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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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with a play by mr. thomas. >> brad: trubisky's 97-yard march in 10 plays capped with the touchdown throw and the two-point conversion broken up by it guy. >> gary: nobody blocked him. total missed assignment for north carolina. >> brad: how do you not know where 90 is? >> gary: the guard passes him off to the center. the center turns the other way. on the key play of the game, north carolina on a two-point play turns away the best player for stanford. could have been a star. >> brad: weiler with the onside kick. and it's open for a second but stanford covered it. switzer was close. stanford's got the football. took one weird hop. if it changed hands down there on the bottom i would be shocked. >> gary: usually that
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allows the ball to bounce one more time and go to the back line. >> brad: got by the first guy but not by number 44. stanford is going to win their 10th game of the season. there is a big reason why right there. mitch trubisky's last game in tar heel blue? we'll find out in the next four or five days, he says. one snap is all it's going to take. >> gary: mitch trubisky has a lot of potential and he's probably going to get drafted in the first round but he's not a finished product. solomon thomas is. that man -- >> brad: another 10-win season.
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both teams came to play. >> gary: absolutely. the right guard on the play. he and the center. watch them turn them loose. no one takes number 90. >> brad: a big mistake. allie is with our star of the game. allie. >> allie: solomon, you came up with the biggest play of the game it keep north carolina from tying it. >> i'm supposed to go for movement, my teammates in my position, my team played their heart out all game, i love them to death and i had to do it for my brothers. >> allie: after the way the season started what's it like to go 6-0 and show them what you're made of? >> it's the character of our team. we lost two games in a row, we
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never stopped fighting. we have resilience. we have perseverance. it shows our team -- i love them so much. >> allie: congrats on the win, solomon. >> thank you, tank you. >> brad: time for the play of the game presented by napa auto parts. i don't know how many play this is guy made today. this one is the play of the game. trubisky back to throw. solomon thomas onehandedly with the sack. a brilliant game today and i have not seen too many defensive players as good as that guy, and he helps his stanford cardinal win the hyundai sun bowl 83rd edition, 25-23 the final. great game. congratulations to both teams. they came to play and played hard in el paso out in west texas but in the end, it was stanford. the cardinal going to 10-3 on another brilliant season for them out of the pac-12.
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>> cbs sports presents "the jeep post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the jeep post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "macgyver" followed by "hawaii five-o." joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. all hail, king solomon. >> brian: don't tell me these games don't matter. hear wasolomon said about playing for those guys in the locker room? that was beautiful. everything he said. even more so his play. >> rick: i couldn't agree more and by the way, stanford has won 10 games or more. six of the last seven years. this is not your grandfather's stanford. >> adam: trubisky, great passes. needed one more at the end much let's get you caught up on bowl action and the s.e.c. a bounce-back day after entering 1-4 in bowl games,
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>> brian: jacob eason looking for sony michel, sony michel looking for someone to tackle him. they help him get in the end zone. kenny hill. nice grab there. but too much nick chubb and that running game for georgia, 248 on the ground for the dogs. >> adam: offensive studs for georgia coming back next year. nick chuck and sony michel said so. tren thompson three of their five sacks. the music city bowl. >> rick: tennessee trying to get a happy ending to a trying second half of the season. john kelly gets things started with a touchdown around the left side. a touchdown to kelly. trying to get the huskers back if the game. it's been about josh dobbs. they're not going to if the forget this guy on rocky top. two touchdowns on the ground so far. they're going to miss this d.
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at the music city bowl. they have a 10-point lead in the third quarter and in the arizona bowl south alabama has a 14-3 lead on air force. we'll be back with some final thoughts when "the jeep post game show" returns. ♪ well, if you want to sing out, sing out ♪ ♪ and if you want to be free, be free ♪ ♪'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are that airline credit card you to you straight? it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. great... is this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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>> adam: another look from el paso. yeah, it matters. david shaw and stanford going home with the sun bowl trophy. a reminder. tomorrow on cbs sports network it's a college basketball double header. tennessee state and murray state tip things off at noon eastern followed by uconn and tulsa. we get to watch the greatest regular season in all of sports. your thoughts on the days ahead of the postseason. >> rick: how much do we
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college football. i hope like heck these next few games finish like that one. i highway patrol they're as wild and woolly. >> brian: two out of three will be like that but that alabama-washington one will be close only for a little bit. >> rick: the dogs will show up. >> brian: i'm sure they will. >> adam: you have clemson winning the whole thing. we thank you for watching "the jeep post game show." here is a look at what you will see tonight on cbs. tomorrow at 12:30 eastern it's a college basketball double header on cbs. first it's the men. income six louisville and indiana followed by the women, hoosiers hosting number 14 ohio state. the nfl on cbs kicks off sunday with double header action with playoff positioning own line. most will see the patriots and dolphins followed by the raiders and broncos. it all starts at noon eastern with "the nfl today." and this wraps up our season of college football on cbs sports and as the broadcast network of the s.e.c. and army-navy we leave you with some
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moments from those teams this past season. >> u.s.c. struck first and then the s.e.c. and alabama punched back in a big way. >> 20, 15, touchdown. >> welcome back, nick chubb and it's good to see you, young man. >> i saw everybody having fun and then i saw flames go up. >> intercepted. >> by jonathan allen. >> he's got a convoy helping him. 75-yard return. >> dobbs back to throw. fires. wide open. jajuan jennings. touchdown tennessee. the 11-game losing streak of the gators comes to an end. >> this will be the final play. running to his right. no time on the clock. touchdown tigers.
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>> wins the game. >> verne: dobbs heaves it. bunched up in the end zone. it is caught. it is caught. ja'wuan jennings -- ja'wuan jennings. >> quarterback. the ball is loose. picked up by alabama. it's jonathan allen. touchdown alabama. >> guice, new single-game rushing record in the great history of this l.s.u. program. >> no good. no good. >> the clock runs out. the gamecocks have beaten number agent, tennessee. >> mississippi state has pulled a major upset today. they have knocked off texas a&m. >> verne: hurts rolls to his right. he's got it. touchdown, alabama. >> takes the snap. toss to guice.
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intercepted again. minkah fitzpatrick. he will score. >> the juggernaut keeps going and the crimson tide is going to win yet another s.e.c. championship. >> second down and eight. trailing by three. bradshaw. touchdown, army. 14 years of frustration come to an end in baltimore. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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right now on wusa9, vladimir putin is criticizing new u.s. sanctions against russia but he says he will not expel american diplomats in retaliation. good evening, i'm ellen brian. russian president vladimir putin will wait to see the policies of donald trump's administration before taking retaliatory action against the u.s. dozens of russian officials are preparing to leave the country after president obama ordered them expel for russia's hacking during the presidential election. in response to the decision, president-elect donald trump tweeted, great move on the delay, i knew he was very smart.
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as part of the sanctions, the u.s. is shutting down two russia owned compounds, one in new york, the other is on the maryland eastern shore in the town of centerville, 90 minutes outside of washington. wusa9's pete muntin reports it has now been exposed as a russian hideout for spies. >> reporter: russian diplomats were just booted out, the talk of the town in centerville, population 4000. many thought this was simply a russian retreat. now some rumors are coming true. a convoy of cars and trucks left here at noon friday, a hard deadline set by the state department, it is shutting down this 45 acre russian compound. the stately source but was bought by the soviets in the 1970s. >> we have people from out of state or friends from overseas, we always take them back here, it is so et
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russians lived. >> reporter: frank and his son anthony were kept far away this time, over the years have seen russian diplomats at the supermarket here. >> there have been stories of post office spies and all of that growing up. very normal. but to see this coming to fruition is very crazy. >> reporter: senior intelligence officials say the spot was used to spy on nsa headquarters in maryland. russia maintained this was a summerhouse for the embassy in washington. reports say it could house up to 40 families, and features tennis courts and a swimming pool. >> they say it is for recreational use only but they've got to take that with a grain of salt. >> reporter: now the tiny town is shocked to find itself at the center of sanctions. >> we hope that when mr. trump takes over we can get along better with the country. the russians have been very nice in the neighborhood. >> i don't think it's enough. and is just dialogue is all it is. >> reporter: the distance of the compound has not been much of a secret, it has been in the press often in the years. russian even took local reporters on tours. now
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again. in centerville, maryland, pete muntean, wusa9. >> russia says they will bring back 96 people to moscow as a result of the sanctions. that number includes 35 expel diplomats and family. the future of this mural on the side of an adams morgan restaurant has a lot of people talking. you can find a painting of every u.s. president since dwight d eisenhower. john henry is outside of it, the restaurant is taking flack on social media after a local website reported that the mural would not include president- elect donald trump? >> reporter: that's correct. the washingtonian article said the restaurant will not paint trump on this wall, due to budget concerns. the restaurant told me that is only part of the story and they want critics to know this simply has nothing to do with politics. partisan politics has no home on the western wall of mama ayeshas,
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ideological divide here. >> there are democrats and republicans alike on the wall. >> reporter: this man works on the restaurant that is great aunt, mama ayesha, founded. he says an artist painted this mural around 2008. >> it wasn't -- yeah, that is every president since we have been open. it is mama welcoming them to dc. we love this country. >> reporter: if you look to the right of president obama, there is space for america's newest leader, too, president- elect donald trump. the restaurant says he will go up on the wall, but right now, it simply does not have the funds to pay him. >> it's not cheap, takes a lot of man hours, a lot of time. >> reporter: unfortunately for mama ayeshas, not everyone believes that claim, especially after a local article that went viral on social media. the restaurant said while the write up mentioned budget concerns, it did not mention the restaurant's intention to paint trump in the future.
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>> i was shocked when i saw the article come out. >> reporter: a flood of comments followed on social media, some who mistakenly left the restaurant wrote on twitter they approved of trump's's absence, while supporters made their presence known on other outlier -- outlets. canceled reservations, left angry phone calls and even made a few posts to yelp. john from new york road, he will never go back to the restaurant again. while another commoner said, stay out of politics, unless you are prepared for backlash. >> it represents the critical impact right here. >> reporter: now, this mural was actually vandalized last year and the restaurant told me it costs a lot of money to restore it. they say it will cost a lot of money once again to put up trump in the future. with the latest from adams morgan, john henry, wusa9. >> the restaurant says some people have called willing to provide it with donations
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paint trump. more than 40 organizations will margin president-elect donald trump's inaugural parade on january 20. the list released today includes many marching bands and military and veterans groups. but not a single high school or university marching band from the dc area will be participating. president obama returns to washington from his hawaiian vacation next tuesday. on wednesday the white house as the president will meet with house and senate democrats on capitol hill to strategize on how to prevent republicans from revealing the affordable care act. the white house says they will hold an interview about obamacare next friday on the news website, box. and, the associated press learned he will deliver his closing message as president during a speech in chicago january 10. an aircraft carrier strike group is back home after a seven month deployment in the middle east. the uss dwight d eisenhower arrived today in norfolk, virginia two cheers from hundreds of thousands of children. the strike launched fighter planes that carried out michigan's -- mi
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syria and iraq. snow was falling in many parts of our area today. it came down hard and fast, even struck to the ground in many places. also in most cases, the snow was gone as quickly as it came. you are watching that closely. >> temperatures have gone from the 40s pretty fast so a lot of it melted, but in areas like gaithersburg, they saw a lot of snow briefly this morning. snow lovers, there you go. is over. it did not create a mess on the roads. and, a lot of people were not on the roads today so that was nice as well. we are going to be pretty cold tonight. it fell into the 20s much of the day with winds as high as 40 miles per hour. for the rest of the night, we might see a couple of flurries for the 81 corridor but for the most part, snow squads will be over. winds are diminishing and it will still be breezy tomorrow but the winds will be out of the south tomorrow so even though th
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showers to come over with the wind direction changing. 37 degrees as the winds continue to subside overnight, the temperature is just going to plummet. we are going to be in the 20s first thing tomorrow morning. for the rest of your evening, if you have friday plans, we are going to stay into the 30s, 35 8:00, 10:00 and just near freezing, so in the suburbs it will be below freezing at midnight out. late tonight, first thing saturday morning, just as the sun comes up, 20s, not a lot of windows just yet. it will still be a little breezy on saturday but not compared to today. just breezy at times, and winds out of the south, so we start off cold into the 20s, clouds increase but the temperatures shoot up to the upper 40s, above average, a nice day two and 2016 absolutely. cloudy skies by 7:00, your new year's eve will be dry, cloudy and on the chilly side. for saturday come here come the clouds, snow showers for the mountains but with the wind direction, remember, we are going
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this is midnight looking pretty good, as we head through sunday, first day of 2017, showers arrive about 10:00, 11:00 at night. the game at fedex i think is going to be dry. showers arrive about that midnight hour and then we have unsettled weather for monday into tuesday. rain chances will sticker on the forecast and temperatures will be above average. 49 for tomorrow, that's above average, not a nice day, 51 by sunday. next week we get up to 60 degrees but by thursday, right back down to 41. >> all right, well that was were very condensed version of wusa9 at 6:00. the cbs evening news is going to be next, adam will be back here at 7:00 with "off script." we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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>> ninan: holding fire. as the first suspected russian spies arprepe to ship out, vladimir putin says he won't retaliate right away. donald trump calls it a great move. also tonight, millions of minimum wage workers are gngetti a raise in the new year, but who will foot the bill? with drones filling the skies. >> you kind of have to stay on your toes. >> ninan: ...few are bothering to register them. and steve hartman tells us how a little angel changed the life of a cranky old man. >> she fell asleep holding a urpicte of them. what? captioning sponsored by cbs


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