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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to reverse a ruling that's and refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries to once again enter the u.s. >> reporter: inside this federal appellate court, hundreds of pages of legal briefs were filed overnight. lawyers for washington state and minnesota say allowing president trump's travel ban to resume will bring more chaos to the nation's airports. they submitted arguments early this morning. the justice department has a deadline of later today to file its response. >> we need strong programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. >> reporter: three federal judges from phoenix, hawaii and san francisco will discuss the arguments on a conference call. the court already denied a federal request to overturn friday's ruling by a seattle judge that temporarily halted travelers from seven
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predominantly muslim countries. immigrants and refugees from ha entering airports from around t of what could be a brief window to get into the u.s. six members of a family reunited with relatives at jfk airport in new york. they were turned back after the travel ban went into effect and had been in limbo for more than a week. >> unhuman what happened to us. >> reporter: at dulles international airport, a group of immigrants finally feel safe. >> the return of our clients today is hopefully a start to a return to a stable and just immigration policy. >> reporter: the state department says 60,000 visas that were canceled because of the travel ban are now valid. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> the attorneys general of the district of columbia and some 15 states including maryland and virginia have joined in a legal brief opposing the president's immigration order. as have some 97 american businesses including tech
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and microsoft. ld trump accused the media of being dishonest to the point that we choose not to report on terrorist attacks. he cited no evidence to back up that claim. the president made the remark while speaking to troops at an air base in tampa. he began by citing the attacks in boston, orlando, san bernardino and across europe. >> it's got ton a point where it's not even being reported. and in cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. they have their reasons and you understand that. >> he offered no follow up on those so-called reasons and he did not explain what he meant by "you understand that." as for the scripted part of the speech, the president praised troops on the front lines in the fight against terrorism. he said he would be loading up the military with quote, beautiful new planes, beautiful new equipment. president trump said he strongly supports nato but
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that every member nation pay its fair share. a senate confirmation vote is set for noon tomorrow on the nomination of betsy devos. right mow it appears to be a 50/50 split with two republicans joining democrats. in a tie the vice president would cast the deciding vote. democrats hope to snag one more republican in a 24 hour marathon now underway on the senate floor. >> nominee for secretary of education doesn't know some of the most basic facts about education policy. >> a tie breaker by vice president pence would mark the first time this vice president's vote is needed to confirm a cabinet nominee. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch is making the rounds. he was meeting with two senate democrats who could be key to
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chester is up for reelection next year in a state that president trump carried last november. feinstein is the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee. trending right now on our wusa9 facebook page. a san antonio restaurant owner speaking out after finding a troubling note he says was left by a customer. that note was written on a receipt and posted on facebook. it praises the food and service but says the party won't be coming back because the owner is mexican. the note ends by saying america first. >> i don't know. just a feeling. you hear this every day on the news and you see what's going on. so at the end you start feeling that it's really affecting the people. >> he has no way of telling who left that note, nor how the customer knew he was the owner, let alone a mexican immigrant. he can't help but feel unwelcome tonight for the first time in his four years in america. a eg
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over the weekend after a fight on campus. >> it happened near pittsburgh. nikki burdine has more. >> reporter: in his short life it was clear he made a lasting intact on not just his friends or family but total strangers. caleb zweig was a brother, a son and a sophomore studying english at indiana university of pennsylvania. on friday night police say zweig got into a fight with brady distefano. >> there was an altercation. the defendant was said to have went to the ground with the victim and there was witnesses who claim that he had choked the victim. >> reporter: right now distefano is charged with aggravated assault because the autopsy was inconclusive. those charges could be upgraded according to the
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attorney. now the many people who knew and loveremembering him. the selfless acts highlighted on his facebook page. when zweig helped rescue a woman from a car crash in pennsylvania. zweig helped pry the door open and pull the woman from the wreckage. in 2015 he helped rescue a dog from a dangerous situation stuck in the back of a pickup truck. the year before he picked up a stray dog off the side of the road and saved him. a few weeks after that zweig gave many money and metro cards to a homeless woman and her child. caleb's friends tell me that's not surprising at all. that's just the kind of guy he was. always willing to help and encourages others to do so as well. those charges against the suspect distefano could be upgraded from assault once the cause of death has been determined. back to you. >> thank you. fraternity issued a statement saying they are deeply concerned and saddened by the tragic passing
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brother caleb zweig. jacksonville arrested a convicted felon in connection with an accidental shooting. investigators believe maurice mobley brought the gun into the home where ab 8-year-old boy shot and killed his sister and wounded a 4-year-old. authorities say the three children were home alone on saturday when the shots rang out. investigators think he is the boy friend of the victim's mother, and a judge could send him back to prison since it is illegal for a felon to possess firearms. new york police say the suspect arrested for the murder of a jogger last summer has confessed to the killing. yesterday a judge held chanel lewis without bail in the death of karina vetra in, o. the 30- year-old had gone running in august when she disappeared. her father found her body in a secluded marsh. dna evidence found on the victim and her phone link
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to her killing. starng next week the agency will begin to retire its 4000 series rail cars. they're considered the least reliable in all of the fleet. 4000 series travel an average of 27,000 miles between service disruptions. compare that to the 6000 series which log 103,000 miles between disruptions. savoy elementary school remains closed tonight due to bedbugs. they're disinfecting the buildings, tossing out the furnishings and getting rid of the bedbugs this week. until the school reopens students will be bussed over to a school in southeast. that school has been empty for years and won't be ready until wednesday morning. savoy elementary will undergo a thor reinspection before students are allowed to return. it's time for a wild week of weather. chief meteorologist topper shutt is out on the terrace. >> no doubt about that. look at th
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in cases these numbers are actually higher an our average high temperature. let alone low temperature. 45 downtown. only 45 in hagerstown. only 46 in manassas. few folks make it into the 30s tonight. we'll come back, we'll talk about maybe two days of record warmth and then maybe some snow.
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caught on camera, dash board cam video from
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liting the midwest. this is footage of the shooting star as it whizzed over the university of wisconsin madison. it was also spotted in michigan and indiana. radar shows the meteor passed over lake michigan. experts tonight not sure if it landed in the lake or broke up in the sky. get ready to say bye bye to bao bao. the national zoo tweeted that the beloved giant panda is moving to china february 21st. there are a list of celebrations planned ahead of her departure. the first surviving cub born at the zoo since 2005. her older brother left for china in 2010 and since then their mother had a third surviving cub who was born in 2015. >> we love them then they leave us. >> just like our children. >> that's true. today is a bittersweet day at
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>> it's been 20 months since this yellow lab first tugged on andrea mccarren's hair. showing him the ropes. teaching him the skills he'll need. the two have been inseparable. join us as we say good-bye to the fuzzy face who stole our hearts and yours. coming up, an experimental vaccine is showing promise. >> up next, a close call for a pilot after his plane goes down shortly after takeoff in prince george's county.
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z25eiz z16fz y25eiy y16fy in prince george's county, a pilot is recovering after his plane crashed in fort washington. investigators say the engine somehow quit. pilot was able to make an emergency landing. he walked away from the wreck. the 64-year-old pilot had taken off from th
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this morning. he was here from rhode on vacation. the most deadly form of brain cancer in adults, a new experimental therapy is helping some patients survive years beyond expectations. >> reporter: mary lee was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor ten years ago. doctors gave her 15 months to liberty. >> i was devastated. i was thinking my kids were still in college. i haven't seen anybody get married. >> dr. keith black removed lee's golf ball-sized tumor. after radiation and chemotherapy she was given an experimental vaccine. the therapy is tailor made to fight the patient's cancer. attacking the microscopic cells
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leave behind. >> it's a way to teach recognize cancer cells and then go directly to the cancer to try to kill those cells and eradicate the tumor. >> 16 patients were given three rounds of the vaccine. nearly 40% percent of them survived more than eight years. typically less than 3% of people diagnosed with this are alive after five years. >> i've been working with this cancer for over 30 years and you just don't see those types of responses. >> lee is one of the longest survivors. her brain cancer is still in remission almost 10 years after treatment. >> i did not expect to be here that long. i'm sure i would tell everybody the same thing. it doesn't mean your life is going to be short. it can be done. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, cbs news los angeles. >> that vaccine is still going through trials for fda approval. ti t
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some lives. >> that's right. topper says he's a perfect specimen. >> i just said i don't have any in my history. >> that's different. that's different. >> friend who had some and mr. johnson kind of woke us all up a little bit. three degree guarantee. we're nervous. went 55 today. which seemed warm enough. we'll see how we did tonight at 11:00. that southerly wind might have saved us along the river. live look outside. live michael and son weather cam. 53 right now. that's good. dew points are coming up. any time you see the dew points in the 30s this time of year it's not a very cold air mass. winds have turned out there from the south at 9. they'll pick up tomorrow. they'll help us drive in warmer air. clouds move in tonight. milder. bus stop temperatures, 38 to 50. showers possible tomorrow morning. you know, i say 50/50. want to take an umbrella to walk the kids to the bus stop. we do have a yellow weather alert for the showers, primarily in the morning. wer
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record warmth looks like a lock. someone, someone will break record highs. maybe all three airports may do that. 10:00 tonight. little walk after dinner. probably a good idea. i know i consume my body weight in wings yesterday. 49 downtown. 48 in leesburg. just a light jacket tonight. a few showers roll through. not much. most of the showers west of i- 81. still in the upper 40s. by 9:00, maybe a couple sprinkles. gaithersburg, maybe over into prince george's county and out route 50. temps in the low 50s. by lunchtime, we're 62 downtown. by this time tomorrow, look at that. breaks in the clouds. 65. that would be a record high. record high tomorrow 64 at national. 65 at zulles. maybe a sprinkle early on. clouds dissipate. sun by early afternoon. 62 on the day planner by 1:00. a few showers possible on wednesday. 68. most of the activity in terms of rain and maybe ending with
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and wednesday night late, thurs temps probably closer to the upper 30s during the day. low 40s on friday. cold. winter's returning; right? nope. back to near 60 on saturday. still in the upper 50s next monday. lebron james is in town for tonight's showdown with the washington wizards. one of the best basketball players ever talks about the greatest football comeback in super bowl history.
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the wizards guard john wall says this is the biggest regular season game of his career. washington putting its 17 game home winning streak on the line tonight against the defending nba champion cleveland cavaliers. lebron james and the cavs last visited the verizon center back on november 11th and they beat the wiz then 105-94. bradley beal wasn't playing in that game. washington is a much different team now. >> the biggest thick is we changed our identity, you know. we accepted the challenge. we realized that we weren't the team we wanted to be early in the year. now we just changed our whole swagger about ourselves we're playing well. we're trusting each other and having fun. that's what we were lacking at the beginning of the year. we're enjoying each others company. >> lebron and the cavs worked out this morning. the team arrived in town yesterday. just in time to watch last night's
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>> game ain't over till it's over. got to play the game out. fan watching the game, ups and downs. see the momentum starting to change a little bit when they get that first score. never count them out. >> so emotional about it. so uplifting. the patriots overtime victory over the falcons seems to have cemented brady's legacy as possibly the greatest quarterback of all time. this morning brady formally accepted his mvp trophy from roger goodell. how sweet that must have been. he was asked about his game jersey that has gone missing. >> the jersey, yeah. put it in my bag then i came out and it wasn't there any more. so it's unfortunate because that's a nice piece of memorabilia. if it shows up
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let me know. >> somebody jacked it up. no, just straight up thievery. in true brady fashion the quarterback credited his team for last night's victory and said james white is more deserving of the mvp because of his three touchdowns, including the game winner in ot. white, you see the background there, he did get to represent the team with the traditional trip to disney world if for a member of the super bowl winning team. >> not a bad way to -- >> you agree? brady best of all time? >> i guess so. i guess so. >> well then who would be if not brady? >> i mean, got to talk about all kinds of things. marino, bradshaw, elway. >> i should have given that question to you. >> you di. dn't
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