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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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meeting. >> i can see already that he's going to be a great pleas and i'm glad you can play a small role. >> mitch mcconnel outlined some of what he and trump discussed. >> we talk about, like, the supreme court, uh, a concern about obama care, and our desire to change that. >> but today the president elect also talked about obama care with the wall street journal. he president obama, he wants to protect the ban on insurers refusing coverage for preexisting coverage and a precision to allow children to be covered longer. there's -- >> you definitely cannot just repeal obama care. there's too many popular parts of obama care that republicans like. >> another nugget of note from the interview, the president
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focused his campaign promise to prosecute clinton. he says he has too many other issues to deal with. garrett haake. they have -- while he's in new york. extra measures includes dozens of police officers, concrete barricades and street closings and some are temporarily and will on how trump divides his time between dc and his other homes. he gave his first post interview to leslie stall at trump's tower. that will air on 60 minutes sunday at 9:00. now that trump will be our next president of the united states, he's cause to ban muslim immigrants is causing problems
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mosque church where their fears were addressed. >>reporter: we found a variety of emotions here. certainly fear and anxiety. they brought in a line of local elected meters and a christian pastor to speak, and they pledge their support and protection. hundreds of muslims came for friday prayers at dul -- church, some brought deep concerns about president electon this is worst than this one. >> how do you feel right snow? >> i'm feeling scared. >> are you fearful? >> i am because you know, look at me. i wear the scarf, so it's obvious i'm a muslim woman. >> last december trump called for a shut down of muslims entering the united states. it's unclear whether the words are still on trump's website or not. >> the overall sentiment is the
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instigating division. >> the mosque ask local leaders to speak. delegate lopez put his life on the line. >> i will choose his last dying breath against racism, against homo phobia, again -- >> school board -- they vow today >> and [indiscernible] >> attorney general mark hearing pledge to do everything he could to keep them stave. >> some followers are not afraid. >> let the man take the office and let's see after that. i'm not going to judge him now as a muslim. >> we are american, and to make america to be the good country we have to support our leader
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president elect and praying that he does not do some of the things he said he would. live in false can church, peggy fox. a new protest against the president elect began outside the trump's hotel. this marks the third night of protest. in washington things have remained peaceful so far. the protestors turned into rioters last night in portland. 26 people there wererr rioting. i do believe in protest. i do believe in demonstration. disruption, i think it will continue, i think it's important to get out and for those who don't -- to express that. >> another protest is scheduled for this weekend in front of the capitol. a petition on sets to alter the outcome of the election. >> there's no way this is going to happen, but it's asking those of the electoral college to cast
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voted. according to the constitution, each state electors have until december 19th to cast their ballot and the petition has 2 million signatures. minority leader harry reed had harsh words for president elect trump today. we've called trump a sexual predator who fuelled his campaign with bigotry and hate n. a statement reid says that trump has a lot of work to do if he wants to roll back of hate he unleashed. in a series of tweets, he says since the election, i have been approached by democrats who believes our parties needs new leadership. i'm taking a hard look at the dnc chair because i know how badly we need to reform our nominating process, articulate a bold precision and recommitment ourselves to higher wages and return to our roots as
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prepared to spend his final overseas trip talking about his successor. the president leaves monday on a six-day trip to greece, peru and germany. he expects to face questions about how trump easy lex will affect his deals on iran deals and climate change. one final time as commander chief, president obama led the arlington national -- he said a nation trying to your naive after this week's divisive election can look to its veterans and service members for inspiration. >> the american instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common -- it is to find strength in our common creek. when the world makes you senate, whenever you seek true
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>> the president urged congress to outsource or privatize the health care we owe to our veterans. bob bowl spoke at a world war ii america. >> he's 92 and a world war ii vet and a bronze -- doll was instrumental in raising private funds to build that memorial. as a way to say we're teaming up with the uso of washington to provide holiday baskets for military families. call 202-859-5580. we want the phones to ring. no donation is too small. we have our uso volunteers here in the studio ready to take your calls. >> absolutely. coming up, a behind the
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and friends and family fear a university of maryland student's safety could be compromised after she suddenly disappeared. 54 downtown. that's it for a high. 54 in gatorsburg and 53 in hagerstown. we'll come back and talk about a freeze watch for saturday night and talk about rebounding sunday. again, 202859-285-5560. that's the number to call. $50 will feed a family of 6. you can make a donation online by going
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breaking news out the -- skype 9 is over root 7 where a high speed chase ended a short time ago. officers followed a motorcycle driver along root 7 and 28 and the driver gave up 30 minutes ago and there were no other incidents. as you can see, there's a significant traffic backup along root 7. we have a mystery at the university of maryland tonight
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aerospace engineering student disappeared. she was heading out of her dorm yesterday to pick up camping gear for a planned trip to claim old rag -- she never arrived at the university outdoor adventure club and never contacted her camping partner. george talks about us. >> she's a wonderful stellar academic and beautiful young lady with her head screwed on police says there's no evidence of foul play but they're considering all the possibilities. the orange orange county florida schafer schafer department shows -- owe the sheriff's office. >> it doesn't show mateen being killed in a shootout with deputies.
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the interview being rescued from a florida storm drain is on the mend tonight. two eagles were fight ongoing the side of an orlando road when one of the eagles let go and flew off causing the other eagle to fall in the storm dream. the female -- >> we're going to see if there's lead that could be in the blood. we're going to check the blood for parasites and fecal - the eagle suffered puncture wounds on her body and on her beak. she was taken -- and that is expected to take a few weeks. >> it sounds like an assault. >> yeah. coming up next, cooking for the troops. a local woman's labor of love for service members. here in the studio, we have uso volunteers standing by to take your pledge of support. a $50 donation will give a
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i believe people have forgotten. >> that's what our military fears after 15 years of war. americans are getting weary and forgetting the sacrifice of our men and women in the armed forces. >> andrea roam shows us there's one virginia woman who is going its extra steps to say thank you, you're being remembered. >> two days visits restaurants and farmer's markets looking for the perfect ingredients to cook. >> the menny today is fillet -- the menu is fillet mignon and sweet potatoes. >> she cooks for service members. >> that's the best thank you you can get with someone filling your belly. >> it's a good feeling to do. >> the irony is --
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grill. >> a few months ago, she could barely cook. >> how do you grill. put olive oil on the grill. i'm good at making macaroni and cheese out of a box or peanut butter and jelly. i have two pre-eggs and ugly eggs. >> she comes from a large military family. >> both my grandfathers are -- the biggest is my father who was growing up and i think i was in 7th or 8th grade and i would wear his uniform to school, and i was always proud of it that he was a vietnam vet. >> so proud she tried to join the marines. >> it didn't work out. i was asked to do a duck walk and i could not do the duck walk. >> you were doing. >> i know. so that's [indiscernible]
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from becoming a force behind the forces, a won-woman army armed with food, utensils and a lot for our military. >> we need to give back to those who protect us. >> wusa9. >> if you like to say thank you to our men and women in uniform, we have an easy way to do that. we have set up a phone bank. food baskets to service members. any dollar will help. all you got to do is call (202) 859-5560 tell. again that number is 202-859-5560. >> joining us to say thank you for your service and sacrifice is mary craft. she's the chief administrative officer at lados and i have mike harrington a partner of at ey. i understand
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paul. >> i'm here to present this $15,000 which the uso. thank you for all the great support you provide to the troops and their families. >> fantastic. >> mike. >> and also on behalf of du, we present this $15,000 check to the uso as well. it's a great cause and we're proud to be apart of it. >> thank you so much. ladon and nina. this w the holidays especially at this time when folk was deployed around the world. >> we can't forget our troops now or around the holidays. >> thank you so much for what you're doing and thank you for what you're doing. you're going to call that number, 202-859-5560. we want to keep these phones ringing and we want to show our veterans how much we care. >> we can't say it enough. happy veteran's day.
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>> super moon. everybody is talking about the superman. it occurs monday morning, but you may want to check it out sunday night. clouds are going to come in sunday. it's bigger and closer in terms of orbit. so it's about 238,000 miles. that's the average. this is going to be 221,000 miles away from earth. the earth is elliptical so that why it changes. to 30% brighter. if you veen it this close since 1948. it won't be this close until 2048. live look outside, it's still nice out. winds out of the northwest at 10. they have settled down, but i think they'll be breezy overnight. that will keep us from having a heavy frost. so breezy, chilly, high school football, 58 falling into the
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cold tomorrow, yes, but milder for the game on sunday. it doesn't stay cold that long. we're looking on facebook. they're getting hammered with snow. the cold air is circling around right now. we're now -- a freeze is possible on saturday night. temps in the 20s and then showers possible monday night, but we don't see any big storms coming our way. we're behind. bringing rainfall the last two months. tonight, 10:00, i 49 downtown. light jack set a good idea. by morning, below freezing. manassas and -- 39 downtown. headed for a high in the low to mid 50s though on saturday. so we'll break it down -- we'll break to down. 47 at 11:00 and 50 with full sun by 1:00 p.m. winds will -- milder on sunday for the game. 62. and then 58 on monday. a few showers roll in at night.
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sunny. wednesday, maybe a sprinkle. upper 50s. near 60s on thursday which is average. 65, milder conditions next frid.
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?? stand by me ?? vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ?? stand by me ?? now, wusa9 game on sports with frank brought to you by xfinity. nice for the wizards.
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the wizards will not have this guy bradley beal out with a hamstring. beal did have a message for the men and women that are serving and have served our country. >> thank you to all the veterans who lived and served this country and continues to do so today. it's awesome to dedicate a day to them for their service. we wish we could do it all year because they deserve it. >> high school football front. undefeated. damascus taking on tonight's game on varsity report we highlight one player's unique tag element. vincent played a role in the request for back-to-back state titles. when he's not on the field, you'll find him with a paint brush in his hand. >> like i actually thought you can't tell what it is so you have to think what it is. >> he loves art, so football is not always going well, then you
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>> to see that you can be that physical and -- and on the football field and just paint and draw like that, i mean, when i watch him, i'm like how do you do that? >> we want to say a big thank you on this veteran's day to his mom michelle vincent who served 22 years in the army. bruce, leslie over to you. >> uso phone bank taking donations to provide thanksgiving dinners to military families. >> we raised $15,000. >> that will -- call 202859556 202-859-5560. we appreciate all you do. >> so do all the 5,000 people that serve our military in our
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captioning sponsored by cbs trump backtracks on obamacare. >> reporter: are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. >> pelley: a first look at an exclusive "60 minutes" interview.


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