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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and thank you for watching 9news now at noon. -- wusa9 news at noon. i'm andrea roane. calling him the president of a divided america, the "time" magazine today named donald trump its person of the year. meanwhile more announcements are expected including sec tear of state -- secretary of state
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kenneth craig show us who's still in the -- shows us who's still in the running. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is "time" magazine's person of the year. mr. trump called into nbc's today show and said it was a great honor. but he didn't like the sub headline that says he is the president of the divided states of america. >> well, i think putting divided is snarky. >> reporter: among the revelations in the interview was that mr. trump has spoken to president obama about the potential trump administration cabinet picks. >> i -- recommendations very seriously and there are some people that i will be appointing and in one case have appoint where had he thought very highly of that person. >> reporter: president-elect trump continues to evaluate candidates to fill out his administration and made couple of decisions that will be important voices on national security matters. cbs news confirmed that iowa governor terry brandstad will
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john kelly will be the homeland security secretary. general kelly interviewed with president-elect trump in his office last week and he is now the third general appointed to join the trump administration. >> "mad dog" mattis. >> reporter: tuesday night, mr. trump formally introduced general james mattis as his pick to be secretary of defense. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> general mattis retired from the miry law prohibits him from heading the pentagon within seven years of service, he is expected to be granted a waiver. the other general in the trump administration is lieutenant general michael flynn. who'll be the incoming national security adviser. he's meeting with president obama's security adviser reportedly sometime today. many on social media had something to say about donald trump being person of the year. one said trump posted this picture of mount rushmore.
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america great again hats with the tweets -- the columbia bugle tweets trump won the presidency and one of the greatest political upsets in history. that was an easy choice. and finally cam writes i'm so sick of the media normalizing a racist hate mongering and eno -- xenofebruary, what we have breaking news. bomb experts are on the scene. so far there have not been any reports of evacuations and of course you can get the latest updates on this developing story by downloading our wusa9 mobile app. the trial of accused charleston church shooter dylann roof begins today. the 22-year-old is charged with killing nine black people at an historic black church in june 2015. authorities say he wanted to
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convicted. the trial comes the same week a white police officer accused of murdering an unarmed black man in the same city ended in a hung jury. the man tapped to be d.c. mayor bowser's choice to lead d.c. public schools met with teachers and students at the elementary school this morning. and antoine wilson was superintendent of the oakland unified school district in california. he also worked in denver, colorado as both a teacher and a. administrator. wilson says that he wants to build on that growth. >> it is an exciting opportunity in part because there's still work to do. and there's an opportunity to build upon great work that happens already. and so i'm looking forward to the -- the opportunity to come in and want to get through the process and respect the process. >> wilson still needs to be confirmed by the d.c. council. they'll vote on his nomination december 20th.
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afternoon following a collision on route 270 in frederick county. this was the scene this morning in the southbound lanes of 270 east on the interstate 70. police say the crash involved a tractor-trailer and several vehicles. we're working to find out the identity of the person who was killed. the accident tied up traffic for most of the morning. and we have new information about last month's deadly school bus crash in baltimore. an ntsb report clai driving the school bus had at least a dozen crashes in the past five years. the report also states he had seizure-like episodes in a number of those cases. he an mta bus driver and four mta passengers were killed in the november 1st crash. medics rushed to the scene of this construction site in southeast d.c. after a worker suffered some sort of heart ailment. crews had to send a basket down
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on pennsylvania avenue southeast near barney circle. you need to hear this. do not drink or use any tap water without boiling it first. then letting it cool off. you could get really sick if you don't heed this warning. as mikea turner reports some communities are dealing with low water pressure after a huge water main break. a boil water advisory is in effect in several places including schools. >> reporter: some of these kids are coming to school with more backpacks. parents have loaded their kids up with bottled water. all this in response to a water main break that's disrupted service in the area. >> i went to 7/11 and bought four cases. >> reporter: on wednesday morning steve made sure his son andrew was well prepared. it's one of ten schools under the boil water advisory. because of a water main break just north of route 29.
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>> reporter: on principal the prince william county service authority put out a notice warning more than a dozen communities including somerset and piedmont about the area's water quality. it says people should not use tap water for drinking or cooking until it's boiled for one minute then left to cool. failure to comply could lead to a stomach or intestinal illness. tobacco at samuel gravely elementary, cedric lockhart isn't taking any chances. >> went out and bought some bottles of been running bottles of water to the kids at the schools. >> reporter: when his service went out completely he stocked up on water bottles. >> pain in the rear, we had to go first of all ration the toilets last night because the water wasn't working. >> reporter: despot the interruptions across the area, school are providing water bottles and food service until the service authority gets the all clear. reporting from virginia, mikea turner, wusa9. >> the service authority will issue a notice when the
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being tested for a full list of communities under the boil water advisory, visit our website at well, hope your heating system is in tiptop shape. it's about to get a series workout in the next few days. here howard bernstein -- here's howard bernstein with your first alert forecast. the nice now. but -- >> yeah we've got the coldest year of the season just around the corner. not bad as you said 50 degrees at the moment but it's in the 30s in pittsburgh and barely frozing there in toe low-key northwestern ohio. -- toledo in northwestern ohio. especially friday and saturday. had showers last night. they left even a few lingering clouds will get some sunshine through that. do want toyshop you the highs today we're going to be around 54 or so. pittsburgh only in the lower 40s and look at chicago, madison, des moines all in the 20s that cold is helded toward the east. we will see our highs strucktology get out of the 30s by friday and saturday. looking at three day forecast, 54 today. tomorrow 49.
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snow shower, i don't think most of us are going to sew that. but the winds will start to kick up and then on friday, highs in the upper 30s to near 40 with windchills only in the 20 oz.. maybe -- 20 oz.. maybe touching 30 in d.c.. we'll come back in a few minutes and talk about how long the cold is going to be around with the full weekend forecast but if you can't join us here, you can also join us on the wusa9 app. anytime which is convenient for you, we have all sorts of news sports and weather there as well as you can watch the newscast live. andrea? thank you howard. harbor day. thousands of people all around the region are coming together to remember the more than 2,000 americans who died 75 years ago. wusa9's hilary lane has more from a memorial service at the navy yard. >> reporter: here at the national museum of the united states' navy, dozens of people have gathered for a special ceremony honoring the victims of the attack on the pearl harbor. >> i was there. >> reporter: now 99-year-old
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sailor in the navy on december 7th. 1941. that's when japan launched a surprise attack, killing more than 2,000 americans. he had one thing on his mind that day. >> staling alive. -- staying alive. >> reporter: that he did. surviving the attack. but many others didn't. >> lost a good friend of mine at the -- the bow of the arizona. >> reporter: and that's why chief ruby is here at the national museum of the united paying tribute to the over 2,000 americans who lost their lives. and he watched as pieces of his life our history were added to the exhibit at the museum. a piece of the battleship uss arizona and a plaque from the uss tennessee now on display for us to see. how are you feeling? >> well -- great. >> reporter: for a 99-year-old, ruby is in great physical condition. he's sharp and playful.
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he insisted on hugging me instead. a special moment for me with this defender of freedom, a true warrior. it's not hard to see why chief frank ruby is a shining example of our greatest generation. at the navy yard, hilary lane, wusa9. >> and many have posted their that woulds about what this day means to -- thoughts about what this day means to them. everybody tweeted remembering those lost 75 years ago the kevin wrote never forget. pearl harbor attack by japan was only 75 years ago. remember the fallen of ward war 2 who -- world war ii who gave all in defeating evil. finally, chuck tweeted -- i was able to visit the uss arizona at pearl harbor when i was younger. the experience forever shaped my love and respect for the military. we'd like to hear what you have to say on this. you can log on to any of our
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if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray.
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for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. and antiresistance grip our society -- antibiotic resistance grip our society, doctors becoming more awafer of the can be -- aware of the consequences, but a new survey says work still needs to be done to stop unnecessary prescriptions. here now is dr. al asaury the medical director of the inova prescription treatment services, you know we talked an
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resistance before and now we're focusing on opioids. in fact the surgeon general sent a letter to all doctors about overprescriptions. do you think the results of this new survey will help with opioid overprescription? >> i think i'm glad that there's been some attention paid to this area because we definitely have seen significant increase in the prescription drug abuse over the last few years which resulted into the current epidemic that we're facing heroin addiction. the first thing that we learn in medicine is to do no harm. and obviously these medications have caused significant harm to our society. to families. and our patients. so we're crossing the line between helping and harming the patient and think there's so much education that needs to be done about the risk that might be associated and the underestimated addiction potential of the medications that are commonly prescribed.
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alternatives then? you're prescribing them for chronic pain. what are the alternatives to opioid? >> definitely. opioid will not improve pane. there's so much data out there that prolonged use of the medications may actually lower pain thresholds and increase people experience with pain. and from times and times when we see these patients, they all confirmed that their pain condition is no longer improving. and they feel like that medications and take in more in order to relieve their pain. which is basically it's the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. chronic pain can be managed with different ways. it has to be a comprehensive approach. it has to be not just dependent on the psychological medication but so much -- prevention that needs to happen. >> doctor, thank you very much for that prospective. -- perspective. it can be managed and you need
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well, we thought it was just story. "how the grinch stole christmas" but now there's a real grinch in one seattle neighborhood. he's little squirrel we're calling the bulb bandit. this little very mitt is decorating his nest but he really believes the bulbs are food. he carefully and precisely chews through the wires to steal the bulbs and buries them around the neighborhood. the video ha views in just five days. that was clever. >> one determined little guy. >> absolutely. won't he be disappointed when he finds out they're not food. >> it's getting cold and i need to have my food there. >> you got your cupboards full? >> i'm ready. >> we got some cold air coming. not the coldest we've seen by any stretch but the coldest we've seen this season so far. so get ready for that. and i know my wife is fond of
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after the cloudiness of this morning and that dreary rawness of yesterday. boy was that a wet ugly day. this afternoon though, will be better with temperatures which will be climbing up into the 50s here we're zitting at 50 degrees. i love when my weather computer says i'm not going to move. no, no, we're going to wait until you give me a little kick start here, there we go. we'll see if we can get going. temperatures in the low maybe mid 50s in a few spots this afternoon. we'll dip into the 40s this evening. so all in all, not too bad. right now at degrees. a wind out of the north- northwest at 13. so there's a little chill in the air. but the air is nice and dry with the dew point in the 30s. we're looking at temperatures well they're 50 here and some lower 50s well to the south andest like easton at 52. the hike, 20s and 30 -- high country, 20s and 30s and a lot of cold coming. lock at this up in alaska we're not going to get this but i always like to point out the 30 below and arctic as i've been tracking as well as 40 below in
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some serious cold air in northwest canada moved in toward western canada and a little chunk of that now is also moved into the central and northern rockies. subzero readings even in toward wyoming and yellow stone and parts of western colorado. dealing with the chill. and out ahead of the arctic air we have a little bit of snow breaking out from kansas into missouri. little snow left over in maine. and we're just waiting for the clouds maybe to thin out a little bit more. tracking this front ahead of the cold air. that's moving off to the tomorrow morning it will be just passing toward cumberland about 6:00, 7:00. we may see a shower or rain or snow pop up out ahead of it. there's a little chance of that in the morning hours. before that scooting east. by afternoon -- scoots east. by afternoon more sun but the winds are going to start to kick up out of the northwest allowing to cold to pour on in here. that friday and saturday we're going to struggle getting out of the 30s to maybe near 40 during the day. and windchills will be worse than that and you can see the
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morning at 8:00 a.m. in the 30s and not so bad during the day on thursday but by friday morning watch how the. withs drop here -- windchills drop here, forecast to be in the teens and 20s and during the day only get -- not there now but generally in the 20s to near 30 for windchills on friday. the three day forecast, told 54. we dip into the 30s tonight. the 49 tomorrow. 30 thursday night. friday only 39 again those windchills in the 20s. over the weekend, sunny and cold on saturday. army/navy not so bad for that. just chilly. sunday mainly morning showers and milder on monday, 41. updating the breaking news with live pictures from the prince george's county courthouse. where bomb experts are on the scene investigating a suspicious package. reported at the courthouse in upper marlboro. so far, no evacuations have been reported and you can get the latest updates on this developing story by downloading our wusa9 mobile app.
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a terrifying home invasion from texas is caught on camera. take a look at this. the guy in the u.p.s. uniform is really a decoy. he's there to get the homeowner to answer the door so when he opens it, guns out three other people force their way inside. beat the man over the head. and tase him all while his wife and kids are frightened islanding in a closet. investigators -- hiding in a closet. investigators say you can protect yourself from this. >> if you're not 100% certain just don't answer the door. ask for names through the door. ask for identification. a lot of the carriers will wear identification.
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take it back and you'll do a pickup delivery. >> police in houston are working with u.p.s. to figure out how the imposter got the uniform. the roblers got away with jewelry and -- robbers got away with jewelry and guns and they're still on the run. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we return,
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, we'll talk to a kamikaze survivor who still doesn't have a purple heart on this herl harbor remembrance day. also possible fallout from the trump administration after the pizza gate scandal involving d.c.'s comet ping-pong. and more from national harbor as we get ready for the
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grand opening of the mgm resort. rain or snow showers in a couple of spots tomorrow and then very cold here friday and saturday. >> that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. until then have a great
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>> jack: morning, dad! >> john: morning, son. >> jack: nice to see you waltzing in here for breakfast! >> john: oh, hardly waltzing, but all in one piece, thank god. i got to tell you, jackie, i feel wonderful. >> jack: i got to tell you something else. you look wonderful. [ john chuckles ] >> john:t' time since i felt like this. >> ashley: well, you'd better get used to it, daddy, 'cause you look right at home in that chair. >> john: i feel right at home. >> jack: i would like to propose a toast. to dad. never far from our thoughts, never far from our hearts. >> ashley: to daddy. >> hear, hear. >> jack: and to my two beautiful sisters, who have no idea how many times i've dreamed of just this, the three of us sitting at this table together. >> abby: ah, that smells


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