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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 2, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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go broke? what you never knew about the bachelor's corinne. our 50 shades darker sneak peek. all new scenes from the highly anticipated sequel. >> i'm in houston with the super bowl commercial cheat sheet. the ads to watch for on sunday. >> i love whales! now, for february 1st, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> beyonce does everything big, even when it comes to being pregnant. >> not one, but two. queen b expecting twins. the surprise announcement came today in an instagram. the message, quote, we would like to share our love and happiness. we've been blessed two times over. yes, twins.
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news has so many overjoyed. it was the talk at super bowl headquarters today. >> congratulations! >> multiples a dream come true for beyonce, who shared her struggles after once losing a baby. >> no hebeartat. it was the saddest thing i've ever been through. the pain and trauma from that means so much more to bring life into the world. >> we all remember how she proudly revealed blue ivy would be on the way back in 2011. >> i actually didn't announce it. i thought, just show everyone. >> before the instagram reveal, she revealed a photo for a fashion design. beyonce's been open about wanting to add to their family. >> are you going to have anymore? >> of course. >> lots of them? >> i don't know how many. god knows i don't know yet. i definitely want to have more. >> as to when we'll
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mama-to-be next, on february 12th, b is up for nine grammy awards, and last night i was the executive producer of the grammys, and he played coy big-time. what's the word on beyonce? is she coming? maybe? next week's grammy's, beyonce is headlined for a music festival in april. that would be a very pregnant beyonce getting on that stage. that performance is obviously up in the air. apparently the vino was not all gone. johnny depp reportedly spending a pirate's fortune on wine every month. >> why his money is disappearing. we have court papers that allege depp is living a life that only sparrow could dream of. >> i'm glad we cauup
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a new lawsuit alleges johnny depp is so passionate about wine, he spent $30,000 a month to have the best wines flown to him from around the world. one of the claims in the just-filed countersuit. it comes two weeks after depp sued them saying the company grossly mismanaged h earnings. problems, it's not their fault. the suit claims depp spent $150,000 a month on round the clock security, $200,000 a month on a private plane and $18 million on a 150-foot yacht. >> you have heard of him. >> the pirates of the caribbean star allegedly expect $75 million to acquire, improve and furnish 14 different residences. including this breathtaking cha tao in the south of france. this penthouse loft in downtown
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bahamas. >> it's the one place we're guaranteed that we can take the kiddies to the beach without a bunch of lenses coming up. >> and allegedly spent millions in an art collection, including works by warhol. perhaps the most unusual claim involves depp's friendship with the writer hunter s. thompson, the suit claims he paid $2 million to blast his ashes over aspen, colorado. he talked about the project in this 2006 documentary. >> he brought it up. you know what i mean? he knew that i was the only one perhaps loyal enough, perhaps insane enough to attempt it. >> he's definitely right about that. more news now. you may have seen a report today that brad pitt has gone to rehab. but a source tells us that's not true. and as for the report that angelina wants $100,000 a month in child support, a source says -pthey're not aware of any child
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>> while we're talking money, the cost of an ad in this sunday's super bowl has doubled in the last decade. you know, big money brings big stars. kevin frasier has the details from super bowl central. >> nrg stalldium, i'm at the nf experience. this is a fan gathering point all week long. besides the big game and the halftime performance, there's also the commercials on super bowl sunday. you'll see big stars like justin timberlake, melissa mccarthy, even lady gaga. but which stars will do it best? we're taking care of you with a super bowl commercial cheat sheet. melissa on the run. falls from a giant tree. a cracking iceberg. and a whale. thanks to some salpeci effects and this awesome body double, ss
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super bowl ad. but then there's j.t. doing this. we're in a red velvet blazer in front of the fireplace. the one all the ladies want to see. >> right before halftime, lady gaga. >> i think it's empowering and important. i'm coming for you. >> of course, you've got cat videos, shirtless man candy, super bowl quarterback tom brady, even a hot mr. klein. but the winner is john lovitz. the one with the most stunts goes to this ad that shows what happens when wonder woman meets expendable star jason stathumb. the one that leaves you feeling good, is this car t.
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here's a little behind the scenes on the making of. >> making a super bowl commercial is amazing. >> that's a buick. and i'm a super model. >> nice play, billy! >> now, tomorrow we hear from lady gaga. what does she have planned for the halftime show? we're going to try and find out. michelle? >> kev, have fun. this season of "the bachelor" has become all about corinne, the bad girl stealing the show. here's what we learned when she sat down with ellen. >> looking back, i'm funny. >> you are very entertaining. >> you have a stank look on your face. >> corinne is her own biggest fan. >> i actually laugh really hard at myself. i thought, wow, i didn't know i was that funny. >> number two, she says she doesn't have any regrets, but -
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promiscuous than i thought. >> were you drunk? >> there is alcoholic beverages. but i didn't know my limit. i didn't take it too far like i would black out or anything like that. >> that's great. that's good. >> number three, she said we're only seeing one side of her personality. >> are there any other sides to me? >> mm-hmm. what sides didn't we see? >> well, i'm an older sister. i run a business. i'm an athlete. i work out every day. i have a trainer. >> what about her nanny? >> do you have kids? >> no. >> the 25-year-old cleared that one up, too. >> she raised my sister, helped my mom through cancer. nanny is a word i use for her.
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she's kind of like a mother figure to me, so i don't like to say cleaning lady or housekeeper. >> finally, she has a crush. and it's not on nick. >> oh. >> you were forming a "d" in your mouth. you had a "d" in your mouth. [ cheers and applause ] >> did i just hear that? >> now, did you know that "the bachelor" is not her first show. we're uncovering a past music video. and you might be surprised which other bachelor stars appeared in videos. which super model did we catch learning how to drive as she's pregnant? how much skin was chrissy teigen willing to show? how peggy bundy is pushing the envelope in a brand-new
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a new shakeup at the "today" show. why tamron hall is out. the ambulance came. and the paramedics. and everything seemed fine. >> alan thicke's final hours, told by the son who witnessed everyt.hing >> that is brutal. that was really rough. >> carter's first interview about his father's tragic death, revealing the growing pains star. >> tomorrow, only on "e.t." >> he was like the perfect dad. it closed captioning provided by --
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z25eiz z16fz y25eiy y16fy victoria secret's model trying to get her california driving license. she was spotted at bradley cooper's home. she has two more lessons and then she'll be able to drive the baby around whenever he or she arrives. let's jet to new york city where there's a new shakeup at the "today" show.
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the network announced the departure this afternoon. tamron hall will be leaving misnews and msnbc when her contract expires this month. they praised hall and said we're disappointed she's chosen to leave but we wish her all the best. megyn kelly will host a new program in the fall. it's expected to replace either the 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. hour of the "today" show. tamron did not say good-bye on the air today. in a statement today she said she was sorry to be leaving, but she said, quote, i'm also very excited about the next chapter. caleb was born in october, but tomorrow's night episode was shot right before then. much of olivia pope is hidden behind three different flowy looks. >> there are a lot of capes and ponchos, and purses. >> you look beautifully pregnant. >> now, peg bundy, armed and dangerous? >> i get to carry a gun. which is kind of fun.
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premier, a new sitcom, playing chicago cop. and this show also pushes the envelope. >> they're not afraid to deal with what's going on in the real world. >> i must really trust you. i just turned my back on a chicago cop. >> "taxi" legend judd hirsh. >> we're all picking at the apple frit es. >> we are. all of us. is back in a swimsuit. >> oh, my gosh. i was not prepared for that. >> then -- >> i see you. >> no,,we see you, corinne. "the bachelor" bad girl's secret pad. which of nick's other ladies starred in a country music video. and the 50 shades phenomenon. sharing scenes from the new movie. >> introducing
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now, chrissy teigen bares almost all for "sports illustrated's" new swimsuit issue. we got a sneak peek of the baby's swimsuit clad mom. >> i haven't shot since
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bali, just six months after having luna. we hear she had to be talked out of wearing a one-piece. >> the tinier the suit, the smaller and hotter you look. oh, i hate that! >> see more of chrissy's photo shoot when it airs exclusively on directv now later this month. >> i forgot how painful it is. it's exhausting. >> i know, chrissy, right? she's been modeling. corinne in a photo shoot that surfaced before she joined "the bachelor." she, like so many contestants, has a music video past. yep, that's corinne from 2011, way before the
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and considering corinne loves napping on the show, we're sure she didn't need a lot of practice for her role on the video, which was to sit, head back, and he eyes closed. this is 31-year-old danielle m., a neonatal nurse. how exactly does a nurse end up starring in a music video? well, danielle is also an aspiring model who is represented by an agency in nashville. she auditioned and won the part before meeting nick. and remember juan pablo? one of the most hated bachelors ever? he's spending his 60 minutes of fame this last november when he played the love interest in megan lindsey's latest video. and luke pel who almost got "the bachelor" gig instead of nick, in a lipsti
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after wrapping "the bachelorette." he's now focusing on his own country music career. the sound track to 50 shades dark darker, and a whole lot more. this morning we got a visit from the woman who is responsible for the entire 50 shades phenomenon. >> in here? >> right here. >> how did dakota and jimmy turn up that onscreen heat this time around? >> they just did it 110%. >> you have to whisper that. is it hot? >> it's hot. >> you can't be quiet. whisper it. >> it's great. they're really good sports. and they threw themselves into it. ♪
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>> do you know if she was are a fan of the books or first movie? >> i had this vision of her sitting around watching the movie. >> they really enjoyed it. >> do you think you're the first woman to try to save him? >> wow. >> the ultimate professional. she was wonderful. >> playing a mysterious former lover. i couldn't help think back to the '80s, nine and a half weeks. >> absolutely. >> did that have something to do with her being cast in it? >> very much so. she's iconic. >> i don't know. any kind of pullback factor for some of the love scenes? >> it's a very
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of course, we can't show everything. otherwise it would be an x-rated movie. >> this is a trilogy. so more than 100 million copies. people want to know, will there be more? >> i don't know. i have other things i'd like to write. >> there's a chance out there? >> we'll see. but i've got other things i'd like to do. i've written another novel as well. >> fans are hoping. of all the fan mail she gets, it's the romance that appeals to them more than the sex. >> you don't buy it? >> not at all. >> i'm still working on it. >> i thought you were setting the bar high. because we asked the stars how they're going to celebrate. >> it's been the best valentine's day. >> when i was 8, my mom would give us
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>> in hindsight, not cute. >> a long time. from my husband. is that wrong? i've been married 17 years. >> you do like jewelry. >> we teamed up with zales, the diamond store to add a little sparkl ye toour valentine's day. from this elegant necklace to this amazing ring. so many options included in the endless brilliance collection that will help celebrate your lasting love. >> a girl can never have too many diamonds, but i am falling for this ring. it sparkles from every angle. i think i found the one.
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her look. all on travel considerations provided by -- tomorrow, a big day from down here in houston. we'll hear from lady gaga, but also i have a major star coming with me, and we're going to take our visa payment ring and surprise a few lucky fans. a special day. you don't want to miss it. >> don't forget your girl back here. i could use a present or two, kevin. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. as the late nelson mandela said, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. join the international fund for animal welfare
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ildren, teachers, parents, whole communities. the animal action education program is good for animals and good for people too. [male narrator] protect whales, [female narrator] polar bears, tigers, [male narrator] elephants, [female narrator] companion animals, and the environment we all share. protect. [goran visnjic] find us at i-f-a-w dot org.
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a white house official said the administration was reviewing all options against iran from economic to military. it's too soon the say the trump administration and iran are now on a collision course, but that white house official said iran should heed flynn's warning and change its behavior. scott? >> david martin at the pentagon. david, thank you. president trump and his daughter took a helicopter to dover air force base in delaware to honor navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens who was killed in a raid against al qaeda in yemen. his remains were returned today. owens, 36, from peoria, is the first service member killed since mr. trump became commander-in-chief. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.


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