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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 4, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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and with the billion pointme!!! giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your e sharof a billion shop your way points during the big game, download the shop your way or kmart app today!!! tonight, the prince goes public with his hollywood girlfriend. the first video of harry and megan togetter, holding hands. >> is a proposal coming soon? >> harryco uld go into diana's jewelry box. >> the super bowl madness with the stars counting down the kickoff and inside lady gaga's
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how she's getting ready for the big game. >> i'm going to do it my way. >> the confidential set list that has the beehive buzzing. >> plus mariah carey's workout in high heels. her over the top outfit azmi mi gets animated. >> you can count on us. >> her unlikely new role. >> i did a little auditioning. >> wait. mariah carey auditioned? >> for february 3, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> we have the video the world has been waiting to see. prince harry and megan markle's first pda. the bold and beautiful heather tom is here with me. >> it's nice to see you, cameron. especially with your shirt on. you look great in a suit. the perfect way to stop this since we're both from the soap world with the royal romance. >> the flashbulbs were a bit much for prince harry with girlfriend meghan markle as they strolled down a west london street. >> t c
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both in button downs and pants. the new images show the prince's chivalrous side. >> we've reaaly seen harry and meggn in an unguarded moment and him taking her out of the hand leading her out of the restaurant making sure she feels safe and secure. it could be overwhelming when you're being swarmed by the paparazzi. so harry is very keen to make sure he protects megan every step of the way. >> they dined at london's trendy so ho house. the hot spot may have a special meaning. >> megan's best friend marcus anderson is a former consultant of soho house and he's rumored to have introduced the couple there last year. >> yesterday morning after their big night out the prince spent the day attending to his royal duty and he visited ambulance workers in london and royal watchers are buzzing about what might be next. a romantic royal ski trip. >> royal protectton officers werett
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destination for royals when it comes to skiing and it's a very exclusive ski destination. harry loves to ski, and i'm sure that he's excited to introduce that side of his life to megan. >> a ski trip is perfect for those two, the helmets and the goggles and pull the jackets up and nobody will recognize you. of course, the big star this weekend will be super bowl li. kevin frazier will be all over down in houston. >> we know which two teams will take the field on sunday, but will beyonce join the halftime show? what's the biggquestion. meanwhile, gaga is go ♪ ♪ >> when i played the gyener stadium in houston i'm going to do it my way. >> you're in better shape than the athletes playing in the game. >> i don't think so. it's a dafrpt game. >> how is lady gaga preparing for the big game? we got a peek into the all-white dressing room where she was getting a foot massage after
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rehearsing her show four times in heels and so is all this. >>. [ indiscernible ] >> i work out a lot, and i also do versa climbing while i sing. i'm sing the show while i'm doing it, yeah. because the show is full-on cardio. >> the big question is will beyonce, preg nantd with twins, be joining gaga on the stage? >> you want to do this, honey bee? >> what do you mean am i sure? >> t'shere this, what appears to be today's dress rehearsal list, it has people talking. >> we're not sure if the crumpled up confidential documenttis doctored or not, but the details are definitely gossip worthy. ♪ ♪ >> after gaga performs "just dance" she sings "telephone" and these words, beyonce descends, b does a solo and they perform together with over
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pyrotechnics. ♪ ♪ >> beyonce's sister solange is in the family's hometown of houston. she performed a concert last night. >> i had a great time and it's great to be home. >> what does it mean to be home and let crowd there? >> a super bowl event planning source told "e.t." that beyonce alerted nfl security that she might attend solange's show, but decided to stay in l.a. instead to prepare for the grammys. as of now, there's no confirmation we'll see beyonce on stage with gaga. >> all the baby mamas. all the baby mamas. i wouldn't be surprised if she showed up. >> the sirius xm set on radio row. tell us about this custom made jacket you're wearing today. >> there's only two of them and i'm wearing one, and the other one was sent to lady gaga. >> leave it to these two to have their own take on what beyonce and jay-z could name their twins. >> we're trying to name our puppy. we finally
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which stands for donny and jenny. >> seems logical. >> whoa! >> beyonce and jay-z. got it! that work! that's what i meant. >> i love donny and jenny. coming up a little bit later we're going to flashback to our moment to the biggest superstars of the world that have rocked the super bowl halftime show and now an update on the story we've been follooing about michael buble. >> cameron, you know that his son was diagnosed with liver cancer back in november. we're hearing from michael for the first time and thankfully it's good ♪ ♪ >> in a statement to "e.t." michael and his wife share this, we are so grateful to report that our son noah has been progressing well during his treatment and the doctors are very optimistic about the future for our little boy. ♪ ♪ noah is reportedly undergoing chemotherapy in los angeles and a source close to
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e.t. that he's been with him every single day and until his son is better nothing else matters. >> the update comes after the model as quoted in an argentinean newspaper saying her nephew's cancer is gone. she also called and said do not use my name in the media with details and things i did not say. ♪ ♪ >> michael shot this lyric video for his new single "i believe in you" before noah's diagnosis and he put his career on hold to be with his family and enlisted the help of his friend derek hough to direct the version. derek told us he just wants to make michael proud. >> and for me the way i'm trying to do the best job i can here. >> it is so awesome that derek is doing that, as the mother of a 4-year-old son i can't imagine what michael and
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going through. we are so grateful his son is getting better. >> we have more good news now. tracy morgan, and of course, we all remember the devastating collision nearly three years ago ii which he almost lost his life, but check out tracy now back on the big screen doing what he does best, making people laugh. >> let's go! >> i have a lot of good people around me, and i'm doingat wh i love to do. >> after suffering broken bones and after speech and physical therapy, tracy's still got it. >> is this the 1700s? >> in fistfight he plays a high school gym teacher for charlie day who is about to suffer a beatdown. >> this fight's going to happen after school because of that. >> he's going to fight campbell? >> he's going to whip him bad. >> without a doubt. it may be bad news for charlie,
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movies and four of the last five comedies opened number one. >> as for that big fight, it took eight days to shoot. >> i'm, like, man. i've got it. i've got it. i got it. and i was, like, oh, man. this is going to take a few sessions. p>> u next, how amal clooney celebrated her birthday in style. >> plus one of the stars of "50 shades darker" revealed the interesting way they prepared for their very sexy scenes. >> do you guys have a ppegame ritual? >> the evolution of the super bowl halftime show before these big actses. crest complete presents sugar shield sugar is everywhere and crest complete has a sugar shield to protect teeth from sugar found in everyday foods. crest complete. shield your teeth from sugar.
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amal clooney celebrates her 39th birthday with a walk on the wild side. the wedge leopard ptrin boots the human rights lawyer rocked while arriving today at the barcelona airport with husband george and his parentses. for the two and a half hour trip back to london amal accessorized with a chic black beret and this $3200 handbag. they sat down to dinner in the spanish city and george kept it casual while amal chose a little black dress and stilletos. 39 never looked so good. >> also making a big fashion statement last night, dakota johnson in a low-cut valentino gown at the premiere of 50 shades darker. >> oh, my god. that was one sexy dress. but the movie gets even hottee. carly steele found out how the stars got ready for the steamy scenes. we know something about that,
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kev? >> we do. >> do you have a pre-game ritual before these scenes? >> he does push-ups and i just lay there and drink whisk. >> dakota and jamie dornin had a bit of a competition on who had the risque humor on the set. >> he thinks he's better than me and he's not. he's misinformed. >> i will ♪ ♪ >> 63-year-old kim basinger plays christian grey's ex-lover and the notoriously shy star skipped doing interviews last night. jamie was a 3-year-old boy growing up in northern ireland when his sexy film "9 1/2 weeks" came out. >> i said what is this? and i watched it when i was a young adult. i can't believe i'm in a move we her. it's very cool. >> kim
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where does mariah carey buy her workout clothes? she posted these shots hitting the gym in fishnets and high heels each on the stair climber. that's got tt be a good workout for your calves, you think? >> i had that on in the gym this morning so i see you, mariah. very glamorous, darling. you know where else mariah brings the glam because mimi is working on the lego batman movie and we have the first look in tonight's roll call. >> a little birdie told me you might be acting again and an animated
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>> isn't that exciting? >> yes, darling and check out mccaskill. today is a victory for the citizens of gotham city. i did an auditioning thing. mariah carey auditioned. >> the first lego movie made almost a half billion and carey is confident. >> something tells me it's going to do well. >> will arnett is backi wth batman and zack galifianakis, the joker and rosario dawson and commissioner gordon and they also joined the adventure and remember when mimi had a brush with this robin in 1999, the bachelor? >> i forgot. >> next, margo robby channels tanya harding's temper on the set of i, tanya, the aussie is re-creating scenes before the disgraced skater's scene, like many moments where the real tonia melted down in frobts of
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if you can come up with $5,000 -- >> but until then. >> just stay out of my face. >> finally, oprah's metallic new movie role. check out a golden lady o in l.a. yesterday taking a break from filming "a wrinkle in time." >> thank you! >> in the live action adaptation of the book, she plays the magical mrs. witch, she'll be doing her own stunts. >> ready for wire works tomorrow. >> yes, tomorrow, wire works. >> whatever oprah does i am here hear. it will be a sighttto see for sure. this will be a sight to ee on who wants to be a millionaire next because some of your favorite contestants are hitting the game show. >> can you imagine what kind of wedding a million bucks would buy for sean and caitlin independent. >> caitlin and sean will probably be a train wreck. >> you know a dte
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have to stop and watch a dumpster fire and that will be caitlin and sean. >> he makes everybody feel so relaxed even though he called this a dumpster fire. every time i'm around the guy he's always so dramatic and intense. >> maybe that's because the last time we saw these three together sean was proposing on the season finale of "the bachelorette." a year and a half later the couple lives together in nashville and have yet to plan a wedding. >> what about a wedding? >> we thought we'd never ask. we decided to announce it on "who wants to be a millionaire." >> if we win a million dollars we'll pick a date. >> season 4 deanna, and former bachelor and current farmer chris soules. how does he feel to give bad chad a crack at the game? >> i think we would get to the $500 questioot
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choke me out. >> do you think this is fun and games in this is my life. >> that sounded crazy, but do you know who people would like to see on "the bachelor"? tim tebow. he's one of the nicest guys to play on the nfl and he'd been asked a couple of times. >> would you ever do "the bachelor"? >> i would not do "the bachelor." >> i would love to see the 20 women that tim tebow gets. >> who gets to select them? >> for television's sake i would bring in a few crazy, okay? are you prepared for hat? >> no. probably not. >> i need to know. can you make it happen. i seriously grabbed him after that, and said dude, you have to be the next bachelor. i know what will happen sunday here at super bowl and that is lady gaga will put on a spectacular halftime show. you know, we have been coming to the super bowl for nearly a quarter century and covering the biggest names who have rocked the big game. >> are you
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>> how excited are you to be doing the super bowl? >> it's amazingly overwhelming. >> "e.t." was with katy perry who had the most-watched halftime show ever. 118,000 plus millionnviewers, 4 million more than watched the actual game. >> how did it go? >> beyons ney 2013 set the record for twwet, 368,000 per minute. ♪ ♪ >> it feels good to know that the hard work paid off. the biggest show in america and there are so many gsthint tha can happen and god was on my side. >> it's an epic spectacle and some of music's biggest names have taken center stage. >> a lot of fun! great time! great crowd! >> my hands are still shaking. it's amazing. it's america! football! >> how was it? >> great! loved it! >> great crowd! great
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>> for the first 24 years the halftime show was mainly marching bands and the review of people, when competing networks started counter programming the game, the halftime show shifted to a-list pop stars. it was michael jackson in '93. in 2001 britney spears took the stage along with her then-boyfriend justin timberlake. >> two weeks ago they called me up and asked me, and i said yeah. diana ross headlined in '96 and her most memorable moment was by exit in helicopter. >> the network went to classic rock like the stone, the who and paul mccartney. >> i see that you're wearing red anblue today. does that mean you're rooting for the paint rots. >> this is just slung on, honey. >> in 2011 the black eyed peas were lowered from the roof and lady gaga, take note. >> biggest show on earth.
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>> good drum solo. >> bruno was joining beyonce in her third appearance and coldplay. >> how do you top this feeling? >> i don't think it's possible. >> now halftime performers don't get paid, but their expenses are covered and they do see benefits in other ways. coldplay's record sales jumped 365% last year after their performance. beyonce and bruno mars, also saw a spike in their record sales. so on monday morning, get ready for a run on gaga music. we'll be back with more in a moment.
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uch. [monica joyce] coming back year after year, what olivia learned is that she really isn't alone. [olivia] she created a world for diabetic kids to play and be normal and have fun and meet people and meet other kids that have diabetes. i can't thank her enough [monica joyce] i met olivia in 2004 and i said to people, stick around, olivia is going to set the world on fire one day. olivia has really been a marvelous example of what camp can do for children years. >> it's all at tonight on abc don't miss "last man standing." >> it shoots righttnext door and we dropped
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allen welcomes some special guests. >> we have air force people here tonight. give them an applause! >> stop talking! >> posing for photos with the cast, caitlin who plays tim's daughter makes a life decision. >> she gets into the air force academy. >> thanks for that. >> we'll build it up a little bit. >> he has a very important decision to make. >> see if you can survive telling your mom. >> good luck with that. that's an honorable thing to do. >> i have to give a shout out to my special co-host heather tom. >> it was so fun. thank you.
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