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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello, we begin with breaking news of a dump truck crashing into a home in prince georges county. scott, can you tell us if anyone's been hurt? >> reporter: yeah, it's a really dramatic incident, because two kids have been hurt. they were not in this building, they were in a vehicle that
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hit by a truck before it slammed into a building. this dump truck on owens avenue, we're on the prince george's side of the line. it's a big, heavy truck, and therefore the building may be on the verge of collapse. it's a duplex. firefighters out here are trying to shore up the building before they're going to even think about removing this truck. let's talk about what happened out here. it appears the dump truck lost control. you can see some construction going on a little farther down the road. moments ago, we were able to talk to the driver of the dump truck. he told me that a white panel van came screaming through the flaggers of this construction site, and sideswiped him. that caused him to lose control, the dump truck hit several vehicles. one of those vehicles had two adults and two kids in it. two of the kids were
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hospital. they have been described as not life-threatening injuries, but to hear the dump truck driver tell us, he was hit by some sort of rogue vehicle that took off from the scene, he described it as a white panel van, that caused him to lose control. he hit all of these vehicles and ended up slammed into that duplex building. you can see the driver climbing into the cab, right now, as he tries to get his truck secured, so that rescuers can pull it out of the building. a very dramatic scene. we do not know the extent of the injuries of the two kids. but like i reported, they're believed to be not life threatening. and now we've got two buildings threatened with falling down. prince george's county. wusa9. >> you can continue to follow this sto
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security officials say the tunisian suspect was well known to authorities, identified as anis amry. a reward is being offered for his capture. authorities want to catch him before he strikes again. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell cbs news that this man is now the focus of a manhunt in berlin. his id and asylum papers were found in a truck. a german lawmaker says the suspect has ties to islamic extremists, and was supposed to be deported from germany earlier this year. the polish man was found shot and stabbed inside his truck. the truck's gps system indicates
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on monday, irvin was probably not in control of it, and it was being driven as if the person inside was learning how to drive. the engine was left running for 45 minutes, but the truck didn't move. at 7:40 p.m., it started towards the christmas market. while authorities are stepping up security measures around germany, critics of the country's refugee program say it was only a matter of time until an attack like this took place. now the berlin market, like other attack sites this year, has been a place for people to come together. >> we think people that are in the war, in a country in war, should be given a safe place. >> reporter: dozens of refugees and germans gathered today near the crash site to sing in solidarity. riley carlson
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london. and other christmas markets that have been closed because of the attack are beginning to reopen. authorities here in the u.s. are keeping a close eye on holiday gatherings in major cities after a memo last month revealed terror groups might target such celebrations. however, officials say there is no specific or credible threat to our country. the attack though, has many people talking on social media. truman tweets, new york city looking more like germany, and a lot less like christmas. chris tweets, such a sad week for so many. the christmas attack, and the germany attack, aleppo, and the russianambassador. e prayers. finally this, the germany attack should not be used as an excuse to increase surveillance or xenophobia. that would only make things worse. ouare your thoughts on any of
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d.c. mayor muriel bowser says she will not sign a paid family leave bill. more than half a million d.c. employees would be eligible for up to 8 weeks of leave, in order to care for a child or a sick family member. it would be funded by an increase to the payroll tax. but mayor bowser says the price tag is too high. she said she will not veto the bill, only that she won't sign it, and that means it can become law without her signature. more than two dozen adults and children and another dozen pets won't be able to go home tonight after a fire ripped through an apartment complex in prince george's county overnight. as our wuas9 hillary lane tells us, it was a cold and scary night for many forced to evacuate. >> reporter: imagine vi
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head outside with your young children. that's what happened to dozens of people here when a fire broke out early this morning. >> about 1:00 a.m. at night, i had a banging on the door, it was our neighbors telling us, there was a fire, and just to get out of the complex. >> reporter: she immediately ran towards her children. >> just woke up my children, and we just ran outside. see the smoke in the hallway, and then we just came outside. >> reporter: she did have time to put jackets and shoes on her young kids, but some kids ran out without shoes, as more than two dozen people headed toward the exit. >> as we were coming out, the firefighters were coming in. from what i understand, there's a lot of water damage, on the right side of the building, so where they put the fire out. >> reporter: officials say two units in the back of the complex are completely destroyed. she says she's just thankful
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one is injured, and is now just hoping to salvage some of her property. >> i'm anxious to see what's happened to the house, and hopefully the damage is not too bad. >> reporter: fire officials still trying to figure out what caused this fire. in prince george's county, hillary lane, wuas9. a nearby community center was opened up overnight, so residents had a place to stay warm. and the red cross is also helping impacted families. this evening, firefighters from montgomery county fire and rescue will conduct home safety visits. this after investigators determined misplaced ashes ignited a blaze overnight, causing $600,000 damage. luckily nobody was hurt. don't be fooled by today's weather, it is
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it is here, the shortest day of the year, but not the earliest sunset. i posted a graphic about the winter solstice on my facebook page. michael in sun camera, looking pretty good. it is cloudy. these high clouds are hard to budge. i don't think we're going to see as much sunshine as we anticipated. the temperatures are increasing. we're at 44 degrees. yesterday, we only reached the upper 30s. so we're already almost 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. winds are out of the south, helping us get into the 40s. 42 for hagerstown. almost near 50 for culpepper. waters, you're at 44 degrees. fore the first day of winter, we're pretty mild. cloud cover will probably stick around for most of the day. now, for tonight, we'll stay on the mild side again, and it will be chilly. you want the jacket by all means, it will be into the 30s, instead of 20s, or teen
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a little bit warmer than it has been in the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, we will wake up into the 30s. check your wusa9 app for the latest forecast, but i have a little change in your christmas eve forecast. and that's coming up in just a little bit. people are dying and not enough is being done about it. that's the message from some homeless advocates who came face to face with city leaders this morning. >> clarence green, ivy smith, valerie smith, david stone. four of the names listed here. all -- all of them passed away on the streets this year. >> they had names and faces, and we just want to try to remember them. >> reporter: overlooking the pile of names, it's hard not to
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get emotional. he says he knew many of these people personally. >> it's just sad. we live in the greatest country on this earth, and we have people living and dying on our streerts. >> reporter: that's why the group was gathered today, the group was taking their concerns to city hall. first they saw councilman jack evans in his car, and confronted him. >> 46 people who died in the street last year. if 46 people died in the wilson building in one year, we would call it an epidemic. >> reporter: they then went inside. one by one, they asked councilmembers to support $8.5 million in permanent housing. councilman phil henderson runs the budget. >> it's more than just the funding. it's whether we're making improvement. >> reporter: back outside, an advocate says these deaths should be a wake up call. >>
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billion. yet 46 people from the homeless community died last year, many on the streets. something doesn't add up. >> reporter: in the district, wusa9. >> other than funding, the group was also calling on the d.c. counsel to make the homeless a protected class under the d.c. human rights act of 1977. they say this would make discriminating against the homeless illegal. dozens are dead, and hundreds are inmissg after a powerful explosion at a market that sold nothing but fireworks. we'll have more on that. first, see how anxiety over a man speaking arabic to his mother got him boot
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kicked off a plane because he spoke arabic to his mother on the plane. they were removed after passengers expressed discomfort. some other passengers intervened, and said they didn't want them removed. they rebooked their flight home with another airline. some are refuting his claims. #boycottdelta has gotten more than 1,000 retweets though, since the story broke this morning. the death toll has risen to 31 after this huge explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city. investigators are still working to figure out just how it it started. >> reporter: everything was exploding. the fireworks market blew up. stall by stall in a deadly chain reaction. this video shows dozens of people frantically running for ty
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the thick gray smoke. he says the blasts came one after another. people started running as pieces of concrete and brick fell around them. the sound and the smoke carried just north of mexico city. rescue workers rushed more than 70 survivers, including 10 children to the hospital. some had severe burns. nearby cars and buildings were also damaged. the famous market was filled with as many as 2,000 people at the time. it's the busiest time of the year according to the local mayor, who said fireworks give the community its identity, and much of its income. the mexico state governor vowed tuesday to identify who was responsible. cbs news. this isn't the first time an explosion happened at the market. in 2005, hundreds of stalls exploded ahead of mexican independence day. a federal express driver is nearly dragged
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he was attacked by some gun toting grinches. it happened yesterday near phoenix. one of the suspects attacked the driver and the men struggled over the steering wheel. the driver finally gave up the fight when a second guy put a gun to his head. investigators say the robbers got away with more than 100 packages. >> i just seen a car go over, back out of his driveway, and into the water. >> that was the 911 call that saved a man's life near detroit yesterday when his gas pedal got stuck, 82-year-old stewart keeler rode right into the river as he backed out of his driveway. luckily for him, a police officer happened to be driving by just as that good samaritan was calling 911. witnesses say they were surprised the man wasn't killed. >> this car flipped upside down, his exhaust looked like a pretzel sticking up. >> terrifying. that would
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especially in these temperatures. knowing that you could go hypothermia, and actually die. >> mr. keeler is now recovering at a local hospital. doctors say he'll likely be home in time for christmas. his wife said this morning he should be coming home maybe as early as tonight. cold in detroit. nice here on the first official day of winter. >> yeah, we started off pretty cold this morning, but temperatures already in the 40s. so it's a pretty mild start. >> this is amazing. >> it gets warmer tomorrow. we're going to be mild over the holiday. >> not like last year in the 70s. >> it was in the 70s and 60s last year. that was crazy. but we are talking about a couple of changes for christmas eve day. i want to go through that as well. taking a look at the cam are -- camera. maybe a little bit of sunshine before the sun sets later
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pretty mild. yesterday, we only reached 37. winds are going to be out of the southeast. that's helping us get into the 40s, above average this afternoon. average high about 45. we're going to add a couple of degrees to where we are. 50 already for leesburg. 44 for hagerstown. these are the current temperatures. tonight with the cloud cover in place, especially, and the southerly winds, we'll start off just cold tomorrow instead of chilly, instead of that fridge i id temperature we saw a few mornings ago. this afternoon, we'll reach about 50 degrees for most places, and the cloudy skies will stay. we're going to stay dry through friday. if you're getting going on your travel, getting that early start on your travel plans, especially around the mid- atlantic, up to the northeast. you're not going to have any problems. i will show you an area, that you could run into a little bit of snow if you're traveling on thursday evening. we'll show that onto your future cast. tonight, into the 30s. 36 first thing tomorrow morning. 29 for manassas. there will be some 20s, but they'll be few and far
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i want to show you future cast. it's not showing the cloud cover out there right now, because the clouds are very thin, and high, but they will stay there much of the early afternoon as well. if you're traveling on the the north and west, through the maryland panhandle thursday evening, you will run into snow showers. pretty light, just be cautious of that. as we head through friday, friday looks to be the best travel day across the board. temperatures into the 40s. easy road conditions. saturday, we're running into the timing here. we do have showers. but before the main event comes on through, we'll have a couple of showers to start with in the morning. that means we could see a little bit of mix. i don't think it's going to be what we saw last saturday. but if you're traveling on saturday for christmas eve day. fot's watch closely to this
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the app. this is first thing in the morning, we're tracking just a couple of areas of mix, then we'll see if the temperatures warm to the 50s, and will be nice and showery during the afternoon. 49degrees today over the weekend for the holiday for christmas, we'll stay a little bit drier at 50 degrees. we get even warmer, believe it or not, for next week. we'll be right back after this. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, we'll be right back after this. that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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talk about bahumbug. santa claus got pulled over this weekend in virginia beach. he was in the back of a privately owned retired fire truck, greeting children in the neighborhood, when some say police pulled the truck over after complaints about the sirens.
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alert children and neighbors that santa was coming to town. police ordered the driver to stop using sirens, affectively ending the event. >> it was two hours out of your saturday evening, a weekend before christmas. was it that bad? >> obviously the event had been planned for months, and was advertised through the community association. once the sirens stopped, children didn't know santa was coming by, as the cold weather kept many inside their homes. we'll have one final
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what bad knee?u'll ask what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. okay, seven-day forecast. nice today, just those clouds sticking around into the upper
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40s, and for christmas, watch out for showers. maybe a little mix to start the day. we will be back at 5:00, until then, have a great afternoon. we'll see you at noon tomorrow. ♪ [ music ]
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>> nikki: [ sniffles ] >> victor: morning, sweetheart. >> nikki: hi. >> victor: baby. what is it? i hate to see you upset any day. but the day before christmas? come on. >> nikki: it's just -- [ sighs ] >> victor: what? >> nikki: i ordered this wooden train months ago. >> victor: yeah? >> nikki: the kind you pull with a string. it came today, and it's gift-wrapped and tagged... ...forully. >> victor: oh, sweetheart.


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