporter: the company voluntarily destroyed all affected strawberries when contacted by the department of health august 6th. signs in the stores now say the strawberries come from strawberry and mexico instead. tropical smoothie cafe as removed them from the entire supply chain nationwide, not just in virginia, but the commonwealth is the only place infections have been identified. garrett haake, wusa 9. there's good news out of silver spring, maryland tonight, thanks to generous donations from the community. the montgomery county housing partnership has collected $400,000 for the flower branch apartment victims. the partnership and other county organizations held an information meeting on this today, and some of the money will help to pay for several passports that just came in
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well as other very important documents and items lost in the fatal fire. >> you usually can recover in some way, especially if you have proof of your documentation or a bank account or things like that. i understand a lot of the people here are not like that. they have no proof of anything. they can't say i have this insurance policy i can recover from or a certain amount of money in safe deposit or something to recover. i think it's a dire situation here. >> now obviously $400,000 is a lot of money, and there's also 55 different households being helped out, and the montgomery county spokesperson says it will be a challenge to stretch it out, but the challenge will help some with a fresh start. dc is about to get its first water tower since 1945. construction on the st. elizabeth water storage tower will begin in a few weeks and be finished by 2018, and officials say some areas east of the river
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experienced low water pressure, and that is $14 million in the tower that is just part of the plan to help. a 6-hour standoff has come to a peaceful end in cliffton in fairfax county. police were called to the scene along henderson court for a manics appearancing emotional distress, threatening to hurt himself. a barricade was set up, and s.w.a.t. team members arrived, and negotiators convinced him to come out safely. a federal judge sentenced a north carolina man to 14 years in prison for giving a maryland woman silicone buttock injections before her death. vinny taylor traveled the country, injecting women with silicone that he said would give them fuller figures, and one woman died days after undergoing the procedure at a hotel in capital heights. turning to the race for president now. donald trump
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supporters in akron, ohio, accusing democrats of failing the african american and hispanic communities and made a direct appeal for their votes. >> to the african americans who i employ so many, so many people, to the hispanics, tremendous people. what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance! [ cheers ] ! >> i will straighten it out. >> trump said the democratic party has run nearly every inner city for half a century or more, producing only poverty, failing schools, and broken homes. all right, our partners at the washington post says the trump campaign has put on hold an immigration policy speech that the candidate was set to deliver on thursday in colorado. >> trump has been on the record saying the country's 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported, but today he said he's looking into the best ways to deal with the immigrants, and he says that he is not flip- flopping on the issue. the associated press has
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media accounts of more than 50 current and paid employees of the trump campaign, and the a.p. says it found at least seven employees making inflammatory statements, and they included declaring muslims unfit to be u.s. citizens, ridiculing mexican accents, and calling for secretary of state john kerry to be hanged. the a.p. says a similar review of the clinton campaign staff found nothing as inflammatory. a federal judge ordered the state department to review nearly 15,000 e-mails. the fbi found them while investigating hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. the judge wants the state department to figure out which e-mails can be made public, and he raised the possibility that some will become public just before the november election. clinton's vice presidential pick has been on the trail in las vegas. he said trump doesn't like to
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anything else. >> he will say, you know, we are going to be rich, believe me. or we are going to build a wall between us and mexico, and they will pay for it. believe me. he doesn't like to give details. let me ask you this, is there anyone here who believes one word that donald trump says? >> no! >> clinton's next rally is set for thursday in reno. >> family and friends gathering tonight for a funeral service for christopher barry. the only son of marion barry. >> police say christopher barry collapsed and died after smoking the drug k2 in his southeast apartment. the people who gathered today said they will remember the positives, how barry put people to work at his small construction business, and how he ran for his late father's ward 8 council seat. dying on a deadline. why patients at this dc hospice are struggling to find a ne
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tonight we know more about the pills found at prince's paisley park home. it turns out he was taking a stronger drug than first thought. here's your wakeup weather. 50s in the morning, 6:00 or 7:00. north and west of town. 68 to 74, and by noon, perfect day to have lunch outside. we will come back, and heat and humidity in check for now, and
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it's been one year since residents of the washington home, and that's dc's oldest hospice home learned the facility would be sold to the sidwell friends school. some are struggling to find a new home. one woman is desperately trying to relocate her mother. >> reporter: mary mason's mother, susan is one of the three dozens who remain in the hospice care facility, a year after it was sold.
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place for people go. >> reporter: the school take over in december, and the washington home has given residents until october 2nd to leave or at least have specific plans to be out, but residents like susan mason have proven to be the hardest to relocate because of the special care they need. it's unclear what will happen if by december they have not found new homes. >> it's a crisis for us. it's incredibly stressful for the residents and their care givers. >> reporter: mary mason says there's a shortage of options in dc. >> i have one other facility i contacted that will not return our calls. her mother has been on waiting lists if armorerrizations year since they found out about the sale. many residents and families resent the way the sale and the aftermath unfolded. mason says the home has been slow and unresponsive to the struggles of the remaining residents, and she's disappointed in sidwell friends and the district. >> what is going to happen, there has to be emergency legislation. >> ever they are not waiting for that. ra
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offer them a chance to buy the property or initially denying the home was for sale and deteriorating care. the home has an option of extending the stay in the facility for an extra 6 months they have given no indication they will do so. she doesn't know what she will do. >> we are middle class people with middle class incomes, and so this could happen to anybody. this could be anybody's mother or grandmother or even me. >> that was mola lenghi reporting. wusa 9 contacted the washington home for comment, but we are waiting to hear back from a spokesperson. new questions about the pills prince was taking been he died. >> an official close to the investigation says some of the pills found at his home were falsely labeled, claiming
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a genric painkiller, -- generic painkiller, but they were fentanyl. three senators have asked the manger of epipen for more information on the pricing decisions. the epipens can stop a potentially life-threatening situation. the price was increased from $100 a device 8 years ago to $500 today. that's a price hike of over 400%. the obama family is back home from vacation in martha's vineyard, but the president will not be here long. >> he is back on the road headed to baton rouge tomorrow. flooding there killed 13 people and left tens of thousands without their homes. the president declared the situation there a major disaster, and he will get a first-hand look at what the
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price tag may be for the recovery efforts when he visits tomorrow. we only hope everything coming up from the tropics stays away from them. >> funny you should say that. we have gaston. >> it's way way away. >> yeah, but still worth tracking as we get into labor day. the 3-degree guarantee. >> i'm ready for it. >> we went 85. >> yeah. >> and good, good number. good number. >> it was 85. a bull's-eye. 61 of 66, and i say we are going to be a degree warmer tomorrow, going for 86 for tomorrow. live look outside, and that's on the weather cam. 75 downtown, and all the suburbs are in the 60s already. dew points coming up, but still comfortable. winds will turn and become easterly shortly. bus stop temperatures, some kids are in school, and 58 to 74. that's nice. 6:00a.m. to 9:00 a.m. gorgeous tomorrow, and we are looking at nice on
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best chance of storms friday afternoon with the front. i'm not crazy excited about that, but a lot going on friday, and the senates are in town, and burgundy and gold are in town. 6:00in the morning, upper 50s to mid-60s downtown, and that's nice. 57 in gaithersburg, and rather in frederick, and 62 in bowie to start. mid-morning, temperatures comfortable, low to mid-70s. 70 in manassas, and 1:00, back into the low 80s. futurecast has too many clouds east of i-81. clouds in the shenandoah and points west, but a gorgeous day tomorrow. 6:00p.m., in the 80s, and i think for the low here, 84 or 85 by 6:00. 82 and 83 in leesburg, and also sterling. low 80s for cumberland, and a perfect day for the mountains and the coast. about this time tomorrow night it will be comfortable. not as cool as tonight, and the temperatures will not fall quit
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downtown, with the sprinkling of 60s north and west. that's comfortable. on the day planner, 60s to start. 74 by 9:00. not quite 80 by 11, and that's a perfect day to take lunch outside. warmer on wednesday, and still very nice and upper 80s, not that humid. here's the heat on thursday, and temperatures with a slight chance of a thunderstorm, but a better chance of thunderstorms on friday with the cold front. back into the upper 80s on saturday and sunday, and the nets in town through sunday, and a good chance of storms next week. >> nice. we needed the break. >> how about coming home from baltimore. how are people feeling? >> they saw a great game. let's put it that way. the orioles were really in a pennant race going on here, and the battle the of the beltway is already showing promise as memorable one. we have
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tonight was supposed to be a battle of the young arms, and dillon bundy versus stephen strasburg, but cole picked up the loss and earned himself another start. a beautiful night for baseball at camden yards, and a perfect weather for the home run derby. in left field, you're lucky tonight. that breaks the 1-1 tie with the solo shot to left, and then bottom half of the inning, 2-2. chris davis, no surprise. crushes it to left for his league leading 31st home run. espinosa getting in on the fun. the solo shot of his own. th at'sas close as they could get. the birds ta
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final. stephen strasburg was supposed to start today, and he said he was placed on the 15- day disabled list for soreness in his arm. it was simply a precaution to let him recoop considering the team is a lock for the playoffs. he has yet to have an mri. matt jones came into the season as the presumed starter at running back, and that could be the case as he recovers for the separated shoulder, but for now, he's been shut down until week 1. the other starting running back will have the spotlight on him. matt brown and keith marshall and robert kelly will have plenty of work ahead. >> we still have rob and keith and mac, and so those guys will get a lot of the first team, first down carries. >> i wasn't satisfied the way it blocked, and that an
11:26 pm
was right in protecting the quarterback. >> the young guys are coming along very well, and now that matt will be out, it gives them the opportunities to get more reps. once the season comes around, one or two of those guys will be with us monday night. >> they show a lot of promise and got a lot of talent, and obviously they got put on the field on friday, and you know, we will have a better pitcher after that a big congratulations to our friend and colleague, darrell green, the hall of famer vote the most popular redskin is now the associated athletic director. he will engage in fund raising initiatives, and good news, we are not losing him at channel 9. he will stay on great day washington with game on. >> is he going to bring
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there is a famous freshman now walking the halls of howard university. >> it's nick cannon. he posted pictures on his instagram page. and one says my first day as a freshman howard university class of 2020. he's older than your average freshman. he's 35. we don't know what he plans to study yet, but good to see him there. >> i don't think he will feel like the old guy on campus. he will blend right in. a lot of you buzzing about the new project, and this one, if nick cannon was in my class, i would spit drumline quotes any time i saw him. can you imagine? >> bond says she applied to howard because she saw drum line as a little girl and wanted to go to
11:31 pm
black college like that. >> this one, it's never too late to get your degree. >> what school was that? >> howard. >> i think howard. >> stay a little louder. >> howard. >> as an alum, i love to hear that. the 7-day. picker if per -- picture perfect tomorrow. wednesday, a little more humid. watch the storms for the nats' game and the burgundy and the gold. >> the first game of the season will be so fun. >> i was just going to mention that. howard and maryland. >> that's it for us tonight. >> have
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>> stephen: ryan, thank you for sitting down with me. what's it been like for you since this scandal about your alleged robbery in rio broke? >> well, since everything happened, i kind of been laying low. >> stephen: if you want to lay low, television is the best place to do that. i want to give you a chance to clear up things. you gave an interview with billy bush where you claimed at a gas station in rio a gun was put to your head. you're saying that didn't happen? >> i over-exaggerated that part. >> stephen: here's the thing, that part is wheelly the whole part. without a gun cocked at your forehead, it's really about some guys urinating on a gas


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