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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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for a third straight day, students walk out of class and take to the streets in protest over the election of donald trump. on the left you see students at richard montgomery high school in rockville.
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student walkout at paint branch high in burtonsville. students at blake high school and richard montgomery and paint branch and northwest as well as seneca valley high schools have either walked out or are playing to walk out -- planning to walk out later today. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. debra alfarone joins us along the protest route in silver spring with reaction from some of the students there. debra? >> reporter: hey there andrea. we are at the final meeting place and it to kind of go along with students as they were traveling down new hampshire avenue in silver spring but we caught up with them and they stopped right here at mlk park, so you can see how many students are here. they're all from blake, spring brook and paint branch. and they all joined together today for a walkout and a protest. so spring brook and blake, they met up around 9:40 this morning. they all walked near colesville center and then they were heading over here to the park on jackson road.
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saying love trumps hate. not my president, one said this is for you mom and dad. and had a bunch of different international flags on it. united against hate was another one. and i talked to many of the students as they were marching to mlk and kind of talking about what they were doing out here. and they basically say they're too young to vote but they want their voices to be heard. i talked to some kids and i said well, what do you think about staying in school today? could your voices have been heard that way they wouldn't have missed this for the world. they say share just want to get their message out and their message is stall about love. we're live -- all about love. we're live here in silver spring, the debra alfarone, wusa9. >> it appears a student from richard montgomery high school was attacked during the protest in rockville. witnesses tell wusa9 that the teen was wearing a make america great again hat when he was kicked and beaten. two employees saw it happen. the teenager hit his head on
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the hospital. we don't have any information on his condition or possible arrests. and reaction to the protests have flooded social media. elizabsaeth ys go the class and then vote when you're legal. and angela dixon writes all? >> i see -- awesome. i see a change coming in four years, our future kids will do better than us in the now. so proud of you all. and carrie nicholson says go back to school you didn't vote so therefore you're not allowed to vote. so suck it up. a man says he was two men wild riding the new york city subway because he was wearing a donald trump hat. 25-year-old corey says the situation heated up as the train approached the station. a man asked him if he was a trump supporter. when he said yes the man apparently became flustered. >> so great. another white trump supporter. next thing i know i have hands around my neck and i'm being choked. then another gentleman comes over and he shoves me up against the window you know and i have my arm pinned behind me back and the one guy choking
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did anything to help. police are searching for the two men involved. president-elect donald trump said in a tweet this morning that the transition is going smoothly but a whole lot of shaking up is going on inside the transition team. headed by vice president-elect mike pence. as kenneth craig reports, some new names are being floated for top cabinet posts like ted cruz for attorney general. >> reporter: president-elect donald tru returned to trump tower this morning to fill key cabinet positions and craft an agenda. former goldman sachs partner is said to be the front runner for treasury secretary. >> there's a lot of things to do and i tell you the economic pryorties are clearly taxes, regulatory, trade and infrastructure. >> reporter: mr. trump challenged reports that his team is in disarray. tweeting this morning -- totally wrong on transition.
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the tweet comes after vice president-elect mike pence removed all lobbyists from the team. >> he's putting together his team. and it's never easy to do. particularly when you're coming in not having been in government. so let's give him some space to do that. >> reporter: the president- elect is also raising eyebrows after his team told the press pool he was in for the night. and instead, trim went to din -- trump went to dinner tuesday. the white house correspondents' association responded to the incident with a sten to cover the president-elect. and it's critical they be allowed to do their jobs. meantime, the company that owns several apartment buildings in manhattan bearing the trump name took down the gold letters after tenants petitioned for the removal. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> steve bannon trump's controversial pick to be chief strategist will be attending the zionist organization of
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major republican donor sheldonned a ellison. he is the former head of the breitbart news. which in turn gave way to racist misogynist and antisemitic ideologies. for the first time since her stunning defeat, hillary clinton is coming back to washington. she's scheduled to speak tonight at a children's defense fund event at the newseum. secretary clinton will be honored at the 26th beat the oddsce dedication and contributions to child advocacy. president obama opened a speech in athens with a tribute to the birthplace of democracy. with an anti-american protest going on in the streets, president obama said u.s. democracy is bigger than any one person as he tried to calm the european nerves about america's presidential election. president obama said after eight years in office, he still believes people of all countries share a desire to control their own lives and
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to meet with chancellor angela merkel. this is the last trip abroad for him as president. former maryland governor martin o'malley says he won't seek to become chairman of the democratic national committee. he released a statement today saying the committee needs a chairman who quote can do the job fully and with total impartiality. the national interest must come first. this comes days after o'malley said he was taking a hard look at the position after being urged by signs of love have replaced a hateful message vandals left at the church of our savior in silver spring. on sunday, the congregation arrived to discover someone had written trump nation -- whites only on one of their signs. now messages around the church doors say things like spread love and love is greater than hate. and those sentiments have taken over social media. and andrew posted this picture holding a sign that says hate is not normal.
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a protest in austin, texas that reads make racists afraid again. then there's this from easy breezy sensible youth coming out against violent protestors? hashtag #notmypresident hashtag #lovetrumpshate. we'd love to hear from you thinkful log on to any of our -- think. log on to any of the social media pages and join the conversation. police say they found a 21- year-old missing university of maryland student and that she is okay. 21-year-old caitlin george was found at a houston restaurant this morning. this comes only a few hours after police released a new photo of the student who'd been missing since november 10th. george was reported missing after she didn't meet a friend for a hiking trip. d.c. police have released surveillance footage of a shooting and armed robbery. it happened on p. place in southeast on sunday. the suspect acted as if he wanted to buy shoes from the victim and then whipped out a
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at the victim as he took off but he missed. police are also looking for the two men who were with the gunman during the robbery. a federal grand jury has leveled more charges against former school volunteer deon tea car rowway, he now faces 15 federal counts of sexual exploitation of a minor to produce child pornography. the charges are separate from those filed earlier by a prince george's county grand jury. it counts of sex crimes and child pornography involving 23 children some as young as 9 years old. debate in one part of prince george's county and it's all over a new apartment complex. as evan koslov reports from bowie, hundreds of neighbors stay they don't want it. >> reporter: you bring up the bowie marketplace around here, sure to get a reaction. first the center opened last month and now people are
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many neighbors are against it. >> i believe this just guttened their skin. >> reporter: larry swank first began the fight against the proposed apartment complex about two years ago. he lives in a single family home next door and is concerned with the traffic and high density. and swank says the petition shows he's not alone. >> we're over 800 signatures by january. we'll probably be over 1,000. >> reporter: why are so many people fired up about this? >> they just can't imagine -- they came out here to live in -- we don't believe a large apartment complex belongs in this mix. >> reporter: the proposal was made by a company called berman enterprises and they were calling for 288 apartments inside a four story buildings and in front of the city's advisory planning board last night, the developer said he was quote proud of the plan because-revitalizing an eyesore but in the end the board disagreed recommending denial to the plan there in bowie. >> it's people all over the place, they don't want this.
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dispersed the signs all over town was happy with the decision. >> we don't want it. we don't want the apartments. they don't belong here. you can go build them somewhere else. >> reporter: now that the board has made their recommendation, it's all going to be up to the city council and mark your calendars. there's going to be a public hearing for january 3rd. by the way, at that meeting, it lasted about four hours, 32 people spoke in opposition. reporting here in bowie, wusa9. >> this is also generating a lot of interest on social media. stopping the apartment complex has nearly 1300 followers. well, get ready for a string of beautiful weather. but you know what comes after that? some much colder weather later in the weekend. howard bernstein joins us with our first alert forecast. tell us the good news first howard. >> the good news it's comfortable now. and we're going to see even warmer temps over the next few days. i am tracking an area of showers mainly in fork state and pennsylvania but it's -- new york state and pennsylvania
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hagerstown seeing some of the rain right now. and in the torment of some quick moving showers so they're going to be through pretty quickly here. north of charlestown maybe to cablestown and myersville and brunswick and frederick and then to car roll county. so we have the isolated shower threat mainly north of us this afternoon. temperature-wise nice. i mean it's 62 in washington. springfield the warm spot up garrisonville 64. springfield 63 along with annapolis and even rockville and columbia sitting at 61 degrees so for th maybe a shower north. temperatures topping out around 65 and then should be in good shape this evening with temps in the 50s. you're going to like the forecast through friday, saturday. after that though, we have some serious things to talk about and i'll have that for new a few minutes. and -- you in a few minutes. just a reminder that you can always get the forecast anywhere anytime on the wusa9 app. it's a free download. put it on your phone today. andrea? thanks howard. coming up next, some tips that could help leave some of the headache from hol dale travel. plus, new details about
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hundreds of flights grounded
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all this week, our no barriers project has been exposing obstacles people billion disabilities -- with disabilities face every day. whenever possible we're trying to fix the barriers, andrea mccarren is here with something we can all do. >> reporter: that's right. we very sensitive topic. and that is handicapped parking spaces. now we asked all of our viewers with disabilities to let us know about the barriers they face. well, tracy garner shot us a cell phone video. it reveals what happens when someone parks too close to her wheelchair accessible van. >> do you see these white hash marks? i know. they're kind of faded but
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when a person parks over the line, that's a space i need to get into my car. i got this big tire here. it won't let me get in. i tried. i just got get my front wheels up on here. well, that's not enough room for my front wheels and my big fat feet. get on my own ramp. so i >> reporter: well, i'm glad tracy has such a good sense of humor about it. but isn't that outrageous? she has to wait until whatever car is parked next to her van drives away. and that could be hours. now of course that's something we can all avoid. parking too close to a handicapped parking spot. foul this afternoon, around 3:00, we'll be doing a live chat on facebook with tracy. just go to the wusa9 account and we hope everyone will join
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disabilities have to overcome and andrea what we are doing to get them fixed. >> you're here and people hear the stories and they respond either with stories of their own or ways others are getting arnold or need help. -- around or need help. >> the audience has responded like you wouldn't believe. we're getting ole mails and -- e-mails and calls and tweets and facebooks. we're very grateful to you. >> anytime. and tonight at 11:00 she will show you an interactive tool to help people th disabilities and created inside a university of maryland computer laboratory. and we have some breaking news now for you from minnesota where a police officer has been charged with second degree manslaughter in the killing of a black man in a st. paul suburb. prosecutors announced the charge against the police officer a short while ago. he fatally shot 32-year-old philando castile during a traffic stop in july. the shooting's aftermath was
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castille's girlfriend who was with him at the time. the officer said the client stopped castille because he looked like an armed robbery suspect. we're learning more about the southwest airlines' employee shot and killed in what police are calling an ambush attack. 52-year-old michael winchester was a former punter for the university of oklahoma where his son james played before joining the kansas city chiefs. police say one chester was gunned down -- winchester was gunned down at the oklahoma a premeditated act. against the victim. this was not random. >> all airport traffic was suspended for hours until the suspected gunman was found in his pickup truck on the second floor of this parking structure. police identified the gunman as lloyd bowie, he's a former southwest airlines employee who resigned from the job last year. experts say the best time to leave for the holiday is
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-- the worst time is wednesday the day before thanksgiving. meanwhile the best time to head home is friday the 25th. the worst time to return is the saturday after thanksgiving. can't believe it's that close. well the weather will good or bad? >> there's a storm system that could bring some rain to much of the east on thanksgiving eve. so we're going to tornado watch that carefully. -- watch that carefully. weather wise, we have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will make it into the low to mid-60s this afternoon. so maybe a few degrees more but this time of year when we get cloud cover, the kind of puts the lid on temperatures moving. then the evening is fine as we'll fall from the 60s into the 50s. and not that bad at ill. most of the rain is up in new york state and pennsylvania and we've seen it slip into areas in frederick and washington and alleghany counties and part of the west virginia panhandle all moving to the east/southeast so hagerstown, you have some showers although they're just about east of you now pulling east of i-81. we've seen some showers approaching myersville now.
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cococktons and route 15 shortly. brunswick may clip northern montgomery county on the way to howard and car roll as well. ahead of it boy temperatures not bad. 64 fredericksburg and we've got 62 with mid- to upper 50s for much of the shenandoah valley and still chilly in the mountains. they're only in the low to mid- 40s. officially at reagan national, 62. dew points in the low 40s so with a 20-degree spread between the temperature and the dew point humidity is 48% and that's that kind of dry air doesn't look like the showers at least in d.c. will be a problem. the mild and y warm friday and saturday. we could be topping 70 both days and then much colder by sunday. i expect some accumulating snows in the mountains and you know, beg can't say we won't get a flurry. the 850-millibar temperatures and these are about a mile off the ground and you can see the cold air building thursday. and then diving off to the east and the southeast so that by friday evening chicago starting to feel it. as we get in towards saturday afternoon the cold is knocking on the doorstep and by sunday the cold is on top of us. and that day, temperatures
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that will be colder north and west and skins are playing sunday night with green bay. it's going to feel more like green bay the windchills could be in the 20s if not the 30s by sunday night. 65 today just the stray shower north and 40s tonight. a fews in the cold spots. tomorrow 64. i think it will be pleasant sunny as we head to friday looking fantastic at 71. the weekend warmer saturday and maybe a late shower with the front and then much colder blustery, windy sunday and monday. highs in the 40s back
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police in baltimore county are looking for a guy who apparently broke into a pizza joint in towson, got naked and then robbed it.
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surveillance video. police say the guy caused thousands of dollars in damage
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5:00, are sex offenders in virginia being thoroughry tracked and plus we have the hagueest -- thoroughly tracked and plus we have the latest on the donald trump protests and we have the woman trying to set the record for the longest fingernails. a couple of light showers well to the north and sunnier tomorrow and spring-like friday and saturday. before sharp cold front sunday you better get ready. somebody said to me can i get
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the driving range right? that's it for the news at noon. >> big thanks to the the friends at parkland middle school who are here today from parkland tv. >> they were here yesterday. >> seventh and eighth graders today, we're going to be back at 5:00. >> until then have a great afternoon. [ captions by: caption
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>> nikki: well, very soon, you are going to have almost your entire family under one roof. how pleased does that make you? that. you know, people keep on saying that all i'm concerned about is making money. well, i make money and i run my business to be able to afford all of this, to have all my family under one roof here. >> nikki: i know you do. >> victor: yeah, i just wish that victoria would let us do something for her, as well. >> nikki: well, she didn't want it that way. she said the whole day should


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