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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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former michigan republican party chair has long advocate forward school choice, including voucher programs. on her website, she says she is not a supporter of common core. the heads of the two largest teachers' unions announced their opposition to her on twitter. >> good morning. >> reporter: earlier in the day, mr. trump announced the selection of nicky hailey to be his ambassador to nations. hailey supported florida senator marco rubio in the republican primary. she traded barbs with candidate trump throughout the race. she called the election an embarrassment for both parties and says she was not a fan of either nominee. >> the best person based on the policies and dealing with things like obamacare still is donald trump. that doesn't mean it's an easy vote. >> reporter: that awkwardness now apparently behind them, mr.
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proven deal-maker. hailey has negligible foreign policy experience. but officials from both parties have so far praised her selection for the un job. senator tim kaine said her executive experience would serve her well. we may get one more nomination announced today. dr. ben carson has been teasing an announcement about his future plans on social media. there's not a lot of suspense here. he and donald trumpe dr. carson has been offered the job. it may just be a matter of when that is announced. our partners at the warn wash post are -- washington post are reporting that mike pence and his family are moving into a rental home in the chevy chase area of dc. he is also the head of the trump transition team. and that means spending more time in washington on a regular basis. the virginia father of a
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protecting his unit in iraq will be publishing a memoir. he spoke at the democratic national convention and campaigned for hillary clinton. he an ongoing feud with donald trump throughout the campaign. challenging election results for governor, unofficial ruts show democt leading republican governor incumbent pat mccrory about 7,700 votes. the group wants to block the north carolina board of elections from soifring the results until -- certifying the results until it's able to verify addresses. a dozen children remain in the hospital from a deadly
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tennessee. five children died when the bus they were on struck a utility pole. >> another in a set of hard days after this community, you're not supposed to have elementary classrooms with empty desks. it's time for us to step back, all of us, local school boards, the state and look at the whole school bus process from how we hired drivers to how we ensure safety of the equipment to seatbelts on those buses. >> six of the injured children remain in intensive care. the bus driver 24-year-old jonathan walker is in custody on vehicular homicide and other charges. toxicology tests show node alcohol or drugs were found in his system. a life sentence for the nazi obsessed man charged with murdering a british lawmaker a week before the brexit vote.
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he fatally stabbed and shot jo cox, a prominent voice that argued for britain to remain in the european union. two years ago today, dc lost its mayor for life. now marion bare has a memorial in his honor unveiled today at grave site. >> reporter: christopher barry helped design this memorial. unfortunately he died before this came to fruition. now his name is etched in stone alongside his father's. >> all of those an cestors who have gone before us >> reporter: calling out the
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civil rights activist, a freedom fighter, a humanitarian, a politician. >> his legacy goes on. he is in the fiber and dna of this city. >> reporter: his widow calls this a labor of love. a grand headstone to memorialize marion, to include a bench, carving, and notable quotes. >> she writes marion barry changed america with unmitigated gall torque stand up in the issues of where he had fallen and came back his demons and overcame personal challenges. some say his flaws endaerd him to his city. the people he worked hard for remained loyal. >> he was a person who really loved especially to uplift those who -- the downtown life who really needed uplifting. >> marion barry died a wealthy man. he stocked up his treasures in the hearts of the people of the district of columbia and his friends are gathered here today.
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ceremony was closed to the public, the family is hoping this memorial will be a place where all dc residents can come, sit, visit, and reflect on the life of their mayor for life. >> private donations paid for that memorial which took two years because the family's first designs did not hundreds of riders on the metro red line were trapped in a tunnel for 40 minutes. the triple cars were pulled back above ground by another train. the riders had to wait for more trains to get through. metro blames the problem on an issue with the brakes. this was supposed to be the first normal day on the red line in nearly a month. it was just reopened after it was shut down for metro's major safety makeover.
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the benefit is supposed to be an easier commute, and this is every day. >> metro says this is not related to the round-the-clock track work that just ended. firefighters searched that train for injured passengers. they didn't find any. you can't blame the weather for any traffic troubles here in our area this evening. >> here with your travel forecast. >> it's not bad really from coast to coast, all things considered. pretty good shape here. a couple sprinkles h temperatures 50 at national. other airport, dallas we're okay, chicago some delays, rain, okay in atlanta, okay in seattle. 8:00 tonight, showers southward through the ohio valley, and in the plains, snow north of denver. you have a connection through denver, you're fine. and 10:00, up and down the corridor, we're okay.
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york, snow around buffalo. midnight hour, if issue folks still aren't home, light showers toward west virginia and more rain in detroit. the search for someone who shot and killed the symbol of our nation. >> nearly one year after the death of month gopry county police officer noah leotta, a suspected drunk driver slams
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holding the man in connection to the shooting but have not charged him. that person of interest has a history of run-ins with campus police. federal investigators are looking for the person who shot and killed a bald eagle in sequoia county, oklahoma. the body was found in tact on the side of oklahoma department of wildlife is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. the reapo man pays off an elderly couple's car loan. >> the new steps new york city police are taking to protect the
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preparations underway in new york city for the annual thanksgiving day parade. this includes protecting tens of thousands of spectators from the travelling public nationwide this holiday. >> the f.b.i. has put law
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potential terror attack. kennit craig brings the details from new york city. >> reporter: paul siegel lives near the start of new york's thanksgiving day parade. >> i see how hard, vigilant police are, and how they go out of their way to make us feel safe. >> reporter: the nation's largest police force is secure the route with concrete barriersmb officers in uniform and plain clothes. while there is no specific or credible threat, the f.b.i. has alerted authorities it is concerned about the potential for an attack. >> it's just really scary no matter what precautions. and i'm glad they're thinking ahead. >> reporter: new this year, more than 80 dump trucks like these will be filled with sand to block intersections. >> you can ram a new york city department sand truck with a lot of things but you're not gonna move it. >> reporter: for the first time
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vehicles from cross the route along the entire stretch. >> the concern isn't limited to new york city. transportation hubs across the u.s. are also on alert. >> we're always concerned in large gathering periods when you have large gathers of individuals >> reporter: some say they're not letting those concerns ruin their thanksgiving holiday. >> i think if you are scared and you live in that fear and you don't go out into the world, then they win. thanksgiving is just a day away and we want to hear what you are thankful are in holiday season. >> jeb says he's thankful for "my job and my home, and that i can hear the sites and sounds of world." bradley wrote "i'm
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anastasia says "i am thankful for my friends and family, happy thanksgiving." here's something to be thankful for. this elderly couple in illinois, this is a trending story, they have the repo man to be thankful for this holiday. the 82-year-old man and his 70-year-old wife had a 1998 buick that was supposed to be repossessed but the man if he felt so bad about their situation, so he created expenses and ended up raising $3,500 in one night. >> it was just one of those repos, you just -- it's like my grandparents are gone, but i could see them. >> just like hitting the lottery! i'm so happy. i cannot believe it. >> he not only paid off the car
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the radiator, changed the oil, and gave the couple the extra $1,000 and a thanksgiving turkey. first responders are getting in the thanksgiving spirit. dc fire and ems workers took time out of their day to feed the homeless. they handed out meals along the encampment in foggy bottom. thanks to president obama there are two turkeys that won't end up on platterce tomorrow for one last time platters tomorrow. the pardoned turkeys came from iowa, name happened tater and tot. [ laughter ] looking at a quiet evening before thanksgiving. and even tomorrow, showers and forecasts, you'll be able to play the neighborhood football games, no worries. 3-degree guarantee, i
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raised it to 52 last night at 11:00, we'll see if that comes back to haunt me. humidity only 32%, yet we've seen some showers and rain hit the ground. a little sleet too earlier today around centerville. here's radar over the past hour. showers back the west. showers tohague as you head up toward frederick, a couple showers in tonight, but that's it. kind of chilly. a few showers on thanksgiving. family football games, your after-dinner walks will be okay. and dry and cooler on on the and sunday, but a very, very nice
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already, temps upper 30s and low 40s. if 39 in leesburg. today 32 was the first time we hit freezing at national so far this season. there were some teens for lows last night west and south of us. 7:00 in the
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near 60 tuesday, clouds come this late, showers perhaps a thunderstorm on wednesday. temperatures wednesday skyrocket into the mid-60s. >> there's this little thing happening tomorrow. >> it could be a great thanksgiving. >> there would be a lot of happy people! and the burgundy and gold would be happy too. looking for revenge against the
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if the redskibs needed a -- redskins needed a momentum-building game, it was now, facing their division rivals. which displays what they have been saying they're capable of. kirk cousins, another 300-yard game, setting a franchise fantasy owners think twice this week. their confidence is at an all-time high heading into dallas but keeping never perspective. >> we feel good coming off a positive game but they all count one, they're each their own entity. and it doesn't mean as -- as much if we can't go down to
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played. everything was doom and gloom for the redskins after that. however since then the redskins have lost just one game! that was also zach prescott's second regular season game as a pro. still plenty of uncertainty regarding his ability to be the starter, now not so much. according to him it was that victory that jump-started this current hot streak. >> the came down to the end as it was great. we had this momentum going through the first camp and everything. so the first game lution against the giants was good for us, i'd say. and we used that to fuel ourselves, and kept moving. >> highway pumped are you for this game tomorrow night? we're in a battle with our sister station. n dallas. tell us why
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been talk for so many year, this is rivalry still a rivalry? this proves it's still a rivalry. >> and just clean language. >> if we can't win the game, we should at least win the trash talk. >> i like that. >> 54 tomorrow, fine. friday 59, okay, couple showers. nice weekend. low 50s. and we're 65 next monday, showers and thunderstorms. >> already talking dynasty in the papers? >> i wish you could have seen
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: ameronica the move. >> this is crazy. i've never seen it like this. >> quijano: the busiest holiday rush in nearly a decade. minsllio jam highways, airports, and trains. plus a security lockdown for the thanksgiving parade. also tonight, two women join the trump team, haleyor f.n u. ambassador, devoss for eduoncati secretary. buying groceries just got a whole lot easier. >> it's a great time to be a shopper. it's a tough time to be a supermarket. >> quijano: and. >> we're under the lincoln memorial. we're about 75fe et underground. >> quijano: a national treasure is being restored by the monuments man. >> this is the cbs evening news


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