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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and some of the really great things that are have been achieved. >> i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences to now come together. >> but coming together may take some time. >> yes, i've been crying. >> you are almost crying now? >> yeah, i am because it's a sad day for our country. this is not who we are. >> no trump, no usa. >> secret service officers cleared a hundred or so protesters from pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house before mr. trump's arrival. >> that way now. >> the heath ed -- the heated conversations continued. >> what i am saying is that the man has been elected president, give him a chance. >> no, i'm an american citizen so i have a chance to say what i
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>> reporter: now, even during the brutal campaign the obama administration was working and planning the transition with aides from both the clinton and trump organization. with the days left mr. trump and his people are going to participate in two war gaming exercises with the obama administration to prepare him for the possibility of a terrorist attack or at the white house, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> bruce, thank you. michelle obama took melania trump on a tour of the white house. >> live to new york where the president elect's plane just landed. he's had a busy day
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so it's been a very full day. there's pictures right now with the president elect, the incoming first lady and paul ryan and mike pence. during the campaign donald trump and paul ryan are pledging to work together again. we saw that photo op there. ryan called it a productive meeting an said they are excited about getting to work for the american people. >> small and spontaneous protests in the city tay the possibility of more this evening, particularly at the trump international hotel which has been the target of minor vandalism and what is a very heavy security presence at the time. wusa's scott broom is at pennsylvania avenue to get us up to speed. >> reporter: well, with trump making the decision to go back to new york, his jet on the ground back there, the extremely heavy secret service and pd
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international vaporized but this remains a magnet for protesters. protests are planned for tonight, just like those who broke out today. >> [screaming] >> high school students, many from the georgetown day school, formed a spontaneous march up pennsylvania avenue this afternoon. the trump international hotel primary stop on their route. >> don't give up. don't hate people. >> we have to come together and like understand why it is this people that put this man in the office that voted for him. >> students said administrators agreed to release them from class without penalty to participate if they wished. >> this couple from new jersey watched. >> they are young people and they have to deal with the president elect. he's the elected president, whether you agree with it or not. he's the president. we should stand behind him.
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done. >> a very heavy security presence here stopped protesters from approaching the doors of the hotel. the hotel was the target of minor vandalism on wednesday night during a protest that formed here. the remanence of blue paint still visible this afternoon. >> reporter: all right. word of protests right now is spreading on social media. the latest is a protest planned here for 7:30 tonight. an organization calling itself not on pennsylvania avenue online appears to be one of reporting live at the trump international, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, thank you while we may see protests continue there's a building movement now to create a large protest in dc to counter the festivities that will happen on inauguration day. >> we are taking a closer look at the protest, many millennials voting for the first time. pete monteen has new exit polls on how they voted.
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let's talk about those between 18 and 29. exit polls showed they voted for clinton over trump by a wide margin, 55 to 37. on both sides millennials see hope in this growing group. >> junior matthew morris said he's in the minority on the campus of the university of maryland. he's the president of terps for trump. >> a lot of it has to do with maturity, developing your own ideas. >> new are losing their push with voters. >> she put up a non-partisan campus watch party and watched as the results came in. >> we can't standby. you have to be a voice. if you have a voice you have to use it. >> dr. stella rouse thinks in the
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motivating factor the enact change as we move on. >> this election showed us that we can't standby. you have to be a voice. if you have a voice you have to use it. >> i think that millennials will vote less with their heartst and more with -- hearts, more with their wallets. >> in 2016 they had a 37% share of that president elect trump sitting down with 60 minutes for the first post-election interview. the interview will air on 60 minutes this sunday at 7:00 right here on wusa 9. our mild november comes to a quick pause this weekend with some pretty chilly temperatures. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt on the weather terrace with details on that. hey, topper. >> reporter: yeah, let's remind
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be saturday. sunday is going to mild again. a quick dip in the temperatures on saturday. it doesn't stay cold long. that's the good news. right now it's just a spectacular evening. i tweeted this picture out a minute ago. yes, this is the first night the sunset before 5:00. that's a little troubling. 58 at 6:00, 54 at 8:00 and still 52 downtown at 10:00, which actually is pretty comfortable really. all right. let's take you into tomorrow morning. temperatures will be sort of chilly to start. though inside the beltway. maybe 44 in gaithersburg and about 46 in silver spring. again, that's 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. by 9:00 we are back in the 50s. a few clouds in the mountains as the cold front pushes through. for the most part a couple of showers possible in the mountains too. here just mostly sunny skies and breezy but all in all a nice veteran's day. by noon 61 downtown, 60 manassas and 62 in fredericksburg. we'll come back and we have something on the 7-day that we haven't had in
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right now an after school counselor is facing some serious charges after allegations that he inappropriately touched a 5-year-old girl. montgomery county police arrested raul ramos. investigators say it happened at the kids after hours program at the flower valley elementary school in rockville. ramos allegedly touched this young girl more than once while playing a game of tag. he's now charged with a series of sex offenses. a man suspected two pennsylvania police officers is found dead along with another woman. one officer was killed while responding to a domestic violence call in a small town outside of pittsburgh. officers were met with gunfire around 3:30 in the morning when they arrived at the scene. dc police are looking for clues connected to a shooting in chinatown actually -- chinatown. a man was shot in
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mazda. the man was conscious and breathing as he was rushed off to the hospital. prince george's county police are looking for a man who posed as a police officer to rob a driver. let's take you back to tuesday morning in clinton. police say a man in a white ford flashed blue and red lights at a driver who did pull over and then that victim was pulled from his car, assaulted and robbed. police say the suspect was wearing dark blue clothes with patches and what appeared to bea convincing. two children are charged with a hate-based assault in olney. montgomery county police say they picked a fight with a married same-sex couple at the green turtle. they are accused of assaulting that couple in the parking lot. detectives used some surveillance tape from inside the restaurant to identify the suspects. take a look at the video. a dog thief literally caught in the act in dc. caught on video
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police just released this video today showing two men walking a dog last saturday -- i'm sorry, this was last month on a saturday night in southwest. they come across a very friendly dog behind a fence and after just a few seconds one of the guys is going to reach over and pick up the dog by the collar and they are all just going to walk away. police are trying to find the men and the dog. there's a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest and an indictment. > about to receive increased protection. >> striker will join over k-9s with body armor. this comes courtesy of the group called vested interest in k-9s. they provided more than 2100 of these vests to law enforcement dogs. striker will get his new vest in 8 to 10 weeks. we are just starting here on wusa 9 news at 5:00, new technology bringing veterans to
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>> chess and hip hop come together for a tournament. >> something will happen at the white house that we haven't seen since jfk. >> a place filled with hundreds of old warships, tug boats and ferries left to rot. a secret ship graveyard tonight only on
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donald trump's son baron will be the first son in the white house since jfk, junior. he's 10 years old and the son of the president elect and his wife, melania trump.
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campaign to care for her son. it's unclear how much that will change when they all move to the white house. tomorrow is veteran's day. >> so time is running out for the men and women who served in world war ii and the korean war. too frail to come to washington, a group called honor everywhere is bringing the memorial to them themselves. virtual reality through googles allows the vets to make the emotional trip to the nation's capitol. >> this is a way they can feel like they were there. >> this memorial is for see that and to see the expression on his face is just -- i know it meant the world to him. >> that was the son of joe cook, a world war ii vet who flew dangerous missions. honor everywhere added the vietnam wall to their virtual reality tour this year. there's a unique tournament combining the speed of chess
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boards and it's bringing kids together to learn how to play the board game and develop critical thinking skills. mark albert is in washington to explain. >> everybody shake hands. >> three dozen kids participate in at this chess tournament in washington dc at kennedy center. >> they had all the right moves on the dance floor as well. >> bum rush hip hop music and chess. >> do you think that you can beat me? >> yes. >> 8-year-old alex just won his first match of the day when he showed us his moves. >> it's a fun playing game. you have to use your brain a lot. >> how long are you going to keep playing? >> i actually may just keep playing for my whole life. >> this is the ninth year of the bum rush the board tournament and the director thinks it's changing young lives.
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it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from. >> this isn't about just a game? >> no. which he is is probably -- chess is probably one of the greatest metaphors for life. >> the tournament also includes dj lessons and dance classes. >> 13-year-old yoshua came from his chess team the from athens, georgia. >> when i started that think before you move it made me better. if i can apply it on the which life. >> he had the winning strategy, his team took home the trophy. mark albert, cbs news washington. >> topper is over here going i remember when i used to be the co-president of the chess team. >> yeah. all right. some of the students who traveled from out of town for the tournament had to earn their spot by reading books, doing community service and of course going to chess practice. dc delegate eleanor holmes
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that the national weather service measures snow in the region. instead of reagan national airport she wants the measurement to come from the white house or the naval museum. she said the snowfall does not accurately reflect what happens in dc. no word yet on the response from the national weather service and we have cleared the next 15 minutes for topper to discuss it. >> we're asked this question for years and years and years because it's not in dc. >> she has a point when she's applying for national funds. more on this coming up at 6:00 p.m. and i think it's -- i think it's a good idea. now, remember in the storm of 2003 we actually had the observer on from the national airport and he explained how he did it. i think it's just not a great place with the winds and the water to observe snow. >> and also it's not in dc. >> that too. >> does it take a huge act of
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one guy check a box and say let's change it? >> it will take a look over from congress. let's talk about the 3 degree guarantee. i think we will be okay today. we went for a high of 63. it was a pretty nice day. the average high is now dipping down to 61 or 60. we are 79 of the last 86 days. the live look outside from the live michael and son weather cam, it's still 60. it will be chilly but it will help us with winds out of the southwest that will pump in milder air. in the 40s inside the beltway. freezing continue told in the suburbs but clear. bus stop temperatures 38 to 53. it will be breezy tomorrow morning as well. november and march are similar months so chilly at the bus stop for the kids early on. milder tomorrow. very nice for veteran's day. we will look back on veteran's day in 1987, wasn't so nice then.
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well, it was for me. cold saturday. it doesn't say cold long. milder sunday for the game at fed-ex. nice tomorrow at 64. we dip down to 53 on saturday. okay. 64 on sunday. recover nicely. and right around 60 on monday and tuesday. our average high is now 60. that's pretty good. just one little spike of cold air. we can handle that. at 10:00 tonight clear skies, 52 downtown. 48 in fredericksburg. still looking at temperatures in the mid 40sp and 48 also in buoy. at 6:00 a.m. 37 in cull pepper and 42 in fairfax. by 9:00 temperatures in the low 50s. notice the winds beginning to turn northwest ward. a couple sprinkles possible towards cumberland and oakland. for us a mostly sunny veteran's day. we are still at 62 by 1:00. that's a nice day as well.
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night for high school football. wow. even at 6:00 we are still teetering on 50 in gaithersburg and frederick and 56 downtown and 52 in manassas. a little bit colder tomorrow night but not crazy if you are not tomorrow night late it is friday night and temperatures in the low 40s in the suburbs. 40s to start, 59 by 11:00 and 62 by 1:00. notice the winds northwest at 19. it will make it feel cooler than it is. breezy and cold on saturday, 53. cold. i am. milder again on sunday. back to 64. now, the next 7 day s, monday 60, super mon on monday night. i'm a little concerned now that some clouds may come in. we have a little chance of rain on monday night. clearing out on tuesday, highs again around 60. >> thank you, topper. straight ahead, apple make
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country will offer free meals to vets tomorrow. >> how little pieces of chocolate are making a serviceman's time away from his
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in tonight's consumer alert apple is saling refurbished iphones for the first time in a decade. they always offered preowned macs and the i pods but not the smartphones. it comes with a new battery, outer shell and one-year warranty. you can get them online and the prices on these reconditioned prices start at be available in december. the two part of the auto injector will cost about $300. that's half the price of the brand name. this comes a few weeks ahead of the competitor's drug. mylan faced wide criticism for increasing the price by 400% in less than a decade. as a thank you to our nation's vets, restaurants across the country are offering
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entree at olive garden, chipotle has a buy one get one free deal after 3:00 and baskin robins will donate a portion of the profits. today is the 431st birth day of the u.s. marine corps. yesterday there was a reef laying at la june. hundr responding to our wusa 9 facebook page wishing our marines a happy birthday. betty posted this picture of her father who served in world war ii, korea and vietnam. maria said my son serving in japan. love and miss him. love your mama. your service will never be forgotten or taken for granite.
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wusa 9 facebook page. a heartwarming story here out of virginia tonight. >> a father deployed with the air force makes sure his son gets a good night kiss every night while he's gone. steve left 191 kisses in a jar for his 2-year-old son, shawn. every evening when shawn missed his dad he would pull out a good night kiss out of that jar. when there was just one left shawn knew he was getting the suitest surprise of all, dad was coming home. check this out, er with a big hug and a real kiss. so sweet. we are hoping to speak with shawn and his family tomorrow. coming up, we are going to meet a 108-year-old veteran in town for a special breakfast at the white house. >> why the election of donald trump may be sending some women to the gynecologist. >> after the break we will talk to students at american
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we are getting more insight tonight on how young people voted for the candidates. the big question leading up to the election is would college students and others come out in droves to support hillary clinton. >> bruce johnson has been talking with students at american university all through the campaign and he's with us in the studio to tell us more about what they are saying tonight. bruce. >> they are really smart to start off. we learn a lot by
5:30 pm
students are saying. first the numbers, among voters 18 to 29 clinton defeated trump 65% to 37%. it's tighter than the obama and romney campaign. the data shows that trump dominated the white working class votes. the american university class that we're been following agrees it was those voters that propelled trump to the presidency. >> [no audio] >> it's sort of interesting when you think about that. the question then becomes who are those people that really wanted change. >> yeah. >> so i think the forgotten man and the forgotten women were the individuals in the white working class sort of mid-western part
5:31 pm
>> the whole point. you go to areas of the industrial midwest and parts of pennsylvania and ohio and communities are hollowed out. >> even if you are not disinfranchised, if you see the politicians talking about people that are not you you are going to feel like that and she ignored the fact that this was happening among the white working class voters. >> it's not just the white working class. i think she put anxiety within a lot of the people who supported him, the fear of the other andha other is taking things away from you and in order to kind of restore that order and to make america great again you have to vote for me. >> as we said from day one, elections are about turning out your voters and the democrats with all of their great analytics and ground game didn't do the job. >> it comes down to the numbers. they knew that clinton lost because the campaign didn't
5:32 pm
vote but clinton received, get this, 6 million fewer votes than president obama in 2012. more from the students coming up on off script. >> thank you, bruce. demonstrators protesting the election of donald trump defaced a couple of confederate statutes in richland that said your vote is a hate crime on monuments to davis and maury. crews were dispatched statutes. the vandalism followed demonstrations last night whens hundreds of people marched through the streets to protest trump. some kept him at arm's lengths during the campaign and now those republicans are now embracing donald trump many of them including house speaker paul ryan and senator lindsay graham with vowing to work with the new administration. senator rob portman from ohio pulled his support from trump after the release of those infamous access
5:33 pm
things that we can do right away to give the economy a shot in the arm. that's something that donald trump talked about in the campaign, we need to invest the money here. >> other gop converts include senator john mccain who trump criticized during the campaign. fearful of what might happen after january 20th, some women are being encouraged to seek birth control right away. under obama care women have 18 fda approved types of birth control at no out of pocket cost. president owe electcost -- president-elect trufrn said he would repeal obama care. a youth basketball coach is facing charges tonight. montgomery county police said he sent texts and e-mails to a girl he met through craigslist. he thought she was 15 years old.
5:34 pm
agreed to meet her at the rockville metro station. he was surprised to learn that the girl was actually a county police officer. he's charged with sexual solicitation of a minor. police say he's a aaa youth boy's basketball coach. police are announcing several arrests in connection with the murder of a man that manassas. the police and fbi and the atf arrested seven members of the ms-13 gang. detectives murder was gang related. he was gunned down on quail run lane. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> it was 100 years ago today that dc lost the first firefighter who died in the line of duty. today they paid tribute to ed cotch. he was a
5:35 pm
he was 41 when he suffered a heart attack in the line of duty. he's 108 and one of the longest living persons from world war ii. >> he's no town to be honored for that dedication and sacrifice. stephanie ramirez brings us his story from the world war ii memorial. >> for army sergeant bill moore, he got a warm welcome at the world other veterans and tourists after he arrived in dc. he's from pennsylvania but here in the district in advance of tomorrow's visit at the white house for the annual veteran's day breakfast with president obama. >> this is america. in america, it's the best , most wonderful place in the world. >> she's speaking to you with a speech struggle after a medical accident as a boy.
5:36 pm
moore over came. he will tell you his greatest achievement is. >> i was ready to go. >> moore serve ed -- served as an army sergeant with the replacement company european front 45th infantry. >> when you tell me something about your time in the army. >> i don't know the answer to that. >> there's so much war history but instead moore said he plans to talk to the pde >> i will voice to him all of the political events to handle all the problems our country is facing. >> i did also ask him his advice for the new president elect. he said whoever that is the new president has to unify the country. near the mall, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> amazing.
5:37 pm
diploma. we'll have more of his amazing journey on our wusa 9 app. coming up, a furnace scam being reported across the country and it's costing homeowners thousands of dollars. >> that's hot. >> don't touch it . >> after the break andrea mccarren and her service dog in training shows us the hands free training that could save a life. >> a very nice veteran's day. in fact, temperatures tomorrow a little bit above average. we ar up in gaithersburg, 63 manassas and 62 in leesburg and sterling. we will come back and talk about the cold blast over the weekend and what that means for the terp
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we hope this next story may change your life or help you save someone else's. we are about to show you the simple
5:41 pm
or hands over cpr. >> andrea mccarren and wusa 9's service dog in training who saves lives on a regular basis. >> if you see someone in distress check to see if they are breathing. if not, call 911. >> most people are afraid to go 911 or get involved and are afraid because they don't know what to do. >> in the next 60 seconds you will. >> it will beha save someone's life. is called by stander cpr. >> all you need is your two hands. >> two paws. >> and a dis co classic. the bee ge'sgee's is the perfect beat. >> i need to put my hands in the middle of the chest, interlock my fingers and push hard and fast with straight elevator lows. -- elbows.
5:42 pm
>> we practice ed d with the help -- practiced with the help of our colleague. >> ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> our talented instructors have lost count of how many lives they have already saved through cpr. >> it's just spectacular. you can't beat that feel ing. >> with just two hands you can change someone's chance of survival from just 5% to as high as 60%. >> it's incredible. >> andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> now, if you'd visit your office or organization connected to the military, police or firefighters send him an e-mail. he checks. those paws are busy. those address is and you can watch the story on the wusa 9 app. trending now, the mannequin challenge isn't going anywhere. we've got some great new clips to show you. >> and we will martin like a
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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tonight about furnace scams. with the temperatures starting to get colder a lot of people are having their heating systems tuned up. this couple requested a routine maintenance check on their furnace. the technician diagnosed a cracked heat exchanger. that is a dangerous problem that can allow carbon monoxide into your home. then he took the furnace apart so it couldn't be turned on. well, from there the tech tried to get the family to spend thousands of dollars on a new system but couple called for a second opinion. >> i ran a full test on it and everything checks out okay and it's running fine. >> everything looked fine? >> everything looked fine >> i shed a couple tears and thought how could somebody do this to us. >> it's a scam and it's happening across the country. here's the best advice, if something seems fishy do what they did and get a second opinion. let's get to what is trending tonight. the chicago bears version of the mannequin challenge leaving a lot of people standing still tonight.
5:47 pm
looks like a video game. 360 degree style camera move. the players frozen there in action. they pulled this off pretty good. >> this comes from wrestles and recruits of their performance center in orlando. more than 300,000 you tube views on this one since it was posted. >> pop culture website mashable declares adelle as the hands her mates in their western gear. >> i'm disappointed because we tried to do this on election night and it didn't happen. >> we did they just didn't put it on facebook. the new inductees into the toy hall of fame in rochester, new york. 12 of them for up for induction. only three got in. there were coloring book s s and care bears and transformers that
5:48 pm
>> plenty of fun stuff to go around. a new update now. martin and his prized copy of an iconic rap album. >> screli bought once upon a time, the wu tang's album for $2 million. he promised to leak the album if donald trump won. so far he's released a few clips. he said he has to negotiate we have an interactive online tool from the university of maryland state computer lab and it's mapping dc streets to make it easier for people with disabilities to get from point a to point b. >> it's project sidewalk and it's like wayz for people with disabilities. people like rick. >> you see owl
5:49 pm
sidewalk slopes so much? that's why i take the emergency lane. >> finding curve ramps and buckled sidewalks. >> project sidewalk allows anyone anywhere with a computer to walk around dc neighborhoods, spot and report barriers along the i what. >> if -- along the way. >> if you know a barrier take a photograph or shoot a video at are going to check it out. that's what our hashtag no barriers project is all about. always watching, always tracking, wusa 9's first alert weather. >> all right. a very nice even evening. in fact, temperatures are still pretty mild. a live look outside from our michael and son weather cam. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60 downtown. winds out of the southwest at 7.
5:50 pm
cold in the suburbs tonight but clear. bus stop temperatures, 38 to 53. breezy tomorrow morning. if you are at the bus stop early with the kids it will be a little chilly. very nice for veteran's day tomorrow. cold saturday but then boom milder again on sunday. can't stay cold that long. it's only new orleans. the cold -- it's only november. the latest air of the season is slated for saturday. but 65 on friday and 64 on sunday. back t 6 and tuesday. at 10:00 tonight on future cast, clear skies and 48 as far south as fredericksburg. 44 frederick and 52 or so downtown. now, by morning a few 30s. actually, colder spots south and west of town. 37 in manassas. by 9:00 we creep back into the upper 40s to low 50s. by lunchtime a couple of showers possible in
5:51 pm
oakland. they are not going to make it to hagerstown. temperatures by 1:00 around 60. that's pretty nice for veteran's day. by evening for high school football the temperatures in the low to mid 50s. 52 manassas and 54 in fredericksburg. out late to the late games tomorrow temperatures in the upper 40s. still pretty good though. day planner, 40s to start on friday, 59 by 11:00 and 62 with sunshine by 1:00. now, saturday there's ur coiled day cold day, breezy and cold, 53. back up to 64 on sunday. the next 7 days, monday some showers and rain on monday night, some models stay dry, some models say wet. i'm leaning towards showers at the point. we need the rain. we clear out quickly on tuesday regardless if it happens or not and then back to sunshine on wednesday and
5:52 pm
the redskins of course are now hitting the halfway mark. time to focus on getting back to playing some football after the bye week as the redskins now get ready for the minnesota vikings who come to town on sunday at 1:00 at fed-ex feed. there's a news report from the redskins, no deshaun jackson. one report haas him not playing. that can be a factor in terms to have passing game. the vikings are 5-3 but lost three straight. the red skins are rested and they say they are ready. >> even though you are off resting everybody is thinking ability what we had -- about what we had to do. we look fresh and fast. >> this next half of the schedule is going to tell a lot about us from our character to our team to can we do this and that, are we going to be the best team in the division or a team that's going to make it to the playoffs.
5:53 pm
know about us. >> a great point there. join us sunday morning for game on at 11:30 a.m. live from fed-ex field. kristen will get you set for the skins and the vikings. guess what? it's thursday night football already. baltimore ravens hosting the winless cleveland browns. could be a blow out, right? that's why they play the games. the ravens just snapped a four-game losing streak by beating back into a tie for 1st but it's a short turn around for 4-4 baltimore. >> i always like playing in the lights. it's prime time. it reminds you of friday night lights. you can tell when we play on monday or whatever and you are always going to be hurting so get through it. >> i love my man's beard. >> yeah, yeah, yeah , move on. yeah, i'm looking at the
5:54 pm
>> i just had a young daughter. >> she's just over 7 pounds. i just want to eat those cheeks. >> monday, november 7th at 10:39. >> she's doing great and mom is doing great. >> you look like you've been rested. >> it's not me, it's my wife that's not getting the sleep. >> congratulations to big sister and big brother too. >> it's been an exciting time. thank you. coming up when bruce joins donald trump's silent majority. hear why trump supporters choose to keep quiet. >> up next, a search for what makes america great leads to a jazz band on a downtown street corner. >> and then at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley a look at president-elect trump can keep the promises he made to
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now at havertys furniture, it's our veterans day preview. where you can create the perfect home. november 14th, you'll save an extra one-hundred to one-thousand dollars. it's our gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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5:57 pm
looking for a pick me up? reporter hope ford found a group of college students turning their anger into art in the streets of downtown greensboro vp >> we had a plan. >> i think that we have to go back to our faith and pray and just trust and believe. >> we are able to find a way to come together, put differences aside and move forward. >> but then we heard something. >> ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> musem ic -- ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> music in downtown greensboro. >> what makes america great? >> jazz. >> a group of college students who decided to take to the
5:58 pm
unity. >> jazz teaches us how to communicate with each other, teaches us how to be a democracy. >> there's a person that plays melody, harmony and counter melody, rhythm. you know, all of them are so very important n creating this beautiful art form and this one result. >> jazz started in the late 19th century, music and african art form. it's the oldest art form. perhaps it's the best form of unity. >> no matter who you are going for in the election this is the music that can remind us why this country is so great. >> comeog trethend a rejoice and have a beautiful time together. >> ? ? [ music ] ? ?
5:59 pm
smithsonian is hosting a series of concerts how it influenced civil rights, identity and culture. right now at 6:00 president elect trump comes to washington and president obama becomes him to the white house. >> a chance to lead are falling on deaf ears. >> why trump's critics appear to be growing louder his supporters are quietly celebrating. >> i'm bruce johnson. today president elect dufrn donald trump and president obama met for the first time ever. president elect visiting the white house and capitol hill as the transition of power in washington begins in earnest. jarrett haake has all the details. garrett. >> reporter: bruce, remember it was just a few weeks ago that donald trump visited to open his
6:00 pm
talking about his new residence. >> it was an honor to be with you. >> president elect donald trump and president obama set aside years of personal problems to discuss their hand over of power. >> we are now going to -- want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed the country succeeds. >> on capitol hill speaker ryan gave the new first family of the inaugural platform. the nation's top elected republicans have clashed in the past but today vowed to, ed -- to work together. >> we had a fantastic meeting about getting the work and going to work for the american people. >> on the tour of the capitol with senate leader mitch mcconnell the president elect answered questions from reporters for the first time out lining his top three priorities come january. >> restore immigration and the


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