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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: mail call at the f.b.i. eight days before the election, agents begin searching hundreds of thousands of e-mails. >> that's the mother load. >> i think most people have decided a long time ago what they think about all of this. >> pelley: also tonight, our arguments." we'll hear from voters in the battlegroundte sta of pennsylvania. >> a working-class man is going to be in distinction. >> pelley: armen keteyian of "60 minutes sports" finds the baylor sex abuse scandal is bigger than we knew. and the making of the presidents. >> i worked on roosevelt and lincoln. >> reporter: roosevelt and lincoln? >> yes. >> reporter: and roosevelt you
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>> this is this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the f.b.i.'s new e-mail investigation had hillary clinton on defense today, but her supporters and closely fought states remain with her inch a cbs news poll, 50% of democrats in those states told us that the investigation did not change their minds about voting for her. only 5% said that it did. last week f.b.i. into whether clinton had mishandled classified information on her personal, unsecured e-mail server. in that original investigation, some classified material was found, but no charges were filed. now thousands more clinton e-mails have been discovered on a laptop that the f.b.i. didn't know about. agents stumbled on it in an unrelated investigation of
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huma abedin. nancy cordes begins our coverage. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about. >> reporter: clinton doesn't typically bring up her e-mails, but in cleveland today, she was eager to show she has nothing to hide. >> and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> after the f.b.i. director. there were enough democrats doing that for her. former attorney general eric holder said james comey committed a serious error and senate majority leader harry reid claims comey may have violated the law by resurrecting the clinton investigation 11 days before the election. even republicans like strategist karl rove and senator chuck grassley criticized comey's vague letter to congress, in
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abedin's newly discovered e-mails may or may not be significant. grassley wrote to comey today, "without additional context, your disclosure is not fair to congress, the american people, or secretary clinton." >> i am running against man who says he doesn't understand why we can't use nuclear weapons. >> reporter: clinton's numbers go up when the focus is on trump. so today she hammered away at his character, recounting an interview he did on neferl. -- on 9/11. >> he couldn't stop himself from pointing out that now, because the towers had fallen, a building he owned was the tallest in lower manhattan. >> before the world trade center was the tallest. when they built the world trade center, it became known as the second tallest. now it's the tallest. >> what kind of person brags at a moment like that? >> reporter: this evening clinton's top aides are accusing the f.b.i. director of what they call an astonishing double
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about clinton but staying quiet about reported investigations between ties to trump's association with russia. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks. late today, in letters to congress, the justice department said it is dedicating all necessary resources to the investigation and taking appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible. jeff pegues has been talking to his sources about the f.b.i. investigation. >> reporter: the built a software program that is scrubbing what could be hundreds of thousands of e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop. investigators have already seen the subject, date, and time of the e-mail, but the software will isolate messages that may be relevant to the clinton server investigation. agents will cast out e-mails they've already seen and search for those that came from clinton or those that may contain classified information. then agents will manually go
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janice fedarcyk is a former assistant director of the f.b.i. is it going to take time? >> i think this will be an extended process, given the sheer volume of e-mails and then any follow-up investigations, additional warrant, subpoena, interviews, reinterviews. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents in new york discovered the new e-mails earlier in october while investigating weiner for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages to a minor. still unanswer serd why director comey was not informed at week. also unclear is how abedin's e-mails ended up on her husband's laptop and whether they will change the outcome of the investigation in which comey recommended that mrs. clinton not be prosecuted for mishandling classified information. sources say that comey felt bound to inform congress of the new development, but the timing of the revelation put him at odds with the attorney general.
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them to rush it to get it didn't by election day. >> i do not honestly think they will rush an investigation of this nature and this sensitivity. >> reporter: part of the delay was in securing a warrant to look at those e-mails. we learned today that there was friction between comey and the justice department. scott, attorney general loretta lynch felt that getting a search warrant in this case so close to an election violated department policy. comey got one anyway. >> pelley: jeff pegues for us in the jeff, thank you. clinton's lead in the nationwide popular vote has narrowed to just over three points in an average of major polls. trump has opened tiny leads in the battleground states of ohio and florida, but clinton still leads by hefty margins elsewhere, including virginia and in michigan, where major garrett found donald trump today. >> if hillary is elected, she
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criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president. this is just... hey, this is just what we need. >> reporter: donald trump came to michigan hoping the f.b.i.'s renewed e-mail investigation can jump-start his campaign here, where three polls in the past week show him trailing by at least seven points. >> the investigation will last for years. nothing will get done. government will grind to a halt. >> reporter: trump's campaign believes independent voters and non-trump republicans fear a endless investigations or worse. trump advisers said, "we'll pound the message in the coming days." in grand rapids, trump said america's enemies will scoff at hillary clinton. >> all of these people will sit back, and they will laugh and they will smile. >> reporter: and as democratic criticism of f.b.i. director james comey intensified, trump came to the defense of a figure he used to vilify. >> i was not his fan, but i'll tell you what, what he did, he
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he brought it back. he's got to hang tough, because there's a lot of people want him to do the wrong thing. what he did was the right thing. >> reporter: by "right thing," trump means recover lost clinton e-mail, but, scott, according to "newsweek," trump the businessman has systematically destroyed e-mails and documents to either delay or frustrate the discovery process in various lawsuits filed against his businesses. >> pelley: major garrett, thanks. pennsylvania is another state where clinton is holdg poll, she's up 48% to 40%. jim axelrod has been listening to voters there as the candidates make their closing arguments. >> reporter: for these coal mine centers western pennsylvania, the commute to work takes them two miles into the earth and 300 feet beneath. as dark and dusty as they find
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dave schrecengost have crystal clarity when it comes to this election. who are you voting for? >> donald trump. >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> reporter: no question? >> no question. >> no question. >> reporter: and you're going to base your decision on what? >> i love my freedom, my guns, and i love any job in the coal mine. >> i feel she's a cape cod i can cutter of -- a cookie cutter of the obama administon middle-class, working americans. >> reporter: in the mines, hillary clinton never had a chance. >> reporter: because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, tim? and we're going the make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. >> reporter: after todd reisman heard the first part, the second didn't matter. at 46 he's casting his first vote ever for president. what was it about this guy that
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and my family. i have a son that works in the mines. i think we're on the brink. the working man, the working-class man is going to be in distinction. >> reporter: but look elsewhere in this part of the country, and trump's support is not always rock solid. >> there is such a world of difference. >> reporter: 23-year-old cameron linton was a delegate to the g.o.p. convention. you're a serious republican. >> reporter: how can you not be supporting your party's nominee? >> he just doesn't have it. he's had a year to act like a professional, classy nominee, and he hasn't done that. >> this election is one of the most difficult decisions i've ever had to make. >> reporter: tim nerozzi is president of the young republicans at the university of pittsburgh. >> it's disheartening, but i do have hope that our party will bounce back and hopefully this will be the medicine that we
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over again and say, that didn't work. what can we do better. >> reporter: back in coal country, none of the miners are holding their nose and voting for trump. they are proud to pull the will every for him. if you had to frame it up, you voted for donald trump because... >> change. >> change. >> change. >> reporter: i thought that was the last guy's motto. >> didn't work out too well. >> didn't work out. unhappy republicans, cameron linton says it's conceivable he will vote for clinton but unlikely. tim nerozzi says he could never do that, and he will likely vote for donald trump. >> pelley: tomorrow we'll hear from voters in evenlyily divided ohio. the buckeye state has voted for the winning presidential
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we'll be bringing you the "cbs evening news" from ohio tomorrow night. michael vance lived a violent life, and he died violently in oklahoma last night in a gun battle with law enforcement. david begnaud reports on the end of a week-long manhunt. report michael vance terrorized oklahoma over eight days, killing, carjacking and threatening more violence. he killed two relatives. >> shots fired. >> reporter: wounded three law enforcement officers a hit list. as a fugitive, vance taunted police, posting live videos to facebook while on the run. >> what's up, y'all? letting you all know, look, this is real. that's the real deal. >> reporter: then sunday police caught a break. >> there was an automobile right here. >> reporter: donnie williamson tipped authorities to where vance was hiding out. what gave him away? his car spotted under these branches. later that afternoon during a
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county sheriff clay sander in the shoulder and the elbow. the sheriff will survive. to 30 minutes later vance was killed after a shoot-out with oklahoma state troopers. >> he came out firing his rifle. >> reporter: mickey baker said he witnessed vance stop and confront those troopers. >> i could see the flare of his gun. the fight went on for about a minute or some them police officers were in one heck of a gunfight last night. >> reporter: this is where michael vance was liv rural western oklahoma. he had a fire pit in that ditch. he had access to local water, and officials think he may have been in this area for about a week. scott, as for the why factor, it appears to be a revenge killing according to authorities, and that's because michael vance was due in court next week the answer for charges he sexually assaulted a child. >> pelley: david begnaud in oklahoma for us tonight. david, thank you. coming um next on the "cbs evening news," did a major university ignore sex abuse by football players? "60 minutes sports"
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>> pelley: the sex assault scandal at baylor university is more widespread than first reported. "60 minutes sports" has now learned that since 2011, 19 football players have been accused of abuse against 17 women. armen keteyian spoke with the senior vice president who oversees campus police. >> reporter: the gang rape allegedly involved football players tre'von arms shamychael chapman in 2013. the waco police report stated baylor university was contacted about the incident. criminal charges were never filed against either player. armen keteyian. >> nice to meet you, sir. >> reporter: reagan ramsower said the baylor campus police department had a history of burying sexual assault complaints that came to them. >> here it is. you notice here, baylor university was contacted as part
6:47 pm
nothing ever happened for well over a year. i'm just wondering what happened there. was there an investigation, and if not, why not? you have a police report. >> there was a police report. i suppose it stayed with the police department. it never came out of the police department. that was a significant failure to respond by our police department. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: victim blaming would be one answer. the other answer is the football team and protecting that brand. >> i don't believe that was at all the reason. i really think that it was probably -- i don't know what was said if they did talk to the victim. >> reporter: they did talk to the victim. there is no question. it's a detailed police report. >> right. >> reporter: there was a title ix case that was opened up. we opened that up. and that was when i learned about it. and at that time we took the appropriate actions and
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was, but in 2014, tre'von armstead was all-big 12 tight end. >> that would be true. >> reporter: patty crawford has years of experience investigating sexual assault, but nothing, she said, prepared her for baylor. in your mind, who is responsible? was it institutional failure right up to the highest levels of baylor, and i'm including the board of regents? >> absolutely. there were a lot of people like me at the univer t not want these things happening and were fighting for it, but they didn't have the power or the authority, and they were not heard. that is institutional. >> reporter: baylor prides itself on its christian values and creating a caring community, but our investigation found a culture where victims who came forward found themselves blamed for violating the university's code of conduct, scott, which prohibits drinking and premarital sex. >> pelley: armen keteyian for us tonight with an in depth
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>> pelley: chicago can't break the cycle of violence. there were 45 shootings over the weekend, 18 murders, the most of any weekend this year. today cnn dropped donna brazell as a political analyst after hacked e-mails reveal she gave the clinton campaign some of the to be asked at a cnn town meeting in march. brazell had been on leave from cnn since july when she took over as head of the democratic national committee. president obama celebrated his final halloween at the white house, greeting trick-or-treaters, one of them dressed as air force one. another dressed as the president himself noticed the gray hair. we're sure the president did. and then there was the kid who went as a lame duck, reminding
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so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. next on off script, in the final week of campaigning, we're talking emails, we >> pelley: we end tonight with the longest presidential campaign in u.s. history. great presidents into mount rushmore. it was finished 75 years ago today, and chip reid talked with one of the men who took on this monumental task. >> would you mind if i take a picture with you? >> sure. >> reporter: at mt. rushmore in south dakota, nick clifford is almost as popular as those four presidents looming up above. that's because he is the last survivor of the 400 men who
6:57 pm
70 years ago. now, at 95, he's a rock star. >> i worked on roosevelt and lincoln. >> reporter: roosevelt and lincoln? >> yeah. >> reporter: and roosevelt you worked with? >> down under his chin, and on the right side of lincoln. >> reporter: wow. mount rushmore was the brainchild of sculptor and idaho indicative gutzon borglum. it took 14 years to complete. expansion, lincoln its preservation, and teddy roosevelt its development. >> that is america. that is america up there. >> reporter: the onset of world war ii forced construction to end prematurely. for jim borglum, grandson of the monument's creator, it's still bittersweet. would it be accurate your grandfather would say he wanted it on the a lot more so?
6:58 pm
>> reporter: the plan was to carve all the way down to the president's waists and to build a museum inside the mountain. he wanted people to know what it was there for. >> yes, and also that they not be misrepresented as gods. these were men. >> reporter: but for nick clifford, it's perfect what do you think looking up there? >> i think it's the most beautiful thing in the whole world. there never will be another thing like it. i'm so proud to have worked up there. >> reporter: a proud symbol of america etched in stone for countless generations to come. chip reid, cbs news, keystone, south dakota. >> pelley: magnificent. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all
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there is no case here. >> hillary clinton's corruption is a threat to democracy. >> tonight hillary clinton is playing defense. donald trump playing offense. looking to score over the latest email news which has the fbi heads taking heat tonight. we go off script with washington post reporter, matt, manage ore, robby, and metro ceo calling it a reality check while some say the system is on a death spiral. we'll hear from paul on his cost cutting budget. it's the final full week of campaigning for hillary clinton and donald trump. today the clinton campaign continues to reel from the after math of the fbi's discovery of those new emails. donald trump continues to press the issue.


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