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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hermine. governor terry mcauliffe said the storms could bring life threatening conditions to virginia beach, norfolk and hampton areas and gave a warning to people traveling this labor day weekend. >> protecting the life and safety of our citizens is most important. we will have a much better idea later this evening and first thing tomorrow morning, about what is going to happen. now, i would be cautious about getting on the roads knowing there is a strong possibility of life threatening storm surges coming. >> translation for example you don't have to travel, don't travel. the governor is activating 270 members of the virginia national guard to prepare for mass flooding and power outages. how much wind and rain will hermine bring this way? howard bernstein tracking the storm and the weather center. >> big difference from the metro, they get gusts, 30, 35 to the atlantic, gusts over 50, maybe 55, closer to the storm. the storm at this hour is over south carolina,
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here, 95, heavy rains, a tornado watch along coastal areas, goes for north carolina, we are talking a lot of rain. this is one computer model. norfolk by 9:00 tomorrow could pick up 8 inches of rain, as the storm moves to the mid atlantic, we are talking the whole mid atlantic beach coast, ocean city, dewey, talking those areas 6-8 inches, depending on the track of the storm. tropical storm warnings are up the coast, sandy hook, 2:00, east of cape hatteras, over water, a chance to strengthen. it's a 50 miles per hour storm nows i could approach hurricane strength, the problem is, if it's 7 or 75, it -- 70 or 75, it stays off the coast for 2-3 days. they will get hit with the wave action for days and days, cag
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a storm surge and coastal flooding. 4-6 feet, locally higher than that. heavy rains along the coast, fresh water flooding from that. waves for days. beach erosion, dune breaches are possible. with the winds , the high winds especially towards the coast, trees down some power outages. we will have a few showers tomorrow and a glancing blow at worst in the metro. in a few minutes i will tell you about the holiday weekend forecast and the return of summer. >> hermine is roaring across the carolina coast right now and hits charlston, south carolina this afternoon with buckets of rain and winds gusting 50 miles an hour. >> we are expecting serious winds, serious rainfall, that can lead to flash flooding >> fierce winds and 7-foot storm surge last night,
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more than 100,000 people. florida's governor said a homeless man died when a tree fell on him. no other deaths or major injuries have been reported. we will have a live report from ocean city on how people are preparing for hermine and track the path of the storm, download the free wusa9 app. tonight a firsthand look at the fbi repot on hilary clinton. -- report on hilary clinton's private email use. >> fbi took the unprecedented step of releasing notes from their investigation, after deciding back in july not to recommend criminal charges against clinton. garrett haake joins us live. >> the 4 7- page report is highly redacted. sheds light on why the fbi thought she was
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her digital communication, if not criminal. she long held she used her personal email address because she didn't want the carry more than one device. over the course of her 4 years there, clinton used 13 smart phones to send and receive email and five i pads. out of the 18 devices, fbi was only able to find and cam intwo i pads , the rest were likely did you by her staff. the report says clinton told the fbi she never asked anyone at the state department about using private email and continued a practice she used as presidential candidate. clinton defended her email use, telling investigators she never sent anything that she personally thought shouldn't have been allowed on an un classified system like hers. the report says there is no evidence clinton's server was successfully hacked. fbi can't be sure. both campaigns are spinning the report on what it means for the campaigns tonight. the trump folks say
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highlights her bad judgment and dishonesty. clinton says it shows she did nothing criminal. she will certainly face many more questions about it next week when the campaign resumes in full force. donald trump is in philadelphia for a round of discussions with black leaders, a day before the rb nominee is scheduled to visit a predominantly black church this detroit. trump and clinton will bedate september 26th, moderated by lester holt. the washington post reports federal prosecutors in virginia want to retry former governor mcdonald. it sites people people with the case. the u.s. attorney's office is asking for approval. bruce la shan is live at the federal courthouse in alexandrwi
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to all of this. >> reporter: a spokesman for the u.s. attorneys office here tells me he can't confirm the washington post story, sources close to the former governor tell my colleague, peggy fox, they have yet to hear anything and not sure that it's true, one of them suggests that it might be a trial balloon. the news that prosecutors are pushing to try mcdonald again comes less than 3 months after the supreme court tossed out the former governor's previous conviction for corruption. the justices set a higher standard for prosecutors to convict public officials. now, the post reports, prosecutors are recommending a second round, even under the higher bar. at the metro in alexandria, a lot of people were skeptical about a new trial. >> bad idea. >> why is that? >> i don't think what he did
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>> he had proven being a very good governor in regards to accomplishing a lot in the state. they should let him two. >> he has paid enough already? >> absolutely. >> i don't know if that's a good idea or not. >> reporter: some critics complained about prosecutors continuing to pursue mcdonald as the justice department decided against charging hilary clinton over her use of a private email server. >> i lake to see consistency in holding all government officials accountable. >> reporter: jurors on victed him and his -- convicted him and his wife in 2014. in exchange for loans, swang can i clothes, ferrari rides and expensive vati
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delegation including one democrat are urging attorney general lorretta lynch to drop the case. terry mcauliffe says it's time to move on, not everyone clearly agrees. bruce la shan, wusa9. chief justice said the governor's actions were taw jerry -- tajry. let's track metro, metro. metro officials made the announcement, the rhode island avenue station will remain closed until 7:00 a.m. monday. the problem is the chunks of concrete that keep
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the mezzanine level. the station was closed wednesday and last night, metro thinks moisture is to blame. it's going to dig deeper. >> i think it goes with the model we have right now, our gm is pushing, we are placing safety first. >> trains will bypass the station under a speed limit going very slow. free shuttle buses will run between rhode island avenue and brentwood this weekend. the chicago police department says the officers are waging unwavering fight against criminals but that it needs help. the statement comes in response to a call from chicago bulls player, wade, for tougher gun laws. wade is speaking out after his cousin was shot and killed while pushing her baby in a stroller. police say she was thought the intended target. -- not the intended target. sack full of hate mail tucked under his arm, brock turner walked
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the former stanford university swimmer was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a frat house in january of last year. he only served 3 months of the 6-month sentence. he is returning to ohio to live with his parents. search for a massage therapist who is accused of inappropriately touching women. a person gunned down
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he lived in southeast, there is confusion over whether he was enrolled in anacostia senior high, staff members and students say he started there and a junior. adult was also shot in this incident expected to recover from injuries. police are looking for the suspect, wearing all black and fled the scene yesterday afternoon at 16th and good hope road. fairfax county police say there maybe more victims of the massage therapist who on raterred in mcclain. >> 55 year old juan carlos villanueva is accused of touching women unappropriately at a massage spa he owned. he was arrested yesterday and charged with inappropriately touching a 25
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who had come in for a massage. she was taken to the hospital for an exam and for treatment. he is charged with practicing without a license and operating an un licensed business. well, should we stay or should we go. a decision people headed to the beach are faced with as tropical storm hermine approaches. a live report from ocean city. >> samsung recalls millions of galaxy phones over
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samsung will ship out new phones, to current owners in two weeks. the people
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smithsonian listened because of the demands, smithsonian is offering more free timed entry passes to the new national museum of african american history and culture, extending the hours during the grand opening weekend. the museum will be open saturday september 24th, from 1 until 8:00 p.m. and sunday september 25th from 7 in the morn until midnight. 80,000 tickets, free passes available. >> that's good news. the best news is we live in washington, we can take our time. >> you do need time to go through this beautiful museum. >> can't wait until it opens. people in ocean city maryland are preparing for hermine, expected to cause a messy situation on the delmarva peninsula. >> john henry is at the beach. the calm before the storm, right john? >> reporter: yeah, there were
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couldn't spend time in the sun this weekend on the beach. there were a lot of people who made sure to spend the most of their time outside before the storm hits this weekend. take a look, you can see there are people out there, just a few hours ago. you notice, tho one was in the water -- no one was in the water due to concerns over the rip current. the worster county sheriff's office is urging the public to use a lot of caution, the flooding could bring surf over roads and cause damage to property. a resident told us he will not be taking any risks. >> what you got to do is stay prepared. you stay prepared and hope for the best without trying to be an alarmist. >> reporter: now, i talked to the police department an hour and a half ago, there hasn't been a final decision as to when they are going to close down the beach or if they are going to close down the beach. i have been checking the radar on our wusa9 app, the rain
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away from here. that decision could come down sometime from now. we got big things going on. we got a race in virginia beach coming up. we got producers going to see bruce springsteen. >> virginia beach is under the gun. the mornings down there, they could have the worst flooding with the direction of the winds being northeast. my wife is supposed to be in a half marathon on sunday. they got to be to the expo to pick up the pacts at the convention -- packets at the convention center. we are going to have a serious conversation when i get off the air. coming up from sing sk, eastern north carolina -- south carolina, eastern north carolina, this is hermine, has winds at 50 miles an hour, that strength is expected to maintain, while it's inland until it gets back offshore, willmington, north caroli
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morning, passing hatteras, as we get in to tomorrow afternoon. virginia beach, they are facing directly in to the winds, the water is going to pile up, some of the storm surge could be 4 to 6 to 8 feet. sunday, expecting east of ocean city and the beaches here. 70, maybe 75 miles an hour this storm, an l, not a hurricane symbol, that's going to be because it's going to transition to a post tropical storm. the impacts are going to bex tense wife the winds -- be extention extensive with the winds and the waves. this is a spaghetti plot. somebody threw the spaghetti up against the wall. the storm will be around for several days with all sorts of problems. storm surge, went long island sound, could be five or six feet as the winds move that
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surge, locally higher inlets, catches the water, this is going to be a long term problem there, in to the first few days of the coming week. temperatures in the 70s this evening. it's comfortable out. there 79 after hitting 81. i will tell you how we did on the 33-degree guarantee. dew points in the 50s. comfortable day, the clouds are moving in, i put out on twitter, facebook, nice picture of the sun with the halo and the sun dogs. expect showers south and east by morning. a few showers, mainly south and east tomorrow. the yellow weather alert for saturday. tonight 60s, cloudy and comfortable, breeze picking up. tomorrow, showers, south and east of dc, spotty ones in town. 60s and 70s in the morning. 70s to maybe near 80 in the afternoon. breeze is going to pick up northeast, gusting to 30. sunday, mostly cloudy, breezy 80, breezy and warmer
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue...
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. it's almost here for example first saturday of college football, up in college park, another first, lamarynd terrapins face bison for the first time ever. first three seasons h
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about anywhere the turps hut put him on the field. he is one of the turps most valuable assets. >> if a guy can play and help us somewhere, wither are going to do it. -- we are going to do it. anywhere a guy can help us winks win, we doing it. >> fans pumped for a big 10 showdown between orchard and host number 4 4 damascuss they went undefeated and brought home the 3a state title. fans lined up down the block before the game time to get the perfect seat. >> we have been counting down since last year.
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this is the biggest, we are pumped for this. >> this next baseball player may have placed voodoo on the baseball. nothing strange like this. the batter hits what appears to be a regular foul ball. if you look at it, it heads straight for the dougout. the banner is covering it. the ball boy ready to pick it up, but it takes a crazy spin back in to fair territory. the baseball player got the out. fortunate for him. we are out of time, thank you for joining us, that's it at 6:00. cbs is next.
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