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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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testing out the program and got a firsthand look at the camera. the camera records both audio and video.>> it's simple use. >> reporter: on day one of the program this officer has already used the camera four times. >> anytime you interact with anybody.>> reporter: officers will be required to turn the camera on during a call for service. >> they cannot turn it off at any portion of the contact. >> reporter: once on the camera automatically records 30 seconds prior. in the state of virginia officers are not required to tell you you are being recorded. most people say it's a nonissue for them. what concerns them is how the cameras will be regulated. >> i can't see any bad side to it. as long as you don't turn them off.>> reporter: this man is a
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criminal defense attorney and knows it could have impact on his clients but he has a unique perspective on the issue. he spent 18 years as a sheriff's deputy in arlington. >> if the officers are required to activate their own camera that it gets dicey because they are in a hurry and it's an emergency. you will miss what happened before. and what happened before is the most important part. >> reporter: police say they have the same concerns and that's what the pilot program is for. to determine what works and what doesn't. >> it will be a good test. the first priority call that goes out and your blood starts pumping, you have to remember to double tap it.>> reporter: after an officer's shift is over he will upload the video from that day to a cloud-based service. how long will it be saved quek it depends what is recorded. if it was a serious offense that is unresolved, that video must be saved for 100 years and that's where a big part of the cost of the program will come from. live in arlington, nikki burdine
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privacy concerns the cameras won't record at all times and arlington county police testing three different kinds of cameras from three different vendors. a brutal attack with a baseball bat puts him him in critical condition and the suspect behind it all is a foster child the family took in six months ago. 41-year-old anne marie francis in the hospital with severe injuries to her head, face, arms and hands. she and her 86-year-old onto were attacked in their home and a 15-year-old boy at the family took in as a foster child is charged with two counts of malicious wounding. >> for you to break somebody's bones with a bat, you are swinging for the hills. two arms are broken and entered two wrists are broken interface is completely shattered.>> reporter: did she tell you anything about who
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>> no. she could not talk. there was blood everywhere and her eyes were popping out. you could see both her hands were broke. >> reporter: the family says somebody dropped the ball because they had no idea that this foster boy had any psychiatric problems. they are thankful their 5-year- old son was not home at the time. donald trump taking ownership of illegal immigration as a major issue in his presidential campaign. is expected to give specifics about his plans wednesday.>> we have more from the trump campaign plus news of hackers targeting registered voters in the fbi investigating. >> reporter: trump preparing a speech wednesday he says will clarify his immigration plan. he is recently softened language about deporting the 11 million undocumented immigrants t
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this. we won't have amnesty. what we are going to do is get those who were breaking the law out of the country as quickly as possible. >> reporter: hillary clinton fundraising in new york today but last week said trump has a history of discrimination. >> i think we all remember when trump said a distinguished federal judge born in indiana couldn't be trusted to do his job because quote he's a mexican.>> reporter: trump said several times if he loses it's because the election is rigged. the fbi is investigating foreign hackers who breached databases in arizona and illinois. the fbi issued a flash bulletin warning one state was breached in july and the other earlier this month. if the fbi requesting each state check voter databases and michael isikoff broke the story and spoke to cbs monday. >> the case of illinois which is the more serious one there was left of data
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200,000 voters. >> reporter: the illinois board of elections confirmed that hackers took voter information but say they have increased security measures. >> the fbi has issued a statement about the hacking it says in part the fbi routinely advises the ministry of various cyber threat indicators during the investigation. the data is provided to help system administrators guard against the actions of cyber criminals. nearly 160,000 students headed back to students across montgomery county and it's the largest school district in the state of maryland. the superintendent said he's going to narrow the achievement gap between best and worst performing schools in another focus is safety. cameras mounted on buses to catch drivers will fail to stop
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when buses are picking up or dropping off students. about 400 students have returned to sandy hook elementary school for the first time since the shooting rampage. teachers and school officials greeted the children of the new building this morning. it replaces the one torn down after the 2012 shooting were 20 first-graders and six educators were killed. the students went to school in a neighboring town while the new building was under construction and school officials asked cameras to stay away from the first day of school to respect students and parents. the first congressman to survey flood damage in louisiana says fema's response has been pitiful. he toured the baton rouge area today and he chairs the subcommittee with jurisdiction over fema and says the agency has been too slow and setting up mobile homes for families while they repair their damage permanent residents. fema says it's working to speed up efforts. orlando major
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visitors as concerns of zika virus rise around the country. there are 43 known cases around florida but no mosquito transmitted zika cases in central florida. zika causes a mild illness and most people but can lead to severe brain related birth defects if women are infected during pregnancy. coming up why police need your help in catching vandals taking potshots at cars and homes in northern virginia. cooler weather headed this way. >> troomor
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search teams in central italy have recovered two more bodies from the rubble of last week's earthquake. it brings the death toll to at least 292 and authorities promised to investigate whether or not following building codes had a thing to do with all the people who died. meanwhile police rescued a man and woman -- police of rescued -- police arrest
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woman looting the rescue area. police arrested five people for an explosion at a crime lab and brussels belgium. a car ran through the fences that surrounded it and then the building was set on fire. no one was hurt and police don't believe it was an act of terrorism but believe it was an attempt to destroy the evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation. in norway veterinarians there have a mystery on their hand. a gamekeeper headed out to a private hunting area and the sight that greeted him was like a scene out of a zombie film. 323 dead it reindeer in a field of. researchers studying the remains but it appears they all died from a lightning strike were a series of strikes. reindeer are known to stay shoulder to shoulder during bad weather. don't pull out the sweaters and pumpkin lattes
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fairfax county police tonight hunting for suspects in a drive-by shooting that hit homes, cars, and carports. >> as manasy a dozen shots and woke up neighbors early sunday and sent some of them scrambling for
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reporter: neighbors are furious about this. the culprit or culprits by ring from a vehicle for several blocks starting down here in arlington and moving across the line into fairfax before speeding off into the night. >> the bullet is still in their, -- is still in there.>> reporter: it hit the wall next to dick's head. >> at least five cars got blasted and a single round shattered the back and side windows of sean's beloved volkswagen. >> i'm extremely angry. it's disappointing. who does that? >> reporter: the shooting started before 4:00 in the morning and bullets hit
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where people were sleeping. >> anyone that does stupid stuff with a gun doesn't deserve to have a gun and i hope they get felony charges because you were too stupid to use a gun. >> it sounded like burma room and then it was over. fast and loud. >> reporter: dick johnson has been searching his lawn for more shell casings, hoping more evidence will lead police to the shooter. his grandson often sleeps in the room that got hit.>> i have been here since 1973. i was born and raised on this block and nothing like this has ever happened.>> reporter: neighbors suspect it was probably drunk teenagers out making mischief but it's more dangerous than knocking over a few mailboxes. in falls church, bruce leshan and wusa nine. >> police say they don't know who is behind it and don't have any arrests. tonight they hav
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murder. folks gathered for a memorial mass in jackson honoring two tonight they have been laid to rest, victims of a brutal murder. folks gathered for a memorial mass in jackson honoring 268- year-old nuns found stabbed to death in their home last week. those women worked at a health clinic for those in need and lead a bible study at a nearby church. >> these two talented women were not attracted to the allure of fame and money that are so common in american culture today. in serving the poor they serve to christ. >> 46-year-old rodney sanders has confessed to killing them and they are asking that he be spared the death penalty. the priest is asking the congregation to find it in their hearts to forgive them. after a wave of criticism after price hike the manufacturers of epipen announces it will sell a new cheaper generic form of the drug. it will be identical they say to the epipen and will sell for half the price. it will
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two. the price for the epipen has increased 500% over the last few years and experts say it's because the drug has a monopoly on the market. parents say they are relieved about the price reduction that they wish there were other options.>> the fact we're only being offered a generic by the same company that is holding us hostage to the epipen, it doesn't make sense. >> the generic drug is expected to hit the market in the next few weeks. >> mylan pharmaceuticals taking a beating on social media over the epipen price. morgan tweets if the kid has a were allergic reaction parents have to pay $700 for an epipen but a junkie ods for the ninth time in gets narcan for free. and another writes too bad there's no disposable pen injection to take the sting out of high presti
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we will turn from that conversation to one about the tropics and things are turning. >> they are turning. the tropics are tenacious. i thought that would work. we are tracking three systems in the tropics. only concerned with two and primarily i will focus on this one. this is tropical depression nine and we have a post on our website and facebook as well as the app if you want to see more about this. we will start with a computer model forecast in each line is a forecast of where this is going. this is now wednesday at 8:00 in the morning and in the southern gulf of mexico. most models turn it off the attorneys and taken across northern florida. this is 5 pm friday and some models have an off the coast of wellington and far east and you see a couple of models do a loop and one brings it back towards long island. data 6 pm sunday. no matter what
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will do a couple things to our holiday weekend. worried about rip currents this weekend so don't swim on unguarded beaches this weekend. stay out of the water when the risk is high in swim parallel to the sure if you are caught in a riptide. riptide means the current goes out and you have to swim until you are out of it and then swim toward shore. swim until you are out from the current and then head back into sure. live look outside on the weather cam. still toasty and 91 right now. dew points a fallen a little bit and humid. winds out of the northwest at six. muggies tonight and mainly dry. tomorrow bus stop temperatures 66 to 80 and not too bad. toasty by 9:00. hot tuesday and wednesday and cooler thursday through labor
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setting up to be a nice holiday weekend and last unofficial weekend of summer. 82 tonight at 10:00. 70s in the suburbs. 78 silver spring. early morning back in the 60s. 69 fairfax. 70 del city. 9:00 75 and lots of sunshine in sterling. 70s to start and 83 by 11:00. 87 by 1:00 p.m. two more hot days tuesday and wednesday and better chance of a storm wednesday. lower 80s on thursdays with showers and look what happens, sunshine and low 80s friday, saturday, and sunday, monday nationals back in town and temperatures in the mid-80s. thursday is the final preseason game and teams trying to focus and cut day is
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now wusa nine game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity.>> after three preseason games they are assessing strengths and weaknesses in an area they could use help is on the defensive line specifically help of the pass rush. today washington sign cullen jenkins with the hope they can get the help they need. today he would fit into the rotation with ricky-
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spent time with the packers, eagles and giants and all teams he would face the season if he makes the final roster cut. he would become one of the oldest players on the team at 35 but still says he has plenty to offer. >> there's a lot of quickness and experience. >> having a guy like him i get to pick his brain and see how i can elevate my it game and how i can get better. i can ask him what i need to do better with my steps, my hands, or my feet. i will make sure i get into his head. >> a veteran player of that caliber is a good thing.>> so we get a taste of pot roast again and former reds can nose diately his best y the patriots friend chris baker started a campaign pot roast to dc. the redskins could use the help of but with jenkins and his conditioning issues it could possibly not
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>> the side of bryan stork has flown the coop. they got him in a trade with new england and he mulled over retirement and decided to join washington and failed his physical which makes the trade null and void. and today a practice it was in the absence of stork or addition of jenkins they were talking about but the actions of colin kaepernick this weekend when he remained seated during the playing of the national anthem. players and coaches around the league are split on their feelings and here's what some of the redskins had to say. >> the servicemen and women know how much i appreciate what they do. in that respect i want to say i will stand to honor them and let them know they are appreciated and without them we would not be able to have the life we love to live. >> he's a grown man and if that's what he decides to do to bring awareness to the situation, i can't be mad at him. t
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>> for three minutes to stand up and take our helmet off and get respect is how we deal with it on the redskins. >> it's such a sensitive subject that i try to stay away from that. it doesn't have anything to do with me so i can't really comment on it too much. >> when you look at it no matter what side you are on he touched a nerve and has people talking. whether you like what he did or didn't, he has people talking and having a conversation. >> you have every possible reaction in the locker room.>> are you going to take us out of here?>> yes and thank you kristen. 90 tomorrow and 90 on wednesday and a little bit of fall. friday through the weekend temperatures in the
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there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville.
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