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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> the rain from this morning long gone but we are dealing with issues from that. temperatures in the 30s and low 40s creates some fog. we have problems. some of the visibility like fredericksburg. the southern areas are really seeing the visibilities so it will be a problem. especially south of dc for much of the night. we have a dense fog advisory until 6:00 a.m. sunday for the
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southern maryland. the low eastern shore. down to the richmond area. down to the shanendoa valley south. again, not really an issue. use the low beams. what you need to know for sunday, some fog early. mainly south. it will be a dry day. temperatures sort of like today, 45 to 50. thank you very much howard, now to a story you will see only on 9. it took a few minutes for this huge surprise to sink in. a new house. for the first time in six months, a family in saint george's county will be sleeping under the same roof. a community coming together to help. matt yurus was there when five brews got the ultimate holiday surprise. >> reporter: my five buddies here were at a movie. they had no idea they were going to get a house with couches, beds, and space. in short, a plac
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can be boys. >> this is your new home. >> are you serious? >> reporter: the five brothers have learned this is their new home. mom and dad were overwhelmed. >> i know this is what they have been wanting the longest. to be with dad and mom in the same home. >> reporter: the couple liveed apart after they were evicted to give everyone enough room. >> i got my boys back. this brings joy to myself. >> reporter: the house came outfitted with christmas necessities. stockings, garland, and presents. >> i got a bear. >> reporter: but it was the creature comforts many of us take for granted that the brothers value is most. >> what is your favorite thing? >> because a bed. because we only had covers to sleep on. >> i'm thankful. >> reporter: 75 prince
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possible. volunteers loaded chairs, couches, mattresses and more onto the back of a moving van destined for the family's roomy digs. >> i'm so happy. extremely, extremely happy. >> i would say it is very special. because, i didn't see this coming today. it was very special for me. >> reporter: if you want to learn more on how to help this family, check out the story on our wusa9 app. these boys are sitting next to me because they want to be on tv. but also, they have is a message for everyone that helped. what do you want to say guys? >> thank you! merry christmas! >> reporter: in prince george's county, i'm matt yurus, wusa9. >> love it. and another huge act of kindness this christmas eve after one family lost everything in a fire earlier this week, the firefighters who put out the flames brought the hope to them this christmas eve. and fire started tu
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inside maurice and cheryl dixon's home on nailer road southeast. the couple lost everything including more than a dozen gifts for their grandchildren. but the firefighters at engine 15 came together to find muhammad presents for the kids. as you can imagine, this was pretty emotional. >> it made us feel good. because we thought we lost everything. according to christmas for our grand kids. it is important, the grandparents who love the grand kids. for us to lose all the presents we did, the fire department said they would look into helping us. >> we have been in this area for a year. and, i'm just truly blessed and thankful for what we have for all of the people that have rallied around to help us, to be able to allow our grand kids to have christmas. we were starting our first annual christmas brunch the day after christmas. we wanted our grand kids and ber family and our children to
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>> there is also a go fund me for the family. you can find a link on our website at our wusa9 app. police departments across the country are on alert after isis called for attacks against churches in the u.s. an isis social media group published a link friday listing the names and addresses of thousands of churches. the link also urged followers to attack other public places. at saint patrick's cathedral, police officers are directing the large crowd. >> there isn't a safer place to be really in my view. i'm not concerned at all. >> not that there is not that possibility. i just choose not to concern myself with it. >> the fbi says similar threats like this one have never resulted in successful terror attacks. the agency also says they don't believe this threat is specific or credib
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francis celebrated christmas eve mass at the basilica. in his homily, he urged the hopeful to reflect on the plight of today's refugee children and called on people not to get caught up in the commercialization of christmas. the my night mass is the first major event of the christmas season for the pope and he will deliver a blessing. this is only the fourth time in 100 years hanukkah and christmas are begin on the same night, our hillary hillary lane spent time with two different families and they both share food, family, and love. >> reporter: it looks like santa's workshop in this household. >> so i have enough trouble cooking for just me. you are cooking for 50 people. what are you making? >> soil simple stuff and complicated stuff. >> reporter: complicated stuff that is quite hard to pronounce.
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stuffed gouzier. >> what is that? >> that is a little cheese puff. >> whoa. it is like grilled cheese. >> it is. >> but way better. >> reporter: over at jason's house, the oven is hot. making the traditional potato pancake called the latke. so good, you will flip over it. >> cheers. >> happy hanukkah! mmmm! these are pretty good. >> that is an old one. >> reporter: the beautiful christmas tree lights up the home. >> it is a real christmas tree. i think those are my favorite kind. >> reporter: jason likes the menorah. >> i like waking up and going downstairs. >> reporter: as the kids go to sleep waiting for santa. >> i hope to get
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hatchimals. >> reporter: all proceeds go to fighting hunger. >> it is perfect timing. because we are in town. we are not celebrating. >> reporter: maybe, just maybe, you will find your one true latke. >> a couple of my friends met a few years ago. got engaged. >> reporter: he is jewish, she isn't. she celebrates both holidays. >> it is celebrating light in a world that feels dark. >> reporter: whether you celebrate christmas or hanukkah, happy holidays from our channel 9 family to yours. in dc, hillary lang, wusa9. >> and wan kwanzaa starts monday. san that making an early appearance today. right there on the potomac near old town alexandria. the jolly old manmade his arrival by water skiing across the potomac. he had a few helpers who skied their way to the shore as we.
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gosh. i love seeing that every year. because it is christmas eve, santa didn't have a whole lot of time to hang around. but he took some time to take some pictures with people before heading back to the north pole. and the jolly man in red stopped at the maryland spca to see which animals were naughty and which were nice. each was nice. he gave the fur babies a special gift. if you are up for the commitment, they have a bunch of pets waiting to make your days merry and bright. turning now to president- elect trump's transition, he says he will dissolve his charitable foundation to resolve any conflicts of interest before he takes office. that foundation has been a subject of intense criticism over how it collects and dispenses money. in the at the statement today, the president-elect says it has done good
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will pursue philanthropy in other ways as president. hail to the redskins. washington gave their fading playoff hopes a boost with a win in chicago today. kirk cousins threw for a touchdown and ran for two more beating the bears 41-21. what has to happen now for the burgundy and gold to get a spot in the playoffs? we will have that in a little bit. the obamas reflect on their last eight christmases in the white house. >> plus, toys, jewelry, the hatchimal, and more. and three placyoes u can still go if you waited this long to buy a gift. >> well, where in the world is santa claus right now? apparently, he is in canada. norad tracking saint nick as he makes his way around the globe, we have a link you can follow along on our
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>> the greatest gift michelle and i have received is the honor
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president and first lady. >> many of our troops are far from home this time of the year and their families are serving and sacrificing right along with them. their courage and dedication allow the rest of us to enjoy the season. that is why we tried to serve them as well as they have served this country. >> president obama and first lady michelle greet you a merry christmas and happy holidays. the pretaped video continued a tradition of annual well wishes from hawaii where the obamas are spending christmas. what three things would you bring with you if your house was on fire? the late, late show host stephen colbert sans that in a sit down with john dickerson. >> i would take a crucifix off my wall that was my mothers'. i would. i would take a family album of photograth
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downstairs. and ... obviously, my cell phone. >> your cell phone? >> yes, so i can call the fire department. practical. >> colbert looks back on the year 2016. specifically, the year in politics. you can watch the full interview tomorrow on face the nation at 10:30 and right here on wusa9. if you haven't bought your gift yet, what are you waiting for? with christmas morning hours away, even the procrastinators have gotten their gifts by now. i van did some shopping in the westfield maul. >> mall. >> reporter: it is like a toy store for adults. the drone was flying high. others went for the less elaborate gifts. >> maybe some jewelry? >> we could get a few last minute things. >> shopping for my girlfrie
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>> reporter: hundreds flock to the mall this christmas eve. that includes ellsworth miller. >> something large, something warm. something that she is going to really enjoy. >> and her favorite color? >> yes. >> i think i know what you are talking about. >> reporter: it will be a good season for retailers. the national retail federation is projecting total sales to jump up 3.5%. kathy horowitz was out shopping. it is hard work because it is for eight days of presents. >> he has a big beard. so yeah, he is going to be surprised unless he sees your news show. [ laughter ] >> she returned it. >> reporter: father mike jacobs says there is one more thing to do. >> probably start eating soon. what do you think? >>
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festive, evan with wusa9. a few spots where you might be able to pick up something. cbs says they are open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. most walgreens are open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 24/7 locations are open all night and most 7/11s are open 24/7, christmas included. that's all you got really. should have gone to the mall. a group of volunteers demonstrated the true spirit of christmas during the ninth annual love for all christmas eve project. they made their way to downtown washington where they handed out food, clothing, and other essential items to the homeless. each christmas box with 29 items from food to toiletries to other things needed to survive on the streets like hats, gloves, and socks. it was founded in the washington area by a mother and daughter duo. that is beautiful. happy stories today. in the news which i love when that
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>> 7/11, how would you feel if you got a christmas present from there? pop tarts and motor oil? [ laughter ] >> if something happened and you couldn't get out. get me something. i don't care. >> a rose maybe? let's get you going on the three degree guarantee. >> you are the one who didn't go shopping. you, whoever you are. [ laughter ] >> nice tie. >> three degree guarantee on this christmas eve. forecast, the high today of 51. and we have cloud cover, hanging out a little bit. we got to 48. fog is a big problem, especially south of town. south of 66. south of 50. visibility in many cases a quarter mile or less. warrenton down to zero. fredericks burgupment this goes to leonard town at a quarter mile. down toward southern maryland. christy says yes. socked in tonight. north of town,
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great. ten miles. a weak little front there. this far to the south we will deal with the fog and temperature ins the mid to upper 30s . it is still mid to upper 40s in martinsburg. they will cool off into the 30s by morning. 39 at national. a little bit of fog. that is better. light winds. and no surprise, humidity at 100%. you know, tomorrow, christmas day, it will be dry and mild. sun will be out. we should get close to 50. 40s to near 50. dry again monday. same temperatures but where more clouds it will feel chilly. now tuesday, a few showers. cold air will return later thursday. we see cold out west. we see cold in the northern areas. look at the south. 70s tomorrow down to dallas and atlanta. it looks warm down there. out in the cold, we have a lot of snow from northern arizona all the way up in
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wyoming, colorado. the morning rain left us. a few showers tuesday. milder for the temperatures. so, the forecast overnight, 30s for the most part. partly cloudy. cold and dry. areas of fog mainly south with light winds. as we get into the morning hours, 30s and 40s , a series of fog south. but we go partly if not mostly sunny. a cold start, a decent afternoon. temperatures 45 to 50. i'm calling it pleasant because you know, for december, this is not bad at all. three day forecast, kwanzaa kicks off monday. warmer with a shower or two or three. near 60. then we will get cold toward the second half of the week. showers thursday, blustery. debra, get ready. get the heavy coats friday and saturday. >> i'm looking at tuesday. i like that. frank is here now. >> we are looking ahead because the redskins playoff hopes got a huge boost with a win on
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bears. full details for the most season and the redskins. about a 50/50 otsh now. we will explain next in sports. >> let's take a look at santa making his way around the world. saint nick back to the u.s. after making a stop in canada. keep ongoing santa. >> crossing the border right
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>> now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> just when you thought the redskins season was lost, the redskins go and get a win they needed badly. went to chicago and got the victory to for playoff chances very much alive. some of the key plays in chicago, you can tell, they are playing out the strings. kirk cousins rebounded. he was sharp. here is the nine yard read option for the touchdown. 24-7. it was all redskins. cousins, second touchdown run of the day. this one a keeper. one yard out. fourth quarter, icing on the
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cake. mack brown. 61 yards. redskins with offense, defense cong through. going away, 41-21. >> the chicago bears, you throw the records out. this is an iconic organization. we knew we would have to play our best. >> i knew we were playing something special here. we were disappointed we were not in better shape in the playoffs this ye. but we were trending up as far as what we are trying to build here. >> how about kirk's jacket there? hey, there's a grinch. the redskins hoping the vikings are grinches to the packers. not guilty the case. this guy, aaron rogers was on point in lambeau field. a touchdown throw there. and the packers in control of this one. later,
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that doesn't help the redskins. this is one the redskins want to lose. the saints of 2014. drew brees for 11 yards. a score. saints up 28-21. that is good news for skins. under two minutes left in the third. jameis winston, deep, pass to mike evans for the score. 28-21. saints win, 34-21. that helps the skins' chances. they need detroit to lose the giants. then wrap up a playoff spot. a big game for the baltimore ravens at pittsburgh tomorrow in the steel city. ravens hold their destiny. they are in the playoffs. that is an uphill climb as it will be on the road on christmas day. baltimore beat pittsburgh in the first meeting of the season back in november. in fact, the ravens, john harbaugh won four straight over the steelers. baltimore's fresh off a win. baltimore has won four of their last six. >> you know, terrible towels. around, basically, i got the
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everywhere. and, you see those guys come out here. you are very familiar with it. you respect so much. we respect the organization. we respect the quarterbacks. we respect the head coach. these guys are great at what they do. all of them. and ... you know, it is just something i have really grown to love. maryland football is in detroit preparing for the quick lane bowl. terps will face boston college monday. maryland comes in 6-6. and the eagles enidtical record at 6-6. >> very well coached. a very physical team. that's the program. i know the head coach really well. you can see it on tape. they want to win the last scrimmage. defense is tremendous. offensively, they establish the one game. and try to do it with a power type run style. >> maryland football with the final practice of the season. and they went to a local food bank
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21,000 pounds of potatoes. by the way, speaking of getting pounds, we need dallas to beat detroit on monday night. and the redskins need to beat the giants and then they are into the post season. >> could happen. >> right? >> you know what is not going to happen? it is not going to be a white chris mat. what we should expect when howard comes back for our christ
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>> look daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. >> that's right. that's right. >> that famous quote heard in millions of homes tonight. it's a wonderful life. one of many movies considered a holiday favorite. what is your favorite? let us know by posting on our
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love that. >> yes. >> okay. >> die hard is not a christmas movie. >> . it is not. >> why do people say that? >> because it happens in christmas. >> it was released in july. >> anyway, i will talk to you about the weather. >> it returns, monday, more clouds, 50. we warm up. we will be much colder come friday and saturday. >> let's take a look at where santa is right now. we want to find out. oh, there he is. you know, you can get updates any time on our app. we will see you tomorrow night
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