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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and joan join -- thank you for joining us, i'm andrea roane. hundreds of commuters in holiday travelers trapped underground. a metro train broke down on a busy stretch of the red line and it happened right at rush hour riders were stuck for almost an hour. they say it sounded like the
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then it stopped. they had to wait until metro sent another train down to pull theirs back up. everyone then got off here at rhode island avenue and you can see the platform was jammed. germane bowens was on -- jermaine bowens was on board and she heard calls over the loud speaker to just keep waiting, this made her more than an hour late to work. >> it's frustrating. the benefit is supposed to be to have easier commute and this is every day. >> there were reports of ju searched the train but they found nothing. remember, metro's major safety makeover just ended here 25 days of work stopped yesterday. crews spruced up three miles of the red line and metro says this was a problem with the train's brakes. not the tracks. and it was a rough morning on the beltway. this is a live picture of the outer loop near georgetown pike and mclean, virginia. a crash there has closed all lanes before old dominion.
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for thanksgiving and you haven't left yet, get on the road now. travel experts say more people than usual are driving to see their loved ones this year and if you are taking the outer loop to the american legion bridge, you'll be happy to know that this truck crash that hurt two people near cabin john parkway is finally cleared. but mikea turner caught up with a few people today who got out early in hopes of beating the rush. >> reporter: aaa says more than a million people p destination. here's a look at the inner and outer loop of the beltway in annandale, virginia. you can't on one side traffic is -- see on one side traffic is already picking up. brian and his family are going to the eastern shore to spend thanksgiving with loved ones in beltny beach -- bethany beach, delaware. what was your game plan? >> get there effortly and stay -- early and stay late. >> reporter: according to aaa more than 1.2 million people are leaving town for the holiday. 91% are driving, that's a 6% increase from this time last
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get pent up by that. >> reporter: if he does. >> . >> i guess there's nothing you can do. the kids have phones and games and music and you know my wife and i will just talk. >> reporter: while driving arnold we noticed gas around down in some places and up in others. like this one? alexandria, virginia, wednesday morning. the average price right now $2.40 in d.c.. $2.17 in >> they're going tight direction. -- the right direction versus aeration. >> reporter: the expert to -- versus a year ago. >> reporter: the best time to get out of town is noon. if you haven't left better hurry. mikea turner, wusa9. >> chicago o'hare airport is bustling as travelers are heading to visit family and friends for the thanksgiving hol dale weekend. -- holiday weekend. o'hare is one of top three busiest airports in the united states. workers there expected to go on
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and logan airport in boston is expected to see close to one million passengers arriving and departing during the holiday weekend. crowds were already lining up for security 59:30 this morning -- 59:30 this morning. -- a at 5:30 this morning. meanwhile many are heading to the airports and our area instead but if you do you'll find huge crowds like evan koslof did at reagan national. >> little bit nerve-wracking just trying to get home. >> repoer ticking for valerie. she was at tends of the line with an hour before her flight home. >> mom and dad are going to be mad if you don't make it. >> yeah touch. >> reporter: and valerie wasn't alone. thousands flocked to reagan to make the great escape for the holiday. that included the kim family off to the dominican republic. what are you thinking act the line here? >> -- about this line here? >> it's just long. >> i'm so glad i'm here and not there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and this line is really long. i put a go proon here so that i
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so that i could show you. let's speed things up a bit. as you can see hundreds are already here all in all about 49 million people will travel nation wild. and many -- nationwide. and many of them will be by plane. the takeaway for many? leave plenty of time. >> we expected it and we came extra early, i'm just happy our daughter is sitting here very patiently and excited to be traveling here today. not excited now. she doesn't like the line either. >> reporter: now the good news through all this is that for the most part the weather is actually going to cooperate. wh weather out there, it's not expected to impact the flights. reporting at reagan, the evan koslof, wusa9. was evan correct? here's the expert melissa nord. >> i think for a lot of people dodge a bullet because we're not seeing any major winter storms this time of year it takes a big winter storm to cause delays over a large span. but there are some areas where travel might be a little bit tricky for the airports.
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out of town going to where you're trying to go i don't think we're going to have problems here although tomorrow a few spotty showers around in the morning. chicago right now reporting some pretty significant delays and in some spots that those delays some of the flights are over 45 minutes and that's just because of the rain showers that have been in the area, but dallas, ability, seattle no problem -- atlanta, seattle no problems right now. but seattle we are expecting a storm off the pacific coast and that could cowboys delays later -- cause delays later today. in chicago causing delays and caused a few issues in minneapolis earlier. this continues to march into our area to bring some showers for parts of your thanksgiving. ahead odd that system clouds are increasing right now not too bad. we've got a mostly sunny sky and temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. today is seasonably chilly. warheading into the mild 50s this afternoon -- we're heading from the mild 50s this afternoon for most of us with a mostly sunny to at times partly cloudy sky but clouds really thickening up through the rest of the evening and some showers
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and we'll be timing those out and tuck about the -- talk about the forecast for black friday and small business saturday coming up in a bit. but if you're heading out the door right now to your thanksgiving travel plans with family and friends, you can always catch the forecast by downloading our free wusa9 app. firefighters are investigating after smoke and flames tore through a home in prince george's county early this morning. it happened on sheridan street near 63rd in river dale. two people were taken to the hospital. as wusa9's hilary lane tes disabilities was trapped inside. >> reporter: officials received a call for a fire here at around 4:40 this morning. two people were inside this home when that fire broke out. a mother and a daughter. the daughter was able to walk out of the home. but the mother was trapped inside. firefighters had to rescue her. >> i heard somebody calling help, help, help. >> reporter: that person was the adult daughter living in the home. she ran outside and started
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>> i saw the fire coming off from the sides and that's when i got on the phone and called the fire department. >> reporter: firefighters ran inside this home on the 6300 block of sheridan street to rescue the elderly woman. as concerned neighbor robert jackson watched. >> very nervous, me and my wife were very, very nervous about it. >> reporter: firefighters carried the 74- year-old woman out of the home. she had severe burns and had inhaled smoke. she's in critical condition. this is adult daughter. she was taken to the shot with mi >> the firefighter actually rescued you. >> i'm just going to take care of her until the owner comes you know. can get back. >> reporter: this pup not hurt. and will be cared for by neighbor marcel harvey. he's lived near the older woman for years. >> i have known her for a long time. >> reporter: and firefighters remained on the scene all morning trying to figure out how and why the fire started. in river dale, hilary lane, wusa9. investigators do believe
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whether there were working smoke detectors in the home. police in fairfax county want you to take a good look at this man. they just released this sketch of a man two girls say lured them to his car and showed them pornography on his phone. that was two sundays ago in the pinewood gardens neighborhood in falls church. police say the suspect is in his 30s, possibly middle eastern with a short beard. anybody with information is asked to contact police. a community is coming together to keep the memory of a fallen classmate alive. hundreds of people gathered at a chipotle in germantown. maryland to help kick start the patrick chef lit foundation. it's named after one of three clarksburg that will student who had dies in -- high school students two died in a car crash this summer. after the accident his parents started the foundation to reflect their son's desire to help others. >> want to make this legacy last a lifetime.
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lived. >> last night that chipotle location agreed to donate 50% of its earnings to the foundation all people had too old was show up -- to do was show flyer to the cashier. ultimately they would like to provide a $2,500 scholarship to a graduate each year from clarksburg high school. we have good news for a local student. a howard university student just received some major recognition. cameron clark was named a 2017 rhodes scholar. the new jersey native who lives in virginia is one of local students to receive the prestigious scholarship. he was currently double majoring in biology and community health education at howard. president-elect donald trump names the first woman to join his administration. up next, we'll take a look at who she is and closer look at her resume. speaking of politics, we have some holiday survival tips from the children's table. that could help keep the conversation civil at the grown-
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president-elect donald trump is filled another high level cabinet post. as weijia jiang reports from the white house, mr. trump has tapped south carolina governor nikki haley to be the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> so having said that -- >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley is accepting president-elect donald trump's offer to be the nations out of a sense of duty. mr. trump is in florida for thanksgiving. in a statement this morning, the president-elect praised the daughter of indian immigrants saying she has a proven track record of bringing people together. during the republican primaries, haley was a trump critic who endorsed marco rubio. and mr. trump tweeted months ago that people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. former rival ben carson told fox news he's been offered the
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>> we cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities. >> reporter: president-elect drum may be -- trump may be rocking back several controversial campaign positions. during an interview with the "new york times" tuesday, reporters live tweet his shifts in policy. including his promise to investigate hillary clinton. >> to get a special prosecutor, to look into your situation. >> reporter: according to one reporter's tweet, mr. trump said i don't want to clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways. he also seemed to shift his views on climate change. and water boarding. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> and the times reported that mr. trump is reconsidering reinstating water boarding after hearing that his leading candidate for defense secretary general james mattis doesn't favor it. video of an alt-right conference in washington, d.c.
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outrage by people concerned the group is promoting racial hatred after donald trump won the election. the keynote spoker richard spencer of the national policy institute said in his speech that quote america was until this past generation, a white country designed for ourselves and our prosperity. journalists and host roland martin spoke with spencer tuesday morning in a heathed exchange. >> in your video you said we don't need them. they need us, who's they? >> yes. >> who's they? >> the -- ultimately don't need other races in order to succeed. in order to be ourselves. absolutely not. >> so -- how do you think america became the greatest economic nation without -- >> not through black people. >> oh it wasn't? >> it wasn't because of free labor? >> are you talking ability slavery? >> no what happened after slavery. with douglas black monotalked about a slave by another name. i'm trying to understand. when you they they needed. -- say they needed.
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how do you think that happened? >> the genius of gorpings. >> when the fact of matter is, it was actually king cotton that supplied the economic means for america to do so? >> president-elect trump told reporters with the "new york times" he disavows the group and doesn't want to do anything with their -- that will energize their movement. meantime, the exchange is getting a lot of buzz online. chris tweets, human shake tumor. richard spencer who claims whites don't need other races to succee black man on american history. tyler looks at the situation this way. he writes why should trump have to disavow richard spencer? who he's never met and never mentioned and has nothing to do with? hashtag #alt-right. and finally, lydia wrote something about richard spencer reminds me of a nazi. oh wait. he is one. never mind. we'd love to hear from you think. log on to any of our wusa9 social media pages and join the
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so you know at some point during dish tomorrow the -- dinner tomorrow the issue of politics is going to come up and that's when food fights could break out over an argument at the very latest. at -- at the very least. it but it appears the little ones may have the key to keeping thanksgiving civil. here's some students from middle school in new jersey with some advice on how to handle the conversation at thanksgiving this year. >> you try your best not to offends them but still get your point ss other, be kind of like okay. we are -- we have different opinions. i'm okay with that. >> families should just stay true to what really matters. is family and friends. and you should always be kind to each other. >> i think our future is in good hands. these are seventh and eighth graders talking. and if they know better, we adults can certainly do better. well, you can do what i do and always talk about the weather. >> we can get controversial
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but if you leading the discussion i'm sure things will be fine. >> not going to see anything horrible. weather-wise. >> good. >> to talk about over the next couple of days although for thanksgiving there will be a couple of showers arnold. i think -- around. i think to kick off the thanksgiving activities tomorrow morning but it looks like for most of blacked from things are going to clear -- friday things are going to clear out. not that bad of a weekend. we have seen a lot worse in the past, this is not that bad. 47 is where we are right now. and it's been a pretty nice crisp cool start sky. 48 gaithersburg and fredericksburg 47. pretty consistent temperatures and we're going to see later this afternoon, a little more in the way of cloud cover starting to build in as the sun starts to set. 51 at 3:00 p.m. and then as we get towards 6:00 p.m. sun is already down and seeing temperatures falling into the 40s but not as cold tonight. now what is shaping our weather and the weather for the rest of the country at the rest of the eastern part of the country rather is this big weather system. cold front that is tracking in our direction for tomorrow.
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parts of minneapolis and we've got a rain mix in -- happening in chicago and you can see the showers trailing down to the south and to the mississippi valley. by tomorrow this is bringing us a few showers around and it is going to impact some travel in some places. now for the northeast today, still ahead of that system not going to see many travel issues although late this evening chart, could -- charleston could have a few showers arnold. there's the snow showers wrapping up in minneapolis and chicago and st. louis. a few snow show atlanta. we'll see those showers right along the front arriving in little rock and lexington a little bit later today and the west coast, there is one more weather system that is moving in that is going to cause some rain and snow mix showers to parts of the pacific northwest. snow for higher elevations and then just this chilly rain for parts of the pacific northwest. closer to seattle and portland. now that front arrives here tomorrow. look at where we are tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. it's going to be some showers around. as you're putting the turkey in
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we'll continue with those showers on and off for the morning hours. they're light in nature and they're pretty spotty in nature. it's not going to be a washout but they're around for the morning hours. in the afternoon it stays mostly cloudy as you're having the thanksgiving feast and we will have just a stray sprinkle mainly far north and west of the city itself closer to hagerstown and martinsburg and frostburg, maryland as well. going into the 8:00 p.m. hour things going to be drying out. some people maybe preparing to shopping. i think dry on thursday night and into most of your friday as well. all right here's the day planner for tomorrow. again the showers around in the morning. through midday tomorrow. then we'll see them quieting down as we go towards 5:00 p.m. with still a mostly cloudy sky. so the next three days look like this. we're pretty consistent temperature-wise in the 50s. there will be a few isolated showers around, very late on your friday as well. but overall, really not going to be much to talk about. not a big talking point. we're going to dry things out
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afternoon -- both saturday and sunday afternoons and a big warmup i foresee middle of next week followed by some showers
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cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. signing back in 1677 and today virginia governor terry mcauliffe will reenact what happened 339 years ago. the governor will lead the indian tax tribute ceremony in front of the executive mansion in richmond accepting tribute from the commonwealth's indian tribes. it's believed to be the oldest continuing nation to nation ceremony in the united states. meanwhile, some black friday shoppers will be headed to their closest brewery.
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milwaukee, a new crop of seasonal beers are being pot 9 at lake front -- bottled at lake front brewery. some have names like black friday imperial stout and the milwaukee brewing company's elf lament. many of the flavors are limit today just a few -- limited to just a few hundred bottles. we'll have one fine look at the holiday -- final look at
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit all right, so weather wise a few showers around tomorrow morning. but it looks like quiet weather in general over the next four days for traveling. if you have family coming here as well. >> we do. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. have a great thanksgiving, tune in tomorrow morning.
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kitchen. >> we won't. have a great thanksgiving. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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>> sharon: dylan. >> dylan: i won't be long. i'm gonna get changed and head back to the station. >> sharon: wait a minute. you're not scheduled to work today -- it's thanksgiving. >> dylan: you told me to get out. i just assumed that we're not gonna spend thanksgiving together. >> sharon: dylan, i'm so sorry. you know, everything came crashing down at once. sully was gone and then faith wanted to live with nick and i i know that your heart is in a million pieces because of me, and all you've tried to do is help and understand, and it's a miracle that you don't hate me and haven't walked away from me. but, dylan, i can't lose you, too. do you think that you could forgive me? >> dylan: happy thanksgiving. >> sharon: we're gonna get


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