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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight, we are starting a sky log. >> i would like to see the other nations. >> our city, your voice. our first 100 days of the nation's new president. >> he is the president of everyone. we just want to carry everyone along. >> reporter: what would you like to see in your community? it's one thing that moves. >> we are listening to your questions and getting
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>> conversation starts now. >> good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm adam longo. tonight's show is about your questions. our city, your voice. >> we will look back at inauguration weekend and the first 100 days of president trump. >> we are pent the day getting facts to present to you, and we are on social media asking questions like what issues do you think should be on the top of the list for the trump administration's first 100 days? take the poll on the wusa 9 facebook page now, and we will share the results in a bit. let's start with president trump's big moves today, first ordering a hiring freeze. >> the decision will impact many people in the dmv. our john henry with more on the president's big decision. >> this freeze does not imply to the hiring of military personnel, but they hope to shrink the size of the federal government. that has some current fede
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workers concerned. >> i think we are all pretty hesitant to see what will happen. >> so many people need jobs, and you know, so many people need it, and he has a hiring freeze. that may hurt people trying to get into the federal government. >> reporter: a number of you had questions on the wusa 9 facebook page. michael said what does that mean for those in the hiring process or a tenant offer in hand? the white house memorandum said no vacant positions can be filled as of january 22nd. there's exceptions in the future, whether it applies to people who currently have offers? we don't know. teresa said you know what a government hiring freeze means? more contractors. not necessarily. the white house said they will not allow any contracting outside of the government to get around the freeze. finally, some said they support the plan because you believe it will make things more efficient. it's certainly possible that could happen, but this 35-year- old
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government accountability office suggests otherwise, examining several hiring freezes during the two administrations that did it. barbara comestock said she doesn't support it, but corey stewart said he believes it is probably a good idea. guys? >> the white house press secretary held his first official briefing with the white house press core. >> tone was cordial, in sharp contrast to saturday when spicer criticized the media for its coverage of the inauguration, and now spicer took questions for more than an hour and the first one ran straight to one of president trump's most notable campaign promises, to get a wall built along the mexican border. >> the president has noted that it was a serious priority of his throughout the campaign, and he has
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work with congress on the appropriations on that. he is directing everything be done as quickly as possible. >> he said his legislative priorities are immigration, tax reform, and repealing and replacing obamacare, and the press secretary also talked about friday's protests and said that the president can only unify the country through action and success. >> we are learning more about one group of protesters who turned destructive on inauguration day. they were well or organized and made no secret about their intentions. scott groom goes inside the most extreme group called the black block. >> reporter: in black hoodies with their faces covered. they bashed, burned, and assaulted richard spencer, and then they confronted police who responded to stop the vandalism. they are the hard core of
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anarchist movement. they call social media to turn each other out. many don't know each other's names but they know it would detract the world from donald trump's inauguration. black block was largely successful during that attempt. >> reporter: during a long standoff here on friday -- they learned a lot of the supporters don't like the media either. will you share a thought with me about what you're witnessing? >> you're disgusting. >> reporter: you don't want to talk about it? >> i don't want to be recorded either. get the microphone away from me. >> reporter: but the black block numbers were relatively small on friday, only a few hundred according to police. they chant nod cop the, no borders, fight law and order, and carried symbols of the anarchist movement. the number one enemies are
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they accuse donald trump of both. a limo, media, starbucks, they quickly target. the black block is organized enough to have supporters who are acting as medics and legal representatives. supporters have their own media channel online and an extensive social media network. supporters are raising money for lawyers who defend the 230 who were arrested and charged with felony rioting, and 60% of those arrested are from the dc region. the other 40 percent from 24 other states with a large number from pennsylvania and new york. bystanders on friday seemed stunned. >> i didn't think it would get to this point. >> i'm against trump. i'm not sure how much good they are doing yelling against the police. >> reporter: scott broom, wusa 9, downtown. after what is ahead for the next 100 days, police will be
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actions but supporter groups have not announced plans, which they did openly for the inauguration. the day after the protest was the women's march in washington. millions rallied around the world for women's cause, and many marching in opposition to president trump. >> was it just a one-day phenomena? or will it lead to changes? heidi fox talks to local women act what -- about what is next. >> reporter: the women's march turned out more than 1 million people. michelle coney took her 7-year- old daughter. >> i got very emotional when i got there. there was such the sense of community and compassion, and so many different kinds of people. it really was one of the most moving experiences i have ever had. >> reporter: michelle didn't go to the women's march in dc. she went to the one in winchester. i didn't even know there was one there. frederick county, virginia. frederick county voted for
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>> i was shocked by the crowd. it was huge! >> reporter: what do you hope comes from this movement, if i can call it that? >> do you think it's a movement in. >> i do, absolutely. >> there's a momentum and energy moving forward, and now we are all trying organize and come up with ways where we can take actionable steps to make a difference in our lives and, you know, by contacting our local member of congress, and demanding that our voices be heard. >> reporter: andy mcpyke from ashburn was there. how do you keep it from becoming a one-day experience? >> it was never going to be a one-day thing for me. i'm a volunteer for moms in america, and every day we are looking for ways we can provide a safer community for our
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>> reporter: democrat danielle says she hopes it will move forward. >> calling it a women's march was misleading, and what i would like to see, women talk about, is how we can unify now. what are the things that unify us as women. many of us are moms, grandmothers, as i am. we are wives, and we want equal pay for equal jobs, and those kinds of things are unifying us. >> reporter: she is hoping to unify women around the issue of protecting children. peggy fox. >> they want supporters to join 10 actions for the first 100 days. they are deciding on the ideas, and they are open to suggestions. on saturday millions of americans took to the streets in protest of donald trump and
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in virginia they will have one of the first chances to vote against him. >> governor haake will explain why the governor's race could be the first indicator of how you feel about the president's first 100 days. >> reporter: at a kickoff party in woodbridge, donald trump's former chairman, corey stewart hopes his association with the new president will propel him to the governor's mansion. >> i know i chose to back the right guy for president. with regoing to bring back a lot of jobs, and it's going to be good for a lot of us, including those of us who supported him so strongly early on. >> reporter: he said he's running as his own man, whoever republicans will run in virginia has to run on president trump's record. at least that's what recent history shows in 2005 president bush had just been reelected, but the worsening war in iraq and criticism of his handling of hurricane katrina hurt republicans, helping tim kaine win, and next year democrats
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4 years later, barack obama and democrats controlled all of washington, but in virginia, republican bob mcdonald won the commonwealth with the help of the cresting tea party wave that would turn the house the next year. >> reporter: lenny sinhorn sees the same thing this year. >> reporter: is this the first big test for donald trump? >> even though new jersey has a gubernatorial campaign in 2017, virginia will be the big test a couple state. >> reporter: in a richmond times dispatch editorial today, one former hillary clinton adviser likened the tries star wars rogue 1. >> every day they grow stronger. >> reporter: calling it the beginning of the resistance against the gop empire where like the rebels, the spirited democrats desperately need a new hope in woodbridge, virginia, garrett haake,
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9. >> on the way, wusa 9's bruce johnson in the first 100 days, what is the relationship between media and our new president, and what is a journalist's responsibility when it comes to reporting on our nation's new administration? >> and as we go to break, we asked our reporters to share their experiences on covering the inauguration and the protests. >> here is bruce and mikea. >> one thing that surprised me, where i was on the parade route, people were getting along, and they were protrump folks there to see the parade and see mr. trump, and there were protesters who were there unhappy, but everybody seemed to be able to interact and calmly talk to each other. >> speaking with supporters of the new president, and most of them understanding why many of these people were out to protest. many of them said that everyone has a voice, and they deserve to use it.
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wusa 9's ellison barber asked you what you
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the administration do in the first 100 days, and one issue that came up multiple times, the affordable care act and whether president trump will repeal it. >> i know that they are trying to, and i believe they are going to replace it very quickly. >> i know there are some problems, but no bill is perfect, and there's a lot of good things and a lot of people got health care for it. i hope they take that into account before they make drastic cuts. >> they already said it would reduce. i don't benefit from it, but then i have other people, relations, who benefit, and if they don't get something really quick, they are going to suffer, and some people might die. >> wusa 9 bruce johnson has been covering presidents since jimmy carter. >> considering his 40 years of experience, we asked bruce what he is anticipating, what questions he will be asking during president trump's first 100 days. >> it was all
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everything we thought we knew about the relationship of the president, the administration, the media, that is all out the door with this president and his administration, and it all started going back into his candidacy. everything, all of the rules were thrown out. we allowed this to happen. we stopped covering donald trump like we traditionally covered candidates. let's admit. donald trump was big ratings, and donald trump was easy to cover, and we are covering donald trump. we don't have to spend the dollars and the resources to cover all of the people behind donald trump. i think that came back to haunt us. we tried to back fill after the election, how did this happen? we should have seen this coming. we were part of that. i think it continues, and we have seen this, what, the first 48 hours? this is not your traditional, typical administration. >> so
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slightly annoying mistake, and today someone tweeted to their twitter followers, the white house's public phone number and encouraged people to call in and complain. a problem here as mola lenghi tells us. the guy tweeted out the wrong number. >> reporter: anyone can simply pick up the phone and call the white house. after all, there's a line specifically for the public. >> hi, can i help you? >> reporter: this does not look like the white house. it looks like a sandwich shop. >> were you trying to reach the white house? >> reporter: wrong number? >> that's okay. it's been happening all day because someone tweeted our phone number instead of the white house. >> reporter: it's an understandable mistweet and misdial considering the phone number is just one digit different than the white house. >> we have had it happen before. it's not like maybe one every other month or every couple of months. >> reporter: today? >> we think there were like 50 or 60 calls. >> reporter: when you get that many calls in a single afternoon, you get curious.
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white house? and then that kind of evolves into why are they calling the white house? >> reporter: when they ask callers answer. >> reporter: even though they knew you were not the white house? >> some are really mad. >> regarding the proposed secretary of education. >> she says she was calling about the affordable care act. [phone ringing ] >> it's not that bad. i'm getting to meet a lot of nice people on the phone. >> would you like me to give co >> i can only surmise they need to vent. people want to be heard. that's our nature. to know someone is listening and cares. >> reporter: they will listen but not debate. >> we don't want to be partisan. >> reporter: after all, republicans and democrats may not agree on the issues, but they can agree on being hungry. >> if you're ever in dc, you should come eat at my restaurant. >> it's worth repeating, the number to the
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456-1111. >> not 457. hopefully that got them decent business. at least one or two customers. >> they are very informed. if you would like to know about the affordable care act. we had a number close to a pizza number, and after awhile, we should just take the orders. large pepperoni? 20 minutes. >> it got tough after the fifth or sixth call. 3-degree guarantee. >> you nailed it, i can tell. >> we did pretty well, but it was tricky. the midnight high, and temperatures fell all day, the northeast winds, and going to 51, and the high was 50. we thought we may have a bull's- eye. we are correct. 49 tomorrow. i think we will have showers at least through midday, and a couple of wet snow flakes, and right now, 39, as cold as it has been today. winds out of the north at 15. the storm is not quite past the parallel, but will, and then we
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a drizzle and light rain and snow flakes mixed in to leesburg, and down to prince williams county and north of warrenton. that's the pattern overnight, and bus stop, you could see a shower. temperatures above freezing, and 33 to 34. that's good. breezy and raw with a few showers, and more like march than january. much warmer on wednesday. more like april, and then the cold front will roll through on thursday, and that will usher in the colder air on thursday night and kind of sort of change the pattern, and it will look cold friday through much of next week, and that is, of course, one ingredient we need for all you snow lovers, and by the way, it's the anniversary of last year's blizzard. check out my facebook page. 6:00a.m., 44 downtown. that's not bad. average high is 42. 38 in gaithersburgplenty of clouds, sprinkles, and wet flakes. by lunchtime, i think the futurecast eroded the clouds fast. near 50 downtown, and only 45 into frederick and cumberland, and by the evening, rt
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into the upper 40s, and tomorrow night, i don't think we will make it below freezing. that's unusual for january. this is usually the coldest time of the year. 50 by 1:00, and a little sun at 3:00, and windy and warmer on wednesday, and 60, morning showers on thursday, and 53, and then we are looking at, you know, colder air, and friday we are probably not quite to 40. 30s over the weekend, and maybe some snow showers by next monday, and at least we have one ingredient necessary for the white stuff. topper's people have gone to twitter, stuffed the ballot box. >> did you prefer today's weather or the snowzilla we had a year ago today. 61%. >> i'm telling you, there's more fans of snow than you think. >> listen if you're hoin
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what should be the top issue for the trump administration's top 100 days. >> we are sharing comments on the bottom of the screen. we had women and demonstrators really from all over the country, maine, washington state, georgia, and even parts of florida. all of whom were out there, really for a common purpose of advocating for the rights of women. >> really the rights of everybody. >> being a journalist and being able to witness it, you realize the historic nature of it. for me, you want
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i don't think it's right putting the wall up. people want to come here for a better future. i love people who know that they can study here, have family, and they work, and they do all of that, and i feel like bringing families to be deported back to their home land, i don't think that's right. >> that was alexander reyes. he lives in prince george's county, and he's one of many who say we need to reform the immigration system, but he worries how the reform may
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under this administration. in the last 24 hours #alternativefacts has been trending on twitter. >> that's in reference to counselor to the president, kellyanne conway who said the media was providing alternative facts. it same after sean spicer said the media misrepresented the inauguration. we asked bruce johnson what journalists need to do when it comes to reporting on the administration to provide accurate facts. >> i think journalists have to get tougher. quite frankly, i have been embarrassed by some of our conduct. i will go back to the cnn reporter at the trump press conference. he had not given one in so long, and donald trump undressed the guy with misinformation, saying things that were not true. cnn had merely reported the process, and it was someone
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unsubstantiated facts, and the other reporters were apparently willing to let that go. we have got to stand up, you know, for what we are about, and it's not just about us. if we cannot stand up to the administration or any other administration, not only are we in trouble, not only is journalism in trouble, but i think the american people are in trouble. who else is looking out and watching out for them? >> as we go to break, we will hear from some of our wusa 99 reporters about the inauguration experience. >> you had trump supporters and protesters side-by-side, and it was peaceful in many cases. agree to disagree and the sad thing, there were areas of protests that were violent and that were ugly. people are so politically awake now where they may not have been in years past or months past even, and now they are giving stories about the
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they love it
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here's what you think should be the top priority for the trump administration in the first 100 days in our wusa 9 facebook poll, 37 percent said jobs. 33percent said something else, and 25% for immigration, and 5% said trade deals. >> keep the conversation going. >> that's right on our wusa 9 facebook page. >> let us know
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