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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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witnesses. >> the house hit is being held up by temporary lumber, placed by rescuers. the family safe but not allowed to live here until permanent repairs are made. >> i feel bad for them. never like this every happened and i've been driving a truck since he was 16. i feel really bad for them. >> reporter: that truck driver, mr. clark, obviously badly shaken. the family who lived here is okay, nobody was home. they preferred not to be interviewed today. the possibility that a hit and run driver is out there somewhere still an open question as far as investigating authorities concerned, live, scott broom, wusa 9. >> no charges have been filed but the investigation is on going. two teenagers have been arrested connecting to the murder of a man found dead and badly burned in prince george's county. 17-year-old demico aiken is c
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with first degree and second degree murder. a 16-year-old is charged as a juvenile with accessory after the fact. 27-year-old rashand lee cotton was found near the brooks road rec center on monday morning. he had died of a gunshot wound. police say they found the 179s driving cotton's suv. investigators believe cotton and aiken knew each other and robbery was their motive. the 16-year-old helped to dispose of the body. more than 2 years after they disappeared there's still no sign of sarah and jacob hogle. this afternoon the facebook page dedicated to finding them posted new photos showing what the children would look like today. sarah would now be 6 years old, jacob would be 4. they were last seen with their mother, katherine in 2014. she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and found not competent to stand trial. just days before christmas a fire has destroyed a symbol of the season. an elderly frederick couple said it will take a miracle to replace
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life sized nativity scene before christmas day. bruce leshan is live in frederick where neighbors are trying to make that happen. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, deb ra, jesus, mary, joseph, the wise men, the donkeys, the sheep, the shepherd, they were all right here. after the fire, all that is left is this big pile of hay with some scorch marks. the figures simply burned up. >> it was between those two cars. >> john and naomi said by the time anyone noticed the flames were half way up their barn. >> everything was just ablaze. you couldn't tell the figure s or nothing. >> for more than half a century the nativity scene has been a landmark on jefferson pike. >> probably was the youngest of eight children. >> through 51 anniversaries and birthdays and family christmas celebrations they set the life sized fiberglass f
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to their maple homestead where their family has lived since 1877. >> what does christmas mean to you? >> the birth of christ. that's what it means. the birth of christ. the savior of the world. >> the fire chief said these kind of blazes are usually sparked by over heated lights or worn electric cords. >> you don't buy that? >> i don't buy that at all. >> they are con vinced it was arson. partly because it's happened before. >> it was just like hard to believe a second time. >> i knew it before. >> partly because their sign has been the target of vandals too. >> they egged it, spooned it, broke the glass, shot at it. >> arson or accident neighbors are coming together to help offering to rebuild the manger and scour the web for the now hard to find statutes.
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evil god has turned it out for good. >> reporter: now, the figures were inside a dome kind of of hay bails. it ended up being like an oven it got so hot inside that the figures were destroyed. there's no sign anymore that they were even here. live in frederick, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> that sweet couple. thank you so much, bruce . they say the new jersey company where they bought the figures has gone out of business. you can find life size nativity scenes on e-bay but they are very expensive. they are hoping that insurance will cover the cost so they can at least have jesus, mary and joseph back in place next year. firefighters in prince george's county still putting out hot spots after this commercial building up in flames. the facility the part of an egg farm on
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road. no people were injured but some of the chickens were killed. two dozen adults and children out of their homes tonight after an early morning fire. this one happened on hanover parkway in greenbelt during bitter cold temperatures. >> about 1:00 in the night i heard a banging on the door and it was our neighbor. he was banging on the door telling us that there's a fire to get out. i woke up my children and we ran outside. we saw the smoke in the hallway and just came outside. >> that mother time only to put jackets and shoes on some young kids but some children ran out without shoes. more than two dozen people headed towards the exit. luckily no one was injured. a manhunt and a $10,000 reward to anyone who can help police find the man who drove through the crowded christmas market in berlin. a 25-year-old is still on the loose and he's had a two-day head start. 12 people died inha
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now, he has used at least six different aliases. he was deemed a terror threat after his request for asylum was denied in july. the dc interim police chief said security in washington will be stepped up. >> you're going to see a lot of law enforcement activity in washington dc, stepped up law enforcement activity in washington dc because of the mere fact that on january 20th is the inauguration of the president of the united states. that's a huge event. >> president elect trump was also asked about the attack this afternoon, specifically his statement in which he said isis and other islamic terrorists are slaughtering christians as part of a global jihad. >> it's an attack on humanity. that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity. it has to stop. >> mr. trump also confirmed he spoke with president obama two days ago. he made these brief comments outside of his estate
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releasing a few more details about events that week. >> on thursday a reef laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery and a welcome celebration at the lincoln memorial. in changes to inauguration day that features the swearing in at noon, the parade down pennsylvania avenue and balls at night. on saturday there will be a prayer service at the national cathedral on wisconsin avenue. 31 people are now confirmed dead following tuesday's big explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city. 12 people are still missing. among the dozens of injured are seven children with burns covering 90% of their bodies. several are expected to be treated at hospitals in houston. it's the third such explosion to strike this market since 2005. tracking metro tonight and there's some good news for rail riders. the safe track program is now on hold. surge 11 that impacted the orange and silver lines is now concluded. metro said thet
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not happen until february. meantime, metro began sales today of the smart chip card for the inauguration. the cost is just $10. that's a 40% savings and it's good for unlimited trips on inauguration day. interesting note though, president obama's face was on the cards in 2009 and in 2013. president elect trump's face clearly is not. all right. fair warning, some of the details in this next story are graphic so we'll give you a second to hit mute if you want to. you may have heard about the dog meat tray that asia but did you know that many of the dogs are tortured and have their feet cut off before they are killed. >> a little dog was rescued after that happened and is in virginia tonight. little liberty is now a part of a movement to stop this industry. >> this is liberty. she's such a sweet dog . you will
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paws. that's because they were cut off in a cambodia meat factory. she was rescuedd. >> it's the most hoard thing. >> mark which i think -- or ried thing. >> mark ching was under cover when a man beat this dog and chopped off her feet. >> how did you wind up with her? >> when we left a bunch of dogs were unconscious. we asked if we could try the meat and that's how regot -- we got her. >> here's her leg. >> this morning they traveled from california to bionic pets in sterling, virginia where derek's team makes prosthetics for all kinds of animals, turtles, horses and even elephants. >> we are on the happy side of things. >> liberty is one of hundreds of dogs that mark has rescued. he founded t
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hope and wellness foundation and is documenting the horrors inside the asian dog meat industry trying to put a stop to it. >> it's not only the eating of the dogs that's heart to stomach but it's the belief that if they abuse or are cruel to the animal first that makes the meat taste better. >> he said dogs feet are often cut off to make soup. those animals usually don't survive. after three months after a vet liberty is healthy and well. >> a shell in the back and a shell in the front. >> she's ready to walk again with her new legs. they should be ready tomorrow. in sterling peggy fox, wusa 9. >> liberty made an appearance before congress in june to help advocate for a resolution tt condemns the annual dog meat festival and calls on the chinese government to out law the dog meat trade. what a story. a happy update for you just in time for christmas. >> yeah, just in time after that story too. remember baby
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baby who needed a liver and got one thanks to a donor. well, now blake's parents said he's adjusting well and as you can see in that picture there, he's all smiles. doctors say blake is going to be just fine. he got that transplant back in november after a form of cancer ravaged his liver. we are just getting started here on wusa 9 news at 5:00. topper. >> all right. we'll talk about the day planner tomorrow and pretty nice first full day of winter. it will be breezy, i'll warn you about that but 43 at 10:00, 52 by 1:00 and in the low 40s by 7:00. all clear skies. we'll come back and talk about what the weekend looks like. we have to issue a yellow weather alert for one of the days. >> a mother said a school bus is constantly late in picking up her daughter with special needs. she reached out to wusa for help. >> it was a song that could stop a train in its tracks.
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delta airline is investigating a passenger's claim that he was kicked off of a plane because he was speaking ing airbac. he said he was speaking with his mother and delta said 20 passengers complained they were uncomfortable so they escorted him out of the flight. >> i cannot believe my eyes. i can not believe it . i spoke a word in a different language and you feel uncomfortable? because i spoke a different language? i can't believe it. i
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believe my eyes. >> he was booked on a later flight that's scheduled to arrive shortly. his video quickly went viral viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. he received thousands of tweets supporting him but we should note that he has more than 1.5 million you tube subscribers. many of his videos feature him carrying out practical jokes. stuck on a metro platform is usually the last place that holiday spirit is going to hit you. >> totally. that's exactly what happened in union station. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> [ singing] >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> nailed it. that woman's impromptu per for formance is going viral for good reason. nikki burdine has the story. >> metro stops are not the types of places that people want to hang around in but 40 people stopped and stood in awe when tamara walker started to sing in union station. >> stuck on a metro platform, that's the
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would not enjoy. >> one track was down and everything was going in one direction. >> tamara walker was visiting dc from las vegas and when the inevitable redline problems began she did something most washingtonans can't fathom, stop up and started to sing. > i just kept going. i told my daughter, grab my phone, i feel like singing. >> 40 people stood in awe just listening. for tamara it wasn't about the location or all the attention. the video now has more than 300,000 views. >> i really didn't expect this from just singing there. it's just my favorite christmas carroll. >> it was about how she felt in that very moment, the overwhelming feeling she had to sing, the feeling she didn't always have. >> this is a great christmas for me because i've been through a lot. >> tamara was a victim of domestic violence for 5 years. when she left him she and h
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two children were homeless. now she's a survivor with a husband who she calls her hero and a gig in las vegas singing in a show. >> people ask me, why did you sing. when you stop and think about the things that could have happened to you but god blocked it because your destiny didn't end there, i would sing anywhere. > ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> and it's clear the world needed to hear this song as much as she needed to sing it. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> [singing] >> ♪ oh, night devi ♪ >> chills, right? now if you heard some other voices in the background of that video, that's her daughter and her mother who also joined in singing. the video by the way, if you want to watch it in full is on our wusa mobile app. back to you. >> i have to share that story. that is just beautiful. >> yeah, it's terrific. i'm sure a lot of people will be singing across dulles airport and reagan national, in the car
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>> you know, it's pretty quiet. we are getting off pretty easy. certainly in the east we are quite. we will take a look across the whole country. tomorrow morning a little bit of light snow across up state new york, not much snow, maybe 1 or 2 inches. the only trouble spot is in the southwest. there's a storm developing. maybe rain as far as south as l.a. this is by 9:00 a.m. west coast time tomorrow morning and some light snow could make it into denver but that's about it. i don't think it's a strong enough storm to delay a flight into denver tomorrow. by 5:30, some light snow, rain towards albuquerque and quiet in the east. now just some left over snow showers through new england. all in all, pretty quiet travel weather. by midnight a little bit of light snow in the plain states but if you're traveling to chicago, detroit, the i-95 corridor it's quiet tomorrow. the 3
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not make it. 49 for today. we are 28 of the last 31. we'll let you know how we did tt at 11:00. check this out. how beautiful is this? a live look outside from the live michael and son weather cam, it's 46 right now. i went 49. the dew points in the teens. humidity only 34%. that means your indoor humidity is about 18%. a cold front approaching late tonight and will move through dry. bus stop temperatures 28 to 44. better than this morning. there were some upper teens this morning. a nice first full day of winter on thursday and travel weather quiet both thursday and friday. a mild start to winter. 52 tomorrow. the only thing i'll say, again, it will be breezy tomorrow. the 52 will seem cooler than that. 50 on friday, 49 on saturday, 52 on sunday and almost 60 on monday. so christmas looks great. get the kids out of the house to play with the toys. sunshine and 52, not bad. at 10:00 tonight walking the dog after dinner, still pretty nice. i mean, 31 in manassas is not bad. the winds don't pick
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they pick up tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. 34 in la platta. tomorrow morning, that's the front. that's it. no green blobs. 3 3 in gaithersburg, 35 in bowie. we get into the 9:00 hour and 40 already downtown, 37 in leesburg, about 1:00 we are at 52 downtown. i will say folks in like gaithersburg north and west, hagerstown, cumberland will probably hold in the mid to upper 40s tomorrow. south in the 50s. by about this time tomorrow morning we are looking at temperatures still in the 40s. 44 downtown, 43 la platta and 45 in dale city. some snow showers possible west of the divide tomorrow as the cold front ushers in some colder air up there. the day planner looks like this, 30s to start, 46 at 11:00 with sunshine, 52 full sun by 1:00. all right. pleasant on friday, 50. yellow weather alert on saturday. you have to juggle
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umbrella, sorry about that, 49 on christmas eve. nice on christmas 52. near 60 on monday. showers late monday and early tuesday. a little cooler next wednesday but not crazy. sunshine and highs in the upper 40s. >> thank you, topper. one of the world -- oldest surviving world war ii veterans has died. >> we introduced you to william moore. he helped liberate the concentration camp. william moore died of natural causes over the weekend in pennsylvania. his family said santa was by his side during his final hours. he was 108 years old. a stroller recall and jobs on the most endangered list. details in tonight's consumer alert. >> plus, a crook ruins an early christmas present after stealing this puppy right out of a maryland home.
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it's a story blowing up on our wusa 9 facebook page. should students be forced to learn cursive writing? log on and let us know what you think. we are going to read some of your comments coming up at 6:00.
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baltimore hoping for a christmas miracle. >> they want peggy back. peggy is the springer span iel mix puppy that dan and andy bought for their kids as an early christmas present. wouldn't you know it, thieves broke into their home yesterday and stole a bunch of electronics and took peggy too along with her leash and colar and dog food. that's evil and grinch-like behavior. the powells are offering $750 for peggy's safe return. >> i hope peggy comes home. in tonight's consumer a lert, a baby product company is recalling 29,000 strollers. there are reports of children suffering from minor bumps and bruises when the gb strollers folded. they were made between march of 2015 and march of 2016. they're supposed to be the
5:26 pm
citizens are paying big time because of student loan debt. 100,000 seniors have as much as 15% of their social security benefits garnished to pay for student loans. as you may know, out sourcing and automation are putting a squeeze on jobs across the country. >> according to career cast the most endangered jobs are meter readers, jewelers, tailors, disk jockeys and tv broadcasters. the topmost endangered job is for the mail carrier. >> i'll leave that one there. new developments in the national build to put digital billboards up outside the park. >> a heated demonstration to shine a light on the homeless in dc. >> right after the break a mother reaches out to wusa 9 after a school bus is consistently late in
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visit or call 1-888-get-fios to learn more. that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. only from fios. tonight a single mom comes to us for help. her daughter has special needs. >> the school bus has not been on time for months. pete mon monteen has been working for months. >> her 4th grader has cerebral palsy
5:30 pm
across town and now she's desperate to fix the delays. >> this video is from december 6th. the bus was supposed to come at 7:50. >> it's 9:59. >> it takes 10 -year-old tenea holaway to drew elementary a 5 mile drive from her family home. >> she loves school. >> her mom #k5i8d -- came to us. she does not drive. she's complained to dc public schools at least ten times. >> getting to school at 10:30 or 11:00 that's not acceptable. >> district school buses are run by the mayor's office, the office of state superintendent of education. it said it's still investigating the issue. >> i called and complained over and over again and i want people to be aware of what is going on. i wanted to see if you-all can help me. >> a statement a department spokesman said it's committed to reliable transportation and following up with the family but she has not heard a thing.
5:31 pm
problem. they are not fixing the problem and i need my daughter to school on time. >> she said that the bus came 40 minutes early today. she did get a head's up by phone but now she's hearing from other parents with the same problem. we are staying on top of it still trying to get answers for all of them. pete monteen, wusa 9. >> this story came to us from a viewer just like you. it's real easy to share you idea. send an e-mail to digital billboards may soon be going up outside of nats park. the dc council approved a request from the team today. the legislation allows for up to five running from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. that's shorter hours and fewer displays than the team requested. neighbors fought against the signs calling them disruptive. the legislation now awaits a signature from the
5:32 pm
to be the cause of a fire that damaged this home in rockville. it happened around 9:00 on pasture brook way. it took 75 firefighters two hours to knock down the flames. the damage estimated at around $700,000. the fire spokesman said the flames may have started from fireplace ashes being left in the garage. this is the fourth hot ash fire of the season. okay. take a look at these signs. each one has a name of a homeless person who died this year. all in all there are 46 in the district. now advocates want something done about it. today dozens visited city hall unannounced urging come members to increase funding. the e event was organized by the people for fairness coalition in memory of those who passed away. at times it got a little heated. >> 46 people died in the streets last year. if 46 people died in the wilson building in one year we would call it an epidemic. >> it's mor
5:33 pm
whether we are actually making improvements to the system. >> among other things the group is looking for $8.5 million in funding that would go towards permanent supportive housing in the district. people staying in dc homeless shelters will be eating deer meat this winter. 1300 pounds of vinson has been donated to the dc central kitchen. sharp shooters killed 36 deer as part of the wildlife management program. that's necessary in order to support native vegetation and wildlife. a blood drive today in honor of fallen montgomery county police officer noah leota. dozens of people showed up to give blood at the montgomery county police headquarters. he was on a dui patrol when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver. president elect donald trump is moving on from his drain the swamp campaign promise.
5:34 pm
according to newt gingrich. newt gingrich said he thought that phrase was cute lt it started at newt gingrich that he said the alligators are complaining about the draining of the swamp. a last ditch effort by president obama for his legacy on the environment. the president blocked additional offshore drilling on hundreds of millions of acres of federal land. it applies to portions of the ocean floor from virginia to massachusetts and shields most of alaska's northern coast. the move may be troubling for president elect trump whose administration has friendly ties to the energy industry. state lawmakers in north carolina are still right now in special session trying to decide whether or not to repeal the so-called bathroom law. among other things, the law dictates that transgender people only use public restrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate. the law cost the state millions of dollars in tourism revenue. a warning tonight for people why
5:35 pm
from a local farmers market. the alexandria health department said the nothing sold at the old town farmers market on king straet may -- street may be unsafe. it was sold on december 3rd, 10th and 17th. it was not properly pasteurized and it could make your sick. if you have any of this eggnog you should immediately throw it away. the sheriff's office has pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger to thank for their newest colleague. >> meet opie, the german shepherd. he's joining the sheriff's department k-9 drug detection team. they were able to acquire him thanks to an $8,000 grant from roethlisberger's foundation which focuses on enhancing k-9 units across the country. all right. trending now, anothewar ard for one of the most popular entertainers. >> comments that just rocked social media. >> poking the president. we will tell you about
5:36 pm
shenanigans at the white house. >> very nice tomorrow, 52 downtown, 48 in frederick and 45 in fredericksburg. the only thing i will say, temperature wise great, but breezy to windy tomorrow. we will talk about our yellow weather alert and which day it occurs over the weekend.
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let's get to what is trending tonight, shouldn't we? >> we should. lynn manuel miranda is the ap's entertainer of the year. miranda already has a handful of tony awards. the performer defeated the cast to have strong contenders including beyonce, adelle and dwayne the rock johnson. >> it definitely is his year. actress lee that d -- accelerate actress lenah recounted a visit to a planned parenthood clinic and asked when to share her abortion experience she said he never had one and admired the people in
5:40 pm
make such a difficult choice. in a line that started the controversy, now i can say that i still haven't had an abortion but i wish i had. whoops. her instagram apology has 16 ,000 likes. pop singer richard marks helped take down a rulely passenger on a flight. >> he and his wife daisy posted the pictures. a guy started to attack passengers and staff. the flight attendant had a taser and marks with rope. he said the crew was not trained to deal with this behavior so marks said he and a few other passengers helped to subdue that attacker. a holiday prank from the white house is getting a lot of clicks on social media. >> staffers gathered fake snowmen and lined them up to faceo int the oval office. >>
5:41 pm
the secret service diving in and taking down the snowmen. even santa is not immune from being pulled over by the cops. saint nick in the back of a privately owned retired fire truck in a virginia beach community was greeting children, using the siren to let kids know he was there but then neighbors picked up the horn, called the cops to complain about the sirens. then the police literally showed up to silence the sirens and ended e -- the event. >> after a few moments i realized that santa might need bail money. sdwls it was two hour -- >> it was two hours out of your saturday evening, a weekend before christmas, was it that bad? >> how did it go? that darn santa is out there making so much noise. i need officers over here right now. >> you're going to get coal for calling. >> parents said it was planned for months and advertised on
5:42 pm
community's website that no one paid attention too. >> doh. the washington capitols are making one super fan's dream come true. that story is on the way in sports. >> after the break, cops are hunting for the
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the search for four grinches. deputies say they vandalized a christmas tree display built by 6th graders at a school. >> it happened back on december 10th. hours after faculty and staff had gone home it happened. now we are seeing surveillance video of the moments leading up to the damage. >> i was angry. >> how the four grinches stole christmas or at least tried to. misty west is one of hundreds expressing frustration after finding out about vandalism at page middle school involving this christmas tree display. she said her stepson is friends with some of the students who were a part of the project. >> you know, kids put in all this time and somebody just destroys it. >> december 10th you can see surveillance video showing four suspects park a car outside of page middle school. the four people get out of the car and walk in the direction of the hill whe
5:46 pm
>> 6th graders students put the tree together using a combination of piping, led lights and solar panels. when students go -- got to school on the following monday they were upset to find the tree at the bottom of the tree. >> i was a teen growing up and i would never destroy someone's property. >> the tree is back up and back in one piece but that's not enough for many parents and others who live in this community. see they want the people responsible punished. >> i think it shows that we have a lot of heart. >> hundreds of comments on facebook of parents supporting the students involved and hoping that deputies catch the people responsible. west has a message for the vandals. >> what if that was your little sister that put in all that time? have empathy for the children that did do it. >> unfortunately the tree doesn't light up anymore but they won't let these vandals steal their christmas spirit.
5:47 pm
nico clemons, 13 news now. >> deputies are searching for a light colored four door sedan. a school video here from yellowstone national park. check out old faithful, the geyser that erupts every 44 to 125 minutes. this is what it looks like on the first day of winter when the temperature is 0 degrees at the 200 degree water when it meets the cold air. it condenses, essentially turning into a cloud. in case you were wondering the geyser spits out up to 84,000 gal alones at -- gallons at a time. for the first time in 37 years it snowed in the sahara desert. the snow topped it in algeria. it's one of the hottest and driest areas in the world. >> i'm sure that would be fun to be i
5:48 pm
on. >> that looks like mars. >> that's true, it condenses into a cloud made up of water droplets, not water vapor. just putting that out there. >> you know so much. >> we are fire ing writers tonight. >> you did not see either way. i'm just saying that i'm taking it a step further. >> when you go to school it's important to talk to the kids to say it's water droplets, not water vapor. let's talk about travel. still quiet on thursday and on friday. we don't have any big storms so that's good. thursday morning we have the light snow in up state new york and really the only problem we see is this developing storm in the southwest. you know, i did hear that now in my ear. i hear lots of things. adam, you're right, there's a mic open somewhere. what are they saying to me? all right. some light snow in denver. this is noon h
5:49 pm
it goes north of boston and north of the turnpike so not effecting anyone along i-95. by tomorrow night, a little bit of light snow in the plain states as the storm moves out of the southwest. it never become as big storm so that's good news. at 11:30 on friday, a little bit of snow in minneapolis but no major airline delays and then by 6:30, maybe a little bit of snow approaching chicago, madison, wisconsin but that's a very small storm and in the east even through friday it is still in great shape. clouds come in on friday and we can handle that but it's dry across the i-95 corridor. a live look outside, 46 right now, the dew point in turp -- in the upper teens, humidity at 34%. we have a cold front approaching. that should tell you the cold front is not through next. when the winds kick in tomorrow morning you know the front is through. bus stop temperatures 28 to 34. this morning it was 19. a nice first full day of winter. er
5:50 pm
for the southwest on thursday and friday. temperatures are quiet too. 52 on thursday, 50 on friday, 49 on christmas eve day. it will be wet. then 52 on christmas day . it will be dry, the kids can play with their toys and new bikes outside and then almost 60 on monday. okay. here's the future cast locally. at 10:00 tonight, 30s. 37 downtown, 31 in í need í ned frederick -- 31 in frederick. now 33 in man that, -- 33 in manassas and 36 in fredericksburg. by lunchtime tomorrow some folks will hit 50. if you're south of 66 and south of route 50 you'll from around 50. if you're north of town, rockville, fredericksburg, cumberland you probably will hold in the 40s and it probably bears repeating with the breezing tomorrow behind the front winds northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour it will feel a little bit cooler than the actual air temperature. keep that in mind. 30s to start, a bit above freezing. 46 at 11:00 and 52 with full sun at
5:51 pm
now, on friday pleasant, 50. less wind on friday. that's a great day. that's golfable. then yellow weather alert on saturday for rain and showers. temperatures near 50 on christmas eve day. practice swing. nice on christmas day. near 60 on monday. showers monday night into tuesday. temperatures go down just a little bit on wednesday with highs in the upper 40s but nothing arctic heading our way. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> now wusa 9's game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> practicing the swing. i love the sound of that. the burgundy and gold have played six games in the national spotlight this season including the trip to london. for the second time in a month they have a short week after playing a night game. in tonight's inside the red zone how they're adapting and what is at stake this week. the burgundy and gold have a pass to the
5:52 pm
treacherous. first washington must take care of business and win their last two games. today they held a closed walk through practice to prepare for saturday's game on the road in chicago. at this point in the season in crazy schedule just is what it is. >> play our schedule and whether we are playing monday night, saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon we will be well prepared. >> we have to move on and look forward to the game against chicago. we are on the outside looking in offensely. we have to play or our best game of the year. okay. the national hockey league is looking at ways to grow the sport and create interest. the washington capitols took it upon themselves to surprise one of their young fans. this is fatima who plays for the women's national hockey team. recentlyap
5:53 pm
peter bonser met her at a clinic and tweeted a video praising her skills on the ice. so he worked with the team on putting together a very special. >> it's great to be here from washington dc. you are going to get two tickets to see the game in washington and we have to watch. >> february is a month of hockey for everyone. i think that you'll be a great ambassador for this. looking forward to seeing you again in washington to watch the game and hopefully meet alex and the whole team. i hope you are able to show some skills to the washington capitals players. >> that's the best part. peter is like teach them some skills. you can see it the the joy on her face. >> yeah. >> shell shocked there. >> beautiful. >> i love the look. just the out por ing
5:54 pm
over here in february and live the dream really. >> maybe she will come visit us. >> the middle east is the last place that you would think there would be ice hockey. >> especially a female. it's great to see that . >> thank you. >> beautiful. coming up when bruce joins me at 6:00, an international manhunt for the suspect wanted for the deadly attacks on the christmas market in berlin. >> up next, students give their school custodian the surprise of a lifetime. >> don't forget the cbs evening news with scott pelley is coming up at 6:30.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
8th graders at a school in charlotte embraced the true meaning of giving to surprise the custodian with a gift. >> the students said he's so much more. >> i feel like he's a friend. >> you can always come to him and you can count on him to give you some advice. >> with nearly 30 years on the job mr. richardson has come to know some families for generations. >> now some of them have kids here at the school and will come in, mr. richardson you're still here.
5:58 pm
>> i'm going to miss the kids. that's what i'll miss the most. >> before he goes a group of 8th grade students fund raised for months to give him a retirement gift he will never forget. >> you're going to the game mr. richardson. >> get out of here, man. >> his game, two tickets to the panthers game on new year's day. >> that's great. oh, man. i love you guys, man. >> i didn't want to cry in front of them. i went out in the hallway and shed a few tears. >> he's a lifelong panthers fan who doesn't get to go to many games. he said this left him speechless. >> i was overwhelmed. i knew the kids love d me but not that much. >> for this group of kids they taught themselves how good it feels to give back. >> when you see other people be happy it's great. >> that's incredible. say they kids these day s are all about
5:59 pm
when he was asked who he would take to the game with him he said his wife of 25 years. right now at 6:00 police are concerned the driver who mowed county dozens of people at a berlin christmas market is still a threat. >> also coming up tonight, some dc whole foods workers filed suit claiming the store managers cheated them out of years of bonuses. >> the driver of a dump truck claims he was the victim of a hit and run before he crashed into a prince george's county home. good evening. i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm bruce johnson. a reward of more than $100,000 u.s. dollars is being offered to anyone who can help police find the man who drove through a crowded christmas market in berlin. he's been on the run for two days. >> europe's opener borders are under tighter control as officials hunt for the berlin christmas market attacker. police say a 25-year-old national is still on the
6:00 pm
his identification was found in the truck that mowed down dozens of people on monday night killing 12 and injuring 48. german authorities say he was born in tunisia in 1992 and used at least six different aliases and three different nationalties. >> he was deemed a possible terror threat and to be considered armed and dangerous. >> while authorities are stepping up security measures around germany, critics of the refugee program say it was only a matter of time until an attack like this took place. >> outside of government offices far right protesters rallied to call for chancellor merkel to step down. more than a million immigrants have come to germany in the past 2 years. >> at the scene of the attack work crews used heavy equipment to remove debris beneath strands of colored christmas lights while across the city mourners remembered the victims. the islamic s


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